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The Animals of Farthing Wood is an animated series by the European Broadcasting Union between 1992 and 1995, based on the series of books written by Colin Dann. It followed the animals of Farthing Wood, who were forced to flee their homes after humans started destroying the wood in order to build houses. Led by Fox, and guided by Toad, the animals left Farthing Wood on a journey to White Deer Park, a nature reserve where they would be protected.

The first series concentrated on the journey, while the second and third seasons were primarily set in White Deer Park itself.

Season 1 (1993)[edit]

The Wood In Danger [1.1][edit]

Badger: Look at this place Weasel. Just look at it.
Weasel: Doesn't get any better!

Weasel: I mean, if you wouldn't call that an emergency, what would you call it? Alice? Ahahaha!
Badger: Very funny.

Owl: He who dwells in the soil shall himself become soiled. He who dwells in the light shall achieve enlightenment.

Adder: Not lassst, am I, Badger?
Badger: Well someone's got to be last, Adder. Follow the tunnel... and don't eat the glow worms!
Adder: Ssshucks! I was looking forward to a few glow worms!

Badger: Now Friends. Adder. And Fellow Woodlanders.
Owl: Do Get on With It!
Badger: You don't need me to Underline the Gravity of Our Situation.
Fox: We are All Aware that since the Giant Earth Movers have moved in.
Badger: Life in Farthing Wood has become steadily more and more hazardous. For one and all.

(Toad arrives in through the Roof)

Owl: Well bless my soul. It's that Daft Toad. We thought you were gone for Good.
Toad: So have I. I was caught in a Jam Jar by a nasty boy. I've been traveling for months to get back here thinking "I must get back to my Matey's, I must get back to My Pond".
Owl: The Pond is gone and had fallen in.
Fox: Sorry Toad. Farthing Wood is being destroyed. We either leave or we perish. That's why we've called this assembly.
Badger: Now. Let's continue with the Assembly.

Fox: As a community, we're all but finished here. Man and his machines have seen to that.
Toad: Don't talk to me about those machines! I know all about them!
Fox: In fact, it must be obvious to everyone here that...
Owl: ...If we don't find a new watering hole within the next few days...
Fox: ...Then we are going to be in the worst kind of distress. If you know what I mean.

Toad: I know the Place that we could go to.
Owl: Who asked You?
Toad: It's a good Little Place, A Wonderful Place purposely build for animals like us.
Mole: Was is Really Toad?
Toad: It's called White Deer Park Mole. It's a Nature Reverse.
Mole: Is it Really?
Toad: It's a Place where all Wild Creatures Are Protected By Humans.
Badger: Well Fox? What Do you Think?
Fox: Have we any alternative?
Badger: Quite. Then White Deer Park it is, Everyone.

Badger: (reading out the Oath Of Mutual Protection) Repeat after me. I do solemly swear not to swallow or otherwise consume anybody...
Adder: (whispering) Except when nobody's looking!
Badger: ...While en route to this place of Toad's.

The Journey Begins [1.2][edit]

Mr Pheasant: It's a nightmare!
Mrs Pheasant: Yes dear.
Mr Pheasant: I mean, how would they like it if they were being hunted all the time? They wouldn't be singing and dancing then!
Mrs Pheasant: No dear.
Mr Pheasant: I'll be a sitting target!
Mrs Pheasant: I'll do my best to look after you.
Mr Pheasant: You? What good are you?!?

(about Mole)

Adder: Let's do ourselves a favour and give him the slip. Mole's slow, stupid and tasteless!
Badger: He's better company than you any day Adder!

Baby Newt: (wails) Water!
Owl: Is seems that some of us can scarcely put one foot in front of the other. The newts won't last the night.
Fox: Only you can find water in the dark Owl.
Owl: True. I shall fly ahead. Rely on me!
Mrs Rabbit: Good luck Owl.
Fox: (thinking) Luck's something we're all going to need.

(Mr Pheasant is sleeping)

Mrs Pheasant: Wake up dear.
Mr Pheasant: (startled) DON'T SHOOT!
Mrs Pheasant: Time to go dear.

Mrs Rabbit: Don't panic! Those newts are on their last legs!
Adder: Lucky they've got any!

Mr Fieldmouse: I can face it! Tell me, are we going to die Fox?
Weasel: Probably! Ahahahaha! Want to take bets on it?

(Toad makes a loud splash in the swimming pool)

Fox: How can a creature as small as Toad manage to be so noisy?

Adder: Thisss is going to be interesssting(!)
Toad: Come on in Adder! Get your feet wet!
Adder: Chance would be a fine thing!
Weasel: Got a bit of a problem Adder? I could get you a drink no trouble! How much is it worth eh?
Adder: You scratch my back... I'll scratch yours!
Weasel: Fair enough. I've been wanting to do this for ages! (She lowers Adder into the pool)
Adder: Ssswindler! Shharper! Sneak!

(Adder is stuck in the swimming pool)

Adder: Psst! Still here Foxy, submerged... but not sunk!
Fox: Oh shut up!

(Fox has brought garden cane to help Adder escape from the pool)

Adder: What am I supposssed to do with thisss? Eat it?
Fox: Hang onto it you silly slithering...
Adder: Say you're sorry!
Fox: Alright! If you insist!

(Upon witnessing Adder being rescued by Fox from the swimming pool)

Cat: Ooh? I didn't know we had eels in our pool!

Owl: So, Fox's cunning saved the day. Still, as Confucius say, let's see what tomorrow brings...

Owl: Everything comes to he who waits. Including death on the road!

Mole: (about riding on Badger) I feel so guilty riding along like this, while everyone else is so tired and I'm not helping at all.
Badger: You're more help where you are than you would be on the ground Moley.
Mole: I could keep up, now that you've all slowed down!
Adder: I'd swap places with Mole any time.
Weasel: What would you hold on with? Your teeth?
Adder: I'd be pleased to steal a ride on you... Weasel!

(While crossing a road)

Adder: Thisss is going to ruin my scalesss!

Through Fire And Through Water [1.3][edit]

[Upon hearing humans testing military weapons]
Mr. Pheasant: It's a pheasant shoot!
Mrs. Pheasant: For once, I have to admit you're right, dear.
Mr. Pheasant: "For once"?!

(The animals have been sleeping on army land and are woken by gunfire)

Mrs Hedgehog: Do stop snoring dear.
Mr Hedgehog: Me? I don't snore.
Mrs Hedgehog: That's what you always say, but I think your snores are positively earth shattering.

Owl: When perched between two evils, the best solution is to stay still.
Adder: Easssier said than done.

Kestrel: One of the soldiers has raised his gun. He's sticking a knife on the end of it.
Mr Pheasant: I say! That's none too sporting!

(Upon witnessing the soldiers run away because Weasel accidentally breaks open a bees' nest)

Mr Pheasant: Imagine. Afraid of a sack!

Weasel: What Adder needs is a sting in the tail!
Adder: I'll give you a sting in the tail!
Weasel: AAAGH! (runs off)

Owl: One day Mole, you'll be so fat you'll get stuck in one of your own tunnels!

(Mr Pheasant's tailfeathers have been destroyed by an army shell)

Mr Pheasant: I'll never be able to turn my back on anyone again!
Mrs Pheasant: That'll be a nice change.
Fox: Is that all you're worried about?!
Mr Pheasant: When you've been shot at as much as I have, Fox, you realise there is nothing more important than one's personal dignity!

Badger: Well, at least we're all back together now.
Mole: [tearful] But we're not. Where are the Newts?
Badger: [comforting] Don't ask. There's a good chap.

False Haven [1.4][edit]

(It is pouring with rain)

Toad: Where's Owl?
Badger: If she's got any sense at all she'll be tucked up nice and snug underground.
Toad: OWL?
Badger: Well, under a bush then. Whatever!

[Mrs. Pheasant takes one of Owl's shedded feathers and puts it in her sleeping husband's tail]
Mr. Pheasant: [waking up] DAAAAAH!!!
Mrs. Pheasant: There. That's better now.
Mr. Pheasant: What have you done?!
Mrs. Pheasant: I've just added a stray feather to your tail, dear, to hide the burnt bits. Oooh, it do look lovely!
Mr. Pheasant: [suspicious] What kind of feather?
Mrs. Pheasant: Well, I think it's one of Owl's actually--
Owl: Beggers can't be choosers, Pheasant.
Kestrel: You should be grateful!
Mr. Pheasant: Grateful?! What?! [to Mrs. Pheasant] To have her feathers in my beautiful tail?! Stupid bird! Take it out at once!
(Mrs. Pheasant sighs and does so)
Mr. Pheasant: As if any other creature had feathers anywhere near as handsome as mine!
Mrs. Pheasant: I was only doing my best.
Fox: Peace... Perfect peace.
Kestrel: [to the Pheasants] Stop squabbling! Can't you see Fox is tired?

(Mrs. Pheasant has just been shot)

Mr. Pheasant: Where? Where is she?
Mrs. Hare: Poor Pheasant, no wonder you were so scared all the time.
Weasel: Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you! Ahahaha!

Farmer: (to his dog) Right Bruno, here's your chance to save your skin. Guard that door. And guard it well. Because if that fox escapes, you'll be as dead as this bird. (he holds up Mrs Pheasant)
Mr Pheasant: (wails) My wife!

Bruno: If I could get my teeth into you...
Adder: Watccch it! My bite'sss worse than my bark.

Bruno: My master wants you dead.
Fox: So? He wants every fox dead.
Bruno: You killed his chickens!
Fox: Oh, no I didn't.
Bruno: Liar!
Fox: I'm not the only fox around.
Bruno: You're here.
Fox: Ah, I see. Any fox will do. Is that it? Your master must be very stupid.
Bruno: How dare you!
Fox: To kill one fox because another hurt him. That's the same as kicking you because his wife's burnt his dinner!
Bruno: [realising] Uh... he does, too!
Fox: Does that make any sense to you?
Bruno: Er, no. But you still haven't told me why you were lurking round the chicken coop!
Fox: Not for the taste of chicken. I don't even like them. Too many feathers. Achoo!
Bruno: You're a right one aren't you, joking at a time like this! Alright, if it wasn't for the chickens, what was it for?
Fox: Didn't you see the others?
Bruno: What others?
Fox: My friends. Not foxes. But rabbits. Mice. Hedgehogs. Toads, birds, all kinds!

