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The Chipmunk Adventure is an animated film released in 1987 by The Samuel Goldwyn Company, based on the Saturday morning cartoon Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Here's Alvin, Simon and Theodore in their first feature film.


Dave: Now let's see...Shirts, pants, overcoats, socks...Am I forgetting everything?
Alvin: [rushes in] Me! [jumps on Theodore and landed on the suitcase]
Dave: Alvin, we've been through this a million times!
Alvin: [to Dave] Please, Dave! I need a little culture in my life, the Eiffel Tower, the Sistine Chapel, the Louvre in Rome!
Simon: The Louvre is in Paris, Alvin.
Alvin: [to Dave] See? I don't even know where the louvre is! Please, [grabs Dave's legs] take me with you, Dave!
Dave: Alvin, for the very last time, this is strictly a business trip, it's just not practical. Besides, I've hired someone very good to take care of you while I'm gone.
[A car's tire screeches outside, and what sounds like garbage cans crashing are heard; Theodore groans and puts his head in his hand]
Simon: Did it have to be Miss Miller, Dave?
Dave: Now, come on, fellas, she's a very nice woman.

Theodore: Since when does Alvin like playing Around the World in 30 Days?
Simon: Since he feels it's as close to a world trip as he'll ever get.

[After Alvin loses the Around the World in 30 Days arcade game to Brittany]
Brittany: [victoriously] Hooray! I won!
Alvin: [jealous] You're lucky this is only a game! You'd never beat me if this was for real!
Brittany: [offended] Oh, is that so?!
Alvin: Yeah, that so! If I had the money, I'd race you around the world right now!
Brittany: Oh, no, you can't!
Alvin: I haven't had something special in my life! You never let me win!
Claudia: [lightens up as she watches their argument and gets a devious idea] Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Klaus: Oh, don't be ridiculous. It's too dangerous. They're only children.
Claudia: Exactly. Who would suspect them?
Klaus: No, Claudia, it's out of the question.
Claudia: [slams on the table] Listen to me, Klaus! If you think I'm going to let you botch up this deal like you did the last one...
Klaus: Must you keep reminding me?! I underestimated Jamal! It won't happen again!
Claudia: [strictly] You bet, it won't! We're doing things my way this time!
Brittany: Well, unless you inherit a fortune, Alvin, I guess we'll never know.

Alvin: Come on, Simon. Help me out.
Simon: [firmly] Absolutely not. I refuse to be a part of this deception.
Alvin: Okay, Theodore, it's you and me. We just need Dave to say: "Hello, Miss Miller, I want Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, to meet me in Europe. Bye-bye." Is the tape recorder ready?
Theodore: [wrapped around in recording tape; nervously] I think so.
Simon: I can't believe you'd deceive Miss Miller for a package of Tutti Frutti, Theodore.
Theodore: Two packages. [holds them out]
Alvin: What could be better? An all-expense-paid trip around the world and a chance at winning $100,000. Besides, we'll be back before Dave gets home.
Simon: Do you realize it's 3:00 in the morning where Dave is?
Alvin: Exactly. [begins dialing the number] He'll be putty in my hands.

Alvin: [grabs the phone and pretends to talk to Dave] Hello? Dave! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you! Sure. Miss Miller, it's Dave. He wants to talk to you.
Miss Miller: Hello? [Theodore accidentally presses the "Reverse" button and the message starts playing in reverse] Huh? [rubs her ear]
Simon: It's not your hearing aid, Miss Miller.
Alvin: [laughs nervously] It's a bad connection. [glares at Simon]
[Theodore presses the "Slow" button and the recording starts playing in slow-motion]
Dave: [recording in slow-motion] Hello, Miss Miller...
[Alvin facepalms]
Miss Miller: David, are you drunk?
[Theodore presses the "Play" button and faints as the recording plays normally]
Dave: [recording] Hello, Miss Miller. I want Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, to meet me in Europe. Bye-bye.
[As Alvin grabs the cereal box]
Miss Miller: Could you repeat that, David?
[Alvin groans and throws the cereal box in frustration, we fade to black; Later, a taxi drops off the Chipmunks at the Furschtein's mansion]
Alvin: Klaus and Claudia wanted us here at 2:00. I hope we're not too late.
Theodore: Simon, I feel kinda funny about tricking Miss Miller.
Simon: It's called, "guilt", Theodore.

Jeanette: [to Simon] Simon, which route do you think we should take to Bermuda?
Simon: Well, if you insist on going, don't take the east-turning route. I heard on the news that there's a hurricane coming in that direction.
Brittany: Thank you for your advice, Simon. [drags Jeanette away] What a liar! He's getting as bad as Alvin.
Jeanette: But what if he's telling the truth, Brittany?
Brittany: Oh, Jeanette, don't be so naive. He's just saying that because our route is shorter, and he doesn't want us to win.

