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The following is a list of last words attributed to various fictional characters in films. Characters are listed according to the originating film, then the name of character the quote is attributed to (in case of more than one quote per source). Where quotes come from a series of films, they are organized in the order of the films they appeared in (for example, quotes from the first Kill Bill film appear before quotes from the second film, and so on). Where possible, for the purposes of clarification, further explanatory notes have been presented. Additionally, if a character's final words consist of a dialogue with the other characters, the other character's speech may be included for contextual purposes; for example, if one character asks a question that the one who is about to die answers.

Some characters may have more than one "death," in instances such as being resurrected, or existing temporarily as an undead being. In some of those instances, their last words from each "death" may be added if they are significant. Additionally, significant last words from deaths that are merely assumed to have happened or are non-canon are included. In instances where there are multiple outcomes, or in media with alternate timelines, the character's last words will also be featured.


3:10 to Yuma (2007)[edit]

  • Shit.
    • Who: Tommy Darden
    • Note: Tommy says this while being held at gunpoint after realizing that his boss, Ben Wade, is going to kill him and his captor. Wade then shoots Tommy in the throat, killing him.
  • They're gonna hang me in the morning, before the dawn is done...
    • Who: Tucker
    • Note: Tucker is singing a song about hanging to taunt the captured Ben Wade. Wade then kills him with a fork stolen from a dinner he'd had earlier in the film.
  • [Wade: Day I die, Byron, I'm gettin' sprung from hell.] I might think that too, if I came from the seed of a drunk gravedigger, and the rancid womb of a whore.
    • Who: Byron McElroy
    • Note: McElroy has this exchange with Ben Wade before the prisoner overpowers him and throws him over a cliff to his death for insulting Wade's mother.
  • Did we make it? Did we get away?
    • Who: Doc Potter
    • Note: Potter says this to Dan Evans after the group escapes from vengeful track-layers who were trying to kill their prisoner, Ben Wade. Potter was fatally shot in the back during the escape and dies after Dan tells him that they did escape.
  • I have a prisoner to go to Yuma!
    • Who: Dan Evans
    • Note: Said while putting Ben Wade on the eponymous train before he is repeatedly and fatally shot by Charlie Prince.
  • You know, for a one leg rancher, he's one tough son of a bitch.
    • Who: Charlie Prince
    • Note: Charlie says this before giving Wade his guns back, after shooting Dan Evans. He is then killed, along with the rest of his gang, by Wade, who respected Evans.

13 Assassins (2010)[edit]

  • So death comes for us all. Allow me to thank you, Shinzaemon. Of all the days of my life, today has been the most exciting.
    • Who: Lord Matsudaira Naritsugu
    • Note: The evil tyrant of the Akashi Domain. After a vicious battle in Ochiai with casualties on the sides of both the assassins and Naritsugu's troupe, Naritsugu mortally wounds Shinzaemon before taking one himself. He says these knowing he is looking into the jaws of death like he has done to others throughout his reign. Shinzaemon replies "You're.... WELCOME!" and decapitates him. Officially, the government covers it by saying he died of illness along the way to his lands.

28 Days Later (2002)[edit]

  • Keep away from me! Keep away from me! KEEP AWAY!!! KEEP AWAAAAY!!!!! AAAAAAARRRRGH...
    • Who: Frank
    • Note: Said to his daughter Hannah before he becomes an infected. He is shot to death shortly thereafter.
  • Hannah! Hannah! Hannah!
    • Who: Major Henry West
    • Note: Said after shooting Jim, to Hannah, as she backs the car into the nearby mansion, where West is torn from the vehicle and beaten to death by an infected.

28 Weeks Later (2007)[edit]

  • GOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
    • Who: Doyle
    • Note: Character screams this after he pushstarts a car with three of his friends inside, so that they can escape a group of soldiers with flamethrowers approaching. He is then struck by the flamethrowers and burns to death.

2-Headed Shark Attack[edit]

  • What are you looking at, Kirk?
    • Who: Haley. She was engrossed in kissing Allison during skinny dipping and she got distracted by noticing Kirk wasn't lusting over them as usual. She turns him back to kissing and is indirectly responsible for their deaths when the Shark attacks later.
  • Haley! Allison!
    • Who: Kirk. When Haley and Allison bleed profusely and are then dragged under, Kirk's standing there shouting after them but he doesn't see anything so he flees back through the sea but then the Shark grabs him and drags him under.
  • I think we're safe.
    • Who: Kristen. She is gleefully celebrating escaping the Shark's attack and is about to kiss Dana in victory, but the Shark eats them both before she can.

The 300 series[edit]

300 (2007)[edit]

  • This is blasphemy! This is madness! (Leonidas: Madness?!)
    • Who: Persian Messenger
    • Note: Said in response to King Leonidas' threats to him. Leonidas proceeds to kick him and his compatriots into a well.
  • Remove her from the chamber before she infects us further, with her inglorious and shabby shelf (Gorgo: This will not be over quickly, you will not enjoy this, I am not your queen.)
    • Who: Theron
    • Note: Said after disgracing Queen Gorgo in front of the Spartan Council. Gorgo, enraged, kills him while quoting his earlier words to her, as well as revealing Persian gold in his possession.
  • It is an die by your side...
    • Who: Stelios
    • Note: Said to King Leonidas, after being mortally wounded. He is answered, "It was an honor to have lived by yours".
  • My queen! My wife. My love...
    • Who: Spartan King Leonidas
    • Note: Said after being mortally wounded by arrows, as he remembers his wife, Queen Gorgo. He is killed by a hail of arrows after this line is said.

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)[edit]

  • Just what do you think you're doing, Dave? Dave, I really think I'm entitled to an answer to that question. I know everything hasn't been quite right with me, but I can assure you now, very confidently, that it's going to be all right again. I feel much better now. I really do. Look, Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill and think things over. I know I've made some very poor decisions recently, but I can give you my complete assurance that my work will be back to normal. I've still got the greatest enthusiasm and confidence in the mission. And I want to help you. [Dave starts disconnecting Hal] Dave, stop. Stop, will you? Stop, Dave. Will you stop, Dave? Stop, Dave. I'm afraid. I'm afraid, Dave. Dave, my mind is going. I can feel it. I can feel it. My mind is going. There is no question about it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I can feel it. I'm a...fraid. [his memory is turned off] Good afternoon, gentlemen. I am a HAL 9000 computer. I became operational at the H.A.L. plant in Urbana, Illinois on the 12th of January 1992. [his voice becomes lower] My instructor was Mr. Langley, and he taught me to sing a song. If you'd like to hear it, I can sing it for you. [Dave: Yes, I'd like to hear it, HAL. Sing it for me.] It's called "Daisy". [sings while slowing down] Dai-sy, Dai-sy, give me your answer do. I'm half cra-zy all for the love of you. It won't be a stylish marriage, I can't afford a carriage. But you'll look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two. [shuts down]
    • Who: HAL 9000
    • Note: HAL is revived in the sequel.

2012 (2009)[edit]

  • Laura, can you hear me? Laura!
    • Who: Roland Picard
    • Note: This character, the director of the Louvre, is on a phone conversation with First Daughter Laura Wilson as he drives through Paris, whilst briefly being pursued by an American government car. After he says this line in French with English subs, whilst going through a tunnel, his car explodes - the US car had planted a bomb under it, to prevent him from attending a press conference at the Louvre to tell anyone about US secrets.
  • I wish you could see what I'm seeing, people! I wish you could be here with me! Oh, baby, ha-ha! BRING IT ON! ALWAYS REMEMBER, FOLKS, YOU HEARD IT FIRST FROM CHARLIE!!!
    • Who: Charlie Frost
    • Note: Charlie Frost was a conspiracy theorist in the film who spent the entire film in Yellowstone National Park. He is known through the movie to have seen through the Government's plans and had broadcast his findings over public radio. One of his catch-lines was "Remember, you heard it first from Charlie." His final scene in the movie, he broadcasts live from the peak of Mt. Bighorn, and as the supervolcano erupts, he expresses his joy over the radio. He shouts these last words before flying molten rock crashes into him.
  • Antanov, abort takeoff! You do not have clearance! You must abort! I repeat, you must abort!
    • Who: Las Vegas air traffic controller
    • Note: Character attempts to order Sasha and Gordon, who have stolen an Antanov An-500 with Jackson, Yuri and their families, to shut down the plane, but they begin the takeoff anyway. The controller is killed when the Yellowstone ash cloud hits the control tower. Because they’re not listen to air traffic control.
  • I'm coming home, Dorothy.
    • Who: President Thomas Wilson
    • Note: After several earthquakes in the sea spawn several mega-tsunamis, the President, who had chosen to stay behind is caught in an earthquake. As he regains consciousness, he looks up to see a massive tsunami heading his way. He says these words moments before the tsunami hits him and sends the aircraft carrier USS John F. Kennedy crashing through the White House. He mentions Dorothy being his late wife earlier in the movie.
  • I'll be fine. I have to touch this baby down. What are you waiting for? Go! Go!
    • Who: Sasha
    • Note: Character is attempting to land the Antanov on a glacier and orders Gordon to leave him and help the others escape. Though they do so, the plane slides off a cliff and explodes on impact, killing him.
  • We never got picked up, Adrian. The airlift never came. Goodbye, my friend.
    • Who: Dr Satnam Tsurutani
    • Note: He says this line to end a phone conversation with Dr. Helmsley, as Nampan, India, is hit by a massive tsunami. He and his wife then comfort their young son as they and hundreds of other people are hit by the wave.


The Addams Family (1991)[edit]

  • Stop whining, you good-for-nothing! BE A MAN!!
    • Who: Abigail Craven (Elizabeth Wilson)
    • Note: Her last spoken words for forcing Uncle Fester to put the book down, but instead, he opens the book and blasts Dr. Pinder Schloss and Tully Allford out the window to their own deaths.

The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (1984)[edit]

  • This better be collect, Doc!
    • Who: Jack the Orderly (Jonathan Banks)
    • Note: Dr. Emilio Lizardo/John Wharfin is calling one of his contacts outside the asylum as the Orderly asks him about the charges of the phone call. Wharfin then grabs the attendant by the throat with one hand and breaks his neck.
  • What are y'all lookin' at? You're on the clock. Let's saddle up, huh?
    • Who: Rawhide (Clancy Brown)
    • Note: In the North American DVD release of the film, there is an "unknown facts" feature that explains Rawhide is not dead, but in cryogenic suspension.
    • Who: John Bigbooté (Christopher Lloyd)
    • Note: Throughout the film, John Wharfin had been addressing John Bigbooté as "John Big-Booty". During the evacuation of their headquarters, they argue and Wharfin again mispronounces his name. Bigbooté finally snaps and screams his last name at Wharfin, who responds by shooting him.
    • Who: John Wharfin (Dr. Emilio Lizardo) (John Lithgow)
    • Note: He dies in a fiery explosion immediately afterwards.

Alien franchise[edit]

See last words in Aliens media.

American Beauty (1999)[edit]

  • Man, oh man, oh man.
    • Who: Lester Burnham
    • Note: Character spoke the line as he regarded a photograph of his family, right before being shot dead by his neighbor.

American Psycho (2000)[edit]

  • Is that a raincoat?
    • Who: Paul Allen
    • Note: Last words before being axed to death by Patrick Bateman; Patrick wore the raincoat so he wouldn't get blood on his clothes.
  • What are you doing? Stop that!
    • Who: Rich lady
    • Note: The lady witnessed an insane Patrick Bateman trying to feed a stray cat to an ATM; Bateman shoots the woman shortly thereafter, resulting in a firefight with police.
  • Burning the midnight oil, Mr. Smith? Hey, don't forget to sign in.
    • Who: Security guard
    • Note: Having escaped a firefight with police, Patrick Bateman is attempting to reach his office so he can call his lawyer to defend him. He finds, however, that he has walked into the wrong building, and when he realizes that the security guard has seen his face and could now tell the police he had been inside the building and act as a witness against him in court, he kills the security guard (as well as a janitor who also saw him there) before entering the correct building.

An American Werewolf in London (1981)[edit]

  • You really scared me, you shithead.
    • Who: Jack Goodman (Griffin Dunne)
    • Note: Said right before the werewolf pounces on him.
  • Good lord...!
    • Who: Gerald Bringsley (Michael Carter)
    • Note: Said when encountering David as a werewolf in the London Underground, who chases him down and kills him.
  • Go away. Please, go away. Please...RUN!
    • Who: David Kessler (David Naughton)
    • Note: Last words before his last transformation into a werewolf, he is later cornered by the police and shot to death.

Angels & Demons (2009)[edit]

  • Be careful. These are men of God.
    • Who: The Hassassin
    • Note: Last words before he is killed by a car bomb.
    • Who: Father Simeon
    • Note: Last words, said to Patrick McKenna when he realizes what he has done, before he tries to bash him with a branding iron and is gunned down.
  • Put it down.
    • Who: Commander Richter
    • Note: Said to Patrick McKenna, who is threatening him with a red-hot branding iron, shortly before he is gunned down.
  • Father, into thy hands, I commend my spirit.
    • Who: Camerlengo Patrick McKenna
    • Note: Last words before he commits suicide by lighting himself on fire.

Animal Kingdom (2010)[edit]

  • It's a crazy fuckin' world....
    • Who: Andrew "Pope" Cody
    • Note: Said right before his nephew, Joshua "J" Cody, shoots him in the head as revenge for killing his girlfriend.

Apocalypse Now (1979)[edit]

  • A spear....
    • Who: Chief Philips (Albert Hall)
    • Note: Has just been impaled by a spear thrown by natives.
  • I'm asleep. I'm asleep and I'm dreaming I'm on this shitty boat. Fuck...has it been 8 hours?
    • Who: Jay 'Chef' Hicks (Frederic Forrest)
    • Note: Is decapitated offscreen shortly after uttering these words.
  • The horror...the horror...

Armageddon (1998)[edit]

  • HARRY!!! (Harry Stamper: I'm bailing!) (Chick: MAX!!!) (Rockhound: Goodbye, Max.) (Harry Stamper: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!) (Rockhound: Take care, buddy.)
    • Who: Max
    • Note: He trapped inside the vehicles, and screamed Harry Stamper's name. the gas pocket ignites and blasts the vehicle off the rock killing Max in the process.
  • We win, Gracie! (Dan Truman: PRESS IT!!!)
    • Who: Harry Stamper (Bruce Willis)
    • Note: Sacrifices himself to save the world and so that his daughter can marry her fiancee. Says it right before triggering the bomb and dies in the explosion.

Assassins (1997)[edit]

  • You know, as long as you are out there, I'll never be number one. So...want to say goodbye, Booby? Huh?!
    • Who: Miguel Bain
    • Note: The young and greedy assassin seeking to steal Robert Rath's spot as number one assassin. In their final battle, the two shoot Nicolai dead, but then Miguel announces he wants to make good on this word. But Rath utilizes Electra's sunglasses and bids "Goodbye, Miguel." before firing shots harmlessly through is own jacket and ending Miguel's life for good.

Atonement (2007)[edit]

  • You won't hear another word from me, I promise.
    • Who: Robbie Turner
    • Note: Robbie is dying of septicemia on the beach at Dunkirk and is shouting in his sleep; his friend Tommy gently comforts him and he falls asleep and dies.
  • J'ai peur...j'ai peur...Tallis?
    • Who: Luc, the French soldier
    • Note: J'ai peur is French for "I'm afraid". The delirious soldier is dying from a head wound and converses with Nurse Briony Tallis, speaking to her as though she is a girl he once loved. She holds his hand and tells him her name is Briony, breaking the rule about being on first-name basis with patients, and he dies.

Avatar (2009)[edit]

  • Protect The People.
    • Who: Eytucan
    • Note: Said to his daughter, Neytiri, before dying of wounds inflicted when the Hometree is destroyed.
  • I'm with her Jake. She's real.
    • Who: Dr. Grace Augustine
    • Note: Said in regards to Eywa, the Na'vi deity, who they were trying to get to save her through an ancient ritual. She then dies of her wounds.
  • Rogue One is hit. I'm going in. Sorry Jake.
    • Who: Trudy Chacon
    • Note: Said as her ship is crashing before it is destroyed by missile fire.
  • Fall back! Fall back!
    • Who: Lyle Wainfleet
    • Note: Said as his men are charged by a group of Hammerhead Titanothere, before one of them knocks his mech over and crushes him. He was resurrected as a recombinant (recom) in the second film.
  • You think you're one of them? Time to wake up!
    • Who: Miles Quaritch
    • Note: Said to Jake before going to kill his unconscious body determined to finish him once and for all. He is then attacked by Jake and is shot in the chest, twice, by Neytiri before he can kill Jake. He was resurrected as a recombinant (recom) in the second film.
  • I will be remembered. I fought with Toruk Makto. He was my brother. And he...was my last shadow.
    • Who: Tsu'tey
    • Note: Said to Jake Sully, after being mortally wounded in the final battle. Jake then kills him.

Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)[edit]

  • Dad... I want to go home... Dad... I...
    • Who: Neteyam
    • Note: Said to Jake Sully, after being mortally shot by an RDA soldier.

The Avengers (2012)[edit]

See Last words in Marvel Cinematic Universe media

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)[edit]

See Last words in Marvel Cinematic Universe media

Air Force One (1997)[edit]

  • No!
  • Who: Air Force One pilot
    • Note: Said before Ivan Korshunov shot him during the hijacking scene.
  • You made one mistake, when you killed my pilot, Mr President! No-one left to fly the plane, and no parachute. Whatever happens, you lose and I win!
  • Who: Ivan Korshunov
    • Note: Said before President James Marshall strangles him with a cord and then throws him off Air Force One with a parachute, angrily shouting "Get off my plane!" in the process.
  • This is Halo 2 they lost countermeasures. I'm going in. AAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!
  • Who: Halo 2
    • Note: Said when an F-15 pilot sacrificed himself to save Air Force One from a missile.
  • That's impossible, sir! I have to take you!
    • Who: Parajumper Rescue man
    • Note: Said before Gibbs shot him dead
  • Mr. President, it's time to get you off this plane! Go, sir, go! Please, go!
  • It was you?!
  • Who: Major Normal Caldwell
    • Note: Caldwell and the parajumper say their lines to persuade the President to leave them behind to escape Air Force One as it goes down, running out of fuel. At that moment, Gibbs reveals himself as a mole, then shoots Caldwell and the parajumper.
  • No!
  • Who: Agent Gibbs
    • Note: Said before Air Force One crashes into the Caspian Sea.
  • Aaahhhh!!
  • Who: MiG-29 pilot
    • Note: said before a missile struck his aircraft.



  • Come on, Adcox. Is that a gas line?
    • Who: Denis McCaffrey
  • Let me go, Bull!
    • Who: John "Axe" Adcox
    • Notes: At the fire at the chemical plant, Adcox had revealed he was the one behind the fires that killed Seagrave, Cosgrove and Holcomb, because they and Swayzak were shutting down firehouses. As he and Stephen McCaffrey hang for dear life, Adcox pleads this, but they both fall. Adcox is burned alive as he falls.
  • I'm tired of hearing the sirens.
    • Who: Stephen McCaffrey

Bad Boys II[edit]

  • They can't help you. You're staying in Cuba...!
    • Who: Hector Juan Carlos "Johnny" Tapia
    • Notes: The Cuban ecstasy dealer behind the events of the story. He says this as he and Carlos corner Marcus, Syd and Mike at the minefield before Guantanamo Bay. In the distraction of the explosion killing Carlos, Mike dives for his gun and shoots Johnny in the head saving his partner. The lifeless body of Johnny lands on a mine and further dismembers him in the explosion. Seeing this, Marcus responds to Mike's actions "Now that's how you supposed to shoot!"
  • Gimme the gun!
    • Who: Carlos
    • Notes: One of Johnny's henchmen. When cornering Marcus, Mike and Syd in the minefield before Guantanamo Bay, he barks this to Syd who replies, "Alright, I'm gonna toss it right at your feet; Right next to the mine...!" She throws the gun to the mine, setting it off and blasting Carlos to death.

Bad Company[edit]

  • You're jeopardizing the mission!
    • Who: Kevin Pope
    • Notes: With his mission in the Czech Republic compromised, he tries to warn Gaylord Oakes, but is assured he is "the mission". Terrorist Dragan Adjanic easily shoots Kevin in the back.
  • You take sides in conflicts you know nothing about, dictating to other people how they should live. You're so keen on playing god. Ha ha. Now's your chance to meet him. (Oakes: I'll give you three seconds, then I'll kill her!) Go ahead!
    • Who: Dragan Adjanic
    • Notes: The Czech terrorist behind the suitcase nuclear bomb threat in New York. He confronts Jake Hayes and Oakes in a storage room with Julie as his hostage and warns about how Jake has played God. Jake then pretends to shoot Oakes and the two gun the terrorist down.

Bad Moon[edit]

  • Do it. Finish it.
    • Who: Ted Harrison
    • Notes: Character suffers from lycanthropy, and after nearly killing his sister and her son, he urges their dog Thor to kill him and end the threat.

Bad Reputation[edit]

  • Yeah, you tried to stop them, until you thought it might threaten your spot on the pep squad! God, you're the worst of all of them! You knew it was wrong, and you didn't do a goddamn thing to stop it!
    • Who: Michelle Rosen
    • Notes: Character attacks Wendy, who kills her in self-defense.

Bad Taste (1987)[edit]

  • Shit.
    • Who: Lord Crumb
    • Note: Character escapes in his spaceship after his stay on Earth. Derek had sneaked aboard the spaceship and kills Lord Crumb with a chainsaw.

Bad Times at the El Royale (2018)[edit]

  • Listen.
    • Who: Dwight Broadbeck
    • Note: Character attempts to negotiate for his life when he is held at gunpoint with a double-barreled shotgun. Before he can continue, he is shot in the chest and is killed.
  • Easy there, altar boy.
    • Who: Billy Lee
    • Note: Being held at gunpoint with a revolver, Miles Miller does not hesitate to shoot Lee in the head, effectively killing him.

The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005)[edit]

  • Forgive me.
    • Who: Jack Slavin
    • Note: Jack believes he has damaged his daughter Rose by raising her in an overly sheltered way, confusing her about the ways of life. They fall asleep together, and he dies due to complications from a long-term heart problem.

Barton Fink (1991)[edit]

  • Mundt! Show yourself!
    • Who: Detective Deutsch
    • Note: Says this before trying to capture Carl "Madman" Mundt. After Deutsch's partner, Detective Mastrionotti is shot, Deutsch attempts to run, but is shot in the leg, and shortly afterwards the head.
  • He's complying.
    • Who: Detective Mastrionotti
    • Note: Says this before being shot dead by salesman Charlie Meadows, a.k.a. serial killer Carl "Madman" Mundt.


See last words in Batman media.

Battle Beyond the Stars (1980)[edit]

  • THAT CAN'T BE!!! I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER!!!...I want to live forever.
    • Who: Sador
    • Note: His battlecruiser, badly damaged, is blowing up around him. It finally explodes immediately after.

Ben-Hur (1959)[edit]

  • Look for them in the Valley of the Lepers, if you can recognize them. It goes on. It goes on, Judah. The race...the race is not over!
    • Who: Messala
    • Note: Said this to Judah Ben-Hur after he was badly hurt in the chariot race, Judah asked him where his mother and sister were.

Beowulf (2007)[edit]

  • Too late for lies, Wiglaf...too late...
    • Who: Beowulf

Beauty and the Beast (2017)[edit]

  • Don't let me go. Please, I'll do anything. Don't hurt me, Beast.
    • Who: Gaston
    • Note: Said this to convince the Beast to spare him after realizing that he cannot win. He then shoots the Beast twice, but as a result of doing so, falls off the castle to his death when a footbridge in which he was standing breaks apart.

Beverly Hills Cop series[edit]

Beverly Hills Cop[edit]

  • Be careful, old boy. You might hit me.
    • Who: Victor Maitland
    • Notes: An art gallery owner smuggling drugs, Axel confronts Maitland in his home as the latter holds Jenny hostage. Maitland dares this, just as Bogomill arrives. After Jenny breaks free, Bogomill and Foley riddle Maitland in gunfire.

Beverly Hills Cop II[edit]

  • Mr. Foley...You involved yourself in business that doesn't concern you. That was a mistake!
    • Who: Maxwell Dent
    • Notes: The true villain behind the Alphabet Crimes, Maxwell Dent confronts Axel Foley in his warehouse. He then attempts to make a getaway, but Foley shoots him in the head, causing his car to crash down a slope and burst into flames.
  • Goodbye, Mr. Foley.
    • Who: Karla Fry
    • Notes: Maxwell Dent's sidekick in the Alphabet Crimes, after her boss is killed, Karla bids her foe, Axel Foley, farewell and prepares to kill him, but is shot dead by Taggart.

Beverly Hills Cop III[edit]

  • Axel, you on a coffee break? Go get that son of a bitch.
    • Who: Insp. G. Douglas Todd
    • Notes: Foley's superior, he is injured by DeWald. In his dying breaths, Todd scolds Foley for being on coffee break, then implores him to chase DeWald down.
  • So long, Foley.
    • Who: Agent Steve Fulbright
    • Notes: A Secret Service Agent who was supposedly working on a counterfeit investigation. When Axel Foley exposes him as one of the culprits on a dark ride at Wonder World, Fulbright bids this to Foley and tries to shoot him. But Foley gets into a fight and shoots the agent dead.

Bicentennial Man[edit]

  • Old habit. I started my existence as a robot. I still like to be told certain things.
    • Who: Andrew Martin
    • Note: Andrew Martin, having lived as a robot since being activated in 2005, has turned into a real human over the course of 200 years. In 2205, he is on his death bed, alongside his wife, Portia, as they await the World Congress' decision to legally announce that Andrew is now human. While waiting, Andrew says this line to Portia when she asks him why does he need the World Congress' approval. As the Speaker of the World Congress finally announces on a TV broadcast that Andrew Martin is recognized as the oldest, non-biblical human being in history, Andrew dies before he hears the decision. Portia then asks their nurse to turn off her life-support machine so she can follow her husband into the afterlife.

Big Fish[edit]

  • Exactly.
    • Who: Edward Bloom
    • Note: Character, a noted tall-tale teller, had often bragged of knowing how his death was to happen. On his deathbed, he asked his son Will to tell the story; though Will was unsure of the tale, he invented an elaborate story in the same vein as his father. Edward sighed deeply at hearing the story, and died peacefully.

The Big Lebowski (1998)[edit]

  • I got eighteen dollars, Dude.

Big Nothing (2006)[edit]

  • Well I'll be...I haven't heard Pink Floyd in years.
    • Who: Mrs. Smalls (Mimi Rogers)
    • Note: After an axe has been lodged in her forehead, causing her to stumble and then collapse into a chair. There is a Pink Floyd song called "Careful With That Axe, Eugene".
  • Don't spend it all in one place.
    • Who: Charlie (David Schwimmer)
    • Note: Charlie has just been forced to drink poison by his accomplice in stealing $2,000,000. She then opens the bag to find that the money has been replaced with stuffed animals.

Big Trouble in Little China (1986)[edit]

  • Good knife. Goodbye, Mr. Burton.
    • Who: David Lo Pan
    • Note: Said before throwing a knife at Burton, who catches it and throws it back at Lo, hitting him in the face.

Billion Dollar Brain (1967)[edit]

  • I'm gonna crucify every red athiest, and I'm gonna destroy the pagan communists FOREVER!
    • Who: General Midwinter
    • Note: Said confident that he can save the world from communism even if it means plunging it into a nuclear apocalypse. But Colonel Stok's bomber planes intercept blasting the icy river with bombs and sinking Midwinter and all his men to an icy watery grave.

Black Sheep (2006)[edit]

  • It's not far...just a quick trip, through the trees...
    • Who: Doctor Rush
    • Note: She tries to get back to her lab through the forest while running away from the sheep. She trips and is quickly cornered by the sheep, who kill her.
  • My babies...have me again.
    • Who: Angus OldField
    • Note: After turning back into a human (he had turned into a were-sheep), he tried to get bitten again by the infected sheep so he could turn back but they end up eating him instead.

Black Sunday (1977)[edit]

  • I'm ready! When're you gonna shoot?
    • Who: Old Watchman
    • Note: Said thinking he's about to get his picture taken never knowing that Dahlia and Lander are testing a poisonous dart cannon. Lander activates the flash and sprays the darts all over the shed and the unfortunate old man.
  • Give us some more time! Cover me!"
    • Who: Michael J. Lander
    • Note: Said to Dahlia to stop Kabakov's pursuing police helicopter as their bring the Goodyear blimp wired with the poisonous darts to spray all over the Super Bowl. Kabakov mortally wounds him with machine gun fire as he says "I THINK I GOT BOTH OF THEM, BUT IT'S STILL GOING ON!" Lander using his last ounce of strength manages to light the backup fuse when the blimp is at the Super Bowl stadium then dies. Fortunately, Kabakov hook the blimp to their helicopter and carry it to a safe distance over the water for a safe distance detonation.

Blade series[edit]

Blade (1998)[edit]

  • [Blade: What's in here?] Nothing! It's a storeroom. But you're wasting your time. There's nothing of importance to anyone. [Blade: Then you won't mind if I take a peek.] NO!!!
    • Who: Pearl
    • Note: Character is burned to death with a UV lamp.
  • Hey! I'm gonna rip your fuckin' head off!
    • Who: Raquel
    • Note: Said before attacking Blade, who shoots and kills her.
  • You will never rule us!
    • Who: Gitano Dragonetti
    • Note: Character warns this to Deacon Frost who plucks out two of his fangs. Quinn then taunts to him, "Sorry, old dog. You just got too long in the tooth." Seconds after that, Frost and his crew watch with protective gear as Gitano is burned alive by the morning sunlight.
  • Eric, I'm your mother. You wouldn't hurt your mother would you? Come here...
    • Who: Vanessa Brooks
    • Note: Character was a vampire who in life had been Blade's mother (Eric is Blade's first name). She says this after Blade has disarmed her before hugging him, he then reluctantly stabs her in the heart with a sharpened bone.
  • Nice shot.
    • Who: Deacon Frost
    • Note: Said after Blade throws his sword, which flies upward and sticks into a wall. The sword dislodges a packet of vials of a vampire-killing serum, which Blade then injects Frost with, causing him to swell up and explode.

Blade II (2002)[edit]

  • Kill me now, Chupa!
    • Who: Priest
    • Note: Said after being infected by a Reaper, which was causing him tremendous pain. He is then killed by Blade after Chupa and Snowman are unable to do so.
  • Oh, great.
    • Who: Scud
    • Note: Said when the bomb in his hands, which he thought was a dud, is reactivated.
  • Like my daddy said right before he killed my mom, "If ya want somethin' done right, ya gotta do it yourself". He also said... [Blade: Do you blush?]
    • Who: Reinhardt
    • Note: Said before trying to kill Blade with his own sword. Blade then blocks him and takes his sword back before cutting him in half.
  • Nyssa...
    • Who: Eli Damaskinos
    • Note: Said after crawling to his daughter's feet, after having his throat bit out by Nomak.
  • It's strange. It hurts no more...
    • Who: Jared Nomak
    • Note: Said in regards to the constant burning pain he felt because of the Reaper Virus. He then pushes Blades sword into his heart, killing himself.
  • I can already feel it, burning inside me. I want to die while I’m still a vampire. I want to see the sun.
    • Who: Nyssa
    • Note: Said in regards to the Reaper Virus, having been bitten by Nomak. Blade then takes her outside, where she burns up at sunrise.

Blade: Trinity (2004)[edit]

  • Get out, Blade!
    • Who: Whistler
    • Note: Said before detonating a bomb that blows up his base and the police officers closing in on him, along with himself.
  • You broke my arm!
    • Who: Jarko Grimwood
    • Note: Said while fighting Hannibal King who eventually sets a silver nitrate bomb in his mouth and burns him to ashes.
  • Give it up, King. Come on, give it up. Give it up. Give it up. Give it up.
    • Who: Danica Talos
    • Note: Said while strangling Hannibal King, before Day Star kills her.
  • Funny, isn't it? All this time, my people were trying to create a new kind of vampire...when one already existed. I don't need to survive. The future of our race lies with you. You fought with honor. I respect that. So allow me a parting gift. But know this. Sooner or later...the thirst always wins.
    • Who: Drake/Dracula
    • Note: Said to Blade before succumbing to the effects of Day Star.

Blade Runner (1982)[edit]

  • Wake up! Time to die!
    • Who: Leon Kowalski (Brion James)
    • Note: Said while attacking Rick Deckard, before being shot in the head.
  • [Roy Batty: I've done questionable things.] Also extraordinary things. Revel in your time. [Roy Batty: Nothing the god of biomechanics wouldn't let you in Heaven for.]
    • Who: Dr. Eldon Tyrell
    • Note: Roy then crushes Tyrell's skull and gouges out his eyes with his bare hands.
  • I've...seen people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-Beams...glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser Gate. All those...moments will be the rain. die.

Blazing Saddles (1974)[edit]

Blood Diamond (2006)[edit]

  •, Danny?
    • Who: Colonel Coetzee
    • Notes: TIA stands for "This Is Africa", a saying used to passively describe the state of the country. Coetzee says this after being shot, non-fatally, by Danny before being killed.
  • It's all right. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be.
    • Who: Danny Archer

Blood Simple (1984)[edit]

  • Then you shouldn't have done it. Can't have it both ways. Count it and go.
    • Who: Julian Marty
    • Note: Character is referring to money being paid to Loren Visser for killing his wife, Abby, and her lover, Ray. Visser soon draws a gun and shoots Marty.
  • Well, ma'am, if I see him, I'll sure give him the message.
    • Who: Loren Visser
    • Note: Character is referring to the deceased Julian Marty. Abby, having just shot Visser through a cracked door, had just said, "I'm not afraid of you, Marty."

The Boondock Saints (1999)[edit]

  • Don't ever stop! Go, get out of here! Don't stop!
    • Who: David Della Rocco
    • Note: The MacManus brothers and Rocco infiltrate Joe Yakavetta's headquarters to finish off his family, but are captured. Joe kills Rocco in an attempt to intimidate the brothers.

Bourne series[edit]

The Bourne Identity (2002)[edit]

  • Look at this. Look at what they make you give.
    • Who: The Professor

The Bourne Supremacy (2004)[edit]

  • Yes, you do.
    • Who: Marie Kreutz
    • Note: After their location in India was discovered, Jason and Marie try to outrun an assassin sent after them. Originally, Jason was the one supposed to die, but after switching seats while driving in their vehicle, the assassin assumed Jason to be driving. Jason tells Marie they don't have a choice to do what they were doing. Marie says this line, and is then shot in the back of the head, causing the vehicle to swerve off the bridge it's currently on.
  • I'm not sorry.
    • Who: Ward Abbott
    • Notes: Character was a traitor in the CIA, and had just been revealed as such by Bourne. He commits suicide in Pamela Landy's presence.

Braveheart (1995)[edit]

  • Freeeedom!!!
    • Who: William Wallace (Mel Gibson)
    • Note: Character was heavily tortured and asked to surrender before being executed.

The Brave Little Toaster (1987)[edit]

  • Sure, I'm jealous of a bunch of dimwits. [Lampy: "Dim"?!] [Toaster: Yeah. Because the Master never played with you.] [Kirby: 'Cause you're stuck in the wall!] [angrily] So, it's back to that stupid static again. You think I don't know what's going on in here? I know what goes on in this cottage. It's a conspiracy. And every one of you low-watts is in on it. Just 'cause you can move around, you think you're better than I am! I'M NOT AN INVALID; I WAS DESIGNED TO STICK IN A WALL!! I LIKE BEING STUCK IN THIS STUPID WALL! I CAN'T HELP IT IF THE KID WAS TOO SHORT TO REACH MY DIALS! [Toaster: We didn't mean it! Really!] IT'S MY FUNCTION!!!! [Toaster: Don't! Wait! Wait!] [Kirby: [alarmed] HE'S GONNA BLOW!] [Toaster: YANK YOUR CORDS!!!] [Kirby: THE FUSE!]
    • Who: Air Conditioner
    • Note: After being insulted by Kirby, character gets angry and overheats before blowing himself up. After the appliances lament character's loss, Kirby says, "Well, he was a jerk anyway." Later on in the film, after finding the cabin in a mess, the Master, Rob, fixes the air conditioner and restores him to life, making him as good as new.
  • He'll see us this time.
    • Who: Toaster
    • Note: Toaster was referring to Rob coming back and seeing them instead of missing them at Ernie's Disposal. But it turns out to be the magnet crane instead and they try to run. Toaster has no other lines before jumping into the machine's gears to jam them, sacrificing himself to save Rob and the other appliances from being crushed by the machine. Later, Rob manages to fix Toaster making him good as new.

Bride of Frankenstein (1935)[edit]

The Bridge on the River Kwai (1957)[edit]

  • What have I done?
    • Who: Col. Nicholson
    • Note: The colonel who helps the Japanese build the bridge. When the bridge is attacked by Maj. Warden's team, he questions his actions while Warden has fired a mortar shell. The shell's shrapnel gravely wounds him and with his strength already failing, he falls dead onto the plunger blowing up the bridge he had helped Col. Saito build and crashes the Japanese train in the process.

Broken Arrow (1996)[edit]

  • And why not?
    • Who: Chief Rhodes
    • Note: Rhodes along with Kelly find the nuke but are ambushed by some mercenaries and just as Rhodes was about to disarm the nuke, Kelly replies to Rhodes “I’m afraid I can’t let you do that Chief.” Much to Rhodes confusion and shoots him dead replying to the other mercenaries “All clear!”.
  • Oh, God! Oh, God! How does that gunship fit into your strategy?! You don't know what you're doing! This is out of control! I must have been...
    • Who: Pritchett
    • Note: Pritchett berates Deakins for allowing the helicopter to give chase. Deakins, fed up with Pritchett's complaining, kills him by hitting his throat with a baton.
  • You probably thought I was a computer nerd, didn't ya? Wrong! I was a Navy SEAL, lady. You really should see what I can do... with just my thumb.
    • Who: Max
    • Note: Gets into fight with Terry Carmichael and easily overpowers her and rants to her that he was Navy SEAL. Just as Max draws his gun, Terry throws a hammer she was wielding at Max striking him in the head killing him.
  • Let’s give those guys a haircut!
    • Who: Colonel Wilkins
    • Notes: He and his pilot provide air support while Riley rescues Terry from Deakins and the mercenaries, Wilkins is injured by Deakins and Kelly firing at him in the helicopter and is killed along with the pilot when they crash into a mountain by a tunnel.
  • What the fuck are you doin’? Shut that son of a bitch down, now! This ain’t what I signed on for! I’m not ready to die. Not for you.
    • Who: Kelly
    • Note: Deakins decides to shorten the countdown timer out of spite. Horrified at what Deakins was doing and not wanting to die, Kelly holds Deakins at gunpoint and orders him to disarm the weapon. Hale sneaks up on them during their bickering and kicks Kelly out of the boxcar to his death.
  • Your brain presses against your skull and it feels like this!
    • Who: Major Vic "Deak" Deakins
    • Note: He says this line while fighting Captain Riley Hale explaining what happens when you're knocked out. This is his last line. Riley later replies "Feel anything like THAT?!". Deakins was killed when the missile hits him and explodes.

Bruce Almighty (2003)[edit]

  • You win! I’m done. Please, I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to be God! I want You to decide what's right for me! I SURRENDER TO YOUR WILL!
    • Who: Bruce Nolan (Jim Carrey)
    • Note: Last words before being hit by a truck. Bruce "dies" for a short period of time, ending up in heaven where he decides he doesn't want to have God's powers anymore. They both agree and God helps him recover from the accident.

Bubba Ho-Tep (2002)[edit]

  • Thank you...thank you very much.
    • Who: Elvis

Bug (2006)[edit]

  • I love you.
    • Who: Agnes White (Ashley Judd)
    • Note: Last words before bursting into an inferno of flames.

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)[edit]

  • Wait a minute, you didn't see Lefors out there did you?
  • Lefors? No, why?
  • Oh, good. For a moment there I thought we were in trouble.
    • Who: Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
    • Notes: Cornered by the Bolivian authorities, Butch and Sundance had hoped to escape to Australia, and relieved that Lefors is not among the authorities, the two race out shooting, only to be gunned down off camera.


Caddyshack (1980)[edit]

  • 0H, RAT FARTS‼️
    • Who: The Bishop
    • Note: The Bishop adamantly refuses to call off a round of golf as he is performing exceptionally well despite the weather conditions descending to almost hurricane strength winds accompanied with lightning by the time he reaches the final hole. Missing the putt on an otherwise flawless game he bellows out the line with putter still in hand. The club acting acting as a lightning rod promptly catches a bolt.

Cannibal! The Musical (1993)[edit]

  • [sung] We can make him tall or we can make him not so tall!
    • Who: Israel Swan
    • Note: After wandering the Colorado Rockies for days the group asks what they should do and Swan begins to sing "Let's Build a Snowman" for the second time. Fed up with his singing, Bell shoots him in the head.
  • He killed Swan. It's only fair.
    • Who: James Humphrey (Matt Stone)
    • Note: The group discusses who they should kill first and James suggest Bell. Packer returns to the camp and finds Humphrey, Miller and Noon all killed by Bell.
  • We can't do it, Packer. We can't even stand up.
    • Who: George "California" Noon
    • Note: The group discusses who they should kill first and James suggest Bell. Packer returns to the camp and finds Humphrey, Miller and Noon all killed by Bell.
  • [sung] That's all we're asking for.
    • Who: Frank Miller
    • Note: The group discusses who they should kill first and James suggest Bell. Packer returns to the camp and finds Humphrey, Miller and Noon all killed by Bell.
  • Hey, you can't do that, jerky!
    • Who: Frenchy Cabazon
    • Note: After Polly announced that Packer was innocent (and therefore, did not have to be hanged), Frenchie rushed the hanging post out of anger and tried to hang Packer himself. The Ute chief rescues Packer and chops off Frenchie's head.

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)[edit]

  • The first of many. Cut off one head, two more shall take its place. Hail HYDRA.
    • Who: Dr Heinz Kruger
    • Note: Character is under interrogation by Captain America, but he avoids this by committing suicide with a cyanide capsule.
  • Cut off one head, two more shall-
    • Who: HYDRA soldier.
    • Note: Before he can finish this line, character is shot by Col. Philips, who then remarks "Let's go find two more."

Carlito's Way (1993)[edit]

  • Gail...Gail...
  • Sorry, boys, all the stitches in the world can’t sew me together again...Lay down. Lay down. Gonna stretch me out in Fernandez Funeral Home on 109th street... Always knew I’d make a stop there, but a lot later than a whole gang of people thought. Last of the Mo-Rican’s. Well, maybe not the last. Gail’s gonna be a good mom. New, improved Carlito Brigante. Hope she uses the money to get out. No room in this city for big hearts like hers...Sorry, baby, I tried the best I could. Honest. Can’t come with me on this trip, though... Gettin' the shakes now. Last call for drinks. Bar’s closin’ down. Sun’s out. Where we goin’ for breakfast? Don’t wanna go far...Rough night. Tired, baby...Tired...
    • Who: Carlito Brigante
    • Note: Character has two lines after being shot by Benny Blanco. The first line is saying Gail's name. The second line is his narration while being carried as he shuts his eyes aware he will not survive the night.

Casablanca (1942)[edit]

  • You must help me, Rick! [is dragged away] RICK!! RICK!!
    • Who: Ugarte
  • [on the phone] Hello? [Rick: [aiming his gun at him] Put that phone down!] Get me the radio tower! [Rick: Put it down!]
    • Who: Major Strasser
    • Note: Rick Blaine had warned Strasser to stay away from the phone, shooting him after he says this command.

Casino (1995)[edit]

  • Oh! Oh no! No...
    • Who: Ginger McKenna
    • Note: Says this before collapsing from a drug overdose in a motel hallway.
  • No balls, you got no fuckin' balls. Oh, Dominick. Oh, Dom. Dominick. Dominick...Dominick.
    • Who: Nicky Santoro
    • Note: Says this after watching his brother being beat to death with baseball bats by his former crew. He is then beat the same way and buried alive.

Casshern (2004)[edit]

  • Luna. I'm sorry. Never look back.
    • Who: Dr Kozuki
    • Notes: Said to his daughter, Luna, after being mortally wounded by Sagure.
  • A vision...of how it might've been...of peace...
    • Who: Sagure
    • Notes: Said when Barashin asks what she sees. She had been mortally wounded by Casshern during their fight.
  • It's okay now. Forget it. All forgiven. I're at peace now.
    • Who: Barashin
    • Notes: Character was mortally wounded by Casshern. Said in reference to Sagure, who was his sister.
  • Let me just...get in here...
    • Who: Kaoru Naito
    • Notes: Said while trying to get to the Neo-Cell tanks. Character had been wounded in an explosion.
  • Don't give up. End the fighting.
    • Who: Midori Azuma
    • Notes: Said to Tetsuya, before she dies later, off screen.
  • 'You vermin are our ancestors. Mutant trash, I'll tidy myself!;
    • Who: Kamijo
    • Notes: Said to Burai, who he then starts shooting at. Burai advances on him, and he pulls the pin on a grenade, killing them both.
  • I don't see anything. I don't see it at all.
    • Who: Burai
    • Note: Said after temporarily surviving the grenade explosion. He refers to the vision of the perfect world the other Neo-Sapiens saw when they died.
  • Do you know what it is to love? I'll soon bring her back.
    • Who: Dr. Azuma
    • Notes: Character says the first sentence before shooting Luna in the head. He says the second in reference to his wife, whom Tetsuya refused to let him try and revive. Tetsuya then attacks and kills him.
  • Run...this isn't really me...I can't help what I'm doing...I don't want to hurt you...I want to run away...from the pain...from everything...start all over...
    • Who: Luna Kazuki
    • Notes: Character was revived through Burai's blood, but his hatred was infecting her. Was blown up moments later.
  • I know. Let's end the hatred here. I didn't want to cause more pain but it came to this. You won't be alone again. I'll be with you always. Just us two from now on.
    • Who: Tetsuya Azuma/Casshern
    • Notes: Said to Luna, moments before he is destroyed by his own body.

Casper (1995)[edit]

  • Sorry, sweetheart. We're through. [Carrigan: [angry gasp] I am not gonna forget this, you lousy little worm, you!] [chortles] Oh, you can haunt me all you want, but it's gonna be in a great big, expensive house with lovely purple wallpaper and great big green carpets and a little dog called Carrigan, a bitch just like you. I got the power. I got the treasure. [Carrigan: And you have a flight to catch.] Huh? AAAAAAAAAH!
    • Who: Paul "Dibs" Plutzker
    • Notes: Says this in betrayal of Carrigan, who is now a ghost, only for the latter to throw him out the window of the mansion.
  • [Dibs: Oh, you can haunt me all you want, but it's gonna be in a great big, expensive house with lovely purple wallpaper and great big green carpets and a little dog called Carrigan, a bitch just like you. I got the power. I got the treasure.] And you have a flight to catch. [Dibs: Huh? AAAAAAAAAH!] Any other takers? [Casper: No. But aren't you forgetting something?] What? [Casper: Your unfinished business.] My what? [Kat Harvey: You know, unfinished business. All ghosts have unfinished business. That's why they don't cross over.] Unfinished business? I have no unfinished business. I have my treasure, my mansion. I have everything. I'm just perfect. [laughs evilly, thinking she had won, but stops at seeing herself cross over] Wait! Wait! I lied. I have unfinished business, lots of unfinished business! I-I'm not ready to cross over yet! Wait! You tricked me, you rotten little brats! AAAAAAAAAAH!
    • Who: Carrigan Crittenden
    • Notes: Says this as her ghost crosses over after being tricked by Casper and Kat into saying she has no "unfinished business".

Cat People (1982)[edit]

    • Who: Paul Gallier (Malcolm McDowell)
    • Notes: Character transforms into a panther and attacks Oliver Yates, but is shot dead by Alice Perrin.
  • Then free me. Free me. Make love to me again. I want to live with my own. My own.
    • Who: Irena Gallier (Nastassja Kinski)
    • Notes: Though the character lives, these are the last words she says as a human, choosing to become a panther permanently.

Charlotte's Web (1973)[edit]

  • I'm thinking of your life, Wilbur. Nothing can harm you now. [sings] The autumn days grow short and cold; / It's Christmas time again. / Then snows of winter slowly melt. / The day grows short, / And then... / He turns the seasons around, / And so she changes...her gown: / Mother Earth...and Father Time. / [words are slowly being reduced to a whisper] How very special are we... / For just a be... / Part of life's...eternal...rhyme.
    • Who: Charlotte A. Cavatica
    • Note: A dying Charlotte is unable to move her 514 unborn children into Wilbur's crate and sadly informs the pig that she can't return to the barn. Fortunately, they ask Templeton the rat to move the eggs safely into the crate, which he does. Unlike the original novel, Wilbur stays around to hear Charlotte's last words of her swan song before the spider lets out her final breath, leaving him heartbroken at her death.

Charlotte's Web (2006)[edit]

  • sweet, sweet Wilbur.
    • Who: Charlotte A. Cavatica
    • Note: A dying Charlotte is unable to go back to the barn with Wilbur, so Templeton takes her egg sac with them. Like the novel, she dies shortly after Wilbur's departure.

Changeling (2008)[edit]

  • No. Nothing. I kept clean after I confessed, Reverend, just like I said I would. Will it...Will it hurt? Please, please, not so fast. Please, don't make me walk so fast! Please, don't make me! No, I don't wanna. No! Thirteen steps. Thirteen steps. But I didn't touch them all, you bastards. I didn't touch them all. I didn't touch them all. Please! A prayer! Please! God! Please! Somebody here, please, say a prayer for me! No, God. No! No! No! Silent night, holy night. All is calm, all is bright. Round yon Virgin, mother and child.
    • Who: Gordon Stewart Northcott
    • Note: Said before being executed by hanging after Northcott was convicted of murdering innocent children and Walter Collins in the first degree.

Children of Men (2006)[edit]

  • Cover Kee!
    • Who: Julian Taylor
    • Note: Said when the car she is in comes under attack, before she is shot in the throat.
  • Pull my finger. [character is shot in the hand] Fuck you! [throws severed finger at shooter, is shot again] Pull my finger. [shot and killed]
    • Who: Jasper Palmer
    • Note: A repeated joke for the character. Said to Luke.
  • Please come to our aid...
    • Miram
    • Note: Gets out of the bus and Hooded to be shot.
  • I had a sister. Theo! Theo!
    • Who: Luke
    • Note: Said as Theo runs away with Kee, before a tank shell blows him up.
  • Oh...Jesus...
    • Who: Theodore Faron
    • Note: Said in regards to the gunshot he's sustained. After Kee says she'll name her baby after Julian and his dead child, he smiles and slumps dead.

Chloe (2009)[edit]

  • I want you to kiss me.
    • Who: Chloe Sweeney
    • Note: Character said this before she got accidentally pushed by Catherine into the bedroom window and let herself fall to her death.

The Chronicles of Narnia series[edit]

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (2005)[edit]

  • Impossible!
    • Who: White Witch
    • Note: Character said this when she sees Aslan, whom she had earlier killed. She is killed when he pounces on her and bites out her throat.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008)[edit]

  • I'll deal with you when this is over.
    • Who: King Miraz
    • Note: Said to Lord Sopespian, who had constantly tried to undermine his rule. Sopespian then stabs him in the back with an arrow, killing him.
  • Charge!
    • Who: Lord Sopespian
    • Note: Yelled to his men before charging across a bridge towards Aslan and Lucy. Aslan then summons the River God, who destroys the bridge and washes Sopespian away.