Bruno: Your're true to your name, I must say, very cunning. But you can't fool me, oh no. I'm taking you back. I'll get a nice fat reward when my master sees you're dead.
Fox: Oh, no you won't.
Bruno: Oh, yes I will!
Fox: You won't. He doesn't want you to kill his fox. He wants to do it for himself. All you'll do is rob him of the satisfaction.
Bruno: (snarls) All right, suits me! I'll take you back alive!
Fox: Sorry. Can't oblige, old son. If you want me, you'll have to kill me first.
Bruno: Oh, I don't know. First my master blames me for not catching his fox, then when I've caught him he still blames me.
Fox: That's about it.
Bruno: You've got me tied in knots, you clever dink!
Fox: You should have caught the right fox. That's all there is to it.
Bruno: Wild animals, heh. They'll be telling me to catch and make friends with a mouse next!
(Fox runs away, while Bruno is distracted)

Fox: The poor dog's been so mollycoddled by humans he's lost the few wits he ever had!

Mr Pheasant: (sobs) My poor wife...
Mrs Hare: Yes... [to Mr Hare] we must be nice to him, dear. Do try.
Mr Pheasant: It's only now she's gone, I realise how much she did for me. Who's going to dig for my grubs now?
Mr Hare: Oh! I draw the line at that!

Snare For The Unwary [1.5][edit]

(Mr Pheasant volunteers to go back for Adder, but can't fly very well and keeps falling)

Fox: Oh dear... I forgotten pheasants are not very good at flying! We'll be here till Christmas at this rate!

(last lines)

Mr Pheasant: Psst... Adder. Psst! Adder! UGHHH!
(he witnesses what's left of his cooked wife cooling on the windowsill and sobs loudly)
Mr Pheasant: I can't see anything! Where are you, Adder?
Adder: Never mind you seeing me! Don't let the farmer see you! Whoops! (she hides)
Mr Pheasant: ... Farmer?
(moments later, he is shot by the farmer)

(The animals hear a gunshot)

Badger: Oh... NO!
Mrs Hare: If that's Pheasant, I'll never forgive myself.

Owl: Where are you?
Adder: At last! What kept you?
Owl: Where's Pheasant?
Adder: Roasting for supper.

Owl: Fancy Fox allowing Pheasant to come back for you! Why, he couldn't even fly properly!
Adder: I sssuppose there were lotsss of volunteers?
Owl: Well, one or two. Well one anyway.
Adder: You would've known better than to ask.
Owl: Fox couldn't lead a pack of hounds.
Adder: Even if they were on his scent!

(they laugh)

Owl: (about the animals) Where would they be without me?
Adder: They're without you now.
Owl: Hmmm.

Badger: Even a dormouse couldn't sleep after Weasel's singing!

Fox: What happened to Pheasant?
Owl: You need me to tell you?
Mrs. Hare: I knew it! Poor Pheasant! And I was so unkind to him...
Mr. Hare: Now he has something to cry about.
Mrs. Hare: That's just it - he'll never cry anymore! [sobs]
Mr. Hare: Don't you start!
Fox: I should never have let him go.
Owl: [critical] True.

Owl: A moment's thought can save a lifetime's misery.

Adder: (Toad is cheering the animals on as they cross the river) That toad's sssickening enthusiasm is beginning to get on my nerves.

(The rabbits are floundering in the middle of the river unable to swim)

Fox Rabbits! What are you doing?!?
Mr Rabbit: We're PANICKING!

(Weasel crosses the river)

Badger: I can't see what's happening.
Weasel: The Rabbits are panicking and swimming round in circles in the middle of the river!
Badger: Grrr. Those rabbits. Even with one your problems are multiplied. (calling out to Fox) Fox, do you need any help?

(A Baby Rabbit is still floundering in the river unable to swim)

Baby Rabbit: Help...No! Save me!

(She falls in the water, but ends up on Fox's head, who surfaces)

Fox: Stop going round in circles. Swim straight in front of you!

(A massive piece of drift wood heads towards Fox and the Rabbits.)

Mole: Badger, that massive debris! It's going to hit Fox and the Rabbits, and it will kill them!
Badger: (After noticing) Oh no! Quickly, my friends. They're in danger. We must save them.

(Badger, Toad, Mole and Mrs Fieldmouse dive into the river.)

Badger: Each of you must rescue a rabbit. I'll take care of Fox.

Mrs Rabbit: (Panics) Help!
Toad: Oh, shut up, Rabbit. Swim that way.
Mrs Rabbit: (Shaking her head) Which way?
Toad: That way.

(Toad pushes Mrs Rabbit in the direction he was pointing)

Mrs Rabbit: Oh! That way!

(Fox and Badger have been swept over a waterfall by a floating mass of debris)

Owl: I'm afraid we'll have to accept that Badger and Fox are dead.
Toad: Ah...wait! Look!

Who Shall Wear The Crown? [1.6.][edit]

Owl: Badger as leader? Huh!
Adder: Too ssslow and ssstupid.
Owl: A bird would be more suitable.
Adder: You mean... Kestrel?
Owl: Kestrel? Oh no no. She hasn't the common touch.
Adder: Whereas you have(!)
Owl: What are you getting at Adder?
Adder: Jussst raising you Owl.
Owl: Well yes... you're right, of course.
Adder: All the animals trussst you.
Owl: True.
Adder: And you're wise enough to know when sssomeone's winding you up!
Owl: What? Are you saying...
Adder: I'm jussst saying how wise you are(!)

New Friends, Old Enemies [1.7][edit]

(Fox is hunting mice for Tom the cat at a supermarket back lot)

Tom: Three... six... ten?
Fox: No... fourteen!
Tom: (surprised) Good lord that's enough!

Mr Vole: If I've said it once, I've said it a hundred times. We smaller animals deserve our rights!

Horse: Bit ironic really. Been hunting foxes all my life and here I am now chinwagging with you?
Fox: Hunting?
Horse: Yah. A lot of that around here. Oh dear, sore point eh? Didn't mean to upset you.
Fox: Isn't your fault.
Horse: True, only obeying orders. Humans are a funny lot. Cruel one minute, kind the next. Take them as they come I suppose.

(first lines)

Vixen: No, please don't get up. You poor thing. You look exhausted.
Fox: I'm sorry, is this your earth?
Vixen: Yes, but you're welcome to use it. I do have several others. Actually, I was just going to hunt. Are you hungry?
Fox: Starving! I haven't eaten since yesterday!
Vixen: Then your wits will be sharp. Care to join me?
Fox: Things are looking up.

Friends In Need [1.8][edit]

Vixen: Foxes hunt but we're also hunted.
Fox: Has it happened to you?
Vixen: No. But I have often heard the horn blow. I suppose it will be my turn one day.

Fox: The Owl Reminded of Someone.
Vixen: Owl, Have you Seen Foxes Friends?
Big Owl: Not many Foxes in the Wood these Days.
Vixen: No not Foxes, a Party of all kinds travelling together. A Toad, a Kestrel, a Mole, Rabbits, Mice, an Owl.

Fox: You will come back won't you? I couldn't bear to lose you! Not now!
Vixen: You may not have to.

Vixen: Do you have a mate?
Thrush: Yes. And a family too.
Vixen: Do you miss your freedom?
Thrush: Haven't the time. Much too busy.
Vixen: I see. I used to like walking alone in the morning dew.
Thrush: And now?
Vixen: And now I don't know what to do.
Thrush: Is he brave and true?
Vixen: Probably!
Thrush: If you don't try, you'll never know.

(The hunt has picked up Vixen's scent)

Butcher Bird: (jeering) RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Mr Hare: Badger... we should run!
Badger: No. Remember the oath. We must all stand together and fight!
Weasel: But we'll be torn to pieces!

Mole: What's happening? I can't see!
Badger: It's probably better that you don't Moley.

Kestrel: (about the hounds) We could try heading them off.
Owl: In certain circumstances attack is the only form of defence.
Weasel: Get on with it then!

Fox: (realising the hounds are now going after Vixen) I've failed her!

(Adder receives praise from the other animals for saving Vixen)

Adder: I'll never live thisss down.

Vixen: I know what you did... heading them off.
Fox: I couldn't bear to think of you... and those hounds.
Vixen: You risked your life for me.
Fox: Were you... were you on your way back to me?
Vixen: Yes.
Fox: Does that mean...
Vixen: I would be honoured to be your mate.
Fox: Oh... I'm so happy!
Badger: Welcome my dear. You're one of us now.
All the Animals: Hooray for Fox.

Whistler's Quarry [1.9][edit]

(Mole is crying with happiness)

Badger: Oh Moley! If only your tears weren't salty, none of us would ever be thirsty again!

Owl: If love is blind as they say it is, it's a fine state for our leader to get himself into.
Adder: You helped save him.
Owl: You helped save his mate.
Adder: I was sssaving myself.
Owl: Says who?

(A chain link fence is blocking their way to the quarry)

Toad: It's alright Badger, we can all hop through! Oh... see what you mean, I'd forgotten how big you all were.
Adder: That toad is ssso astute.
Mole: Would it help if I tunneled underneath?
Badger: Moley, what would we do without you?
Adder: Die of thirst, I should think(!)

(Whistler is seen for the first time, flying overhead. His wings are making a whistling sound while he is flying)

Kestrel: A fine display of flying technique, don't you think Owl?
Owl: Needs oiling if you ask me.

(A carp is attempting to eat Toad)

Vixen: Whistler! Can you do anything to help?
Whistler: My pleasure. I've been after that carp for years!

Whistler: Are there any herons at White Deer Park?
Toad: Now you come to mention it I did see one or two.
Whistler: Ah... female herons?
Toad: Now there you've got me matey! Can't tell the difference, see!

(The animals have walked into a pheasant shoot. Whistler's wing makes a noise when he lands)

Kestrel: Be quiet! You don't want a matching hole in your other wing do you?
Whistler: That would be unfortunate.
Owl: But deserved.
Whistler: What did you say?
Kestrel: Ssh! I don't want to be taken for a pheasant!

(One of the baby rabbits has run out into the field and gets shot)

Badger: To think Owl saved him from the snare for this.
Fox: He may not have died in vain Badger.

Between Two Evils [1.10][edit]

Owl: If you're so slow, how slow is a slow-worm?
Adder: They're just lizards without legsss!

(Kestrel has informed the animals of a motorway up ahead)

Owl: When there is no way forward, the only way is back.

(A hunting horn is heard in the distance back from where they came)

Fox: The hunt! We can't go back!
Weasel: (jeering) We could!
Mrs Hare: Yes we could. You're just being selfish.
Badger: HOW DARE YOU! After all Fox has done for us! Why he could have stayed with Vixen and left us to our fate but he came back didn't he? And why? Because we animals stick together.

