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The Bad Guys is a 2022 American computer-animated crime comedy film, produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Universal Pictures. It is based on the children's book series of the same name. The film's plot follows a group of criminal animals who, upon being caught, pretend to attempt to reform themselves as model citizens as a new villain has his own plans.

Directed by Pierre Perifel. Written by Etan Cohen.
Good is no fun at all. (taglines)

Mr. Wolf[edit]

  • Hey, you, get over here. A little bit closer. Oh, I know what it is. You're afraid, because I'm the big bad wolf! The villain of every story.
  • The Bad Guys become the Good Guys, so we can stay the Bad Guys. You know what I'm saying?
  • We're supposed to save them, not eat them!
  • We were never given a chance to be anything more than criminals. But these are the cards we've been dealt, so we might as well play them.
  • We may be bad, but we're so good at it!
  • Do you ever wonder what it'd be like if the world wasn't scared of us?
  • They're the only friends I've ever had.

Mr. Snake[edit]

  • Relax, these doors are complicated.
  • Well, I'd say they've gone to a better place.
  • [Mr. Wolf: Maybe I don't wanna be a…] What, a bad guy?
  • We'll always be bad guys!
  • It's fantastic! Wolf, you're a genius!
  • Totally worth it!
  • I've made a lot of enemies in my time...I mean, a lot...but out of all the people in the world...I hate you guys the least.
  • You want to know why I hate birthdays, Wolf? Do you? When you grow up a snake, nobody shows up to your party. Birthdays are a constant reminder that out there, I'm just a scary, good-for-nothing monster...Yeah. But nothing compares to having the one guy...the one guy I thought I could trust, stab me in the back.

Mr. Piranha[edit]

  • Crazy! You're finally speaking my language, chico!
  • What happened? Did we blow up? Are we in heaven?
  • What's up, bubba?

Mr. Shark[edit]

  • I'm having a baby! Is there a doctor, or perhaps several security guards that can leave their posts and help me?
  • That's it! I'll teach you to share!
  • Oh, stop, you're making me blush.

Ms. Tarantula[edit]

  • Everyone copy.
  • It's crime time, baby. Shark, we need a distraction.
  • Well, there goes our street cred.


  • A wolf and a fox are not so different. Maybe they will believe you, maybe they won't. But it doesn't matter. Don't do it for them. Do it for you. This is a chance to write your own story. To find a better life for you and your friends. What have you got to lose?
  • Yeah, well, that ship has already sailed.
  • I gave you an opportunity, a chance to show the world that you're more that just a scary stereotype! But you're too proud or too gutless to take advantage of it!
  • I was the best thief in the world. Fast, fearless, inventive. I just had one thing left to steal. [Mr Wolf: The Golden Dolphin. So you went after it.] I didn't just go after it. I had it. And a clear escape route. But... all I saw in the end was the tricky fox that they always told me I was. It changed everything. So, now, instead of hurting people, I'm helping them. [sighs] I'm still me. [chuckles] I'm just me on the right side.

Professor Marmalade[edit]

  • That is an animal testing lab with helpless guinea pigs.
  • You're going to have to choose between your friends, and the good life.
  • If you want to stay out of jail, you need to go good.
  • You villains have an image problem. You need a makeover.
  • You see, I never cared about what's "good". Only what's good for me.

Chief Luggins[edit]

  • [to Mr. Wolf and the rest of his gang after he abuses Marmalade] Now, you are done FOREVER, wolf!!


[first lines; Wolf and Snake are hanging out at a diner]
Snake: Stop!
Wolf: I'll stop if you just explain it to me, 'cause I don't...
Snake: Would you please just drop it?
Wolf: Alright, alright, fine. Consider it dropped. It's dropped. It's on the ground.
Snake: Good.
Wolf: But, I mean, come on! Everybody loves birthdays! [Snake groans] You got decorations. You got balloons. You got parties. And cake!
Snake: Look, I don't need presents, I don't want decorations, and I'm not a cake guy.
Wolf: Seriously though, you don't like cake? Name one food better than cake.
Snake: Guinea pig.
Wolf: Oh, again with the guinea pig. [chuckles] I bet if I blindfolded you, you wouldn't know be able to tell the difference between a skunk and a guinea pig.
Snake: Wrong! Snakes have impeccable taste buds. I can taste air.
Wolf: Air?
Snake: Yes! Air. [taste the air around him] Mmm, nice.
Wolf: I dunno. They're a little, uh... a little cute for my taste.
Snake: That's what makes them so delicious! You're not just eating food. You're eating pure goodness! It's not about the pig! It's about what it symbolizes on a deeper level!
[pause for a few seconds]
Wolf: So, you can taste air?
Snake: Ah.
Wolf: What else you got?
Snake: Forget about it.
Wolf: Well, can you also hear color? [chuckles]
Snake: [annoyed] Alright.
Wolf: Can you see sound?
Snake: Okay.
Wolf: 'Cause we should really be capitalizing on your skills.
Snake: Okay, alright, fine. Get it all out. Get it all out now!
Wolf: Okay, okay.
Snake: [spits out an alarm clock] Look at that! 4:00 pm! Now I know the exact moment our friendship died.
Wolf: [chuckles] Let's bounce.
Snake: Yup. [swallows the clock as he and wolf get ready to leave]
Wolf: Just like, uh... you're gonna stick me with the bill... again.
Snake: Well, it is my birthday.
Wolf: So, now you play the birthday card? That's interesting. [walks up to the counter] Can we get a check please? When you get a chance? Hello? Checkity-check-check? You know what? We're just gonna leave the money right here, okay? [places the money in the tip jar]
Snake: You know the one good thing about this place?
Wolf: What?
Snake: We never have to wait for a table.
[camera pans to see a group of customers cowering in a corner]
Wolf: Isn't that every place?
Snake: [to the group] Hey, man. How you been? I haven't seen you in... SNAKE ATTACK!!! [the group scream and hide behind a chair] Oh, mints. [swallows the whole bowl of mints]
Wolf: Sorry, folks, I'm switching him to decaf.
Snake: Alright.
Wolf and Snake: Let's do this.