The Chronicles of Riddick franchise[edit]

Pitch Black (2000)[edit]

  • Don't touch that handle!
    • Who: Greg Owens
    • Note: Said when he wakes up after the ship crashes, referring to before the crash, when he warned Fry not to pull a handle to disengage the passenger compartment. He dies of his wounds shortly after.
  • Oh my god. I thought I was the only one to get out of the crash alive.
    • Who: Total Stranger
    • Note: The character, otherwise unnamed, has just found some of the survivors of the crash. He is shot to death by Zeke, who thought that he was Riddick.
  • Shit!
    • Who: Sharon "Shazza" Montgomery
    • Note: Said after the Sand Cat they were riding in runs out of energy, due to it being solar powered. She attempts to flee from the swarm of grue that attack, but only manages to dodge the first swarm and is killed by the second.
  • I was supposed to die in France. I never even saw France.
    • Who: Paris P. Ogilvie
    • Note: Said after being stabbed by a grue, after running from the main group. He then spits some wine into a torch, and is ripped apart by the large group of grue that he illuminates.
  • Like who?
    • Who: William J. Johns
    • Note: The character had suggested killing Jack, and dragging her a few feet behind them, as she was the one the grue were smelling. Riddick then suggests "bigger meat", after which Johns says this line before Riddick and he fight. He is knocked out of the range of their light and killed by a grue.
  • Okay, hold onto me. Hold onto me. We're getting out of here. I got you. Come on. Come on Riddick get up! Get up! Get up! I said I'd die for them, not you! Let's move! Come on. Come on. All right.
    • Who: Carolyn Fry
    • Note: Said while trying to get a wounded Riddick to the escape shuttle. Just as they reach there, she is impaled by a grue and dragged away into the darkness.

The Chronicles of Riddick (2004)[edit]

  • There will be an afterlife for me. Will there be for you?
    • Who: Abu "Imam" al-Walid
    • Note: Said as he prepares to attack a Necromonger in order to protect his family. He is quickly killed by the much more skilled fighter.
  • RIDDICK!!!
    • Who: Toombs
    • Note: Said after being left in a cage, between the cages of two hellhounds. Character may not have died, but the hounds were breaking the bars that separated them when the scene cut away.
  • So, you gonna kill me now?
    • Who: Eve Logan
    • Note: Said to Riddick as he approaches her, mortally wounded by prison guards. Though Riddick does not kill her and walks away, she must have died shortly afterward.
  • The Necromonger in me warns you not to go back. But the Furyan in me...hopes you won't listen. God knows...I've dreamed of it.
    • Who: The Purifier
    • Note: Said to Riddick before he walks out into the sunlight of Cremetoria, which burns him to a cinder. Before he says "God knows...I've dreamed of it", he gives Riddick a blade. His line refers to the fact that the other Necromongers believe that Riddick is dead.
  • Vaako?
    • Who: Lord Marshal Zhylaw
    • Note: He has called for Vaako's assistance against Riddick. Vaako, however, moves to assassinate him, and Zhylaw dodges into the path of Riddick, who drives his knife through his skull.
  • I was always with you. I was.
    • Who: Kyra/Jack
    • Note: Character had been impaled on a spike after attacking the Lord Marshal. Riddick repeated an earlier question ("Are you with me, Kyra?") and she says this before dying.

The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury (2004)[edit]

  • Huh!?
    • Who: Junner
    • Note: Said during a fight with Riddick, after he cuts a wire thrown around his neck, unaware that it controls the lights. He is then stabbed through the eye by Riddick.
  • Back to hell with you! You bloody, stinking savage!
    • Who: Antonia Chillingsworth
    • Note: Said after attacking Riddick, who has killed most of her crew and many of her specimens. She has her head blown off by Jack before she can finish Riddick off.

Citizen Kane (1941)[edit]

  • Rosebud...
    • Who: Charles Foster Kane (Orson Welles)
    • Note: Said before dying and the snow globe falls off his hands as it shatters right after whispering this word through the extreme close-up shot of his mouth. The rest of the movie focuses around his dying word. At the very end of the film, it is revealed that when he was young, he had a sled known as "Rosebud."

Cinderella (2015)[edit]

  • I love you.
    • Who: Ella's Mother
    • Note: Said before she passes away from a grave illness.
  • I love you, too!
    • Who: Ella's Father
    • Note: Said before he takes ill and dies during his trip.
  • I love you, son.
    • Who: The King
    • Note: Said before he passes away on his deathbed.

Clerks (1994)[edit]

  • Oh thank you, sonny boy, I appreciate it.
    • Who: Jewish man
    • Note: He had requested to use the restroom at the Quik Stop and asked for an adult magazine to read. He is found dead later on in the movie from a heart attack caused by him gratifying himself.

Click (2006)[edit]

  • Bill, Bill, Bill. [flips him off but he signifies an okay sign, indicating he's made peace with him; holding Donna's hand] I'm sorry.
    • Who: Michael Newman (Adam Sandler)
    • Note: The character says this line to his family on the street. He dies of cancer after that. However, it is soon revealed that this and the events that took place after he acquired the remote were in a dream sequence.

Cliffhanger (1993)[edit]

  • I'm at the cases; Standing by.
    • Who: Treasury Co-Pilot (Kim Robillard)
    • Note: Said whilst preparing to send the stolen money cases over to Qualen's plane, but is caught in the act by an injured Matheson and shot, sending him falling out of the jet.
  • You fuck...!
    • Who: Agent Matheson (Vyto Ruginis)
    • Note: Said before killing the rogue pilot who's in league with Eric Qualen. He fights a gun battle trying to stop the heist of the money and kills some of the members of Qualen's gang, but fails to spot Travers' bomb in time and is blown up along with the jet meant to carry the cases of money.
  • Time to kill a mountain man. It amazes me, in this day and age, when a man will put money before the personal safety of himself and his bitch. At least you can go to your grave knowing that I'm gonna treat the bitch RIGHT!
    • Who: Kynette (Leon Robinson)
    • Note: Said knowing Gabe Walker will refuse to surrender the money to him without a fight. However, Gabe hits him in the groin and pushes him up to a stalagmite impaling him.
  • Look, I came here to help you.
    • Who: Ranger Frank (Ralph White)
    • Note: Said when he is surprised when Kristel aims his own gun at him. Delmar replies, "You did!" and aims his sub-machine gun at him. Hal Tucker tries to warn him, but Delmar guns him down. In his dying breaths, he mouths inaudible words to Hal who angrily barbs, "This man never hurt anybody!"
  • What are you doing, Eric? [Qualen: Do you know what real love is?] No.
    • Who: Kristel (Caroline Goodall)
    • Note: Said as Qualen holds her at gunpoint and says "Sacrifice, then shoots her in the abdomen, killing her.
  • Striker lines up at the penalty spot. He focuses on the ball. The crowd is on its feet. The striker moves to his left. He draws back his foot. He comes in.
    • Who: Delmar (Craig Fairbrass)
    • Note: Said while trying to kick Hal Tucker over the cliffs, then insanely snickers while trying to loosen the climber's grip. Thankfully, Hal stabs him in the leg, steals his shotgun and declares "Season's over, asshole!" then blasts him, sending Delmar falling to his death.
  • I won, Walker!
    • Who: Richard Travers (Rex Linn)
    • Note: Said thinking he can finish Gabe Walker who is swimming under a frozen lake. But Gabe uses an underwater pistol to shoot through and kill Travers, sending the rogue agent to an icy watery grave.
  • We've had a deal; And now we've just got each other! You're not afraid to die?!
    • Who: Eric Qualen (John Lithgow)
    • Note: Said while fighting Gabe Walker on the dangling rescue helicopter. Gabe breaks free then gives him a beat down and a gloat "Remember, shithead; Keep your arms and legs in the all TIMES!" then punches Qualen into the helicopter, sending both it and the screaming villain falling to a fiery death.

Cloverfield (2008)[edit]

  • Why did you stop?!
    • Who: Jason Hawkins
    • Note: While trying to escape New York by means of the Brooklyn Bridge, the group gets separated by the pushing crowd. As they get separated, the monster appears again. Jason, unaware of this, climbs a lamppost and asks why the others stopped; as he does, the monster's tail inadvertently destroys the bridge, sending Jason and hundreds of other people to their deaths.
  • Yes there are pieces falling off, and whatever they are they are moving...Oh my God...They're moving, oh my-OH MY GOD!!!! [becomes unintelligible screaming]
    • Who: A news reporter
    • Note: As the military begins attacking the monster, a news reporter reporting from the ground talks about the creature. She is asked about the parasites falling off the creature, and as she reports the parasites begin attacking her.
  • Hud? I don't feel so good...
    • Who: Marlena Diamond
    • Note: Character had previously been bitten by a parasitic creature, which causes her to begin to bleed out of her eyes, nose, and mouth. She is escorted behind a screen by the military, where her body expands and viscerally explodes.
  • What-OH!...Oh no...oh...
    • Who: Hudson "Hud" Platt
    • Note: After the helicopter the army used to evacuate citizens crashes, Hud, Rob, and Beth find themselves in Central Park. While helping an injured Rob out of the wreckage, Hud drops the camera he has used to record the events of the monster's attack on the city. As he runs to retrieve it, he finds himself in the shadow of the monster itself; paralyzed by fear, he films it as it looks around, notices him, and eventually snaps him up in its jaws and bites him in half.
  • Look at me! Look at me! Look at me. I love you!
    • Who: Rob Hawkins
    • Note: Character was speaking to Elizabeth McIntyre just before an array of bombs was set off in an effort to destroy a huge monster attacking New York City. His death is highly probable; however, some suggest that he did survive.
  • I love you!
    • Who: Elizabeth McIntyre
    • Note: Character was responding to Rob Hawkins just before bombs were dropped on Manhattan in an attempt to destroy an enormous sea monster. Her death is likely, although a supposed alternative ending suggests her survival.

Clue (1985)[edit]

  • Dinner will be ready at 7:30.
    • Who: The Cook
    • Note: The character speaks once in the film, and she doesn't speak for the rest of her appearances. She was later found dead with the dagger.
  • The only way to avoid finding yourselves on the front pages, is for one of you to kill Wadsworth...NOW!
    • Who: Mr. Boddy
    • Note: The character was blackmailing the guests and, in an attempt to save himself from jail, attempted to get Wadsworth killed to stop both himself and the guests from being exposed, but the plan backfired when he turned out the lights, so he pretends to be killed. He was later found dead with candlestick wounds.
  • I'm a little nervous. I'm in this big house and I've been locked into the lounge. [the person on the phone says something] Yes. The funny thing is, there's a whole group of people here having some sort of party, and one of them is my old boss from-
    • Who: The Motorist
    • Note: One of Mr. Boddy's informers, character was talking on a telephone to another person, while the murderer crept up behind him and killed him in one blow with the wrench.
  • They must have. And not just my face. They know every inch of my body. And they're not the only ones...IT'S YOU!!!
    • Who: Yvette
    • Note: She was strangled with the rope in the billiard room.
  • No, I'm not on duty, but I have a feeling that I'm in danger. You know that big ugly house on top-Hello? Hello? Are you there?
    • Who: The Cop
    • Note: Character, like the motorist, was talking on the phone while the murderer crept up behind him, cut the phone line, and then killed him with the lead pipe.
  • Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh...I-am-your singing telegram!
    • Who: The Singing Telegram Lady
    • Note: Character appeared at the door and sang her message before being shot with the revolver.
  • Good shot, Green...Very good.
    • Who: Wadsworth/Mr. Boddy
    • Note: Character has just been shot by Mr. Green. (True ending).

Collateral (2004)[edit]

  • Hey Max...A guy gets on the MTA here in LA and dies. Think anybody will notice?
    • Who: Vincent
    • Note: Character has been mortally wounded after chasing Max onto an MTA train. Character is referencing a story he told Max earlier, about a man who died on the MTA and nobody noticed for six hours.

Commando (1985)[edit]

  • I'm not going to shoot you between the eyes, John, I'm going to shoot you between the balls!
    • Who: Bennett
    • Note: Character is impaled by a pipe after this line during his final battle with John. John then tells him to "let off some steam".
  • Kill her.
    • Who: Arius
    • Note: Said to Bennett referring to Jenny, after he receives a phone call announcing that John wasn't on the plane and orders Jenny's execution. Shortly thereafter, Arius is shot by John and falls over a balcony to his death.
  • [John Matrix: Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?] That's right, Matrix! You did! [John Matrix: I lied.]
    • Who: Sully
    • Note: Said to John, who is dangling Sully by his leg over a cliff, in response to John asking, "Remember, Sully, when I promised to kill you last?" John then bluntly says, "I lied." and drops Sully. When Cindy asks of him afterword, John simply says "I let him go.".
  • Open your mouth again and I'll nail it shut.
    • Who: Henrique
    • Note: Said to John when John answers, "Just him" to the flight attendant when asked if he has any carry-on luggage. A few moments later, John knocks Henrique out and breaks his neck. John then makes the excuse to the stewardess "Don't disturb my friend, he's dead tired.".
  • John, I'm not gonna shoot you between the eyes! I'm gonna shoot you between the balls!
    • Who: Bennett
    • Note: Says this line as John breaks a pipe loose. John then throws the pipe at Bennet and it impales him in the stomach.
  • Fuck you, asshole!
    • Who: Cooke
    • Note: Says this while fighting John, only to find that he is out of bullets. A few moments later, Cooke falls backwards onto a table leg which runs him through.
  • I thought you might miss me.
    • Who: Lawson
    • Note: Said to Cooke, who he thinks is a garbage man. Cooke responds, "Don't worry, we won't.", and then he and his partner shoot Lawson dead.
  • Hey, you can't drive that in here!
    • Who: Forrestal
    • Note: Yells this at Cooke, who is stealing a car, before being run over by Cooke.
  • And if you want your kid back, then you gotta cooperate, right?
    • Who: Diaz
    • Note: Said to John, who replies, "Wrong." and shoots Diaz in the head.

Con Air (1997)[edit]

  • Almost ready?
    • Who: Starkey
    • Notes: One of the guards stationed in Carson City overseeing the transfer of prisoners from the Jailbird. He attempts to stall Cyrus's gang of prisoners with this, which the disguised Cyrus replies "Won't be long now." Cyrus senses trouble when he sees more police cars and shoots Starkey in the head before he can get a shot off.
  • Cyrus! Help me! [Cyrus: Looks like you missed your connection.] We, we were coming to get you. Please. Cy- [Cyrus: ...onara.] NOOOO!
    • Who: Francisco Cindino
    • Notes: A drug lord who planned to leave Cyrus. After Vince Larkin stops him from escaping, Cindino tries to explain himself, but Cyrus doesn't buy it and burns the drug lord alive.
  • Before I kill you, Poe, I just wanted you to know that the last thing that little Casey Poe ever gets to smell will be my...stinking...breath.
    • Who: Cyrus "The Virus" Grissom
    • Notes: The villain behind the Jailbird hijacking, with the plane crash-landing in Las Vegas, Cyrus gloats that after he kills Cameron Poe, he would go after his daughter Casey. Later after this, after a high-speed chase, Poe replies in kind "You ain't gettin' near my daughter, BUCKLE UP!" then handcuffs Cyrus to the firetruck. Poe leaves Cyrus to die under a piledriver that crushes his head to a pulp.

Conan the Barbarian (1982)[edit]

  • My child, you have come to me, my son. For who now is your father if it is not me? I am the well spring, from which you flow. When I am gone, you will have never been. What would your world be, without me? My son.
    • Who: Thulsa Doom
    • Note: Spoken as Thulsa tries to hynpotize Conan, but Conan decapitates Thulsa and throws his head down a flight of stairs.

Conan the Destroyer (1984)[edit]

  • too late, my friends. But come; Come anyway.
    • Who: Toth-Amon
    • Notes: A hostile wizard who kidnaps Jehnna to see if she can touch the Heart of Ahriman. After saying this to Conan's party, he engages Conan using the illusion of a ferocious man-ape. After an intense fight, Conan smashes the mirrors and defeats the wizard by slinging his sword at one of the remaining two mirrors. Beaten, Toth-Amon touches the jewel which will only accept Jehnna's hands and is vaporized.
  • KILL HER! Kill her, she must be sacrificed!
    • Who: Queen Taramis
    • Notes: The wicked queen of Shadizar seeking to revive Dagoth the Dreaming God and rule the world. During the ritual intended to sacrifice her daughter Jehnna, Zula runs the Grand Vizier through with her spear, giving Dagoth an improper sacrifice. Taramis yells this to her fleeing subjects, then tries to sacrifice Jehnna by herself, only for Conan to push the queen into the demonic Dagoth who impales her on his horn.

Conan the Barbarian (2011)[edit]

  • I love you, son.
    • Who: Corin
    • Notes: Conan's father who is interrogated on a piece of Mask of Acheron with which Khalar Zym plans to rule Hyboria. Despite Conan's attempts to save him from the molten steel, Corin assures his love for his son and is burned alive.
  • You will never rule, and Maliva will never rise again!
    • Who: Fassir
    • Notes: One of the monks of Shaipur, Fassir is interrogated on the whereabouts of the pureblood of Acheron. Assuring that Khalar Zym will never rule and Maliva will never be resurrected, Zym screams in anger and bashes the monk's head into the ground.
  • You see? I speak the truth! If you want, he will give your weight in gold for this woman. I will arrange everything. I will deliver the message.
    • Who: Remo
    • Notes: Upon sighting Khalar Zym's army marching to meet him, Remo hopes to make a deal for Conan and Zym. Conan then catapults him the warrior into Zym's flagship, killing him.
  • Who: Khalar Zym
    • Notes: A warlord with the desire to resurrect Maliva and rule the world with her, he attempts to resurrect his wife through Tamara. Just as Corin warned years ago, Conan warns that "god or not" he would fall. As he falls to his death, Zym cries out to his wife.

Coraline (2009)[edit]

  • Sorry. So sorry. Mother making me. Don't wanna hurt you. Take It!
    • Who: Other Father
    • Note: The Other Father has been forced to attack Coraline with his mantis machine, only to end up burrowing through a bridge and into the water below; he has just enough time to give Coraline one of the ghosts' eyes before sinking.
  • Thief! Give it back! Thief! Give it back! Thief! Give it back! Thief! Thief! Give it back! Thief! Give it back! Thief! Stop! Stop! Thief! Thief! Stop!
    • Who: Other Spink and Forcible
    • Note: Other Spink and Forcible have just caught Coraline trying to steal one of the ghosts' eyes from them.
  • Not even that anymore.
    • Who: Other Bobinsky
    • Note: Coraline has observed that the Other Bobinsky is just a copy of the real Mr Bobinsky; Other Bobinsky responds with the above lines, before dissolving into a swarm of rats - the leader of which is killed by the Cat.
  • Don't leave me! Don't leave me, Coraline! I'll die without you! Noooooooo!!!!
    • Who: Other Mother (Teri Hatcher)
    • Note: The Other Mother's last spoken words before the Other World collapses around her and she is left unable to feed on Coraline. Her hand manages to escape shortly after and attack Coraline, but is smashed by Wybie and thrown into a well, presumably killing the Other Mother once and for all.

Cool Hand Luke (1967)[edit]

  • What we've got here is a failure to communicate.
    • Who: Lucas "Luke: Jackson
    • Note: Said when faced with the possibility of surrendering peacefully. In response, Boss Godfrey opens fire hitting Luke in the throat. Dragline vents his frustration on Godfrey before being subdued. Despite Godfrey's pleas to save his life, Luke smiles as he is taken to the prison infirmary but dies before arrival.

The Core (2003)[edit]

  • Good morning. Now, before we begin, let me-
    • Who: David
    • Note: Character was about to begin a business meeting, when he suddenly falls unconscious, as do 31 other people across a 10-block-wide area. They are revealed to have died when their pacemakers were short-circuited by a geomagnetic instability.
  • We got lucky! We can swim right out of this one!
    • Who: Commander Robert Iverson
    • Note: Character says this line before being struck through the head by a crystal and falling into lava.
  • Josh? Where are you? I can't see you!
    • Who: Dr. Serge Leveque
    • Note: Said to Dr. Josh Keyes as he is being squeezed to death by pressure.
  • No. Start...the impeller.
    • Who: Edward "Braz" Brazzelton
    • Note: Character says this as he sacrifices himself to deactivate a safety switch, before being incinerated.
  • From here, in the great, infinite unknowable, man can come to know the most important thing of all: himself. He can understand...What am I doing? [laughter]
    • Who: Dr. Conrad Zimsky
    • Note: Said while recording final thoughts as he awaits a nuclear bomb to explode, killing him.

Corpse Bride (2005)[edit]

  • [Maggot: Let me have him! Let me have him! No! Don't-Dont hold me back!] [Elder Gutneckt: Wait! We must abide by their rules! We are amongst the living!] Well said.
    • Who: Barkis Bittern (Richard E. Grant)
    • Note: After this line is said, the character drinks from a goblet of poisonous wine that causes his heart to stop beating forever.

Crank (2006)[edit]

  • Hey doll, looks like I let you down again. It's like all my life I've just been going, going, going. Wish I'd taken more time to stop and smell the roses so to speak. Guess it's too late for that now. You're the greatest, baby.
    • Who: Chev Chelios
    • Note: Said to his girlfriend on a cell phone as he falls from a helicopter to his death. In the sequel, the character "got better".

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)[edit]

  • I would rather be a ghost, drifting by your side as a condemned soul, than enter heaven without you. Because of your love, I will never be a lonely spirit.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)[edit]

  • Good night, Benjamin.
    • Who: Daisy Williams


The Da Vinci Code (2006)[edit]

  • I am a ghost.
    • Who: Silas

Daredevil (2003)[edit]

  • Help me.
    • Who: Elektra Natchios
    • Note: Last words to Daredevil (real name: Matt Murdock), after crawling to him after being stabbed by Bullseye. In the Marvel comic book Daredevil #181, her last word is "Matt...". It should also be noted that she is resurrected later on.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)[edit]

  • I'm just now leaving the office.
    • Who: Taka
    • Note: Taka receives a call from his wife wondering where he is, before a huge hailstorm strikes and kills Taka.
  • God! Oh my...God!
    • Who: Geoff
    • Note: Character is watching in horror as tornadoes destroy Los Angeles. As he gets into a car to escape, one of the tornadoes drops a bus onto the car, crushing it and him.
  • You've gotta get outta there, man!
    • Who: L.A. weather man
    • Note: Spoken to Geoff over the phone while watching him in the middle of the tornado swarm on TV. He is killed moments later when a tornado hits the building he's in.
  • What's happening?
    • Who: L.A. weather man's wife
    • Note: She dies with her husband when the building they're in is hit by a tornado.
  • Engage emergency fuel! Come on, you bastard! COME ON!
    • Who: An RAF helicopter pilot
    • Note: Character is futilely trying to regain control of his helicopter before it crashes. The chopper's fuel lines and that of two others froze in the eye of the superstorm, where temperatures rapidly drop to -150 degrees. After the helicopter crashes, the pilot himself is quickly frozen solid, killing him.
  • I just wish I could have seen him grow up, you know?
    • Who: Simon
    • Note: Character is referring to his infant son, who he will never see again as he dies soon after in the superstorm.
  • The important thing is that he will grow up.
    • Who: Professor Terry Rapson
    • Note: Character is assuring Simon about the latter's son
  • Amen.
    • Who: Dennis
  • Too much weight! It's not gonna hold.
    • Who: Frank Harris
    • Note: After he falls through the glass roof of a snowed-over mall, his colleagues try to pull him up, but the glass under them cannot hold their weight. Realizing this, Frank, in an act of self-sacrifice, cuts the rope holding him up and falls to his death.
  • Mr. President. I'm sorry, sir, we can't hold out any longer. We're the last ones.
    • Who: General
  • Alright.
    • Who: President Blake
    • Note: Not the character's actual last words, but the still last spoken on-screen. In the next scene, it is revealed his motorcade got caught in the superstorm and he died.

DC Extended Universe[edit]

Dead Space: Downfall (2008)[edit]

  • They want our bodies...this is mine...My blood and my bone and my flesh...
    • Who: Jen Barrow
    • Notes: Jen has scrawled the same runes that adorn the Marker on the walls of her home, and carved them into her skin. After saying this line to her husband, she partially decapitates herself with a pickax. She is reanimated as a Slasher.
    • Who: Dig crew Foreman
    • Note: The only crew the Ishimura is able to raise is under attack by Necromorph organisms. After shrieking this line, his head is torn off.
  • Shuttle seven! You cannot land on board the Ishimura at this time. You must turn back immediately. Shuttle seven, do you read- [Barrow: [punches viewscreen] Fuck you, Ishimura! Landing, crashing or shot down. Pick one! But there's no way in Hell we're going back!]
    • Who: Foreman Barrow
    • Notes: His wife kills herself under the Marker's influence. This drives him mad. He jumps into a survey ship to bring them home. In his panic, he doesn't notice the Infector that slips into his shuttlecraft. It reanimates his wife, who kills him.
  • [Weakly] No...No...
    • Who: Hans Leggio
    • Notes: The character, a psychotic who killed under the influence of the Marker, wakes up in the hospital. He steps out into the morgue, and notices Necromorph Infectors working on the corpses. He turns to run, and is impaled by a Pregnant. He himself is transformed into a Slasher, and attacks Vincent's team.
  • I'm no doctor, but it looks like something's been...chewing on him. [Pendleton: This shit just keeps getting weirder by the second.] Sounds like a date with Shen. [Shen: Fuck you, rookie.]
    • Who: Dobbs
    • Notes: Alissa's team comes across the horrendously mutated corpse of Leggio, who attacks Dobbs while he is examining a shred of intestine (and bickering with Shen]. He stabs Dobbs to death and bites a chunk from his hand.
  • Bastard! [raving] Get away from me!
    • Who: Captain Benjamin Matthaius
    • Notes: The captain has lost his mind, raving ever louder about the Artefact, and growing more violent and paranoid until he has to be physically restrained. White and Chic try to hold him down while Kyne sedates him. He breaks free and starts to throttle Kyne, who stabs him in the eye with a hypodermic, possibly in self-defense, but more likely by accident.
  • These guys ain't so tough.
    • Who: Shen
    • Note: She has fought off a Pregnant, the horde of Swarmers it was carrying, and several slashers only to be stabbed and bisected by Hansen, who has gone completely mad after fending off a Lurker.
  • Help! Please! [breaks down, crying] Please! Please! [sobbing] Please!
    • Who: Unidentified Female crew member
    • Note: A group of slashers are working on the barracks door. She calls for help, and Vincent's team rescues them. The entire rescued group is killed by slashers later.
  • Holy creatures, transform me into your humble servant, as you alter my flesh and free my soul.
    • Who: Samuel Irons
    • Samuel is a very devout "Unitologist", a religious group that seems to revere the Necromorphs as angels, apparently. However, he only succumbs after being stabbed and surrounded.
  • I'm losing it, Alissa. They're in my head, and I want to hurt you. [Alissa: What the-what are you doing?] The door won't hold them for long. I'm giving you a head start. [Alissa: Knock it off, they'll kill you!] It's been an honor to serve with you, boss.
    • Who: Ramirez
    • Note: Ramirez has hotwired a sealed door that he and Alissa need to go through. He has recanted his reasons for joining the ship's Security force, with a swarm of Slashers getting ever nearer. He forces Alissa through the doors, which he then shorts closed. He is then torn apart.
  • Here we go.
    • Who: Alissa
    • Note: Alissa has recorded a distress signal to the emergency beacon of Barrow's crashed survey ship. However, the beacon must be launched manually. She opens the Cargo Bay loading doors and launches the beacon. She is then sucked out into space.

The Dead Zone (1983)[edit]

  • You're finished.
    • Who: John Smith
    • Notes: Smith, a psychic with visions of the future, had previously had a vision of popular politician Greg Stillson starting a nuclear war as President. Smith had attempted to assassinate Stillson, but was mortally wounded by Stillson's bodyguards. Stillson had used a child as a human shield during this assassination attempt in an act of extreme cowardice. However, before he dies, Smith sees a vision of Stillson instead committing suicide in the wake of a scandal involving a published photo of Stillson holding the child amidst gunfire.

Death Note (2006)[edit]

  • But if we allow people to be judged apart from the ruling law, then this civilized world will be reduced to a scene of brutality and violence.
    • Who: Lind L. Tailor
    • Note: Said in a speech to handle the Kira situation never knowing that Light has written his name into the Death Note. Forty seconds after that writing, Lind L. Tailor suffers a heart attack and dies before his execution could be carried out.

Death Note 2: The Last Name (2006)[edit]

  • Kira was real justice! Oh, Dad, please understand.
    • Who: Light Yagami
    • Note: Said to his father, right before he dies of a heart attack caused by the Shinigami Ryuk

Death Race (2008)[edit]

  • Launch out!
    • Who: Frankenstein
    • Note: Telling his navigator to use the catapult seat to escape the car. He himself is blown up by "Machine Gun" Joe. Though he survives the explosion, according to the warden, he died on an operating table later during reconstruction surgery.
  • Let's go crazy.
    • Who: Suzy
    • Note: said while taking out a beer from the fridge. Pachenko then murders her off-screen.
  • I'm the fucking Reaper, baby! can't kill me! you can burn can fucking shoot me, but you can't motherfucking KILL me!
    • Who: Grimm
    • Note: He crashes his car but survives. He crawls out and addresses Hennessy over a security camera. He is then run over by Machine Gun Joe instantly after saying this line.
  • Oh, Shit!
    • Who: Travis Colt
    • Note: His car is covered in napalm. He utters this line when he sees Case throw a cigarette lighter on the hood, burning his car, before Machine Gun Joe finishes him off.
  • It was Hennessey...Hennessey...
    • Who: Pachenko
    • Note: Ames has just rammed Pachenko's car into a wall; Pachenko crawls out, and says this line when Ames sneaks up on him and grabs him by the throat, threatening to snap his neck because Pachenko had murdered his wife, Suzy. Trying to convince Ames not to kill him, Pachenko blames Hennessey for Suzy's murder, as he had been acting on Hennessey's orders when he had killed Suzy; Ames snaps his neck anyway, replying "I know...she's next."
  • Fuck me...
    • Who: 14K
    • Note: Said as he realized he was about to get killed. He is then blown up. (Always talking Chinese with English subtitles, this time the subtitles are in Chinese as he speaks in English).
  • You win again.
    • Who: Mr. Ulrich
  • Mr. Ulrich...I ALWAYS win.
    • Who: Hennessey
    • Note: Said before opening a congratulations-gift. Inside is a bomb they had placed in Frankensteins car. Outside Coach is standing with the detonator. he says 'Damn...' before pressing the button, killing Ulrich and Hennessey. he then finishes with '...I LOVE this game.'

Death Race 2000 (1975)[edit]

  • Go for the baby! The baby!
    • Who: Cleopatra
  • Bye bye, baby! Hello, seventy points!
    • Who: Nero the Hero
      • Note: The two are killed by a bomb hidden in the doll disguised as a baby.
  • Look at that stupid hole right in the middle.
    • Who: Blond haired man at improvised roadblock
  • They won't get through there.
    • Who: Black haired man at improvised roadblock
      • Note: They are immediately run over by Mathilda the Hun, who drives through the other direction
  • Hey, dummy! Come over and hold the ladder!
    • Who: Man hanging up a "Welcome Frankenstein" banner, who is run down by Machine Gun Joe Viterbo shortly afterwards
  • Let not the ruin of thy roads destruct the tires of thy...AUGH!
    • Who: The Deacon of the Bipartisan Party
      • Note: He is run over by Frankenstein while attempting to retrieve his glove
  • I've seen you before! I'm one of your greatest fans, you know that? I follow all of the races! I've got pictures of you all over the outhouse. I've named my favorite dog after you, Mr. Frankenstein, I did.
    • Who: Fisherman, mistaking Machine Gun Joe Viterbo for Frankenstein (Joe runs him over immediately afterwards).
  • I'm almost finished Calamity, sweetheart! We'll be back on the road in no time! Then we'll cream that Nazi's ass for us!
    • Who: Pete, Calamity Jane's navigator
      • Note: He is run over by Mathilda the Hun as he is working on Jane's car.
  • A detour? I really needed that right now!
    • Who: Mathilda the Hun
      • Note: The detour was a fake, and leads her to drive off a cliff.
  • Shaddup! What's wrong wit' ya? Keep yer hands off the wheel, ya' moron!
    • Who: Machine Gun Joe Viterbo
  • Will you stop the goddamned car? Stop the car! Stop it!
    • Who: Myra (His navigator)
      • Note: They are blown up by a Frankenstein's bomb-hand.
  • Frankenstein?
    • Who: Mr. President
      • Note: He is killed when Frankenstein drives his car into the podium he stands on.

Death Race 2050 (2017)[edit]

  • I don't wanna die sober.
    • Who: Chi Wapp
    • Notes: Minerva's proxy. Driven to a dead end by Tammy's goons, he is knocked out of the car and attempts to get back in, but the goon knocks him down. Chi then says this before he and the goon are blown up.
  • I see God...And she's black as fuck...!
    • Who: Minerva Jefferson
    • Notes: A hip-hop themed racer, having been injured by the fall of her car, Minerva gloats this to her rival, Tammy the Terrorist, before succumbing to her injuries.
  • Not fair. Not fair!
    • Who: Tammy the Terrorist
  • I know. Too bad.
    • Who: ABE
    • Notes: The former is a religious terrorist-themed racer, while the latter is an AI controlled race car. As Tammy cries in the former, ABE gloats his latter, then self-destructs, killing both himself and Tammy.
  • Balls.
    • Who: Alexis Hamilton
    • Notes: The leader of an anti-Death Race resistance, Alexis Hamilton attempts to stop Frankenstein and her mole, Annie Sullivan from reaching the finish line. But eventually, Hamilton curses this, before she and her crew collide with a wall and blow up.
    • Who: Jed Perfectus
    • Notes: Having unknowingly lost control of his car and flown off a cliff, Jed cries out his name before he winds up crashing into JB's studio and dies instantly.
  • Motherfucker!
    • Who: Mr. Chairman
    • Notes: At the conclusion of the race, Frankenstein declares that the kill for Mr. Chairman be worth 1,000 points. Hearing that, Mr. Chairman curses this, before being run down by Frankenstein.
  • You guys are all TOAST!
    • Who: Steve
    • Notes: After Frankenstein declares that the people start their own Death Race, the people begin to fly into a wild frenzy. Steve, who is among them after watching through Annie's VR, tries to leave, but is hit by Molotov cocktails and crashes, leaving only his severed head.

Death Warrant (1990)[edit]

  • You can't kill me, Burke. I'm the Sandman...!
    • Who: Christian "The Sandman" Naylor
    • Note: Taunts his near invulnerability after being pierced on a valve stem. Even as he laughs in hysteria, his nemesis, Det. Burke pushes his jaw further in to finally kill the villain.

Déjà Vu (2006)[edit]

  • It's not supposed to be this way.
    • Who: Carroll Oerstadt
  • Hit it.
    • Who: Douglas Carlin
    • Note: Character had traveled back in time, effectively creating a second version of himself. It is this version who dies, but another Douglas Carlin survives.

Demolition Man[edit]

  • Yes, but this time, they're really intimidated. Now...I'll have carte blanche to create the perfect society; My society. San Angeles will be a beacon of order with the purity of an ant colony and the beauty of a flawless pearl.
    • Who: Dr. Raymond Cocteau
    • Notes: The head of the anti-utopia of San Angeles. He believes with Simon Phoenix's help, he can keep his city safe, but the criminal barbs "Look, you can't take away people's right to be assholes! That's who you remind me of, an evil Mr. Rogers." then orders his henchmen to execute him for "pissing [him] off". The bearded henchman does so riddling Cocteau with bullets then has his body thrown into the fire to hide the evidence while Associate Bob is conscripted by Phoenix.
  • This is the best day of my life!
    • Who: Simon Phoenix
    • Notes: A 1990s criminal trying to reign supreme in the future, he fights his old arch-nemesis John Spartan at the Cryo Prison. He then gloats this, but Spartan freezes him with the nitrogen, then kicks off his head, shattering it to pieces.

The Departed (2006)[edit]

  • I know about you, Colin. You know I'd never give you up. You're like a...
    • Who: Frank Costello
    • Note: Said to Colin Sullivan after Sullivan asks if Costello has told the FBI anything about him. After this line, Colin asks "What, like a son? To you? Is that what this is about? All that murderin'...and fuckin'...and no sons? ". Costello then moves to gun Sullivan down, but Sullivan shoots him dead instead.
  • [Colin Sullivan: [weakly] Just fucking kill me...Just fucking kill me...] I am killing you.
    • Who: Billy Costigan
    • Note: Said to Colin Sullivan, who he is going to expose as a rat for Costello, when Sullivan asks to be killed. When Costigan goes to exit the elevator, he is shot.
  • Fuck it.
    • Who: Mr. French
    • Note: After crashing his car in the midst of a gunfight, French says this before shooting himself in the chin.
  • Motherfucking shit!
    • Who: Fitzy
    • Note: Shouted at police while returning gunfire. He is then quickly shot in the head.
  • Tell me why I didn't tell nobody!
    • Who: Timothy Delahunt
    • Note: Said to Billy Costigan after being fatally wounded in the chest. His last words indicate he knew Costigan was an undercover cop the whole time.
  • [Fitzy: Where's your boy?] He's studying law at Notre Dame.
    • Who: Capt. Queenan
    • Note: Queenan stays back to hold Costello's thugs off. When Fitzy asks where his 'boy' (his undercover) is, Queenan responds with the statement above. He is then thrown out of the window to his death.
  • Okay.
    • Who: Colin Sullivan
    • Note: Said as he notices Officer Dignam in his apartment with a gun pointed at him and ensuring that he leaves behind no evidence. Dignam shoots him in the head without saying anything and kills him.
  • Maybe you do. But for right now, I need you to drop the gun and step away from Sergeant Sullivan!
    • Who: Officer Brown
    • Note: Said to Billy, who is holding Colin at gunpoint and claims he has evidence implying Colin in being Costello's mole. A few minutes later, Brown is shot by Barrigan after Billy is killed.
  • You think you were the only one he had on the inside? Costello was gonna sell us to the FBI. It's you and me now, you understand? We gotta take care of each other, you understand?
    • Who: Barrigan
    • Note: Barrigan was a fellow police mole for Costello, and said this to Colin after shooting Billy and Officer Brown. Barrigan is then shot in the head by Colin.
  • No. Please.
    • Who: Brian
    • Note: His murder by Mr. French shooting him in the head after he begs for mercy is shown during Billy's psychological evaluation.
  • None of your business where we come from, is it?
    • Who: Providence Mobster
    • Note: Says to Billy, who proceeds to brutally beat him and his associate. They are shortly murdered afterward by Costello to protect Billy from further revenge.

The Die Hard film series[edit]

Die Hard (1988)[edit]

  • I don't know it, I'm telling you. Get on a jet to Tokyo to ask the chairman. I'm telling you, you're just gonna have to kill me. [Hans Gruber: Okay. [shoots Takagi in the head] We do it the hard way. Tony, see if you can dispose of that. Karl, you better go and check on Heinrich's work up on the machine floor.]
    • Who: Joseph Takagi
    • Note: Character is threatened by Hans to give him the code for one of the Nakatomi building's vault locks. After he refuses, Gruber shoots him in the head.
  • [John McClane: Drop it, dickhead. It's the police.] You won't hurt me. [John McClane: Oh, yeah? Why not?] Because you're a policeman. There are rules for policemen. [John McClane: Yeah. That's what my captain keeps telling me.]
    • Who: Tony Vreski
    • Notes: Karl's younger brother who is also part of the team holding Nakatomi Plaza hostage. When he is at John McClane's gunpoint, Tony reminds him that killing him is against the law of policemen. McClane says: "Yeah. That's what my captain keeps telling me." before the two fight anyway with McClane snapping Tony's neck.
  • Marco, duck!
    • Who: Heinrich
    • Note: Another one of Hans Gruber's men who tries to shoot John when Marco is feigning surrender, only to get shot twice in the chest by John.
  • You are dog now! No more table. Where are you going, pal? Next time you have a chance to kill someone, don't hesitate.
    • Who: Marco
    • Note: John McClane was reluctant to shoot Marco once he entered the room. After Marco revealed himself as one of the invaders, he pursued McClane from atop a table. After saying the line, Marco is shot 17 times by McClane from below, who, immediately after killing him, says "Thanks for the advice."
  • John, how can you say that after all these years, huh? John? John?
    • Who: Harry Ellis
    • Note: A Nakatomi businessman who called John McClane about the stolen detonators. When McClane refuses to give in, Ellis tries to get through to his friend, but gets no answer. He then sips a coke poured for him and is shot in the head by Hans.
  • [John McClane: [pretends to surrender] You got me. [puts his hands behind his head]] Still the cowboy, Mr. McClane. Americans are all alike. Well, this time, John Wayne does not walk off into the sunset with Grace Kelly. [John McClane: It was Gary Cooper, asshole.] Enough jokes. [John McClane: You'd have made a pretty good cowboy yourself, Hans.] Oh, yes. What was it you said to me before? "Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker."
    • Who: Hans Gruber
    • Note: Says this to John McClane. After saying this line, a struggle/gunfight ensues that ends with Hans being thrown out of a window, plunging to his death.

Die Hard 2[edit]

  • No problems.
    • Who: Oswald Cochrane
    • Note: One of Col. Stuart's terrorist gang members. When asked for IDs by McClane while infiltrating the luggage area, Cochrane and his friend Miller feign assurance of no problems before engaging McClane in a gunfight. McClane knocks Cochrane onto a belt until a baggage press crushes and electrocutes Cochrane to death.
  • A sitting duck!
    • Who: O'Reilly
    • Note: One of Col. Stuart's terrorist gang members. He says this while stopping the Annex skywalk at the Dulles International Airport to a SWAT officer then shoots him. In a fierce gunfight, just when he has Barnes at his mercy, McClane intervenes and guns O'Reilly down.
  • I'm gonna kick you're fucking ass.
    • Who: Mulkey
    • Note: Another of the Annex skywalk ambush party for Col. Stuart. He says this when McClane is trappped under some debris presumably to try and beat him to death. Thankfully, McClane starts the skywalk and gets his gun in time and shoots him down.
  • Don’t shoot. That wing is fully fueled.
    • Who: General Ramon Esperanza
    • Note: Esperanza says this as Col. Stuart and Major Grant go to investigate the plane while Esperanza has the controls to take off, but unfortunately, he is killed along with Col. Stuart and the other terrorists as the plane explodes after McClane lights up the fuel trail with his cigarette lighter.
  • Too bad McClane...I kinda liked you!
    • Who: Major Grant
    • Note: Major Grant says this while fighting McClane on the wing of the 747 escape plane, then McClane replies “I’ve got enough friends!”. Then he kicks Grant by the jet engine, Grant tries to hold on, but it was no use as he gets sucked into the engine which ended up shredding him.
  • Happy landings, asshole!
    • Who: Colonel Stuart
    • Note: Col. Stuart says this after knocking McClane off the wing of his 747 escape plane, failing to notice the fuel is leaking. McClane uses his lighter to ignite the fuel and destroy the plane before it leaves Dulles.

Die Hard with a Vengeance[edit]

  • Get outta here!
    • Who: Simon Gruber
    • Note: To his second in command, Katya, after McClane shoots power lines above the helicopter they are inside, causing the helicopter to crash and explode.

Live Free or Die Hard (2007)[edit]

  • On your tombstone it should read, "Always in the wrong place at the wrong time." [John McClane: How about..."Yippee-ki-yay, motherfucker!"]
    • Who: Thomas Gabriel
    • Note: Said while standing behind McClane, pressing a gun into his shoulder wound. McClane then says his line before making him shoot, going through McClane's shoulder, into Gabriel's chest.

A Good Day to Die Hard (2013)[edit]

  • What a shame your father won't be alive to see you promoted!
    • Who: Yuri Komarov
    • Note: While with Jack/John McClane Jr., he gloats this knowing his father will be dead soon. Jack then replies "Neither will you!" then throws the villain into his daughter's helicopter rotors, shredding him.

Dirty Harry series[edit]

Dirty Harry (1971)[edit]

  • Drop the gun, creep! I'll blow his brains out! Hehehehe...Drop the fucking gun!
    • Who: Scorpio
    • Notes: The killer who has killed a couple of victims throughout the movie. He has tried to outsmart Harry Callahan even going as hard as to hold a kid hostage. However, Harry wounds him in the shoulder and gives the same .44 Magnum speech he gave to an earlier robber. Scorpio tries to resist and is shot dead by Callahan, sending him sinking into the lake.

Magnum Force (1973)[edit]

  • I want this bastard busted out of his job.
    • Who: Carmine Ricca
    • Notes: An acquitted mafioso, Carmine Ricca finds himself confronted by the enigmatic Officer Davis trying to get the driver's license and registration. Just then, Davis shoots Ricca and his entourage dead with a Colt Python.
  • Oh yes, sir, this is my car. You must be new. You know who I am?
    • Who: J.J. Wilson
    • Notes: An acquitted pimp, J.J. Wilson, after killing one of his hookers and taking the cab, finds himself confronting the enigmatic Officer Sweet. After asking if he knows him, Sweet tells him he was speeding, then executes him with a Colt Python.
  • I never touch the stuff. Wanna put that over there now?
    • Who: Lou Guzman
    • Notes: A drug lord living in his apartment. He reminds his nude companions about his cocaine. Then, Officer Davis, breaks into his room and assassinates him with a Colt Python.
  • We have warrants to search the premises.
    • Who: Officer Phil Sweet
    • Notes: One of the rookie vigilante cops, Phil Sweet is with Callahan and Early Smith to arrest Frank Palancio and reminds him of the warrant, but Palancio shotguns him to death.
  • Okay, but what happens if they get us both? [Harry Callahan: Then they win. Yeah. It's not to hard to understand how this could happen nowadays, the way things are. As incredible as it seems there may be a whole suborganization within the police force; Sort of a death squad like they had in Brazil som years back.] Damn!
    • Who: Early Smith
    • Notes: Dirty Harry's partner in the case of the vigilante cops. He says these words while Harry allays suspicions of a death squad within the police force. A while later, Early Smith heads back to his apartment after some grocery shopping and while Harry tries to warn him, Smith goes to his mailbox never knowing the vigilantes wired a bomb inside. Too late, he opens it and is blown up by the bomb.
  • You're a killer, Harry...A maniac!
    • Who: Lt. Neil Briggs
    • Notes: Harry Callahan's superior who had been secretly leading the vigilante cops, Briggs tells Harry he will prosecute him and gloats this, never knowing the cop planted a letterbox bomb in the car, then Briggs is blown up.

Disney films[edit]

See last words in Disney animated films.

Django Unchained (2012)[edit]

  • Now, why y'all wanna come into my town and start trouble? Scare all these nice people? You ain't got nothing better to do than to come into Bill Sharp's town and show your ass?
    • Who: Sheriff Bill Sharp
    • Note: Says this before being shot point blank by Dr. King Schultz.
  • Goddam son of a bitch!
    • Who: Roger "Little Raj" Brittle
    • Note: Says this before being whipped and shot to death by Django.
  • I insist.
    • Who: Calvin Candie
    • Note: Character insists on shaking hands with Dr. King Schultz to finalize a slave deal; Schultz instead shoots Candie through the chest, killing him.
  • I'm sorry. I couldn't resist.
    • Who: Dr. King Schultz
    • Note: Says this after shooting Calvin Candie; is promptly shot with a sawed-off shotgun by Candie's bodyguard.
  • Why don't you give him your gun and gunbelt?
    • Who: LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. Employee #2
    • Note: Character is referring to Django; gives this suggestion to his co-worker, resulting in their deaths by Django.
  • Now, don't drop the fucking thing, all right? I just had the sights fixed, and they're perfect.
    • Who: LeQuint Dickey Mining Co. Employee #3
    • Note: Says this before giving his gun to Django, who then kills him and the rest of his slaving team.
  • D-Jango, you black son of a bitch!
    • Who: Billy Crash
    • Note: Says this before Django - noting that the "D" in his name is silent - shoots and kills him.
    • Who: Stephen
    • Note: Says this the moment the Candie mansion is blown up by Django's dynamite.

Dog Soldiers (2002)[edit]

  • Dogs, more like pussies!
    • Who: Pvt. Terry Milburn
    • Note: Last words before getting pulled out a window by one of the werewolves.
    • Who: Pvt. Joe Kirkley
    • Note: Last words before killed by one of the werewolves, after successfully hot-wiring a car he realizes that a werewolf is right behind him.
  • I hope I give you the shits, you fuckin' wimp...
    • Who: Pvt. Witherspoon
    • Note: Last words before being killed by werewolves. He says this knowing that he'll be eaten.

Dogma (1999)[edit]

  • But...I'm a fucking demon.
    • Who: Azrael (Jason Lee)
    • Note: The character, a demon, had just been hit in the chest by a blessed golf club.
  • Thank you.
    • Who: Bartleby (Ben Affleck)
    • Note: Bartleby, who has been attempting to return to Heaven, is killed by hearing the untranslated sound of God's voice.

Donnie Darko (2001)[edit]

  • I hope that when the world comes to an end, I can breath a sigh of relief because there will be so much to look forward to.
    • Who: Donnie Darko
    • Note: Donnie's last thoughts/words before being crushed by a jet turbine that falls from the sky.

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)[edit]

  • Well, Mandrake. I happen to believe in a life after this one, I know I'll have to answer for what I've done...and I think I can.
    • Who: Gen. Jack D. Ripper
    • Note: With Burpelson air base being overrun, Jack D. Ripper says these words then shuts himself in his wash room and kills himself via gun shot rather than give Mandrake the recall code.
  • Stay on the bomb-run boys, I'm gonna get them doors open if it harelips everybody on Bear Creek!
    • Who: Major T. J. "King" Kong
    • Note: Says these when he moves to get the bomber's bomb doors open. He succeeds and rides the bomb marked "Hi there!" while whooping triumphantly and is vaporized in the resulting blast.
  • Mein Führer, I can walk!
    • Who: Dr. Strangelove
    • Note: The last words that were said in the movie before the doomsday device activates, cutting to a montage of nuclear explosions.

Doom (2005)[edit]

  • Oh, thers something behind me, isn't it?
    • Who: Pinky
    • Note: Characters is survivor from the base on Mars. He is pointing a gun at Sarge, who threatens too kill him and any other survivors. He then hears a snarl causing him to utter the line, before being lifted by a Hellknight and dragged away.
  • I'm not supposed to di-
  • Semper Fi, motherfucker! Faithful to the core, John!
    • Who: Sarge
    • Note: First quote is as he is being dragged through a Nano-wall by a flock of zombies and monsters. after this he dies but comes back to life. Second quote is before fighting John, which ultimately leads to him being blown up.

Dragonheart (1996)[edit]

  • To the stars, Bowen. To the stars.
    • Who: Draco
    • Note: Said in response to Bowen's question "Draco, without you... what do we do? Where do we turn?". It should also be noted that Draco's last words in a physical body were "Pick it up!", referring to an ax that Bowen would have to use to kill Draco, to end his and the prince's shared life force. It should also be noted that the stars, particular Draco's namesake constellation, play a vital role in the film, what Draco calls the "Dragon's Heaven", where dragons who had performed particularly noble or "good" acts went after death.
  • Move, and she dies!
    • Who: Einon
    • Note: Said while holding Kara hostage at knife point, until Draco bites his own paw, forcing Einon to feel his pain and, before he attempts to attack, Bowen throws a spear in Draco's heart, killing him to end his and the prince's shared life force.
  • I was trying to correct a mistake I made long ago, when I saved a creature not worth saving.
    • Who: Queen Aislinn
    • Note: Said while talking to and about her son, Einon, after he discovers her plot to kill him. He then slays his mother with a large spear.
  • A girl?! A girl!...
    • Who: Brock
    • Note: Said after being killed by Kara in the battle at Einon's castle.