Owl: Sometimes fear of one evil overcomes the fear of another.
Weasel: In other words, let's scarper!

(The animals are faced with a motorway)

Mrs Shrew: See? They only think of themselves. How are we supposed to cross a road like that!
Mr Vole: We can't trust the larger animals.
Mr Hare: The only time you smaller animals have ever got into trouble is when you've left the group!

Fox: One step at a time.
Mrs Fieldmouse: Some of us have bigger steps than others.
Adder: And sssome of us have no sssteps at all!

(The humans in one of the cars on the congested side of the motorway spot the animals)

Man: Take that! (Throws can out of the car)
Fox: Don't run into the road! Weasel, don't!
Weasel: (Throws the can back through their window) Take THAT!

(last lines)

Mrs Hedgehog: Come on, dear!
Mr Hedgehog: I... I... I can't!
Mrs Hedgehog: Please...
Mr Hedgehog: Don't...curl up...
Mrs Hedgehog: Please!
Mr Hedgehog: Whatever you do...dearest...don't...curl up!
Mrs Hedgehog: Oh no!

Vixen: (about the hedgehogs) ...She wouldn't leave him.
Mr Hare: What happened?
Mrs Hare: Why didn't they run?
Toad: Instincts got the better of them. And instincts can be very strong, matey. I should know.

Owl: Everyone else either has been carried or has run over the road.
Adder: Or, has been run over! I've got eyes to see!
Owl: Those cowering hedgehogs just curled up and died.
Adder: Well, I've no desire to commit suicide.

(Adder is refusing to let Owl carry her across the motorway)

Owl: Reflect Adder on the ancient wisdom expressed in the phrase 'Better to lose one's dignity than to lose one's life'.
Adder: I won't lose either if I stay here, which is exactly what I'm going to do, you pompous bundle of feathers! Because no one can force me to do anything I don't wisssh to!

(Whistler snatches Adder and flies her across much to the amusement of the other animals)

A Deathly Calm [1.11][edit]

Mrs Rabbit: And we're alright. The vegetables are beautiful. I've never seen a nicer young cabbage.

Mr Rabbit: If something's wrong just don't tell me!

Owl: You are standing on poisoned land. It's in the ground we walk on, the air we breathe, and the plants which seem so luscious are probably deadly!
Weasel: AAAGH!
Mr Rabbit: But.. but how?
Owl: It was done deliberately.
Fox: The farmer! I knew I recognised that smell.
Owl: He keeps the poison hidden from his own kind. There are some things even humans don't approve of.

Mr Hare: (about the humans growing cabbages with pesticides on them) But what will they do with the cabbages?
Owl: Eat them!
Toad: Won't they die too?
Owl: Who knows? Perhaps very slowly.

Owl: Humans have a saying; One man's meat is another man's poison. Goodness knows what they've done to these apples!
Fox: Let's hope for their sakes they've got strong stomachs.

Mr Vole: Owl thinks all the animals and plants are poisoned.
Adder: Except you of course!
Fox: Adder!
Adder: Jussst teasing.
Owl: Hunger's stronger than any oath.
Toad: Owl's right. Instinct will out. I should know.

(The animals are waiting for the birds and the foxes to come back with food from the town)

Adder: If Whistler doesn't get back soon, I'll eat... (eying mole)
Mole: The Oath!
Adder: I'd eat that if it was on four legs, or even two!

(Whistler gets the food for animals and landed at Adder)
Adder: You do that deliberately!
Whistler: Not at all, and look I brought you food.
Adder: I forgive you.

Owl: The darkest hour is just before the dawn. Well, it is!

Fox: You'll do as I tell you, or else.
Weasel: Or else what?
Fox: Or else I'll bite your head off.

Mrs Hare: (about Mr Rabbit) He does look dreadful.
Mr Hare: He always looks dreadful!

Pandemonium [1.12][edit]

Weasel: Step on a crack, break your father's back! Step on a line, you're doing fine!

(Weasel deliberately treads on Adder)

Weasel: Sorry! Thought you were a crack in the pavement!
Adder: Then you ssshouldn't have stepped on me. You'll get bad luck!
Weasel: Not me! I'm the luckiest weasel in the whole wide world! The luckiest weasel...

(a lightning bolt nearly strikes Weasel)

Weasel: AAAGH!
Adder: Sssee? What did I tell you?

Mr Rabbit: Mole! It's all your fault!
Toad: Well, at least it isn't mine for a change, eh mateys?

(Owl is recovering after being temporarily deafened by a church bell)

Mrs Vole: I know just how you feel.
Owl: What?
Mrs Vole: It's not easy being deaf.
Owl: What are you talking about?
Mrs Vole: What?
Owl: I said, what did you say?
Mrs Vole: That's what I said!
Owl: Deaf old codger!

(Adder briefly wears the bride's veil by accident, much to the displeasure of the wedding guests)

Adder: I don't sssee what all the fusss is about!

Fox: (realising that the animals have got seperated after escaping from the church) We've lost them!

So Near And Yet So Far [1.13][edit]

(Weasel has drunk some wine from a keg)

Weasel: Ooh! Nice!
Badger: Yeeuch! Disgusting!
Weasel: (slurs) No! Nice! I'm nice too Badger, when you get to know me! *hic* Which you will, now that we're holed up together!
Badger: Stop it!
Weasel: (slurs) I'm still thirsty! You know Badger, humans can be nice too! In fact, I could get to quite like them!
Badger: Weasel... are you feeling alright?
Weasel: (slurs) Never better old chap! (falls over)

(Weasel and Badger escape from the wine cellar when the landlord receives a delivery)

Weasel: (slurs) Here we go, here we go, here we go!
Landlord: What on earth?
Delivery Man: Here! You got a licence for that one Brian?

Badger: What are we going to do about Weasel?
Owl: Leave her! I would.
Weasel: (slurs) Can't go without Weasel! You know Badger, you've been like a father to me, you have! I've always looked onto you with the highest... *hic*!

Mr Vole: I don't know Mother. Now we are nearly there I feel almost sad.
Mrs Vole: Sad? Huh! I'm looking forward to being a vole again, I don't know about you! But I know what you mean son. And take comfort in your dreams will never be the dreams of an ordinary vole, never again. Your dreams will be different till the day you die, and so will mine, for I am proud to be a Farthing Wood traveller. And as for that Oath we made, we will keep it amongst ourselves and our children, and our children's children, so that the spirit of the journey will be kept alive forever.
Fox: Well said!

White Stag: (To Toad) To have made this journey once is remarkable. To have done it twice is extraordinary. News of your coming reached us long ago.
Badger: We are so glad to be here. And it's all thanks to Fox. We'd never have done it without him.
Fox: I only wish... we could all have made it.
White Stag: But those of you who did have made history.

(The Stag leads the animals to a spot overlooking the park)

White Stag: Welcome to White Deer Park.

Season 2 (1994)[edit]

A Heroes' Welcome [2.1][edit]

White Stag: (To the Animals) The park is yours. Go where you will.
Scarface: (First lines) As long as he's not on my patch.

Fox: Well, they won't need me any more.
Vixen: Your job is finished.
Fox: I couldn't have done it without you. And now our little group is breaking up.
Vixen: Of course we'll still be friends with everyone, but...
Fox: They've got their own lives to lead now, haven't they? So have we.

Lady Blue: I'm afraid you were about to make a bit of a faux pas weren't you?
Badger: Was I? Oh, what's a faux, er, pas?
Lady Blue: A boo boo.
Badger: A boo boo?
Lady Blue: Yes. A boo boo. Perhaps I ought to point out one or two little things for your own sake. For example, I suppose you do realise you're trespassing.
Badger: Trespassing?
Lady Blue: This is our territory you know.
Badger: "Ours"? Whose?
Lady Blue: The blue foxes. We have nothing so common as red foxes here. Or at least we didn't till your friends arrived. However, and be that as it may the fact is that you must apply to my mate for permission if you want to live here.
Badger: I see. How do we find your mate?
Lady Blue: You can't miss him. He's the one with the scar.

Mr Fieldmouse: Oh you BEAST! You've eaten my wife!
Kestrel: Your wife? Fieldmouse, I'm so sorry I didn't realise! Oh dear, how embarassing! How very embarassing!

(after failing to catch one of the edible frogs)

Adder: It's thisss stupid oath! I'm out of practice!

Adder: (after eating one of the ebible frogs) Delicious!
Toad: You're supposed to be making friends with the local inhabitants! Not eating them!

Owl: What is all the commotion?
Toad: Adder's eaten a frog!
Owl: Oh, is that all?
Edible Frog: What do you mean "all"?!?
Owl: The oath cannot extend to non-Farthing Wood creatures.
Edible Frog: Why not?
Owl: What on earth would we eat if it did?

Fox: (About the animals outside wanting Fox to sort things out) I'm sorry. I'll tell them to go away, shall I?
Vixen: No. You can't do that. Fate made you their leader, you can't let them down. We just have to face it - you're not an ordinary fox and you never will be.
Fox: Our dream didn't last long did it?

Weasel: (jeering at Scarface) Farthing Wood animals forever!

Mr Squirrel: The White Deer Park animals just won't share!
Toad: I'm not surprised matey. Some of us have been eating them!
Kestrel: The White Deer Park predators eat sometimes as well you know.
Owl: You would say that! After all, some of us have been eating some of us too, haven't we right Kestrel?
Kestrel: Oh how very embarassing! I don't know how it happened Fox!

(The White Stag has given some of Scarface's land to the Farthing Wood animals)

Owl: This way we have habitats to suit us all. But remember; stray from the boundary and you'll be prey to other animals.
Fox: No one is forced to live on Farthing Land. But if you don't, remember, you won't be protected by the oath.

Scarface: I only hope they stick to their own lands, now they've got it. (sniffs) You can smell them everywhere!
Lady Blue: Yes my love, I do agree.
Scarface: Nothing but trouble. The Stag should never have let them in in the first place!
Lady Blue: Such common red foxes too. Still my love, Winter's coming. Then we'll see who's who.

Winter [2.2][edit]

(Owl is about to catch a fieldmouse, but at the last minute decides against it)

Fieldmouse: Heh heh, remember the oath! (he runs off)
Kestrel: That was no Farthing Wood mouse!
Owl: Better safe than sorry Kestrel.

(the mouse continues jeering)

Owl: Miserable little cheat.

Speedy: (To Whistler, on a frozen pond) Of course it is more difficult when the pond is frozen over, although on the other hand fish do tend to be rather sluggish when it's cold, which makes our job easier. So you see, with a little perseverence we can be as successful in Winter as in the Summer. Though of course, we must be careful not to stay in one place too long due to the danger of being frozen in situe.

