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That's So Raven (2003-2007) is a television show about Raven Baxter, a teenage psychic that can see into the future. "So I have these occasional visions that may or may not come true." Raven and her family and friends always get involved into weird situations, struggling to stop the visions from coming true.

Psychic Eye For the Sloppy Guy (2004) S3 Ep1[edit]

Tanya: See you after school.
Raven: Now that we all understand each other, it's Go Time.

(Going through Tyler's stuff, CD's, bathroom and clothes)

Eddie: Old school; old school; pre-school!
Chelsea: Bad for your skin; bad for the environment; and just plain bad!
Raven: Got to go! Got to go! Got to go!!
Eddie: See anything you like?
Chantel: Yeah! The whole right side of the menu.
Eddie: Ehh!

Stark Raven Mad (2004) S3 Ep2[edit]

Sierra: I'm Sierra, Raven's new best friend!
Chelsea:Raven has a new best friend...

Opportunity Shocks (2004) S3 Ep3[edit]

Taken to the Cleaners (2004) S3 Ep4[edit]

Raven: Girl, please, this movie is not scary.
Raven: Now, that's scary.

Ronda: Yo leg ain't broken. you was just to lazy to come down to the cleaners and pick up your own clothes! [takes chips]

Raven, Eddie, Chelsea Daniels: Hey!

Ronda: Thats right I got yo chips! And you! [looks at Raven] You on my list! [Rhonda leaves]

Raven: And she's off mine.

Ronda: It's not polite to point little girl.

Five Finger Discount (2004) S3 Ep5[edit]

Raven: You heard mom, Cory. Stealing is stealing, and you could go to jail!
Cory: [after he saw a bigger sized monkey key chain] I'm not a monkey thief! I'm not a monkey thief! I'm not a monkey thief! I'm not a monkey thief!

Sweeps (2004) S3 Ep6[edit]

Chelsea: The play is called "The Pitiful, Joyless Life of the Urgent Chimney Sweep Children of London".
Raven: Sounds like a million laughs, Chelsea.
[While watching the play]
Chelsea: When did this become a one-woman show?
Cory: I guess when only one woman showed up.

Double Vision (2004) S3 Ep7[edit]

[Rae and Eddie walk in laughing about something]
[Rae sees the poster Chelsea's put up]
[Raven pulls down the poster]
Raven: Uh, no way! You got Rayne Bow to perform at your vegeterian club benefit.
Chelsea: Uh-huh
[Chelsea sticks poster back up on the wall, and Raven pulls it back down]
Raven: Um... so... hey, when's the show?
Chelsea: It's Friday after school, and I'm really gonna need you to stop doing that. Yeah. We really need the money for the benefit to keep the club going, so I'm in charge of the whole thing, and I have to focus all of my attention on him. (gazes at a good-looking guy and staples sleeve to the wall)
Raven clicks her fingers: Uh yea, Chels, snap out, snap out of it, Chels.
Chelsea: Uhh, sorry. It's Ben from my history class.
Eddie: You're diggin' him, huh?
Chelsea: Yeah, what gave it away?
Eddie: You stapeled your sleeve to the wall.
Chelsea:Oh would ya?
[Raven pulls Chelsea off the wall]
Raven: Sorry about that.
[Raven has a vision]
Chelsea: Did ya just have a vision?
Raven: Uh, yeah Chels, yeah. I saw you, uh, putting up posters over there, on that wall, over there.
Chelsea: What?
Raven: Go.
[Raven smiles]
Chelsea: Okay. [takes off]
[Raven sighs]
Eddie: What was your real vision?
Raven: I was kissing Ben.
Eddie: What? How could you do that to your best friend?
Raven: I didn't do anything yet.
Eddie: And you're not gonna, 'cause you're gonna stay far far away from that guy.
Raven: That's true. Never go near each other, and nothing can ever happen.
[Bumps into Ben]
Raven: Oh, snap.
Ben: Sorry.
Raven: Gotta go.
[Runs away]

Bend it Like Baxter (2005) S3 Ep8[edit]

Eric: [thinking Raven is their star gymnast, Natasha Bubinski] I want to know everything about you. You're language, your culture, your interests-
Eddie: [quietly] Why don't you just start with her name?
Raven: Hushski, Hushhushski, that's my dog. He is a Siberian Polar Poodle.