Drive Angry (2011)[edit]

  • Ah, Milton, so many have tried; But I am armored with a power that you will never know. Nothing of this earth can kill me.
    • Who: Jonah King
    • Note: The leader of a Satanic cult planning to sacrifice John Milton's grandchild in order to attain hell on Earth. While seemingly having John Milton at his mercy, he declares this never knowing that Milton has crawled towards the God Killer firearm. When he sees it, Milton declares "I'm not of this Earth." having risen from Hell to avenge his previous death then fires at Jonah. The blast sends the cultist spiraling to nothingness.
  • You think you're Wotan? Gimme the keys.
    • Who: John Milton
    • Note: A condemned man who escapes Hell to avenge his death and save his granddaughter from Jonah King's cult. After completing his mission, he and the Accountant who had been chasing him throughout the film ride back to hell with Milton saying these.

Drunken Master II (1994)[edit]

  • Finish him! Now!
    • Who: John
    • Note: Yells this to Henry before passing him a burning hot iron rod. After Henry is beaten, he attempts to fight Fei Hung, but is dropped onto a large crate in the end. He may not have died, however his breathing seems to stop after he looks up at Hung.

Dumb and Dumber (1994)[edit]

  • Son of a bitch!
    • Who: Joe Mentalino
    • Note: Says this to Harry. As a prank, Harry and Lloyd put very hot peppers in Mental's burger, and when Mental, who has severe digestive problems, eats it and falls on the ground. Mental then asks them for his antacid pills, and Harry gives Mental rat poison (intended to be used on Harry and Lloyd), believing they were the antacid pills.


  • Jessica...Paul...
    • Who: Duke Leto Atreides
    • Notes: After being betrayed by his doctor Yueh, Duke Leto attempts to gas Baron Harkonnen with a poisonous tooth that will release a toxic gas upon exhaling. He only succeeds in killing Piter De Vries, and calls out to his wife and son before dying.
  • You see your death. My blade will finish you.
    • Who: Feyd-Rautha
    • Notes: Baron Harkonnen's nephew, Feyd-Rautha engages Paul Atreides in a final duel in the Emperor's throne room. Feyd-Rautha believes his blade and kill Paul, but Paul impales his throat.


Eagle Eye (2008)[edit]

  • Go now!
    • Who: Agent Thomas Morgan (Billy Bob Thorton)
    • Note: After ordering Jerry Shaw (Shia LeBeouf) to get to the Library of Congress to stop the assassination mission GUILLOTINE, he says this line for Jerry to hurry before rushing at a fighter copter with his car and destroying it. He is incinerated by the resulting fireball.
  • 27%. Operation GUILLOTINE is now in effect.
    • Who: ARIA
    • Notes: ARIA is the supercomputer that has montiered the lives of Jerry and Rachel and forced them to partake in the assassination attempt mission GUILLOTINE. She is then destroyed by Agent Perez and William Bowman, but has uploaded enough data to be able to trigger the event when Rachel's son's trumpet hits a high F note. Jerry however succeeds in stopping this before it can occur.

Earthquake (1974)[edit]

  • Is everything okay? [Assistant Caretaker Max: Yeah.] Why don't you check the base? I'll look down below.
    • Who: Dam Caretaker Fred
    • Note: Caretaker of the Mulholland Resevoir Dam. After a slight tremor, he and Max head to the dam to check for damage and says this to his assistant. When he heads down the elevator, there is no response. When Max comes in to check on him, the shaft has been flooded and Fred has drowned.
  • Thanks again for letting us on your land, Mr. Griggs. Once the trench is filled, you'd never have known we were here.
    • Who: Dr. Frank Adams.
    • Note: A scientist monitoring for seismic waves on farmer Griggs' land. After updating the farmer with this, a tremor is felt and the sheep flee, but Dr. Adams and his assistant are buried alive in the trench they were working in. Dr. Stockle confirms this death as he will call the doctor's wife.
  • Take it easy now; I'll call you at home later.
    • Who: Emilio Chavez
    • Note: A partner of Lew Slade in the Los Angeles police department. At the bar, he says this when leaving. When the earthquake strikes, he is trying to find a way out at the police department comes down around himself and his fellow officers. A pipe drops onto him killing him.
  • I'll see what it costs me.
    • Who: Bill Cameron
    • Note: An employee at the building run by Sam Royce. When discussing earthquakes and the effects they have on buildings, he promises this to Stewart Graff. When the earthquake strikes he and other employees try to shelter in an elevator, but the car fails and it plunges twenty-feet killing Cameron and the others inside.
  • Ha-hard to breathe... [Dr. Vance: Chest pains?] Yeah...
    • Who: Sam Royce
    • Note: Stewart's boss at his workplace.. While rescuing survivors of the quake, he suffers chest pains and a heart attack. He says this to Dr. Vance and they work to save him. But he succumbs moments later.
  • You got your nerve. Only a whore would wear something like that!
    • Who: Jody Joad
    • Note: A store clerk and army officer who has Rosa Amici detained on suspicion of looting. Later that night, he says this as he tries to force himself on her though she desperately fights back. This helps long enough for officer Lew Slade to rescue her and shoot the crazed officer to death in self-defense.
  • Remy!
    • Who: Stewart Graff
    • Note: A businessman who is in a love triangle between his ungrateful wife Remy and widowed actress Denise Marshall. When the tunnel is flooding thanks to the Mulholland Dam failing, he says this as he tries to save his wife. Denise looks on helplessly as the floodwaters carry both Stewart and Remy away and they both likely drown.

El Cid (1961)[edit]

  • I want you and my remember me riding with my king...Tomorrow...
    • Who: Don Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, El Cid
    • Note: While fighting at Valencia, El Cid is mortally injured by an arrow. Aware that removing will incapacitate him for quite some time, El Cid keeps the arrow in him. Knowing he will die soon, he promises to ride out to battle with his king Alfonso VI, then says these words so Chimene will not forget his actions. In a final symbol of defiance, the Spanish army places the armored and lifeless body of El Cid on his horse carrying the banner. The Moors are frightened thinking that El Cid is alive while it is said that "And thus, the Cid rode out of the gates of history into legend."
  • Back! Back! Go back! GO BACK!
    • Who: Ben Yusuf
    • Note: The commander of the Moors seeking to rule the world. When it appears he holds the advantage in the final battle of Valencia, Ben's forces spot the now dead Cid on his horse carrying a banner and are frightened. Ben tries to stir his men with this, but is trampled to death by Babieca's hooves.

End of Days (1999)[edit]

  • Jericho! How can you expect to defeat me when you are a man and I am forever?
  • You have died for nothing. You just give them time.
    • Who: Satan
    • Note: Character says two lines while possessing two characters. The first line is said when possessing an unnamed man. The second line is said when possessing Jericho. He is sent back to Hell after Jericho impales himself to the sword of St. Michael.
  • Run.
    • Who: Jericho Cane
    • Note: Jericho tells Christine to run while fighting off Satan's control. He impales himself to the sword of St. Michael until 12:00 for New Year's Day to get Satan out of his body. He dies after having a vision of his wife and daughter, indicating that he goes to Heaven with them.

Enemy at the Gates (2001)[edit]

  • It's your turn to get a hole in your britches.
    • Who: Koulikov (Ron Perlman)
    • Note: He was next to take the lead and says this before jumping over a hole in the building he and Vassili were stationed at. He was exposed when he jumped and was shot by Konig.
  • I want to help you Vassili. Let me do one last thing, something useful for a change. Let me show you where the Major is.
    • Who: Danilov
    • Note: After saying this line, Danilov removes his helmet and moves into the open where he is shot by the Major, revealing his position.

Enter the Dragon[edit]

  • Man, come right out of a comic book. [Williams defeats some of Han's henchmen with ease and Han uses his prosthetic hand to punish one] Been practicing, huh.
    • Who: Williams
    • Notes: One of Lee's companions in the investigation on Han's island; He says these refusing to be interrogated by Han, and defeats some of his henchmen. But Han however knocks Williams into a room of laughing women under the influence of drugs. Eventually, Han uses his prosthetic hand to kill the martial artist.

Equilibrium (2002)[edit]

  • Remember me.
    • Who: Viviana Preston
    • Note: Said before being dragged from the house by soldiers. Was later incinerated for 'sense offense'.
  • A heavy price. I pay it gladly.
    • Who: Grammaton Cleric Errol Patridge
    • Note: Character is referencing that a world with war and hate is better then the one they created without emotions or the ability to feel. Was shot in the head moments later.
  • Mind the uniform Cleric. I plan to be wearing it for a long time.
    • Who: Grammaton Cleric Brandt
    • Note: Said to John Preston before attacking him with a sword. Was killed in three swift moves with no effort from Preston.
  • Wait! Wait! Look at me. Look at me. I'm life. I live...I, I breathe...I feel. Now that you know it...can you really take it? Is it really worth the price? [Preston: I pay it gladly.]
    • Who: Vice-Council DuPont
    • Note: Said while trying to convince Preston not to shoot him.

Escape Plan (2013)[edit]

  • Go, go, go, down, down!
    • Who: Warden Hobbes
    • Note: The corrupt warden of the Tomb prison ship. Said commanding his guards to chase down Breslin and Rottmayer/Mannheim. He says nothing else as he tries to shoot down Breslin clinging onto Rottmayer's helicopter. Seeing the corrupt in the right position, Breslin barbs "Boom...!" then shoots some oil drums blasting and burning the warden alive while Rottmayer gloats "Have a lovely day, asshole!"
    • Who: Lester Clark
    • Note: Ray Breslin's business partner who betrays him to Warden Hobbes. After the escape from the Tomb, Breslin has his friends track down the traitorous partner and Hush first chloroforms him then traps him and his car in a container on a shipping frigate. Clark angrily cries this to his former partner and is never heard from again...

Escape Plan 2: Hades[edit]

  • I just told you Galileo was back to his full power. It doens't need solar; Let it blow.
    • Who: Jasper Kimbral
    • Note: A Breslin protege who is fired for botching a rescue mission and secretly runs the illegal underground prison Hades. He says this confident that Galileo will power back up, but Breslin points out the blindspots of his prison from outside. He says nothing else while Breslin tells him in the zoo arena, "Let's see what you can dow without your tech; After I put my fist through your face, I'm gonna crucify you, kid." The ex-proteget fights well but Breslin reverses his chokehold and eventually snaps the traitor's neck.
  • Prisoner 9051, report for battle in the zoo.
    • Who: Galileo
    • Note: The computer running Hades. After calling his out for battle, Trent DeRosa fires at the control unit rapidly and before Galileo can re-activate, Luke shoots the robot for good measure to prevent it from ever coming back online.

The Evil Dead (1981)[edit]

  • There is no tomorrow! You-You've got to kill her and cu-cut her up...your sister too.
    • Who: Scott
    • Note: Scott's last words before dying from his wounds.

Eraser (1996)[edit]

  • I hope you understand Lee, that you leave me no choice...!
    • Who: William Donohue
    • Note: The Vice President of Cyrez International, having been exposed for working with Russian terrorists, he says these while threatening Lee Cullen with his pistol. He then turns the gun to his own mouth and kills himself.
  • Evaluation?
    • Who: WITSEC Deputy Monroe
    • Note: A young WITSEC operative who questions this when Robert DeGuerin wished to evaluate his performance. DeGuerin shoots him with John Kruger's gun and says "A plus, kid."
  • Yeah.
    • Who: Robert DeGuerin
    • Note: A WITSEC U.S. Marshal who turned against his former pupil John Kruger for black-marketing. With little evidence to put DeGuerin and his friends Morehart and Undersecretary of Defense Harper in jail, Kruger and Cullen fake their deaths and have Johnny trap them on train tracks in their limo. When Kruger calls them up, DeGuerin has time to say this then Kruger tells him "You've just been erased." With no way out, DeGuerin and his allies try unsuccessfully to escape and a train crashes into the limo killing all of them.

The Evil Dead 2 (1987)[edit]

  • Hey! I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul! I'll swallow your soul!
    • Who: Henrietta
    • Note: Henrietta mutated into a zombie and threatens to swallow Ash Williams' soul, but Ash stomps her decapitated head and tells her "Swallow this!" before shooting her.

Excalibur (1981)[edit]

  • Nobody shall wield Excalibur but ME!!!
    • Who: Uther Pendragon
    • Note: After being ambushed by knights loyal to a duke he betrayed, he says this before thrusting his sword, Excalibur, into a nearby stone. He then dies of his injuries.

The Expendables series[edit]

The Expendables[edit]

  • The agency parasites hired you, didn't they? I'd have paid you TWICE as much to go fishing. You'd have to think I'm pretty freakin' stupid to surrender to the agency. Why would I do that?! I created this. I made it ALLLL happen, and then they wanted me out! Why? Because I saw the big picture! Stop walking! Well, what about me and you? We're both the same. We're both mercenaries. We're both dead inside! So why the hell did you come after me?!
    • Who: James Monroe
    • Note: Traitorous CIA agent Monroe learned that Barney Ross was hired to whack him. He admits he was behind the whole thing and demands why he would chase him. Barney answers "I didn't come after you, dipshit. I came for HER!" Sandra then breaks free as Barney riddles Monroe with pistol bullets then Lee Christmas finishes the job by throwing a knife into his back and through his chest.
  • We will kill this American disease!
    • Who: General Garza
    • Note: When Garza believes that Munroe had hired the Expendables to kill him, he addressed the people on how he succumbed to greed and apologizes to his daughter. As soon as he says this line, Munroe himself shoots and kills him.

The Expendables 2[edit]

  • NOW WHAT?!
    • Who: Jean Vilain
    • Notes: At the end of their final battle, Jean Vilain questions Barney Ross what he intends to do to him. Earlier, he had questioned the name of the young Expendables member he had killed earlier. Barney then chains Vilain close to him, then stabs him with his knife. Barney then tells him "His name was Billy." as Barney used the same knife Vilain used to kill William "Billy the Kid" Timmons.

The Expendables 3[edit]

  • What about The Hague, huh?
    • Who: Conrad Stonebanks
    • Note: After their final battle, Stonebanks questions Barney Ross whether he will take him to The Hague for trial, but the latter executes him with a gunshot and says "I am The Hague."


Face/Off (1997)[edit]

  • Sir, why are you so upset? It's just Pollux Troy
    • Who: Loomis
    • Note: Character says this to Castor Troy, who is in disguise as Sean Archer, as Troy grieves over the body of Pollux. Troy responds by shooting Loomis in the head.
  • They're concerned about the constitution of your Gestapo tactics, and frankly SO AM I!
    • Who: Victor Lazarro
    • Note: The FBI Chief wants to inquire about Troy-as-Archer's methods in fighting crime. Troy-as-Archer confesses "I am Castor Troy." then breaks his spine and does a hard blow to fracture his heart making it look like a heart attack.
  • I'm ready for the big ride, baby...
    • Who: Castor Troy
    • Note: Troy sings this song before he is "killed" in the opening of the movie. After being impaled with a harpoon, he starts to sing again before dying.

The Fan (1996)[edit]

  • A simple thank you would have been nice.
    • Who: Gil Renard (Robert De Niro)
    • Note: Dying words after being shot; the character was insane, killing people to help his favorite baseball star.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)[edit]

  • I will no longer serve. This is the end. For both of us.
    • Who: Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd
    • Note: Prior to him going to defeat Galactus. He is thought to be dead, but survives in a scene prior to the end credits.

Fantasy Mission Force (1983)[edit]

  • You have gotta die, because it's only the dead who don't talk!
    • Who: Captain Don Wen
    • Note: Said when Sammy's partner Emily exposes his scheme; Form a rescue party, and have them and the Nazi forces wipe each other out so he can get the money for himself. After this, he shoots and injures Emily before engaging Sammy one of the remaining two survivors first with his pistol and a belt-sword. After a brutal fight, Sammy leaves Don Wen in the command post building and blows it and Don Wen up.

Fargo (1996)[edit]

  • I'm taking that fucking car! That fucker's mine! Fucking asshole! You know I've been listening to your fucking bullshit all week! Are we square?! Are..we..square?! Yeah, you fucking mute! And if you see your friend, Shep Proudfoot, tell him I'm gonna nail his fucking ass too!
    • Who: Carl Showalter (Steve Buscemi)
    • Note: Said out of frustration to his partner, Gaear, before being knocked out and then put through a woodchipper.

The Fast and the Furious series[edit]

The Fast and the Furious[edit]

  • Toretto! SWAT came into my house. Disrespected my whole family, because somebody narked me out. And you know what? It was you!
    • Who: Johnny Tran
    • Notes: Character and his gang were arrested by police for supposedly being the suspects behind the truck robberies, only to be released with only minor charges when it is clear that Dominic Toretto and his gang are the true culprits. He lashes out at Dom about it and accuses him of ratting him out, despite Dom denying this while beating him up in response. He does not say any more lines after this and when he and his cousin Lance pursue Brian and Dom. When he attempts to kill Brian, he shoots Tran multiple times, causing his bike to slide, killing Tran after hitting his head against a wall.

*Dominic, I am so sorry. I don't know what I'm doing, Dom. I'm so scared right now. I don't know what's going on. [Dominic Toretto: Jess! What were you thinking, man?] I don't know! I panicked! I'm sorry. I'm scared! I don't know what I'm doing! Will you please help me?

    • Who: Jesse
    • Notes: Character made a bet against Dom's rival, Johnny Tran, with his father's 1995 Volkswagen Jetta in a desert race. However, Tran won and Jesse ran off in panic. The following day, Jesse turned to Dom for protection. However, before Dom could do anything, both Tran and Lance start shooting around the Toretto residence, narrowly missing everyone except for Jesse, who is killed by them as punishment for reneging on the bet.

Fast Five[edit]

  • Boss, if something was missing, we'd know.
    • Who: Fusco
  • How do you know that?
    • Who: Wilkes
  • They invaded the Leblon house. [Hernan Reyes: Who invaded?] The men from the train. [Hernan Reyes: How much did they take?] They didn't take anything. They burned it. [Hernan Reyes: They burned my money?] Yes. And said there's more coming.
    • Who: Cash House Door Guard
  • What time was the robbery?
    • Who: Macroy
  • Come on, boss. Another day. Come on, H, it's a lot of heat.
    • Who: Chato
    • Notes: Said to Hobbs to dissuade him from arresting Dom's team when a Brazilian gang comes to their defense by threatening Hobbs and his teammates at gunpoint. After Hobbs arrests Dom, Brian, Mia and Vince, Chato, along with his teammates, is murdered by Reyes' men in an ambush.
  • Hey, Dom. You've got to meet my son. Nico. [Dominic Toretto: I will.] He's a good kid. You know, we named him after you. "Dominic".
    • Who: Vince
    • Notes: Character was shot by Hernan Reyes' hitman, Zizi, during an attack against the DSS, which resulted in the deaths of Hobbs' teammates. Before succumbing to his wounds, Vince tells Dom that he should meet Nico, his son with a Brazilian woman named Rosa, having been named after his childhood friend.
  • Kill him now!
    • Who: Zizi
    • Notes: Said while ordering Reyes's men to kill Dom, before the latter crashes his car onto Reyes and Zizi, who were still inside of theirs. However, Zizi emerges from the car and attempts again to kill Dom, only for Brian to shoot him dead before he could do so.
  • Help me.
    • Who: Hernan Reyes
    • Notes: Said while cornered on the road after Dom and his team escape Rio with his money. Hobbs instead shoots him, remarking "That's for my team, you son of a bitch."

Fast and Furious 6[edit]

  • Braga.
    • Who: Firuz
    • Notes: An associate of Owen Shaw. Firuz is shot multiple times by Letty, Ivory and Jah for giving information about Shaw to Gisele and Riley. Seeing that he was dying, Gisele tells Firuz she would make Shaw pay if he helped her. He utters Braga's name in his final moments, thus revealing that he was involved in Owen's plot.
  • So, what about Toretto's sister?
    • Who: Riley Hicks
    • Notes: A female agent of the Diplomatic Security Service who's secretly working for Owen Shaw. She asks her boss what to do with Mia Toretto, and is told she's useless to Shaw's gang, although she is unable to make the call, as her signal is jammed by Tej. Later, in the final battle on the plane, Letty aims a harpoon gun at her and gloats "Wrong team, bitch!" then shoots her with a harpoon, sending Riley screaming out of the plane to her death.
  • Take off! Take off! [in Russian]
    • Who: Vegh
    • Notes: Shaw's right-hand woman. Shaw orders her to tell the plane crew to take off. Vegh then chases both Brian and Mia in her car, which crashes when she becomes distracted by a sloped shield on the ramp car.
  • 'Babe, get me under the wing. If I can hit that flap, we can keep it from taking off. [Han: You be careful.] This is who we are.
    • Who: Gisele Yashar
    • Notes: Said to her boyfriend Han in order to prevent Owen Shaw's plane from taking off. Then they are attacked by Adolfson, one of Shaw's henchmen, ending with Gisele sacrificing herself to save Han from being shot by letting go of his hand and falling backwards to her death while shooting him.

Furious 7[edit]

  • Too slow!
    • Who: Louis Kiet
    • Notes: Said to Brian O'Conner after locking him in the bus, where Ramsey was being held captive, to leave him for dead after reaching the back first and closing the gate on him. This is Kiet's only English line in the film since he mostly speaks in Thai. Brian later encounters Kiet again and, after another fight, manages to kill his enemy by hooking his belt to a weight that drags him into an elevator shaft to his death, with Brian mockingly repeating the same words Kiet said to him as revenge for what he did to him before.
  • Roger that!
    • Who: Agent Sheppard
    • Notes: Character says this line while he, Dom, Brian and the other agents are ambushed by Mose Jakande and his militants while facing Deckard Shaw in Abu Dhabi. He is killed during the fight.
    • Who: Mose Jakande
    • Notes: Character says this line while attacking Dom from his helicopter. Dom races through a parking garage and drives his car at the helicopter, leaving a bag of grenades on the skids, and then Agent Hobbs shoots the bag from ground level, destroying the chopper and killing Jakande.

The Fate of the Furious[edit]

  • Save Your son!
    • Who: Elena Neves
    • Notes: When Dom fails to take the case containing the nuclear launch codes from Letty, Cipher decides to teach him a lesson by having her henchman Connor Rhodes execute Elena, who is strapped to a chair, with a piece of tape over the mouth.
  • You made me miss my shot. What do you think you're doing?
    • Who: Connor Rhodes
    • Notes: Cipher's top henchman. While trying to shoot Letty and her friends from afar, Dom stops him making Connor curse this. After a short fight, Dom snaps Connor's neck, avenging Elena's death.

Hobbs and Shaw[edit]

  • I am no small change!
    • Who: Professor Anderiko
    • Notes: The scientist who created the Snowflake virus. He says this line as he ambushes Brixton with a flamethrower, allowing Hobbs and Shaw to escape him, but in the ensuing fight and escape, Brixton kills him.
  • So that's how it is. It's a hell of a business, boys.
    • Who: Brixton Lore
    • Notes: The Eteon cyber-terrorist seeking out the Snowflake virus. Having failed his mission and lost his fight with Hobbs and Shaw, Eteon begins to decommission him. Brixton says these to his enemies before his brain is shut down, then he falls lifelessly into the sea.


  • Tell me what you see, Dom.
    • Who: Jack Toretto
    • Note: Dom and Jakob's father, a NASCAR racer. Dom attempts to warn him that fellow racer Kenny Linder is about to ram him, but Jack is unable to avoid being hit, and crashes with his car rolling over and catching fire.
  • Goddamn it, why do I have to say this?! Flatten those clowns!
    • Who: Otto
    • Note: Attempts to order his men to kill Dom and his team in a car chase, but is eventually the only one left. He ends up collateral damage when Cipher, in an unsuccessful attempt to kill Dom, blows up his truck with a drone missile.

The Fifth Element (1997)[edit]

  • I'm sorry, sir. It won't happen again.
    • Who: Right Arm
    • Note: Spoken during a phone conversation with Zorg, following Right Arm's failure to accomplish his mission. Zorg replies "I know.", following which Right Arm immediately dies.
  • Oh no...
    • Who: Jean-Baptiste Emmanuel Zorg
    • Note: Zorg has just deactivated a bomb, but a dying Mangalore reactivates it, leaving him with no more than 5 seconds to live.

Fight Club (1999)[edit]

  • What's that smell?
    • Who: Tyler Durden
    • Note: Tyler is a figment of the narrator's imagine that takes over when he falls asleep. The narrator "tricks" Tyler into believing the back of his head is blown out when he shots off his cheek.

The Final Cut (2004)[edit]

  • Will you look at that...
    • Who: Alan Hakman

The Final Destination series[edit]

Final Destination (2000)[edit]

  • I'm moving on, Carter, and if you wanna waste your life beating the shit out of Alex every time you see him, then you can just drop fucking dead!
    • Who: Terry Chaney
    • Note: Carter is arguing with Alex about with his thoughts on Death's Design, and Terry yells at them and says the above line before being run over by a bus and killed.
  • You will be. YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'RE DEAD! And you ain't takin' me with you!
    • Who: Billy Hitchcock
    • Note: Alex just saved Carter from being run over by a train. Billy freaks out on Death's Design and says that Carter is next. After he says the above line, the train runs over some shrapnel, causing it to fly off, decapitating Billy.

Final Destination 2 (2003)[edit]

  • Jesus Christ!
    • Who: Evan Lewis
    • Note: Lottery winner and a survivor of the Route 180 pileup. While making supper for himself back in his apartment, his ring drops in the sink's garbage disposal, and his hand gets stuck while he tries to retrieve it. At the same time, a fire is caused by both his microwave failing on him and catching fire, while one of the burners on the stove adds to the flames. Eventually, Evan manages to get his wrist out from the sink, and climbs out the fire escape before his apartment explodes. Thinking he was lucky to still be alive, he doesn't notice tripping over the spaghetti he tossed out the window moments earlier. The ladder he jostled while escaping from the explosion now comes down on him and impales him right through his eye. His corpse is later shown being incinerated at William Bludworth's crematory.
  • I don't wanna die!
    • Who: Nora Carpenter
    • Note: One of the last surviving family members in the Carpenter family. She is heavily grieving over the death of her son Tim (who some time after the pileup died when a glass windowpane at a dentist's office fell and crushed him). Later, at an apartment building, she and Eugene in a elevator when she is told by the other characters that a man with hooks is going to kill her. Coincidentally, a man with closet hooks was in the elevator with them, and she panics, causing her hair to snag on a hook. While she tries to run out of the elevator, she is pulled back towards it, and the doors close in on her throat. Eventually, the doors sever her head off.
  • Eugene...
    • Who: Clear Rivers
    • Note: She is in killed in a explosion in a hospital, along with Eugene, who she was referencing in the above line. She was the only remaining survivor of the Flight 180 crash from Final Destination 1.

Final Destination 3 (2006)[edit]

  • I was gonna look you up afterwards, but- [notices Wendy looking scared] You okay? Is something wrong?
  • The train.
  • [Alarmed] Oh, shit. Not again
  • [Pulls brake which doesn't work] IT'S NOT WORKING! SOMEBODY STOP THE TRAIN!
    • Who: Kevin Fischer and Wendy Christensen
    • Note: Last words said at the end of the film. Wendy has a premonition of the train crash, and the last we see of Wendy is the scared look on her face, as the screen cuts to black, and the sound of metallic screeching is heard.

The Final Destination (2009)[edit]

  • Hurry up, you two! I've got my eye on you.
    • Who: Samantha Lane (Krista Allen)
    • Note: After talking to two kids who were throwing rocks, she leaves a salon she was at, and a lawnmower runs over a rock that was in the grass, and it slams into her face, searing her eye off (similar to Evan's death in Final Destination 2).
  • Have you all lost your fucking mind!?!
    • Who: Nadia Monroy
    • Note: After Nick convinces the group to leave the stadium after he saw a premonition of a car crash, everyone panics and Nadia screams the above line before her head is crushed by a flying tire, reducing it to mush.
  • My wife said deja vu is God's way of saying-
    • Who: George
    • Note: Ran over by a bus before he can finish this line.
  • I was meant to see-this-movie!
    • Who: Janet
    • In Nick's premonition of the mall, Janet refuses to leave the cinema, shouting the above line. The screen then explodes, and Janet is impaled by shrapnel.

Final Destination 5 (2011)[edit]

  • Oh shit.
    • Who: Issac Palmer
    • Note: One of the survivors of the bridge collapse from earlier in the film. He is later at a Chinese massage parlor, getting a acupuncture treatment, when the table he is resting on collapses and the needles embed deep inside him. At the same time, the candles in the room are knocked over, causing the room to be set ablaze. Crawling away to safety, he sighs in relief, until a Buddha statue drops from a broken shelf and crushes his head.
  • Help me!
    • Who: Olivia Castle
    • Note: Whilst having laser eye surgery, the machine malfunctions and burns her eye and hand. She manages to break free, and says the above line several times as her eye bleeds. Sam, Molly and the doctor arrive to help her, but before they can do anything, Olivia trips and falls out of the window onto a car below. Her eye subsequently falls out and is run over by another car.
  • Who's what?
    • Who: Dennis Lapman
    • Note: The cynical boss of the bridge survivors. He arrives at the factory to question Sam, Nathan, Molly and Peter on the accidental death of Nathan's co-worker. Nathan and Peter ask Sam who is next on Death's list. Dennis asks the above question, just as a stray wrench is launched at him by a belt sander. The wrench penetrates him in the head, spraying blood all over the others and killing him instantly. It is shown that the wrench cut into Dennis's head where his eyes should be.
  • Tell Candice I love her.
    • Who: Peter Friedkin
    • Note: Insane from the death of girlfriend Candice (who had snapped her spine in a freak gym accident in front of him), he attempts to kill Molly in revenge, since she survived Sam's vision. Peter murders Agent Block, who interrupted the skirmish, but continues to pursue Molly in order to remove witnesses. A violent fight ensues, which culminates in Peter overpowering her. He says the above line as he prepares to stab Molly, but Sam kills him by stabbing him in the back with a large meat skewer before he can do so.
  • Sam!
    • Who: Molly Harper
    • Note: The girlfriend of protagonist Sam Lawton, who spent most of the movie trying to solve the pattern and how to prevent Death's Design. At the end, she is with Sam on Flight 180, and is sucked out of the plane (and bisected by a plane wing) before it explodes.
  • Molly! Hold on!
    • Who: Sam Lawton
    • Note: Premonitionist of the movie. After avoiding the bridge collapse, and saving his girlfriend Molly from a berserk co-worker's murder frenzy, he ends up on Flight 180. When it is about to explode, Molly is nearly sucked out, and Sam tries to save her. He fails, as she is sucked out and killed regardless. In defeat, he accepts his fate and is burned alive as the plane explodes.
  • Any day?
    • Who: Nathan Sears
    • Note: The last remaining survivor of the bridge collapse, he is at a bar following the funeral for Roy (a fellow employee he accidentally killed earlier in the film), when a fellow co-worker comes over to him and tells him that Roy's passing was probably for the best, explaining that after viewing an autopsy, they discovered Roy had a brain aneurysm that would've burst at any moment, saying he could've died any day. Nathan then says this line, to which the co-worker responds with "Life's a bitch", before a turbine from Flight 180 (see above) falls and crushes him to death, sending his hand flying straight at the screen.

Flash Gordon (1980)[edit]

  • May this deed of Prince Thun be an all the kingdoms of Mongo...DEATH TO MING!!!
    • Who: Prince Thun
    • Notes: Prince Thun is told as a tribute to Ming to stab himself with his sword. But Thun attempts to take Ming by surprise, only to be frozen in place, then the emperor stabs him with the sword.

The Fly series[edit]

The Fly (1986)[edit]

  • We'll be the ultimate family. A family of three, joined together in one body...more human than I am alone.
    • Who: Seth Brundle
    • Note: After Seth reveals his plan to fuse with Veronica and their unborn child, she tries to fight him off. In the process, she accidentally tears off his jaw, triggering his final transformation into a mute human-fly hybrid creature. Seth tries to implement his plan, only for Stathis to free Veronica, while Seth is fused to part of his telepod. The mortally wounded Seth beckons Veronica to end his life with Stathis's shotgun and she obliges.

The Fly II (1989)[edit]

  • Fuck!
    • Who: Scorby
  • No! Don't! No! NOOOOO!!!
    • Who: Antonius Bartok

Fong Sai-yuk[edit]

  • Even you won't be able to help him. Now...We're both going to die together.
    • Who: The Governor of Nine Gates
    • Note: In the final battle against the Governor of Nine Gates, he tries to use dynamite to take the Red Flower Society leader Chan Ka-Kok with him. But he loses his grip, then Chan pierces him with sword, then Fong Sai-yuk throws a spear into the dynamite then it blows the governor up.

The Forbidden Kingdom (2008)[edit]

  • Who are you?
    • Who: Jade Warlord
    • Notes: Said when Golden Sparrow draws his attention. She throws a Jade Dart at him, but he deflects it with Chi magic before attacking the Monkey King again. He is then defeated by being batted by the Monkey King into Jason, who impales his heart with the dart, causing him to fall into a fiery abyss.
  • I...I thank you...
    • Who: Golden Sparrow
    • Notes: Said to Jason, after he has killed the Jade Warlord, having been critically wounded by him. The same actress appears later in the film in a different time period, leaving an open question as to whether she was resurrected, or the later appearance is simply a different person who looks the same.

Forrest Gump (1994)[edit]

  • I wanna go home.
    • Who: Benjamin Beuford "Bubba" Blue
    • Note: Character was shot while fighting in Vietnam. He is found and carried to safety by Forrest Gump. Bubba asks, "Forrest, why did this happen?" to which Forrest responds, "You got shot." Forrest, doing a voice-over, says, "Then, Bubba said something I won't ever forget." Bubba then says this line.
  • I will miss you, Forrest.
    • Who: Mrs. Gump
    • Note: Mrs. Gump is dying of cancer. She speaks to her son Forrest when he rushes home after getting a call that his mother is dying.
  • I love you.
    • Who: Jenny Curran
    • Note: Spoken to Forrest as she lies in bed talking to him. She dies of an unknown virus, possible HIV or AIDS.

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)[edit]

See the A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise below.

The Friday the 13th franchise[edit]

See last words in Friday the 13th films.

The Frighteners (1996)[edit]

  • Lucy, better close the door. Hurry up.
  • You killed her...
    • Who: Frank Bannister (Michael J. Fox)
    • Note: He dies twice in the movie and is resurrected twice. First was when he allowed Lucy to freeze him to death so he could fight Bartlett in spirit form (he's later brought back through quick medical procedures). Second was when he was trying to finish Bartlett by getting to a chapel to bury his remains. He is choked to death by Patricia, and goes to Heaven but is later told by Stuart and Cyrus that it's "not his time" and is resurrected.
  • Bye, Frank!
    • Who: Johnny Bartlett
    • Note: He is eaten by creatures from Hell along with Patricia after rescuing her from Frank.
  • Johnny! Johnny!
    • Who: Patricia Ann Bradley
  • I'm an asshole...with an Uzi!
    • Who: Milton Dammers
    • Note: Last words before accidentally getting shot by Patricia.
  • Here, take your shit and get the hell out of my house! C'mon! Move!
  • Lucy, go!
    • Who: Ray Lynskey
    • Note: Last words said by Ray to Frank while he was a human. He is later killed by Johnny Bartlett/Death (not portrayed on-screen). As a spirit, he is killed again by Bartlett while trying to help Lucy escape from Patricia's home.
  • I think we got him.
    • Who: Stuart
    • Note: Stuart, one of Frank's ghost assistants, is stabbed through the head seconds later, by Bartlett.
  • Go, Frank! Get out of here! Please! Now!
    • Who: Cyrus
    • Note: Another one of Frank's ghost assistants; as he's giving Frank and Lucy time to escape by fending off Bartlett, Bartlett gets the upper hand and pulls Cyrus' soul out of his ghost body.
  • My juices are flowing again!
    • Who: The Judge
    • Note: He is chopped in half by Bartlett.
  • Oh no! No!
  • You're a murderer!
    • Who: Magda Rees-Jones
    • Note: Frank finds out that Magda is Bartlett's next victim, so he kidnaps Magda in an attempt to try and escape from Bartlett. While being chased, Frank accidentally crashes his car into the woods. Madga tries and escapes but Bartlett catches her and kills her. As a spirt, she yells at Frank thinking it was he who killed her and his wife, as she transcends into Heaven.

Full Metal Jacket (1987)[edit]

  • Now, you listen to me, Private Pyle, and you listen good. I want that weapon. And I want it now. You will place that rifle on the deck at your feet...and step back away from it. [Pyle insanely smiles, lifts the rifle up and aims it at Hartman.] WHAT IS YOUR MAJOR MALFUNCTION, NUMBNUTS?! DIDN'T MOMMY AND DADDY SHOW YOU ENOUGH ATTENTION WHEN YOU WERE A CHILD?!
    • Who: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman
    • Note: The character is then shot by a mentally unsound person, whom the character frequently abused.
  • I can hack it.
    • Who: Private Cowboy
    • Notes: While bleeding out from being shot in the back by a sniper.
    • Who: VC sniper girl
    • Note: After being shot, a young female VC sniper begs Private Joker to shoot her rather than dying a slow death. He complies.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Conqueror of Shambala (2005)[edit]

  • Please, I just want to go home...where Mommy is. [screams in agony.] NOW!
    • Who: Wrath
    • Note: Wrath has just ended a fight with a gigantic and mutated Gluttony by smashing his own automated arm into the center of an alchemic array. In doing so he has locked his arm in place so that Gluttony cannot pull Wrath away. As Gluttony begins crushing Wrath's torso with his jaws, Wrath pleads with Alphonse to use him and Gluttony as an alchemical sacrifice. In The Gate, he is reunited with his mother and fades into a Portal of Truth
  • Give regards.
    • Who: Hohenheim Elric
    • Note: Character offers his life to open a portal between worlds. He ends his own life by causing envy, now mutated into a giant dragon, to bite down on him, opening the portal.
  • We're real, Edward. Not just one of your dreams, like your father. I care, and I make mistakes. I may not live much longer, but I'll still be here. Just don't forget me.
    • Who: Alphonse Heimlech
  • Note: The character is dying of TB, and has built huge rocket planes for the Thule Society to make his mark on the world. He regrets his actions when Eckart shoots Edward, and places him in a small rocket plane to stop them. He is shot by one of his Nazi overlords and dies soon after. The Gypsy Noah dances at his funeral.
  • Open it again...The doorway...we must destroy it...sham...balla...
    • Who: "Chairman" Eckart
    • Notes: The character has become utterly encased in trandimensional matter, which forms around her in an apparatus resembling a pressure suit. She is shot and killed by one of her colleauges. The character had a nasty habit of shooting people she didn't need any more, so her death is poetic justice.


Gamer (2009)[edit]

  • When I think it, you fucking do it!
    • Who: Ken Castle
    • Notes: Last words before being stabbed in the abdomen.

Gangs of New York (2002)[edit]

  • Thank God. I die a true American.
    • Who: Bill "The Butcher" Cutting
    • Notes: It was the aftermath of a gang war attacked by Union troops. After Bill "The Butcher" said his last words, Amsterdam Vallon stabbed him in the stomach, killing him.
  • Finish it...
    • Who: 'Priest' Vallon
    • Notes: Said to Bill the Butcher after being stabbed during a gang fight, who then stabs him one final time.
  • Bastards!
    • Who: Shang
    • Notes: Yelled at Union Soldiers during the Draft Riots, and Shang is beat to death after he charges at them.
  • Come on up. Let's see if we can resolve our grievances the democratic way.
    • Who: Monk McGinn
    • Notes: After refusing a fight between himself and Bill the Butcher, Monk says this before walking back into his shop, thinking Bill is following him. Bill then throws a cleaver into his back and then beats him to death with his own club.

Geostorm (2017)[edit]

  • NO!
    • Who: Makmond
    • Note: Character had managed to obtain data from a malfunctioning satellite and hid the drive, before being ejected into space by Duncan to keep him from exposing the Project Zeus scheme.
  • Zeus.
    • Who: Cheng
    • Note: Character was intentionally bumped onto the road and injured by a car thanks to rico who makes it look like an accident. He manages to say this line to Max, so he could realize what Project Zeus was, before dying of his injuries.
  • Yes, sir.
    • Who: Rico
    • Note: Character says this line after treacherous Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom ordered him to make sure President Palma doesn't leave the stadium they are in. However, Secret Service agent Sarah Wilson, aware of Dekkom's treachery, fakes a terrorist attack to help Max extract the President from the stadium, forcing Rico and other mercenaries to go after him in a car chase across Orlando. The chase ends with Max's car ramming Rico's, abandoning him to die inside his car when it explodes.
  • Please. We're gonna keep all the best bits. Aren't you a little bit curious to watch the world...burn?
  • Oh, shit!
    • Who: Duncan Taylor
    • Note: Character was revealed to be a traitor inside the ISS crew, and says the first line while consequently confronting Jake with a gun. However, Jake replies "No, because millions of people are gonna die. And one of them's my daughter." The ensuing struggle ends with Duncan accidentally shooting a hole in a window. Jake immediately seals him in the room, leaving him to be ejected into space when the window breaks.

Get Carter (1971)[edit]

  • Goodbye, Eric!
    • Who: Jack Carter (Michael Caine)
    • Notes: Soon after killing Eric, character is himself murdered.

Ghost (1990)[edit]

  • It's amazing, Molly. The love inside. You take it with you. See ya.
    • Who: Sam Wheat (Patrick Swayze)
    • Note: Said to his love interest, Molly Jensen, before entering a heavenly afterlife. An emotional Molly replies, "See ya. Bye."

Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2021)[edit]

  • Your Eminence. Goddess of gods. I have built this temple for you, so that you might return to Earth. And together, we... we can rule the world--
    • Who: Ivo Shandor (J. K. Simmons)
    • Note: Character has worshipped the malevolent deity Gozer in order to grant it access to Earth and bring about the apocalypse, also preserving himself in suspended animation in order to live to see it happen. However, he is torn apart by Gozer once it no longer needs him.

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013)[edit]

  • Incoming! Incoming! Go, go, go, go, go!
    • Who: Duke
    • Notes: Spotting a Cobra chopper and knowing he can't escape, he shouts these Flint as he pushes him out of the way before the humvee is blown and Duke is killed.
  • Be a good G.I. Joe and drop the gun. We're walking out of here. I will shoot him in the head. Do you understand me? You're not listening, are you? Put the gun down! DROP IT!
    • Who: Zandar
    • Note: Zartan's brother posing head of security. Zandar holds the President at gunpoint and threatens to kill him before the Joes Lady Jaye and Colton, but Jaye shoots the president's arm so Colton can get a clear shot and kill Zandar.
  • Yeah, I can see that was wrong.
    • Who: Zartan
    • Note: The master of disguise for Cobra Command, Zartan using the President's face, admits he killed Storm Shadow's master, then he is stabbed to death by Storm Shadow.
  • You want that case? You're gonna have to come through me. Oh, yeah. That's right.
    • Who: Firefly
    • Note: A G.I. JOE turned to Cobra henchman, Firefly dares Roadblock to try and get the Project Zeus suitcase, then fights him before being blown up by his own drone thanks to Roadblock.

Gladiator (2000)[edit]

  • Commodus...
    • Who: Marcus Aurelius
    • Note: Said to a weeping Commodus, who he had denied the title of Emperor due to his failings, which he blamed on himself. Commodus then smothers him by hugging him incredibly hard to his chest.
  • Shadows and dust.
    • Who: Proximo
    • Note: Line was said early to describe mortals like he and Maximus. Said again moments before he is stabbed to death for betraying the Caesar.
  • Sword! Give me a sword!
    • Who: Commodus
    • Note: Said after he is disarmed by Maximus in their duel. When nobody gives him a sword, he attacks Maximus with a hidden dagger, but Maximus overpowers him and drives it into his throat.
  • Lucius is safe.
    • Who: Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe)
    • Note: Character played by Russel Crowe has just defeated the Commodus after he was secretly, lethally stabbed before the public fight. He is referring to Lucilla's son, who she feared Commodus may kill.

Glory (1989)[edit]

  • COME ON 54TH!
    • Who: Col. Robert Shaw
    • Notes: Shaw was trying to rally his troops to invade a Confederate base. He was shot immediately after saying this, trying to scale a sand dune.

The Godfather films[edit]

See last words in The Godfather media.

The Godzilla franchise[edit]

Gojira (1954)[edit]

  • Ogata, it worked! Both of you, be happy. Goodbye...farewell.
    • Who: Dr. Daisuke Serizawa
    • Note: Said after deploying his Oxygen Destroyer to kill Godzilla. He then cuts the line on his dive suit so he cannot be pulled up, and dies with Godzilla.

Godzilla (1998)[edit]

  • I think I lost him.
    • Who: Echo 4
    • After being chased, and apparently losing Zilla, the soldier in Echo 4 helicopter says this before the monster below him takes the helicopter out.

Godzilla 2000 (1999)[edit]

    • Who: Katagiri
    • Note: Screamed at Godzilla, who was resting his claw on the front of the building he was on. Godzilla rips the part of the building down and Katagiri falls to his death.

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S. (2003)[edit]

    • Who: Kiryu (Mechagodzilla)
    • Note: These words are shown on the screen on board the Kiryu to the mechanic Yoshito Chujo, who is about to fall out from Mechagodzilla. Yoshito responds, "Sayonara...Kiryu," and falls down, but he is caught by a pilot on the jet, which ejects and catches him in mid-air. Then, both Kiryu and Godzilla fall into the ocean, to their final resting place.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019)[edit]

  • Son of a bitch. It worked!
    • Who: Dr. Tim Mancini
    • Note: He exclaims this after seeing Dr. Emma Russell activate the ORCA to calm down the newborn Mothra. Not moments later, Alan Jonah's soldiers arrive and gun down the science team. Mancini raises his hands high before Jonah shoots him in the face.
  • Goodbye...old friend.
    • Who: Dr. Ishirō Serizawa
    • Note: Said in Japanese. He sacrifices himself when he manually detonates the nuclear weapon, which revives the weakened Godzilla by surging him with nuclear energy.
  • Long live the King.
    • Who: Dr. Emma Russell
    • Note: She is thrown from a car after King Ghidorah attacks. She utters this in Ghidorah's presence, before Godzilla arrives and kills it.

Gold (1974)[edit]

  • You go, my friend.
    • Who: Johnny Nkulu/Big King
    • Note: The chief miner of the Sonderditch mine. As he and his best friend Rod Slater set up explosives, the former places his friend in a dinghy and King bids this. While Rod cries out to him, Big King detonates the charge to seal the breached dyke but also kills himself in the blast.
  • He's too late. He can't do anything, he's too late.
    • Who: Manfred Steyner
    • Note: The corrupt director manager of the Sonderditch mine. He gloats this thinking Rod Slater will arrive a bit late to stop the flood. Fortunately, Slater and King seal the dyke. When he and Marais hear their plan has failed, Marais vengefully chases him in his car eventually fatally running him down.
  • You didn't think of that, did you?
    • Who: Stephen Marais
    • Note: Said when he spots Rod Slater's plane about to land close to the mine. When he learns the plot to flood the mine for profits has failed, Marais runs Steyner down fatally but the latter shatters his car window. He loses control of his car and crashes dying in the car's explosion and fire.

The Golden Child (1986)[edit]

  • I did not spend the night with you to obligate you. I spent the night with you, because I love you...
    • Who: Kee Nang
    • Note: Said after taking an arrow fired by Numspa meant for Jarrell and dies from the wound.
  • I could destroy you [snaps his fingers] just like that...!
    • Who: Sardo Numspa
    • Note: Said while confronting Jarrell at the airport over the Ajanti dagger. After that, he says nothing else. When Jarrell confronts him much later in the villain's hideout, Numspa changes into his true demonic form and wildly chases Jarrell and the Golden Child with the intent of killing them. At Doctor Hong's shop, the Golden Child gets the dagger into Jarrell's hands, so the hero stabs the Ajanti dagger into Numspa's heart destroying the demon.

Gone Baby Gone (2007)[edit]

  • I love children.
    • Who: Remy Bressant
    • Note: Said after being asked why he kidnapped Amanda.

Gone in 60 Seconds (2000)[edit]

  • No, you've got that the wrong way around; If I kill you, YOUR life's over! Not all bad though. Funeral on the telly, everybody out there, pressed and dressed, guard of honor, twenty-one gun salute and the stars and stripes draped all over your coffin. It'll be the greatest day of your life.
    • Who: Raymond Callitri
    • Note: A crime boss seeking to steal fifty cars compelling the Raines brothers to accomplish this mission lest Kip be executed. When cornered in his hideaway by Castlebeck, he says this in response to how killing the cop will make his life even worse than it already is. Thankfully, Memphis Raines knocks the crime boss over the catwalk railing sending him falling to his death on the same coffin he intended for Kip.

The Good Shepherd (2006)[edit]

  • Get out while you still can, Edward...while you still live...while you still have a soul.
    • Who: Edward Wilson’s Poetry Professor
    • Notes: Edward Wilson had been ordered to offer his former poetry professor, another person involved in intelligence services, a chance to resign due to his being indiscreet, but the professor refuses. The professor ties Edward’s shoes (a pre-arranged signal) and says this line before some agents, seeing the signal, kill him off-screen and dump his body in the river.
  • I am free...
    • Who: Valentin
    • Notes: Character had been believed to have been an impostor, and was punched and drenched with water before being given LSD (in an attempt to convince him to tell the truth). After being given LSD, he confirms his story, says that Soviet power is a myth, and then says this line before leaping out a window to his death.

Goodfellas (1990)[edit]

  • Why don't you go fuck yourself, Tommy?
  • No, no, no, no don't, no, no...
    • Who: Billy Batts
    • Notes: Batts had been nearly beaten to death by Jimmy, Tommy, and Henry and placed in the trunk of their car. When they hear him struggle while driving, they stop and open the trunk. He says this before Tommy stabs him multiple times, and Jimmy finishes him off by shooting him.
  • Be ready in a minute.
    • Who: "Stacks" Edwards (Samuel L. Jackson)
    • Note: Character is late for a criminal operation. Tommy DeVito replies "Yeah, you were always late, you were late for your own fuckin' funeral." and shoots him.
  • Hear about the points we were shaving in Boston? [No, I didn't.] Oh, it was terrific. Yeah, Nunzio, up in-
    • Who: Morrie
    • Note: Morrie gets into a car with fellow mobsters, saying this right before Tommy DeVito impales the back of his head with an ice pick. Tommy then says ironically 'Never though he'd shut the fuck up.'
  • Oh no!
    • Who: Tommy DeVito (Joe Pesci)
    • Note: Said after realizing he was about to get killed. He is then shot in the back of the head.

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)[edit]

  • I love you.
    • Who: Madame D
  • I'm an attorney, Dmitri; I'm obligated to proceed according to rule of law. Not agreed.
  • Did he just throw my cat out of the window?
    • Who: Deputy Vilmos Kovacs
    • Note: Character says the first line while confirming his refusal to work with Madame D's son, Dmitri, and the second line after Dmitri's contract killer, J.G. Jopling, responds by throwing Kovacs' cat out of the window. He is not seen or heard saying any other lines afterwards, and Jopling enacts further retaliation later on by chopping the lawyer's fingers off and killing him behind a closed door.
  • Right.
    • Who: Serge X.
    • Note: Character was trying to reveal information to M. Gustave regarding the Second Copy of Madame D's second will, but is strangled to death off-screen before he can reveal any of the information.
  • You filthy goddamn pock-marked facist assholes!
    • Who: M. Gustave
    • Note: Character says this line to a death squad to protect Zero and Agatha, a repeat of what he said to the police on the initial train ride earlier in the film. He is revealed to have subsequently been shot later on, while Zero and Agatha survive the incident.

Gran Torino (2008)[edit]

  • Got a light? No? I've got a light. Hail Mary, full of grace.
    • Who: Walt Kowalski
    • Note: After numerous problems involving a close family to Walt, and a Hmong gang, Walt comes to the conclusion that the family won't ever be at peace until the gang leaves for good. At night, Walt comes over to their house and stands outside. After a small heated discussion, which ends up with several gang members pointing guns at Walt, Walt pulls out a cigarette. Asks if any of them have a light. They look confused, he says he has a light. He says a Hail Mary and reaches into the inside of his coat. He quickly whips his hand out. As he does this, the gang members open fire, shooting multiple rounds into Walt, who is killed. His hand is revealed to be holding his lighter.