[As the Chipmunks land in Mexico...]
Theodore: Isn't Rio beautiful?
Simon: We're in Mexico, Theodore.
Theodore: Oh! That's what I mean.
Simon: Alvin, land the balloon by the fountain. [their balloon instead lands in a tree] Like I said, in the tree. Your first drop-off is the Cluck 'N Taco.
Alvin: You mean our first drop-off.
Simon: [wisely] I'm only along to see you don't get into too much trouble.
Theodore: [sees the restaurant up ahead] Hey, there it is! The Cluck 'N Taco! [runs up to a counter] I'll have two cheese enchiladas with extra sauce, and a tostada grande, oh, and a quesadilla with a side of guacamole, uh, two chile...
Simon: [setting him down] They're closed, Theodore.
Alvin: [at another counter, where a mechanical sombrero is located] Oh, fellas!
Simon: The instructions say to drop the doll under the little sombrero.
[Alvin places the Alvin doll under the sombrero which covers it and brings it inside the restaurant; The Chipmunks watch while they wait; The sombrero then returns and uncovers the Brittany doll]
Alvin: [grabs the Brittany doll] Well, what do you know? One down, and eleven to go!
Theodore: And one quesa... [the window is quickly shut] ...dilla.
Simon: Forget it, Theodore.
Alvin: [chuckles] And you thought we were gonna have trouble.

[The Chipmunks and Chipettes end up meeting each other in Athens, Greece]
Alvin: I love Athens. The nightlife, the girls, the excitement.
Simon: Alvin, you've never been to Athens.
Alvin: Well, it looks like a city I would love.
Theodore: [gasps as he spots a nearby food stand and tiptoes over; to the merchant] I'll have a large order of couscous, and two yalanchi donuts. Quickly, please!
[Alvin grabs an apple from a fruit stand, but someone else has a grip on it, and gets into a tug-of-war]
Brittany: [off-screen] I saw it first!
Alvin: [surprised] Brittany?!
Brittany: [also surprised] Alvin? What are you doing here?
Alvin: We're on our way to Istanbul. What are you doing here?
Brittany: We're on our way to Cairo.
Simon: Uh, have you guys had any, uh, trouble along the way?
Jeanette: Well, there was this guy...
Brittany: [covers Jeanette's mouth shut] Uh, we've had nothing but smooth sailing. And you?
Simon: Well, actually, I get the feeling...
Alvin: [covers Simon's mouth shut] It's been a piece of cake! The only problem we have is crowd control! [finally snatches the apple from Brittany] We're the hottest act in rock-and-roll. But you don't have that problem, do you?
Jeanette: No.
Brittany: Sure, we do.
Alvin: [chuckles] No, you don't.
Brittany: [angrily, as Eleanor tries to hold her back] All right, Mr. Popularity, how much you wanna bet we can out-rock-and-roll you?!
[Alvin tips his hat as a bet]
Simon: [to Jeanette] We've got to keep these two apart.
[Alvin and Brittany yank Simon and Jeanette away from each other; Theodore is just about to have his plate of couscous and yalanchi donuts]
Alvin: [grabs Theodore and yanks him away] Come on, Theodore!
Theodore: But my couscous!

Jeanette: What's in the ice chest, Eleanor?
Eleanor: Oh, uh, just some cold treats and sandwiches.
Brittany: Oh, Elly! How can you think of food at a time like this?!

Alvin: What's going on?
Simon: Uh, if I'm translating correctly, I think they said that Theodore is their long-lost Prince of Plenty.
Alvin: [ecstatically] Prince of Plenty? Now, you're talking.
Simon: And the only way for us to live, is to be his slaves.
Alvin: [offended] Slaves?! Forget it! [tries to leave, but the natives blocks him with their spears, causing him to lift the chair; nervously to Theodore] Where to, Your Royalness?

[Alvin and Simon are collecting mushrooms in a nearby cave for "Prince Theodore"]
Alvin: 3:00 in the morning and Prince Theodore has a craving for mushrooms! I hope he chokes on 'em!
Simon: Alvin!
Alvin: Well, I've HAD IT! [throws down the mushroom plate to the ground in a fit of anger]
Simon: [finds a series of Ancient ideograms on the walls] Hey, Alvin, look over here.
Alvin: What is it, Simon?
Simon: It's ancient writing that says: "Sacrifice the full moon on the Prince of Plenty." That doesn't make any sense. Oh, how silly of me! It's eyes before eats except after teeth. I got it reversed. It says: "Sacrifice the Prince of Plenty on the full moon."
[A full moon shines in the sky above them]
Alvin and Simon: [gasp in alarm] Oh, no!
Simon: They're going to sacrifice Theodore tonight!
Alvin: Over my dead body!
[The Chipmunks are then seen hanging above a pit of crocodiles while being tied up]
Simon: [annoyed] You mean, over our dead bodies.

