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The Chipmunk Adventure is an animated film released in 1987 by The Samuel Goldwyn Company, based on the Saturday morning cartoon Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Here's Alvin, Simon and Theodore in their first feature film.


  • [To Brittany] You're lucky this is only a game! You'd never beat me if this were for real!
  • $100,000? This is fantastic!
  • [in a jungle, late at night] 3:00 in the morning, and Prince Theodore…has a craving for MUSHROOMS! I hope he chokes on 'em!
  • [To Brittany] Well, somebody has to win the race!
  • [To Dave] Please, Dave! I need a little culture in my life, the Eiffel Tower, the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre in Rome!
  • [to Klaus and Claudia Furschtein] $100,000? You're joking, right?
  • [To Klaus and Claudia] Don't "children" us!


  • [to Alvin, in Greece] Alright, Mr. Popularity! How much d’you wanna bet...we can out-rock-and-roll you?!
  • [while the Arabians carry her by the arms] If you don't put me down immediately, I'm gonna get very, very rough with you!


Alvin: [to Dave] Please, Dave! I need a little culture in my life, the Eiffel Tower, the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre in Rome!
Simon: [to Alvin] The Louvre is in Paris, Alvin.
Alvin: [to Dave] See? I don't even know where the louvre is! Please, take me with you, Dave.
Dave: Alvin, for the (very) last time, this is strictly a business trip, it's just not practical. Besides, I've hired someone very good to take care of you while I'm gone. [a car's tire screeches outside, and what sounds like garbage cans crashing are heard; Theodore groans and puts his head in his hand]
Simon: Did it have to be Miss. Miller, Dave?
Dave: Now, c’mon, fellas, she's a very nice woman.

Theodore: Since when did Alvin like playing "Around the World in 30 Days"?
Simon: Since he feels it's as close to a world trip as he'll ever get.

Alvin: You're lucky this is only a game! You'd never beat me if this was for REAL!
Brittany: Oh, is that so?
Alvin: Yeah, that's so! If I had the money, I'd race you around the world right now!

Alvin C’mon, Simon, help me out.
Simon: Absolutely not! I refuse to be a part of this deception.
Alvin: Ok, Theodore, it's you and me. We just need Dave to say: "Hello, Miss. Miller, I want Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, to meet me in Europe. Bye-bye." Is the tape recorder ready?
Theodore: I think so.
Simon: I can't believe you'd deceive Mrs Miller for a package of Tutti Frutti, Theodore.
Theodore: 2 packages.

Alvin: Hello? Dave! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you! Sure. Miss. Miller, it’s Dave. He wants to talk to you.
Miss. Miller: Hello? [Theodore presses a button and recording starts playing in reverse] Huh? [rubs her ear]
Simon: It's not your hearing aid, Miss. Miller.
Alvin: (laughs nervously) It’s a bad connection. [glares at Simon]
[Theodore presses a button and the recording starts playing in slow motion]
Dave: [tape recorder in slow motion] Hello, Miss. Miller...
Miss. Miller: David, are you drunk?
[Theodore presses a button, the recording plays it right, and then then faints]
Dave: [tape recorder] Hello, Miss. Miller. I want Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, to meet me in Europe. Bye-bye.
Miss. Miller: Could you repeat that David?

[The chipmunks arrive at Klaus and Claudia's mansion]
Alvin: Klaus and Claudia wanted us here at 2:00. I hope we're not too late.
Theodore: Simon, I feel kinda funny about tricking Miss. Miller.
Simon: It's called "guilt", Theodore.

Brittany: [to Alvin] So, Alvin, you finally showed up.
Alvin: [to Brittany] Well, somebody has to win the race!

[The chipmunks land in Mexico]
Theodore: Isn't Rio beautiful?
Simon: We're in Mexico, Theodore.
Theodore: Oh! That's what I mean.

Alvin: I love Athens. The nightlife, the girls, the excitement.
Simon: Alvin, you've never been to Athens.

Alvin: Brittany?
Brittany: Alvin, what’re you doing here?
Alvin: We're on our way to Istanbul. What are you doing here?
Brittany: We're on our way to Cairo.
Simon: Uh, have you guys had any, uh, trouble along the way?
Jeanette: Well, there was this guy...
Brittany: [covers Jeanette's mouth, shutting her up] Uh, we’ve had nothing but smooth sailing. And you?
Simon: Well, actually, I get the feeling...
Alvin: [covers Simon's mouth, shutting him up] It's been a piece of cake! The only problem we have is crowd control! We're the hottest act in rock-and-roll. But you don't have that problem, do you?
Jeanette: No.
Brittany: Sure, we do.
Alvin: (chuckles) No, you don't.
Brittany: Alright, Mr. Popularity! How much d’you wanna bet we can out-rock-and-roll you?
Simon: We've got to keep these two apart.
[Alvin and Brittany yank Simon and Jeanette away from each other; Theodore is just about to have his couscous and yalanchi donuts]
Alvin: [grabs Theodore and yanks him away] Come on, Theodore!
Theodore: But my couscous!

Jeanette: What's in the ice chest, Eleanor?
Eleanor: Oh, uh, just some cold treats and sandwiches.
Brittany: Oh, Elly! How can you think of food at a time like this?

Alvin: 3:00 in the morning, and Prince Theodore has a craving for mushrooms! I hope he chokes on 'em!
Simon: Alvin!
Alvin: Well, I've HAD IT! [throws down the mushroom plate to the ground in a fit of anger]
Simon: Hey, Alvin, look over here.
Alvin: What is it, Simon?
Simon: It's ancient writing that says: "Sacrifice the full moon on the Prince of Plenty." That doesn't make any sense. Oh, how silly of me! It's eyes before eats except after teeth. I got it reversed. It says: "Sacrifice the Prince of Plenty on the full moon."
[Full moon appears above them]
Alvin and Simon: [gasp] Oh, no!
Simon: They're going to sacrifice Theodore tonight!
Alvin: Over my dead body!
Simon: You mean, over our dead bodies.

Claudia: Children, oh, children. Oh, how good to see you, darling.
Alvin: Don't "children" us! [points spear at Klaus and Claudia]
Brittany: Yeah, we know all about the diamonds!

Alvin: Dave!
Dave: Huh?
Alvin: HELP! [car speeds off]
Dave: Somebody, help! My son's in trouble!
Inspector Jamal: Inspector Jamal. [shows Dave his identification card] Let's go.

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