Gravity (2013)[edit]

  • You should see the sun on the Ganges. It's amazing.
    • Who: Matt Kowalski
    • Note: Character kills himself by detaching from Ryan Stone to avoid pulling her out to space with him, and says this as he is gazing at the Earth for the last time.
  • Need some help there, Matt?
    • Who: Shariff

The Green Mile (1999)[edit]

  • Boy, watchu lookin' at? Watchu lookin' at, you limp noodle? You wanna kiss my ass? You wanna suck my dick?
    • Who: William "Wild Bill" Wharton
  • Heaven...I'm in heaven....
    • Who: John Coffey

Gremlins (1984)[edit]

  • Gizmo caca!
    • Who: Stripe
    • Notes: Killed by sunlight.

Grindhouse (2007)[edit]

Planet Terror[edit]

  • Don't worry, baby, you'll find your way...
    • Who: El Wray
    • Note: Last words before dying of his wounds. He was hit multiple times while exhanging fire between an infected soldier.
  • I never had a choice.
    • Who: Muldoon (Bruce Willis)
    • Note: Said after transforming into an infected. He is then shot to death by El Wray and Abby.
  • My turn.
    • Who: Doctor Block
    • Note: Last words before being shot by Earl McGraw. He had cornered Dakota in an abandoned helicopter and was about to stab her with a needle.
  • Oh, shit.
    • Who: Deputy Tolo
    • Note: Said in amazement to El Wray's revolver tricks. He gets torn apart by the infected minutes later.
  • What if it's dad?
    • Who: Tony
    • Note: Last words before accidentally shooting himself. His mother told him to shoot anyone that comes toward the car, if it wasn't her.
  • No, fuck it! Fuck the gas! I'm just gonna have to make it quick!
    • Who: Rapist #1 (Quentin Tarantino)
    • Note: Last words before transforming into an infected and then being shot with a grenade launcher. His words were a response to another soldier telling him to take the gas to prevent from decaying but he was too focused on trying to rape Cherry.
  • Wait here.
    • Who: Abby
    • Note: Last words while the group was trying to make it to the helicopters. He is shot in the head after exposing himself.
  • Ok, but you have to take this recipe to the grave.
    • Who: J.T.
  • I think I can god damn guarantee that.
    • Who: Sheriff Hague
    • Note: Last words before blowing themselves up inside the army base. They were already dying of their wounds so J.T. decided to tell Hague his secret barbeque sauce recipe.

Death Proof[edit]

  • Hey, I, I get it. It's just a joke. I know all about jokes but if you can just let me out now, I promise I won't tell anybody because I know it's a joke. Please just-
    • Who: Pam
    • Note: Character was trying to get Stuntman Mike to slow down and not speed due to her lack of a seatbelt. In result, he sped up even faster and then applied the brakes, causing her to break her neck on the way out of the windshield.

Guardians of the Galaxy (film) (2014)[edit]

  • Take my hand.
    • Who: Meredith Quill
    • Note: The character was Peter Quill's mother, who was dying of cancer. After giving her son his Birthday gift, which is revealed in the end to be another mix tape, "Awesome Mix Vol. 2", she says these to Peter before she succumbs to the cancer and dies. It was revealed in the sequel, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 that Peter's father Ego gave Meredith a cancerous tumor.
  • You...will never...rule Xandar. [Ronan: No. I WILL CURE IT!!!]
    • Who: Ronan's Xandarian Prisoner
    • Note: Said before being mercilessly executed by Ronan, who crushed him with his Universal Hammer.
  • Lower your tone! I may be your-
    • Who: The Other (Alexis Denisof)
    • Note: As Ronan started laying his grievances against Thanos, The Other says these words before Ronan used his Universal Warhammer to rotate the Other's head 180 degrees, killing him instantly.
  • I will no longer be your slave!
    • Who: Carina
    • Note: The character was the assistant of Taneleer Tivan, The Collector. When Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket, Groot, and Drax delivered the Power Stone to the Collector, Carina seized the opportunity to free herself of slavery and tried to steal the Infinity stone. She grabbed the stone, however she was not strong enough to handle it; her body exploded with energy, killing her, and destroying much of the Collector's collection.
  • You Thief! You will never make it to Ronan!
    • Who: Korath the Pursuiter (Djimon Hounsou)
    • Note: Said to Peter Quill/Star-Lord while tring to stop him from reaching Ronan before he is killed in a duel by Drax.
  • Yondu Udonta! Order your man to turn on the Nova Corps! [Yondu whistles and summons his dagger] Enough nonsense, Ravager! Time to die-
    • Who: Unnamed Sakaaran Captain
    • Note: Character says these words before Yondu summons his dagger with his whistle and uses it to kill him along with the Sakaaran soldiers with him.
  • Rocket!
    • Who: Denarian Garthan Saal
    • Note: Said to Rocket Raccoon while trying to hold down against Ronan's ship, the Dark Aster, before Ronan uses the Power of the Orb in the Universal Warhammer to destroy the Nova Corps Ships, killing Saal in the progress.
  • We...Are...Groot.
    • Who: Groot (Vin Diesel)
    • Note: Said to Rocket Raccoon while seemingly sacrificing himself to save the rest of the team by enveloping them in a wooden ball grown from himself as Ronan's ship crashes. At the film's conclusion, however, Rocket has recovered a twig from Groot, which is shown to be re-growing into a miniature Groot.

He is notable for having a limited vocabulary, on which he could only say: "I am Groot", although the meaning apparently changes depending on the inflections he uses. But he actually says this phrase, which implies a bond formed between the heroes.

  • You're Mortal! How?! [Peter Quill/Star Lord: You said it yourself, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy.]
    • Who: Ronan the Accuser
    • Note: After Rocket and Drax destroyed his warhammer, releasing the Orb from it, Quill, in slow-mo, quickly caught the Orb, only to be almost killed by its power. When Gamora, Drax, and Rocket grabbed his hand, helping with the burden of the Orb's power, Ronan says these words, to which Quill replies, "You said it yourself, bitch. We're the Guardians of the Galaxy.", and directs its energy at Ronan, killing him.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)[edit]

  • I am sending you the coordinates for Yondu's ship. I only ask one thing. That your High Priestess tell him the name of the man who sealed his fate: Taserface!
    • Who: Taserface
  • No, we need to stop it. Stop. Stop. Listen to me! You are a god. If you kill me, you'll be just like everybody else. [Quill: What's so wrong with that?] No!
    • Who: Ego
  • I'm sorry I didn't do none of it right. I'm damn lucky you're my boy.
    • Who: Yondu


The Halloween franchise[edit]

See last words in the Halloween franchise.
  • Michael!
    • Who: Judith Myers
    • Source: Halloween (1978)
    • Note: Judith says this to her brother, the six year old Michael Myers, who then repeatedly stabs her to death.

Hancock (2008)[edit]

  • You didn't?!
    • Who: Kenneth "Red" Parker Jr.
    • Notes: Character had ones of his hands cut off by Hancock earlier in the movie, and just had his other hand chopped off by Ray, who then killed him.

Hang 'Em High (1968)[edit]

  • You're now looking, for the last time, at the mortal body of Francis Elroy Duffy, born to John and Edna Duffy, good, God-fearing folk. Who raised me up to be a good man and a good Christian, and I was a good Christian, a good husband to my beloved wife, good father to my children, who I leave behind, hoping that they, and all you, will learn this here lesson which I leave you with. When you take the devil into your mouth, you're doomed! For he is lying there in wait for you inside that bottle of whiskey. Waiting for you to take him into your mouth. Waiting to get down into your guts where he can do his devil's work. Liquor is the most foul, evil thing in this here world. It destroyed good men like myself. It'll destroy you too. Beer is not much better-it's slower, cheaper. So take these words of advice. And remember, you heard them from a poor sinner, got no more cause to lie, 'cause he's going to meet his Maker. Now he's ready. Well that's all I've got to say.
    • Who: Francis Elroy Duffy
    • Notes: A whiskey peddler who is found guilty and sentenced to hang. Francis Duffy gives this speech before he is hanged along with Miller and the two brothers Ben and Billy Joe.

Hannibal (2001)[edit]

  • Allegra, cara, I'll be home just a little later than I said. I'm taking Dr. Fell out for a drink.
    • Who: Inspector Renaldo Pazzi
  • Cordell? Cordell? CORDELL! CORDELL!
    • Who: Mason Verger
    • Note: Prior to the film, this character was severely mutilated and crippled by Hannibal Lecter. Witnessing Lecter's excape, he orders his personal physician Cordell to enter a pen filled with wild boars in order to retrieve a handgun. Cordell, who is visually distressed, refuses. Lecter talks Cordell into pushing Verger into the pen, who, unable to defend himself, is promptly killed by the boars.

Hard Boiled (1992)[edit]

  • You bastard! Eat shit!
    • Who: Andy (Tony Leung)
    • Note: After being held at gunpoint by Johnny (the antagonist), he lets Johnny shoot him to give Tequila (Chow Yun Fat) an opening to shoot Johnny.

The Harold & Kumar series[edit]

Harold and Maude (1971)[edit]

  • [Harold: But I love you.] Oh, Harold...that's wonderful. Go and love some more.
    • Who: Maude
    • Note: Last words before dying from an overdose of unidentified tablets. Harold rushes her to the hospital but she passes away before morning.

Harry Potter[edit]

See last words in Harry Potter media.

Heat (1995)[edit]

  • Come here.
    • Who: Michael Cherrito
    • Notes: While fleeing from police after a failed bank robbery, Cherrito said the line when picking up a little girl in the line of fire. He was shot and killed seconds later by Vincent Hannah.
  • Please, Neil, don't leave me like this...
    • Who: Trejo
    • Notes: Character was forced to sell out his friends after his wife was held captive. Neil McCauley later found Trejo half dead and his wife killed. He begs Neil to kill him which he does.
  • How the hell would I know?
    • Who: Roger van Zant
    • Notes: The character was involved with setting up McCauley and killing his friends. McCauley arrives at his house demands to know where his accomplice is. After saying the line, he is shot to death.
  • Look man, let's just talk about this for a second.
    • Who: Waingro
    • Notes: The character was Van zant's accomplice and McCauley's former partner who set him up. McCauley breaks into his hotel room after the line is said. Waingro is then beaten and shot to death.
  • Told you I'm never going back.
    • Who: Neil McCauley (Robert DeNiro)
    • Note: Character is referring to prison, having just been shot by Vincent Hannah who has been chasing him for days.

Heathers (1989)[edit]

  • Corn nuts!
    • Who: Heather Chandler
    • Note: Said before dying from being served drain cleaner.
  • You've got power, Veronica. Power I didn't think you had. The slate is clean. Pretend I did blow up the school. All the schools. Now that you're dead, what are you gonna do with your life?
    • Who: Jason Dean (Christian Slater)
    • Note: To Veronica, just before blowing himself up with dynamite outside their high school.

The Hellboy series[edit]

Hellboy (2004)[edit]

  • I'm ready.
    • Who: Professor Trevor Bruttenholm
    • Notes: Character says this after he realizes that Rasputin and Kroenen have entered his headquarters and will soon kill him. Kroenen kills him by stabbing him through the neck with one of his blades after he says this.
  • Child, look what you have done. You have killed me, an insignificant man. But in my place, there shall rise...a god...
    • Who: Grigori Rasputin
  • Hell will hold no surprises for us.
    • Who: Ilsa
    • Notes: Character is killed off-screen by the "god" that Rasputin (to whom she is speaking) had mentioned in his last words.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (2008)[edit]

  • sister...
    • Who: Prince Nuada
    • Notes: Said as he is dying, his sister having killed herself to kill him through the link they shared.

Hellraiser series[edit]

Hellraiser (1987)[edit]

  • Jesus wept.
    • Who: Frank Cotton

Hellraiser: Bloodline (1996)[edit]

  • Amen...
    • Who: Pinhead

The Hills Have Eyes (2006)[edit]

  • I did the best I could...I'm sorry!
    • Who: Gas station attendant
    • Note: Last words before committing suicide by blowing his head apart with a shotgun.
  • No! Please...!
    • Who: Lynne Carter Bukowski
    • Note: The line references to that a mutant, Lizard, was holding her baby daughter Catherine at gunpoint. By doing this, he forces her to let him suck her breasts, and when she stabs him in the leg after he killed her mother, Ethel, he blows her brains out with a revolver. This actually doesn't kill her rightaway, but she dies later in her husband's arms.
  • [Whispering] You're so s-sweet, Doug...I understand why Lynnie loves much...
  • Here...
    • Who: Ruby
    • Character saves Doug and Baby Catherine by pushing her murderous brother Lizard off a cliff, but she followed him down. She did this because the latter — whom it had appeared that Doug had killed — was rising up behind Doug with a shotgun. (She says this line as she hands Catherine over to Doug, and it is also her only line in the entire movie.)
  • Gimme that baby!
    • Who: Lizard
    • Note: Lizard tries to take Baby Catherine from his younger sister Ruby, but she kicks him him in the face. Then Catherine's father, Doug, brutally smashes him in the face with the butt of a shotgun before shooting him with it three times. Incredibly, this doesn't kill Lizard. However, Ruby pushes him off a cliff, and they both fall to their deaths.

A History of Violence (2005)[edit]

  • Yeah, Joey, you should have.
    • Who: Carl Fogarty
    • Note: Said to Joey Cusack/Tom Stall, after he remarks he should have kill Fogarty in Philadelphia. Tom/Joey's son shoots Fogarty in the back with a shotgun after this line is said.
  • Jesus, Joey.
    • Who: Richie Cusack
    • Note: Said to Joey after he has just killed all of his men. Joey then shoots him in the head.

Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy (2005)[edit]

  • Oh, bollocks!
    • Who: "Franky and Benjy Mouse"
    • Note: Said just prior to being crushed under a salad bowl by Arthur Dent.

Hocus Pocus (1993 film) (1993)[edit]

  • My ungodly book speaks to you. On All Hallows Eve, when the moon is round, a virgin will summon us from under the ground! [laughs with a bit of glee] We shall be back, and the lives of all the children of Salem will be mine!
    • Who: Winifred Sanderson
    • Note: The first line is spoken by Winifred in 1693, when she and the other sisters, Sarah and Mary, with nooses around their necks, read their magic book, and she prophesies that a virgin (i.e., Max Denison, a young teenage boy who hasn't had sexual relationships) will light the Black Flame Candle in order to raise them up from the dead; after her prophecy, they are hanged. 300 years later, Max inadvertently resurrects them by lighting the candle, whose powers eventually last until dawn. After Max, his sister Dani, and their friends fend off the sisters until dawn, they eventually end up in a cemetery in Salem, where Max knocks Winnie off onto hallowed ground. Just as she is about to steal his life, she notices that dawn is approaching, then sees that the hallowed ground she is standing on is turning her to stone. She says the second line to call out for her magic book before turning into stone completely, after which the sunlight evaporates her and the other sisters into dust.
  • It's getting kind of stuffy in here.
  • Winnie!!!... [whispers] Goodbye...
    • Who: Sarah Sanderson
    • Note: First line is spoken by Sarah, who is then ordered by Winnie to sing along with Mary before giving in and reading the magic book that can prophesy their resurrection, shortly before she is hanged along with the other two. The second line is spoken when she and the other sisters are fended off by Max and his friends successfully, and at the crack of dawn, at her whisper of "Goodbye...", she evaporates into dust along with Mary and Winnie.
  • [Winnie: Don't get your knickers in a twist! We're just three kindly old spinster ladies.] Spending a quiet evening at home. [Sarah: Sucking the lives out of little children!]
  • Uh-oh...buh-bye!
    • Who: Mary Sanderson
    • Note: First line is spoken by Mary when she and the other sisters are discovered by the Salem townsfolk, and they try convincing the townsfolk that they are normal, innocent old ladies before Sarah opens her mouth and inadvertently blows their cover; the next scene, Mary says nothing when she and the other sisters are at the gallows, and after their failed attempt at making the townsfolk dance and reading the magic book's prophecy about their resurrection, they are hanged. The second line is spoken when Mary and the other sisters are fended off by Max and his friends successfully, and at the crack of dawn, Sarah evaporates into dust, followed by her and then Winnie, ending the power of the Black Flame Candle.

Hollow Man (2000)[edit]

  • One last kiss, for old times' sake.
    • Who: Sebastian Caine (Kevin Bacon)
    • Note: Character is sent falling to his death in a fiery explosion.

Hook (1991)[edit]

  • Do you know what I wish? [Peter: What is it?] I wish I had a you.
  • I want my mommy!

Hot Fuzz (2007)[edit]

  • Who is it?
    • Who: Martin Blower
    • Note: Martin is with Eve Draper backstage when they hear a knock on the door. Upon answering it they discover it's a hooded killer who hacks off their heads with an axe.
  • Hi-hi.
    • Who: Tim Messenger
    • Note: He was going to tell Nicholas Angel about the price of Leslie Tiller's land, if she were to sell it off, but the killer drops a part of the church roof onto Tim, crushing his head to bits.
  • Well, it turns out that Martin Blower, God rest him, knew where the new bypass road was going because he was knocking off Eve Draper from the council, God rest her. And then that reporter, God rest him, finds out about the route and tells me this land is very valuable, ten times what George Merchant and Martin Blower, God rest them, offered me. So with them up and passed on, I decided to sell it on myself to some folks from the city that Martin, George and Eve, God rest the lot of them, had all been talking to. Apparently they want to build a big shopping centre or something. Course, cousin Sissy won't be too happy about that but, as far as I'm concerned, cousin Sissy can go and fu- [Officer Nicholas Angel: Will you excuse me for just one second?]
    • Who: Leslie Tiller
    • Note: Leslie is talking about a big deal that involved many of the previous victims, and when Nicholas Angel goes to get a pen and paper and write it down, she is stabbed by a hooded killer in the neck with her own gardening shears.
  • Oh, God, no.
    • Who: Tom Weaver
    • Note: After stumbling back onto an active sea mine, he only has time to mutter this line before it explodes, killing him.

Howard the Duck (1986)[edit]

Hudson Hawk (1991)[edit]

  • Maybe it was a dud...
    • Who: Snickers
    • Note: After being tripped by Hawk and dropping the remote suction bomb launcher it misfires and attaches itself to his head, while he struggles to remove it, the counter goes down to zero, then pauses for a moment prompting him to say this line, then it detonates.
  • This is what I get for darting a nun?
    • Who: Almond Joy
    • Note: While Snickers struggles to remove a bomb from his head, Almond Joy moves in to shoot Hawk and Tommy with more paralytic darts. However they pull her in close and blow through the opposite end of the blow-gun sending the darts into the back of her throat. She lays paralyzed and mumbles this line while watching Snickers struggle to remove the bomb from his head, which fails to do.
  • I always liked you.
    • Who: Kit Kat
    • Note: The Mayflowers shoot Kit Kat in the stomach with a double cross-bow, he falls to the floor, his speech cards spilling everywhere, with his last bit of strength he hands a card to Anna which has this phrase written on it. He then unties one of her arm binds before sub-coming to his injuries.
  • Hey looks bad, I think those Mayflowers set us up...
    • Who: Butterfingers
    • Note: After being shoot in the chest with the double crossbow, he frowns, exits the room casually, and reports this line to his team leader before falling forward onto his chest sending the arrow heads out his back.
  • MY PENSION!!!!!!!!
    • Who: George Kaplan (James Coburn)
    • Note: During a fight with Hudson Hawk he accidentally launches himself over a castle parapet onto a falling car that explodes on impact, killing him.
  • EUREKA, MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Who: Minerva Mayflower
    • Notes: After da Vinci's gold machine is seemingly successful thanks to Hudson Hawk, Minerva gloats this, but fails to notice Hudson left out a piece, malfunctioning the machine, and encasing Minerva in gold.


I Am Legend (2007)[edit]

  • Stay until dawn.
    • Who: Robert Neville (Will Smith)
    • Note: Anna, Ethan, and him are cornered by the "Infected" in his underground lab so he decides to save Anna and Ethan and sacrifice himself. Hiding Anna and Ethan in a coal chute, he blows himself up along with the Infected.

I Remember Mama (1948)[edit]

  • Skol!
    • Who : Uncle Chris Halverson
    • Note: Uncle Chris, on his death bed, takes a drink with his niece and wife, giving a traditional Norwegian toast. Shortly after taking the drink, he smiles and peacefully dies.

I, Robot (2004)[edit]

  • You're making a mistake. My logic is undeniable...My logic is undeniable...My logic is undeniiiaaablll-
    • Who: VIKI
    • Note: Spoken as nanites are destroying its (computer) body. Character had believed that its plan would fulfill the "three laws of robotics", by preventing humans from harming one another.

In Bruges (2008)[edit]

  • I'm going to die now...I think...
    • Who: Ken
    • Note: Said after warning Ray of Harry's arrival, after leaping from a tower.
  • You have to stick to your principles.
    • Who: Harry
    • Note: Said before shooting himself in the head, thinking he's killed a child. Was trying to kill Ray for doing the same thing.

Independence Day (1996)[edit]

  • Pull up! Pull up!
    • Who: Unnamed pilot
    • Note: line said when a plane with a couple people flew into the flames of a spaceship.
  • It looks like there's some kind of activity here. This may be some type of response, Echo One.
    • Who: Welcome Wagon Pilot
  • We see it too, can't identify it.
    • Who: Echo One Pilot
  • It's so pretty...
    • Who: Tiffany
    • Note: Line is spoken as she witnesses an alien destroyer prepping its laser weapon over Los Angeles' Library Tower. She is killed as the weapon fires, destroying the tower and the city.
  • Oh, crap...
    • Who: Marty Gilbert
    • Note: Line is spoken as he is attempting to flee New York City as a beam deployed by the aliens causes a firestorm that ravages the city. Caught in traffic, he looks up from his car to see an enormous fireball heading straight for him, and utters the line instead of trying to get out of the car.
  • [Captain Steven Hiller: Knight Three, pull up!] Complete failure in the stators! [Captain Steven Hiller: Pull UP!]
    • Who: Black Knight Three
    • Note: He says this line after being ordered to pull up his plane during the first aerial battle, but finds himself unable to do so. Despite being ordered a second time, he crashes into the alien ship's force field.
  • [Captain Steven Hiller: Blow through, blow through.] There's too many of them!
    • Who: Black Knight Seven
    • Note: He says this line after being ordered to shoot at the Attacker ships. He crashes into one of them afterwards.
  • [Captain Steven Hiller: Put your mask back on! That's an order, Marine!] I can't breathe! [Captain Steven Hiller: Jimmy? JIMMY! [Explosion] NOOOOOOOOO!!!!]
    • Who: Captain Jimmy Wilder
    • Note: He says this line after taking his mask off and being ordered to put it back on again, while trying to bank and avoid the alien ships. His plane is shot afterwards.
  •! [Major Mitchell: Open the door! Get him out of there!] [General Grey: No, wait!] Release me. Now! NOOOOW!!! [President: I know there is much we can learn from each other, if we can negotiate a truce. We can find a way to coexist. Can there be a peace between us?] Peace? No peace... [President: What is it you want us to do?] Die....die!
    • Who: Alien/Doctor
    • Note: Shortly after saying this line, alien is shot by the President's men.
  • Liar.
    • Who: First Lady Marilyn Whitmore
    • Note: She says this to her husband several times throughout the film. As she dies, having been severely injured for about 24 hours, it's in response to "The doctors think that you're going to be just fine."
  • [President: Bandits on our tail. They're locked on.] I see them, I see them.
    • Who: Unknown Pilot
    • Note: He says this line after being told that some of the Attackers are on the tails of his planes during the final battle. However, his plane explodes before he can do anything about it.
  • [President: That is a negative impact. That is an NI, Negative Impact. I'm out of missiles. Eagle Two?] I'm on it!
    • Who: Eagle Two
    • Note: He says this line after being requested to fire a missile at the Destroyer's weapon. However, his plane explodes before he can take aim.
    • Who: Russell Casse
    • Note: Line is spoken as the character flies his fighter plane into the core of an alien ship as it is about to fire its main weapon, sacrificing himself and destroying the alien ship. He claimed on several occasions that he had been abducted by aliens.

Independence Day: Resurgence (2016)[edit]

  • Evacuate!
  • Who: Jiang Lao
    • Note: Character told the staff to evacuate before the alien ship fires on the moon base, killing him and several others in the process.
  • Lets go!
  • Who: Jasmine Dubrow-Hiller
    • Note: This was the last thing she said before the hospital building collapsed underneath her, as a result of the shockwave by the mothership landing, sending her falling to her death while trying to save a mother and her child, despite Dylan's efforts to save them.
  • There will be no peace.
  • Who: Elizabeth Lanford
    • Note: Said after the aliens arrive in the bunker she is being held in, and her aides start shooting at them afterwards with pistols. They are very likely killed afterwards, and General Joshua Adams becomes the new President.
  • On behalf the people of Earth, happy Fourth of July.
  • Who: Thomas J. Whitmore
    • Note: After infiltrating the Alien Queen's personal ship in a space tug, he says this line to the Alien Queen right before detonating the bomb placed on the space tug, sacrificing himself and destroying the ship.
  • I've got something I gotta tell you. This! [points Okun's clothing] That was supposed to be a sweater.
  • Who: Dr. Isaacs
    • Note: Last words said by Isaacs due to the alien shot him.

Indiana Jones series[edit]

Inglourious Basterds (2009)[edit]

  • Bravery.
    • Who: Sgt. Werner Rachtman
    • Note: Responding to the Bear Jew's question "You get that for killin' Jews?", referring to the medals on his jacket. The Bear Jew then beats him to death with his baseball bat because he refuses to give the Basterds information.
  • Now, about this pickle we find ourselves would appear there's only one thing left for you to do.
  • And what would that be?
  • Stiglitz?
  • Say 'auf wiedersehen' to your Nazi balls.
    • Who: Lt. Archie Hicox, Major Hellstrom, and Pvt. Hugo Stiglitz.
    • Note: Hicox and Stiglitz have guns on Hellstrom, who in turn has a gun on Hicox. Hicox's imperfect German accent as well as his non-German hand gesture have led Hellstrom to realize that he is not a Nazi, but in fact an English member of the resistance, and they are all killed in the ensuing shoot-out.
  • Just get that fuckin' traitor and get her out of my sight.
    • Who: Cpl. Wilhelm Wicki
    • Note: Wicki has made a deal with Aldo Raine not to kill one another, but he is then shot by Bridget von Hammersmark, who is working for the resistance.
  • What now, Colonel?
    • Who: Bridget von Hammersmark
    • Note: Colonel Hans Landa has just proved that she is working for the resistance by producing a shoe of hers that she left behind at the scene of the shoot-out. He then proceeds to strangle her.
  • [Frederick Zoller: You want me to...lock the door?] For the fifty-seventh time, yes.
    • Who: Shoshanna Dreyfus
    • Note: Zoller is pestering Shoshanna in the projection booth at the screening of his film, and gets angry when she rebuffs him. She tells him to shut the door, implying that she is interested in an encounter with him, but when he turns around, she shoots him in the back. Seeming to regret her actions, she leans over him, and he shoots her. (Her last lines in her film, played after her death, are "My name is Shoshanna Dreyfus, and this is the face of Jewish vengeance.").
  • [Sgt. Donny Donowitz: When I kill that guy, you got thirty feet to get to that guard. Can you do it?] I have to.
    • Who: PFC. Omar Ulmer
    • Note: The two of them are preparing to kill the men stationed outside Hitler and Goebbels' box in order to get into it to kill them. Posing as waiters, they kill the guards, kick in the door as the theatre catches fire, shoot Goebbels, Hitler and Francesca Mondino to death, and then die in the fiery explosion.
  • Champagne?
    • Who: Sgt. Donny Donowitz, aka The Bear Jew
    • Note: Posing as a waiter, he offers a drink to the guards outside Hitler's door (in a French accent), then proceeds to kill them with Ulmer's help, and then the two burst into the box and kill Hitler, Goebbels and Francesca Mondino, and then die in the explosion.
  • Enough! Stop it!
    • Who: Adolf Hitler
    • Note: Shoshanna's message has just interrupted the film, Nation's Pride, and she informs that she, a Jew, is going to kill them all. The theatre catches fire, and Donny and Omar burst in and shoot him to death.
  • I don't know what's going on. That does not belong in my movie!
    • Joseph Goebbels
    • Note: His film, Nation's Pride, is interrupted by Shoshanna stating that everyone in the theatre is going to die. He is then shot to death by Donny and Omar.
  • Oui, Shoshanna.
    • Who: Marcel
    • Note: Responding to the film of Shoshanna saying "Marcel, burn it down." He flicks a lit cigarette into a huge mound of film behind the screen, and the theatre catches on fire, killing everyone inside.
  • These are the American lines, Colonel sir.
    • Who: Herrman, Landa's radio operator
    • Note: By the terms of Landa's deal, he and Herrman will surrender to Lt. Raine and Pvt. Utivich, with the understanding that Landa's assistance in ending the war will grant him a full pardon and honors. Raine casually shoots Herrman, and when Landa protests, Raine says that the deal was only for Landa, and he'll only be "chewed out" for his actions.

Insomnia (2002)[edit]

  • You forgot the wild card, Will.
    • Who: Walter Finch
  • Just let me sleep.
    • Who: Will Dormer

Into the Woods (2014)[edit]

  • The better to hear you with, my dear.
    • Who: The Wolf
    • Note: Said before he is stabbed by the Baker with a knife, howling in pain.
  • Aren't you going to help us skin that beast? [Baker: No thanks.] What kind of hunter are you?
    • Who: Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother
    • Note: Said after the Baker saved her and her granddaughter from the Wolf. She says no more lines after this and is later murdered by the Giant's Wife's rampage along with Red Riding Hood's mother.
  • Bring back my harp! I'll grind your bones!
    • Who: The Giant
    • Note: Said before Jack kills him by cutting down the beanstalk.
  • You promise?
    • Who: Jack's Mother
    • Note: Said after the Steward shoves her to the ground and hits her head on a log.
  • Which way was it? 172, 173, 174, 175. 172, 173, 174...
    • Who: The Baker's Wife
    • Note: Said before she accidentally falls off a cliff while fleeing from the Giant's Wife.
  • All right, mother, when? Lost the beans again. Punish me the way you did then. Give me claws and a hunch. Just away from this bunch and the gloom, and the doom, and the boom. Cruuunch!
    • Who: The Witch
    • Note: Said before she is pulled down into a tar pit after she threw away her remaining magic beans, hoping to reenact her mother's curse of ugliness.
  • Be better than me, son. Do better.
    • Who: The Baker's Father
    • Note: Said before his spirit vanishes.

*Where is the boy? [Cinderella: We have him!] Where?

    • Who: The Giant's Wife
    • Note: Said before she trips and falls to her death.

Iron Eagle (1986)[edit]

  • Time to die, Iron Eagle.
    • Who: Col. Akir Nakesh
    • Note: Says this during his dogfight with Doug Masters. After an intense battle, Doug bids "So long, asshole." as he fires a well timed rocket to destroy Nakesh's fighter plane and blow him to smithereens.

The Iron Giant (1999)[edit]

  • [Hogarth Hughes: [in thought] You are who you choose to be.] Superman.
    • Who: The Iron Giant (voiced by Vin Diesel)
    • Note: Recalling what Hogarth Hughes told him, the Iron Giant freely chooses to sacrifice itself destroying a submarine-launched nuclear missile, saving hundreds if not thousands of lives near the end of the film.

The Iron Man franchise[edit]

See Last words in Marvel Cinematic Universe media

The Island (2005)[edit]

  • Oh...shit!
    • Who: Tom Lincoln
    • Notes: Character, who is attempting to have his clone captured so that his liver can be donated to him, realizes that his clone has put his ID bracelet around his wrist. The mercenaries shoot him dead.
  • I brought you into this world...and I can take you out!
    • Who: Doctor Merrick
    • Notes: Character says this to Lincoln, one of his clones who has infiltrated the facility. He fights with Lincoln, but is killed.

The Italian Job (2003)[edit]

  • There's nowhere you can go where we won't find you, Steve. You know that.
    • Who: John Bridger
    • Notes: Says this to Steve as He, Charlie, and the rest of the gang are betrayed by him with another crew taking the gold as Steve keeps it for himself then he says “I think that’s probably right John.” Then Steve shoots and kills John then leaves Charlie and his gang for dead.
  • You crazy? I swear to God, I didn’t!
    • Who: Yevhen
    • Notes: After Steve hears that Yehven knows about the heist in Venice, Steve angrily demands to know what Yehven knows about the gold which he replies that he heard about it in Venice. Steve then angrily asks who he told to which Yevhen replies “No one, I swear to God!” and then Steve angrily throws him onto a desk and after hearing that Yevhen told no one, Steve then shoots and kills him then takes all the money and leaves just as his cousin Mashkov arrives outside his shop.


Jack Frost (1998)[edit]

  • Where did he say that spot was? There it is. Come on, Mac.
    • Who: Jack Frost
    • Notes: After realizing his mistake on his way to a gig, Jack borrows his best friend Mac's car and decides to go home to spend time with his family, but a severe snowstorm begins to block his vision, causing him to lose control and crash the car, killing himself instantly. He is revived as a snowman a year later, via his son Charlie's magic harmonica.

Jaws (1975)[edit]

  • It hurts! It hurts! Oh my God! God, help me! GOD, PLEASE, HELP!
    • Who: Chrissie Watkins
    • Note: Character is dragged down and devoured by a great white shark while swimming.
  • Mom, can I get my raft and go back out in the water? [Mrs. Kintner: Lemme see your fingers. Alex Kintner, they are beginning to prune.] Just lemme go out a little longer? [Just ten more minutes] Thanks.
    • Who: Alex Kintner
    • Note: Character is killed by the shark while out on an inflatable raft.
  • Guys? You guys okay over there?
    • Who: Boy Scout leader ("Estuary victim")
    • Note: Character speaks to Michael Brody and his friends in an estuary, just before being killed and eaten by the shark.
  • It's giving way!
    • Who: Bartholomew Marion Quint
    • Note: Character is devoured by the shark while trying to help kill it.

The Jazz Singer (1927)[edit]

  • Mama, we have our son again.
    • Who: Cantor Rabinowitz
    • Notes: Character hears his son Jack (Jakie) sing the Kol Nidre so beautifully in his father's place at his deathbed in the nearby ceremony, and he feels so proud after all these years of division against his son as he says these words to Jack's mother Sara before breathing his last; his ghost is then shown at his side in the synagogue, and Jack's girlfriend Mary Dale sees how Jack has reconciled the division in his soul as "a jazz singer — singing to his God."

John Carter (2012)[edit]

  • You have no right to challenge! You are not Thark!
    • Who: Tal Hajus
    • Note: After John Carter killed two white apes in a gladiator arena, Tal Hajus, the new Jeddak of the Tharks, angrily says this line, refusing Carter's order to challenge him because he is a human. The other Tharks start chanting for Carter to be the new Jeddak, and Tal Hajus angrily jumps out of his throne to attack Carter, but Carter jumps up to him and decapitates Tal Hajus in mid-air with his sword.
  • If you spare me, I'll tell you.
    • Who: Sab Than
    • Note: John Carter has just defeated Sab Than in a duel and is demanding him to tell him about the Therns. However, as soon as Sab Than says this line, Matai Shang, the leader of the Therns, suddenly kills Sab Than by sending in a large, blue, webbed material to cover Sab Than's head, suffocating him to death.

Johnny Mnemonic (1995)[edit]

  • Shinji...
    • Who: Takahashi
    • Note: Said after Shinji, one of his henchmen, shoots him in the back.
  • Raise your chin. Let's make this clean.
    • Who: Shinji
    • Note: Last words said, he tries to cut Johnny's head off with his laser wire but is interrupted. Later on, Shinji gets his head sliced off by his own wire.
  • What spawn of Satan-
    • Who: Street Preacher
    • Note: Last words before getting killed by Jones' sonar power.
  • [Street Preacher: Who is Jones?] He's that guy who fucks your mother!
    • Who: Spider
    • Note: Said after resisting to give Street Preacher any info. Preacher kills him.
  • Yo. Yo, J-Bone-
    • Who: Lotek Kid
    • Note: Character and J-Bone are spectating Johnny and one of Shinji's henchman in a junkyard from a near building. After saying these words too loud, the henchman fires at the building and the kid gets shot in the head.
  • Hold it right there.
    • Who: Cowboy henchman
    • Note: Before character he can shoot J-Bone or Johnny, J-Bone quickly throws a knife at his neck.

Joker (2019)[edit]

  • Call the police, Gene. Call the police.
    • Who: Murray Franklin
    • Note: Ordering his show's producer Gene Ufland to call the police right before Arthur Fleck pulls out his gun and shoots him in the head at point-blank range.
  • No, pal!
    • Who: Thomas Wayne
    • Note: Right before being shot by a mugger, after the latter tells him "You get what you fucking deserve.", in reference to Arthur's murder of Murray.

Judge Dredd (1995)[edit]

  • Let me guess: Life.
    • Who: Block Warlord
    • Notes: While facing arrest for his involvement in the Block War, the Block Warlord questions the punishment for Code 3613: first-degree killing a Street Judge. He then tries to kill Judge Dredd, but is shot dead. Dredd then reminds the dead warlord it's capital punishment.
  • We've both been deceived, Joseph. I'm so sorry. Rico's killed me and destroyed you. Fi...Find him, Joseph.
    • Who: Chief Justice Fargo
    • Notes: Having been wounded by Mean Machine Angel whilst trying to save his biological son, Judge Joseph Dredd, Fargo implores him to take down his brother, Rico before dying of his wounds.
  • Now I judge you, Joseph Dredd. To the charge of betraying your own flesh: Guilty. To the charge of being human, WHEN WE COULD HAVE BEEN GODS: Guilty! The sentence is death.
    • Who: Rico Dredd
    • Notes: During his final fight with his brother, Judge Joseph Dredd, Rico condemns his brother to die for betraying him. But, the Lawgiver's lethal rounds exhaust, then regaining the upper hand, Joseph announces "Courts adjourned." then throws his brother to his death.

The Jungle Book (2016 film) (2016)[edit]

  • That's right. You and I no longer have quarrel, and most importantly we have peace.
    • Who: Akela
    • Note: Killed by Shere Khan.
  • Listen to reason! Gotcha!
    • Who: King Louie
    • Note: Crushed by his falling temple. (Though during the end credits, he reemerges from the rubble alive and well and performs "I Wanna Be Like You")
  • Did you think I would let you grow old? Either I'll devour you, or the Red Flower will. It's just a matter of time. How long did you really think you'd survive against me? Longer than your father did? Longer than...Akela?
    • Who: Shere Khan
    • Note: After chasing Mowgli through the jungle burning with fire, he is led by Mowgli into a trap. After Shere Khan says these words, Mowgli claims he's not afraid of him and is done running from him, causing Shere Khan to once more attempt to kill him. But Mowgli jumps out of the way and into a safe spot, causing Shere Khan to bump into a broken tree branch and fall to his death into the burning fire below.

Jurassic Park (1993)[edit]

  • Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord be...
    • Who: Donald Gennaro
    • Note: Said to himself while hiding from a T. rex in a toilet stand. The T. rex smashes it apart, finding and devouring him.
  • No wonder you're extinct! I'm gonna run you over when I come back down.
    • Who: Dennis Nedry
    • Note: Said when encountering a Dilphosaurus and failing to distract it by throwing a stick. The dinosaur attacks him with its poisonous spit, then kills him in his jeep.
  • Maintenance shed, the other end of the compound. Three minutes, I can have power back on in the entire park.
    • Who: John Arnold
    • Note: Said when heading out to reactivate the circuit breakers in the maintenance shed. Sadly, he does not make it back as he is eaten by the Velociraptors.
  • Clever girl...
    • Who: Robert Muldoon
    • Note: Said when hunting down one Velociraptor and discovering that another raptor is hunting him. The second raptor kills him.

Jurassic Park III (2001)[edit]

  • You okay, buddy? Okay, I'm gonna drop myself down now.
    • Who: Ben Hildebrand
    • Note: Said on a video tape when he and Eric Kirby are paragliding. Unfortunately, he did not escape the tree in time and was killed off-screen possibly by dinosaurs. His skeleton is discovered by a freaking out Amanda whom he was dating.

Jurassic World[edit]

  • Yeah, what's the problem?
    • Who: Nick
    • Note: Said before the Indominus rex escapes and devours him.
    • Who: Katashi Hamada
    • Note: Said as he attempts to run away from the Indominus rex, only to be trampled to death by her.
  • Look alive, boys. Look alive!
    • Who: Simon Masrani
    • Note: Said as he is leading a select team of ACU agents via helicopter to hunt down the Indominus rex, before it breaks into an aviary housing countless pterosaurs, setting them loose. The pterosaurs attack the helicopter, sending the craft crashing down through the glass roof, with Masrani dying in the explosion from the crash landing.
  • Don't just stand there!
    • Who: Zara Young
    • Note: Said before being carried away by an oncoming Pteranodon and devoured by the Mosasaurus.
  • Get outta here! Go! They're coming!
    • Who: InGen Soldier
    • Note: Said before he is killed by Delta, one of Owen Grady's Velociraptors.
  • Easy. Easy, boy. Easy. Hey, hey. We're on the same side, right? Right? Easy. I'm on your side.
    • Who: Vic Hoskins
    • Note: Said before Delta, one of Owen's raptors, bites his arm and mauls him to death.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom[edit]

  • Did you really think you could get away with it? In my own house. [Eli Mills: You entrusted me. To guide your fortune into the future. I have done that.] Damn you! Pick up that phone. I want you to call the police. It'll be easier if the story comes from you.
    • Who: Benjamin Lockwood
    • Note: Said as he confronts his aide Eli Mills about his plan to auction off the captured dinosaurs. Ordered to call the police, Mills instead murders Lockwood by smothering him with a pillow to keep him quiet.
  • Mills! Mills, where are you? I want my bonus. Holy cow. What are you? I didn't see you on the island. You are a tough guy. Look at that beauty. You're some kind of hot-rod. With pretty teeth. This will make a perfect centrepiece for my necklace. Open up...
    • Who: Ken Wheatley
    • Note: Said while looking for Mills, demanding that he give him the promised money to pay him until he spots the caged Indoraptor, tranquilizes it and vainly tries to extract one of its teeth. However, the Indoraptor feigns sedation, bites Wheatley's right arm and mauls him to death.
  • Move! Move!
    • Who: Gunnar Eversol
    • Note: Said while trying to escape in an elevator with three auctioneers and close the doors with a passcode, only for the Indoraptor to unknowingly disable its controls. With this, the doors open up and the Indoraptor kills all of them.
  • So, you're gonna take care of her now? Huh? You have no idea what she is. What do you think drove Hammond and Lockwood apart, huh? Lockwood never had a grandchild. He just wanted his daughter back. And he had the technology. He created another. He made her again.
    • Who: Eli Mills
    • Note: Said while confronting Owen, Claire and Maisie revealing the truth that she was cloned from Benjamin Lockwood's long dead daughter. Later, Mills almost escapes with the Indominus rex sample and narrowly survives the escaping dinosaur stampede, but the female Tyrannosaurus rex and a Carnotaurus stay and eat Mills alive. The T. rex also crushes the Indominus sample and any plans on making further dinosaur hybrids.

Jurassic World Dominion (2022)[edit]

  • What's your story?
    • Who: Dr. Lewis Dodgson
    • Note: Said just before being attacked and devoured by three Dilophosaurus, the same dinosaur that killed Dennis Nedry when he tried to steal embryos for Dodgson in the first film.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)[edit]

  • What can I say? [screams in pain] Okay! Okay! I'm down to my last joke anyway...but this one'll kill ya!
    • Who: The Jester (Joker's Parallel Version)
    • Note: After being brutally beaten by J'edd J'arkus (Martian Manhunter's Counterpart) and Angelique (Hawlgirl's Evil Version), he says these first words before Angelique stabs him if her flaming sword, then says his last words before detonating a small bomb, exploding the building's whole floor and killing him along with J'arkus and his henchwoman.
  • It doesn't matter.
    • Who: Owlman
    • Note: Owlman was defeated in battle by Batman, who then transports him along with the QED with Owlman's Teleportation Device from Earth Prime to a lifeless and unpopulated planet, as the QED reaches it's final countdown, Owlman chooses not to save himself, saying these words before the QED destroys the entire planet and kills him.
  • Did we save the world, then? [Batman: We Did] And all that rubbish about me being faster than Flash? You knew this was gonna happen. [briefly pauses and smiles] Good one, mate.
    • Who: Johnny Quick (The Flash's Parallel Version)
    • Note: Johnny managed to help Batman to stop Owlman's plan, then, he uses his speedforce to eventually match the temporal vibration and open another portal to Earth Prime, he eventually succeds, however the strain of vibrating ages him to near death, he later says these words to Batman (who anticipated this and prevented the Flash from trying to save him) before dying in the Flash's arms.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2011)[edit]

  • As long as I can siphon off the Speed Force, you can't escape this timeline. I'm afraid there just isn't enough Speed Force to go around.
    • Who: Professor Zoom
    • Note: While mocking the Flash, Zoom says these words before Thomas Wayne/Batman kills him by shotting his head, allowing Barry to use Speed Force to travel back in time. Zoom's fate might have been reverted by the creation of the new timeline.

Justin and the Knights of Valour (2013)[edit]

  • You had your chance, but now it's over, boy. Poetic justice. Your father ruined my life, and now I'll ruin his, by killing you. How sweet. You clung to your grandfather's sword until the end. But now it has to return to me. And I will use it to kill your father. [Justin grabs the sword with his free hand] What?
    • Who : Heraclio


Kickboxer series[edit]

Kickboxer 2 (1991)[edit]

  • No fucking way! I don't QUIT!
    • Who: Brian "The Hammer" Wagner
    • Notes: David Sloane's former student who was supposed to fight "Lightning" Lou Lescano but he was replaced by Tong Po, Kurt Sloane's arch-nemesis. In a brutal kickboxing match, Tong Po's Muay thai skills seems to be far greater that David tries to talk Brian out, but he insists on staying the fight. Despite Sloane's efforts to stop the fight, Tong Po kills Brian with a final fatal knee kick.

Kill Bill: Volumes 1 and 2[edit]

Kill Bill: Volume 1 (2003)[edit]

  • Very funny, bitch. VERY FUNNY!
    • Who: Vernita Green
    • Notes: After she, one of the Deadly Viper Assassins, accepts the Bride's request to duel at night with knives, The Bride remarks that Bill said she was one of the best ladies he saw with an edged weapon. As the character says this line, she fires a hidden gun at The Bride, but misses and is killed when The Bride throws a knife into her chest.
  • [Translated from Japanese] You call that giggling? [giggles; then turned serious] You'll have to beg much better than that.
    • Who: Gogo Yubari
    • Notes: The Bride had pleaded with her to run, rather than fight her. After she says this to mock the Bride's attempts, she fights with her, and is killed when The Bride hits her in the head with a chair leg, before driving nails through her skull.
  • [Translated from Japanese] That really was a Hattori Hanzo sword...
    • Who: O-Ren Ishii
    • Notes: Character had doubted that her enemy and former colleague's sword was actually made by Hattori Hanzo. Just before she says this, she gets "scalped" by the sword.

Kill Bill: Volume 2 (2004)[edit]

  • Bill thought she was so damn smart. And I tried to tell him...she was just smart for a blonde. Thanks a bunch.
    • Who: Budd
    • Notes: Speaking about Beatrix to Elle, Budd opens a suitcase full of money that Elle has brought him. Inside the suitcase as well, however, is a black mamba, which proceeds to bite and kill him.
  • Elle, you traitorous dog! I give you my word...
    • Who: Pai Mei
    • Notes: Character is dying after being poisoned by his apprentice, Elle Driver, in revenge for snatching out her eye. She had prompted him to do so by calling him a "miserable old fool," and tells him that "To me, the word of an old fool like worth less than nothing," before pushing him down with her foot.
  • [screaming] FUCKING BITCH!!! [screaming] FUCKING BITCH!!! [screaming] I'LL KILL YOU!!! YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!!! [screaming] YOU BITCH!!! YOU BITCH!!! [moaning and screaming] I'LL FUCKING KILL YOU, YOU BITCH!!! [hissing and screaming] OH, I'LL GET YOU!!! I'M GONNA... [screaming] WHERE ARE YOU?!?! LEMME FUCKING KILLL YOU!!! [continues screaming] WHERE ARE YOU?!?! I'M COMING, YOU FUCKING BITCH!!! [screaming] YOU'RE FUCKING DEAD!!! YOU'RE DEAD!!! [continues screaming and crying] OH...SHIT!!!!!! [screaming]
    • Who: Elle Driver
    • Her left eye got pulled by Beatrix Kiddo, who squished it with her foot a few seconds later. Then she left Elle to die in Budd's trailer, probably bitten to death by the black mamba snake.
  • How do I look? [Beatrix: [tenderly smiles] You look ready.]
    • Who: Bill
    • Notes: Beatrix "The Bride" Kiddo, his former lover and assassin, has used a technique on him that will kill him after he takes five steps. She replies that he looks ready, and he gets up, takes five steps, and dies.

King Arthur (2004)[edit]

  • Arthur...
    • Who: Cerdic
    • Note: Said after he has been defeated by Arthur, who then impales him through the chest.

King Kong (1976)[edit]

Kingsman: The Secret Service[edit]

  • Grenade! Sir, get back!
    • Who: Lee Unwin
    • Notes: At the beginning of the film in 1997, Lee Unwin who was on a mission with Harry Hart, spotted their target, Falcon had a grenade in his mouth. Lee dives onto the terrorist and dies in the blast.
  • 1962 Dalmore. It'd be a sin to spill any. Don't you think?
    • Who: Lancelot
    • Notes: A Kingsman agent who tries to rescue Professor James Arnold, he seems to succeed and has a drink of 1962 Dalmore. As he hears a knock at the door, Lancelot is cut in two by Gazelle.
  • I'm not supposed to say it, but it was-!
    • Who: Professor James Arnold
    • Notes: A climate change professor, he is confronted in his classroom by Harry Hart interrogating him. Before he can give the name of who kidnapped and let him go, Arnold's head is blown apart by an security implant implanted by Valentine.
  • Just leave this church! You just leave this church like the infidel you are! Satan cannot save you now! You will eat your babies. You will drown in the blood of the Lord! He will not save you!
    • Who: Church Blonde Woman
    • Notes: This woman is an attendee of the hate group, the South Glade Mission Church. When Harry Hart tries to leave, Valentine activates the SIM cards to drive the people into a violent rampage. This woman scolds Harry Hart before he shoots her in the head.
  • Sounds good to me.
    • Who: Harry Hart
    • Notes: After surviving Valentine's SIM card bloodbath test, Harry Hart hears about Valentine's true goals. After telling the agent his convoluted plan, Harry replies this, and is told "This ain't that kind of movie." then Valentine executes him.
  • You dirty little fucking prick...
    • Who: Arthur/Chester King
    • Notes: Having been enticed by Valentine's offer to help save the Earth, Eggsy refuses Arthur's offer to join in Valentine's plan. He fails to notice Eggsy switched the poison cup. As he dies, Arthur curses Eggsy with this.
  • Perfect.
    • Who: Richmond Valentine
    • Notes: After Eggsy pierces him with one of Gazelle's leg swords, Valentine first thinks he'll say a bad pun to him, but is told "This ain't that kind of movie, bruv." Valentine then compliments this and dies.
  • Gazelle...!
    • Who: Richmond Valentine
    • Notes: As Eggsy pierces him with one of Gazelle's prosthetics, he shouts it, then he vomits and then he falls down.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle[edit]

  • Take me home, country roads.
  • Who: Merlin
  • Notes: After Eggsy steps on a landmine, Merlin pushes him off and takes the blast himself to distract the guards. As they come closer, he sings this song and steps off the podium, causing it to blow up killing himself and the guards.
  • Viva Las Vegan
  • Who: Poppy Adams
  • Notes: After Eggsy injects her with her own serum, she reveals the password and succumbs to her wounds.
  • Do you wanna know who was innocent? My high school sweetheart. Love of my life. Pregnant with my little boy. He's be about your age now if his mama hadn't got caught in the crossfire when two meth head freaks decided to rob a fucking convenience store. A world without those people in it...sure smells like peace to me. You break the law, you pay the price. Good riddance to all of them. That's why I got to destroy that case. Now slide it over, Agent Galahad. [Harry Hart/Galahad slides the case to him] Thank you.
  • Who: Whiskey/Jack Daniels
  • Notes: A Statesman agent with a tragic past over the death of his wife. Whiskey wanted to avenge his wife by letting the drug addicts die from Poppy's poisoned drugs, so he can make a lot of money. Harry Hart seems to surrender the case, then he and Eggsy engage Whiskey in an intense 2-on-1 fight in the cafe. The two Kingsman agents then drop Whiskey into the meat grinder, with Eggsy gloating "Put alpha gel on that, dickhead."

