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The Cat in the Hat is an animated musical television special first aired on CBS on July 4, 1971, based on the 1957 Dr. Seuss' children's book of the same name. Produced by DePatie-Freleng using veteran Warner Bros. theatrical-cartoon animators, and featuring the voices of comedian and song satirist Allan Sherman and prolific voiceover performer, Daws Butler, this half-hour special is a loose adaptation with added musical sequences.

Cat in the Hat[edit]

  • You will note, I am neat... wiped my feet on the mat.
  • They no longer make that kind, but one family gradunza is always smaller than another. [singing] Should old family gradunzas be forgot and never brought to mind? [speaking] Now, if I were a fish, where would I hide a moss-covered, three-handled family gradunza?
  • I am indeed a cat, and this, indeed, is a HAT.
  • Thank you... for a fascinating afternoon.


  • The sun did not shine, it was too wet to play.
    Just sit in a house all that cold, cold, wet day.


Mr. Krinklebine the Fish: Out of this house! I'm warning you, get!
Cat in the Hat: Who's that? I believe that we haven't yet met.
Mr. Krinklebine: My name is Krinklebine. Carlos K. Krinklebine.
Cat in the Hat: Ooh.
Carlos K. Krinklebine the Fish: Now please go away. Tell that top-hatted cat he should not be about. He should not be here when your mother is out!

Cat in the Hat: [sighs] A vote of no confidence. I most humbly bow to the voice of the majority. Good bye, now. Off to Siberia.

Carlos K. Krinklebine: But I didn't steal his whatzis! I'm guiltless! I'm clean!
Cat in the Hat: Twirtled by a fish. I'll never see my darling, moss-covered, 3-handled family gradunza anymore.
Carlos Krinklebine: By the way, Cat, just what is a family gradunza?
Cat in the Hat: Oh, they come in all styles from triple-G to minus-aught.

Cat in the Hat: Wherever it is, it is left in some lurch. Wherever it is, we must speed up the search.
Krinklebine the Fish: [flipping through a large volume] I'll tell you this - it's not in the unabridged dictionary, but let's find that thing and get rid of that cat!

Krinklebine: Out, out, out of this house!
Cat in the Hat: "Out, out"? Why, every house should have a cat in it... curled up by the fireplace little warm...
Krinklebine: Out, and take those things with you! Out!
Cat in the Hat: Take the things, but who ever heard of a house without things in it?
Krinklebine: They're not things, they're... and you're not a cat! Whoever heard of a 6-foot cat?


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