(Whistler and Speedy have fished to help feed the meat eaters)

Fox: What do you think of survival of the fittest now, Owl?
Owl: Don't interrupt while I'm eating!

(They laugh)

Scarface: (Seeing Fox and Vixen in the distance) My, what miserable looking specimens they are.
Lady Blue: At least having their own territory keeps them at a suitable distance from us. I would hate to see our cubs mixing with theirs, wouldn't you?
Scarface: Ah... As long as they stay there. But just let them put one foot wrong...

Vixen: (Seeing Scarface and Lady Blue in the distance) It's as if they're keeping us prisoner.
Fox: Don't want us poaching on their territory.
Vixen: But they've got most of the park. We'll starve if we keep to Farthing Land.
Fox: That was the deal. No use fighting about it now.
Vixen: But look at you.
Fox: We'll manage.

Scarface: I'm warning you. One more step...
Vixen: The Stag didn't mean us to be kept prisoner on our own lands.
Scarface: We can't come on yours. And you can't come on ours.
Vixen: But if we don't we'll starve! We can't eat Farthing Wood creatures because of the oath. It leaves us very little.
Scarface: (indifferently) My heart bleeds for you. (he walks off)
Lady Blue: There's one thing you have to learn my dear. My mate is the law around here.
Vixen: Oh... I thought the Sta-
Lady Blue: The Stag may be the king, but Scarface holds the power. No one can better him.
Vixen: Not even you?
Lady Blue: How dare you!

Mole: Badger might die!
Owl: And not before time.
Fox: What was that?
Owl: I said... (Clears throat) We all have to go sometime.

Badger: Where am I?
Cat: In the warden's cottage of course.
Badger: What's happened to me? (noticing a bandage on one of his front legs) Did the man do this to me?
Cat: Don't you remember what happened?
Badger: No! (he tugs at the bandage)
Cat: He won't like you doing that. I suppose an enemy hurt you?
Badger: I haven't got many enemies. Just humans, and...
Cat: But my human looked after you. You should be thanking your lucky stars.
Badger:, dogs!
Cat: Dogs? (he hisses) Now you're talking. Disgusting fawning creatures.

Cat: I have news of Badger!
Mole: Did you say "Badger"?
Cat: Are you the mole from Farthing Wood? Ah... then you are his friend. He sent me with a message; he was injured somehow but now he's quite safe in the warden's lodge.
Mole: Oh thank you. Thank you!
Cat: He'll be there till he's better. Alright?
Mole: Alright?!? It's wonderful! (he sobs)
Cat: I thought you liked the badger.
Mole: I do. I do!
Cat: Then why are you crying? I just told you. He's alright!
Mole: That's why I'm crying!
Cat: Ugh... inscrutable.

(Kestrel has just wounded the warden's cat, mistakening him for an enemy)

Vixen: What's going on?
Cat: I suppose you're Vixen? You and your stupid oath! (he hisses viciously at Kestrel) I can't walk a step!

Survival [2.3][edit]

Mold: You're part of the oath now Cat! From now on, we'll look after you!
Cat: I've already sampled your precious oath, thank you very much.
Kestrel: May I offer my apologies. So embarassing!
Fox: You meant well Kestrel.
Cat: (Hisses) Not to me she didn't. Ouch!
Vixen: Sorry.
Cat: I know. Don't say it. You mean well too(!).

(The smaller animals are laughing at Weasel after the squirrels have pelted weasel with nuts)

Weasel: And you can shut up! Call that sympathy?!?
Fox: No. I call it plain annoying!
Mr Vole: Quick! Take cover! (Mr Fieldmouse and Mr Vole disappear, but Mrs Vole doesn't budge)
Fox: I'm tired and I'm hungry and I'm on my way home when I hear this horrible din! So, I come to investigate and what do I find? You. Now can I give you a word of advice, Weasel. Instead of winding everybody else up, why don't you just wind down?

Mr Vole: In brief Fox I ask you on the oath of Farthing Wood, did you or did you not eat my... mother?
Fox: On the oath of Farthing Wood, no. I did not.
Mr Vole: Well I don't believe you!
Fox: Oh what is the point.
Weasel: Am I missing something?
Owl: Fox stands accused of... of devouring Mrs Vole.
Weasel: Oh? How's that? I saw Scarface eating her!

(The animals are all taken aback)

Vixen: She was on Farthing Land. She should have been safe!
Weasel: Nobody's safe with him around!

Scarface: Eating mice, are you?
Weasel: Er, er, yes! Want one?
Scarface: I prefer live prey.
Weasel: Ahahaha! Er...
Scarface: Aren't they Farthing Wood mice? Tut tut tut!
Weasel: No, and anyway Mr Scarface, sir, they died of a cold so there. Which is more than can be said for the vole you ate!
Scarface: Ah, so you saw that did you?
Weasel: Yes I did! And Mr Scarface, I'm afraid I have to tell you that particular vole was a friend of mine - a Farthing Wood vole!
Scarface: (menacingly) So, what are you going to do about it?
Weasel: Er... nothing.
Scarface: Did you happen to tell anyone you saw me eating a Farthing Wood vole Weasel?

(Weasel shakes her head)

Scarface: Are you quite sure about that?

(Weasel nods)

Scarface: That's good, because if you had told anyone, Scarface would have killed you. Just like I killed your friend. GOT IT?

Fox: You want us... all of us, to all go and live in the warden's cottage?
Badger: Yes, look at me! My fur's shiny, I'm well fed...
Owl: Not to say fat!
Badger: You could be like me!
Mr Hare: The old fool's off his trolley!
Owl: Gone soft... in the brain.
Kestrel: We couldn't go and live in a house!
Badger: No the birds, I'm afraid.
Kestrel: Ah! The Cat. No...
Badger: What do you say Fox?
Fox: I say you should go home and get some sleep! You'll feel better in the morning.
Badger: Oh I see, you think I'm rambling do you? Tch, I don't know why I bothered. Stayed in the warmth, food before me. Well, that'll teach me to think of my so-called friends, didn't even come to meet me.
Mole: But... we didn't know you were coming!
Badger: Huh!
Mole: Badger... where are you going?
Badger: Home, like Fox said! To the warden's house! (he leaves)
Vixen: Poor Badger.
Mr Hare: Excuse me, but I think this calls for a general meeting!

Cat: What do you want? Are you sick again?
Badger: No! I... I've come home!
Cat: You're a wild animal. You don't belong here.
Badger: You manage!
Cat: My kind have learned to purr and rub over man's legs for generations! Could you learn overnight?
Badger: But you're my friend! You could teach me!
Cat: Oh go home you stupid creature!

New Enemies [2.4][edit]

Weasel: Suppose I kept right out of Fox's way, stayed off Farthing Land, you know, I mean I can't tell old Blubot what I don't know can I?
Measley: Didn't help you just now. He said "It's your job to know"! I mean, you're supposed to be his spy Weasel.
Weasel: I know but...
Measley: Weasel, I like you. In fact I think you're gorgeous! In fact I'm dotty about you! But if you're going to be silly I'm not going to stay around to see the result! I want to live - even if you don't!
Weasel: Cowardy cowardy custard!

(Owl has informed the animals that the warden's taken away ill)

Mr Rabbit: Did you say the warden's gone?
Owl: No... I said the moon was made of green cheese.
Mr Rabbit: (pauses) Is it really?

Fox: (about the poachers) I say we set up a watch.
Badger: Good idea Fox.
Kestrel: I'll help.
Owl: You? What good are you? Your wing's damaged.
Kestrel: I don't see with my wings Owl, and my eyes are fine.
Owl: Fieldmouse might have something to say about that!

Stoat: Don't kill me. Don't kill me!
Lady Blue: Give me one good reason why not.
Stoat: A stoat's beneath the notice of a lady like you.
Lady Blue: True, but in cold weather we all have to take what we can get. (is about to eat the stoat)
Stoat: No don't! I can help you!
Lady Blue: (laughs) You can indeed. You can help me please my mate. He's hungry.
Stoat: Wouldn't it please him more to have news of the Farthing Wood fox?
Lady Blue: That rather depends. Tell me more...

(Kestrel spots Weasel disguised as a bush)

Kestrel: Hello old friend.
Weasel: I'm no friend of yours! I'm a gorse bush!
Kestrel: No you're not! You're Weasel!
Weasel: Oh, why don't you leave me alone!

Lady Blue: (about Fox) The humans are falling for his trap.
Scarface: And he is going to fall into mine.

Scarface: That Farthing Wood fox has brought trouble down on all our heads!
Lady Blue: But how, if he sent off the poachers?
Scarface: They'll be back. And when they are back, they'll be angry.

Fox: Well it could have been worse, couldn't it?
Vixen: Of course I'm glad. It's just... oh, nothing.
Fox: You are a funny little thing. It's not like you to be nervous.
Vixen: Well... perhaps it's because I'm going to have cubs.

A Joke Backfires [2.5][edit]

(Owl has delivered a cabbage to the rabbits)

Owl: I saw some carrots. Shall I fetch them too?
Mr Rabbit: (While stuffing his face with cabbage) Please Owl. Now my mate's carrying young we need much more food than before!
Mrs Rabbit: I'm the one carrying the young, not you!

(Mr Rabbit is moaning and rolling all over the place, seemingly in pain)

Fox: What's up Rabbit?
Mr Rabbit: My mate's in there! She's having her babies! It's agony, oh it's agony! You can't imagine!
Fox: Hold on old son. She's having the babies, not you.
Mr Rabbit: Yes but I'm so sensitive. I feel every last twinge. You can't imagine.
Fox: No... I can't(!).

Speedy: (About Owl) I wouldn't bother telling her, let her find out for herself.
Kestrel: Isn't that rather mean?
Speedy: Serves her right, she's mean and self-righteous and pompous and-
Whistler: I think we get the picture, dear.

(Spotting one of the poachers in the wood)

Owl: I suppose I should tell Fox but I simply cannot face him... not after such a humiliation.

(The poacher soon shoots a blue fox, which Owl mistakens for the Farthing fox)

Owl: (horrified) What did I do? What did I do?

Scarface: (To Weasel about Fox) You can tell him from me, that I'll pay him back for the death of my son, as sure as my name's Scarface.