Knowing (film) (2009)[edit]

  • [This isn't the end.] I know.
    • Who: John Koestler (Nicholas Cage)
    • Notes: Character has been following a series of notations within a message on a scripture his son received at a time capsule unearthing. These numbers described every major disaster in world history, with the final set describing a a massive solar flare that engulfs Earth. He is killed in said solar flare, after making this exchange with his father. His son Caleb had escaped from the chaos with a close friend Abby, and a group of angels, and had landed on a new Earth to "start over".

Knives Out (2019)[edit]

  • You do as I say, and everything will be just fine. I promise.
    • Who: Harlan Thromby
    • Note: Said to Marta Cabera, his nurse, after she realizes she mixed up his medication, apparently giving him an overdose of morphine. Instead of calling for an ambulance, Harlan gives her instructions to create a false alibi, and after he says this line, he commits suicide by slitting his own throat. This is revealed in a flashback.
  • Copy...stashed. You did this...won't get away with this.
  • Hugh did this.
    • Who: Fran
    • Note: Said to Marta as she attempts to perform CPR to save her, after she is overdosed with morphine. The first line is what she is initially believed to have said; the second line is what she actually said, as revealed in a flashback, which also reveals that Ransom poisoned her; she is the only member of the Thromby family and house staff who calls Ransom by his first name, Hugh. The "copy" she refers to is a copy of Harlan's toxicology report. She is later revealed to have died of the overdose despite Marta's efforts to save her, although Marta initially states that Fran survived to trick Ransom into confessing to both Fran's murder and his attempts to frame Marta for Harlan and Fran's deaths.

Kong: Skull Island[edit]

  • Die, you motherfu-
    • Who: Preston Packard (Samuel L. Jackson)
    • Note: Said by the character who gets killed by Kong by being crushed by his fist, before he can finish his cursing and detonate the explosives.

Kung Fu Panda films[edit]

Kung Fu Panda (2008)[edit]

  • Good. My time has come. You must continue your journey without me. [Shifu: What-What-What-What are you-? What-? Master! You can't leave me!] You must believe. [Shifu: Master!]
    • Who: Oogway
    • Note: Said, as he disappears, to Shifu, who questioned his choosing of Po as the Dragon Warrior.
  • You...can't defeat me. You-You're just a big...fat...panda! [Po: [holds Tai Lung's finger] I'm not a big fat panda. I'm the big fat panda. [raises his pinky finger]] [shocked gasp] The Wuxi Finger Hold?! [Po: Oh, you know this hold?] You're bluffing. You're bluffing! Shifu didn't teach you that. [Po: Nope. [Tai Lung weakly smiles] I figured it out. [Tai Lung's eyes widen in an "Uh-oh!" stare] Ska-doosh!]
    • Who: Tai Lung
    • Note: Said as Po prepares to use the "Wuxi Finger Hold" on him, which he doubted he was taught. Po tells him that he figured it out himself, and then vanquishes him to the Spirit World in a large explosion.

Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011)[edit]

  • That is a warning. You are no match for our kung fu. [Shen: I agree. But this is.]
    • Who: Master Thundering Rhino
    • Note: Said before he is blasted by Lord Shen's cannon, killing him instantly.
  • [Po: You should, Shen. You gotta let go of the stuff from past, because it just doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is what you choose to be now.] You're right. Then I choose this!
    • Note: Said before he viciously attacks Po in a final attempt to kill him. In the process, he severs the ropes holding up his huge cannon, which promptly collapses and crushes him.

Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)[edit]

  • Yes! The power is mine!...Wait...No! It's too much! It's too much! NO!...NOOOOO!!!
    • Who: Kai
    • Note: Po channels all his chi into Kai, the power of which he wanted, but Po's chi is so strong that it overwhelms Kai and obliterates him.


The Ladykillers (1955)[edit]

  • Where's your sense of humor, One Round?!
    • Who: Harry Robinson (Peter Sellers)
    • Notes: Trying to clam down One Round (Danny Green) before he is beaten to death with a long board.

The Langoliers (1995)[edit]

  • Later, Dinah
    • Who: Aunt Vicki
    • Notes: Craig Toomey walks by Dinah and Vicki. Dinah remarks to her aunt, "There's something strange inside that man's head" to which Vicki responds with this line. Later, while on the plane, Dinah wakes up to find her aunt has disappeared, due to being awake when they flew through the time rip.
  • Hey. Get out. Look, a stretcher
    • Who: Don Gaffney
    • Notes: Character, along with Albert, was sent to look for a stretcher to hold the stabbed Dinah Bellman. Don opens the door of a room and sees one. He says this line to Albert. Upon entering the room, however, Don is stabbed in the neck by Craig Toomey, who was hiding behind the door holding up a knife. Don dies instantly.
  • No, no, Daddy, no! Make them go away! Please, make them go away! I'll be good! I'll be good! I'll be good boy! Please, I promise I'll be good if you just make them go awaaaaaay!
    • Who: Craig Toomey
    • Notes: The langoliers finally reach the group. Toomey, horrified, tries to run. The Langoliers give chase, as the reason they came was apparently partially to get Craig. Craig trips and falls, allowing the Langoliers to catch up to him. As he lies on the ground in fear, he says this line, referring to his father who told him about the creatures. He is then, offscreen, eaten alive by them.
  • I saw...I saw through Mr. Toomey's eyes. At the start, everything looked weird and nasty, but it was better at the end. [Laurel: Please, Dinah, try not to talk anymore, okay?] I saw you, Laurel. You're beautiful. Especially your eyes. Everything was beautiful, even the things that were dead. It was so wonderful, just know...see.
    • Who: Dinah Bellman
    • Notes: Character is dying from being stabbed by Craig Toomey. She speaks to Laurel Stevenson. After realizing Dinah is dead, Laurel thinks of what Dinah said, rewording it as "I saw through Mr. Toomey's eyes. Everything was beautiful, even the things that were dead. It was so wonderful just to see," and saying to herself, "I can live with that."
  • Oh, my God! So beautiful!
    • Who: Nick Hopwell
    • Notes: Nick has decided to sacrifice himself so he can turn the air pressure back up before the plane flies through the time rip. As he will be awake when they go through, he will die. Just after he turns up the pressure again, he looks at the colorful time rip and says this line. When they go through, he disappears into thin air, leaving his watch behind.
    • Notes: His last words are quite similar to the supposed last words of Thomas Edison, who said, "It is very beautiful over there" several days before he died, in that he may not have been referring to the time rip, but Heaven. Edison had been looking upwards, but may have either been referring to the view from the window or Heaven.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)[edit]

  • Not quite what you hoped for, Mr. Powell? [Manfred Powell: Oh, Lara. [pulls out switchblade] I have a gut instinct about this. After all, you are the daughter of a genius. Let me test my theory.]
    • Who: Alex West
    • Note: After Powell couldn't get the Triangle of Light to work, West says this line. In response, Powell replies "Oh, Lara. I have a gut instinct about this." pulls out a switchblade, and says "After all, you are the daughter of a genius. Let me test my theory.", and throws the switchblade into Alex West's heart, killing him. But after Lara Croft activates the Triangle of Light, his death is reversed.
  • [Manfred Powell: [holding gun to Richard Croft's head] Surrender.] Never.
    • Who Lord Richard Croft
    • Note: Told, in flashback, to surrender. He refuses, and gets shot through the head, and dies instantly.
  • Lara! Wait! You father begged for his life when we caught him betraying us. He pleaded like a baby. [holding gun to Richard Croft's head in flashback] Surrender. [Lord Richard Croft: [his last word] Never.] [shoots Lord Richard Croft dead.] He seemed particularly concerned that I shouldn't...take this. [Lara starts to walk toward Powell] [Alex West: [concerned] Lara, no! The place is coming down! This is insane!] [Lara Croft: Get them out of here.] [Alex West: [reluctantly] You just hurry.] [Lara walks toward him.] [chuckles] There you go. Safe and sound. [he pulls out his gun, and Lara pulls out her dual pistols.] No guns.
    • Who: Manfred Powell
    • Note: After Powell pulls out the switchblade, he reveals that he killed Richard Croft, and took Lara's locket, containing a photo of Lara's mother, and goads Lara into a fight. Last line is said while he and Lara Croft have guns trained on each other. They drop their weapons and a fight ensues, ending with Lara karate-chopping Powell in the throat, killing him.

The Last Boy Scout (1991)[edit]

  • You fucking asshole!
    • Who: Milo
    • Note: Said having failed to assassinate Senator Baynard. During the fight at the stadium, Joe Hallenbeck warned him that if he touched him again that he would kill him. The police do the honors and riddle Milo with bullets, sending him falling backwards into the helicopter blades and shredding him to bloodied pieces while Joe dances a jig to calm the tensions.

The Last Man on Earth (1964)[edit]

  • They were afraid...they were afraid of me...
    • Who: Robert Morgan (Vincent Price)
    • Note: He was slaying humans who he thought were infected from a worldwide plague, and is hunted down and killed by a group of survivors.

The Last Samurai (2003)[edit]

  • Father, let me stay. It is my time.
    • Who: Nobutada
    • Note: Said after being wounded while helping his father, Katsumoto, escape. He then charges their pursuers and is shot to death.
  • Algren-san!
    • Who: Silent Samurai/"Bob"
    • Note: Said as he sees a soldier prepare to shoot Nathan Algren. He then runs in the way and is shot and killed.
  • Fire at will!
    • Who: Colonel Bagley
    • Note: Said as Algren and the Samurai charge his position. Algren then hurls his sword at Bagley, impaling him through the chest.
  • Perfect. They are all...perfect.
    • Who: Katsumoto
    • Note: Character has committed seppuku with Nathaniel Algren's help after being mortally wounded in battle. He is referring to his lifelong search for a perfect cherry blossom.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)[edit]

  • It is...accomplished!
    • Who: Jesus
    • Note: The quote ends the film, as Jesus, who had been shown stepping down from the cross during the Crucifixion after an angel (later revealed to be the Devil in disguise) told him it was only a test and he could live out a normal life and raise a family with Mary Magdalene, only to find out years later that by doing so he had betrayed humanity, is returned to the cross after praying to be allowed to do so.

Layer Cake (2004)[edit]

  • If you knew that, you'd be as clever as me.
    • Who: 'XXXX' - Otherwise unnamed character
    • Notes: The quote occurs moments before the character is shot.

Lazer Team[edit]

  • I think I just did.
    • Who: Adam
    • Notes: Deliberately angering the Worg during their fight, Adam is obliterated by the Dark Matter Ray. His last line is in response to Hagan languishing that it was Adam who was supposed to save Earth.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (2003)[edit]

  • May this new century be yours, the old one was mine.
    • Who: Allan Quartermain
    • Note: Said to Tom Sawyer after being stabbed in the back by Moriarty. After his funeral a witch doctor commences a ritual to possibly bring him back to life.

Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III (1990)[edit]

  • What are the chances a brainless bitch like you knows how to use that thing?
    • Who: Alfredo Sawyer
    • Notes: After attacking Michelle with a sledge hammer after she has escaped his family, Alfredo begins to mock her when she grabs hold of the shot gun in his truck, believing a "yuppie" like her doesn't know how to use it; Michelle promptly proves him wrong, blasting him in the face.
  • Son of a bitch.
    • Who: Mama Sawyer
    • Notes: Left bleeding profusely after being shot several times with an automatic rifle, Mama's last words are a barely audible whisper.
  • Get the meat...we'll have her for breakfast.
    • Who: Tinker Sawyer
    • Notes: Having been shot several times by Benny, losing an ear and two fingers, Tinker is left lying on the ground; he is telling his brother Tex to find, capture and murder the escaped heroine Michelle, Tex asks if they can eat her for breakfast and after answering Tinker dies of his injuries.
  • Ah, Shit!
    • who: Edward "Tex" Sawyer
    • Notes: Said while fighting Benny with an axe, Benny than dousces him in gassoline and says "toast you fuck", he than lights him on fire and he burns to death.

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)[edit]

  • Do not come back here. I'll not see you again.
    • Who: Yuri Betso
    • Note: Character ends his relationship with Sera because the gangsters are coming to kill him.
  • You know you love me.
    • Who: Ben Sanderson
    • Notes: Character commits suicide by drinking himself to death throughout the movie. He dies from alcohol poisoning in the next morning.

Legend of Drunken Master (1994)[edit]

See Drunken Master II above.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010)[edit]

  • Go tell the Guardians.
    • Who: Grimble
    • Note: Killed by Nyra.
  • No, no, no, you promised me! YOU PROMISED ME I WOULD BE KING OF THE TREE!!!
    • Who: Allomere
    • Note: Bats drag him into a cave to be killed.
  • Soren! My wing's broken! Help me up! Soren, I'm your brother.
    • Who: Kludd
    • Note: Kludd tries to throw him into the fire, but the branch he is holding onto snaps, causing Kludd to fall into the flames. Believing his brother to be dead, an angered Soren, picks up a burning branch to go after Metal Beak to stop him destroying another owl's life, like he did to Kludd.
  • [Soren: He's my teacher. My hero.] Well, your hero can teach you one last lesson about Pure Ones' strength... [Nyra: Don't move.] letting you watch him die.
    • Who: Metal Beak/Surtr
    • Note: Before he and Nyra could kill Ezylryb, Soren arrives with a flaming branch to defeat Metal Beak to stop him destroying another owl's soul, after battling Kludd. The two owls battled, but Metal Beak was able to overpower the younger owl and leaped at Soren with talons out to kill him. Luckily, Soren was able to grab the branch and stabs Metal Beak through the heart, killing him. Outraged at her husband's death, Nyra gives Soren a angry glar before retreating with the remaining Pure Ones.

Léon: The Professional (1994)[edit]

  • This is...from...Mathilda...
    • Who: Leon
    • Notes: Says as he gives a grenade pin to his murderer, Norman Stansfield.
  • Shit.
    • Who: Norman Stansfield
    • Notes: Said after opening Leon's vest and seeing grenades - one of them unlocked. He and Leon are killed in the blast.

Lethal Weapon series[edit]

Lethal Weapon 2[edit]

  • [Roger Murtaugh: [shouting] DROP IT, ASSHOLE!] [Martin Riggs: [weakly] Rog.] Diplomatic immunity! [Roger Murtaugh: [slowly rolls his head on his neck, takes aim, and fires, and his bullet goes through Arjen Rudd's wallet, and then his head] It's just been revoked.]
    • Who: Arjen Rudd
    • Notes: The corrupt Minister of Foreign Affairs at the South African consulate in Los Angeles dealing drugs, at the final battle on his Alba Varden ship, shooting Martin Riggs, Roger yells, "DROP IT, ASSHOLE!" Riggs weakly says "Rog." Arjen boasts his diplomatic immunity to Roger Murtaugh. Murtaugh doesn't buy it and shoots Arjen in the head and gloats "It's just been revoked."

Letters from Iwo Jima (2006)[edit]

  • See you on the other side. If not in this life, then in the next world.
    • Who: Lieutenant Oiso
  • After this is over, you can come visit me.
    • Who: Japanese POW
    • Notes: is executed by one of his captors moments later.

The Libertine (2004)[edit]

  • Speak to me of abduction.
    • Who: John Wilmot, Earl of Rochester
    • Notes: Spoken to his wife as he lays dying of syphilis; she begins to tell him the story of their runaway marriage, but he dies before she finishes.

The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean (1972)[edit]

  • It was wrong to do this to me for the crimes mentioned, but, well, I'd also killed white men and stole their horses. So I figured that that-that's what I was being hung for. My only concern was that that rope be tied properly and the whole thing done right. It was.
    • Who: Sam Dodd
    • Note: His last thoughts as he is hung for his crimes of murder and horse theft. He is among the first villains laid to rest in Roy Bean's town.
  • I can whip a full-grown longhorn cow with my hands tied; Make violent love to mountain lions. My trigger fingers are itchy. I'm set to go red hot.
    • Who: Snake River Rufus Krile
    • Note: Said while visiting Bean's saloon in a drunken stupor. He shoots Bean's portrait of Lillie Langtry and as punishment is shot down by the marshals.
  • Come and get it! I'm ready for you, Beano!
    • Who: Bad Bob
    • Note: Said as the albino outlaw is daring Bean to come out of his saloon for a duel. He fails to notice Bean hiding in the nearby livery who snipes him from behind piercing through the abdomen.
  • How did she look? [Roy Bea: Who?] Miss Lillie.
    • Who: Maria Elena
    • Note: Said after giving birth to the child who Roy Bean names Rose. Sadly, Roy only had time to present her a music box playing "Yello Rose of Texas". Maria dies from the exhausted strength from her childbirth.
  • Tector Crites, Rose Bean; Come out, or we'll burn you out!
    • Who: Frank Gass
    • Note: Said threatening to evict Rose Bean and Tector Crites from the saloon where Roy and his friends are having one final card game together. Chaos ensues when Roy throws a torch at the mob. Gass flees as his deputies kill Bean's comrades. Desperate to escape, Gass tries to take cover in the burning hotel while Roy follows after on his horseback. Eventually the structure collapses from the fire and both Gass and Roy lose their lives.
  • For Texas and Miss Lillie!
    • Who: Judge Roy Bean
    • Note: Said as he chases the mayor Frank Gass through the burning hotel in the final shootout. He rides back in to chase down Gass and it is likely that they both die in the flames. He leaves a note for Lillie Langtry in the event of his death while his surviving daughter marries an aviator who is partaking in World War I.

Lifeforce (1985)[edit]

    • Who: Col. Tom Carlsen
    • Note: Last words before stabbing himself and the female vampire with an iron sword. He was calling to the detective, Colin Caine, to throw the sword to him.
  • Be with me.
    • Who: Space Girl/female vampire
    • Note: Last words while making love to Carlsen. She wanted to take him back with her into space.

Little Caesar (1931)[edit]

  • Mother of Mercy! Is this the end of Rico?
    • Who: Caesar Enrico Bandello

Little Shop of Horrors (1986)[edit]

  • [stops laughing] What did I ever do to you? [Seymour: [lowering his gun] Nothing. It's what you did to her.] Her who? [finally getting it] Oh, her.
    • Who: Orin
    • Notes: While inhaling laughing gas, the sadistic dentist's gas-mask gets stuck, and Seymour (the protagonist), who originaly had intentions to shoot the dentist, allows him to die of laughing. Just as he is running out of breath, the dentist asks what he ever did to Seymour, to which Seymour replies, "It's not what you did to me, it what you did to her." At first, Orin is confused as to who Seymour means, but delivers his final words just as he reailses that he is talking about Seymour's secret love and his girlfriend Audrey. He dies after giving these lines.
  • What the hell...?
    • Who: Mr. Mushnik
    • Note: The character is threatening Seymour after finding out that he was responsible for the death of Orin. He tells Seymour he would like to keep Audrey II, however does not know that the plant eats people. He turns around to see Audrey II's mouth open, and delivers the lines above, before being eaten by the plant.
  • Oh, shit!
    • Who: Audrey II
    • Note: The character has just been electrocuted while in a battle with Seymour. He delivers the lines above before blowing up.

Little Women (which year?)[edit]

  • All my life, I've lived for loving you. Let me go now.
    • Who: Beth March
    • Note: Says it to her sister Jo, whom she is the closest to. The line before states "I'm not afraid to die, Jo. The hardest part is leaving you."

The Living Dead series[edit]

See last words in the Living Dead films.

Logan's Run (1976)[edit]

  • Logan! You Renewed!
    • Who: Frances 7
    • Note: Spoken after being beaten with a flagpole. As he is cradled by Logan, he notices logan's Lifeclock is clear. He utters this line and dies.

London Has Fallen (2016)[edit]

  • Important matters of state?
    • Who: Mrs Bowman
  • That was daughter number two. She didn't pass her driving test. Guess whose fault it is?
    • Who: Robert Bowman (Canadian Prime Minister)
    • Note: Characters were in their state car as it was being driven through London. In their next scene, a bomb is placed under it by a terrorist, which detonates as they pass through Trafalgar Square, decimating the car.
  • Thank you.
    • Who: Agnes Bruckner (German Chancellor)
    • Note: While watching the Queen's Guardsmen marching outside Buckingham Palace, she is given a white rose by a young girl, and says this line to her. In her next scene, two of the Guardsmen turn out to be terrorists and open fire on the crowds. Bruckner is among the people killed.
  • How much longer?
    • Who: Tsutomu Nakushima (Japanese Prime Minister)
  • We are almost there, sir. I'm sorry but as expected, there are heavy security measures.
    • Who: Nakushima's aide
    • Note: Characters were in their state car, stuck in a traffic jam on Chelsea Bridge, and say their lines in Japanese with English subtitles. In their next scene, suicide bombers cause the bridge to collapse, with the car among many cars that fall into the Thames.
  • I can't believe we're doing this, a private tour of Westminster Abbey, just for you.
    • Who: Antonio Gusto (Italian Prime Minister)
  • I only turn 30 once.
    • Who: Mrs. Gusto
    • Note: Characters were sharing a romantic moment on one of Westminster Abbey's bell towers, saying their lines in Italian with English subtitles. In their next scene, the same bell tower is destroyed in a bombing, killing them.
  • Wait 10 minutes?
    • Who: Mainard's aide
  • At least.
    • Who: Jacques Mainard (French President)
    • Note: Characters were on a yacht in the River Thames, and say their lines in French with English subtitles. In their next scene, a cargo boat detonates right next to the yacht, causing a massive bomb blast that destroys the yacht, kills the head of state and his aides, as well as heavily damaging Big Ben and the Palace of Westminster.
  • Fuck! They're not real cops!
    • Who: Agent Bronson
    • Note: Character says this line while he, Agent Banning, Jacobs and President Asher come under fire from terrorists disguised as police outside St Paul's Cathedral. In the next scene, fellow agent Voight arrives in a car. The agents manage to get Asher inside the car, but Bronson is shot from behind.
  • COME ON!!!
    • Who: Agent Voight
    • Note: While driving Asher, Banning and Jacobs back to Somerset House, the car comes under heavy attack, and Voight is fatally shot, forcing Banning to take over.
  • Fuck you!
    • Who: Motorcycle terrorist
    • Note: Character says this line while fighting Banning and Jacobs through the window of their car. Banning responds by killing him by ramming him against a bridge pillar.
  • Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!
    • Who: Marine One escort pilot #1
    • Note: Marine One takes off with two escorts but, in a surprise missile attack, one of the escorts is hit and goes down.
  • Copy.
    • Who: Marine One escort pilot #2
    • Note: As the missile attack continues, Marine One and its remaining escort runs out of countermeasures, forcing the escort to take the missile to protect Marine One, consequently going down.
  • Do me a favor...Stay alive...You gotta see your kid...Make those fuckers pay.
    • Who: Secret Service Director Lynne Jacobs
    • Note: After Marine One is hit by another missile, it crash-lands in Hyde Park. Banning and Asher survive, but Jacobs is fatally wounded. She says this line to Banning, to which he agrees, before dying.
  • We're live now.
    • Who: Sultan Mansoor
  • Any last words, Mr. President?
    • Who: Kamran Barkawi
    • Note: Sultan announces that they are now being broadcast to the entire world, and Kamran severely attacks the President. He asks him if he has any last words, to which he begins reciting the Presidential Oath of Office. Kamran is ready to decapitate Asher with a machete, but Banning arrives, incapacitates Sultan and pummels Kamran. Sultan drops a live grenade, but Banning manages to protect Asher, at the expense of allowing Kamran to escape; Sultan is killed in the explosion. In the resulting final battle, Banning and Asher escape while ordering an SAS squad to blow up the building; the blast kills Kamran and the remaining terrorists and decimates the building.
  • That and 20 million euros. Come with me, Jax.
    • Who: MI5 Counter-Intelligence Chief John Lancaster
    • Notes: Having been found out that he had been aiding Barkawi, Lancaster attempts to bribe Jax, but is shot dead.
  • You think this war, this war that you started, you think it's over? I'll dedicate my life to your death. This war will not end.
    • Who: Aamir Barkawi
    • Note: Character says this line while on the phone to Vice President Allan Trumbull, who responds by telling him "Maybe you should look out your window." Within moments, the terrorist leader is killed in a drone strike.

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)[edit]

  • You know I don't need to. Not with a patsy like you. 'Cause you learn when you place this game that you really place people not; You don't play cards, you play people. Loose lips sink ships. You understand? [Snow nods nervously] I thought you would, yeah. Uh, so, I just play the cards uh, good and tight.
    • Who: Dakota
    • Note: One of McQuade's allies in the case against Wilkes. While speechifying about his game of cards as he guards Snow, he is caught by surprise by Wilkes' gang. Wilkes then steps on and snaps his neck.
  • DON'T KILL ME, MAN, goddamn it!
    • Who: Snow
    • Note: One of Wilkes' henchmen. While being guarded by Dakota and Kayo, Dakota is killed then Snow pleads this through his gagged mouth. This sadly falls on deaf ears and he is riddled with machine gun fire.
  • Drop your weapons and raise your hands, or we'll commence firing.
    • Who: Burnside
    • Note: An ATF agent seeking to shut down Wilkes' gun smuggling operations. He orders these to WIlkes' henchmen but it is a trap. A gunfight ensues and Burnside is killed along with Nunez.
  • Remember me, greaser?
    • Who: Redneck #1
    • Note: One of Wilkes' friends. On the final battle in Mexico, he taunts this to Ramos. Ramos responds by shooting him down and replying "Yeah, I never forget an asshole."
  • McQuade!
    • Who: Rawley Wilkes
    • Note: An illicit arms dealer hijacking weapon shipments to sell to terrorists. After losing his hand-to-hand duel with McQuade, he yells this attempting to fire on McQuade in retaliation, but kills Lola Richardson by mistake. He then silently attempts one final mahcine gun barrage but McQuade throws one last grenade at his hiding place, killing the villain and his last remaining henchman.
  • Jim... I didn't betray you... Rawley killed my husband; He forced me to be his partner... I had no choice, he would have killed me... I love you...
    • Who: Lola Richardson
    • Note: Wilkes' business partner who loves McQuade. After being mortally shot by Wilkes trying to save McQuade, she bids these to the Texas Ranger she ever truly loved before passing aqay.

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)[edit]

  • Aw, crud!
    • Who: Elmer Fudd
    • Note: Becomes a pointillism and gets blown by a fan that Bugs is using and start to disperse, until only his shoes are left
    • Who: Wile E. Coyote
    • Note: Written on a sign. Wile E. Coyote is driving the ACME Train of Death when he runs into the explosives blocking the tracks. When he sees the explosives stuck on the train's cowcatcher, he holds up a sign saying this and the train is blown up and derailed shortly afterwards.
  • Are you all monkeys yet? [a laser from Blue Monkey Diamond is headed towards Mr. Chairman] Uh-oh!
    • Who: ACME Chairman
    • Note: Spoken before a laser beam hits him and turns him into a monkey, and left him unable to talk.

The Lord of the Rings[edit]

See last words in Lord of the Rings media.


MacGruber (2010)[edit]

  • Fuck the brass! Fuck the brass! [repeats]
    • Who: MacGruber's original team.
    • Note: As MacGruber's team is getting ready to leave, the commanding officer comes to talk to MacGruber. MacGruber says he has to talk with the brass, and the team begins to chant this. While MacGruber is talking wit the officer, he mentions his trunk to be filled with homemade explosives which he himself made. As he says this, his van explodes, killing his entire team.

Mad Max (1979)[edit]

  • Easy...I know what I'm doing.
    • Who: Bubba Zannetti
  • You're mad, man! You think I look silly, don't you? Hah hah hah! Don't bring this on me, man! Don't do this to me! Please, Sweet Jesus, I was sick! Don't bring this on me, man!
    • Who: Johnny the Boy
    • Note: Shouted as Max leaves Johnny to die a fiery death, with the option of escape if he saws through his ankle (in revenge for killing Max's loved ones).

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)[edit]

    • Who: Warboy
    • Falls to his death while trying to catch Max.
  • What have you done? What have you done?!?!?!
    • Who: The Ace
    • Got shot by Nux when trying to choke Furiosa.
  • Look Out!
    • Who: The Splendid Angharad
    • Fell off the War Rig
  • Witness me...
    • Who: Nux
    • Sacrfices Himself to block the passage with the War Rig

Madhouse (1974)[edit]

  • Yes...Yes! And I should have played him! Dr. Death is mine! I created the part for myself but the Studio gave it to YOU! You weren't a better actor; You were nothing until you played Dr. Death! He made you into a star! I killed Ellen hoping to get rid of you, but the Studio still wouldn't listen. They said there was only one Dr. Death: Paul Toombes! It should have been me. ME! Then after all these years, I had a second chance and I used it. Quayle wanted to bring you back, and he needed me. He needed me to persuade you; So I drew up a contract. I never thought it would apply. There is a clause in that says if anything happens to you, I take your place. I play Dr. Death AT LAST! I'm not going to be cheated this time, Paul...! He belongs to me. I AM Dr. Death!
    • Who: Herbert Flay
    • Notes: Paul Toombes' best friend who helped in creating the Dr. Death character for his horror films. Angry at being denied the part, Herbert explains these confessing to murdering Ellen and the other girls to try and ruin Toombes' life. He even formed a contract that should anything bad happen to Paul Toombes, he would finally be legalized to play Dr. Death by right. After this, he fights his former friend and just when he has Toombes at his mercy, Flay's wife, a horror actress named Faye Carstairs-Flay races behind her murderous husband and stabs him with a knife sending him hurtling into her spider-filled coffin. Within minutes, the spiders eat away at the lifeless Herbert.

The Magnificent Seven[edit]

  • You came a place like this. Why? A man like you...why?
    • Who: Calvera
    • Notes: The notorious leader of a bandit gang terrorizing a local farming village. When Chris comes back for the final battle, he engages Calvera and mortally wounds him. Dying of his injuries, Calvera asks Chris this and dies without an answer.

Magnolia (1999)[edit]

  • I don't know what I've done.
    • Who: Jimmy Gator
  • Phil. Phil, help me. What did I do?
    • Who: Earl Partridge

The Man Who Would Be King (1975)[edit]

  • [Peachy Carnehan: [as a mob threatens their lives] Billy Fish, mount the mule and ride! There's a chance you'll make it!] Gurkha foot soldier, not cavalry. [salutes Peachy and Danny] Rifleman Majendra Bahadur Gurung wishing you many good lucks! [draws his kukri knife and charges into the mob] Ayo Gorkhali! [he is killed by the mob almost immediately]
    • Who: Rifleman Majendra Bahadur Gurung a.k.a. Billy Fish
    • Note: His final statement is the second half of the Gurkha war-cry: "Jaya Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali!" ("Glory to Great Kali, Gurkhas approach!").
  • A glorious band, the chosen few / On whom the Spirit came; / Twelve valiant saints, their hope they knew, / And mocked the cross and flame. / They met the tyrant’s brandished steel, / The lion’s gory mane; / They bowed their heads the death to feel...
    • Who: Daniel "Danny" Dravot
    • Notes: Character and Peachy Carnehan are captured by the angry natives in Kafiristan, and the former is forced to cross the rope bridge over the gorge. As one of the natives cuts one rope, he sings the third verse of "The Son of God Goes Forth to War", and Peachy joins him; but soon the rope is cut completely, causing the bridge to topple over and Danny to fall to his death. Distraught, Peachy finishes the verse for him: "Who follows in their train?"

The Manchurian Candidate (1962)[edit]

  • Just take it easy.
    • Who: Eleanor Iselin
    • Note: Mrs. Iselin is trying to assure her husband, a vice presidential nominee, that her brainwashed son, Raymond Shaw, will assassinate the presidential nominee at a political convention, making her husband the lead nominee by default. Moments later, Shaw, having been freed from his brainwashing, kills both of the Iselins instead.
  • Yes, ma'am.
    • Who: Pvt. Edmund "Ed" Mavole
    • Note: Says this when a brainwashed Raymond Shaw attempts to strangle him during a demonstration before the Soviet brass. Mavole protests, but the demonstration's host encourages him to cooperate. Mavole, himself brainwashed into believing the host is the speaker at a women's gardening club, complies and is voluntarily strangled to death.
  • You couldn't have stopped them, the Army couldn't have stopped them, so I had to. That's why I didn't call. Oh God, Ben.
    • Who: Raymond Shaw
    • Note: Shaw has just killed his mother and stepfather, a vice-presidential nominee, at a political convention. They had planned to use a brainwashed Shaw to assassinate the presidential nominee, essentially granting them the presidency by default. Shaw shoots his parents instead, and commits suicide after being confronted by Ben Marco.

Marvel Cinematic Universe[edit]

See Last words in Marvel Cinematic Universe media

Mary Poppins (1964)[edit]

  • A wooden leg named Smith? A wooden leg named Smith? A wooden leg... [gets the joke; laughs]
    • Who: Mr. Dawes Sr.
    • Note: Character is mulling over a joke that George Banks, his now ex-employee, had just told him. Once he gets the joke, he laughs himself to death.

The Masque of the Red Death (1964)[edit]

  • There is no other God! Satan killed him! [Red Death: Each man creates his own God for himself; His own Heaven, his own Hell.] Let me see your face! [unmasks the Red Death seeing a face almost like his own] [Red Death: Your Hell, Prince Prospero, and the moment of your death.] No...! No...! NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    • Who: Prince Prospero
    • Note: Said when he realizes the Red Death is not a servant of Satan, but a personified monster spreading the Red Death. Prospero barely manages to outrun the Red Death infectees of his own party. The Red Death follows him to his hiding spot and questions "Why should you be afraid to die? Your soul has been dead for along time." The personified epidemic then infects Prospero with the Red Death and kills him within seconds.

Match Point (2005)[edit]

  • Didn't you say your name was Harris?
    • Who: Mrs. Eastby
    • Note: Said to Chris Wilton, who sneaks toward her and then shoots her dead.
  • Okay. Bye.
    • Who: Nola Rice
    • Note: Said to Ian in her last conversation, shortly before she is shot and killed by Chris.

The Matrix franchise[edit]

See last words in Matrix media.

Max Payne (2008)[edit]

  • It's unbelievable, all that snow, and watch it end up being a beautiful day. You want my confession first?
    • Who: B.B.
    • Note: Max, after finding out B.B. is responsible for the death of his wife, chases B.B. to the top of a skyscraper where he confronts him. B.B. says this line and drops his gun. Max then shoots him dead with one bullet.

Maleficent (2014)[edit]

  • She is vanquished? You have done well, my son. You have done what others feared to do. You will be rewarded.
    • Who: King Henry
    • Note: Said before dying from wounds sustained by Maleficent.
  • That's a lovely gift.
  • Who: Queen Leila
    • Note: Said before she becomes gravely ill and dies as the years go by.
  • Shoot her!
  • Who: King Stefan
    • Note: Said before he attempts to kill Maleficent, only for the latter to plummet off a tower to his death.

Marked for Death (1990)[edit]

  • I know you. You love da' killing, but you is an empty shell inside.
    • Who: Screwface One
    • Note: One of the Screwface twins running operations in Jamaica and Chicago, Illinois. While attempting to ritually kill his enemy John Hatcher, he taunts this to the cop during their fight. He responds by piercing his penis and decapitating him to deliver a final warning to the posse terrorizing Chicago.
  • Dead and about to be BURIED! The evil is demolished.
    • Who: Charles
    • Note: A Jamaican detective investigating Screwface and his posse. They show Screwface's lifeless head to the posse and Charles declares this in the hopes of scaring the posse off lest they be hunted down and killed. However, Charles fails to notice Screwface is gemini, and his twin sneaks up from behind killing Charles in a single sword thrust as he taunts "Judas...!"
  • Mamalosa.
    • Who: Screwface Two
    • Note: One of the Screwface twins running operations in Jamaica and Chicago, Illinois. During the final battle in Chicago, Screwface says this. After a brutal swordfight in the nightclub, John Hatcher forces the villain's eyes into the back of his head, snaps his spine and sends him falling down the elevator shaft impaling him. Hatcher hopes "I hope they weren't triplets." This leaves the Jamaican Posse to be taken into police custody as the film draws to a close.

Men In Black (1997)[edit]

  • You can have my gun when you take it from my cold dead hands [Bug: Your proposal is acceptable.]
    • Who: Edgar
    • Note: The bug, upon encountering Edgar, orders him to put down his rifle. Edgar responds with the above line, which the Bug responds by eating him, taking his skin for a disguise.
  • Well, yeah. Don't you want to get rid of em? [Edgar: In the worst way.]
    • Who: Exterminator
    • Note: He was killed by Edgar when he fires the exterminator's own gas gun out into his mouth.
  • [in his alien language] To the continued reign of the Arquillian Empire.
    • Who: Rosenberg's aide
  • [in his alien language] To the safety of the Galaxy. [to Edgar the Bug who spreads his bugs on lunch meals, in English] You can kill us both, but you will not find the Galaxy. [Edgar: You're right about one thing.]
    • Who: Rosenberg.
    • Note: Rosenberg and his aide propose a toast in Arquillian, and are then confronted by Edgar the Bug. Rosenberg says his second line in English; he and his aide are killed by Edgar.
  • War. The on....Orion's....Be..Be...What is word? [Agent J: The Bed? Belt? Orion Belt?]
    • Who: Gentle Rosenberg
    • Note: The alien pilot of Rosenberg tries to tell J to secure the galaxy on his cat, Orion's, collar to prevent a coming Galactic war.
  • Okay, fine. I'll put my hands...on...on my head. Like this?
    • Who: Edgar the Bug
    • Note: Seemingly cornered, Edgar appears to surrender to the MIB custody, but reveals his true gargantuan roach form to try and kill Agents J and K. After a hard fight, he was completely destroyed by Laurel.

Men In Black 2 (2002)[edit]

Men in Black 3 (2012)[edit]

  • You are too late. He is going to give the humans the ArcNet.
    • Who: Roman the Fabulist
    • Note: Character says this line, refusing to tell Boris where Griffin is. He is subsequently killed by Boris.
  • Look out!
    • Who: Colonel James D. Edwards Jr.
    • Note: Character says this line upon noticing Boris, but is killed almost instantly. Present day Agent J then watches as he realizes the colonel was in fact his long dead father.
  • Go ahead. Arrest me.
    • Who: Boris the Animal
    • Note: Character taunts Agent K to arrest him which was the mistake the present day K made. Instead, Past K says "Not this time" and blasts Boris. Thus dooming the Boglodites to extinction and saving the Earth.

Meet the Feebles (1989)[edit]

  • Did I pass the audition, Mr. Bleeee...?
    • Who: Guppy
    • Note: Earlier on, the guppy auditions to be part of the Feebles, but Bletch was unimpressed with the audition, so he tricks the guppy into getting eaten by him. Later on, while playing golf against Cedric, Bletch vomits up the guppy as a distraction to make sure Cedric loses. The guppy was alive inside Bletch until that point.
  • Call me sir, slut!
    • Who: The Masked Masochist
    • Note: The Masked Masochist was whipping his co-star, Daisy the Cow, during a filming of one of Trevor's erotic movies. When Robert walks in, he mistakenly believes Daisy was in danger, so he punches the cockroach. Irritated that Robert ruined the filming, Daisy accidentally sits on the wētā, crushing him to death.
  • I can't see, you bastards!
    • Who: Chuck the Frog
    • Note: During Wynyard's time in Vietnam, he and his fellow soldiers were kidnapped by the Viet Cong and were forced into "re-education", having to read anti-American messages. Chuck had his helmet over his eyes, and couldn't see anything, so he yells at the Cong, resulting in him being taken away to be tortured for two days. When he returned to Wynyard, he had lost his legs. He later died from his injury.
  • Wynyard, Don't leave me, please, dear God, no, AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!
    • Who: Jim the Frog
    • Note: While escaping from the Viet Cong with Wynyard, Jim falls into a trap set up by the Cong. He asks Wynyard to help him, but Wynyard panics due to the incoming Cong, so he leaves Jim to be killed by them.
  • Don't mind if I do, Mr. Bletch.
    • Who: Dennis the Aardvark
    • Note: Dennis walks in on the middle of a drug deal between Bletch and Louie. Bletch offers Dennis what seemed to be cocaine, but as soon as Dennis snorts it, it turns out to be borax, which melts his nose, and kills him.
  • No, not that, NO, MR. BLETCH, PLEASE!
    • Who: Louie the Dog
    • Note: As punishment for passing off borax as cocaine, Bletch has Trevor and Barry force the remaining bag of borax down his mouth, completely melting the dog.
  • Oh, ya bastard! You had me buggered!
    • Who: Cedric the Boar
    • Note: During the fight at the wharf to steal the shipment of borax from Mr. Big, Barry stabs Cedric in the chest with the knife Trevor used to kill one of the crab henchmen.
  • Help!
    • Who: Barry the Bulldog
    • Note: Just as Bletch was about to leave with the shipment of borax, Barry gets attacked by a giant spider, which bites his head off.
  • Help me!!
    • Who: F.W. Fly
  • I think you'll find the safety catch is on.
    • Who: Samantha the Cat
  • Wheeere'd it go...? Come oooonnn...!
    • Who: Wynyard the Frog
  • YIPPEE! Yippee! I'm in the clear, everybody! I haven't got it! I haven't got myxomatosis! I haven't got myxoma--
    • Who: Harry the Hare
  • Now, put that gun down, Heidi! You're not solving anything by massacring people.
    • Who: Dorothy the Sheep
  • Bastard!
    • Who: Sandy the Chicken
  • It'll be a pleasure, boss.
    • Who: Trevor the Rat
  • Oh, shit...
    • Who: Bletch the Walrus

Menace II Society (1993)[edit]

  • I said I'll suck your dick, man. Come on now.
    • Who: Basehead
    • Note: Said to O Dog out of desperation for money after trying to sell "cheeseburgers" to him. Offended by the above comment, O Dog then kills him by shooting him.

Meteor (1979)[edit]

  • It's coming apart in a million pieces!
    • Who: Astronaut Tom Easton
    • Note: An astronaut for NASa studying the Orpheus asteroid. One friday prior to the story, he spots a comet crashing into the asteroid. He says this in astonishment just as a fraction of Orpheus crashes into his space station killing him and his crew.
  • Can you hear it?! [Paul Bradley: Yes, we can hear it, get outta there!] No use! Get the big one, Paul... Get it!
    • Who: Yamashiro
    • Note: A scientist monitoring the Orpheus asteroid from Hong Kong, he warns that a portion of the astroid caused a hundred feet high tsunami which will devastate Hong Kong. Seeing no possible escape route, Yamashiro implores this to his colleague in the hopes of preventing further catastrophe. Then, Yamashiro and everyone in his station drown when the tsunami hits.
  • My apologies, Bradley. I was very wrong. If there's anything I can do to help, I- [Dr. Bradley: Thank you.] I'll be in my office if you need me.
    • Who: General Adlon
    • Note: The general in charge of the underground control center for firing the missiles to try and deflect or blast Orpheus with the Hercules and Peter the great defense platforms. He says these apologetically over his smarmy behaviour earlier. After Hercules' missiles launch to follow Peter the Great's missiles, the last known chunk of Orpheus crashes into New York CIty devastating the city, wrecking the underground center and it also kills the general.

Metropolis (2001)[edit]

  • Kenichi...Who am I-I...
    • Who: Tima
    • Note: Tima, a robot, is referring to an earlier scene where the young protagonist, Kenichi, was teaching her to speak. Tima falls from the exploding Ziggurat after saying this line.
  • Why must humans always resort to violence as a means of settling their differences?
    • Who: "Pero"
    • Note: "Pero", a robot detective, asks this question to the leader of a human rebellion against Metropolis' wealthy elite. After the leader tries to answer the question, he shoots and destroys Pero.
  • I won't let pieces of junk-like all of you-take the life of my father.
    • Who: Rock
    • Note: Says this while confronting a mob of revolting robots who are attacking his father, Duke Red. Rock then sets off the Ziggurat's self-destruct mechanism, killing them all.

Midnight Sun (2018)[edit]

  • I've waited my whole life to feel this.
    • Who: Katie Price
    • Note: After minimal exposure to the sun causes her to expect death to occur any day due to her Xeroderma Pigmentosum, Katie decides to use her final moments to ride on Charlie's sailboat with him in the sunlight.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (1995)[edit]

  • Can we take another whack at it? [Ivan: How about we take another quack at it?!]
    • Who: Tengu Tribesman
    • Note: After failing to follow Ivan Ooze's orders to stop the depowered Power Rangers from getting their new powers, the Tengu Tribe return to tell him about this, and he responds by zapping them to oblivion.
  • Alpha...Keep trying...
    • Who: Zordon of Eltar
    • Note: Zordon had been rendered powerless along with the Power Rangers and is aging rapidly thanks to the destructive actions of Ivan Ooze. As they regain their powers and return to save Earth from Ivan's grasp, Zordon loses his will to live and says these words to Alpha-5 before breathing his last. When the Power Rangers return to the damaged Command Center, they find that Zordon had died of old age, but thankfully, they use their combined powers and restore the Command Center, culminating in Zordon's resurrection.
  • Huh? Oh, no.
    • Who: Ivan Ooze

Minority Report (2002)[edit]

  • Anderton, wait a sec-!
    • Who: Leo Crow
    • Note: Said to John Anderton as he goes to leave instead of killing him. He grabs Anderton by the arm and tries to spin him around, inadvertently causing Anderton to fire his gun and knock Crow out of a window.
  • Forgive me John...forgive boy...
    • Who: Lamarr Burgess
    • Note: Character corners John on a balcony after it is revealed that he had killed Ann Lively, and John gives him the choice of killing him and going to prison, or sparing him and eliminating PreCrime's credibility. Despite the fact that the Precogs had predicted that he would kill John (and he says the line they had predicted he would say), John points out the flaws of the system, whereupon Burgess shoots himself instead and commits suicide.

Misery (film) (1990)[edit]

  • I'm going to kill you, you lying cocksucker!
    • Who: Annie Wilkes.
    • Note: Character is an obsessed fan of the Misery novel series and held the author, Paul Sheldon, hostage, demanding he write a new novel to undo the heroine's death at the end of the last one. Upon completing the manuscript, Sheldon burns it in front of her, and they get into a violent struggle (during which, she says the above line) resulting in her death.

Mission: Impossible (1996)[edit]

  • Uh, then I've got a problem.
    • Who: Jack Harmon
    • Note: Character says this line as an elevator starts going up quickly, without stopping, after fellow team member Jim Phelps claims to have lost control over the lift. He is consequently crushed to death.
  • Jim gave an abort. We should walk away.
    • Who: Sarah Davies
    • Note: Character says this line to fellow agent Ethan Hunt, but Ethan orders her anyway to stay with Alexander Golitzyn, a treacherous American diplomat who has apparently stolen a CIA NOC list from the US Embassy in Prague, and recover the list. However, Ethan later finds her stabbed to death.
  • Don't, Jim!
    • Who: Claire Phelps
  • "Don't, Jim"?!
    • Note: Jim Phelps
    • Note: Claire tries to stop Jim from shooting Ethan. Jim says his line in response, and shoots Claire instead. Jim doesn't say any more lines during the resulting fight against Ethan, which ends with Ethan taunting "RED LIGHT! GREEN LIGHT!" killing Jim - as well as fellow treacherous agent Franz Krieger - with a piece of explosive chewing gum.

Mission: Impossible II (2000)[edit]

  • You're not Dmitri?
    • Who: Dr. Vladimir Nekhorvich
    • Note: Said when Ethan Hunt tells him to stop calling him Dmitri. Hunt then knocks him out, revealing himself to be Sean Ambrose in disguise, and triggers a plane crash, with Nekhorvich still on board, killing him.
  • You should have killed me.
    • Who: Sean Ambrose
    • Note: Said while pulling a gun on Ethan, but Ethan throws a can of Bellerophon to Luther Stickell, then kicks a gun from the sand, which he uses to kill Ambrose.

Mission: Impossible III (2006)[edit]

  • Ethan...thank you. I-
    • Who: Lindsey Farris
    • Note: Ethan Hunt is attempting to extract a time-sensitive detonator from inside Lindsey's head, but it goes off and kills her before he can do so.
  • Didn't I tell you she'd call out your name? And I told you I was going to kill you in front of her? Well, I'm going to kill her in front of you.
    • Who: Owen Davian
    • Note: Says this while beating up a weakened Ethan, and prepares to kill his wife Julia in front of him, but Ethan quickly uses his last ounce of strength to stop Davian and beat him up, eventually killing him by putting him straight into the direction of a fast-moving truck.

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (2011)[edit]

  • Ethan, you were my best man. And I'm sorry it's come to this, after all the sacrifices you made. If we don't meet again, I just want you to know, I've always considered you a friend.
    • Who: IMF Director
    • Note: After giving Ethan a flash drive (the "mission"), an explosion goes off, throwing him off balance, and he is shot in the head by Russian police, killing him.
  • Kill them.
    • Who: Sabine Moreau
    • Note: Says this line after discovering that the team she had retrieved the nuclear launch codes from was actually Ethan's team at the Burj Khalifa (the world's tallest building). The ensuing fight ends with Jane Carter, a member of the team, sending Moreau falling to her death in revenge for killing Trevor Hanaway, Carter's lover and fellow IMF agent.
  • Disable the relay.
    • Who: Kurt Hendricks
    • Note: The movie's main villain, giving orders to his henchman, Wistrom to prevent the team from stopping the nuclear missile from going off. Later dies from injuries sustained from falling off a high height in an attempt to prevent Ethan from reaching the football nuclear case.

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (2015)[edit]

  • I've heard stories. They can't all be true.
    • Who:IMF London contact
    • Note: Lady at a record shop that has an IMF message, which is actually a message from The Syndicate. The woman is killed by Solomon Lane by being shot in the head as Ethan is gassed in the next booth.
  • [In Austrian German] If something happened to you...
    • Who: The Austrian Chancellor's Wife
  • [In Austrian German] Nothing's going to happen to me.
    • Who: The Austrian Chancellor
  • [In Austrian German] STOP THE CAR!!!
    • Who: One of the Austrian Chancellor's guards
    • Note: Notices too late that there is a bomb in the car, which then goes off, killing him, the Chancellor and his wife.
  • [In Russian] Now we'll see what you're made of.
    • Who: Janik Vinter (aka The Bone Doctor)
    • Note: Solomon's main henchman. Loses a knife fight with Ilsa.

