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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of The Berenstain Bears.

New Neighbors / The Big Election [3.1][edit]

Mama Bear: [voice over and first lines; just like from the book adaptation of said episode The Berenstain Bears and the New Neighbors] "Uh oh, some neighbors moved away.
Papa Bear: Now who’s coming here to stay? Who would’ve thought our good neighbors the Kodiak’s would ever move away?
Mr. Kodiak: We’re really going to miss everyone.
Papa Bear: Our lawns will never look the same. With you mowing and me trimming, we made them look as lush as a golf course.
Mr. Kodiak: Maybe your new Neighbor will team up with you too, Papa.
Mrs. Kodiak: Is that your secret recipe for bumbleberry pie?
Mama Bear: Uh-huh, it’s my going away present to you. Honey crunch brittle?

Brother Bear: Cool, let me try!

Sister Bear: Me too!
Mrs. Kodiak: Michael, it’s time to go.
Sister Bear: We’re sure going to miss you, Michael.

Michael: Me too.
Mr. Kodiak: Well, I guess that’s it. You have our new address, so we’re expecting letters from everybody.
Papa Bear: Speaking of letters, you forgot to take the mailbox I made for you when you first moved in.
Mr. Kodiak: Well we thought it would be nice to leave it for your new neighbors.
Mrs. Kodiak: If you don’t mind.
Papa Bear: Not at all.

Mama Bear: The best way to have a good neighbor is to be a good neighbor.

Papa Bear: If I were mayor, I wouldn't be wasting my time in meetings. No, sir! I'd be out getting things done like fixing the pot holes.

At the Giant Mall / The Giddy Grandma [3.2][edit]

Papa Bear: Rules are for everyone. Big or small, rules keep all of us safe.

Mama Bear: Has anybody seen a parking space yet?
Papa Bear: Well, if we keep going around and around like this, we'll run out of gas before we even find one.

Mama Bear: I believe every bear has something about them we can admire.

Gran: According to Gramps, everything is an antique if you keep it long enough.

Sister Bear: Heroes aren't just found in books. They're everywhere when we take time to find out about them.

Think of Those in Need / The Hiccup Cure [3.3][edit]

Brother Bear: Gee, Sis. Look at all the good things that could happen when you give someone your old stuff.
Sister Bear: And when you give someone your extra time.
Brother Bear: Right. That's even better.

Brother Bear: Can't Sister and I clean our room tomorrow?
Mama Bear: Afraid not. It's too messy.
Papa Bear: "Messy" is not the word. [peeks into the cubs' bedroom] If I didn't know better, I think you have been raising a family of monkeys in there.

Papa Bear: I suppose I have been eating a little too fast lately.
Mama Bear: [chuckles] A little too fast? My, you've been eating like a vacuum cleaner.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] I do like cleaning off my plate.

Papa Bear: I'm spending more time... [hiccups] ...on hiccup cures than I am on finishing that chair.

Sister Bear: Why don't you try hopping up and down on one foot while holding your nose.
Papa Bear: That sounds so crazy, it just might work.
Brother Bear: And if that doesn't get rid of hiccups, at least we've created a new dance move.

Go to the Movies / Car Trip [3.4][edit]

Mama Bear: [embarrassingly annoyed] Good morning, everyone! I'd made us a nice... family... breakfast.

Brother Bear: I know, we can go to the movies.
Mama Bear: But we would be just sitting in a dark room eating popcorn.

Sister Bear: Mama, a star is coming closer, and it's landing on my nose!
Mama Bear: [chuckles] That's a firefly. I think it likes you!