(after Weasel informs Fox that Scarface blames him for the poachers shooting on of his young)

Vixen: It's not like you to be so hard hearted.
Fox: I'm sorry. It's just I'm worried. It is my fault, you see? The poachers were after me. What I don't understand is why they shot a blue fox? They saw me clearly enough.
Vixen: In the dusk all foxes look the same, red or blue.
Fox: Oh I see... then I've really done it haven't I?
Vixen: Done what?
Fox: I've brought the wrath of the poachers down on all our heads. They'll shoot every fox in the park just to be sure of getting me!
Vixen: Where are you going?
Fox: I'll wait by the boundary. They can't miss me there.
Vixen: No Fox! They won't stop at you, don't you see? It would be a pointless sacrifice! And I need you...

(Owl is grief stricken as she believes she is responsible for the death of who she thought was Fox, and overhears Speedy talking to Whistler)

Speedy: I've just had a word with the hare female. She saw it all. It was the poachers alright, and she told me they'd got a fox. Shot dead, right between the eyes he was! Didn't stand a chance. Mind you, he can't have suffered much. Died at once apparently. Still, makes you think doesn't it? One minute you're here, the next you're not. Far better you enjoy life while you can, that's what I say.

White Stag: (narrating) The death of the blue fox threatened the peace of the park. And a new plan had to be considered. As always, I went to the stone circle to think.

(Lady Blue and Scarface have had cubs, a male and a female)

Lady Blue: Aren't they just gorgeous?
Scarface: Better than anything that other lot could produce. Look... this one's got my nose!
Lady Blue: (To the cub) Come back here! Always ranging, that one.
Scarface: Ooh, a ranger eh? He'll be a great help to his dad against that fox eh? Won't you Ranger?
Lady Blue: Can't you forget him just for a minute?
Scarface: (To Ranger) You and me... we'll sort him out, won't we eh?
Lady Blue: If the poachers don't get us first.

(Fox and Vixen have had four cubs)

Owl: May I say on behalf of all everyone gathered, how gratified we all are on this joyous occasion. Fox and Vixen have always been dear to all of our hearts and-
Mrs Squirrel: Hear hear!
Owl: I haven't finished yet!
Fox: Least said Owl...
Owl: ...soonest mended, yes.

(One of the cubs goes wandering off)

Vixen: Come back here!
Fox: Proper little dreamer she is. Lives in a world of her own.

(Fox carries her back, but Dreamer wanders off again only for one of the other cubs to chase he back)

Badger: (laughs) He's a bold little chap!
Whistler: Ha ha! Just like his father!

Measley: I've been fine all this time because I kept clear from you!
Weasel: But it wasn't my fault you were shot at!
Measley: Whenever I see you something terrible happens! You're bad news Weasel!

Owl: The poachers have returned once again to reassert their mastery over us. They are as gods with the power of life and death in their human hands while we mere creatures must submit.
Fox: They're shooting anything that moves!
Vixen: The warden could stop them.
Owl: He doesn't even know about the poachers, so he's hardly going to be out looking for them isn't he?

(Fox heads off to alert the warden)

Vixen: Fox?

Warden: (holding the poachers at gunpoint) Alright you two, hands on your heads!

(The poachers obey, and then the warden sees the herd of white deer and the Farthing Wood animals gathered, watching close behind them. Fox rushes to join them)

Warden: Well I'll be blown!

Home Is Where The Heart Is [2.6][edit]

Mateless: I heard so much about you from my mate... he died you know.
Vixen: Mole? The Farthing Wood mole... is dead?
Mateless: We met at the beginning of Winter. But it was so cold, and he was old. He died... leaving me mateless. But these are his. (points at her two young)
Vixen: He's so soft, like moss!
Mateless: Yes... I shall call him Mossy.

Vixen: Badger... Mole isn't with us.
Badger: I can see that for myself. Tell him to get along and see me as soon as possible!
Mateless: But... but... (Badger walks away in good spirits) Oh dear...
Vixen: Yes... oh dear.
Fox: He can't take it in, poor old codger.

(Whistler has crash landed on Dreamer)

Whistler: So sorry! Well, I'm not really. Nice soft landing as a matter of fact, but thank you!
Fox: (To Dreamer) That'll teach you to pay attention.

(Toad is in a trance)

Toad: Here... I don't live here... do I? Hmm... well mateys... got to get home... got to get home...
Adder: Toady!
Toad: Got to get back to the pond where I was born... got to get back...
Adder: Toady... your old pond doesn't exist any more!
Toad: Got to get back to the pond where I was born...
Adder: Toadsss.

Vixen: Foxes hunt by night, so now it's time for your afternoon sleep.
Bold: But I'm not tired!

(The other three cubs giggle)

Owl: Dreamer! Stay with the others!
Dreamer: (Only line) Sorry Owl!

(Scarface is spying on Fox's cubs, staring daggers at them)

Owl: Nice day for spying Scarface?
Scarface: (Hits his head from under a branch) OW! (He snarls)
Owl: Or would you call it natural curiosity?
Scarface: I call it none of your business you old ratbag.
Owl: Manners! (She hoots which attracts the attention of Fox and Vixen)
Scarface: Shut up! Shut up!

Owl: As the revered sage said, "He who has run once, will run twice".
Fox: What revered sage? The White Stag?
Owl: No. Me!

Scarface: That Farthing fox and his mate have had cubs!
Lady Blue: That was to be expected surely. Anyway, they can't possibly be a sweet as ours.
Scarface: I don't want sweet cubs. I want fighters.
Lady Blue: They will be, given time. Look at Ranger. (who snarls, but is tripped over by his sister)
Scarface: They've got your lily-livered blood.
Lady Blue: So you think Vixen's cubs are better than mine do you?
Scarface: Yes - they are. Much better.

(Discussing how to get Toad out of the jam jar)

Whistler: I could take him high up in the sky and drop him, like I did the other one.
Fox: No. There's only one animal who can open a jar like this. A human animal.

(The other animals gasp)

Toad: Oh no, not again!

Vixen: Keep away from my cubs!
Lady Blue: As if I'd want anything to do with such common riff raff.
Vixen: Then what are you doing on Farthing Land? You wouldn't dare insult my cubs if my mate were here.
Lady Blue: Yes, well he isn't is he? And lucky for you, neither's mine.
Vixen: Are you threatening me? (Bold growls)
Lady Blue: What kind of mother leaves her cubs unattended.
Vixen: A mother with friends. (cuts to Badger petting the other three cubs)
Owl: (To Lady Blue) Where are your cubs?

(Lady Blue snarls, and Bold snarls back. Lady Blue hits him over the head)

Bold: Ow! (Vixen snarls)
Lady Blue: You're going to have trouble with that one. (she leaves)
Vixen: Dear brave Bold, you do have more courage than sense.

The Feud Begins [2.7][edit]

(Fox is grieving over Dreamer, who he has discovered lying dead)

Vixen: What happened? Where's Dreamer?
Fox: This is the work of Scarface!

Bold: Well it's time you taught that scarfaced fox a lesson isn't it?
Fox: We musn't jump to conclusions Bold. We don't want to start something we can't finish.
Bold: Can't finish? You? The famous Farthing Wood fox?
Fox: That's enough! You've got a long way to go my son before you can tell me what to do.
Bold: Nobody can tell you what to do. (runs off)
Vixen: Bold, don't go off like that!
Fox: Leave him be. If he won't learn by being told he'll just have to learn by bitter experience.

Adder: Your face is familiar.
Bold: Don't see why. Never seen you before.
Adder: Ssstrange. You have the looks of the Farthing Wood fox.
Bold: Well, I suppose I would. He is my father.
Adder: I thought ssso.
Bold: Aren't you the sssmarty pantsss!
Adder: Sso cheeky. And your sister just dead!
Bold: How did you know?!?
Adder: I sssee all evil, hear all evil and do all evil!

Friendly: (To Vixen) It was silly of Bold to go off like that. But not to worry. You've still got me.
Charmer: And me! And Bold's big and strong for his age!
Friendly: Even if he is disobedient!

(Bold meets Ranger for the first time, who is snarling at him)

Bold: Don't worry! I don't mean you any harm! I'm just having a look round!
Ranger: Then you shouldn't be looking around here.
Bold: Why not?
Ranger: Stay on your own land!
Bold: White Deer Park is my land. I was born here, same as you. What's your name?
Ranger: My friends call me Ranger.
Bold: I'm Bold.
Ranger: Oh, I can guess why they call you that, stranger!
Bold: Hehe, yeah. Listen, you and me... we don't have to quarrel, do we? Just because our parents have quarreled? We can still be friends! What do you say?

(Scarface appears out of nowhere)

Scarface: You're going to regret trespassing on my land.

Weasel: You don't love me anymore!
Measley: Yes I do! Only I love me better!

Fox: It's good to feel everyone's behind me. But this is my battle and I've got to fight it alone. Time I put a stop to this Scarface, before he puts a stop to us.

(Whilst being held prisoner by one of Scarface's tribe keeping watch, Bold is moaning loudly)

Blue Fox: What's wrong with you? What's up?
Bold: I'm... dying!
Blue Fox: Eh? What of?
Bold: Scarface wounded me as he forced me down the tunnel. I'm bleeding!
Blue Fox: Oh you can't die yet, he wants to question you!
Bold: He may be too late! My life's blood is flowing from my veins.
Blue Fox: Can't you just hold on till he comes back? He's only gone hunting.
Bold: I'm... going. (He suddenly leaps and escapes from the earth)
Blue Fox: You! Come back here!

Weasel: Scarface has got a Farthing cub. I expect he'll kill it and then there'll be ruptures. Fox won't stand for it, he won't!
White Stag: You know, the last time we met you told me you didn't know the Farthing fox.

Badger: We heard you were taken by Scarface.
Bold: I was. Only I escaped.
Other Animals: Escaped?
Bold: Yeah, it was nothing. Just a bit of low cunning, a speedy getaway and here I am!

Bold: Honestly, Dad makes too much fuss about Scarface! Too cautious by half!
Mr Hare: Excuse me, but in the wild caution is essential to survival!

(Badger has gone off to try and aid Fox)

Bold: Huh. What could that old codger do?
Vixen: Badger? More than you apparently.
Bold: You're all against me!

White Stag: The red fox cleared the park of poachers. You suffered losses because of them. You should be grateful to the Farthing fox.
Scarface: Grateful? To him? He drew the attention of the poachers to the foxes in the first place!
White Stag: But he saved the deer herd, and without the White Deer there would be no White Deer Park, would there? Not for you, nor the Farthing Wood fox or anyone else.