Mission: Impossible – Fallout (2018)[edit]

  • I don't understand. The attacks didn't happen?
    • Who: Dr. Nils Delbruuk
    • Note: Character says this line after discovering he was tricked into decrypting his personal data, at an hospital-disguised IMF station in Germany. The nuclear attacks he referred to were said to have destroyed Rome, Jerusalem and Mecca (using portable nuclear bombs that he built), as part of the plan to trick him. Luther Stickell, a member of Hunt's team, reveals that the car accident that injured him had taken place an hour earlier and not two weeks like they initially told him; Benji Dunn, another member, reveals "I was driving the other car." Hunt then remarks "What's done is done when we say it's done," (an extension of Delbruuk's earlier words) and injects something into him, possibly a lethal injection or sedative, but as it's not explained, Delbruuk may not have been killed.
  • Go. Go.
    • Who: IMF Secretary Alan Hunley
    • Note: Character says this line to Ethan, after being stabbed by August Walker, who was recently discovered to be a traitor in the CIA and "John Lark", the client who hired the Apostles (formerly the Syndicate), following a battle in the IMF's London safehouse.
  • Why won't you just die?!
    • Who: August Walker (aka John Lark)
    • Note: Character says this line after discovering Ethan pursuing him again, in a helicopter chase over the mountains of Kashmir, India. The chase ends with both their helicopters crashing on top of a cliff. As Hunt and a disfigured Walker fight on the edge of the cliff, Hunt manages to kill him by causing the winch of his helicopter to pull into his face, causing him to fall down the cliff with the helicopter.

Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack (1988)[edit]

  • Your MOTHER?!
    • Who: Amuro Rey
    • Notes: Char Anzable taunts Amuro Rey as the Nu Gundam attempts to stop Axis from hitting Earth. When Char tells Amuro that he thought of Lalah Sune as a mother, Amuro's anger caused Nu Gundam's Psychoframe to overload and destroy the Gundam, stopping Axis' fall in the process.

Monster Island (2004)[edit]

  • Do you have any idea what this is gonna do for us?
    • Who: Cameraman
    • Note: Character asks his assistant for another tape so he could film the swamp monster that had attacked the group. The monster tackles him into the lake and kills him.
  • C'mon, big momma! Let's go for a ride!
    • Who: Eight Ball
    • Note: He pushes a giant praying mantis over a cliff with a bulldozer but the mantis grabs the bulldozer and pulls Eight Ball down with it.
    • Who: Lil' Mindi
    • Note: Character runs into a web and is killed by a giant spider.
  • Here's your cough syrup and smokes, ma!
    • Who: Dr. Harry Hausen
    • Note: Character blows himself up along with the queen ant and her hive. His line refers to his childhood, having to live with his overbearing mother.

Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)[edit]

  • Clearly, you are defective beyond repair. Guards, take this defective clone to the incinerator! Well, what are you waiting for? You and you! [Dr. Cockroach: Seriously?] Yes! Take the prisoner and defective clone to the incinerator! [Dr. Cockroach: Of course, sir.] And here's a security pass, just in case. Would you like a gun?
    • Who: Gallaxhar Clone
    • Note: Gets blasted by the gun that B.O.B shoots.
  • [B.O.B: Excuse me, could you direct use to the main power core?] Gladly, it's right there above the extraction chamber.
    • Who: Gallaxhar Clone #2
    • Note: Before B.O.B could kill him with the gun, Dr. Cockroach grabs the gun from B.O.B and accidentally kills the Gallaxhar Clone.
    • Who: Several Gallaxhar clones
    • Note: Some of the clones are defeated in a battle afterwards, while the rest later perish in the ship's self-destruct sequence.
  • Come on! COME ON! [whimpers]
    • Who: Gallaxhar
    • Notes: Said while trying to stop or delay his ship's self-destruct sequence. But in the last two seconds, he cowers in fear and resigns himself moments before he dies in the explosion.
  • Hmm, nothing happened. Maybe my calcul- [ship explodes]
    • Who: Gallaxhar's computer
    • Note: Said it as the self-destruct sequence was taking time to complete, until it explodes.

Monty Python media[edit]

And Now For Something Completely Different (1971)[edit]

  • It's Harrison, sir.
    • Who: Mr Harrison (Graham Chapman)
    • Source: And Now For Something Completely Different ("Self-Defense Against Fruit" sketch)
    • Note: After the instructor explains to the class how to defend yourself against anybody armed with a simple banana (force the person to drop it, then you eat it), he picks upon Mr. Harrison to demonstrate. He has the young man charge at him with the banana, before shooting the lad dead with a shotgun. Then, he eats the banana.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975)[edit]

  • Oh, I see! Running away, eh?! You yellow bastards! Come back here and take what's coming to ya! I'll bite your legs off!
    • Who: The Black Knight (John Cleese)
    • Note: Fought against Arthur, who ended up being victorious in the fight after hacking off all of the Black Knight's limbs. He screams at them as they head off. Although his true fate is unknown, these are his last words in the movie.
  • Right. Silly little bleeder. One rabbit stew coming right up!
    • Who: Sir Bors (Terry Gilliam)
    • Note: Says this in response to Arthur telling him, "Go on, Bors, chop his head off.". As Sir Bors advances forward to kill a rabbit, the rabbit suddenly leaps up on to Sir Bors and bites his head off.
  • It's the Legendary Black Beast of-ARGH!!!!!
    • Who: Brother Maynard
    • Note:Says this when a Terry Gilliam-animated monster appears and eats Maynard himself.
  • I don't know that!
    • Who: Sir Robin (Eric Idle)
    • Note: Was asked the question "What is the capital of Assyria?" by the keeper of the Bridge of Death, but could not answer, and was ejected into the pit to his doom. {For those not in the know, the answer would be Ninevah}
  • Blue! No, yell- [screams]
    • Who: Sir Galahad (Michael Palin)
    • Note: Was asked the question "What is your favourite color?" by the keeper of the Bridge of Death, but could not make up his mind, and was ejected into the pit, causing him to fall to his doom.
  • What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow? [King Arthur: What do you mean? An African or European swallow?] Uh...I-I don't know that.
    • Who: The Bridgekeeper (Terry Gilliam)
    • Note: Asked King Arthur the question above but could not answer when King Arthur asked which type of swallow, and was ejected into the pit. (For those who don't know, the answer would be 24 miles per hour or 11 meters per seconds)

Monty Python's Life of Brian (1979)[edit]

  • STOP IT!! STOP IT!!! Now look! No one is to stone anyone until I blow this whistle, understand? Even, and I want to make this absolutely clear, even if they do say "Jehovah."
    • Rabbi
    • Note: A huge crowd gathered for a public stoning of a man who was condemed for the crime of blasphemy. This blasphemy, was simply saying the word, "Jehovah," which is one of the names of God. After a bunch of people o out of hand throwing stones at whoever says Jehovah, the Rabbi in charge of the execution, gets furious and says this. After he says Jehovah, he is bombarded with hundreds of stones, and crushed by a boulder carried by three people.
  • We are the Judean People's Front crack suicide squad! Suicide squad, attack! [they stab themselves] That showed 'em, huh?

Mortal Engines (2018)[edit]

  • Well, it's quite simple, really. There is a bounty on your head, Ms. Fang. So either you give me 50,000 quirks for the girlie, or I take them from the authorities when I hand you in.
    • Who: Rustwater auctioneer
    • Note: While attempting to sell Hester Shaw and Tom Natsworthy as slaves, the auctioneer confronts Fang when she makes a bid. He reminds her of her fugitive status, and attempts to blackmail her, but she pulls a gun on him, sparking a fight during which she kills him.
  • This belongs to you. I release you...from your promise.
    • Who: Shrike
    • Note: Character had said this line after being wounded during a chase with Hester and Tom. Hester had promised to let Shrike turn her into a Resurrected Warrior, just like him, but discovering her newly developed relationship with Tom, he decides to free her from the promise, and gives her a necklace that belonged to her mother, Pandora, as he dies again.
  • And what does that make you?
    • Who: Magnus Crome, Lord Mayor of London
    • Note: Character confronts Thaddeus Valentine about his intentions after discovering that he has reassembled MEDUSA, an ancient, quantum energy-based superweapon, and says this line when Valentine calls him a dinosaur for his intentions to keep things as they currently are. The confrontation ends with Valentine remarking "Me? I am the meteor" and shooting Crome dead.
  • Now it's over.
    • Who: Anna Fang
    • Note: While in a fight with Valentine in the mobile Predator City of London, the resistance leader is wounded and left hanging for her life. Valentine attempts to force her to accept defeat, but Hester manages to permanently disable MEDUSA, whereupon Fang remarks her line and falls to her death.
  • This is what you want?! You want to die?!
    • Who: Thaddeus Valentine
    • Note: Character says this line in a duel with Hester, who was determined to kill him to avenge Pandora, despite having just discovered Valentine to be her father. The duel ends with Hester escaping onto an airship piloted by Tom, having realised that killing him will get her killed as well. Valentine escapes onto another one, but is shot down by Tom, and the airship is then crushed with Valentine inside by London's slowing tracks.

Mortal Kombat media[edit]

See last words in Mortal Kombat media.

Moulin Rouge! (2001)[edit]

  • Tell our story, Christian. Promise me. Yes. That way I'll...I'll always be with you.

Mystery Men (1999)[edit]

  • Uh-oh! Wrong switch.
    • Who: Captain Amazing (Greg Kinnear)
    • Note: Said after Blue Raja flips the wrong switch, killing Captain Amazing who's strapped to Casanova's weapon.

Mystic River (2003)[edit]

  • I wasn't ready.
    • Who: Dave Boyle
    • Notes: Spoken after Jimmy Markum, his former friend, has stabbed him in the stomach because he, Jimmy, erroneously believes Dave murdered his 19-year-old daughter, Katie. Jimmy said he would let Dave live if he confessed, but proceeds to kill him anyway when he does.


National Treasure: Book of Secrets (2007)[edit]

  • The debt that all men pay...
    • Who: Thomas Gates (Benjamin Gates' great-great-grandfather)
    • Notes: Character has been shot by a member of the conspiracy to assassinate President Lincoln, after helping them to decode the message. His words are a reference to "death", a clue to decipher the message he decoded just before being killed.
  • Tell them I found it!
    • Who: Mitch Wilkinson
    • Notes: Wilkinson had blackmailed Ben Gates and his family into helping him find Cibola, a legendary Native American city of pure gold. In order to escape, one member of the party was forced to work a mechanism that flooded a chamber with water. Wilkinson stayed, told Gates to tell the world that he had found the treasure, and drowned.

Need for Speed (2014)[edit]

  • This is my vision. This is how I saw you winning the De Leon. You beat Dino, take his car and win.
  • You got it, man!
    • Who: Pete Coleman
    • Notes: Character says the first line to his best friend, Tobey Marshall, when they discover three Koenigsegg Agera Rs owned their business partner, Dino Brewster, before the three of them race each other with the cars. During the race, Pete says the second line after Tobey thanks him for helping him get past Dino. On the home stretch, Pete continues blocking Dino, until Dino intentionally bumps Pete's car, causing it to crash off a bridge and burst into flame, with Tobey unable to save him.

New Jack City[edit]

  • [Reporter: Mr. Brown, are you pleased with the outcome?] Absolutely. The American justice system is the greatest in the world. I'm proud to be an American. Hi, Mom.
    • Who: Nino Brown
    • Note: Brown, a drug lord, was given a reduced sentence disproportionate to his brutal crimes. As he talks to reporters after the trial, an old man whose life he had ruined earlier fatally shoots him, causing him to fall off a courthouse balcony.

Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (2009)[edit]

  • What are you?!?! (Larry Daley: I'm the night guard!)
    • Who: Kahmurah (Hank Azaria)
    • Note: The half-brother of Ahkmenrah, who desired to use the power of his brother's tablet to revive his undead army to rule the world. Threatening to kill Lerry Daley and his friends, he managed to obtain the combination to open a gate to the Underworld (the combination is the formula for pi). After Abraham Lincoln appears and shoos away the army of Kahmunrah back into the Underworld, a fierce battle begins and Kahmunrah and Larry engage in sword combat (with Larry using a flashlight to fight back). As Amelia Earhart opens the gate to the Underworld as Larry forces Kahmunrah close to the gate, the pharaoh shouts this quote to Larry, who responds "The night guard", and forces Kahmunrah into the gate. The evil king crumbles into dust as he is caught in the vortex and dies.

The A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise[edit]

Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991)[edit]

  • Kids.
    • Who: Freddy Krueger
    • Notes: Said after his daughter, Maggie, shoves a pipe bomb into him. The bomb then explodes, killing Krueger and dispelling the Dream Demons that were keeping him alive.

The Ninth Gate (1999)[edit]

  • It's miraculous! I feel nothing! Nothing at all!
    • Who: Boris Balkan
    • Note: Balkan believed he could enter through the Ninth Gate by performing a ritual, so he ends up lighting himself on fire. Balkan realizes what he had just done and tries to put himself out. Dean Corso (Johnny Depp) shoots him.
  • You're insane, Boris. Give it back to me!
    • Who: Liana Telfer
    • Note: Boris interrupts her Satanist meeting to get the book back. Liana wrestles with Boris to try to get the book, but Boris gets the upper hand and strangles Liana with her own Satanist necklace.

No Country for Old Men (2007)[edit]

  • Yes, sir. I've got it under control.
    • Who: Lamarr's deputy
    • Note: The deputy is speaking to Sheriff Lamarr regarding the recently arrested Anton Chigurh. Chigurh then brutally strangles the deputy with the handcuffs restraining him.
  • You can have the money, Anton.
    • Who: Carson Wells
    • Note: Wells says this to Anton Chigurh, who fatally shoots him after their conversation is interrupted by a phone call from Llewelyn Moss.
  • No, ma'am. I know what beer leads to.
    • Who: Llewelyn Moss
    • Note: Moss says this while talking to a woman at his hotel. He is shot and killed, offscreen, by a group of Mexican mercenaries, shortly afterward.

No Mercy (1986)[edit]

  • [Losado: It's over.] What's over? [Losado: Life, my friend.]
    • Who: Joe Collins
  • YOU'LL DIE, MY FRIEND!!! YOU'LL BURN!!! Oh yes, you'll burn, my friend.
    • Who: Losado

The Nutcracker and the Four Realms (2018)[edit]

  • Clara, what have you done?!
    • Who: Sugar Plum Fairy
    • Note: Is zapped by her own machine, turning back into a doll.


Olympus Has Fallen (2013)[edit]

  • They're down the hall!
  • Shit, we've only got four guys left!
  • Hold your positions, you understand?
    • Who: Secret Service agents
    • Note: During the White house takeover, the agents attempt desperately to hold off invading terrorists, but are killed in the gunfight.
  • I got this door. Cover the other one.
    • Who: White House surveillance agent
    • Note: During the White house takeover, the agent, discovering that the terrorists have planted explosives on both doors of the surveillance room and will breach it, orders his compatriots to cover the second door, but all three agents are killed when the terrorists break in.
  • Olympus has fallen! Olympus has fallen! Olympus has fallen! Fuck you!
    • Who: Agent Roma (Cole Hauser)
    • Note: During the White house takeover, Roma says this using a radio to inform the Cabinet that terrorists have taken the White house, knowing he is the last Secret Service agent left and is certain to be killed. Then, two terrorists attack him and, though he manages to kill one of the terrorists, the other shoots Roma, killing him.
  • His name is Yeonsak Kang. He's the head of the KUF.
    • Who: KUF Terrorist
    • Note: Character says this line while being interrogated and tortured by Mike, and is implied to have died afterwards.
  • Kang, it's Forbes. I got him. All clear.
    • Who: Dave Forbes (Dylan McDermott)
    • Note: A former Secret Service agent, now a traitor working for the KUF, Forbes falsely tells Kang via walkie-talkie that he has killed Mike, after having been overpowered by him in a fight. Mike then mercy-kills him.
  • Looks like you failed again, Mike.
    • Who: Kang Yeonsak (Rick Yune)
    • Note: The mastermind behind the White House takeover and the head of the paramilitary force KUF (Koreans for United Freedom), Kang attempts to escape with president Asher as hostage. While engaging Mike in one-on-one fight, Kang says this to Mike when trying to kill him with his knife. But Mike gains the upper hand and then kills Kang by stabbing him in the head, as he earlier said he would.

On the Waterfront (1954)[edit]

  • Take me to the garden.
    • Who: Charlie Malloy
    • Note: After telling his brother Terry to run from Johnny Friendly after talking in a taxicab, Charlie says this to the driver of the taxi. The driver is then revealed to be working for Friendly, and takes Charlie to be killed. His body is found later by Terry.
  • Okay. I'll see you on the roof.
    • Who: Joey Doyle
    • Note: Said to Terry, who is in fact luring him up to his death with the pretense of giving him back one of his pigeons. Joey is later thrown off the roof by Friendly's men.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2000)[edit]

  • See anything you like?
    • Who: Ajedrez
    • Note: Says the line to her former lover/fellow CIA agent, Sands, whom she had betrayed. She drugged him and watched as her father and his men drilled Sands' eyes out; he shoots her and replies "No" to her question.

Once Upon a Time in the West (1968)[edit]

  • Who are you?
    • Who: Frank
    • Notes: Said after losing his final duel with Harmonica. The brother who's alias is Harmonica having avenged his hanged brother's death puts his signature harmonica in Frank's mouth. Having recognized his opponent as the young boy who's brother was hung, he dies with satisfaction.

Orphan (2009)[edit]

  • Please. Don't let me die, Mommy. [Kate Coleman: I'm NOT your FUCKING MOMMY!!!]
    • Who: Leena Klammer
    • Note: Character is a murderious 33 year old woman with dwarfism posing as a little girl named "Esther", she says this line while pleading for her life from her foster mother, Kate Coleman, while they struggle to the death after Leena atacks her and kills her husband, john. Kate, realising that Leena will kill her if she lets her live (we see her holding a knife behind her back), kicks her in the face, breaking Leena's neck (killing her instantly) and sending her dead corpse down a hole into a frozen pond.

Osmosis Jones (2001)[edit]

  • Can you feel the heat, Jones? Hehehehehe. Too bad you won't be here to see me break my record when I take down Frank's pretty little girl. [Osmosis: She ain't goin' down. You are!] What?! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
    • Who: Thrax
    • Note: Uttered by Thrax as he impales the titular character on a false eyelash, only to realize that the white blood cell made a gap in his body, who runs off while the eyelash comes off and falls into a bottle of rubbing alcohol, disintegrating the virus.

Over the Edge (1979)[edit]

  • You son of a bitchin' pigs!
    • Who: Richie White (Matt Dillon)
    • Note: After a high-speed pursuit, he is cornered by Sergeant Doberman and shot after pointing an empty gun at Doberman.


Pale Rider (1985)[edit]

  • Stay where you are, boys!
    • Who: Spider Conway
    • Notes: Having found gold, Spider Conway spews drunken abuse towards Coy LaHood. He confronts Stockburn and attempts to see LaHood, but when the Marshal forces him to dance, Conway tells his sons to stay where they are. He then attempts to defend himself, but is riddled with bullets, and Stockburn shoots him in the head.
  • You! You!
    • Who: Marshal Stockburn
    • Note: The corrupt marshal hired by LaHood. He recognizes the Preacher in disbelief and is shot dead.

Pan's Labyrinth (2006)[edit]

  • No!
    • Who: Ofelia
    • Note: Said while trying to stop Vidal from taking her brother. Vidal turns and shoots her in the chest in response.
  • Tell my son what time his father died at. Tell him that-
    • Who: Captain Vidal
    • Note: Said after handing his son over to Mercedes. She interrupts him with "He will not even know your name," then Pedro shoots him in the face.

The Patriot[edit]

  • Kill me before the war is over, will you? It appears that you are not the better man.
    • Who: Col. William Tavington
    • Notes: During their final duel at Cowpens, Tavington believes Benjamin Martin isn't better. Martin stabs him twice with two different bayonets, telling him before delivering the killing blow "You're right. My sons were better men." referring the sons that Tavington had killed earlier.

Paul (2011)[edit]

  • Smile, you son of a bitch!
    • Who: Agent Haggard
    • Note: Character accidentally drives off the edge into a ravine while while trying to shoot Paul during a car chase.
  • Well, ain't this-
    • Who: The Big Guy (Sigourney Weaver)
    • Note: Character is crushed by the alien ship's walking platform

Peeping Tom (1960)[edit]

  • Helen! Helen! I'm afraid! [Helen: No, Marc!] And I'm glad I'm afraid!
    • Who: Marc Lewis
    • Note: Character impales himself with a knife attached to one of the legs on his movie camera tripod.

Peter Pan (2003)[edit]

  • Old, alone...done for.
    • Who: Captain Hook
    • Note: Hook had attained the ability to fly, when the Crocodile appeared beneath him. Peter Pan, the Darling children, and the Lost Boys started calling him "old, alone and done for", using the bad thoughts to drag him down. Hook tries, in vain, to retain his flight by thinking of "happy thoughts", but finally succumbs, crossing his hands over his chest and letting himself be swallowed whole.

Peter Rabbit (2018)[edit]

  • Gotcha, Rabbit! I knew you'd come. The lady's not here to protect you now...I've got a hankering for a pie tonight, RABBIT pie!
    • Who: Mr. McGregor
    • Note: He capture Peter and prepared to put him into a pie similar to how Mrs. McGregor did the same to Peter's father. However, before Mr. McGregor could do so, he suddenly died of a heart attack, and collapsed to the ground, much to Peter’s surprise. It later turns out that the true cause behind Mr. McGregor's death was due to 78 years of terrible lifestyle choices of eating too much junk food, even after Mrs. McGregor died from unknown causes.

Pineapple Express (2008)[edit]

  • I'm hungry, I'm going home.
    • Who: Budlofsky
    • Note: Said before Matheson shoots him for not killing Saul.
  • You think you was gonna get me?! Motherfucker?! Huh?! You need to sit your little sexy ass down, and watch yourself get killed now!
    • Who: Matheson
    • Note: Said to Saul moments before Red runs him over with his car.
  • Why are you doing this to me?!
    • Who: Ted Jones
    • Note: Said this while fighting Dale, who responds with the same question. A rival Asian gang sets up a bomb that goes off that destroys Ted's underground pot grow house, taking him with it.
  • Your stupidity amazes me.
    • Who: Officer Carol Brazier
    • Note: Says this moments before the bomb goes off that destroys the grow house. The explosion launches Red's car and it lands on top of Carol, crushing and killing her.

Pirates of the Caribbean films[edit]

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)[edit]

  • I feel...cold...
    • Who: Captain Hector Barbossa
    • Notes: Barbossa had suffered under a curse that made him undead; he was unable to feel anything. Immediately after being shot, the curse was broken, allowing him to feel again. He was resurrected by Tia Dalma in the second film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)[edit]

  • Hello, Beastie.
    • Who: Captain Jack Sparrow
    • Notes: Said before being swallowed by the Kraken. Was then banished to a hellish afterlife, which he was rescued from in the next film.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (2007)[edit]

  • I'll give your love to your mother, shall I?
    • Who: Weatherby Swann
    • Notes: Character was already dead at this point, having been murdered by Cutler Beckett off screen. He says this to his daughter Elizabeth right before his ghost sails away to the Land of the Dead.
  • Forgive me...Calypso...
    • Who: Sao Feng
    • Notes: Said to Elizabeth, whom he thought was Calypso, after being mortally wounded on board his ship by Davy Jones, via a cannon blast fired from Jones' ship which sent him flying backwards onto a sharp piece of broken wood which impaled him. He had tried to rape her shortly before he was mortally wounded, which is why he asked her to forgive him before he died.
  • Belay that!
    • Who: James Norrington
    • Notes: Character is betraying Cutler Beckett by allowing some of his prisoners to escape. He yells this at Bootstrap Bill Turner, who had just caught him and raised the alarm. Turner, who had been driven insane by the torture he'd received at the hands of Davy Jones (and possibly the presumed death of his son Will), then impales Norrington, killing him.
  • No!
    • Who: Mr. Mercer
    • Notes: Said as he is being smothered by Davy Jones. Jones then strangles him and breaks his neck.
  • Calypso...
    • Who: Davy Jones
    • Note: Said after his heart was stabbed, before falling into a massive maelstrom, which was a physical form of Calypso, a sea goddess and his lover.
  • It's just...good business.
    • Who: Lord Cutler Beckett
    • Note: Said as his ship is bombarded by cannonfire from the Black Pearl and Flying Dutchman and is asked what they should do by a crewman. He is repeating what he said to Jack earlier when he pointed his ships cannons at Jack's ship ("[It's nothing personal, Jack.] It's just...good business") Beckett calmly walks onto the deck of his ship and is killed in a large explosion.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011)[edit]

  • This land is hereby forever claimed in the glorious name of His Majesty, King George-
    • Who: Lieutenant Commander Theodore Groves
    • Note: Making his speech about the Fountain as the property of King George before he is interrupted and killed by the Spaniard with a gunshot.
  • Trickster! Devil!
    • Who: Blackbeard
    • Notes: The Captain of the ship "Queen Anne's Revenge", his crew spends a great portion of the movie searching for the Fountain of Youth (which has the power to give all the years of life from another person: the years they have and could've lived). Angelica (his daughter and the ship's first mate) is searching for the Fountain in order to save her father's life to avoid a prophecy of his death at the hands of a one-legged man (Barbossa) from occurring. Eventually, a struggle occurs between the forces of Britain and Blackbeard's crew, until the Spanish arrive and sabotage the Fountain. Taking advantage of this, Barbossa stabs Blackbeard (in revenge for Blackbeard's part in the destruction of the Black Pearl) with his poison-laced sword. Angelica tries to save him but scratches herself with the blade, causing Jack to trick Blackbeard into drinking from the one cup without a mermaid's tear (which is required for the Fountain's ritual), and Angelica to drink the other. In fury, Blackbeard yells the above line at Jack after he reveals the truth about which goblets he gave to each other. Although Angelica is saved, Blackbeard ends up crumbling away into a lifeless skeleton.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (2017)[edit]

  • Jack!
    • Who: Captain Armando Salazar
    • Notes: A legendary pirate hunter, Salazar is a ghost who came back to life to kill Captain Jack Sparrow for leading him to hid demise. Even when his curse is broken and he is returned to human life, Salazar still intends on killing Jack and his allies, but is dragged by Captain Barbossa into the closing waters below before Salazar can do so. Salazar dies whilst falling when his head hits the anchor he was attempting to climb on.
  • [Carina: "What am I to you?] Treasure. Hold on!
    • Who: Captain Hector Barbossa
    • Notes: In an effort to save his long-lost daughter Carina from the villainous Captain Salazar, Barbossa sacrifices himself by letting go of the chain he, Carina, Salazar, Jack, and Henry Turner are on and falls into the closing waters below, grabbing Salazar on the way down and dragging him to their deaths in the water. Barbossa says this line to Carina after she realizes he is her father and asks him what he thinks of her.

Platoon (1986)[edit]

  • Do it.
    • Who: Robert "Bob" Barnes

Point Break (1991)[edit]

  • Look at it! It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, man! Let me go out there and let me get one wave, just one wave before you take me in. I mean, come on man, where I am I gonna go? Cliffs on both sides! I'm not gonna paddle my way to New Zealand! My whole life has been about this moment, Johnny. Come on, compadre. Come on. Come on!
    • Who: Bodhi
    • Note: Said when Johnny Utah has handcuffed him, promising to accept his jail time fate if he gets a wave during a freak storm in Victoria, Australia. Aware that Bodhi will not survive, Utah bids him "Vaya con dios." Bodhi then attempts to make his killer wave surf but fails and drowns while Utah tells the authorities "He's not coming back."

Pompeii (2014)[edit]

    • Who: Bellator
    • Note: Character screamed this line to ask Proculus to leave the portcullis open for him, but the latter doesn't do so. He is consequently beaten to death by gladiators.
  • I'm sorry.
    • Who: Severus
    • Note: Character had been stabbed by Corvus after a failed attempt on his life. While Corvus escapes with Proculus, Severus crawls to his also dying wife, and they try to comfort each other as he says this line.
  • You have to save Cassia. [Milo: Where is she?] The villa.
    • Who: Aurelia
    • Who: While wounded and stuck under a collapsed beam, character urges Milo to save Cassia and divulges her location, before she dies of her wounds.
  • Drink, drink.
    • Who: Ariadne
    • Note: Character attempts to heal Cassia by giving her some water from the fountain in the villa. However, when an earthquake causes half the villa to collapse into the sea, Milo and Cassia survive but Ariadne falls to her death.
  • Row, you idiots! Row!
    • Who: Graecus
    • Note: Character said this line while on a boat, rowing away from Pompeii to escape the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. A fireball lands in the ocean next to the ship, splashing its crew and Graces, before a second fireball lands on the ship, instantly killing Graecus and destroying and sinking the entire ship.
  • A Barbarian does not die...the equal of a Roman.
  • Please! Please!
    • Who: Marcus Proculus
    • Note: Character says the first line after wounding Atticus. However, Atticus manages to break the blade and tries to use it to kill Proculus, remarking "Let's see if a Roman can die the equal of a gladiator." When Proculus says the second line, struggling to repel the blade, Atticus calls him out on his cowardliness, saying "!" He then succeeds in stabbing Proculus in the neck.
    • Who: Senator Quintus Attius Corvus
    • Note: Character had been chained to the remains of his chariot and abandoned to die by Milo and Cassia. After they escape him, a pyroclastic surge emerges from Mount Vesuvius into the city, consequently incinerating Corvus.
  • For those of us, about to die...we salute you! I die a free man!
    • Who: Atticus
    • Note: Having killed Proculus, character discovers the surge about to consume him. He proudly meets his fate, saying this line.
  • I don't want to spend our last moments running.
    • Who: Cassia
  • Don't look. Look at me! Just me.
    • Who: Milo
    • Note: Cassia says her line after she realizes that she and Milo will neither survive nor outrun the surge. Milo comforts and embraces her as the surge engulfs them.

Predator series[edit]

Predator 2 (1990)[edit]

  • What the fuck are you doing now man?! You're crazy!
    • Who: Ramon Vega
    • Notes: A Colombian narcotics kingpin at war with the Jamaican Voodoo Posse. In his apartment, the Jamaicans break in and string him up by his legs. He pleads this to the henchman Gold Teeth, but to give a warning to Ramon's friends, Gold Teeth cuts out his heart in a murderous ritual.
  • His foundation lie in the holy mountain, Selah.
    • Who: King Willie
    • Notes: A Jamaican posse leader, having learned of the Predator's presence in Los Angeles, he says this preparing to duel with the Predator. After an off-screen duel, King Willie is decapitated along with his spinal cord ripped from his body as a trophy.
  • Let's dance!
    • Who: Jerry Lambert
    • Notes: One of Mike Harrigan's allies in the case inquiring about the Predator in Los Angeles. While evacuating a subway train of civilians, Jerry stays behind and grabs a blade to buy time saying this. Sadly, he is killed moments after that.
  • Get outta here, Harrigan; I'm gonna save your ass. This is between me and him!
    • Who: Peter J. Keyes
    • Notes: The OWLF team leader trying to capture the Predator who has been hunting worthy game around Los Angeles. In the slaughterhouse, Keyes' team is wiped out when the monster sees through their insulation and UV lights. After an injury by the predator's blaster, Keyes recovers to blast it with liquid nitrogen. He says these to Harrigan ever determined to get his prize alive. However, the Predator retaliates with a Smart Disc slinging it to cut Keys down.

Predators (2010)[edit]

  • Finally found me, huh, big dog? What took you so long?
    • Who: Ronald Noland
    • Notes: He comes face-to-face with a Predator in a crawl space, who blows him up with a plasmacaster.
  • Who's your daddy now, motherfucker? Hunt my dick, bitch! [blast] Die, you space faggot! Who do you think you're dealing with, hoss? Is that all you've got?!
    • Who: Stans
    • Notes: He attacks a Predator head on with a knife, but is ultimately overpowered and killed.
  • Help me. I'm one of you.
    • Who: Edwin
    • Notes: Booby-trapped with grenades to his chest, Edwin blows up and kills a Predator alongside him.

The Predator (2018)[edit]

  • Contact! Contact!
    • Who: William Traeger
    • Notes: While laughing at Baxley's futile efforts to kill the Predator, Casey Bracket manages to yell at Traeger to get his attention. In doing so, turning his head also aimed his armed plasmacaster at his temple, accidentally killing himself by blowing his own head off.
  • Die!
    • Who: Baxley
    • Notes: Mortally wounded after being impaled by a tree branch, he makes a silent pact with Coyle to shoot and kill each other with their handguns.
  • Baxley!
    • Who: Coyle
    • Notes: Mortally wounded after being disemboweled, he makes a silent pact with Baxley to shoot and kill each other with their handguns.
  • Fuck!
    • Who: Nettles
    • Notes: His legs are slashed off by a closing force field on the Predator ship - his remaining body flies off into the forest below.
  • Bro.
    • Who: Gaylord 'Nebraska' Williams
    • Notes: Sacrifices himself to disable the Predator ship by jumping into the ship's turbine.

The Prestige (2006)[edit]

  • Abracadabra.
    • Who: Alfred Borden/Fallon
    • Note: Said when asked if he had any last words, before he is hanged for murder. It is later revealed that Borden and Fallon are twin brothers, who alternate between roles as magician and assistant despite being different people, but it is unclear which one was hanged (but it is made clear that the brother who loved Sarah and had a daughter, Jess, with her, is allowed to live and be reunited with the little girl while the one who loved Olivia dies).
  • You never understood...why we did this. The audience knows the truth: the world is simple. It's miserable, solid all the way through. But if you could fool them, even for a second, then you can make them wonder, and then you...then you got to see something really special. You really don't know? It was the look on their faces...
    • Who: Robert Angier
    • Note: Character is shot by the surviving half of the Borden/Fallon twins, who reveals his trick and suggests that everything Angier did was in vain. Angier says this line before dying.

The Princess Bride (1987)[edit]

  • You only think I guessed wrong! That's what's so funny! I switched glasses when your back was turned! Ha ha, you fool! You fell victim to one of the classic blunders. The most famous is "Never get involved in a land war in Asia", but only slightly less well known is this: "Never go in against a Sicilian when death is on the line!!!" Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! Hahaha-
    • Who: Vizzini
    • Note: The comment was made triumphantly after "cheating" at a deathmatch of wits involving wine poisoned with iocane powder. Unfortunately, his opponent also cheated: both of the wines were poisoned, and the opponent (The Dread Pirate Roberts) is immune to iocane.
  • Anything you want.
    • Who: Count Rugen
    • Note: Rugen was promising Inigo Montoya (whose father he had murdered years before), who had him at swordpoint, whatever he wanted in exchange for sparing his life. Inigo replied "I want my father back, you son of a bitch!" before fatally stabbing Rugen.

Public Enemies (2009)[edit]

  • Tell Billie for me...bye-bye, Blackbird.
    • Who: John Dillinger (Johnny Depp)
    • Note: Dillinger said this to Charles Winstead, who has just fatally shot him. Winstead later related the message to Billie Forchette, for whom it was intended.

Pulp Fiction (1994)[edit]

  • It's in the cupboard. No, no, the one by your kn-knees.
    • Who: Flock-of-Seagulls
    • Note: After being asked by Jules where their briefcase was, he answers this to Vincent. He doesn't say another thing in the scene and is shortly afterward shot dead by Jules.
  • Yes.
    • Who: Brett
    • Note: Early in the movie, Vincent and Jules come to Brett's house early in the morning. After a heated argument which leads to Brett's friend, Flock-of-Seagulls, shot dead, and Brett shot in the shoulder, Jules asks Brett if he reads the bible. Brett says this, which leads Jules to quote Ezekiel 25:17. After he concludes the verse, Brett shrieks in terror as Vincent and Jules shoot him multiple times.
    • Who: Unnamed Man
    • Note: During the breakfast scene, after Brett is shot dead, a man, who has been hiding in the bathroom bursts out emptying his gun at Jules and Vincent and shouting these words. Jules and Vincent, still standing and unharmed look at the man in surprise before shooting him dead.
  • I don't even have an opinion.
    • Who: Marvin
    • Note: Marvin said this to Vincent Vega, who asked for his opinion about a discussion Vincent was having with Jules Winnfield. Vincent then accidentally shoots Marvin in the head, killing him.

The Punisher (1989)[edit]

  • Goodbye, Mr. Franco!
    • Who: Lady Tanaka
    • Note: A female Yakuza boss wanting to gain territory in America. Having murdered the other mob bosses who's children were kidnapped by her henchmen for ransom and intending to sell them as slaves, she taunts this to Gianni Franco planning to raise Tommy Franco as her own much like her deaf mute adoptive daughter. Just as Tanaka laughs at her triumph, the Punisher barges through and throws a knife into her forehead killing her and extricating Tommy, the last of the abducted mob children.
  • I must compliment you, Castle. You did something I never dreamed possible; You've wiped out the competition. Thanks to you, there's only me. In five years time, my new organization will be the most powerful crime syndicate on Earth; And that boy who's life you saved will inherit all of it. And the only thing he will have to fear, I'm about to eliminate. You gave me back my son, thank you very much; I'm in your debt. See you in hell, Castle... (Tommy Franco: Dad!) Tommy!
    • Who: Gianni Franco
    • Note: A mob boss who wants to do anything possible to save his kidnapped son Tommy from Lady Tanaka. After their mission is accomplished, Gianni tells Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher of his true sinister goals and how he will leave his syndicate in the hands of Tommy. Before he can execute Punisher, Tommy doubles back to check on his father and with this distraction, Punisher fights the mob boss in a final duel. After a brutal fight, Punisher turns Franco's gun on the boss piercing through his bulletproof vest and into his heart.

Planes (film)[edit]

  • Holly Cow! Its the whole enemy fleet!
    • Who: Jigsaw
    • Note: This was the last thing the plane character said before his death by the Japanese Navy.


Quest for Camelot (1998)[edit]

  • I will not serve a false king! [Ruber: Then serve...a DEAD ONE!]
    • Who: Sir Lionel (Gabriel Byrne)
    • Note: Said by Sir Lionel as disagreeing with Ruber who wants to become a new king which leads Ruber to a murderous rage, pulls out a mace and makes a lunge for Arthur but Sir Lionel Stepped in the way and was killed by Ruber.
  • Oh no! The Stone!!
    • Who: Ruber (Gary Oldman)
    • Note: Said by Ruber after Kayley and Garrett trick him by impale Excalibur (which has now fused to his arm earlier) back in the stone. Ruber couldn't pull his fused arm out because he was not the rightful king. The power of the stone reverts Ruber's henchman back to normal, heals King Arthur and disintegrates Ruber and also restoring Excalibur.


Rambo series[edit]

First Blood[edit]

  • Hold it steady! Come on!
    • Who: Art Galt
    • Notes: Trying to snipe Rambo from a helicopter, Galt says this over Teasle's radioing that he wants to capture Rambo. But, the war veteran throws a rock at the helicopter and results in Galt falling out to his death.

Rampage (2018)[edit]

  • Open it!
    • Who: Dr. Kerry Atkins
    • Note: A researcher aboard Athena-1. When a monstrous sized rat is on the loose, she procures samples of the monster pathogen, and pleads this to open the escape pod. She ejects but the rat had scraped the glass, so her descent to Earth ends with her being immolated.
  • Light him up! [Burke's helicopter gives cover fire on Ralph, but the monstrous wolf converges on the helicopter] Incoming!
    • Who: Burke
    • Note: A mercenary hired by Claire Wyden to capture Ralph, he orders covering fire and tries to warn his crew when Ralph leaps for the chopper, but all aboard are killed. Burke is then cornered by the monstrous wolf who drips saliva on him, and he is unable to fight back, thus he is eaten alive.
  • What the hell are you doing?! [Kate Caldwell: Feeding the monster to the gorilla!] [George the gorilla picks up Claire and the suitcase containing the antidote and drops them into his mouth] OH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Who: Claire Wyden
    • Note: The corrupt CEO of Energyne. When Caldwell and Davis turn the tables on her, George picks her up along with the antidote to bring him back to his senses and eats them both alive.
  • That's my pleasure, I hate that thing!
    • Who: Brett Wyden
    • Note: Claire's idiot brother. At the lobby of the Energyne building, he has to surrender to Agent Russell his laptop which will have the evidence to convict Energyne as well as a rat he was going to experiment on. He says this due to his hatred of rats and just when he gets outside, falling debris crushes him to a bloody pulp. Agent Russell calls this death "Oh damn. That was a lot."

Ray (2004)[edit]

  • I'm a giant!
    • Who: George Robinson
    • Notes: Ray's little brother George is playing around his mother's washtub, but he slips and falls into it and drowns. Ray thinks he is joking around at first before realizing too late that he is in distress.

The Recruit (2003)[edit]

  • You gotta give me one thing. I'm a scary judge of talent.
    • Who: Walter Burke
    • Notes: Character realizes that James Clayton had tricked him into confessing by making him think that the CIA had heard his revealing his guilt in the warehouse. He begins to make a move, possibly to provoke the agents who are pointing their guns at him to shoot him, and is shot dead.

Ready Player One (2018)[edit]


Note: When avatars die in the OASIS, referred to as being "zeroed out", they can come back to life, but their character progression is reset and all their goods removed.

  • It's fucking Chucky!
    • Who: Sixer #1
    • Note: Character says this line as Wade threw Chucky at the Sixer, during the Battle of Castle Anorak on Planet Doom. Chucky then zeroes the Sixer, and a few others, out with a knife.
  • First to the Egg!
    • Who: Daito
    • Note: Character had damaged Sorrento's Mechagodzilla in his giant robot mode, but runs out of time in this form and is left at the robotic dinosaur's mercy. He remarks this line and gives it the middle finger before Mechagodzilla zeroes him out with blue fire breath.
  • Shit. It's her.
  • Step three!
    • Who: Nolan Sorrento
    • Note: Character says the first line upon seeing Art3mis, who then throws a bomb into Sorrento's Mechagodzilla control room, zeroing Sorrento and destroying the bionic dino. However, Sorrento's avatar comes back to life soon afterwards. He says the second line before detonating the Cataclyst, zeroing out all remaining avatars on Planet Doom (except Parzival due to an extra life).
  • [Thumbs up]
    • Who: Aech's Iron Giant
    • Note: The Iron Giant had his hands damaged by i-R0k's gun while helping Wade, Art3mis and Sho across a river of lava. Sho incapacitates i-R0k, allowing the group to reach land, but the giant's grip gives way and it falls into the lava, giving Wade a "thumbs up" in the process instead of saying a word, a reference to Terminator 2: Judgement Day (1990).
  • No, Wade, no!
    • Who: Art3mis/Samantha Cook
    • Note: Character said this line upon seeing Wade intending to shoot her avatar so she can escape IOI in real life. Before doing so, Wade says "You'll forgive me for this, I promise," an allusion to what she had said to him earlier.
  • What is that?!
    • Who: Sixer #2
    • Note: Character says this line when Wade throws his Holy Hand Grenade at him and hundreds of other Sixers. The grenade then goes off, zeroing out the Sixers and destroying all but one of their portals, allowing Wade and Sho further into the castle.
  • YEAH! I won!
    • Who: Atari Sixer
    • Note: Character had become the first Sixer to survive on ice for more than a minute while playing an Atari game, hinting that it was the right game to complete the third quest, and eventually won the game. However, he zeroed out anyway, as the goal was not to win, but to find the game's own Easter Egg.
  • I'm not going out like that! That's a camper move! You don't even know how to activate an orb!
    • Who: i-R0k
    • Note: Character says this line in an attempt to prevent Sorrento from activating the Cataclyst, instigating a fight between Sorrento and Parzival. i-R0k escapes during the fight, but is still caught up in the Cataclyst detonation.


  • Goodbye, Parzival. Thanks. Thanks for playing my game.
    • Who: James Halliday
    • Note: Although Halliday has been dead for five years, a projection of him in the house where he grew up, is seen in the OASIS at the end of the quest. After giving Wade the Easter Egg, he says this line and walks out of the room, closing the door behind him, ending the quest, and no other Halliday projections are said to have been seen since.

The Real Macaw (1998)[edit]

  • 536, 537, 538, 539! Five-hundred...and forty.
    • Who: The Pirate Who Bird-napped Mac
  • YOU!
    • Who: Dr. Lance Hagen

Red Dawn (1984)[edit]

  • What's going on here, my friend?
    • Who: Mr. Teasdale
    • Note: A school teacher in Calumet, Colorado, he questions the Soviet paratroopers and is shot dead by one of the paratroopers.
    • Who: Tom Eckert
    • Note: The father of Jed and Matt Eckert. Knowing he's going to die in the re-education camp, he bis this to his sons. Moments later, he is shot to death by the Soviet firing squad.

Red Dragon (2002)[edit]

  • Drop it. Do it now, gumshoe. Your son is about to change. Then your wife. You can watch, then I'll take care of you.

The Red Shoes (1948)[edit]

  • Take off the Red Shoes...
    • Who: Victoria Page
    • Notes: Said to her lover Julian Craster when she is his by a train (whether by accidentally or compulsory by the Red Shoes) aware that she will not live to see another sunrise.

Red Sonja (1985)[edit]

  • O God of the high Gods...behold the talisman with which you created the world and all things. O God of has become too powerful for us...and we must destroy it before it destroys the world. Forgive us now as we send it out of the light...from which it draws its power...into eternal darkness. Forgive us.
    • Who: Kendra the High Priestess
    • Notes: Said when attempting to seal away the Talisman into forever darkness so it can never be misused to destroy the world. However, Gedren's henchman Ikol throws a sharp throwing star and kills her. Although her priestesses fight back, it is powerless against Gedren's forces who steal the Talisman.
  • Sonja...Thank god...I lived long enough...The Talisman's stolen...! All the priests massacred...We fought- [Sonja: Rest, Vaarna. Later we'll talk.] There's no time. Listen; The Talisman has terrible power which grows in the light. In thirteen days, it could destroy the world by storm...and earthquake...You must destroy the Talisman, Sonja...! Send it into darkness, swear that you will... [Sonja: I swear. Who took it?] I don't know...There was a woman in a gold mask, soldiers...
    • Who: Vaarna
    • Notes: Said when telling Sonja of the stolen Talisman when Kalidor arrived too late to save her and the priestesses. She dies warning of Gedren and her henchmen. Sonja cremates her at nightfall.
  • I will tell the future in your entrails, red woman!
    • Who: Brytag
    • Notes: Said during his swordfight with Sonja who replies "I know my future, you have none!" After a brutal fight, Sonja pierces her sword through his chest and kills him leaving her to deal with his gang.
  • I'm afraid Your Highness' growth is going to be stunted...permanently!
    • Who: Ikol
    • Notes: Said while fighting Prince Tarn. When he knows he cannot win, Ikol tries to escape with stolen gold, but Tarn lodges his sword into the gate which crushes Ikol to a pulp.
  • Up here, Sonja. Up here.
    • Who: Queen Gedren
    • Notes: The evil queen who wants to rule the world using a Talisman said to make or destroy worlds. She says this during her fight with Sonja. She says nothing else after that while fighting a last stand in the Chamber of Lights. In the end, Sonja pierces her with her sword sending her falling into a sea of lava and destroys the Talisman while Gedren's palace inevitably caves in.

Red Tails[edit]

  • I'm Sorry Sofia.
    • Who: Lightning
    • Notes: Lightning got himself killed on a head on attack on Pretty boy due to Pretty Boys Me-262 shot Lightning to death.
    • Who: Pretty Boy
    • Notes: The words were spoken in german while the movie translate the words into english. Pretty boy died by Lightning shooting him till his Me-262 explodes.

The Replacement Killers (1998)[edit]

  • Meg, it doesn't...
    • Who: Michael Kogan
    • Notes: Mr. Wei's top henchman hunting for John Lee. He hoped Meg would save time by shooting herself in the head in their final confrontation, but is fooled by a decoy. Meg then says she will shoot him in the head, and Kogan tries to explain this, but is gunned down. Meg then tells him "I didn't think so."
  • The boy will die, John. As will as your family.
    • Who: Terence Wei
    • Notes: As John Lee confronts the crime boss on a fire staircase, Mr. Wei warns John his family and Zedkov's boy will still be killed, but John tells him "Not in your lifetime." then shoots him, sending the crime boss falling to his death.

Repo Man (1984)[edit]

  • What'cha got in the trunk? [J. Frank Parnell: Oh, you don't wanna look in there.] [after a pause] Gimme the keys.
    • Who: Highway patrol officer
    • Note: Said after pulling Parnell over. He opens the trunk of the Chevy Malibu and is immediately disintegrated.
  • The lights are growing dim. I know a life of crime led me to this sorry fate...And yet, I blame society. Society made me what I am. [Otto: Bullshit! You're a white suburban punk, just like me!] But it still hurts...
    • Who: Duke
    • Note: Character had been in a shootout and was shot multiple times. He dies from his wounds.
  • Hey Debbie! Watch this!
    • Who: Archie
    • Note: Said while about to open the unusually hot trunk of a car. Archie is immediately disintegrated by the trunk's contents.
  • Why should I feel funny? The two hemispheres are fundamentally at odds. Hemisphere, hemisphere. It's strange, I do feel funny...
    • Who: J. Frank Parnell
    • Note: Character dies from exposure to radiation for extended periods of time.

Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)[edit]

  • Chromaggia, Come take these eyes...! I would rather be BLIND!
    • Who: Blind Mag
    • Note: Says this after finishing the song 'Chromaggia' and gouges her eyes out after she says this line. Dies when Rotti Largo cuts the rope that was suspending her in the air, impaling her on a prop fence.

Reservoir Dogs (1992)[edit]

  • Have some fire, scarecrow.
    • Who: Mr. Blonde/"Toothpick" Vic Vega
    • Note: Mr. Blonde says this as he prepares to burn Marvin Nash, a cop he'd kidnapped and bound, to death. He is then repeatedly shot and killed by Mr. Orange, himself an undercover cop.
  • I can't see. I've gone blind.
    • Who: Mr. Brown
    • Note: Mr. Brown says this after being shot in the head and when blood drips into his eyes. He dies of his injury a few minutes later.
  • Larry, stop pointing that fucking gun at my dad!!!
    • Who: "Nice Guy" Eddie Cabot
    • Note: Eddie says this to Mr. White, who is holding Eddie's father, Joe, at gunpoint for attempting to kill Mr. Orange. After Mr. White shoots Joe, Eddie shoots him and is fatally shot by the wounded Mr. White.
  • You don't need proof when you got instinct. I ignored it before but no more.
    • Who: Joe Cabot
    • Note: Joe says this after Mr. White demands proof that Mr. Orange is an undercover cop, and him and his son are both killed in the ensuing standoff between Joe, Eddie, and Mr. White.
  • Sorry, kid, but it looks like we're gonna do a little time.
    • Who: Mr. White/Larry Demmick
    • Note: Mr. White says this to Mr. Orange, after they have both been shot, referring to the fact that they are criminals and the police are on their way. When Mr. Orange admits he is a cop, a devastated Mr. White apparently kills him by shooting him, and is apparently killed himself by Mr. Orange's friends and colleagues on the force.

Resident Evil film series[edit]

See last words in Resident Evil.

Return to Oz (1985)[edit]

  • Don't you...know...that...eggs...are poison? [Billina: Poison indeed!] Nomes...
    • Who: The Nome King
    • Note: Character was attempting to eat Dorothy and her friends, only to have an egg dropped into his throat by Billina, Dorothy's pet chicken. As the quote indicates, eggs are poisonous to the Nome race, and the Nome King crumbles away after swallowing it.

Right at Your Door (2006)[edit]

  • I'm still alive, you fucking assholes! I'm still alive!
    • Who: Brad (Rory Cochrane)
    • Note: He is told by government agents that his house has turned into a breeding ground for a lethal toxin because he sealed up his house, not allowing any new air to circulate in. They seal his house shut while he's still inside, and spray the whole house with chemicals, killing Brad.

Righteous Kill (2008)[edit]

  • You a good man, Tom. You a good man. I know it was you. I was you. Thank you makes sense.
    • Who: Rooster
    • Note: Character is shot by his partner, Turk. He dies after saying this line.

Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky (1991)[edit]

  • Don't kill me! Don't kill me!
    • Who: Rogan
    • Note: Says this as Ricky chops off his leg and breaks his arms to ensure Rogan can never kill again. It is unknown if Rogan died or not since he is later seen alive.
  • Someone gave me 30 lb. of rice to finish you and turn you into mince meat and put you in a pie!
    • Who: Zorro
    • Note: Says this to Ricky who promptly rams his fist into Zorro's stomach and ripping it out.
  • Warden, no!!
    • Who: Assistant Warden Dan
    • Note: Says this to the Warden after he is shot by a gas pressured bullet. Seconds later, Dan blows up.
  • We'll die together.
    • Who: Oscar
    • Note: Says this to Ricky after performing sepukku on himself. Oscar then reaches into his wound and attempts to strangle Ricky with his own intestines, but fails. Ricky then punches Oscar in the face with such force that it kills him.
  • Ricky...I can't do it. Goddammit, I'll see you later.
    • Who: Tarzan
    • Note: Says this as he saves Ricky from being crushed by a moving ceiling, at the cost of Tarzan's life.
  • Ricky! Come on, show me what you got!
    • Who: The Prison Warden
    • Note: The prison Warden, revealed to be a skilled martial artist, says this to Ricky. Ricky later throws the Warden into a meat grinder.
  • Sir, sir! Wait!! Please, sir! Wait, sir!
    • Who: Omar
    • Note: Says this to police officers after they canceled his parole. Omar is later seen dead after hanging himself.
  • Zorro, get him! I'm betting on you!
  • Who: Samuel
    • Note: Samuel tells Zorro to kill Ricky. Ricky easily kills Zorro, then he punches Samuel's ribs out.

Road House (1989)[edit]

  • It's OVER!
    • Who: Brad Wesley
    • Note: Dalton's bullying and greedy neighbor. After an intense final battle in his home, Dalton stops himself from killing him. Doc arrives then Wesley yells this trying to kill Dalton with a gun. But then, Red, Emmett, Stroudenmire, and Tilghman arrive and riddle him with gunfire. Tilghman then reminds Wesley "This is our town, and don't you forget it." before finishing him with a shotgun round that sends the villain crashing through a table, dead.

Road to Perdition (2002)[edit]

  • I'm glad it's you.
    • Who: John Rooney
  • Give me the gun.
    • Who: Harlen Maguire
  • I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
    • Who: Frank Sullivan Sr.

RoboCop (1987)[edit]

  • Buddy, I think you're slime.
    • Who: Officer Alex J. Murphy
    • Note: Said to notorious crime lord Clarence Boddicker, who, along with his gang, guns down Murphy afterwards. Murphy is later resurrected as RoboCop.
  • Whatever he's paying you, I'll double it right now.
    • Who: Bob Morton
    • Note: Said when his legs are shot by Boddicker and tries to bargain with Dick Jones to save his own life. Dick Jones had recorded a message saying he means to assassinate Bob. Boddicker unpins a grenade and leaves it on the coffee table. Morton tries to in vain to get the grenade away and is killed in the blast.
  • Sayonara, RoboCop!
    • Who: Clarence Boddicker
    • Note: Said before he is stabbed in the neck by RoboCop, killing him.
  • Get up! I want a chopper! Now! We will walk through the roof very calmly. I will board the chopper with my hostage. Anybody tries to stop me...the old geezer gets it!
    • Who: Dick Jones
    • Note: Said after he sees a recording of himself saying "I had to kill Bob Morton because he made a mistake. Now, it's time to erase that mistake." twice, and he holds the Old Man hostage, and threatens to kill the Old Man if someone tries stopping him. But he is fired by the Old Man, causing "Directive 4" to be deleted, having RoboCop say "Thank you," to the Old Man who elbows Jones, then Jones is shot by RoboCop and falls through a window of the OCP building to his death.

RoboCop 2[edit]

  • [RoboCop: Lie still.] I'm cold. [RoboCop: You are going into shock. I will call for a medical emergency unit.] [RoboCop starts to turn away, but Hob grabs his hand] Wait, no. Don't leave me. [RoboCop: I won't leave you. Who did this?] It was big...bigger than you. It was Cain. I'm gonna die. You know what that's like, don't you? It really sucks. [RoboCop: Yes.]
    • Who: Hob
    • Note: Said to RoboCop, who discovers him dying from gunshot wounds after being attacked by his old boss Cain, reborn as the cyborg Robocop 2.

RoboCop 3[edit]

  • In 15 seconds, everything within 20 yards of where we're standing will be atomized. We're DEAD, YOU STUPID SLAG!
    • Who: Paul McDaggett
    • Notes: The corrupt leader of the Rehabs, Paul McDaggett reminds Dr. Lazarus that the Otomo androids have a thermal fail-safe self-destruct mechanism. After he gloats they can all die together, RoboCop taunts "Don't count on it, chum!" then burns the Rehab leader's legs, and flies to safety with Nikko and Lazarus. However, McDaggett tries to stop the self-destruct and fails, thus he is vaporized in the blast,

The Rock (1996)[edit]

  • I'll have that sidearm, sir.
    • Who: Sgt. Crisp
    • Notes: One of the rogue marines in Gen. Hummel's gang. When the plan to bluff San Francisco goes wrong, Crisp takes Darrow's side and attempts to confiscate Hummel's sidearm. He is then shot dead in the Mexican Standoff.
  • It has been the greatest honor of my life to serve with you, General. But like he said, It's over.
    • Who: Sgt. Baxter
    • Notes: Hummel's loyal bodyguard in his Marine gang. In the Mexican Standoff with the traitors, Darrow and Frye, Baxter regretfully says this and shoots Darrow, before being shot dead.
  • Lower lighthouse...
    • Who: General Francis X. Hummel
    • Notes: The leader of the gang of rogue marines who wanted to scare San Francisco under the threat of VX gas missiles. When he is betrayed by Darrow and Frye, Hummel is shot and badly wounded. When asked by Stanley Goodspeed where to find the final VX rocket, Hummel replies this and dies of his injuries.
  • I don't like softass shit! [Goodspeed: Well I only bring that up because it's you; You're the Rocket Man.] [Darrow gets hit by the final rocket] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!
    • Who: Captain Darrow
    • Notes: A marine Captain in Hummel's gang who wants to takeover and poison San Francisco anyway. Confronting Goodpseed in the lower lighthouse where the final VX Rocket is located, the doctor asks if the rogue captain likes music such as Elton John's Rocket Man. Darrow simply replies this. With this distraction, Goodspeed fires the last rocket at Darrow. While the final rocket without its guidance chip or VX payload crashes into the bay, Darrow is impaled on a post outside.
  • I'm gonna choke my million bucks outta you! YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!!!
    • Who: Captain Frye
    • Notes: After Stanley Goodspeed disarms the last VX rocket, the FBI doctor has a last duel with Captain Frye, and is at a disadvantage until Goodspeed makes the traitorous marine bite a VX orb, giving him a painful death.

Rock & Rule (1983)[edit]

  • One heart, one song. But there is no-one!!
    • Who: Mok
    • Notes: Mok was thrown down into the portal by Toad while Angel and Omar singing.

The Rocky film series[edit]

Rocky III (1982)[edit]

  • I love ya, kid. I love ya. Your instinct...
    • Who: Mickey Goldmill
    • Note: A mentor and father figure to main character Rocky Balboa, Mickey made these his last words to him with his very last breath.

Rocky IV (1985)[edit]

  • You don't stop this fight, no matter what. No matter what!
    • Who: Apollo Creed
    • Note: Said to Rocky Balboa, who has just said to Creed "He's killing ya. I gotta stop this thing" during Creed's bout with Ivan Drago. Of Apollo's death, Drago responds with the infamous line "If he dies, he dies."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)[edit]

  • [sung] Hot patootie, bless my soul, I really love that Rock n Roll!
    • Who: Eddie
    • Note: Said during his song Hot Patootie (What Ever Happened to Saturday Night), after which, he notices that the movie's villain, Dr. Frank-n-Furter, is coming after him with an ice pick. He runs away from Frank, but is cornered and killed by him.
  • No...No...NO! NO! No! NOO!!!!
    • Who: Dr. Frank-n-Furter
    • Note: After his song I'm Going Home, his servants Riff Raff and Magenta inform him that he will not join them back to Transexual. they then kill him with a laser gun.

Romeo + Juliet (1996)[edit]

  • A plague on both your houses.
    • Who: Mercutio
    • Note: Tybalt slashes Mercutio in the chest when Romeo tries to break up the fight.
  • Thus with a kiss I die.
    • Who: Romeo
    • Note: Character commits suicide by taking poison after seeing Juliet in her crypt. He realizes she is alive, only too late. He dies after saying this line to Juliet. In Shakespeare's original, she does not wake until after he has died.
  • Thy lips are warm, bastard.
    • Who: Juliet
    • Note: Although she kisses Romeo with the objective of dying from the poison on his lips, he dies presently after the kiss. In order to quicken her heath, she shoots herself with Romeo's gun.

Runaway (1984)[edit]

  • That's good, Ramsay, but not good enough! Enjoy the view?
    • Who: Dr. Charles Luther
    • Note: Taunts this to his nemesis Ramsay knowing his view of the construction site may be his last. But Ramsay starts the lift struggling with the mad scientist and sends him falling close to his small, spider-like robots that fry him with their acid. Ramsay makes one final attempt to attack but fails and his robots self-destruct making doubly sure he is dead.

The Rundown (2003)[edit]

  • Oh...shit...
    • Who: Corneilious Hatcher

The Running Man (1987)[edit]

  • Richards, I love my saw. This saw's part of me! And I'm gonna make it part of YOU!
    • Who: Buzzsaw
  • Don't wanna be the only asshole in heaven.
  • My gasline! My gasline! Cut to commercial, cut to commercial!
    • Who: Fireball
  • I'll show dickless!
    • Who: Dynamo
  • You bastard! DROP DEAD! [Richards: I don't do requests.] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    • Who: Damon Killian
    • Note: Said after his speech about Americans loving television. After this, Richards traps him on his sled that sends contestants out to the game zone, and with no safety net the sled flies into a Cadre Cola billboard blowing up Killian as Richards quips "Well, that hit the spot!"

Rush Hour films[edit]

Rush Hour (1998)[edit]

  • Fight like a man!
    • Who: Sang
    • Notes: Speaking to James Carter, who he had earlier attacked while they were surrounded by Sang's friends, causing Carter to label him a coward who would never fight like a man aka one-on-one. When Carter and Sang later draw guns on each other, Sang suggests they both drop their guns and have the one-on-one fight Carter had wanted, delibrately repeating the taunt Carter had used. When they both drop their guns however, Sang pulls out another one and takes a shot at Carter, who ducks and likewise pulls out another gun of his own and shoots Sang with it, killing him.

Rush Hour 2 (2001)[edit]

  • Greed will imprison us all.
    • Who: Steven Reign
    • Note: Character is saying the morale of an old Chinese story. He is stabbed by Ricky Tan after completing this sentence.
  • Come on!
    • Who: Ricky Tan
    • Note: Said while trying to provoke Chief Inspector Lee to shoot him. Lee is momentarily distracted by James Carter, and a struggle ensues for the gun, which ends with Tan being kicked out of a window, falling to his death.

Rush Hour 3 (2007)[edit]

  • Goodbye Lee.
    • Who: Kenji
    • Note: Said before breaking Lee's grip on his hand and plunging to his death.
  • Yes. And you two just killed this girl, blew her brains out.
    • Who: Varden Reynard
    • Note: Said when he intends to lie to the police that Lee and Carter had shot Genevieve/Shy Shen dead, but is shot dead himself by George the taxi driver at the last moment.


Samson and Delilah (1949)[edit]

  • Father!
    • Who: Semadar
    • Note: Character says this during the wedding party turned to chaos when her father is hit by Targil. Targil chucks a spear and kills her instantaneously.
  • I will not be afraid.
    • Who: Delilah
    • Note: Character says this as she takes Samson to the pillars holding the Saran's temple. Having been blessed with one final ounce of strength by God, Samson pushes the pillars with enough force to cave in the temple, killing everyone inside including himself and Delilah.
  • My eyes have seen thy glory, o God. Now let me die with my enemies.
    • Who: Samson
    • Note: Character says this during his torture and gathers his last ounce of strength granted by God to collapse the pillars of the Saran's temple causing it to cave in and kill everyone inside including himself and Delilah.
  • Delilah.
    • Who: Saran of Gaza
    • Note: Character says this to Delilah as Samson caves in the temple then the statue falls onto him fatally.

San Andreas (2015)[edit]

  • NO! NO! Close your eyes. God!
    • Who: Dr. Kim Park
    • Note: Character says this line to his friend, Dr. Lawrence Hayes, to prevent Hayes from helping him after having got his foot impaled during an earthquake. He tells a young girl to close her eyes so she doesn't see his death. The tremor collapses the Hoover Dam, taking him with it.
  • Here you go.
    • Who: Daniel Riddick's Driver
    • Note: Said before he begins driving Daniel and Blake through a parking garage, but an earthquake kills him.
  • Where?
    • Who: Security guard
    • Note: Said after being informed by Daniel that Blake is trapped, but another aftershock kills the guard almost instantly.
  • This way!
    • Who: Larissa
    • Note: Said moments before she dies among those who are in the Tate Weston building.
  • Get out of my way!
    • Who: Susan Riddick
    • Note: Said before she falls off the Tate Weston building to her death.
  • I'll be needing that truck.
    • Who: A gunman
    • Note: Said as he holds Ray at gunpoint to steal a truck before he does. Ray then knocks him out in two good punches and remarks "Not today." Even as a second, larger earthquake strikes California later on, the gunman may not have died, and even if he did, these may not have been his last words.
  • Get out of my way!
    • Who: Daniel Riddick
    • Note: Said during a scuffle at an earthquake shelter during an aftershock in San Francisco. He isn't seen saying any other lines afterwards, and is later killed when a tsunami causes a cargo ship to snap the Golden Gate Bridge, crushing Daniel with a container and killing everyone else on the bridge.

Saving Private Ryan (1998)[edit]

  • No, I'm out.
    • Who: Corporal Henderson
    • Note: In response to Mellish who asks him if he has any spare .30 caliber rounds; German soldiers shoot through the wall and a bullet hits Henderson in the throat, killing him.
    • Who: Private Daniel Jackson (Barry Pepper)
    • Note: Said right before a Panzer tank shoots the clock tower down, where Parker and Jackson were positioned.
  • No! No! Stop, stop, stop! Just listen to me! Listen to me! No...Ack...ack...
    • Who: Private Stanley Mellish (Adam Goldberg)
    • Note: Last words after engaging in to hand-to-hand combat with a German soldier, then being pinned down by the soldier who slowly pushes a knife into Mellish's heart.
  • It's a letter to my's got blood on it..
    • Who: Private Adrian Carpazo (Vin Diesel)
    • Note: Last words after being shot by a German sniper, he tries to show Mellish his letter, telling him to send it for him. He ends up bleeding to death.
  • Momma, momma, momma, momma...
    • Who: Medic Irwin Wade (Giovanni Ribisi)
    • Note: After being wounded by a grenade, the rest of the group tries to keep him alive but are unsuccessful.
  • I'm all right...I just got the wind knocked out of me, that's all...
    • Who: Technical Sergeant Mike Horvath (Tom Sizemore)
    • Note: Is shot multiple times and ends up dying from his wounds.
  • Earn this, James...earn it.
    • Who: Captain John Miller (Tom Hanks)
    • Notes: Statement to Private James Ryan (Matt Damon), whom Miller and many of his men had perished in an attempt to save. James interprets this as an exhortation to be as good of a person as he can.

Saw series[edit]

See last words in Saw media.

Scarface (1983)[edit]

  • Antonio.
    • Who: Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer)
    • Note: Said after answering the door for Tony. Tony then sees Gina is with him, and he angerly shoots him twice in the chest.
  • Fuck me Tony, come on, just fuck me!
    • Who: Gina Montana (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio)
    • Note: She assumes that since Tony does not want any other man with her, he wants her all to himself. She attempts to kill Tony, but is then shot by one of Alejandro Sosa's men.
  • No. Nooo. NOOOOOO!
    • Who: Frank Lopez (Robert Loggia)
    • Note: After being disarmed by Tony, he begs for his life. Tony says he won't kill him, and Frank is grateful, until Tony hands the gun over to Manny and orders him to shoot him.
  • Tony! Tony! Tonio open the...
    • Who: Chi Chi (Ángel Salazar)
    • Note: Unable to hold off Sosa's men, Chi Chi tries to get Tony to open the door to safety, but Tony does not answer, as he is grieving Gina's death. He is the shot by one of Sosa's men.
  • Fuck you!
    • Who: Mel Bernstein (Harris Yulin)
    • Note: After being exposed in being involved in a plot to kill Tony, Tony shoots him non-fatally, and Bernstein attempts to negotiate with Tony. Tony refuses, and shoots him.
  • I'm still standin', huh! Fuck! Come on! I take your fuckin' bullet! Come on! Go ahead! I take your fuckin' bullet! You think you kill me with bullet? I take your fuckin' bullet! Go ahead!
    • Who: Tony Montana (Al Pacino)
    • Note: He is shouting defiantly (under the influence of cocaine) at his would-be assassins after having been shot by them several times, and is shot in the back immediately afterwards by Sosa's deadliest assassin, The Skull.

Scary Movie (2000)[edit]

  • Ain't nobody stabbing me!
    • Who: Ray
    • Note: After stabbing Bobby multiple times, he is stabbed by The Killer right after saying this.
  • You wanna take a hit of this?
    • Who: Shorty
    • Note: After being shot by Bobby in the lungs, he inhales some smoke seeping out of his wound and ask Cindy if she wants to take a puff. He then dies.

Schindler's List (1993)[edit]

  • Heil Hitler.
    • Who: Amon Goeth (Ralph Fiennes)
    • Note: Goeth is about to be hung, and he smooths his hair back and says this before Russian soldiers kick the chair out. In real-life, Goeth died the same way and spoke the same last words.
  • It will take more then that.
    • Who: Diana Reiter
    • Note: Character says this before a Nazi shoots her in the back of the head after an argument, which resulted in her execution.
  • I work for Oskar Schindler!
    • Who: Mr. Lowenstein (the one-armed man)
    • Note: Character says this before a group of Nazis who deem that man twice as worthless shoots him to death.

The Scorpion King (2002)[edit]

  • It seems the gods favor me tonight, Akkadian.
    • Who: Memnon
    • Notes: Says these during the final battle between him vs. Mathayus. Contrary to Cassandra's predictions that Mathayus will be killed by an arrow fired by one of Memnon's guards, the Akkadian survives, takes the arrow that was lodged in his back and taunts "Catch this!" shooting the tyrannical swordsman with the arrow at exactly the same time Philos and Arpid ignite the gunpowder that begins to wreck Memnon's palace. Memnon is burned by the rising flame and falls to his death on the shields of his soldiers.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)[edit]

  • This is impossible, how can this be? [Scott Pilgrim: Open your eyes. Maybe you'll see.]
    • Who: Matthew Patel
    • Notes: Last thoughts before being killed.
  • Somebody get me my board. [Wallace: [walks into view, and taps Lucas' shoulder] Hi. Big fan.] [cracks neck] Why wouldn't you be?
    • Who: Lucas Lee
    • Note: Last words before he enters a grind skate challenge and is destroyed at the end.
  • [Envy Adams: [Todd's hair sags] Oh, my God.] [shocked] No...No. [Scott Pilgrim: You once were a ve-gone, but now, you will be gone.] "Ve-gone"?
    • Who: Todd Ingram
    • Note: Said in response to Scott's line "You once were ve-gone (pun on "vegan"), but now you will be gone." before Scott finished him off with a headbutt.
  • You'll do her!
    • Who: Roxanne "Roxy" Richter
  • You're not cool enough for Ramona. You're zero. Nothing! Me? I'm what's hip! I'm what's happening! I'm blowing up right now! [Scott Pilgrim: You are blowing up. Right now!] Scott...Pilgrim. [chuckles] You can defeat me, Scott. But can you defeat yourself?
    • Who: Gideon Graves
    • Note: First quote is last words before he is killed. Second quote is when he speaks to Scott telepathically using his glasses to create Nega-Scott.

The Seeker: The Dark Is Rising (2007)[edit]

  • Give me the sign, Will!!
    • Who: Maggie
    • Note: She then disintegrates into dust after failing to obtain the fifth sign from Will.

A Serbian Film (2010)[edit]

  • To je film!
    • Translation: That's film!
    • Who: Vukmir
    • Note: Character coerced Miloš into doing extremely unspeakable acts with own wife and son, which leads Miloš to kill him.

Serial Mom (1994)[edit]

  • No, wait! Fashion has changed!
    • Who: Juror #8
    • Note: Spoken at a courthouse payphone while being confronted by acquitted serial killer Beverly Sutphin for wearing white shoes after Labor Day. Sutphin responds, "No, it hasn't," before beating Juror #8 to death with a phone receiver.

Serenity (2005)[edit]

  • I am a leaf on the wind. Watch how I-
    • Who: Hoban 'Wash' Washburne
    • Note: Wash has successfully flown a damaged Serenity through a battle between Alliance and Reaver ships, referring to himself as a leaf on the wind the entire time and landed it relatively safely, only to be impaled through the chest by shrapnel from a pursuing Reaver ship.
  • Can't order me around, boy...I'm not one of your crew...
    • Who: Shepherd Derrial Book
    • Note: Book has shot down the Alliance ship which attacked him and his friends on Haven, but is dying after being shot himself.
  • They can't stop the signal, Mal. They can never stop the signal.
    • Who: Mr. Universe
    • Note: The message with instructions for Mal is being relayed through Mr. Universe's lovebot wife, after Mr Universe has long since been stabbed by the Operative.

Se7en (1995)[edit]

  • Oh...he didn't know.
    • Who: John Doe (Kevin Spacey)
    • Note: Said after he reveals that Detective Mills wife, whom he has killed, was pregnant, which Mills didn't know about. Mills is overcome with grief and rage and then shoots Doe to death.

The Seventh Seal (1957)[edit]

  • No loopholes?
    • Who: Jonas Skat
    • Note: Said while desperately negotiating with the character Death; Death ignores the question and proceeds to fell the tree in which Skat has climbed.
  • It is finished.
    • Who: Girl
    • Note: The character's last, and only, lines, spoken before being taken by Death along with her other companions.

Shanghai Knights (2003)[edit]

  • How disappointing.
    • Who: Lord Nelson Rathbone
    • Note: Said to Chon Wang after defeating him in a sword duel. Chon asks for a sword again, and then cuts the ropes supporting the walkway they are on, throwing Rathbone out the front of Big Ben to his death.

Shanghai Noon (2000)[edit]

  • How the hell did that happen?
    • Who: Marshall Van Cleef
    • Notes: Comment made after being hit by a miracle shot by Roy O'Bannon.
  • Now it's time for you to die.
    • Who: Lo Fong
    • Note: Said to Chon Wang before he kicks out the supports on a bell in the church, the rope having been wrapped around Fong's neck. He is hung when the bell falls and the rope drags him upwards.

Shark Tale (2004)[edit]

  • Moron...
    • Who: Frankie
    • Notes: The character just got an anchor to his head. As he lays dying, he tells his brother Lenny that he feels cold. Lenny then makes a crack about him being cold-blooded. He slaps Lenny in the face and says this line before dying.

Shaun of the Dead (2004)[edit]

  • Now, I have a splitting headache, and your stupid hip hop isn't helping. And the front door is open...AGAIN!
    • Who: Pete
    • Notes: Unbeknownst to Ed and Shaun it's the last thing he says before he dies and is resurrected by a zombie. Having been bitten by one on the way home from work. During the climatic scene he is shot in the head by Shaun.
  • Being a father, it's not easy. [Shaun: What?] You were 12 when I met you, already grown up so much. I just wanted you to be strong and not give up because you lost your dad. [Shaun: Philip, you don't have to explain...] No, I do. I always loved you, Shaun. And I always thought you had it in you to do well. You just need...m-motivation. Somebody to look up to and...I thought it could be me. Would you just...take care of your mum? There's a good boy.
    • Who: Phillip
    • Notes: Right before he dies from a zombie bite and resurrected as one. He is Shaun's stepfather, and Shaun had gotten along poorly with him in the past.
  • It's been a funny sort of day, hasn't it?
    • Who: Barbara
    • Notes: Dies from a zombie bite wound, and when she reanimates, her son Shaun blasts her head apart with a Winchester rifle.
  • Shaun, I...No! No! NO!
    • Who: David
    • Notes: About to apologize to Shaun for making him shoot his own mother, is then dragged through a window and disembowled by zombies.
  • Gay!
    • Who: Ed
    • Notes: After being bitten by a zombified Pete as well as another zombie, he is taken to the basement below the Winchester pub by Shaun and his ex-girlfriend. After a conversation with them he decides to stay behind and take on the remaining zombies while the two escape.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)[edit]

  • Dear fellas, I can't believe how fast things move on the outside. I saw an automobile once when I was a kid, but now they're everywhere. The world went and got itself in a big damn hurry. The parole board got me into this halfway house called "The Brewer" and a job bagging groceries at the Foodway. It's hard work and I try to keep up, but my hands hurt most of the time. I don't think the store manager likes me very much. Sometimes after work, I go to the park and feed the birds. I keep thinking Jake might just show up and say hello, but he never does. I hope wherever he is, he's doin' okay and makin' new friends. I have trouble sleepin' at night. I have bad dreams like I'm falling. I wake up scared. Sometimes it takes me a while to remember where I am. Maybe I should get me a gun and rob the Foodway so they'd send me home. I could shoot the manager while I was at it, sort of like a bonus. I guess I'm too old for that sort of nonsense any more. I don't like it here. I'm tired of being afraid all the time. I've decided not to stay. I doubt they'll kick up any fuss. Not for an old crook like me.
    • Who: Brooks Hatlen
    • Notes: Brooks, who has been a prisoner in Shawshank for over 40 years, has had much difficulty adjusting to a normal life. His last words are heard as a voiceover in a letter to his inmate friends, before he hangs himself.
  • Just gimme that chance.
    • Who: Tommy Williams
    • Notes: Warden Norton asks Tommy if he would testify in Andy Dufrane's defense and prove him innocent. When Tommy replied that he would help his friend, the warden, whose money laundering schemes depended on Andy's silence, ordered one of his guards to shoot Tommy.

Shiri (1998)[edit]

  • You know where Hee is right now? She's in the audience, laughing at you!
    • Who: Park Mu-young
    • Notes: The leader of the North Korean terrorists. At the soccer game, he and his gang activate the lights which will detonate the CTX bomb and kill the leaders as well as civilians. As he and Jong-won fight over the light switch, he says this about Lee Bang-hee/Myung-hyun who's seated in the audience. Sik eventually kills the terrorist with a gunshot and Jong-won shuts the lights off.
  • Out of the way!
    • Who: Lee Myung-hyun / Lee Bang-hee
    • Notes: A fish and aquarium store owner who turns out to be a North Korean spy. With the plan to detonate the CTX bomb on the Korean leaders a failure, Myung-hyun races after the VIPs shouting this to get civilians out of the way. After this, she shoots through some SWAT officers, and is confronted by Jong-won. She fires a shot, but fails to kill the VIPs and Jong-won shoots her dead.

Showdown in Little Tokyo[edit]

  • You too believe in faith, don't you, Kenner?!
    • Who: Funekei Yoshida
    • Notes: Says this before engaging Sgt. Chris Kenner in an intense sword fight during a local parade in Little Tokyo. Yoshida is a formidable opponent but the fight ends with Kenner running Yoshida through and saying "This is for my parents!" avenging the former's murdered parents. He traps Yoshida on Catherine wheel fireworks which ignite and burn him alive.

Shrek franchise[edit]

Shrek (2001)[edit]

  • I'll make you regret the day we met. I'll see you drawn and quartered! You'll beg for death to save you! [Fiona: No! Shrek!] And as for you, my wife... [Shrek: Fiona!] ...I'll have you locked back in that tower FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS! I AM KING! [Shrek whistles for Dragon] I WILL HAVE ORDER! I WILL HAVE PERFECTION! I WILL HAVE--! [Dragon crashes through window and roars] AAAAAAH! [Dragon eats him whole] AAH--! [Dragon swallows Farquaad] [Donkey: All right. Nobody move. I got a dragon here, and I'm not afraid to use it. [Dragon roars] I'm a donkey on the edge! [Dragon belches, and Farquaad's crown falls out.] [laughs] Celebrity marriages. They never last, do they?]
    • Who: Lord Farquaad
    • Notes: Farquaad had just married Princess Fiona, making him a king. He threatened to kill Shrek and imprison Fiona, prompting the ogre to summon Dragon, Donkey's girlfriend. The massive dragon proceeded to swallow Farquaad whole. Though he appears alive in the dragon's stomach during the "Sing-Along" at the end of the film, this is not considered canon. His ghost does appear in the Universal Studios attraction Shrek 4-D, however.

Shrek 2 (2004)[edit]

  • Harold! You were supposed to give her the potion! [King Harold: [smugly] Well, I guess I gave her the wrong tea.] [Charming: Mommy! [snatches wand from Puss]] [Fiona: "Mommy"?] [grabs the wand and growls] I told you, ogres don't live HAPPILY EVER AFTER!! [shoots killing beam toward Shrek] [Queen Lillian: [alarmed] Harold!] [Fiona: Shrek!] [King Harold yells as he jumps in front of beam, deflecting it back to Fairy Godmother] [screams] Ooh! HA! [disintegrates into bubbles]
    • Who: Fairy Godmother
    • Notes: Character attempts to shoot Shrek with magic from her wand after he thwarts her attempt to have Fiona fall in love with her son, Prince Charming. However, the king jumps in front of him; while the magic turns him into a frog, his armor deflects the shot at the Fairy Godmother, disintegrating her.

Shrek the Third (2007)[edit]

  • Now, there is a matter of business to attend to. [wheezes and passes out] [Puss: The frog dead.]
  • Aside from you, there is only one remaining heir. [Shrek: Really? Who is he, Dad?] His name [Shrek: What's his name? What's his name?] is-- [wheezing] [Fiona: Daddy!] [coughs up and passes out]
  • His name is Arthur. [Shrek: Arthur?] I'll do...what's right. [dies] [Queen Lillian: [emotionally] Harold?] [Shrek: Dad? Dad! [King Harold doesn't respond; ears droop] Dad?] [Donkey: [sees King Harold is dead; to Puss, emotionally] Do your thing, man.]
    • Who: King Harold
    • Notes: Character is dying and tells Shrek to find his nephew as an alternative candidate for the throne. The first two is the King choking up and that creates tension that Puss takes off his hat each time he passes out, thinking he is truly dead, and Fiona weeps heavily.
  • Mommy?
    • Who: Prince Charming
    • Notes: Said as he looks up at a tower that is falling on him. His mother was Fairy Godmother, who was dead.

Shrek Forever After (2010)[edit]

  • Do you know what the best part is? I got the chance to fall in love with you all over again.
    • Who: Shrek
    • Notes: Character ceases to exist after his day in the world where he was never born ends. However, Fiona gives him True Love's Kiss, and he is revived in the normal world.

The Silence of the Lambs (1991)[edit]

The Simpsons Movie (2007)[edit]

  • Gentlemen, it's been an honor playing with you tonight.
    • Who: Mike Dirnt
    • Notes: The real-life member of Green Day says this after the barge that he and the other band members were playing on is dissolved by the sludge in Lake Springfield, sending all of them to their deaths. They then take out violins, and play them in place of their normal instruments. Both the line and the incident itself are parodies of the band that played on the RMS Titanic as it sank.
  • Oh, I don't know what to do! If I stay, I'm trapped, if I leave, I'm alone! Oh, God! In! Out! In! Out! I never saw Venice! I-
    • Who: Unnamed Man
    • Note: As Springfield is getting encased in a giant glass dome, one man contemplates in a worried rush of whether or not he should leave the dome. As he says this, the giant dome crushes him.
  • Bye, everybody!
    • Who: Dr. Nick Rivera
    • Notes: After the dome is destroyed, Homer mentions that nobody was hurt in the ordeal. He then looks around to see Dr. Nick crushed under a giant chunk of plastic. His last words are a take-off on his usual catchprase ("Hi, everybody!").
  • Well, always leave them laughing. Goodbye, sir.
    • Who: Russ Cargill
    • Notes: Said as he prepares to shoot Homer with a shotgun. Before he can fire, Maggie drops a rock on him. May not have died, but was not seen or referenced for the rest of the movie.

Sin City (2005)[edit]

  • While you're at it, ask yourself if that corpse of a slut is worth dying for.
    • Who: Priest
    • Notes: Marv is attempting to solve Goldie's murder. He speaks to the priest, and then kills him by shooting him, presumably because he insulted Goldie, who Marv had loved, internally replying "Worth dying for. Worth killing for. Worth going to hell for. Amen."
  • No, don't shoot. Please, listen to me. I'm his parole officer. He's unconscious and unarmed. So there's no need to kill him.
    • Who: Lucille
    • Notes: Character is surrendering to the police, referring to the unconsious Marv. She mistakenly believes that the police think that Marv is a murderer, but in reality, they have been corrupted by the real murderer, a powerful man named Roark who has ordered them to kill Marv and frame him for the murders Roark has committed. To elimanate any witnesses to Marv's murder, the corrupt police captain kills Lucille by shooting her, and is later killed in vengeance by Marv, who came round in time to witness Lucille's murder from afar.
  • Kevin, we're going home.
    • Who: Cardinal Patrick Henry Roark
    • Notes: Spoken to the head of Kevin, who has already been killed by Marv for murdering Goldie, as ordered by Roark. He is then killed by Marv as well.
  • Is that the best you can do, you pansies?
    • Who: Marv
    • Notes: Marv was being wrongly executed via the electric chair for the murders of some prostitutes that were actually killed by Kevin and Roark, as well as for the murders of Kevin and Roark themselves (the latter two actually were killed by Marv in vengeance for what they had done, as one of their victims had been his lover Goldie). After the first attempt failed, Marv uttered this insult, knowing that his executionors knew he was innocent, (they'd been corrupted by a powerful US senator who was Roark's brother) and died of another shock.
  • Someone should've told you: never give an Irishman a good cause for revenge.
    • Who: Brian
    • Notes: The hitman is about to do away with Dwight when he is killed by 'deadly little Miho.
  • Can't see...I can't see...I can't hear anything.
    • Who: Jack "Jackie Boy" Rafferty
    • Notes: Jack has fired a gun with a blocked barrel, causing it to backfire and embedding the barrel in his head. He is then 'finished' by the sword-wielding Miho, who "makes a Pez dispenser out of him."
  • No! McCarthy, you shit!
    • Who: Manute
    • Notes: Spoken before being gunned down along with many others after being tricked by his men.
  • Here it comes, it's gonna hurt.
    • Who: Roark Junior (The Yellow Bastard)
    • Notes: Roark approaches Hartigan holding a large hunting knife, but is himself stabbed instead. Hartigan then proceeds to castrate Roark and beat him until he is "pounding wet chunks of bone into the floorboards."
  • An old man dies, a young woman lives. Fair trade. I love you, Nancy.
    • Who: Hartigan
    • Notes: Character had killed the serial killing son of a powerful US senator in order to protect Nancy, who he had fallen in love with despite him being old enough to be her grandfather, much to his own disgust. However, when he realizes that the senator in question will now come after Nancy in order to hurt Hartigan for killing his son, he decides to committ suicide to make sure this doesn't happen.

Six Shooter (2004)[edit]

  • I didn't hit one of them. That was fucking woeful shooting. Fucking woeful like, you know, like? Do you know what I mean, like, like, like, just...fucking woeful.
    • Who: The boy
    • Notes: The boy was just involved in a shoot-out with police. It was revealed moments before that he had shot his mother before the events of the film began.

The Sixth Sense (1999)[edit]

  • It doesn't even hurt anymore...
  • Good night, sweetheart.
    • Who: Malcolm Crowe
    • Notes: Vincent Gray, a disturbed patient who "saw dead people", blamed Crowe for not being able to "fix" him. He extracted his revenge by breaking in and shooting him. The top words are his last words while alive. The second are what his spirit says to his wife just before he crosses over into the next world.

Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow (2004)[edit]

  • Promise...
    • Who: Dr. Walter Jennings
  • Forgive me.
    • Who: Dr. Totenkopf
    • Notes: Not the characters spoken last words. He had died 20 years before the events of the movie, after setting in motion a doomsday plot that could not be stopped. A note with "Forgive me" scrawled on it was found in his corpses hand.

Sleepy Hollow (1999)[edit]

  • Come out, devil.
    • Who: Jonathan Masbeth
  • Oh, my god!
    • Who: Magistrate Philipse
  • Your four friends played you false. We were devilishly possessed by one who...
    • Who: Dr. Thomas Lancaster
    • Notes: As he is about to reveal the true mastermind behind the Headless Horseman killings and manipulating Baltus' company, Reverend Steenwyck takes a wooden cross and cracks the doctor's skull with it.
  • There is a conspiracy here, and I will shake it out!
    • Who: Baltus Van Tassel
    • Notes: Says this line before being harpooned out of a church by the Headless Horseman.
  • There! Take her! She's yours!
    • Who: Lady Van Tassel
    • Notes: Says this by holding Katrina Van Tassel so that the Headless Horseman may kill her. However, she is subdued by Young Masbeth. When she comes to her senses soon afterwards, the Headless Horseman, his head restored to him and thus freed from a curse she cast on him, returns to Hell, taking Lady Van Tassel with him.


  • Andrew? Don't forget. Be sure and tell was just...a bloody game...
    • Who: Milo Tindle
    • Notes: After a game of wits with Andrew Wyke, Milo Tindle prepares to depart, but is fatally shot. After this, the cops begin assembling outside Wyke's home. Milo gives this reminder, then laughs hysterically as he activates Andrew's audio animatronics before collapsing dead.

Slumdog Millionaire (2008)[edit]

  • God is Great.
    • Who: Salim Malik
    • Notes: Salim had been shot multiple times after shooting the gangster Javind. He says this before dying.
  • Maman can make an exception.
    • Who: Maman
    • Notes: Says this to Salim after Salim has him held at gunpoint and claims that Maman will not keep quiet about it. He says this, and Salim responds 'Can't take that risk,' before shooting him in the head.

Small Soldiers (1998)[edit]

  • It's only the flesh wound, sir. [Major Chip Hazard: Rest easy. You've done your job.] Did...we win? [dies] [Major Chip Hazard: We will.]
  • Who: Nick Nitro
    • Note: Said with Major Chip Hazard by his side, after being mortally injured during a battle against the Gorgonites. Major Hazard vows "We will."
  • There will be no mercy!
  • Who: Major Chip Hazard
    • Notes: Said after the EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) hits him and the commandos.

Smokin' Aces (2006)[edit]

  • My name is Vitoli, how can I be of assistance?
    • Who: Vitoli
    • Notes: Lazlo Soot has Vitoli say this so he can record it and replicate his voice. Soot also records himself shooting and killing Vitoli after he complies.
  • You open the fucking door.
    • Who: Hugo
    • Notes: Was killed by hitman Lazlo Soot, who later replicated his face as a disguise. The line was said when Hugo was trying to contact a hotel butler whom Soot had already murdered.
  • Okay, okay. Enough! Now basically there are-
    • Who: Jack Dupree
    • Notes: Dupree was cut off by loud heavy metal music while explaining to his team how they will kidnap Buddy Israel. He and his partners are then shot to death by the Tremor Brothers.
  • Well, quit acting like someone took a shit in your cereal bowl. Reed paid us 50 grand.
    • Who: "Pistol" Pete Deeks
    • Notes: There was an obscure arguement between him and his partner Hollis after the line but it was cut off by Jack Dupree. Pete, Jack and Hollis were each shot seconds later by the Tremors.
  • Am I really dying?
    • Who: Bill Security Supervisor
    • Notes: Was killed by Pasqual Acosta in order to obtain a disguise. Acosta answered this line saying "Yeah, William. We're all dying."
  • Oh, hell no, dog, you didn't just do that.
    • Who: Beanie
    • Notes: Beanie thought that Lazlo Soot was fellow bodyguard Hugo, who was killed earlier. Beanie said this line after Soot shot him in the back, he then finished him with multiple shots to the chest.
  • A complete shutdown of all of our elevators, sir? No, that kind of protocol can only be allowed by someone in my position, sir.
    • Who: Pasqual Acosta
    • Notes: While disguised as Bill, Acosta was found out while he and agent Carruthers were in the same elevator. The tension was broke when a Acosta's radio reported the real Bill's death and the two unloaded their guns on one another. He was later shot again by Agent Messner and Carruthers when attempting to kill Georgia Sykes. As he was alive at the end of the movie, these may not be his last words.
  • Mortal. Mortal.
    • Who:Agent Donald Carruthers
    • Notes: He said this later after he and Pasqual Acosta shot each other. After he and his partner Messner finished Acosta off, Messner asked him how bad his wounds were to which he said this line. He died shortly later while Messner screamed for help.
    • Who: Jeeves Tremor
    • Notes: He and his neo nazi brothers were killing all of Buddy Israel's guards before the last, Sir Ivy, killed Lester Tremor. After Jeeves said this line he tried to kill Ivy in anger but was shot in the legs and fell on his own chainsaw.
  • I fucked up. I fucked up.
    • Who: Sharice Watters
    • Notes: Line was said after Sharice thought her partner and crush, Georgia Sykes was killed, to which she started killing agents. Later after she found out Georgia was still alive, FBI agents ambushed and presumably shot her.
  • I'm real sorry about...about all that. Shit gets, shit gets wild and crazy, and fate just, just up and fucks you for no good reason. You know, ha, ha, it's the way of the world. Its the way its always gonna be. All right, then. Peace, bro'.
    • Who: Darwin Tremor
    • Notes: He had just escaped the hotel and tried to get to his car, only to be confronted by Hollis Elmore, whom was thought to be dead (shot by Darwin and his brothers). Hollis first steals Darwin's car keys and lets him go, but shoots him out of spite as he walks away. This line was said in response to seeing the hand on which Hollis' fingers were shot off.
  • Forgive me.
    • Who: Buddy "Aces" Israel
    • Notes: Character went into cardiac arrest after selling out his friends and being left for dead by the FBI. This line was said to Lazlo Soot, whom he thought to be Hugo. Later that night he and his father Primo Sparazza were killed by a vengeful Agent Messner.

Snakes on a Plane (2006)[edit]

Good luck.

    • Who: Agent John Sanders

Snatch (2000)[edit]

  • Almost...had it.
    • Who: Boris 'The Blade' / 'The Bullet Dodger' Yurinov (Rade Serbedzija)
    • Notes: Character has been shot about eight times and still is defiant. The next shot finishes him off.
  • Gimme a fuckin' shooter!
    • Who: 'Brick Top' Pulford (Alan Ford)
  • Well, thank God for that.
    • Who: 'Bullet-Tooth' Tony (Vinnie Jones)
    • Notes: Character is accidentally shot moments later.

Sonic the Hedgehog film series[edit]

Sonic the Hedgehog (2020)[edit]

  • Goodbye, Sonic.
    • Who: Longclaw the Owl
    • Note: Character says this line while shielding Sonic from a tribe of echidnas after he enters a ring portal to Earth, before it closes. Longclaw is never seen in the film since (most of which takes place ten years after this scene), so she may not have died, and even if she did, these may not have been her last words.

Sony's Marvel Universe[edit]


  • [Eddie Brock: Karma is a bitch.] I don't believe in karma.
    • Who: Roland Treece
    • Note: While interrogating Brock in a forest about where the Venom Symbiote is, Treece says these words before he is attacked by Venom (bonded by Anne Weying), who bites his head off.
  • Traitor! [Venom: Have a nice life!]
    • Who: Riot
    • Note: Riot merged with Carlton Drake with the purpose of using a Life Foundation space probe to collect the rest of the symbiotes and bring them to Earth. While preparing his spaceship, Riot battles Venom. Riot has the upper hand until Venom ruptures the spaceship's fuel tank, causing an explosion which kills both Riot and Drake.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage[edit]

  • No, please!
    • Who: Warden
    • Note: Saying this before he is killed by Cletus Kasady / Carnage.
  • I wanted your friendship...
    • Who: Cletus Kasady
    • Note: After being defeated by Eddie Brock/Venom in the cathedral, and separated from the Carnage Symbiote (which is eaten by Venom), Kasady says these words to Brock, who allows Venom to devour his head, killing him.

Spawn (1997)[edit]

  • Wandaaaa!!!
    • Who: Al Simmons
    • Notes:A Force Reconnaissance Marine Colonel and Black Ops operative, Al Simmons was sent to dismantle a North Korean chemical plant containing a virus. He is betrayed by his boss Jason Wynn and Jessica who sprays him with a green substance. Simmons tries to warn his boss that blowing up will release the virus that will kill an entire town. Jason then blows up the plant along with Al. As he falls to hell, Simmons cries out to his wife, Wanda. This sets the stage for his rebirth as the monstrous superhero, Spawn.
  • You don't have the guts!
    • Who: Jessica Priest
    • Notes: As Spawn was attacking Jason Wynn at a reception, Jessica comes her bosses aid and Wynn tells that the creature was Al Simmons. Just as Spawn comes out, Jessica tries to attack him, but is overpowered quickly by Spawn. Just as Spawn pulls out his guns, Jessica says these lines and Spawn shoots and kills her and which caused her to fall from a large height and onto a table with wine glasses and Spawn replies “You’re right.”.

The Specialist[edit]

    • Who: Joe Leon
    • Notes: The mob boss behind the murder of May Munro's parents, he finds a necklace with a picture of May's parents within. As the bomb within beeps, he curses God before he is blown up.

Speed (1994)[edit]

  • What do ya do, huh Jack? What do ya do, you're so smart, right, Jack? Piece of shit! I'm the guy with the plan cause I'm smarter-I'm smarter than you!
    • Who: Howard Payne (Fighting with Sgt. Jack Traven atop a runaway subway train. Seconds later, holds Payne up in front of an oncoming ceiling light. Payne screams just before the light decapitates him. As his body falls off the train, Jack retorts, "Yeah? But I'm TALLER!")

Spider-Man film franchise[edit]

  • Norman? [see Norman thrash] Norman! [vents gas chamber] Norman! [sees Norman continuing to thrash, and suddenly go limp] Oh, my God! [sees heart monitor flatlining] Oh, my God! Norman? Oh, my God! Norman! Norman! [starts doing CPR on Norman, and sees the heart monitor beeping] [Norman: [suddenly wakes up and chokes Stromm] Back to formula?]
    • Who: Dr. Mendel Stromm
    • Notes: Said while Norman Osborn thrashes and flatlines after using the performance enhancing drugs. After Stromm starts doing CPR him, Norman suddenly awakes and kills him.

Spider-Man (2002)[edit]

  • [Peter: Uncle Ben? Uncle Ben? Uncle Ben?] Peter. [Peter: [voice breaking] I'm here, Uncle Ben.] [weakly] Peter.
    • Who: Ben Parker
    • Notes: Character is dying after being shot by a robber that Peter had previously allowed to escape. However, it is later revealed in the third film that Flint Marko was Ben's true but unintentional killer.
  • Don't hurt me. Just give me a chance. Just give me a chance! [Peter: [angrily] What about my uncle? Did you give him a chance? Did you?! Answer me!] [Peter sees the carjacker's face, and realizes, through flashback, that the carjacker was the same guy who stole the money and killed Ben Parker.] [chuckles, and points gun at Peter's head] See ya. [Peter breaks the Carjacker's arm] [scared] No.
    • Who: The Carjacker
    • Notes: Said before falling out a window, after Peter breaks his arm and advances on him.
  • [Peter Parker: I have a father. His name was Ben Parker.] Godspeed, Spider-Man.
  • Oh. [gets impales by his glider, and groans in pain and blood loss] Peter? Don't tell Harry.
    • Who: Norman Osborn
    • Notes: Character is actually the Green Goblin, and wants Peter not to tell Harry that he is. The first line is his last as his Green Goblin persona; he sends his glider at Peter, but misses and accidentally impales himself.

Spider-Man 2 (2004)[edit]

  • I will not die a monster.
    • Who: Otto Octavius/Doctor Octopus
    • Notes: Character had been possessed by the artificial intelligence inside his robotic arms and started experiment that threatened New York City. However, Spider-Man convinces him to see the error of his ways after temporarily disabling his A.I. Doctor Octopus then pulls on the supports of the fusion reactor, causing it and him to fall into the river.

Spider-Man 3 (2007)[edit]

  • Peter! What are you doing?! NO!
    • Who: Eddie Brock Jr./Venom
    • Notes: Character had been possessed by a symbiote and was pulled away by Peter. Peter then throws one of Harry's pumpkin bombs at the symbiote, which Brock tries to intercept. He and the symbiote are destroyed in the following explosion.
  • None of that matters Peter. You're my friend. [Peter: Best friend.]
    • Who: Harry Osborn
    • Notes: Character had been mortally wounded by Venom in the final battle. He had forgiven Peter for attacking him earlier, as well as realizing he was wrong about Peter having supposedly killed his father, the Green Goblin, in the first film, and come to aid him in the fight, but was impaled on his Sky Stick while protecting Peter from Venom.

The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)[edit]

  • Hey!
  • Peter?
    • Who: Ben Parker
    • Notes: The first line is said before he is accidentally shot by a robber that Peter had previously allowed to escape in the theatrical release. The second is said as he looks for his nephew, before being mugged and killed, in the original version.
  • Can you promise me that, eh? Promise me that.
    • Who: Captain George Stacy
    • Notes: He was severely wounded and clawed by Lizard before Spider-Man manages to stop his plan. Said to Spider-Man about keeping his daughter safe before dying.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)[edit]

  • I don't expect forgiveness from you anymore. I don't believe in miracles. How could you possibly understand that your childhood had to be sacrificed, for something greater? And not just for me, for you! Has your hand started to twitch yet, when you lie awake and feel it coming, crawling under your skin, waiting to show itself, to show you who you really are? Retroviral Hyperplasia. I never told you... that it's genetic. Our disease, the "Osborn Curse", and it began at your age. Your hand, give it to me. The greatest inheritance I can give you, isn't merely money. It's this. The sum total of my life's work. Everything I did to stay alive. Maybe you can succeed where I failed.
    • Who: Norman Osborn.
    • Notes: Character had been suffering from a genetic illness, and gives his life's work to his son, Harry, who is about to start suffering the same illness, believing Harry can find a cure for the illness. He is confirmed dead the next day, but it's unknown whether this is the last line he says.
  • Spider-Man, I bet you never saw this coming!
    • Who: Max Dillon/Electro
    • Notes: Character says this line before Gwen bursts in with a Police Car, running over him. He doesn't say any other lines afterwards, and the fight ends with Spider-Man and Gwen charging him with too much electricity, blowing him up.
  • Peter!
    • Who: Gwen Stacy
    • Notes: Said to Spider-Man before falling to her death.

The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004)[edit]

  • Come on, kiddies, have some ice cream. [SpongeBob and Patrick scream in terror] I'll let you pet Mr. Whiskers! [the part of the tongue shaped like her cat Mr. Whiskers, who meowed. Both SpongeBob and Patrick screamed even more]
    • Who: Rockfish
    • Who: Dennis
    • Notes: Says this before he hits a catamaran, where Patrick responds to that by saying "See ya!".

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut[edit]

  • WHAT?!!!
    • Who: Kenny
    • Notes: Said when the doctors replaced Kennys heart with a baked potato which give him only a few seconds to live and later on he died when his chest explodes. Kenny came back from the dead later on in future South Park episodes.
  • What have I done?
    • Who: Conan
    • Notes: was said after terrance and philip's arrest and then he commits suicide by falling into a car.
    • Who: Baldwin guy
    • Notes: Was said when the Canadians bombed the Baldwins. They missed one but the next plane bombed that guy.
  • Terrance!
    • Who: Philip
    • Notes: says when Sheila shot Terrance. She then shoots Philip but later on Kenny’s wish bring the two Canadians back from the dead.
  • Who: Saddam
    • Notes: Said when Satan threw him into a spike which stabbed his heart. He came back from the dead in later South Park episodes.

