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The following is a list of quotes from the second season of The Berenstain Bears.

The Excuse Note / On The Job [2.1][edit]

[while Teacher Jane and her class are doing deep knee bends in gym]
Sister Bear: I'm getting tired already.
Lizzie: I was getting tired just...thinking about it.
Millie: Why do we have to do so many?

Lizzie: [during gym class] Why do we have to walk like ducks?
Millie: Beats me.
[The whole class does the duck walk]
Sister Bear: I'll bet nobody makes ducks walk like bears.

Sister Bear: Why is exercising in gym so important anyway?
Brother Bear: Exercise makes your muscles stronger. And stronger muscles can make you a better soccer player. That's what I want to be.

Lizzie: [looks at Sister's excuse note] Now who's the lucky one?
[She passes the note back to Sister who then passes it to Millie]
Millie: [looks at the note] Gee, when will it be my turn to sprain something?

Lizzie: Remember the time I fell out of a tree and sprained my wrist, and y mom wrote me a note to excuse me from gym?
Sister Bear: I remember. How come you get all the luck?

Teacher Bob: I found all the jobs you wrote about very interesting, Brother.
Brother Bear: I had a hard time picking just one.
Teacher Bob: [reading Brother's report aloud] "There are many wonderful jobs and opportunities to choose from, and there's plenty of time for me to decide what I'd like to be when I grow up." Very thoughtful words indeed, Brother Bear.

Cousin Freddy: Do you have any ideas on what you want to be when you grow up?
Brother Bear: When I was younger, I wanted to be Superbear.
Cousin Freddy: [chuckles] I don't think that counts.
Brother Bear: You're probably right.

Too Small For The Team / The Jump Rope Contest [2.2][edit]

Sister Bear: If I'm not big enough for the team, how come I'm big enough to be team manager?

Sister Bear: I'm fast, I'm tricky, and I kick really hard.

Sister Bear: Maybe you're just jealous, Lizzie Bruin, because I'm the best jump roper in Bear Country and you're not.
Lizzie: I am not Jealous.
Sister Bear: Are too jealous.

Sister Bear: I just want to say, may the best bear win.

The Bad Habit / The Prize Pumpkin [2.3][edit]

Brother Bear: Gee, I wish I had a bad habit to break so I can earn some extra money.
Papa Bear: [laughing] Oh, go on.

Papa Bear: [about his pumpkin rival and opponent Farmer Ben who has won the pumpkin contest 10 or more years already before Papa even entered] MY PUMPKIN, THE GIANT, IT CAN BEAT THE PANTS OFF FROM ANY OF FARMER BEN'S PUMPKINS! I CAN'T WAIT UNTIL THE PUMPKIN CONTEST!
[Mama tries to tell Papa what Thanksgiving really means even though Papa wants the Giant to come in 1st place like Farmer Ben who has won this contest on Thanksgiving for ten or more years.]
Mama Bear: [to Papa] Thanksgiving is about giving thanks and not about beating the pants off someone, especially with your best friend.
Papa Bear: [half chuckles and then roars in frustration about the Giant coming in first place] (BEST FRIEND?! HA!) THERE ARE NO FRIENDS IN PUMPKIN GROWING CONTESTS!
[What Papa means by that, is that Farmer Ben who has won the pumpkin contest about ten or more years is his pumpkin enemy. Papa means that this year, his pumpkin the Giant should come in first place this year. He hopes the Giant comes in 1st place like Farmer Ben's pumpkin or 2nd place like Ms. Mc Grizz's. Farmer Ben's giant pumpkin is known as "The Monster", Ms. Mc Grizz's giant pumpkin is known as "The Autumn Beauty", and the Bear family's is known as "The Giant". It is a pumpkin contest against the Giant --that's for the Bear family, the Monster --that's for Farmer Ben, and the Autumn Beauty --that's for Ms. Mc Grizz. And Papa's pumpkin --the Giant-- has to go in third place. Ten years in a row, Farmer Ben --with the Monster-- has gotten 1st place with his pumpkin and Ms. McGrizz --The Autumn Beauty-- has gotten 2nd place with hers. So ten years in a row, Farmer Ben has gotten 1st place and Ms. McGrizz has gotten 2nd. But since this is the Bear family's first year in the pumpkin contest, they have gotten 3rd place.]