Movie Theater Ticket Vendor Bear: [when Mama, Papa, Sister and Brother try to buy the tickets] I'm sorry. But all shows are sold out tonight. (Sorry, sold out!)
[The ticket vendor bear closes the curtain on the ticket station. She offscreen puts out a "SOLD OUT!" sign. All the films are sold out. It may be the last day any bear can see these bear movies and the bear movies never are going to be released on film in stores. That is, whether that's home movie projector films or VHS in Bear Country. Really, it is the last day where any bear can see these movies and they are not going to be released on-film. In other words: "They can never again be seen". Since it was the last day these movies could be seen, the bear family have missed their chance to see them.]
Mama Bear: [sadly because all the movies are sold out tonight] We have tried so hard to get some special family time together! But THIS is what happens!
[At this point, the bear family mopes. Mama has said that they always try to get special family time together and this is what happens. Really, the movies they want to see are the last day they can be seen in theaters and never are going to be seen again. They are not going to be released on film, whether that's home movie projector films or VHS video.]

Mama Bear: If you keep an open mind, you just might be surprised.
Sister Bear: Keep an open mind?
Mama Bear: That means you have to wait and see what is coming before you decide whether you like it or not.

Sister Bear: All we've been seeing is nothing but trees and rocks for the last hour and a half.
Mama Bear: Be patient. Our first stop is coming up very soon.
Brother Bear: That's what Mama said two thousand trees and rocks ago.

Sister Bear: This trip is great!
Brother Bear: You can say that again.
Sister Bear: Okay. THIS TRIP IS GREAT!! [voice echoes]

The Pet Show / Pick Up and Put Away [3.5][edit]

Brother Bear: [referring to Gran's bird] I'm not going to the pet show with this bird.

Mama Bear: It's easier to find what you need when everything is kept in its proper place.

Papa Bear: [about the birdhouse that Brother have made] That's not a birdhouse, that's a bird mansion!

Mama Bear: Once everything has a place to go, it is a lot easier to be sure it is put away.
Sister Bear: So we can find it when we need it.

Hug and Make Up / The Big Road Race [3.6][edit]

Sister Bear: We don't need two cubs doing a cycle trick.
Brother Bear: Good point, Sis! If you need any help with another circus act, you let me know.

Lizzie: I liked your bicycle act, Sister.
Sister Bear: Thanks, Lizzie. But there's only room for one cycle act in this circus, and Brother took it.

[Sister gives Brother a hug]
Brother Bear: Sister, no hugs! What if my friends see?
Sister Bear: They will think you're the best big brother ever.
Brother Bear: Thanks.

Brother Bear: You go everywhere with your wagon, Kenny.
Kenny: But you can't race without wheels.

Freddy: You never go anywhere without your wagon. Do you, Kenny?
Kenny: Nope. Wherever I go, my wagon follows.

Attic Treasure / Moving Day [3.7][edit]

Sister Bear: What were Brother and I doing then?
Mama Bear: That was before both of you born.
Sister Bear: You mean, back before there was a mall?
Brother Bear: And before they used to put fires out with pails?
Mama Bear: Well, back before there was a mall!
Papa Bear: But not so far back as the volunteer fire bears!

Papa Bear: Moving can certainly be very hard.
Mama Bear: And even a little scary.
Sister Bear: It must be the most awful thing in the whole world.

Papa Bear: Too bad there aren't more trees.
Brother Bear: Come, papa, come!
Brother Bear: Oooh! Diamond!
Papa Bear: [laughing] I'm not sure if this is a diamond, brother! It looks like a piece of quartz, but it's a real fine, just the same!

