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The Carver is a fictional character on the television show Nip/Tuck, the series' primary villain in the second and third seasons.

From the show[edit]

  • Beauty is a curse on the world. It keeps us from seeing who the real monsters are.
  • Amazing drug, isn't it? It's a modified form of mivacurium chloride. They use it on violent psych patients... causes a kind of 'waking coma'... should wear off in a few minutes. Mmm... it's like a plane crash, though; a few minutes waiting to hit the ground... can feel like a lifetime. Awful feeling, being totally helpless... having no control... that's how most people spend their lives... slaves to the tyranny of beauty... carb counting, kick-boxing and chemical peels. I'm rescuing them from all that... and you are destroying... my... work.
  • Fix one of my masterpieces again and the next time I'll kill you.
  • They call me the 'Carver.' 'I am an artist. 'You're the 'Carver.' Fifty noses all the same. A thousand flawless breasts. You're the monster carving what's beautiful and real out of life.
  • You've made a mess of things, Rhea. Shhh... That's alright. Because I'm going to give you what you've wanted all along: real pain."

From the MySpace profile and videos[edit]

  • I've been called pervert. Sicko. Madman. Maniac. Monster. But I am just a simple person trying to lead my brothers and sisters into the light, to liberate them from the cage of beauty. My only fault is that, no matter how hard I try, I just can't stop giving." - Video 1, "Pervert."
  • I'm currently hard at work on my masterpiece. I must admit, she wasn't much to look at when I started. But when I'm done with her, she will be an icon of beauty. Perfection personified." - Video 2, "Masterpiece."
  • "Finding victims isn't as hard as you think. Throw a stick down Beach Boulevard; you'll hit a hundred beauty slaves, their thong bikinis straining under the pressure of their silicone-enhanced breasts. Take your pick — every one of them is desperate for freedom." - Video 3, "Freedom."
  • I love that everyone is trying to find out who I am. Who is the mask behind the mask? They shouldn't bother, though. I'm ten steps ahead of all of you. I will reveal myself at a time and place of my choosing, and you'd all better pray to your gods that you aren't there when it happens." - Video 4, "10 Steps.
  • Some may be wondering who my favorite victim has been. While the models were fun and necessary, none of them could compare to the rush of facing down the doctors of McNamara/Troy. They are the yin to my yang, the Satan to my Saint Michael. The destroyers of my beautiful canvases. A word of warning to my good friends, though: if they continue down the same path, I will not be as forgiving as I was the last time I paid them a personal visit." - Video 5, "Favorite Victim."
  • I fear that the city is becoming desensitized to my methods. Overexposure can be such a bitch. I think I'm going to need to raise the bar a bit. Cut deeper. What can I say? I'm a slave to my public." - Video 6, "Overexposure."
  • You may think you know who I am, but you don't. The only way to know me [Carver unmasks, revealed to be Quentin, and the voice is no longer distorted] is to feel my pain. - Video 7.

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