Papa Bear: You know, you can have your colorful autumn leaves and your golden sunsets. What I like best about fall is a big spread of orange pumpkins.

Sister Bear: What is Papa doing?
Papa Bear: [to the Giant] Come on, buddy. Keep growing. You can do it. Think big.
Mama Bear: [laughs] Papa just read a book that says you can make plants grow faster by talking to them.
Sister Bear: Hmm. Was it a comic book?
[Brother and Sister started to laugh]
Papa Bear: I heard that. Laugh if you want to, but I'll do whatever it takes to win.

Papa Bear: [watching Farmer Ben fertilize his pumpkin patch] It doesn't matter what you do, Ben. None of your pumpkins are going to ever measure up to the Giant. [chuckles]

Ferdy Factual / Lend a Helping Hand [2.4][edit]

Brother Bear: I don't get it. [starts counting off items on his fingers] Queenie pretends to be his friend, we're really trying to be his friends, and we're the ones he ignores.
Cousin Freddy: How can somebody so smart be so dumb?
Sister Bear: Ferdy knows a lot of things, but I don't think he knows very much about friends.
Cousin Freddy: Guess he'll just have to find out about Queenie the hard way.

Sister Bear: Widder Jones is really nice, isn't she?
Brother Bear: And she's always doing things for everyone else.

Sister Bear: [to Brother] Are you doing anything important on Saturday?
Brother Bear: Yeah, sort of. I'm helping out a neighbor at her yard sale.
Sister Bear: Me too.

The Big Blooper / Nothing to Do [2.5][edit]

[Brother accidentally knocks over Sister's milk after he grabs the ketchup bottle]
Sister Bear: Brother! Look what you've done!
Brother Bear: Sorry, Sis.
Sister Bear: [calls Brother a bad name --a name that she recited from a movie "Trouble at Big Bear High"] You're such a furball!
[Mama gasps at what Sister just said to Brother. Papa surprisingly drops the fork after hearing the bad word from Sister. Now, the whole family except Sister fall silent. Then they expect an answer]
Sister Bear: What...?! Did I say something wrong?
Papa Bear: You certainly did, young lady! That's a terrible thing to call someone!
Mama Bear: Wherever did you get language like that?
Sister Bear: On a video (cartoon).
Mama Bear: What sort of video (cartoon)?
Sister Bear: [names the video where she learned that talk from] "Trouble at Big Bear High".
Brother Bear: [gasps about the video where Sister learned these words] "TROUBLE AT BIG BEAR HIGH"?! THAT VIDEO IS NOT FOR LITTLE CUBS!
Mama Bear: [turns to Brother and also talks to him about it] If it has that kind of talk in it, I don't think it's fit for big cubs either.
Sister Bear: Lizzie's older brother (Barry) rented it. I didn't know (in the beginning).
Papa Bear: [then Papa and Mama turn back to Sister] I know you didn't know (in the beginning), but now you do.
Mama Bear: You could really hurt someone's feelings with that word. But the important thing is, we caught it in time, before you said it to someone else.

Millie: Crude talk is rude talk.
Stacy: And name calling is nasty.

Sister Bear: Saying words that hurt other people's feelings doesn't sound too grown-up to me.
Mama Bear: You're right. Our language has so many words to choose from.

Mama Bear: What are you cubs doing?
Sister Bear: [sighs] Nothing.
Brother Bear: There's nothing to do.
Mama Bear: Nothing to do? Everybody else seems to be able to find something to do.

Papa Bear: Yes. Four hands may clean up faster than two, but eight hands clean even faster.