[The Chipmunks and Chipettes arrive at the Los Angeles International Airport and their hot air balloon crashes into a plane's wing while the Furschtein siblings wait on the landing strip for their arrival]
Claudia: [sees their balloon] There they are! [the kids crash land on the pavement as she and Klaus walk over to them] Children! Oh, children! Oh, how good to see you, darlings!
Alvin: Don't "children" us! [fiercely points the spear at them]
Brittany: Yeah, we know all about the diamonds!

Claudia: [calling out to the Chipmunks and Chipettes] Oh, wait! I have a message from Miss Miller! [the kids stop, bumping into one another; approaching them] Hand over the dolls, and do as we say if you ever want to see your babysitter again!
Alvin: [thinking about it] Hmm.
Simon: [angrily] Alvin!

[The Furschtein siblings lead the Chipmunks and the Chipettes to their car, where the kids find Mario bounded and gagged]
Claudia: I'm sure you know Sophie, but I don't think you've met Mario. He has a tendency to talk too much.
Klaus: [shoving Alvin aboard their car] Get in!
Alvin: [as his cap is blown off his head by the wind] Hey! My cap!
[The cap lands in front of Dave]
Dave: [picks up the cap] Hey, this cap look like Alvin's.
Alvin: Dave!
Dave: [turns around] Huh?
Alvin: HELP!
[The car speeds off]
Dave: Somebody, help! My son's in trouble!
Inspector Jamal: Inspector Jamal. [shows Dave his identification card] Let's go.

Claudia: In a few minutes, we'll be on our private jet to Costa Rica. [to Klaus] Here's to me. [she and Klaus see Miss Miller approaching them in her convertible and brace themselves for impact]
Miss Miller: [alarmed] Oh, good heavens! [swerves out of the way]
[The Furschteins' car crashes into a lamppost; Claudia and Klaus are wounded up on the floor, moaning next to Mario]
Theodore: You should have been wearing your seat belts.
Miss Miller: [sees her car mirror falls off] Huh? [sobs hysterically] MY CAR!!! [angrily storms out of the vehicle] I HOPE YOU HAVE INSURANCE, BUSTER! Huh? [looks the right way to where the villains' wrecked car is] Never in all my life have I seen such reckless driving!
Chipmunks: [poking their heads out of the window] Miss Miller?
Miss Miller: [gasps in surprise] Boys?
[Inspector Jamal and Dave arrive at the wreckage]
Dave: [getting out of the car] Kids!
Chipmunks and Chipettes: [running out of the car] Dave! You're here! [they all hug Dave]
Alvin: Oh, it's so good to see you, Dave! Uh, I think.
Inspector Jamal: [spots the groaning Furschtein siblings; smugly] Well, if it isn't my old friends, Klaus and Claudia.
Klaus: [disappointed, raises the glass with sarcasm, to his sister] Here's to you, Claudia. [gets cuffed]
[Inspector Jamal puts the Furschtein siblings in a police car as they're arrested]
Claudia: [sticking out of the car window as one of the officers tangles with a vicious Sophie] If so much as one hair is out of place on my Sophie, you'll live to regret it!
Miss Miller: [sobbing] I can understand this deception from Alvin, but not you, Theodore. [continues to sob, and blows her nose on Theodore's cloak with a honking noise]
Theodore: [also tearfully] I'm sorry, Miss Miller.

[Last lines]
Alvin: Hey, what about my $100,000?!
Brittany: Your $100,000? We won the race!
Alvin: Oh, yeah?
Brittany: Yeah.
Alvin: Oh, yeah?
Dave: [unimpressed] All right, you two. We've got a lot of talking to do. [walks them over to Miss Miller's convertible]
Alvin and Brittany: Yes, Dave.
Simon: Maybe you should let Dave drive, Miss Miller.
Miss Miller: I wouldn't think of it. Besides, driving relaxes me. [as Dave puts Alvin and Brittany both in the backseat with their siblings] Get in, David.
[Dave sits in the front seat and they start to drive home]
Alvin: [pleading] But, Dave, they promised us $100,000.
Dave: Not now, Alvin.
Alvin: But, they've got $5,000,000 in diamonds! [leans towards him] Don't we get anything?!
Dave: [annoyed] Alvin.
Alvin: But, we've just cracked a huge smuggling ring!
Miss Miller: [shouts as they drive off down the highway, into the sunset] Shut up, Alvin!
Alvin: Okay, okay. We'll give you half.

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