The Big Buzz (2005) S3 Ep9[edit]

Chelsea: Eddie, are you sure you don't want to join the Bee Keepers Club?
Eddie: Oh, no, I'm allergic.
Chelsea: Oh, to bees?
Eddie: No, to nerds.

True Colors (2005) S3 Ep10[edit]

Victor:: Did you finish that report?
Cory:: Yep! All 500 words!
Victor:: Black history is very, very, very important to me. There are many, many, many people to choose from...I see where this is going. Come on son, sit.
Cory:: But dad, you only read 18 words.

Cory:: Nice look, Raven. Ha ha ha!
Raven:: You know what? I wouldn't be laughing 'cause that's going to be you in next 30 years.
Raven:: Even if they did believe me, it wouldn't matter. I'm only one person, I can't change the world.
Victor:: Rae, if Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. had that attitude, we'd all still be sitting in the back of the buses.
Victor:: Oh, that's it! We're gonna bust them, we're gonna shut 'em down by any means necessary!
Tanya:: Whoa, slow down Malcolm!
Chloe:: The truth is, I don't hire black people.

Dog Day Aftergroom (2005) S3 Ep11[edit]

Chelsea: (while holding a bunch of dogs on leashes) Guess who got a job at Camp Woof Woof!
Raven: Uhh, you did.
Chelsea: Aww, what gave it away?
Eddie: One time, I put a red sock in my whites and I'm still wearing pink underwear! (slight pause) I'ma need y'all to keep that to yourselves.

The Royal Treatment (2005) S3 Ep12[edit]

Raven: Why didn't I listen to my mommy?

Raven: A wedding? I love weddings. I hope I don't cry!
Eddie: Oh, you're going to cry, alright because it's your wedding!

Art Breaker (2005) S3 Ep13[edit]

Raven: [Walks into the art room, looks at chelseas painting] Ooo let me guess,its the chaos and the confusion in the world.

Eddie: Rae, did you just have a vision?
Raven: [panicking] Yes you see what happened was- [bumps into Chelsea's statue and shatters it] ...pretty much that.

Eddie: I got you something easy to eat this time Rae. [Feeds Raven]
Raven: Mmh mmmh, this is good, what is this?
Eddie: A hot and spicy jalapeno pepper popper.

[Raven chokes]

Raven: [Shocked] A jalapeno pepper popper!? You picked a potentially painful pepper popper to pop into my pecker?
Eddie: Possibly [Confused]

[Raven spasms over the spiciness]

Raven: Hot! Hot, water water aah!
Eddie: Not now, you can't have no water right now Rae.

[Judges approach]

Eddie: Oh, here comes the judge [flees]

Ms. Patuto: Chelsea please let your art speak for itself
Raven: [After eating a chunk of spicy cheese]: Water!

Boyz 'N Commotion (2005) S3 Ep14[edit]

Muffy: If you could all leave in an orderly fashion.
(There's a slight pause)
Loca (yells): Get out!
Ricky: I'm Ricky, this is Tre and this is JJ.
JJJ: It's actually J.J.J., but the third J is silent.

Gettin' Outta Dodge (2005) S3 Ep15[edit]

Raven: Oh, remember the time when you put a lizard in Eddie's pants? [laughs]
Bianca: Can you find in your heart to forgive me?
Eddie: The lizard didn't bite my heart.

On Top of Old Oaky (2005) S3 Ep16[edit]

Chelsea: [singing] On top of old Oaaaaaaaaky, all covered with leaves...
Señorita Rodriguez: Chelsea stop siiiiiinging, I'm begging you please!

They Work Hard For His Honey (2005) S3 Ep17[edit]

[Fooling around in the Senor Frosty, Raven breaks something]
Raven: Oh, I broke something! Well, I don't think it's important...
Chelsea: Yeah it is, Rae. That looks like the A4-Regulator Valve.
Raven: How do you know that?
Chelsea: Uh, how do you not know that?

Raven: Something's wrong with the ice cream! It's all runny!
Eddie: Yeah. It's like someone broke the A4-Regulator Valve or something!
Raven: How does everybody know that?

[The ice cream machine explodes. Chantel enters]
Chantel: Don't tell me someone broke the A4-Regulator Valve!
Raven: WHAT!?

Chelsea: Aw... Why don't we have nicknames?
Raven: Okay... biscuit head.