House of Mirrors / Too Much Pressure [2.6][edit]

Mrs. Bruin: Some little bears have big ears.
Lizzie: You mean Sister has big ears?

Sister Bear: I have big ears!
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Big ears? Goodness, I don't know where you got the idea. But your ears aren't big.
Sister Bear: Yes, they are! They're big. Big as an elephant's!

Sister Bear: Lizzie, maybe you're a bit loud and maybe you talk a lot. But don't ever listen to anyone who says you have a big mouth.

Papa Bear: [as he sees that Mama, Brother and Sister are crying while carrying Mr. Bruin's shovel] What in (the world)?
[Mama, Sister, and Brother are crying because Mama forgot to get the car fixed before they can go.]
Papa Bear: [sighs] So this is what it's come to!
[He lets out an announcement to the whole family.]
[Papa then lets out a sigh of so much for not fixing the car.]

Visit Fun Park / The Perfect Fishing Spot [2.7][edit]

Mama Bear: It's easy to boast, but it's not so easy when you have to do the big things you boast about.
Sister Bear: So you shouldn't brag about things you've never done before.

Papa Bear: If there's no prize-winning fish in this lake, why, I'll eat my hat!

Sister Bear: I think we should have stuck with the fish we had before.
Papa Bear: But I wanted a real prize winner.
Sister Bear: But Papa, we weren't catching a fish to win a prize. We were catching a fish for dinner. I don't think Gran and Gramps need a whale.

The Summer Job / The Big Red Kite [2.8][edit]

Farmer Ben: You cubs look awfully cheery today!
Sister Bear: That's because school's out.
Brother Bear: Yep, it's the first day of summer!

Farmer Ben: [referring to the farm] Peace and quiet doesn't last long around here.

Sister Bear: [after pumping the water] I think my arms are going to fall off.
Brother Bear: If they do, may I use them to carry two more pails of water?

Sister Bear: Gee, Farmer Ben is going to lose his whole crop! He doesn't need to hear about losing his helpers too.
Brother Bear: I know.

Papa Bear: You don't need to buy a kite when you can make one.

Too Much Vacation / The Trouble with Grown-Ups [2.9][edit]

Papa Bear: Okay, Everyone set?
Mama Bear: Are we forgetting something?
Sister Bear: [gasps] Brother!
[Brother comes running out of the house]
Mama Bear: [chuckles] Well, we can't forget Brother!
Papa Bear: [chuckles] After all, this is a family vacation.
Brother Bear: Got the camera, I wanna take lots of pictures.

Mama Bear: Sometimes the difference between having a bad time and a great time all depends on how you look at it.
Papa Bear: And you know what the best part of this vacation is?, It's not over yet., Now who wants to go find some sweet bumble berries for breakfast?
Sister Bear: Yay!
Brother Bear Let's go!

[Papa thinking out loud is in Brother and Sister's bedroom trying to look for the rest of his newspaper. He is missing the "for-sale" section which was in his newspaper before he had picked it up. Knowing that someone had taken the rest of his newspaper without permission, Brother is using the newspaper that Papa was missing to keep the paint off of his desk for a model airplane. Really, Brother was hogging the newspaper. As for Sister, she was hogging the phone so she could talk to Lizzie even though Mama needed the phone for Mrs. Honeypot whom Papa was trying to call from the hardware store. But Sister was on the phone all day with Lizzie. Meanwhile, Papa finds his newspaper and sees Brother using it. That is, even though it was the rest of Papa's newspaper. But Brother used it to keep the paint off of his desk.]
Papa Bear: [wants to know what Brother is doing with the rest of his paper] WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH (THE REST OF) MY NEWSPAPER!?
[The rest of Papa's paper really was part of the for sales section and Brother had taken it so he could keep the paint off of his desk from making a model airplane.]
Brother Bear: Using it to keep the paint off my desk.
Papa Bear: [takes the newspaper since Brother had Papa's newspaper] YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED!
Brother Bear: But nobody in this family ever reads the for-sale section.
Papa Bear: [knows that he really had a lot more newspaper than that, but Brother took the rest of it so he could use it for his project of a model airplane instead of getting used newspaper from the recycle bin] WELL, I'M READING IT NOW!
[Brother really should have used the newspaper from the recycle bin. But he used the rest of Papa's newspaper instead]

Mama Bear: Just think, someday you'll be parents with cubs all your own to take care of.
Brother Bear: I think maybe we'll skip that part.
Sister Bear: And we'll just become grandparents.

