The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe on Disney+ in British 2005 film high fantasy about four children named Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy Pevensie who travel through a wardrobe to the land of Narnia and learn of their destiny to free it with the guidance of a lion messiah.

Directed by Andrew Adamson. Written by Ann Peacock, Andrew Adamson, Christopher Markus, and Stephen McFeely, based on the novel by C.S. Lewis.
Some journeys take us far from home. Some adventures lead us to our destiny. (taglines)


  • Welcome Peter, son of Adam. Welcome Susan and Lucy, daughters of Eve. And welcome to you, Beavers. You have my thanks. But where is the fourth?
  • If the witch knew the true meaning of sacrifice, she might have interpreted the Deep Magic differently, for when a willing victim has committed no treachery is killed in a traitor’s stead, the stone table will crack and even death itself will turn backwards.
  • [to Peter] Peter, there is a Deep Magic more powerful than any of us that rules over all of Narnia. It defines right from wrong, and governs all our destinies. Yours... and mine.
  • To the glistening Eastern sea, I give you Queen Lucy, the Valiant. To the great Western Wood, King Edmund the Just. To the radiant Southern sun, Queen Susan, the Gentle; and to the clear Northern sky I give you King Peter, the Magnificent. Once a king or queen of Narnia, always a king or queen. May your wisdom grace us 'til the stars rain down from the heavens.
  • Peter, clean your sword. Relax.

Lucy Pevensie

  • Narnia! It's all in the wardrobe just like I told you!
  • [To Edmund] That's alright, some little children just don't know when to stop pretending.

Peter Pevensie

  • [to Mr. Beaver] I think you've made a mistake. We're not heroes!

Susan Pevensie

  • Look, just because some man in a red coat hands you a sword it doesn't make you a hero! Just drop it!

Edmund Pevensie

  • [After Susan throws a snowball at him, which hits him in the shoulder] Ow! Stop it!

Mr. Tumnus

  • It was the White Witch. She was the one who made it always winter, always cold. She gave orders.

White Witch

  • Tonight, the Deep Magic will be appeased. But tomorrow, we will take Narnia... forever!


Lucy: [holds out her hand] Pleased to meet you.
[Mr. Tumnus looks at her hand curiously]
Lucy: Oh, you shake it.
Mr. Tumnus: Why?
Lucy: I…I don't know. People do that when they meet each other.

Edmund: Well, I believe you.
Lucy: You do?
Edmund: Yeah, of course. Didn't I tell you about the football field in the bathroom cupboard?
Peter: Oh, will you just stop. You just have to make everything worse, don't you?
Edmund: It's just a joke.
Peter: When are you gonna learn to grow up?
Edmund: SHUT UP! YOU THINK YOU'RE DAD, BUT YOU'RE NOT! [Edmund runs out of the room]
Susan: Well, that was nicely handled. [Susan leaves the room as well]

Mr. Tumnus: If... If you're not going to eat that... I'd get up, but... but my legs.
Edmund: Mr. Tumnus.
Mr. Tumnus: What's left of him. You're Lucy Pevensie's brother.
Edmund: I'm Edmund.
Mr. Tumnus: Yes. Yes, you have the same nose. Is your sister all right? Is she safe?
Edmund: I don't know.
White Witch: My police tore that dam apart. Your little family are nowhere to be found. Where did they go?
Edmund: I don't know!
White Witch: Then you're of no further use to me.
Edmund: Wait! The beaver said something about Aslan!
White Witch: Aslan? Where?
Edmund: I...
Mr. Tumnus: He's a stranger here, Your Majesty. He can't be expected to know anything.
White Witch: I said, where is Aslan?
Edmund: I... I don't know. I left before they said anything. I wanted to see you!
White Witch: Guard!
Guard: Your Majesty.
White Witch: Release the faun. Do you know why you're here, faun?
Mr. Tumnus: Because I believe in a free Narnia.
White Witch: You're here because he turned you in for sweeties. Take him upstairs and ready my sleigh. Edmund misses his family.