Mind Your Own Business (2005) S3 Ep18[edit]

(Eddie shows raven a t-shirt he made of Mad Dog but he looks like a girl)

Raven: You know what? That's a good looking picture of Mad Dog's Sister.
Eddie: It's a really bad looking picture of Mad Dog!

Hizzouse Party (2005) S3 Ep19[edit]

Raven: That's my jam!!

Mismatch Maker (2005) S3 Ep20[edit]

Raven: Bottom line, we're friends.
Chelsea: Yeah, it's what we do. Put on fake nose, a fake wig, and meddle in each other's least, that's what we do.
Eddie: If I tell you something, promise you won't get insulted?
Raven (as Seyonce): Oh, I know Edward, you still have feelings for your ex-girlfriend.
Eddie: No, you've got a big nasty noodle hangin' from your nose.

Chef-Man and Raven (2005) S3 Ep21[edit]

Raven: Dad, what's wrong? You look like you saw a ghost.
Victor: Worse. I saw a...Leonard Stevenson.
Chelsea: AAAAAAH! (Everyone looks at her) What? Sounded kind of scary.
Raven: Dad, Who's Leonard Stevenson?
Chelsea: AAAAAAH!
Raven: Chelsea, step away from the door.

Chelsea: Sorry!

Victor: Leonard Stevenson.. Chelsea: AHHHHHHH! Raven: I guess Chels is here..

  • Eddie hides himself hoping nobody saw that.*

When in Dome (2005) S3 Ep22[edit]

Jennifer (to Raven): You wouldn't last ten minutes in veggie camp.
Raven: Ooh, Jennifer! That's where you're wrong. I wouldn't last FIVE!

Too Much Pressure (2005) S3 Ep23[edit]

Chelsea: My hair dresser's sister's best friend's cousin said that this is the place where Pressure would be rehearsing for his new video.
Raven: Chels, your hair dresser's sister's best friend's cousin is me. I told you that.

The Grill Next Door (2005) S3 Ep24[edit]

Stanley (to Raven): You are my lady.
Raven: I'm never your lady.
Stanley: Never say never, my lady.
Raven: Never, never, never, never.
Stanley: You're my lady, lady, lady, lady.
Victor: Look I added a new dish to the menu: Jerk Chicken.
Chelsea: You're gonna eat a chicken and call it names!
Victor: It's Jamaican.
Chelsea: I don't care what ya making. It's still mean!

Extreme Cory (2005) S3 Ep25[edit]

Raven: (about her crew while pretending to be an extreme skateboarder) Oh, they're not with us anymore. (points up)
Scabz: You mean they're up in....
Raven: In Canada, for sure!
(After Raven lands on Eddie)
Raven: I am not okay. (passes out)
Eddie: Chels, did you get that?
Chelsea: Got it!
Eddie: Yes!
Chelsea (examines the camera): Oh wait, out of film.
(Eddie moans and falls back to the floor)

Point of No Return (2005) S3 Ep26[edit]

Raven: [drops dummy on Fránc's foot] Sorry Frank!
Fránc: It's pronounced Fránc!
Raven: Fránc! ...I would like to buy this shirt please.
Fránc: [sarcastically] Oh, wow! No one's ever bought a blouse here before!

Raven: No, Chels, you have to overstretch it because when you let go, it's gonna snap back into shape. Okay, let go!
[The shirt doesn't snap back into shape, hangs long and loose]
Chelsea: Ummm, Rae, I don't think it's snappin'...

Country Cousins Part 1 & 2 (2005) S3 Ep 27 & 28[edit]

Betty Jane: Cousin Raven, I've been waiting all these years to see you again.
Raven: I knew you were gonna say that.
Betty Jane: And now I can't wait for you to leave. Momma!
Raven: I didn't know she was gonna say that.
Raven: Chels! Dude, you're supposed to be on hole patrol.
Chelsea: Oh, I'm sorry. But look, Rae, that creepy scarecrow keeps staring right at me
Raven: Oh, yeah, that's Percy. Yeah, he used to creep me out too when I was a little kid. Auntie Faye used to tell this scary story. Like.. uh..when the moon was out...kinda like tonight...Percy would come to life, sneak into your room..(gasps) and steal your soul.. (laughs) kinda silly...Chels?

Cory: I need your help! Eddie: But I thought you was going solo..?

