The Bastard Sword

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The Bastard Sword is a 2018 epic fantasy adventure film about a fighter, thief and hermit who must work together to find a mythical sword that can control minds.

Directed by Eveshka Ghost.


  • Fools gold.
  • [to Ulysses mocking Mars from afar] Look at him, thinks he's a man worthy of title, six feet tall arms of tree trunks and hair of elemental fire. A real Grande Warrior.
  • You're making a grande mistake!


  • Why did you have to be such a good person?
  • [after hearing Tias surprised at his Pixie Bread] I've got pixie everything.


  • Gimme All Your Silver!
  • I'm a natural, born with a sword in my hand!


  • Mars, You have a sword in your hand, think quickly!
  • Why are you not killing each other and who is this strange man? He looks like a wizard!


  • We Pixies are known for our cunning.
  • A Grande Headache Indeed.


  • Evil. I wish you were dead. I WISH YOU WERE DEAD!!!


  • And I will, Today.


  • A Grande Adventure.
  • Have You Heard Of It?


  • Xander Phillips – Tias
  • Seth Easterbrook – Ulysses
  • Martyn Eade – Mars
  • Danielle Thorpe – Nyx
  • James McClusky – Lars
  • Chris Wilson – Viktor
  • Chris Comber – Nikolai
  • Gemma Comber – Liliya
  • Myra Hanlon – Lake Spirit