Peter: Hold onto me!
Susan: Lucy! Lucy!

Ginarrbrik: It's so warm out. I'll go and check the sleigh.
Wolf: Your Majesty. We found the traitor. He was rallying your enemies near the Shuddering Woods.
White Witch: Ah. Nice of you to drop in. You were so helpful to my wolves last night. Perhaps you can help me now.
Fox: Forgive me, Your Majesty.
White Witch: Oh, don't waste my time with flattery.
Fox: Not to seem rude, but I wasn't actually talking to you.
White Witch: Where are the humans headed?
Edmund: Wait! No! Don't. The beaver said something about the Stone Table, and that Aslan had an army there.
White Witch: An army? Thank you, Edmund. I'm glad this creature got to see some honesty before he dies.
Edmund: No!
White Witch: Think about whose side you're on, Edmund, mine or theirs? Go on ahead, gather the faithful. If it's a war Aslan wants, it's a war he shall get.

Mrs. Macready: You, children, are one shenanigan shy of sleeping in the stables! Professor, I'm sorry. I told them you were not to be disturbed.
Professor Kirke: It's alright, Mrs. Macready. I'm sure that there's an explanation. But, first of all, I think this one is in need of a little hot chocolate.
Mrs. Macready: Yes, Professor. [to Lucy] Come along, dear.
Professor Kirke: [clears throat] You seem to have upset the delicate internal balance of my housekeeper.
Peter: We're very sorry, sir. It won't happen again.
Susan: It's our sister, sir. Lucy.
Professor Kirke: The weeping girl.
Susan: Yes, sir. She's upset.
Professor Kirke: Hence the weeping.
Peter: It's nothing. We can handle it!
Professor Kirke: [sarcastically] Oh, I can see that.
Susan: She thinks she's found a magical land. In the upstairs wardrobe.
Professor Kirke: What did you say?
Peter: Um, the wardrobe, upstairs. Lucy thinks she's found a forest inside.
Susan: She won't stop going on about it.
Professor Kirke: What was it like?
Susan: Like talking to a lunatic.
Professor Kirke: No, no, no, not her. The forest.
Peter: You're not saying you believe her?
Professor Kirke: You don't?
Susan: But, of course not! I mean, logically, it's impossible.
Professor Kirke: What do they teach in schools these days?
Peter: Edmund said they were only pretending.
Professor Kirke: And he's usually the more truthful one, is he?
Peter: No. This would be the first time.
Professor Kirke: Well, if she's not mad and she's not lying, then logically, we must assume she's telling the truth.
Peter: You're saying that we should just believe her?
Professor Kirke: She's your sister, isn't she? You're her family! You might just try acting like one!

Edmund: Why can't we play hide-and-seek again?
Peter: I thought you said it was a kids' game.
Susan: Besides, we could all use the fresh air.
Edmund: It's not like there isn't air inside....

Mrs. Macready: Professor Kirke is not accustomed to having children in this house. And as such, there are a few rules we need to follow. There will be no shouting or running, no improper use of the dumbwaiter...NO...touching of the historical artifacts! And above all, there shall be no disturbing of the professor.

White Witch: Tell me, Edmund. Are your sisters deaf?
Edmund: No.
White Witch: And your brother. Is he unintelligent?
Edmund: Well, I think so. But Mum says...
White Witch: [gets up from her throne, furious] Then HOW DARE YOU COME ALONE?!
Edmund: I tried!
White Witch: Edmund, I asked so little of you.
Edmund: They just don't listen to me!
White Witch: You couldn't even do that.
Edmund: I did bring them halfway. They're at the little dam with the Beavers.
White Witch: Well. I suppose you're not a total loss then, are you?
Edmund: Well, I was wondering, could I maybe have some more Turkish delight now?
White Witch: [to Ginarrbrik] Our guest is hungry!
Ginarrbrik: This way for your num-nums.
White Witch: Maugrim? You know what to do.