Papa Bear: Huh. Hmm, not much left of the wood pile! Uh-oh!
Mama Bear: Oh dear!
Papa Bear: The mountain soil's just too thin to grow trees, Mama! And not a lot of trees around makes it hard for a woods-bear like me.
Brother Bear: What's for dinner, Mama?
Mama Bear: Not quite as much as I’d like, I’m afraid! Our garden is so small, and Brother's growing so big, I'd like to make the garden larger, but it's right up against a rocky ledge.
Papa Bear and Mama Bear: [sigh together]
[Later that night, as Brother was getting ready for bed.]
Mama Bear: Brother, Papa and I have something very important to talk to you about.
Brother Bear: What, Mama?
Papa Bear: We decided that it's time we moved from Great Bear Mountain down into the valley.
Brother Bear: We're going to move away?, Why, Mama, Why?
Papa Bear: Because, there aren't enough trees on the mountain for my woodworking.
Mama Bear: And our Rocky Mountain garden is much smaller than I'd like it to be.
Papa Bear: And there's barely enough room for your bed and your cubby for you.
Brother Bear: But what about my toys, and my books, and my rocks?
Mama Bear: Don't worry, we'll put all of our things into boxes and we’ll take them with us!
Brother Bear: But, what about my friends, the deer and the rabbits, we can't put them in a box and take them with us.
Papa Bear: No! We can’t, but, you'll meet new friends in the valley, and we can always come back to visit!
Brother Bear: But I love it here on the mountain! [starts crying]
Mama Bear: I know you do, We do too. But I'm sure we'll all love our new home just as much as we love this one.

Sister Bear: I'm glad we moved to the treehouse, if we haven't moved, I wouldn't be best friends with Lizzie Bruin, or be in Teacher Jane's class, or wouldn't have met Sally Beary!
Brother Bear: And I wouldn't have met Stewart Beary or Cousin Fred, or any trees to climb!
Papa Bear: Or any trees for my woodworking.

Stewart Beary: Okay, Sally, time to go.
Brother Bear: We're gonna write you first!
Stewart Beary: No, we're gonna write YOU first!

Gotta Dance / The Bad Dream [3.8][edit]

Papa Bear: Mama and I used to be quite a dance team back when we were younger.

Papa Bear: The only way I'll have time to practice dancing with Mama is if I have some help.
Brother Bear: Sure. But no dancing.
Papa Bear: No dancing.

Brother Bear: When you look at something in a different way, it does make it easier.

Sister Bear: I forgot it's "Space Grizzlies" night.
Mama Bear: Do you have too much homework to do?
Sister Bear: No, I've finished mine already.
Mama Bear: Is something wrong, Sister?
Sister Bear: [sadly] No.

Mama Bear: I thought you could use some help.
Sister Bear: I can do it, Mama. You go back and watch the show.
Mama Bear: But I'd like to help. That way, you won't miss so much of the show.
Sister Bear: I... I don't mind missing it. [pause as she looks up sadly at Mama]
Mama Bear: You're not really fond of Sleazo, are you?
Sister Bear: He kind of scares me.
Mama Bear: Well, the best thing to do when you're scared of something is to talk about it.
Sister Bear: I've been having bad dreams about Sleazo, Mama. In one of my dreams, he comes right out of the television set, laughing that scary laugh.
Mama Bear: You're not too fond of Sleezo, are you?
Sister Bear: He... he kinda scares me.
Mama Bear: Well, the important thing to remember is, when you're afraid of something, it always helps to talk about it. Sometimes that makes it no so scary.
Sister Bear: I've been having bad dreams about Sleezo, Mama. In one of my dreams, he came right out of the television, laughing that scary laugh.
Mama Bear: Sleezo is a made-up character. He's just pretend like somebody dressed up in a costume for Halloween. But that doesn't mean he still can be pretty scary. And no matter what it is, if anything on television frightens you, you don't have to watch it.
Sister Bear: I don't?
Mama Bear: No, you don't.
Sister Bear: Then I think I'd like to go up and do some coloring.
Mama Bear: [hugging Sister] Okay then. We'll see you later.
Sister Bear: Thanks, Mama. Talking about it does make me feel better. [seeing the partly dumped out honey squares] Uh oh, what're we gonna do with all those honey squares?
Mama Bear: [chuckling] I think Papa might have the answer to that.

Say Please and Thank You / Help Around the Workshop [3.9][edit]

Papa Bear: Everyone gets grumpy once in a while, even me.