(Scarface snarls)

White Stag: The Farthing Wood animals have a saying. "All for one, and one for all". I am beginning to understand it.
Scarface: More than I do. He's just a troublemaker him! Says we kidnapped his cub! What rubbish. Do you see a red cub round here?
Fox: He's lost. I only asked if you'd seen him.
White Stag: Scarface, do you swear you don't have the Farthing cub imprisoned in your earth?
Lady Blue: That common little beast, in my earth? Puh!
White Stag: Then we must believe him.

(The weasels jeer)

White Stag: Be quiet! Fox is satisfied. Now he's going to leave your territory, and you're going to let him.

Owl: I told you before, Weasel is working for Scarface.
Fox: No she's not. Weasel saved my skin as a matter of fact! She was the one who got the stag to come along.
Owl: There's an old saying Fox. "It is easy to persuade a person of something he wants to believe".
Fox: Yes? Well I know an old saying too Owl. "Credit where credit's due". Well done Weasel.

Bold: Dad?
Fox: And as for you, from now on my son you are going to toe the line. You will keep yourself where you can be seen at all hours of the day and night. You will speak only when you are spoken to and you will obey my orders. Right?
Vixen: Bold? Try not to be too hard on him Fox. You were young once.
Bold: It's alright Mother. I'm going anyway.
Vixen: Going? What do you mean?
Bold: I can't live here with him! I need space. Freedom to be myself! So, I'm off. Take care of her Charmer.
Vixen: But Bold! You're too young to go off on your own.
Bold: This park... just isn't big enough for both of us, is it Dad? So I say goodbye... forever!
Vixen: Bold, come back! Come back!

Like Father, Like Son [2.8][edit]

Crow: Caw! Any real fox would turn his nose up at a scrap like that!
Bold: It's food isn't it?
Crow: It's unfair on those weaker than yourself, who would have been glad of a ready meal.
Bold: Okay. I'll leave you some. How about that?
Crow: Oh. Well, if you put it that way... Chancing your luck aren't you?
Bold: What do you mean?
Crow: Out and about in daylight? Aren't you afraid of the humans?
Bold: (looks around and laughs) What humans?
Crow: You can mock, but you'll be sorry!
Bold: Rubbish! Why don't you come and eat?
Crow: I will... when you've gone.
Bold: Huh! Too cautious by half. (he runs off)
Crow: That young cub's in for a nasty shock, one of these days.

Bold: I don't want to hurt you! Is this your sett? I'm sorry.
Shadow: I've not seen you before have I?
Bold: I'm new around here. My nose led me.
Shadow: The pheasants, yes. A lot of foxes come. But they don't stay.
Bold: Why? Get bored of taste or what?
Shadow: The human kills them. He wants the pheasants for himself.
Bold: Oh, surely he can spare a few.

(Bold has noticed many bodies of foxes and other predatory animals hung on a fence outside a gamekeeper's lodge)

Shadow: See what I mean?
Bold: I refuse to live in fear of man or beast! Why should I?

(He then goes and kills another pheasant)

Bold: See? I'm Bold and I'm free. Got it?

(In the aftermath of Mrs Hare being killed by Scarface)

Fox: Scarface! I should have dealt with him earlier.
Vixen: The hares weren't on Farthing Land. He's within his rights.
Fox: He did it to spite us.
Weasel: Oh he's very spiteful, isn't he Measley?
Measley: Ooh yeah, I'd say spite incarnate he is.
Vixen: You had no proof.
Owl: But what to doooo? To dooo?
Mr Hare: I know what I'm going to do... I'm bringing my family back to live on Farthing Land that's what.

Owl: (about Scarface) He who lives by stealth shall die by stealth.
Fox: I see. So you're saying he killed Dreamer in such a way none of us knew it was him? Now we've got to kill him in the same way.
Owl: Did I say that?
Weasel: You know you did you pompous old bird!

Fox: (To Weasel and Measley) Take Adder a message from me. Tell her Fox says "He who rids me of the blue fox will be doing me a great service". Got it?

(Ranger and Charmer meet for the first time)

Ranger: Hi there.
Charmer: Don't come any closer. I'm on Farthing Land!
Ranger: Would I hurt anything so lovely? What's your name?
Charmer: Charmer.
Ranger: I can see why.
Charmer: What's yours?
Ranger: My friends call me Ranger.
Charmer: Are you Scarfaces son?
Ranger: Sure. Look, don't blame me. I didn't choose my parents, neither did you.
Charmer: I wouldn't have chosen any different.
Ranger: But we don't need to let their quarrel come between us, do we?
Charmer: What do you mean? How can we be friends? We even look different.
Ranger: But we feel the same, don't we?
Charmer: I don't know. You must understand I'm a Farthing fox, I'm bound by the oath.
Ranger: Ah, the oath. I've heard about that. You all swear to protect one another. Well, surely that was just your parents!
Charmer: Once a Farthing fox, always a Farthing fox.

(Bold injures his eye by releasing Shadow from a gamekeeper's trap)

Shadow: Why did you do it?
Bold: That trap was meant for me.
Shadow: All the more reason to stay away from it. He might have caught you!
Bold: He didn't.
Shadow: And now you're wounded...
Bold: I'm alright.
Shadow: You're not like other foxes, are you? You must put as many miles between you and man as you can, he won't rest until he's got you!
Bold: Not before I've had my supper.

Owl: If you're bored why don't you go and see what Adder's up to?
Whistler: Why? I say, what's going on?
Owl: Let's just say Scarface's days are numbered.

Adder: (Thinking) I could just roll up and wait for my victim to ssstep on me! I sssuppose he might die of sshock! But it wouldn't be the same. (She then proceeds to kill Bounder, Scarface's son)

Whistler: Sorry, didn't have time to prepare my landing!
Fox: A word of advice old son.
Whistler: Yes Fox?
Fox:If ever you and Speedy have chicks, let her teach them how to fly, eh?
Whistler: Point taken.

Friendly: (about Scarface) He's bound to suspect the Farthing Wood animals. We better be ready Dad.
Fox: Ready? You mean ready to defend ourselves? No! We've got to attack! We've got to get him before he gets us! That's all there is to it! (he snarls)
Vixen: You sound just like Scarface. Perhaps we older ones should let the young ones sort this out.
Fox: What madness. Friendly might be game, but he's not up to Scarface yet!
Vixen: That isn't what I meant.
Badger: What Vixen meant if you don't mind me saying so Fox, is that you and I aren't getting any younger.
Fox: Speak for yourself!

Vixen: I wonder how life's treating our poor Bold...
Fox: POOR BOLD? He deserves whatever he gets!

Narrow Escapes [2.9][edit]

Crow: Is this the same bold fox I saw before?
Bold: I've been wounded!
Crow: That'll teach you.
Bold: I'm starving! I need help!
Crow: Ha ha.
Bold: Please fly to the copse and tell the badger. She'll help me, I know she will.
Crow: Help you? Why?
Bold: Because... because I saved her life!
Crow: Saved her life?
Bold: Please Crow. I'll always be your friend and help you when you're in trouble!
Crow: A fox? My friend? (laughs) You've been listening to too many stories about the legendary Farthing creatures!
Bold: They aren't legendary. I'm one of them!
Crow: You mean they aren't just a fairy story? The journey from Farthing Wood really happened? Do you... do you know Fox?
Bold: He's my father.
Crow: The famous Farthing fox? Caw! Your father? Caw! Yes, I'll help you, caw!
Bold: Huh. For my father's sake!

Owl: You got the wrong fox, it was supposed to be Scarface!
Adder: Well why didn't Fox tell me so himself instead of sending those stupid weasels as his messengers?!?
Owl: Yes, but the point is, what do we do now?
Adder: I sssuppose you want me to bring the blue fox back to life? (sniggers)
Owl: It would be better for you if you could.
Adder: Explain!
Owl: Scarface knows an adder's bite. You killed his son. If I were you I'd stay low for a while.
Adder: How low can you get? I couldn't get much lower unless I tunnelled underground! Ssstupid bird! As for those ssstupid weasels...
Owl: Something will have to be done about them.

Scarface: (About Bounder's death) It was something to do with that Farthing Wood lot. I feared it in my bones!
Lady Blue: So, those common red foxes haven't the gore to fight us face to face! They're hoping to exterminate us one by one.
Ranger: You don't know that Mum!
Lady Blue: I most certainly do.
Ranger: How?
Lady Blue: Because we would like to exterminate them.
Ranger: This is crazy! I thought we were looking for a snake. Wouldn't it be easier if we just made peace with the Farthing foxes? You know, live together in harmony?
Scarface: Wimp! All this peace talk makes you sick! The boy's yellow, that's his trouble.

Owl: I see you!
Adder: (stammering) Oh, I hear you as well! And ssso will everyone elssse!
Owl: Just because you're afraid, there's no need to be rude.
Adder: I am not af-f-fraid, I'm f-f-freezing cold!
Owl: Cold? Well then you must be hungry!
Adder: F-f-fasting's good for me! Saves venom, which I'm g-g-going to need!
Owl: Ah, so we're after Scarface now are we?
Adder: Why don't you just hoot from the treetops and be done with it!
Owl: Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit! And to think I was going to feed you. Huh!

Weasel: I demand a fair trial!
Whistler: She's got a point Owl.
Owl: Hmm, a trial eh? And I shall be the judge!
Weasel and Measley: Oh NO!

Scarface: (after trapping Adder) You miserable creeping worm! Did you think you would kill me like you killed my son?
Adder: How do you know I killed him? I'm not the only Adder in White Deer Park.
Scarface: You're the one on Farthing Land.
Adder: But your son didn't die on Farthing Land, ssseee? Doesn't mean a thing. And you'll have a long wait if you're waiting for me.
Scarface: I'm in no hurry...
Adder: ...Neither am I. I can go for days without food. Can you?

Bold: I'm thinking I should fend for myself.
Crow: Fend for yourself? You wouldn't last a day!
Bold: But I didn't leave home to depend on others!
Crow: Oh, you're lucky to be still alive! Isn't it enough?
Bold: I will be free, even if I die in the attempt.

Bold: A human crippled me - a human shall feed me!

Bold: (eying the chickens in a farm) If I could just get one...

Crow: That was a narrow escape! Thank your lucky stars!
Bold: (woefully) Looks like I've caught my last chicken.
Crow: What next? Next?
Bold: You tell me!
Crow: Still want to live off humans?
Bold: What else can I do? I couldn't catch a mouse in a trap!
Crow: Suppose you could try the town...
Bold: Town? What's a town?
Crow: All houses! No fields. Humans everywhere! But a lot of cover. A lot to scavenge. Humans are very wasteful!
Bold: Will you show me where it is?
Crow: Oh, would you share your spoils?
Bold: It's a deal.
Crow: Go while it's dark. I'll tell Shadow you've gone, and catch you up later.
Bold: But how will I know the way?
Crow: Follow the noise! Like a loud buzzing the nearer you get.
Bold: Tell Shadow... I'll miss her!