Mr. Beaver: Look. Aslan's return, Tumnus' arrest, the secret police, it's all happening because of you!
Susan: You're blaming us?
Mrs. Beaver: No, not blaming. Thanking you.
Mr. Beaver: There's a prophecy. "When Adam's Flesh and Adam's bone sits in Cair Paravel in throne, the evil time will be over and done."
Susan: You know, that doesn't really rhyme.
Mr. Beaver: Yeah, I know it don't, but you're kind of missing the point!

Edmund: Ow! Stop it!
Peter: You little liar!
Edmund: You didn't believe her, either!
Peter: Apologize to Lucy. Say you're sorry.
Edmund: All right, I'm sorry!
Lucy: That's alright. Some little children just don't know when to stop pretending.
Edmund: Oh, very funny.
Susan: Maybe we should go back?
Edmund: But should we at least take a look around?
Peter: I think Lucy should decide.
Lucy: I'd like you all to meet Mr. Tumnus!
Peter: Well, then, Mr. Tumnus, it is!

Wolf: Please, don't try to run. We're tired. And we prefer to kill you. Quickly.
Peter: Get back!
Aslan: No! Stay your weapon. This is Peter's battle. Peter!
Aslan: After him. He'll lead you to Edmund. Peter, clean your sword. Rise, Sir Peter Wolf-Bane, Knight of Narnia.

Susan: Do you think we'll need jam?
Peter: Only if the Witch serves toast!

Edmund: Fire!
Mr. Beaver: Yes!
Peter: Fall back! Draw them to the rocks!
Susan: Where are you going?
Aslan: Hang on!

Mrs. Beaver: You've been sneaking second helpings, haven't you?
Mr. Beaver: Well, you never know if your next meal's going to be your last. Especially with your cooking.

White Witch: I have no interest in prisoners. Kill them all.
Mr. Beaver: Go on!
Peter: For Narnia and for Aslan!

Aslan: That is Cair Paravel, Castle of the four thrones. In one of which you will sit, Peter, as High King. [Peter looks down] You doubt the prophecy?
Peter: No, that's just it. Aslan, I'm not who you think I am.
Aslan: Peter Pevensie, formerly of Finchley. Beaver also mentioned that you planned on turning him into a hat. [chuckles] Peter, there is a deep magic more powerful than any of us that rules over all of Narnia. It defines right from wrong, and governs all our destinies. Yours, and mine.
Peter: But I couldn't reach out over my own family.
Aslan: You brought them safely this far.
Peter: Not all of them.
Aslan: Peter, I will do what I can to help your brother, but I need you to consider what I ask of you. I, too, want my family safe.

Aslan: The glistening Eastern Sea, I give you Queen Lucy the Valiant. The great Western Wood, King Edmund the Just. The radiant Southern Sun, Queen Susan, the Gentle and the clear Northern Sky, I give you King Peter, the Magnificent.
All: Long live King Peter! Long live King Edmund! Long live Queen Susan! Long live Queen Lucy!

[The children step outside, they hear rustles from the bushes. Mr. Beaver approaches.]
Lucy: It's a beaver.
Peter: [Holds out his hand, approaching Mr. Beaver and clicking his tongue] Here, boy. Come here.
Mr. Beaver: [stares at it then sits upright] Well, I ain't gonna smell it, if that's what you want!

White Witch: You have a traitor in your midst, Aslan.
Aslan: His offense was not against you.
White Witch: Have you forgotten the sacred laws upon which Narnia was built?
Aslan: [snarling] Do not cite the Deep Magic to me, Witch! I was there when it was written.
White Witch: Then you'll remember well that every traitor belongs to me. His blood is my property.
Peter: Try and take him, then.
White Witch: Do you think that mere force will deny me my right, little king? Aslan knows that unless I have blood, as the law demands, all of Narnia will be overturned and perish in fire and water. That boy will die on the Stone Table as is tradition. You dare not refuse me.
Aslan: Enough! I shall talk with you alone.



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