The Adventures of Pluto Nash

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The Adventures of Pluto Nash is a 2002 comedy film directed by Ron Underwood and starring Eddie Murphy as the owner of a lunar nightclub investigating who was behind the arson that destroyed his club.

Pluto Nash[edit]

  • You blew up my wood stools. You know how hard it is to get wood on the moon?


Pluto: You married twins?
Tony: No, I met the perfect woman. So I had her cloned.
Dina: Which one is which?
Tony: Who cares?

Pluto: What happened?
James: Obviously, you did something stupid.

Pluto: That's a cryogenic Chihuahua!
Dina: It's a real dog?
Pluto: Oh, yeah. It's very delicate. You know it's illegal to bring pets up here. But I got a friend back in Juarez who knows how to freeze-dry these things. Look at that, it's a girl. Pop that little bitch in the particle wave for two minutes on defrost... she'll be running around the room.

Pluto: So, where'd you do your singing back Earth?
Dina: Oh. Weddings, bar mitzvahs, reincarnation rituals. The usual gigs.

Dina: What makes you so sure he'll help us out?
Pluto: Oh, he'll help us. He couldn't sing a note if it weren't for me.
Dina: You taught Tony Francis how to sing?
Pluto: No, I convinced a bookie not to pour some acid down his throat.

Pluto: So, how's it going with you and Babbet?
Bruno: Me and Babbet? I don't think that's going to happen. I found out that I'm 110 volts and she's a 220.
Pluto: Just go to the hardware store and get an adaptor.
Bruno: Nah, that just ruins it for me.

Mogan: Hey, Bruno. What are you? A65?
Bruno: Model 63. Deluxe.
Mogan: 63? Talk about ancient.
Bruno: Your sister didn't seem to mind.

Rowland: There's a clone doctor named Runa Pedanken. Made a big name for herself creating an entire basketball team from one old guy.
Pluto: The Air Jordans. Yeah.


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