Shadows [2.10][edit]

Bold: (After Crow gives Bold his share of food) Mmm... things are looking up!

Adder: Ssstill there, Scarface?
Scarface: Still here, Adder.
Adder: You're wasting your time. Sssoon you'll be wasting away! (sniggers)
Scarface: Laughing? When I've just bitten your tail off?

(she hisses back angrily)

Scarface: Only a Farthing adder would do that. Come on. Admit it. You're the famous Farthing adder. You're the brave snake who killed Scarface's son... ADMIT IT! I'll get you. See if I don't!
Adder: Not if I get you firssst!

Fox: Friendly! You should be on watch! Charmer will be waiting for you.
Friendly: Charmer? Oh yes, she was waiting for someone alright, but it wasn't me!
Vixen: What do you mean?
Friendly: I caught her with Ranger, Scarface's son. They were acting very friendly!
Fox: What?!
Owl: Disgraceful!
Vixen: (sighs) I had a feeling this might happen.
Fox: Traiterous cub... what has she told you?
Vixen: Nothing, and she's no traitor. Or at least she doesn't mean to be.
Fox: What does it matter what she means to be? A traitor is a traitor!
Vixen: She's in love! Don't you remember how it was Fox?
Fox: Well... it was different with us. We're both red foxes. This...
Friendly: Ranger.
Fox: ...Ranger... is blue!

Charmer: You promised you wouldn't tell him!
Friendly: No I didn't!
Charmer: Yes you did!
Fox: SHUT UP! So... we were not to know about this Ranger of yours, hmm?
Charmer: I would have told you myself when the time was right!
Fox: The time could never be right! You and he could never make a match!
Charmer: How can you say that, you haven't even met him!
Fox: I don't need to. You're red, he's blue. What more do you want?
Charmer: We're young. What difference does our colour make?
Owl: If I may intercede Fox, love as we all know is reputed to be blind.
Fox: Never mind all that claptrap! His father and I are at war!
Vixen: (To Charmer) Perhaps your children will bring peace to the two tribes. Please don't drive another of my cubs away Fox.
Fox: Oh, so now we're back to Bold are we?
Vixen: I'm sorry. I only meant don't be too hard on Charmer. You could at least meet her young admirer.
Fox: You're all against me!

Fox: I wish Badger was here. The young just don't seem to value the oath as we did!

Mossy: Badger... Badger... are you alright? Badger!
Badger: Er... Moley! Old friend...
Mossy: I'm not Moley, I'm...
Badger: Time to get up is it? Time to go out in the moonlight to hunt in Farthing Wood.
Mossy: Farthing Wood? Badger, you're dreaming! We're in White Deer Park!
Badger: The moonlight, playing through the leaves of the trees. Light and shade, so you hardly see the black and white coats of my ancestors...
Mossy: Badger? Badger! Badger... it's... it's your old friend Mole.
Badger: Mole? I don't know any moles. Only badgers. My brothers... and sisters. Tired after a night's playing, settling down to sleep.
Mossy: (wailing) No, don't go to sleep Badger! Not yet... not yet! (runs off)

Ranger: I may have done something really terrible. Do you have an Adder in your company?
Charmer: Yes, why?
Ranger: Did she kill Bounder?
Charmer: Yes, I'm sorry Ranger. It was meant to be... your father.
Ranger: So it was no accident... my father was right! Bounder's death was part of a plot against us! Well then, I'm glad I told him!
Charmer: What? What did you tell him?
Ranger: I told him where to find your precious snake! (walks off)
Charmer: You told Scarface? Oh no! But Adder saved my mother's life! He musn't hurt her!
Ranger: She would've killed my father!

Friendly: Charmer's not happy.
Fox: A lover's tiff?
Vixen: Poor Charmer.
Fox: Poor nothing! It's the best news I've heard all day!

Fox: Badger old friend... Badger?
Badger: Ah, Fox! Come to persuade me to leave Farthing Wood have you? No... no I'm sorry, I could never leave my old home... my birthplace...
Fox: Badger... I'm sorry I was unkind to you.
Badger: (last lines) A fox? Worried about kindness? (laughs) I must be in heaven... (sighs)
Fox: Badger...
Vixen: He's gone... he really has gone.

Fox: I don't know... I'm getting proper crusty in my old age aren't I?
Vixen: You're not old. Not yet. All the same, we must all learn from that wise old badger how to grow old gracefully.
Fox: Yeah... an example to all of us. I'll miss him.
Mossy: (sniffs) At least I don't have to pretend to be my father any more...

Crow: So, what's wrong?
Bold: It's just... I miss... other foxes.
Crow: Ooh, is that all? Plenty of foxes around, you'll soon bump into one of them!
Bold: I already have. She wasn't interested.
Crow: Now we have it, a she! A she! Well, the course of true love never did run smooth my friend.

(Bold is scratching under a gate that leads into a garden, where he sees Whisper)

Whisper: (first lines) Can't you jump over it?
Bold: No. I was wounded in my back leg.
Whisper: You poor thing. Well anyway, you're not missing much in here. I was going myself.

(She jumps over the wall onto Bold's side)

Whisper: What did you think was in that garden?
Bold: Nothing now.
Whisper: I see. You're new around here, aren't you?
Bold: Yes. Hunting's difficult, so I came to the town to forage.
Whisper: I suppose if you can't jump, you won't be able to run either.
Bold: Of course I can't!
Whisper: My, we are touchy aren't we?
Bold: You'd be touchy alright if you'd been shot in the leg!
Whisper: I could be your legs... if you'd like.
Whisper: Oh dear. Sorry. (she walks off)
Bold: No! Don't go... just...
Whisper: You could help me if you like. We could work as a team!

(Whisper lures some rats out to Bold, who kills them)

Whisper: There! Didn't I say we'd make a good team? But why three? You must be very hungry.
Bold: Oh it's not for me, it's for my friend.
Whisper: Friend?
Bold: A crow. We have an arrangement. We free one another.
Whisper: I never heard anything so silly in all my life!
Bold: Oh...

Whisper: You must be very tired.
Bold: But happy.
Whisper: Mmm... life can be very hard. Especially for an old fox like you.
Bold: Old? Me!?!
Whisper: I'm sorry! I didn't mean to offend you.
Bold: You really think I'm old?

(Whisper nods)

Bold: But I'm still just a young buck!
Whisper: I'm sorry, it's just... you look... what ever happened to you?
Bold: I... travelled a long way.
Whisper: Where from?
Bold: A nature reserve called White Deer Park...

Ranger: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have run away like that.
Charmer: And I was selfish. You were bound to be upset about your father.
Ranger: What hope is there for us?
Charmer: There must be some - My father has agreed to meet you.
Ranger: What?
Charmer: If you'll meet him...

Fox: So you're Scarface's famous son.
Ranger: Not as famous as you sir.
Fox: Flattery will get you nowhere.
Ranger: Sorry, I didn't mean-
Fox: Your own father is famous too. Scarface... I think you honour your father.
Ranger: Yes sir.
Fox: Suppose your father attacked Charmer. Whose side would you fight on?
Charmer: That isn't fair!
Vixen: That is hard Fox.
Fox: It's what he has to face.
Ranger: Sir, I've thought about this a good deal. If it came to an all out scrap between your family and mine, I wouldn't fight against you, but I wouldn't fight for you either.
Fox: Well at least he's honest. I suppose we've got to make do with that.
Charmer: Oh thank you Father!
Fox: You haven't got my blessing. Not yet.
Ranger: Thank you sir. I'll keep my side of the bargain, you can be sure of that!
Fox: It may come to that.

(Ranger and Charmer walk off. Friendly follows)

Fox: Bargain? What bargain? I haven't made a bargain with him! Others credit me with more than I deserve.
Vixen: Oh no.
Fox: The famous fox from Farthing Wood? Huh!

Whisper: But your father's a hero!
Bold: Don't believe all they tell you.
Whisper: I'm really honoured to know you Bold.

A Time Of Reckoning [2.11][edit]

Whisper: Bold? I've got something to tell you.
Bold: Mmm?
Whisper: I'm... carrying your cubs.
Bold: Oh, that's wonderful! Wonderful! Oh Whisper, I'm so happy.
Whisper: I'm glad. Because you do realise it means we're going to have to leave here.
Bold: Why?
Whisper: I want my cubs to be born somewhere safe. Where they can be near their own family.
Bold: What do you mean?
Whisper: I want them to be born in White Deer Park.
Bold: But I swore never to go back.
Whisper: I know, but you were on your own then.
Bold: Have you any idea how far it is?!?
Whisper: All the more reason to start now.
Bold: Oh... why did you accept me as your mate?
Whisper: Because of your father of course! My cubs will have his blood! Oh I do hope they'll take after him...
Bold: And I thought... I thought it was because you liked me...
Whisper: Oh I do, I do! But I have to think of my cubs you know, they come first!
Bold: (sadly) Yes... the cubs come first.
Whisper: I'm glad you agree. We musn't be selfish Bold. And if we really do want them born in your park then we must leave, now.

Crow: After all that brave talk you're going back!
Bold: Yes... with my tail between my legs(!).
Crow: You've failed!
Bold: Yes... my struggles are over Crow. (sighs)
Rollo: Oh don't! You'll make me cry again.
Bold: All my life I've tried to escape from my father's shadow. But it seems I've fated!

(Rollo howls)

Bold: She only accepted me as her mate because of my father. I'm no good to her! Except as a guide to lead her to his precious nature reserve! Oh!

Whisper: (weeping) Oh dear, dear Bold! Can you forgive me Bold?
Bold: What for?
Whisper: For making you take me back to your birthplace. I knew you didn't want to go... I'm sorry.
Bold: Without help... I would've died long ago. So perhaps after all there is somethng to be said about the oath and animals looking after one another. My father was right...

Vixen: What are you doing on Farthing Land?
Lady Blue: What's it to you?
Vixen: Everything. Are you spying on us, or is this be an attack?
Lady Blue: Which would you prefer my dear?
Vixen: Are you threatening me?
Lady Blue: Me? What are you thinking of? I am no common red fox used to brawling, I am Lady Blue, mate to Scarface.
Vixen: I know who you are, and your heirs and graces don't fool me.
Lady Blue: Insult me now? How DARE YOU!

