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The Amazing Digital Circus is a 2023 animated surreal comedy web series created by Glitch Productions and Gooseworx. It stars a young woman named Pomni, voiced by Lizzie Freeman, who is trapped in a digital circus hosted by an AI ringmaster named Caine.


Caine: Welcome to the Amazing Digital Circus! My name is Caine! I'm your ringmaster, and I'm here to show you the most jaw-dropping, heart-stopping, mind-bending paraphernalia you've ever laid your eyes upon! Isn't that right, Bubble?
Bubble: That's right, Caine! I can't wait to see what you've got cooking up for today.
Caine: Well, let's not waste any time. Let's get right into the show.

Jax: Caine, is this one of your NPCs or is this a new sucker? 'Cause if it's a new character, we're gonna have to redo this whole theme song.
Zooble: I'm not doing that again.
Caine: My, my! It appears a new human has entered this realm!
Pomni: [straining] How do I... take this... headset off?!
Jax: Just keep grabbing at it. That worked for all of us.
Pomni: [groans, gasps] W-what's going on? I-I-I put on some weird headset, and now I'm... here. Who are you, people? Why can't I take it off? Where am I?
Ragatha: Let's just try to calm down. Everything's gonna be okay, new stuff. We've all been through this. You just need to get your head to-
Pomni: What the [boing] is going on?!
Caine: Now, now, now, my dear, we can't any of that foul language around here. The Amazing Digital Circus is a place to be enjoyed by all ages. You my friend stumbled into an incredible world of wonders, where anything can happen! E-except for swearing.
Pomni: [swears multiple times, getting censored each time] Oh my god. U-uh, well, h-how do I... you know, leave?
Caine: Uh-
Ragatha: W-Well, don’t freak out about it or anything, but uh- we don’t exactly…
Jax: [comes] You can’t.
Pomni What?
Zooble: Shut up, Jax. But yeah, he’s right. Welcome to your new home. And your new body.
Pomni: “N-N-New home”? What do you mean?
Ragatha: Guys, don’t be mean.
Jax: We’ve been stuck here for years. Old Kinger over there supposedly been here the longest.
Kinger: Huh? Did someone say something about an insect collection?
Jax: That’s why he’s crazy. Heh-heh! Eh...
Pomni: [pants] Oh, okay, now I get it, this is a dream, should just play along until I wake up. Right?
Jax: Whatever you say, kid.
Gangle: They broke my comedy mask…
Jax: [steps on Gangle's mask] So, Caine… We having a new adventure today for the newbie, or what?
Caine: I’d like to give our brand new member a tour of the circus grounds first.

Caine: Why don't we talk about something else? Like your name!
Pomni: My name? My name is... uh, oh god, why can't I remember my name?!
Caine: No one can remember their name upon entering the Digital Circus. The one thing I can't control are your minds. So all I can help you with is coming up with a new one.
Pomni: Uhh, what's my name...?
Caine: Don't you worry your little head. Your new name can be anything! [rapidly recites a list of terms and conditions] What are you thinking?
Pomni: I don't care, just pick anything.
Caine: Let's see. [a roulette machine drops onto the ground and spins to "XDDCC"] What do you think of "XDDCC"?
Pomni: I don't-
Caine: Yeah, you're right, terrible. Let's try that again! [spins the wheel, this time getting "POMNI"] What do you think of "Pomni"?
Pomni: Uh, sure. I think I just-
Caine: Gadzooks, you're right, Jax! We should have a brand new adventure for our new member, Pomni!
Jax: I said that, like, five minutes ago.

[Caine and Bubble laugh at a dining table]
Caine: Oh, Bubble, you always know how to make me say this exact sentence. [his Wacky Watch sounds an alarm] Gasp! An alert on my Wacky Watch at this hour? [the Wacky Watch reveals Pomni in the Void] Oh no. Someone is venturing out into the Void. They'll get totally spoiled! [disappears, leaving Bubble behind]

Candy Carrier Chaos

Caine: Haha, looks like our new friend's already abstracted!
Ragatha: Well, I guess we’re not all cut out for it.
Jax: I don’t even remember her name, honestly.
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