Sister Bear: It's very important to remember to say "please" and "thank you".
Brother Bear: Three little words that are easy to forget, but mean a lot.
Sister Bear: They mean a lot to everyone.

Papa Bear: What are the cubs forgetting, Mama?
Mama Bear: Something very important, Papa. Their please and thank you's.

Principal Honeycomb: [to Mr. Grizzly about the broken window and it needs a repair or a replacement] I think we need a window which needs an immediate repair.
Mr. Grizzly: HUMPH!
[The grumpy Mr. Grizzly then grumbles.]

Brother Bear: But the worst part about breaking the window, it was the look Mr. Grizzly (the custodian bear) gave me! HE SURE IS GRUMPY!

Papa Bear: Mama has been trying to help me speed things up, but having to get her every time is slowing everything down to a snail's pace.
Brother Bear: And it's wearing out my feet.

Miss Grizzle: Lady Grizzly's birthday party isn't until--
Papa Bear: [enters the quilt shop] Next weekend.
Mama Bear: NEXT WEEKEND?! But, Miss Grizzle, you said on the phone that it was this weekend.
Miss Grizzle: I did? Oops! Well you know me, I always get mixed up sometimes.

White Water Adventure / Showdown at Birder's Wood [3.10][edit]

Too-Tall: There's nothing wrong with not knowing how to do something.

Teacher Bob: Birds aren't boring at all. Even though I see you're not exactly flying high about our new topic, I wouldn't want anybody trying to duck out of assignments or chicken out of our class trip.

That Stump Must Go / Draw It [3.11][edit]

Papa Bear: This stump has been here for years, and it spoils the appearance of my perfect yard. It's time to get rid of it once and for all. That stump must go!

Papa Bear: [after figuring out his problem] I guess there's always a good side to every problem.
Mama Bear: You just have to find it.

Mr. Drewberry: You know, learning to draw faces well is hard. Since it's difficult, there are things you must learn how to do first.

Papa's Pizza / The Female Fullback [3.12][edit]

Sister Bear: It's great that everybody likes and dislikes different things. It's all part of what makes each of us special.

Brother Bear: Liking and disliking different things may be part of what makes everybody special, but it really makes it hard to figure out what to feed them at a party.

Too-Tall: Maybe one of you guys would like a change. Ballet really isn't as hard as I thought.
Cousin Freddy: No thanks, Tutu... I mean, Too Tall.

Bears for All Seasons / Grow It [3.13][edit]

Papa Bear: When was the last time we all went to the swimming hole for a family swim?
Brother Bear: [chuckles] Swimming? But it's the end of October, Papa.
Sister Bear: Yeah, [giggles] it's almost winter.
Mama Bear: Not according to good old Mr. Sun, who's given us the gift of an unusually warm day.

Sister Bear: [sadly] I wish the weather was hot and sunny like yesterday.
Brother Bear: [sadly] Me too. Why did the weather have to change?
Brother Bear and Sister Bear: [in unison] Now there's nothing to do.

Papa Bear: Whatever kind of weather will be having tomorrow, I know we're going to enjoy it.

Sister Bear: I'm never falling into a thistle bush again, especially now that I'm going to be bald.
Brother Bear: You're going to be bald?!

Go Up and Down / Big Bear, Small Bear [3.14][edit]

Mama Bear: It's always a good idea to plan ahead and make a list of everything you might need so you won't forget anything.

Lizzie: I'll make a list.
Papa Bear: [chuckles] You don't catch fish with a list.

Mama Bear: [referring to Papa] Sometimes he's more of a cub than the cubs.

Mama Bear: Would you like some cereal, Brother?
Brother Bear: Umm...
[Brother sees that Papa is eating his breakfast]
Brother Bear: No thanks, Mama. I think I'll have some toast with honey and a cup of coffee.
Mama Bear: I don't think so.

[last lines of the series]
Papa Bear: Anytime. Your tool belt will be right here waiting.

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