Fox: Vixen! What happened!
Vixen: It was Scarface's mate, Lady Blue. She was on the boundary by the pine trees. I challenged her and she... she attacked me!
Fox: Bold was right. I shouldn't have avoided the fight with Scarface.
Vixen: You did what you thought was best at the time.
Fox: I was wrong. But Scarface is going to find things are very different from now on. I'm supposed to be a great hero! Well, I think it's time I lived up to the reputation.

Blood Is Thicker Than Water [2.12][edit]

Lady Blue: (wailing about Vixen) She really went for me! I don't know why. It's not as if I've done anything! You know me! An inoffensive little creature if ever there was one. Blood! She drew blood!
Scarface: Oh... now what am I supposed to do? Wake up, do you hear me? WAKE UP!
Lady Blue: Oh... where am I, am I home? Oh yes, I'm safe here near my own dear strong fierce mate! He will defend me!
Scarface: 'Course I will! Can't have other creatures duffing you up can I?
Lady Blue: My hero!
Scarface: Time I sorted that lot out. Those Farthing creatures are going to rue the day they ever set foot in White Deer Park.

Scarface: (To Ranger) My son, today your family will reign supreme in White Deer Park! (laughs)

Mr Hare: (about Scarface) He's going to kill every Farthing creature he can find!
Weasel: And I know who'll he'll ask where to look! Got to hide! Got to hide!
Measley: Ooh, me too, me too!
Weasel: What do you have to hide for? Scarface isn't interested in you!
Measley: He might think I'm not me!
Weasel: Eh?
Measley: He might think I'm you!
Weasel: Ahahahaha! And if I thought I looked anything like you I'd die! Think you're me indeed, what a cheek!
Measley: (hyperventilating) Well he might! I wouldn't be able to tell him anything useful, and then he'd get angry and tear me limb from limb! (sobs)...I wouldn't like that.
Weasel: He's bound to find you if you make such a racket, and he'll find me as well! Oh, go and find your own hiding place!

Ranger: It's only me. Where's Charmer?
Friendly: I'm on watch now. State your business!
Ranger: I... I have something to tell you. There's going to be an attack.
Friendly: Huh! I don't believe you.
Ranger: But it's true! When I got back to our earth, I heard my father planning it. I came to warn you!
Friendly: Now why would you do that?
Ranger: Because of Charmer. I beg you to keep her safe.
Friendly: Who from? You?
Ranger: I won't attack her. I told you. I won't fight with Farthing Land but I won't fight against it either.
Friendly: Hah! The word of a blue fox isn't worth very much.
Ranger: I can't stay much longer. If my father found me here he'd kill me. Just promise me. Promise you'll go back and tell your father so he can prepare. It's the best I could do for you. It can't hurt to pass on a message surely.
Friendly: And how do I know you aren't telling me all this just to get rid of me, so your family can cross this boundary onto our land?
Ranger: I'll go. Then you'll see there's no one following me.

Fox: Scarface will find the Farthing animals have not lost their courage!

Mrs Rabbit: (panicking) Don't panic! Don't panic! Scarface is going to kill everybody! Don't panic!
Young Rabbit 1: What's wrong with Mum?
Young Rabbit 2: She's panicking. She's panicking.
Young Rabbit 1: That's alright then, everything's normal.

Mr Squirrel: We'll send him off Fox, don't you worry!
Fox: DON'T get any crazy ideas! Scarface could destroy you, all of you, in seconds! There's only one hope for you, and that's me. And even I may not be able to fend off his whole tribe of foxes, but I'll promise you one thing. I will defend you to the last.

Mr Hare: It's strange! Scarface attacking in daylight. You would've thought he'd have waited till night!
Friendly: Hmm. Perhaps he knows something about our watch!
Vixen: What do you mean Friendly?
Friendly: Perhaps he know's Charmer's on duty through the day!
Charmer: That's not fair!
Fox: Friendly, enough! Let's not fight amongst ourselves!
Friendly: She and Ranger are the weak link Father! He's probably told Scarface everything!
Fox: I said ENOUGH!

Fox: So much for your precious Ranger's promise, my girl!
Charmer: What do you mean?
Fox: He's right outside with his father!
Charmer: Oh no, but he can't mean to fight!
Fox: He'll fight. Blood is thicker than water.

Fox: So... you came in strength, Scarface?
Scarface: You too have your followers, such as they are.
Fox: No followers. Only friends.
Scarface: They're going to rue the day they ever met you.
Fox: You've no quarrel with them! It's me you're afraid of.
Scarface: Afraid? You dare suggest Scarface is afraid?!?
Fox: Yes! Ever since I came to White Deer Park, you've been afraid of me!
Scarface: Ha haw, oh right, right, you're winding me up aren't you?
Fox: Prove you're not afraid. Fight me. Just you and me. Come on!
Scarface: Why sacrifice yourself?
Fox: If you kill me, your quarrel with the animals of Farthing Wood will come to an end. I want your promise on that.

(Scarface sniggers)

Fox: And if I kill you...
Scarface: You're hopeful...
Fox: Come on! What are you waiting for? Or are you yellow?

(Fox has gained the upper hand over Scarface in the fight, and is about to kill him, but releases him instead)

Friendly: Why has he let him go? He could have killed him!
Vixen: He just hasn't got the killer instinct.

Vixen: Scarface is defeated. He won't be back.
Fox: If he comes, he'll come alone. There's no heart for a fight amongst the rest. I think Ranger saw to that.
Mr Hare: (about Fox) He should've finished him!
Mrs Squirrel: I say, it's as well for us Fox hasn't got the killer instinct, or where would we be?

White Stag: She is an extremely silly weasel, and her extreme silliness no doubt caused her to deliver the wrong message. But I do not think there was any maligned intention in what she and her accomplice did.
Weasel: So does that mean we can get our own back by dunking them in the pond as well?
Owl: (makes a nervous hoot) Ooh... er...
White Stag: Perhaps an apology would satisfy you.
Whistler and Speedy: We're sorry.
Weasel and Measley: (To Owl) We're waiting...
Owl: We're... sorry.
Weasel: Don't worry. It was worth it just to hear you say that!

White Stag: (Narrating) Fox may have lacked the killer instinct, but not Adder...
Adder: And now, it'sss my turn!

Reconciliation [2.13][edit]

Bold: You still with us? I thought you would have given us up by now...
Crow: Can't do that! Do that! Neither can you!
Bold: You know I can't go back in there!
Crow: Then why did you come all this way?
Bold: For Whisper and the cubs... I got her here, now my job's over...

Toad: Adder me old matey, long time no see! Ha har! How are y... ooh... (see's Adder's tail has been bitten off) You're not half the snake you used to be matey.
Adder: Ssscarface thinks snake tastes nice!
Toad: He did that to you?
Adder: I'm going to give him a taste of what adders are really made of! (sniggers) Nice...

(after Scarface kills Mrs Rabbit)

Owl: (To Fox) Even a fool can be wise after the event, but can he then be called wise?

(Adder has bitten Scarface on the leg, poisoning him)

Scarface: YOU?!?
Adder: The same!
Scarface: (last lines) What... you've forgotten... Adder... is that I am not... the end of my line... I will be avenged...
Adder: We shall see!

White Stag: Adder?
Adder: I was about to say no more, no less. (laughs) But that wouldn't be quite true...
White Stag: You are in a good humour, in spite of your injury. Scarface's work?
Adder: How did you guess?
White Stag: I heard something about it. As a matter of fact I was on my way to see him.
Adder: Most interesting. (laughs)
White Stag: Well I musn't keep you. No doubt you have your own business to attend to.
Adder: I've already done so, thanksss!
White Stag: May I ask whether or not it's worth continuing my journey?
Adder: Depends on whether you wanted just to see Scarface, or to talk to him?
White Stag: To talk to him.
Adder: The save yourself the bother! Sometimesss, actions speak louder than wordsss!

Toad: You know matey, I don't see you for months and suddenly I bump into twice in one day! To what do I owe the honour?
Adder: It's safer to be out and about than it used to be.
Toad: Eh?
Adder: The park residents number one less...
Toad: (counting with his fingers) One, two, three, four...
Adder: Ssstupid!
Toad: Alright, so what are you getting at? You're worse than Owl! No use talking in riddles to me matey!
Adder: I jussst killed Scarface! Scarface is dead! I bit him!

(Fox and Vixen find Bold lying under a bush)

Vixen: Bold! Oh my Bold...
Bold: Mother? Is it... you?
Vixen: Yes... and your father, he's here too.
Bold: Dad...
Fox: Hello son. Your mate told us where to find you. I gather we've got your cubs to look forward to soon! You son of a gun!
Bold: That's alright then... thanks Dad...
Fox: Yes, they'll be fine. Son... I'm sorry I was hard on you. Can you forgive me? You're the bravest fox I've ever met... I'm proud of you...
Bold: (last lines) Ah... (he sighs contentedly and expires)

Fox: You're too late.
Charmer: Ranger too has had his loss. Adder has killed his father.
Fox: So, someone else did the job for me? Perhaps it's just as well. (to Ranger) Do you still want Charmer to be your mate?

(Ranger nods)

Fox: Then who am I to stand in your way? Perhaps your union will bring peace to both our families. A new beginning for all of us!

White Stag: (narrating) Our future in White Deer Park began to look more hopeful, but only because of Fox and his friends, and the oath of Farthing Wood.

Season 3 (1995)[edit]

'Coming's and Going's [3.01][edit]

Weasel: Oh there you are Measley.

(Measley points to whats behind Weasel as Trey snorts)

Trey: If I hear you again, once, ever, I shall stomp on you. I don't. like. weasels.
Weasel: Pity for you I'm sure.
Trey: I don't like the noise they make. Weasels are nuisance makers. This is my park! So no noise, no nuisance. Better for you if I never see you again.
Measley: Actually um... my wife's in a delicate condition. (Weasel laughs)
Trey: MORE WEASELS?! (snorts furiously as he prepares to stomp on them)
Weasel: Measley!!

(Measley dodges the stomp. Trey then begins chasing the weasels, who are screaming, waking Adder up)

Out and About [3.02][edit]

Water, Water [3.03][edit]

The Missing Fox's Friend [3.04][edit]

Tiffs and Tempers [3.05][edit]

Adventure For The Birds [3.06][edit]

The Long Tailed Visitor [3.07][edit]

Scared by Silly Snakes [3.08][edit]

A Bigger Oink [3.09][edit]

The Mole Game [3.10][edit]

The Worst Kind of Hurricane [3.11][edit]

Homeward Bound [3.12][edit]

Bully, Bully, Bully[3.13][edit]

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