Food For Thought (2005) S3 Ep29[edit]

Raven: I saw the future and it was HUGE! It was like attack of the giant booties. I'm talking about a lot of junk in the trunk, Chels.

(The students are in the hallways, eating junk food from the Food Court. Raven and Chelsea watch.) Chelsea: Gosh, Rae, I can't believe it! Lunch was over two hours ago, and they're still packing it in!

Raven': Yeah. They don't know what that food is doing to them. Somebody's got to speak the truth (She steps into the middle of the hallway.)


Raven: ...Put down the pies. You cannot maximize. You gotta exercise, or the scales will rise-and so will your thighs!

Eddie: Who wants some fries?

Mr. Perfect (2005) S3 Ep30[edit]

Raven: Thanks for walking me home today, Andre (giggles) and yesterday and uh, the day before that.
Andre: That's a lot of walkin'. Do you know what that means?
Raven: Yeah, yeah I really think we need to start taking the bus 'cause my feet are getting swollen, crusty and bumpy.
(Andre laughs)
Andre: I'm talking about you being my girlfriend.
Raven: Oh, okay, please forget everything I said about my feet. Um, I'd love to be your girlfriend, Andre.
Andre: Cool! Great. So...(reaches for Raven's hand and kisses it) I'll see you later.
Raven: Okay.
Raven: Out!
Stanley: Okay, baby, but my love is like a boomerang, keeps on comin' back
Raven: Well my foot is like a pendulum, it will keep on swingin..' (raises her leg)
Stanley: Okay, I'm goin.'
Raven: Thank you. (closes the door, walks away, and Stanley opens it again)
Stanley: Boomerang, baby.
(Raven shoves him out the door.)

Goin' Hollywood (2005) S3 Ep31[edit]

Victor:I'll have my people call your people (looks at Raven and Cory) your mom says hi.

Save The Last Dance (2005) S3 Ep32[edit]

Raven (jumping up and down): I'm getting a date, I'm getting a date, I'm getting a date, I'm getting a date, I'm getting a date!
Raven: (about the prom) Well, I have been dreaming about this night forever, you guys. I found the perfect dress.
Eddie: Do you have a date?
Raven: I found the perfect shoes.
Eddie: Do you have a date?
Raven: I've rented the limo.
Eddie: She ain't got no date.
Raven: Let's not focus on the negative, okay?
Chelsea: Yeah, that's right! Exactly. There are more important things about going to the prom than just getting a date.
Raven: Yeah!
Eddie: So, you ain't got one either, huh?

Cake Fear (2005) S3 Ep35[edit]

Miss Patterson: Are you children enjoying them?
Raven, Chelsea, Eddie & Cory: ...Oh...yeah...ummm...
Miss Patterson': Good, 'cause I put something special in them. A dash...of cinnamon!
[Chelsea holds hands to neck and makes choking sound]
Chelsea: Oh wait did you say cinnamon?

Miss Patterson: Oh no, it's time...I have to do this now.
Raven: Wait, wait, do what?
Miss Patterson: Take a shower. Every day at exactly 6:03 I take a shower for exactly five and a half minutes. I call it me time.

Raven: Yes, all your evidence is in here, along with her evil... [pulls out knitting needles] knitting needles...and her evil... [pulls out teddy bear] teddy bear...and her of..nighty night stories...IT WAS IN HERE, I SAW IT!

Policeman: We're going door to door looking for a revenge-seeking babysitter.
Raven, Eddie & Cory: THAT'S HER!
Policeman: Where?
Raven: She's in the kitchen...making cocoa!

[After Raven and Corey admitted the truth, Miss Patterson addresses Raven to confess to the hidden camera in the wall]
Raven:Yes, yes, yes we ate the...CAMERA?! [Stares into camera crazy]

Vision Impossible (2006) S3 Ep36[edit]

Raven: HEY! Are yall spying on my dream? That is jack up! I'm angry, I'm awake, and I'm coming to get ya!
  • Scratching on the turntables! I mean, Whiskers was like "mickehmickehmeowmickehmickehmeow

Four Aces (2006) S3 Ep37[edit]

Raven: [yells out] Mrs. Wilcox! Mrs. Wilcox! Going once, going twice, yep and going to the mall.
Old man: She cant hear you.
Raven: Oh? Hard of hearing? MRS. WILCOX!!
Old man: She cant hear you because she's in her room!