Teacher Jane: Our last play for tonight features Brother and Sister Bear, Cousin Fred, and Lizzie Bruin. It's called "The Trouble with Parents".
[As the school play starts]:
Cousin Freddy [Papa Bear]: WHERE IS (THE REST OF) MY NEWSPAPER, SON?!
[As sewing wizards, Brother is "Papa Bear", Sister is "Mama Bear", Cousin Freddy is "Brother Bear", and Lizzy is "Sister Bear". So the scene shows that Brother --who has been a sewing wizard-- looks like a mini Papa Bear.]

[As the school play ends]
Lizzie: You know sometimes.
Cousin Freddy: Our parents are all right.
Sister Bear: But sometimes it's hard being a cub when parents seem to blow their tops without a good reason.
Brother Bear: Sooner or later, parents grow out of it and become grandparents.
Brother Bear, Sister Bear, Lizzie and Cousin Freddy: And grandparents never blow their tops at their grandcubs.

Go to the Doctor / Don't Pollute (Anymore) [2.10][edit]

Dr. Grizzly: Papa, I'm afraid you're sick.
Papa Bear: I never get sick... well, almost never.

Honey: [hides in the quilt because she does not want to have her second checkup even though she had her first one already] I am not coming out until you promise that I don't have to go to the doctor!

Mama Bear: When we do the work together, it makes a big job smaller.
Sister Bear: And easier.
Mama Bear: Uh-huh.
Brother Bear: And more fun.

Professor Actual Factual: Sometimes, little ideas can help solve the biggest problems.

The In Crowd / Fly It [2.11][edit]

Hilary: Go ahead! Whoever wants to go play with Little Miss Hairbow can be my guest!

Sister Bear: Mama, do you think jumping rope is just for little cubs?
Mama Bear: No, I don't think so.

Teacher Bob: If at first you don't succeed, then try, try again.

By The Sea / Catch the Bus [2.12][edit]

Mama Bear: We have some work to do.
Brother Bear: Work? But I thought this was supposed to be a vacation.
Sister Bear: Brother's right. It's not fair!

Mama Bear: Ah-ha. Now I see. The cubs are learning a lesson today.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] That's right. It's Papa Bear's crash course in vacation cooperation, consideration, and participation.

Papa Bear: What's the matter, Brother? Have you got ants in your pants?
Brother Bear: [tells Papa that he has sand in his swim suit] No, I have sand in my swim suit.

[After Brother and Sister have to miss out going to the book store because it's closed; thanks to Brother who was late]
Brother Bear: Maybe next time, I should pay closer attention to my watch.
Mama Bear: [to Brother] A watch is not going to take you where you have to be.
[Mama turns to Brother and Sister and explains to both of them about how the time works.]
Mama Bear: [to both Brother and Sister] It is up to you to decide whether you want to be on time.
[At that, Mama really means to Brother and Sister that it is up to both of them to decide if they want to be on time]

Family Get-Together / The Stinky Milk Mystery [2.13][edit]

Mama Bear: It takes all kinds to make up a family.

Sister Bear: [sighs] I wish I lived on a farm.
Farmer Ben: Oh, I wouldn't want to live anywhere else, even though there are many chores to do.

Brother Bear: I wouldn't want to do anything that would make Farmer Ben upset. He might not let us come back and help him again.
NOTE: This is the last episode where Michael Cera voices Brother, as Cera left the show because of his voice changing. Michael D'Ascenzo replaced Cera for the rest of the series' run.

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