The Animals of Farthing Wood (season 3)

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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of The Animals of Farthing Wood.

Coming's and Going's [3.01][edit]

Weasel: Oh there you are Measley.
[Measley points to whats behind Weasel as Trey snorts]
Trey: If I hear you again, once, ever, I shall stomp on you. I don't. like. weasels.
Weasel: Pity for you I'm sure.
Trey: I don't like the noise they make. Weasels are nuisance makers. This is my park! So no noise, no nuisance. Better for you if I never see you again.
Measley: Actually um... my wife's in a delicate condition.
[Weasel laughs]
Trey: MORE WEASELS?! [snorts furiously as he prepares to stomp on them]
Weasel: Measley!!
[Measley dodges the stomp. Trey then begins chasing the weasels, who are screaming, waking Adder up]

Out and About [3.02][edit]

Water, Water [3.03][edit]

The Missing Fox's Friend [3.04][edit]

Tiffs and Tempers [3.05][edit]

Adventure For The Birds [3.06][edit]


The Long Tailed Visitor [3.07][edit]

Scared by Silly Snakes [3.08][edit]

A Bigger Oink [3.09][edit]

The Mole Game [3.10][edit]

The Worst Kind of Hurricane [3.11][edit]

Homeward Bound [3.12][edit]

Bully, Bully, Bully [3.13][edit]

[last line of the series]
Plucky: I am... I... I think as we are very tired, we should go down to the pond for a drink. Then we'll go back to our nests and burrows and sleep. We can explore our big new park tomorrow. And then we will plan how to live together in perfect peace and harmony. In the true spirits of Farthing Wood.

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