Wolf: Hey look, it's a cat! Stuck in a tree! [cat hisses]
Marmalade: It doesn't get much simpler than that. Now, what in this scenario would give you that good tingle?
Snake: Eating it.[lifts up to reveal two bread slices] This is why I always carry two pieces of bread with me.
Marmalade: [with a strained smile] No. I want you to s…
[the gang tries to think]
Wolf: Smack it!
Snake: [still confused] Skin it?
Shark: Stab it!
Tarantula: [bluntly] Sauté it.
Piranha: [innocently] Sing to it?
Marmalade: [frustrated] Save it. I want you to sa-it was so obvious. I want you to save it!
Others: Oh! Right, right…
[the gang slowly looks up at the cat with grins, then…]
Others: [baring fangs and sporting feral looks] HERE, KITTY, KITTY, KITTY!!!
[the terrified cat rushes up further to the top of the tree]
Snake: Whoa! That cat is obviously defective.

Piranha: Ah. But then you stole the purse.
Others: NO!
Snake: Y'know, I heard when the pig told you, about cutting us loose.
Shark: Wait. Like, "us" us?
Snake: But I'd never thought you'd actually do it, man.
Wolf: What?! No! I'd never… I was trying to get a better life for all of us!
Snake: Our life was PERFECT! Until YOU decided to RUIN it!
Wolf: I didn't! C'mon, you guys felt it at the gala — the clapping, the cheering — we were more than just scary villains! THEY LOVED US!
Snake: Oh yeah?! If they "loved us" so much, then how come we're in prison for a crime we didn't commit? You know what? I'll give Marmalade this. At least he sees the world for what it is: A place where some people are scary, and some people are scared.
Wolf: OH YEAH?! Well I'm tired of being scary! I'm… I'm tired of being an outcast! Maybe I don't wanna be a—
Snake: What?! A Bad Guy?! Don't wanna be a Bad Guy anymore, huh?! Say it, Wolf! [Mr. Wolf glares at him] Yeah, I thought so. And us… your lifelong friends… we're just holding you back?
Wolf: YEAH!! MAYBE YOU ARE!! [Snake looks at him, hurt and angry]

Snake: You came back.
Wolf: Snake. I should've been honest with you. I was afraid that if you knew I-I wanted to be good that you'd…
Snake: Act like a jerk, and never talk to you again?
Wolf: [laughing] Yeah. Point is I… I-I-I, you know…
Snake: Yeah. I love you, too, Buddy.
[Mr. Wolf and Mr. Snake hug each other]
Shark: This-this is so beautiful. Do you know how beautiful this is, you guys?
Piranha: Now… Now you’re gonna make me cry.
Tarantula: I know! So pathetic, right?
Wolf: Come on, guys. Who said it was the end?

Chief Misty Luggins: Wait a second. This isn't the meteorite. It's a lamp!
[everyone]: Huh?
Snake: Heheheh.
[everyone]: What?!
Tarantula: [in flashback] Snake, what did you just do?
Snake: [in flashback] What? My friend was sad, and I was just cheering him up.
Tarantula: [in flashback] I think Wolf was right. Maybe we could be more than just scary villains.
Snake: [in flashback] I'm bad. You're bad. Let's be bad together.
Marmalade: [in flashback] You've got yourself a deal.
Snake: [in flashback] Can I try it on?
Marmalade: [in flashback] Of course, partner.
Wolf: [in flashback] Don't mind us. Just robbing this place.
Marmalade: No, no, no! But if that's a lamp, where is the…
Snake: Heheh. The old switcheroo.

Chief Misty Luggins: Hold on. This is the Zumpango diamond. But this was stolen by the... [gasps] By the Crimson Paw!
Marmalade: Me? Oh, oh, no, no, no.
Tiffany: OMG.
Marmalade: No, no, no. No, you've got it wrong.
Tiffany: And a shocking twist.
Marmalade: You're making a huge mistake!
Tiffany: The notorious bandit known as the Crimson Paw has been revealed to be...
Marmalade: No! No!
Tiffany: ...none other than Professor Marmalade.
Marmalade: I'm not the Crimson Paw. Sh-She's the Crimson Paw. Sh-She's the Paw! I'm a flower of goodness. NO!


  • Good is no fun at all.


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