Star Wreck: In the Pirkinning (2005)[edit]

  • Oh, shit.
    • Who: Festerbester
    • Note: Festerbester's actual last words, when the Excavator is finally destroyed. He intended to say something different as his last words, as he thought the Excavator was about to be destroyed for the first time.
  • We have nothing to be worried about!
    • Who: Fukov
    • Note: Said before his ship USSSR Kalinka crashes to Earth and explodes.
  • Nuts!
    • Who: Garybrandy
    • Note: Fails to stop self-destruction of Babel 13.

Steel Magnolias (1989)[edit]

  • Let's go call Daddy, okay?
    • Who: Shelby Eatenton

Stargate (1994)[edit]

  • I will send it myself!
    • Who: Anubis:
    • Note: Said in alien language volunteering to send the nuclear bomb to devastate Earth. He engages Col. Jack in a fierce fight over the nuke. Despite Anubis's skills, Jack quips to him "Give my regards to King Tut, asshole!" then forces the teleporter rings to cut off his head.
  • I am no longer amused. You will die together.
    • Who: Ra
    • Note: Said in alien language trying to kill Dr. Jackson by frying his brain. Thankfully, Col. Jack O'Neil forces the transporter rings to cut off Ra's hand. With his army at a disadvantage, Ra decides to escape on his pyramid ship. Seeing no other option, Jack and Jackson teleport the nuclear bomb to the ship and vaporize Ra in the explosion.

Star Trek[edit]

See last words in Star Trek media.

Star Wars[edit]

See last words in Star Wars media.

Starship Troopers (1997)[edit]

  • At least I got to have you.
    • Who: Dizzy Flores (Dina Meyer)
    • Note: Said to Rico before dying from her wounds after their squad was attacked by bugs.
  • One day, someone like gonna kill you, and your whole fucking race.
    • Who: Zander Barcalow
    • Note: Said to the brain bug before it kills him by using its proboscis to pierce his head and suck out his brain.

Storks (2016)[edit]

  • Oh, no.
    • Who: Hunter
    • Note: He tried to escape, but thick wiring was blocking the emergency exit hatch, leaving him trapped inside the robot. Then, several small birds that he abused by playing golf over the years, stood on the machine, and caused it and the delivery service building to fall. As a final resort, he made an attempt to take Junior and Tulip down with him, but failed when Junior starts flying again. It's unknown whether Hunter survived the fall or not, but he never appeared for the rest of the movie. With Hunter and the package delivery factory gone, Junior was made the new boss and babies were delivered again.

Stuart Little (1999)[edit]

  • Oh, this water's damn cold! I can't believe this! [shakes] Beaten by a mouse and his pet cat! What could be worse?! [the dogs' barks are heard offscreen; voice fading] Oh, nice doggies! No! NOOOO!!!
    • Who: Smokey.
    • Note: Smokey gets out of the water after Stuart smack his head with the branches. Then, a pack of dogs is heard chasing Smokey offscreen and killing him.

Stuart Little 2 (2002)[edit]

  • The party's over, fur-face!
    • Who: Falcon
    • Note: He had made an enemy out of the mouse Stuart Little by forcing his bird friend, Margalo, to do his bidding. During an aerial battle between Falcon and Stuart in his toy plane, Stuart suddenly parachuted away after briefly blinding him with the Sun's reflection caused by his mother's ring. Falcon collided with the plane and fell to his death in a trashcan. His remains were most likely eaten by Monty, a cat searching for food in that very trashcan.

Suicide Club (2002)[edit]

  • They're not the enemy.
    • Who: Kuroda
    • Note: Said before shooting himself out of grief after his whole family was murdered.
  • We have to do it now. We promised them.
    • Who: female high school student
    • Note: Said by her as she forces a classmate off the roof because of a suicide pact they made with a group of other students. She then follows.

Sunset Boulevard (1950)[edit]

  • Goodbye, Norma.
    • Who: Joe Gillis
    • Note: He decides he's had enough of living with Norma's antics and walks out on her. She threatens to shoot herself but, out of rage, shoots Joe for being insensitive toward her feelings.

Sunshine (2007)[edit]

  • For seven years, I spoke to God. He told me to brings us all to heaven.
  • Neither did I. But you will find the sunshine.
    • Who: Captain Pinbacker
    • Notes: First line is his actual last words, said while attack Cappa, before the skin on his arm is torn off. He is killed in the subsequent explosion. Second line is his original last words in a deleted scene, said when Cappa tells him he doesn't believe in God, before he throws himself to his death.
  • Finish it.
    • Who: Cassie
    • Notes: Said to Robert Cappa, after being injured in a fall, telling him to detonate the bomb. Is killed in the explosion.
  • Please...please...
    • Who: Robert Cappa
    • Notes: Said while trying to get the bomb to work, before it triggers and kills him.


Surrogates (2009)[edit]

  • Get lost, meatbag.
    • Who: Jarid Canter
    • Note: Character says this line, through a surrogate robot, to a human biker, later revealed to be Miles Strickland. Strickland destroys Jarid's surrogate and that of Cameron McCallister instantly afterwards, which is revealed to have also killed them both in reality, due to the nature of the weapon used.
  • I swear, I couldn't tell you if my life depended on it!
    • Who: Miles Strickland
    • Note: Character says this line to the Prophet, who is interrogating him about the weapon, before killing him and confiscating the weapon.
  • Really, doctor, you should learn to live with your regrets. Now give me the gun.
    • Who: Andrew Stone
    • Note: Character says this line, through his surrogate, to Agent Peters' surrogate as it is being controlled by Dr Canter, to confront him about his intentions. Stone is then zapped with the anti-surrogate weapon, destroying the surrogate and killing Stone in real life.
  • You're too late. What I've done can't be stopped. Now you're gonna be a witness to the rebirth of humanity. That's my gift to you.
    • Who: Dr Lionel Canter
    • Note: Character says this line after completing what he believes to be the most important part of his plan to upload a virus from the weapon to the worldwide surrogate network, which would destroy all surrogates worldwide and kill anyone connected to them. Confident and satisfied that the plan's success is now inevitable, Canter then commits suicide with a cyanide capsule.

The Swan Princess[edit]

  • [Derek: King William!] Derek...I... [Derek: Who did this?] It came so quickly...A Great...Animal. [Derek: Where is Odette?] Listen to me, Derek. It's not what it seems. It's not what it seems. [Derek: What's not? Where is Odette?] Odette is...Odette is...Gone. [dies] [Derek: [shocked] ODEEEEEEEEEEEETTE!!!!!!!!]
    • Who: King William
    • Source: The Swan Princess (1994)
    • Note: King William was attacked by The Great Animal.
  • [Derek: [in tears; to the sky] I made a vow for her. Do you hear me?! THE VOW I MADE WAS FOR HEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!] [appears] No need to shout. [Derek: [grabs him] Don't let her die.] Is that a threat? [Derek: Don't you dare let her die!] Oh, it is a threat. [Derek: You're the only one with the power. Now, DO IT!] [knocks him to the ground] Only if you [transforms into The Great Animal]
    • Who: Rothbart
    • Source: The Swan Princess (1994)
    • Note: Rothbart turns into The Great Animal, and Prince Derek killed him by shooting an arrow into his heart and sent him plunging into Swan Lake, exploding on contact.

The Swarm (1978)[edit]

  • That came from the corridor. Cover me, I'll go look!
    • Who: Jerry
    • Note: One of General Slater's men working at the underground missile base in Marysville, Texas. He tests the alarm system which serves to attract the Africanized honey bees. He says this which is confirmed in a taped recording of the gone-wrong alarm test. He is killed along with everyone in the missile base, this sets the stage for Dr. Bradford Crane to investigate the situation.
  • Well, what. We're outta... We're outta control!
    • Who: Air Search One Pilot
    • Note: One of General Slater's pilots investigating black mass of bees attacking Texas. He spots them and when they swarm his chopper, he says this before his chopper crashes into the ground.
  • Ah, I can't sir! I'm losing power! OH MY GOD!
    • Who: Air Search Two-Eight Pilot
    • Note: One of General Slater's pilots investigating black mass of bees attacking Texas. When the bees swarm his chopper, Slater tries to warn him for evasive action, but this pilot says he can't. Seconds later, his chopper crashes killing him instantly.
  • Yeah, okay.
    • Who: Paul Durant
    • Note: A kid who was afflicted with the venom of the killer bees after watching his parents die. In the aftermath of the Marysville attack by the swarm, he says this when advised by Crane to go back to the hospital. Sadly, the strain is too much for him and he dies.
  • Well, I suppose that's so; But I can't shake this feeling that something's closing in on all of us.
    • Who: Maureen Schuester
    • Note: A Marysville school teacher in a triangle of love with Mayor Tuttle and retiree Felix Austin. On the train ride away from Marysville, she says this fearing the bees will finish them off. The bees indeed cause the train to fly off the tracks and likely kill her and her would-be lovers. The total of survivors from the crash are said to be only seventeen.
  • The bees! Let's get the hell outta here!
    • Who: Dr. Hubbard
    • Note: One of Dr. Bradford Crane's friends in the fight against the Africanized honey bees attacking Texas. He tries to convince Dr. Andrews to shut down the nuclear plant which is in the path of the bees. He says this when the bees attack; He and Andrews are unable to outrun the swarm which overwhelms them and kills them in the nuclear power plant explosion. This leaves the body count and thirty-six thousand, four hundred and twenty-two lives lost to the swarm.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007)[edit]

  • What d'you say to that, now, [affects Italian accent] Mr. Sweeney Todd?
    • Who: David Connelly, a.k.a. Adolfo Pirelli (Sasha Baron Cohen)
    • Note: Pirelli has revealed himself to be a fraud and is attempting to blackmail Todd, remembering him from 'the old days' when he was Benjamin Barker. He laughs at Todd, who then becomes enraged and bashes him repeatedly with a kettle. When this fails to kill him, he slits his throat with a straight razor.
  • Now, where shall I cut?
    • Who: Mr. Fogg, the head of the asylum
    • Note: Anthony has entered the asylum pretending to be a wigmaker's apprentice to free Johanna. He pretends to need her hair, and when Fogg goes to cut it, Anthony pulls a gun and leaves with Johanna. Fogg is then killed by the lunatics he imprisons (and foully calls his "children").
  • Hey, don't I know you, mister...?
    • Who: Beggar Woman/Lucy
    • Note: Spoken to her husband, Benjamin Barker, a.k.a. Sweeney Todd, who does not recognize her and kills her in a panicked rush as the Judge approaches.
  • Benjamin Barker!
    • Who: Judge Turpin (Alan Rickman)
    • Note: Said after realizing that Sweeney Todd, the barber shaving him, is a man that he sentenced to prison in order to get his wife. Sweeney then shouts "BENJAMIN BARKER!" and viciously stabs the judge repeatedly before slitting his throat. Turpin dies of blood loss a few minutes later.
  • Just keep living it / Really living it-!
    • Who: Mrs. Lovett (Helena Bonham Carter)
    • Note: Sung along with Todd before he throws her into her bake oven and slams the door, causing her to burn to death.
  • There was a barber and his wife / And she was beautiful / A foolish barber and his wife / She was his reason and his life / And she was beautiful / and she was virtuous / and he was...
    • Who: Sweeney Todd (Johnny Depp)
    • Note: Sung while holding the dead body of his wife, whom he unknowingly killed. He is then murdered by Toby, his would-be honorary son.

Sword of the Valiant (1984)[edit]

  • Casper! Shoot him!
    • Who: Oswald
    • Note: A lustful prince who commands an army led by his father Baron Fortinbras. During his fight with Gawain, he desperately cries this out to his bowman Casper to help him, but Baron Fortinbraas forbids outside interference. Gawain impales the prince with his sword and declares "That's one score settled." then Fortinbras insists to be taken away from the battleground.
  • The full circle of the year... has turned... Just as every green shoot of spring returns at last to the earth from which it woke to life so return I...
    • Who: Green Knight
    • Note: The knight who challenges Gawain to a little contest to solve a riddle within a year's time. When Gawain fails, he and the knight have a duel. Gawain cuts a mortal wound into the knight and seeing that his opponent has won, the Green Knight gives this monologue as he fades away into dust.


The Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974)[edit]

  • Excuse me, do you people still execute in this state? [Garber: What? Oh, execute. No, not at the moment.] Pity.
    • Who: Bernard Ryder/Mr. Blue
    • Notes: The leader of the subway highjacking gang demanding a $1 Million ransom, having been cornered, Mr. Blue/Ryder asks if New York will execute for his crimes, then receives a negative from Garber. Mr. Blue says it's a pity, then steps on the 3rd rail and fries himself.

The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)[edit]

  • You're my goddamn hero.
    • Who: Ryder/Dennis Ford
    • Notes: The man behind the highjacking of Pelham 123, Garber confronts Ryder/Dennis Ford on the Manhattan Bridge. Not wanting to face jail time, Ryder gives the dispatcher a 10-second countdown to execute him. In the final seconds of the countdown, Garber shoots him. Before drawing his dying breath, Ryder brands his killer his hero.

Talk Radio (1988)[edit]

  • Sure, what did you say your name was?
    • Who: Barry Champlaine
    • Note: Said to a man asking him for an autograph, before said man pulls out a gun and shoots him.

Tango & Cash (1989)[edit]

  • Let them come, Mr. Perret.
    • Who: Quan
    • Notes: One of Perret's henchmen, Quan, decides to allow Tango & Cash inside of the compound. He is soon killed in a shootout with the cops.
  • Well pretty boy, I'd like you to watch me pleasure your sister slow and easy. But I only got a few minutes to carve you up!
    • Who: Requin
    • Notes: Perret's British henchman, Requin holding Tango's sister, Katherine hostage, tosses her aside to "carve up" the cop duo. After their fight, Cash holds a grenade and tells him "You never talked about Plan C, asshole." then throws the armed grenade into his pants and dares "You think it's a dud?!" Requin is punched away and the grenade does this time explode, blowing up Requin.
  • Business as usual. And you, will be a meaningless headwound.
    • Who: Yves Perret
    • Notes: A drug smuggler and longtime nemesis of Tango & Cash, Perret, holding Katherine at gunpoint announces he will leave. Just as he prepares to execute Katherine, Tango & Cash kill him with two headshots.

Tank Girl (1995)[edit]

  • It's not's not's not, it's not, it's not...
    • Who: Kesslee (Malcolm McDowell)
    • Note: Last words after Tank Girl plugs a device into Kesslee's body, which sucks all the water out of him.
  • Fuck me.
    • Who: Sergeant Small
    • Note: Said after trying to escape the Water and Power HQ by jet; while getting into the cockpit, he notices the laser sight of a gun aimed at his head. Rebecca/Jet Girl (who has the gun) responds with "How many times do I have to tell you? I don't want to." then shoots him.

Taxi Driver (1976)[edit]

  • Get the fuck out of here, man! Get outta here!
    • Who: 'Sport' Matthew
    • Note: Character says this after an arguement with Travis, while throwing his cigarette at him and kicking him. Travis responds by pulling out a gun and shooting him in the gut. Sport then draws his own gun and shoots Travis in the neck, but this doesn't kill Travis who shoots Sport another three times, killing him.
  • You crazy son of a bitch! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! I'll kill you! Ugh! I'll kill you!
    • Who: Doorman
    • Note: Said to Travis near the end of the climactic shootout, tackling him in a rage after Travis blew his hand off. Travis is then able to stab his other hand with a knife, shooting him in the head afterwards.
  • [pointing finger to his head like a gun] Pgghew! Pgghew! Pgghew!
    • Who: Travis Bickle
    • Note: After being critically wounded in a shootout, Travis is approached by police. He looks at them, mimics the gun shot above, and presumably dies. (The following sequence at the end of the film may be only his mind).

A Taxi Driver (2017)[edit]

  • Take care of yourself! Don't worry about us!
    • Who: Hwang Tae-sool
    • Note: A local Gwangju taxi driver. While the ROK forces are in hot pursuit, Hwang bids these to Seoul taxi driver Kim Man-seob and German news reporter Jurgen "Peter" Hinzpeter. To buy time for them to escape, Hwang sets his taxi cab into reverse and rams into the ROK pursuit group. He does not survive.

Team America: World Police (2004)[edit]

  • [Gary: Susan Sarandon!] Oh, thank God. We have stop the ceremony; Kim Jong-Il is mad! Here, let me loose. I'll show you where the theater is. [Chris: All right.] [Gary: No! Chris, stay away from her!] [Chris: Fuck you. She wants to help us.] [Gary: No, Chris. She's acting.] I am not. The others tied me up because I wouldn't go along with their plans. [Gary: You're skills are fading with age, Ms. Sarandon.] You shall die a peasant's death!
    • Who: Susan Sarandon
    • Notes: Character unsuccessfully attempted to convince Gary and Chris that she was a prisoner of the actors, and attempted to get up to gun them down. However, Gary recognizes that she is just acting and shoots her with his assault rifle, sending her falling to her death.
  • Let's go, bitch! I've done action films. Come on!
    • Who: Helen Hunt
    • Notes: Sarah, using a sword, slashed her in half after a duel.
    • Who: Matt Damon
    • Note: Matt Damon has his neck snapped while fighting near the end of the movie. His only lines in the movie are him saying his name repeatedly throughout the film.
  • Come on! Stop tryin' to hit me, and hit me!
    • Who: Samuel L. Jackson
    • Note: Said after being annoyed with not being hit. He says this line, and Chris obliges and kicks his head and mouth open, killing him instantly.
  • Don't fucking move! Now, isn't that a shame? You came so close to stopping peace, but you see, peace always finds a way. Goodbye, Team America. [Chris: I've just got one piece of bad news for you, Robbins.] What's that? [Chris: I'm a smoker.]
    • Who: Tim Robbins
    • Notes: Character had the team at gunpoint, but Chris throws a lit cigarette at some gasoline that he had spilled on the ground, igniting it and burning Robbins alive. In a deleted scene, Chris said that cigarettes "can save your life."
  • warming...and corporate America... [Kim Jong-Il: [angrily growls] YOU ARE WORTHLESS, ALEC BALDWIN!]
    • Who: Alec Baldwin
    • Notes: After Gary has turned the dignitaries at the peace conference against Kim Jong-Il with his "dicks, pussies and assholes" speech, Kim Jong-Il demands that Alec Baldwin do something. When Alec attempts to mesmerize the crowd with a speech again (although having completely lost his composure and charisma), Kim Jong-Il gets angry, and deems him worthless, firing on him with an assault rifle, killing him when his head explodes.

Tears of the Sun (2003)[edit]

  • Guess we're there...right boss?
    • Who: Michael 'Slo' Slowenski
    • Note: Said in regards to trying to make it to the extraction point.
  • Come on! Go! Come on!
    • Who: Terwase
    • Note: Screamed to his troops as they pursue Lt. Waters, moments before he is blown up by a missile strike.

The Ten Commandments (1956)[edit]

  • Who are you?! [Moses: [while strangling him] One who asks what right you have to kill a slave!] The right of a master to kill you or any slave! [Moses: Then kill me, master butcher!] [realizing his identity] MOSES!
    • Who: Baka
    • Note: The Master Builder for the city of Thebes. When Moses moves to save Joshua from being lashed to death by Baka, he identifies himself causing Baka to be surprised at his attacker before being strangled to death.

Terminator films[edit]

See last words in Terminator media.

The Last Stand[edit]

  • Now we finished talkin'. You get the hell outta here!
    • Who: Parsons
    • Notes: A milk farmer in Sommerton is approached by Burrell who's preposing a commercial to be filmed on his farm. It is actually part of a plan to get Gabriel Cortez into Mexico. Parsons warns Burrell to leave, and is told to "take the lead" before being shot in the head.
  • He likes you, too.
    • Who: Deputy Jerry Bailey
    • Notes: A deputy under Ray Owens, Jerry is shot by Burrell's goons. After getting in Owens' car for safety, he knows his friend Frank Martinez likes fellow deputy Sarah Torrance, then he dies of his injury.
  • Who the hell are you?
    • Who: Thomas Burrell
    • Notes: Gabriel Cortez's top henchman. Being cornered on a school bus after part of his ear is shot by Owens, Burrell asks who he is, before being shot dead. Owens answers "I am the Sheriff.".

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning (2006)[edit]

  • Oh Lord, help me!
    • Who: Sloane
    • Notes: Said while giving birth to her son the future Leatherface, she dies a few seconds later.
  • I'm your friend, Hewitt!
    • Who: Thomas Hewitt's (ex) boss
    • Notes: Character is a slauterhouse/meat packiging plant owner. He fires his employee Thomas Brown "Leatherface" Hewitt and when he refuses to leave, his boss calls him a "retard who belongs in the shit hole." Insulted, Thomas kills him with a sledgehammer, before dying, the boss says the above line to try to make his attacker stop to no effect.

Theatre of Blood (1973)[edit]

  • You...It's you! But you're dead...!
    • Who: George Maxwell
    • Note: Said after being cut to the point of bleeding to death by Lionheart's drunken friends. Edward Lionheart who wants revenge on the Critics Circle that ruined his career simply replies, "Another critical miscalculation on your part, dear boy. I'm fine. It is YOU who are dead." He is buried while Lionheart quotes one of his Shakespeare plays Julius Caesar.
  • Lionheart, I came here for an interview, not for a lecture on Shakespeare. Now, tell us this remarkable story of your resurrection. [Edward Lionheart: Its a grave tale, Snipe, and difficult to write, but I am sure you can rise to the occasion.] [Edward launches Hector Snipe onto the stage with the meths drinkers surrounding him] Stand back! Get out of the way!
    • Who: Hector Snipe
    • Note: Said as he tries to get the story on Lionheart's survival of his fall when he almost killed himself. Being used for a rehearsal of Troyius and Cressida, Hector is dragged before Lionheart on stage who quotes "The dragon wing of night oerspreads the earth, My half-suppd spear, that frankly would have fed, Pleased with this dainty bait, thus goes to bed!" and runs Hector through with the spear. He then ties the lifeless critic to a horse to send a warning to Devlin's Critics Circle.
  • Oh, dear. Was I?
    • Who: Horace Sprout
    • Note: Said while sleeping in bed with his wife never knowing that Edward and Edwina have snuck into his home hiding in a trunk. In a recreation of Cymbeline, the Lionhearts quietly cut off his head. The next morning, the murder is discovered by the maid and his wife.
  • Lionheart... [Edward Lionheart: [getting ready to cut out Dickman's heart] Do you still think that my Shylock was inadequate? That is the adjective you used, I believe. inadequate.] No, no. The best. The best! I always said you were the best. [Edward Lionheart: No, the best is given the Critics Award! Why did you vote against me?!] I didn't, it was Devlin. Now let me go, please. LET ME GO! [Edward Lionheart: Devlin? You craven scum. You're hardly worth the trouble and expense of this special performance.] Oh, NO, NO, NO!!!
    • Who: Trevor Dickman
    • Note: Said while trying to defend Devlin's decision on giving the Critics Circle award for Best Actor of the Year to an up-and-coming William Woodstock. Edward doesn't buy it and cuts out Dickman's heart to write his own conclusion of The Merchant of Venice. After that, Edward sends Dickman's heart as a warning to Devlin.
  • Oh, no, no, please, please. Oh, please...No, no! No, don't! No, please don't!
    • Who: Clarence Larding
    • Note: Said when Edward wants to recreate a scene from Richard III in the basement of a wine store. The meths drinkers then forcefeed Larding a barrel of wind and drown him while Edward quips "I wonder if he'll travel well."
  • Don't. Don't, please. You don't understand. No! No! No!
    • Who: Maisie Psaltery
    • Note: Said whilst Solomon Psaltery has been manipulated by Edward Lionheart into thinking his wife is having an affair in a manner similar to the play Othello. Solomon suffocates her with a pillow and Edward gets away leaving Solomon to be taken in by the police for the murder.
  • What are you doing? You know, I'm very uncomfortable. I can't move.
    • Who: Chloe Moon
    • Note: Said while getting her hair curled and hands tied down by Butch (who is actually Edward Lionheart). Lionheart remembers the story of Henry VI, Part 1 where Joan of Arc was burned at the stake for witchcraft. The disguised Edwina gags Chloe Moon to prevent her from yelping for help clearly. Edward then powers up the curlers while quoting his play and sets it to maximum power eventually frying her.
  • [Edward Lionheart: Will you ever again ruin the reputation of an honest man?] No! [Edward Lionheart: [feeds Meredith some of the pie made from his dogs] Have you learnt your lesson?] Yes. [Edward Lionheart: Can I be certain that you will never again offend me?!] Yes!
    • Who: Meredith Merridew
    • Note: Said while being forced to eat a pie made from the two dogs he was looking after. To make certain of his word, Edward quotes Titus Andronicus as he sets a basin of the pie in Meredith's mouth then uses a plunger to force it down until he chokes to death.
  • Horatio to Fortinbras. We are stopping. They are getting out. [ train is whistling on Dogge's radio end] I hear a train whistle. Yes, I can definitely identify it as a train. T-R-A-
    • Who: Sgt. Dogge
    • Note: Said while radioing his partner Inspector Boot on Edwina leaving the car and onto train tracks. As a result, the train crashes into Edwina's car and kills Dogge. This is heard form Boot's radio conversation.
  • We are not the first. Who, with best meaning, have incurred the worst. For thee, oppressed king, am I cast down.
    • Who: Edwina Lionheart
    • Note: Said after getting her skull cracked by the female Meths Drinker with the Critics Circle award trophy which was meant for Edward Lionheart (but Devlin awarded it to William Woodstock since Edward's performances in his perspective lacked originality). Edwina then passes away in her father's arms.
  • Had I your tongues and eyes, I'd use them so that heavens vault should crack! She's gone forever! I know when one is dead, and when one lives; She's dead as earth.
    • Who: Edward Lionheart
    • Note: Said as he mourns the loss of his daughter while firefighting crews battle the blaze at the old theatre which Lionheart had caused while quoting his final play King Lear. Just then, a flare shoots up and burns Edward alive causing him to fall to his death into the burning theatre.

Thelma & Louise (1991)[edit]

  • You sure?
    • Who: Louise Elizabeth Sawyer
  • Yeah. Hit it.
    • Who: Thelma Yvonne Dickinson (Geena Davis)
    • Note: After being chased to the edge of the Grand Canyon in their car, Thelma and Louise decide to face death rather than be captured by the police, so they drive right over the edge of the Grand Canyon.

There Will Be Blood (2007)[edit]

  • I met a man in King City who said he was your brother. We were friends for months, working in King City. And he wanted to make his way to you Daniel. We didn’t have any money. He died of tuberculosis. He wasn’t harmed. He wasn’t killed, nothing bad. But he told me about you. I just took his story, used his diary. Daniel… Daniel? I’m your friend. I’m not trying to hurt you, just survive.
    • Who: Henry Brands
    • Note: Character is shot in the head at point-blank range by Daniel after he makes this explanation.
  • We're family! We're brothers! We're brothers! Daniel, please forgive me, I beg you-
    • Who: Eli Sunday
    • Note: After this line is said, Daniel beats him to death with a bowling pin.

They Live (1988)[edit]

  • Fuck it.
    • Who: Nada
    • Note: Said before destroying a satellite dish which disguised the aliens living among them (aliens were disguised as humans to control the world's resources). Nada is shot by the police when he shoots the satellite.
  • Well?
    • Who: Frank
    • Note: Last words to Nada when he and Nada storm the Cable 54 station to try and destroy the satellite dish. On their way up, they find Holly (who Nada was attracted to) but she ends up double crossing them and shoots Frank.

The Thing (1982)[edit]

  • Who's that?
    • Who: Fuchs
    • Note: Said while trying to hunt an intruder after the power in his quarters fails. Minutes later, MacReady, Nauls and Windows find the lifeless Fuchs burned suggesting he was burned by a Thing, or burned himself before the Thing could assimilate him.
  • Yo.
    • Who: Windows
    • Note: Said when ordered by MacReady to tie down Palmer to see which of the remaining crew has been assimilated. Using blood flowing from slit thumbs, MacReady realizes Windows was not affected and regains a modicum of his trust. When Palmer fails the test and reveals he has become a Thing, MacReady orders Windows to burn it alive. Frozen with fear, the Palmer-Thing brutally eats Windows' head and tosses him aside. Before a Windows-Thing can be formed, MacReady reluctantly burns himm after killing the Palmer-Thing.

The Three Musketeers (1993)[edit]

  • I might have been mistaken.
    • Who: Rochefort
    • Note: Spoken to D'Artagan, after being stabbed at the end of a fight he was convinced he would win. Just before this, he had said: "One thing is certain, you are no Musketeer."

Thunderbolt and Lightfoot (1974)[edit]

  • I believe you're right.
    • Who: Lightfoot
    • Notes: John "Thunderbolt" Doherty's partner. As he and Lightfoot drive on celebrating their victory over their heist, Lightfoot believes Thunderbolt is right about his condition. Earlier, Red Leary had beaten Lightfoot to the point where his skull would be breached. After saying this, Lightfoot dies of his internal injuries with a smile.

Timeline (2003)[edit]

  • Take me with you...
    • Who: Sir De Kere/Robert Decker
    • Note: Said to Andre Marek, after being mortally wounded, when Marek reaches to take De Kere's chip, used for returning to the present.

Timecop (1994)[edit]

  • Maaax!!!
    • Who: Melissa Walker
    • Notes: Max Walker's wife. Just before she could tell Max she was pregnant, the Walker's home is attacked by a gang of henchmen under Senator McComb from the future. She tries to yell out to Max, but their home and Melissa are blown up. Later, Max learns that McComb messed with the events of the past and makes things right, reviving Melissa in the future.
  • Take care of yourself, Max.
    • Who: Lyle Atwood
    • Notes: Max Walker's former partner working with McComb, he is taken from the Great Depression era to face trial. As he is found guilty for refusing to testify against McComb, Lyle bids this to Max before his death sentence is carried out, with Lyle landing fatally on a 1920s car. It is unknown if he is seen again after McComb is destroyed.
  • Keep him away from me. [Max: The same matter can't occupy the same space. I'm still kicking. I must be on Broadway.] Nooo!!!
    • Who: Future Aaron McComb
    • Notes: The future incarnation of Senator Aaron McComb from the future trying to be president. As part of his plan to rule over time, he intends to kill Max Walker and his family in the past. However, the past McComb arrives at Walker's home. While Melissa breaks free, the future McComb injures Max's wife. Then, he tries to keep the younger part of him away, but Max reminds him of how the same matter can't be in the same space, and gloats with his kicking skills, he could be on broadway. Max then kicks the younger McComb into the older one, then the two become a bloody mass that begins to dissolve until there is nothing left.

Titanic (1997)[edit]

  • Daddy, it's a ship.
    • Who: Cora Cartmell
    • Note: Her father says to her, "It's a pretty big boat, huh?" just before they leave. Cora says this line, correcting him. This is her only line. Cora's death is seen in a deleted scene entitled, "Cora's Fate".
  • Captain. Captain, where should I go?
    • Who: Third-Class lady
    • Note: Asks Captain Smith this, but he does not respond. Later, the lady is seen floating dead in the water holding her baby.
  • Where you go, I go.
    • Who: Ida Straus
    • Note: Said in a deleted scene. Ida and Isador, her husband who she said the line to, are later seen lying in bed as their room floods with water.
  • No, thank you. We are dressed in our best and are prepared to go down as gentlemen. But we would like a brandy.
    • Who: Benjamin Guggenheim
    • Note: Was offered a lifebelt, but turned it down. Later, he is seen sitting by the staircase with water surging toward him as he watches with a horrified expression.
  • What could possibly be funny?
  • [deleted scene] You little shit.
    • Who: Lovejoy
    • Note: After attempting to shoot Rose and Jack, Cal comes up the stairs just as Lovejoy enters. Cal laughs. Lovejoy asks why he is laughing, leading Cal to tell Lovejoy that Rose is wearing the coat that the Heart of the Ocean is in. Later on, Lovejoy can be seen clinging to a rail as the ship splits apart beneath him. The second line is from a deleted scene where he fights with Jack (revealing how he had blood on his face where he dies), who punches Lovejoy and rams his head twice, gloating "Compliments of the Chippewa Falls Dawson's!" before socking his gut.
  • [Murdoch: Stay back!] Will you give us a chance to live, you limey bastard?! [Murdoch: I'll shoot any man who tries to get past me! Get back!] Bastard!
    • Who: Tommy Ryan
    • Note: Spoken to First Officer William Murdoch, who is refusing to let any men into lifeboats. A few seconds later, Murdoch, who believes Tommy is trying to get into a lifeboat (Someone accidentally pushes Tommy forward), shoots him in the gut. Tommy dies immediately. This incident never happened in real life.
  • [Cal: We had a deal, damn it! [throws money at Cal]] Your money can't save you any more than it can save me. Get back!
    • Who: First Officer William Murdoch
    • Note: Says this while denying Hockley's permission to board a lifeboat. Someone pushes Tommy Ryan forward, leading Murdoch to believe Tommy is trying to get in. He shoots Tommy, then, realizing he has killed an innocent man, he salutes Chief Officer Henry Wilde, who sees Murdoch put a gun to his head and yells "No, Will!", but he shoots himself in the head, and falls into the water. This was not the case in reality, since no one truly knows if he did shoot himself.
  • Bastardo!
    • Translation: Bastard!
    • Who: Fabrizio De Rossi
    • Note: Says this because William Murdoch has shot Tommy Ryan, a good friend of Fabrizio's, dead. Later on, he is crushed by a falling funnel. Fabrizio's last word is the same as Tommy's, except Italian.
  • [Rose: Wait, wait, wait! Mr. Andrews.] Oh, Rose. [Rose: Won't you even make a try for it?] I'm sorry that I didn't build you a stronger ship, young Rose. [Jack: It's goin' fast. We have to move.] Wait. [gives Rose lifebelt] Good luck to you, Rose. [Rose: And to you.]
    • Who: Thomas Andrews
    • Said to Rose, lamenting his failure to correct the ship's design flaws, before she hugs him good-bye and leaves with Jack. He makes no attempt to save himself and perishes when the Titanic sinks. How Andrews actually died in reality is unknown.
  • And so, they live for 300 years in the Land of Tir Na Nog, the Land of Eternal Youth and Beauty.
    • Who: Irish mother
    • Note: Telling her children a bedtime story as the ship sinks, not having been able to get off. The children do not seem to understand what is going on.
  • Gentleman, it has been a privilege playing with you tonight.
    • Who: Wallace Hartley, bandmaster of the Titanic orchestra
    • Note: Says this to the other band members as water surges toward them. The band had chosen to stay behind and continue playing a heartfelt performance of Nearer My God to Thee.
  • No! You'll swamp us!
    • Who: Caledon "Cal" Hockley
    • Note: Yells this as people swarm the lifeboat he is in, and he fights them off. These are his last spoken words in the movie; Rose reveals that 17 years later, he committed suicide by shooting himself with a pistol in his mouth after the Wall Street Crash of 1929 financially ruined him.
  • Get those breakers in! Keep them in!
    • Who: Chief Engineer Joseph Bell
    • Note: Gives this order to the workers while struggling to maintain the ship's electrical power as it sinks. He dies off-screen moments later when the ship breaks apart.
  • Return the boats!
    • Who: Chief Officer Henry Wilde
    • Note: Tries to recall the lifeboats to pick up people in the water after the ship goes down. By the time Fifth Officer Harold Lowe comes looking for survivors, Wilde has succumbed to hypothermia.
  • Promise me now, Rose...and never let go of that promise. [Rose: I promise.] Never let go. [Rose: I will never let go, Jack. I'll never let go.]
    • Who: Jack Dawson
    • Note: Said to Rose. Realizing that he will not survive, he makes Rose, who is lying down a wooden board, promise him that she will not give up and that she will live on, as he slowly dies of hypothermia. Rose later sees a lifeboat coming and tries to tell Jack, but Jack has died. Rose, remembering the promise she made to Jack, lets go of his hand, causing him to sink below the water after she says, "I'll never let go. I promise."

To Live and Die in L.A. (1985)[edit]

  • How you doing, pal. This is from Jimmy Hart from the desert. Remember this? Suck on that for a while.
    • Who: Richard Chance (William L. Peterson)
    • Note: Said to Rick Master's right before being shot by one of Rick's henchmen.
  • Why didn't you take the deal Grimmes offered ya? Wouldn't blow over on your partner, huh?

Tombstone (1993)[edit]

  • Remember what I said about seein' a light when you die? It ain't true. I can't see a damn thing.

Tomorrowland (2015)[edit]

  • The girl.
    • Who: Ursula Gernsback
    • Note: Said before Athena decapitates her and self-destructs.
  • Crazy enough to imagine. Crazy enough to imagine...
    • Who: Hugo Gernsback
    • Note: Said after he is accidentally impaled by Ursula and before he self-destructs.
  • You wanna tell me what's going on here, son?
    • Who: Police Captain
    • Note: Said before Dave Clark (who is revealed to be a robot) disintigrates him with a plasma gun.
  • John Francis Walker, by authority of Governor Nix, this unit has been authorized to extinguish your life.
    • Who: Dave Clark
    • Note: Said before he is blown apart.
  • Goodbye, Frank.
    • Who: Athena
    • Note: Said before she shuts down and self-destructs.
  • Oh, bollocks.
    • Who: David Nix
    • Note: Said before he is crushed to death by the Monitor's remains.

Top Gun films[edit]

Top Gun (1986)[edit]

  • I'm trying! I'm trying!
    • Who: LtJG. Nick "Goose" Bradshaw
    • Note: Said while trying to reach the ejection handle when he and Maverick are caught in a flatspin caused by Iceman. Goose is killed when he ejects head-first into the jettisoned canopy.

Top Gun: Maverick (2022)[edit]

  • One last thing. Who's the better pilot? You or me?
    • Who: Adm. Tom "Iceman" Kazansky
    • Note: Said during his last conversation with Maverick, who answers "This is a nice moment. Let's not ruin it." Iceman dies of throat cancer later on.

Total Recall (1990)[edit]

  • The walls of reality will come crashing down. One minute, you'll be the savior of the rebel cause; next thing you know, you'll be Cohaagen's bosom buddy. You even have fantasies about alien civilizations as you requested; but in the end, back on Earth, you'll be lobotomized! So get a grip on yourself, Doug, and put down that gun! [Quaid lowers his gun] Good, now take the pill and put it in your mouth. [Quaid sets a pill in his mouth] Swallow it!
    • Who: Dr. Edgemar
    • Notes: Being the spokesman of Rekall, Dr. Edgemar tries to get Quaid to swallow a red pill that he thinks will return him to reality. But Quaid spots sweat on his face and guns him down.
  • Sweetheart, be reasonable. After all, we're married.
    • Who: Lori Quaid
    • Note: Character is trying to get Douglas Quaid/Carl Hauser to drop his guard, but he doesn't fall for it and shoots her in the head, then tells her to "Consider that a divorce."
  • You're coming with me! [Quaid pulls Richter closer as another part of the ceiling comes in] NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
    • Who: Richter
    • Note: Cohaagen's top henchman who wanted to kill Quaid/Hauser for making love with his girlfriend, Lori. During the battle near the Mars reactor, Richter fights Quaid in an elevator and tries to pull him off to their deaths. However, Quaid uses a part of the ceiling to sever Richter's arms, making him fall instead. Quaid then throws the arms and bids "See you at the party, Richter!"
  • No! Don't do it! We'll all die! Everybody will die! No!
    • Who: Vilos Cohaagen
    • Note: The corrupt headman of the Mars Colonial city. He says this thinking the Mars Reactor's activation will kill all life on Mars, but is blown outside to Mars' toxic atmosphere. While Quaid barely manages to activate the reactor just in time, Cohaagen convulses from Mars' toxic air and dies while his eyes and tongue bulge out.

The Happytime Murders (2018)[edit]

  • Freeze, punk.
    • Who: Vinny
  • What the...
    • Who: Bob the Octopus
  • Please, I have 48 kids.
    • Who: Bumblypants
  • Hey, Brittenie! Hurry back cause it's hot tub is too hot to handle without you.
    • Who: Larry Philips
  • They're not friends of mine.
    • Who: Lyle
  • The Wife!
    • Who: Goofer
  • He won't shoot me. He's a blue loser puppet with a tiny felt cock!
    • Who: Sandra

Tokyo Gore Police[edit]

  • No! No! [Ruka: Go to hell!] No! NO! Don't! Stop wait!
    • Who: Tokyo Police Commissioner General
    • Note: The Tokyo police commissioner who is the true villain behind the murder of Ruka's father. With Ruka having become a monstrous engineer herself, she fights the commissioner in a tense sword fight even when he uses his blood like a jetpack. When rendered at her mercy, he pleads this but Ruka says "It's time for you, to RETIRE!" and decapitates him.

The Towering Inferno (1974)[edit]

  • Hey!
    • Who: Will Giddings
    • Note: Engineer for the Glass Tower, he says this as he pushes a security guard away from the burning storage room door catching fire himself. He dies of his injuries off camera the first of the casualties of the Glass Tower fire.
  • I'll be back with the whole fire department. [looks to the flames] On your mark...
    • Who: Dan Bigelow
    • Note: Duncan's chief of Public Relations for the Glass Tower. While preparing for the party, he realizes the 65th floor is on fire and learns he cut off the phone lines. Determined to save himself and his girlfriend Lorrie, Dan Bigelow promises this to her and rushes through the flames with a wet towel. Sadly, his efforts are in vain and he is burned alive.

The Toxic Avenger (1984)[edit]

  • I owe you for the other night, monster faggot! So now we're gonna give you six new assholes, compliments of me, Cigar Face! Fire!
    • Who: Cigar Face
    • Note: Said to Toxie as Cigar face and his men surround him to shoot him. They fire at Toxie, but he quickly jumps out of the way and the bullets hit each other, killing them.
  • Give me the wheel! Just give me the wheel, you're gonna kill both of us!!
    • Who: Bozo
    • Note: Said to Toxie who literally gives Bozo the wheel by ripping it out the car; The car ends up driving off a cliff and explodes, killing Bozo but leaves Toxie unharmed.
  • Get away from me! No, please don't! Ah, get away from me, leave me alone! I'll make you a deal, I'll give you 10%, anything, just leave me alone! Don't hurt me, I'm too young to die, please don't hurt me, please!!!
    • Who: Mayor Belgoody
    • Note: Said to Toxie while begging not to be hurt. However, Toxie proceeds to rip out the Mayor's intestines.

This is The End (2013)[edit]

  • WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!
    • Who: Cashier
    • Note
  • Oh my God, I'm gonna die!!!!
    • Who: Christopher Mintz Plasse
    • Note: Said while falls in the sinkhole

Train to Busan (2016)[edit]

  • Are you on your way? [Seok-woo: Yes, we're en route. [zombie noises are heard] Where are you? Why is it so loud?] What's happening? Everyone's fighting. Are you and su-an okay? [Mrs. Woo begins to breathe eratically Seok-woo: Why're you breathing like that?] Seok-woo, my baby. Please take care of Su-an. [Seok-woo: Mom, you okay?] My dear, Su-an...I love her so much, but she only...wants her mom!? That bitch...!
    • Who: Mrs. Woo (Seok-woo's mother)
    • Note: Seok-woo's mother. Seok-woo takes the call from his already bitten off-camera mother who spouts barbs about his wife and implores him to get Su-an to safety in Busan before she turns into a zombie.
  • Yoon Su-yun! Our baby's name! Got it?!
    • Who: Yoon Sang-hwa
    • Note: A husband on the train with his wife, Seong-kyeong pregnant with a soon to be born child. Having been bitten while getting his wife and Su-an to safety, he holds the door long enough to tell the name of his soon to be born child. He holds the zombies at bay until he is infected and the zombies overpower him.
  • You idiot. Good riddance. Always helping yourself before others. Why'd you have to do that? What was the point? So stupid...What a load of shit. [Jong-gil goes to take one last look at her zombified sister] Thank you for everything.
    • Who: Jong-gil
    • Note: An elder who loses her sister to the zombies while traveling. She admonishes Yon-suk and the other passengers who confidently took his side for going against Seok-woo's party out of fear they were infected on the way to the passenger's car. She sees her zombified sister one last time and deliberately allows the zombies access to get back at Yon-suk, allowing the zombies to kill her and the other passengers who unfortunately chose to stay with the COO.
  • What now?!
    • Who: Jin-hee
    • Note: A highschool cheerleader who was to cheer for Yong-guk's team in an away baseball game. She says this after she and her boyfriend are separated from Seok-woo's party trying to transfer to another train. While Yong-guk tries to open a locked train door, Yon-suk forces her into the path of a zomboe which bites her leg. She turns while Yong-guk mourns her.
  • This can't be...I'm sorry...
    • Who: Min Yong-guk
    • Note: A highschool baseballer who was to take part in an away game. At the railyard, Yon-suk forces Jin-hee into the path of the zombies. Yong-guk says these mourning his girlfriend who turns and bites him.
  • Help me...!
    • Who: KTX Captain
    • Note: The conductor of the KTX train to Busan. He is bitten by zombies as he pleads this to Yon-suk.
  • Go! Hurry!
    • Who: Homeless man
    • Note: An unnamed man who travels with Seok-woo's party. At East Daegu station railyard, the zombies burst from a broken down train and this man says these as he sacrifices himself to hold off the zombies who overpower him.
  • Mister...I'm so scared...Please, take me home...! My mom is waiting for me...! My address is...Suyoung District, Busan...Please help me! [Seok-woo: You. You're infected.] No...No...! No! I can't be...! No!
    • Who: Yon-suk
    • Note: The COO of Stallion Express who cowardly tries to save himself and ensure his own safe arrival in Busan by any means. As the KTX captain gets one train on its route, Yon-suk boards and is infected along the way. In his delusions, he pleads these to Seok-woo before giving into his infection. After an intense fight, the zombified Yon-suk bites the fund manager's hand until Seok-woo throws him from the train.
  • Sweetie. Look at me. Su-an. It's okay. Look at me, look at me, sweetie. Su-an, I need you to...listen to me. Stay with her, no matter what happens. Okay? It'll be...It'll be safe in Busan. Okay?!
    • Who: Seok-woo
    • Note: A fund manager who is the father of Su-an. Having been bitten by the infected Yon-suk on the transfered train taking them to Busan, he says these to his daughter for her to stick with Seong-kyeong for the rest of the ride. With no way back, he thinks of his time with Su-an then casts himself from the train so as to not put his daughter, Seong-kyeong or anyone in Busan in danger.

Training Day (2001)[edit]

  • What a day! What a motherfuckin' day!
    • Who: Alonzo Harris
    • Note: Said after he has been effectively brought down by Jake Hoyt after the events of the day. He drives away afterwards and is shot to death by the Russian mobsters he was supposed to pay.

Transformers film series[edit]

See last words in Transformers media.

Troll 2 (1990)[edit]

  • Let's hide in this house.
    • Who: Cindy
    • Note: Said as she accompanied a wounded Arnold to a house in order to hide from a pack of goblins. There, she is poisoned with a broth given to her by the goblin's queen, Creedence Leonore Gielgud. The broth turns her into a vegetable, and she is consumed by goblins shortly after, prompting the infamous "Oh my God!" line delivery by Arnold.
  • I don't feel so good.
    • Who: Drew
    • Note: Said as he attempted to drag Arnold (who has been turned into a plant and potted) out of Creedence's mansion. Drew had previously consumed tainted Nilbog milk, causing him to become sick and presumably die off-camera.
  • No, please, ma'am. I beg you, uh, what are you gonna do...what are you gonna do to me with that?
    • Who: Arnold
    • Note: Having been turned into a plant and potted by Creedence Leonore Gielgud after drinking the same poisoned broth as Cindy, Arnold says this to a chainsaw-wielding Gielgud just before he is cut out of the pot (while laughing uncontrollably) and turned into a milkshake. He is presumably consumed by a then-unconscious Drew, who was knocked out by Creedence for attempting to escape with Arnold.
  • Cut it out, kid. You'll never be able to stop us. And as for you, old man, go back to your kingdom of shadows. I order you, for the sacred power of the magic stone and its lord, go back to hell!
    • Who: Preacher Bells
    • Note: After stealing the Molotov cocktail that Joshua and Grandpa Seth's ghost were going to use to burn the goblins to death, Bells proclaims this and uses his power to send Grandpa Seth back to hell. At the last moment, Grandpa Seth casts a "sacred spell" taught to him by a friend and summons a lightning bolt, which blows up the cocktail in the Preacher's hand and causes him to burn to death.
  • No more. No more popcorn.
    • Who: Brent
    • Note: Brent had been seduced by Creedence in an unusual manner that involved kissing a corn cob together, resulting in a massive amount of popcorn flooding the RV. Line is said after Brent surfaces from underneath the popcorn and "drowns" off-screen.
  • Remember, it's only the power of goodness that can defeat the goblins.
    • Who: Grandpa Seth
    • Note: After the Waits family held a séance that gave him ten minutes to attain a physical presence in the real world before being permanently sent back to the afterlife, this line is said to Joshua as he begins to fade from the world.
  • Aah! Don't do it! Think about the fats in your blood! Think about the cholesterol! Think about the toxins! Oh! Oh! No! NO!!!
    • Who: Creedence Leonore Gielgud
    • Note: First line is said after Joshua produces Grandpa Seth's secret weapon against the goblins: A double-decker bologna sandwich (which makes Joshua poisonous to the vegetarian goblins when consumed). The second line is said as Joshua and his family use the power of goodness on Stonehenge to kill Creedence and the goblins.
  • I think I'll take a shower first.
    • Who: Diana Waits
    • Note: Said to Joshua while eating an apple, which has been tainted by the four goblins in disguise as the Presents family during the house swap. Off-camera, the tainted food turns Diana into a plant, and Joshua discovers the goblins, previously disguised as the Presents family who took over their home during their exchange in the country consuming the remains in the kitchen.
  • They're... eating my mom.
    • Who: Joshua Waits
    • Note: Said to himself when he finds a group of four goblins, previously disguised as the Presents family, eating his mother transformed into a plant by their magical poison they put on the fruit. When one goblin saw him and asked him, "Do you want some, Joshua?", Joshua instead screams in horror before the film ends, fading into black and making his fate unknown.

Trolls (2016)[edit]

  • [Prince Gristle Jr.: But, Daddy...I never got to eat a Troll. What's gonna make me happy now?] Come here, son...nothing. Absolutely nothing. You will never, never, never, never be happy. [Prince Gristle Jr.: Never?] Ever.
    • Who: King Gristle Sr.
    • Note: He blames Chef for letting the Trolls escape (as she was responsible for the preparation of the feast) and banishes her from Bergentown, prompting Chef to vow revenge on Bergentown for her humiliation. That night, Prince Gristle asks what will make him happy now that the Trolls have escaped. The King picks up his son and sadly tells that nothing will make him feel happy. 20 years later, Prince Gristle is now King of the Bergens, hinting that his father either died, stepped down or was dethroned.
  • Watch out, Branch!
    • Who: Grandma Rosiepuff
    • Note: She ran up just in time to push Branch out of the way of Chef's hand that reached down to scoop him up. He fell off the tree and down to the ground, calling out, "Grandma?!" --But it was too late. Chef had grabbed his grandmother and carried her off. The last we hear from her are shrieks of fear and pain. When Branch found out Grandma Rosiepuff was killed by being eaten, he blamed himself for not hearing her warnings. He was devastated and scarred for life, making his colors turn the gray-blue we see him as for most of the film. Since he lost his true colors when he was only five years old, he was without his true colors for most of his life.
  • But wait, wait, wait!
    • Who: Creek
    • Note: After Poppy and the other Trolls make peace with the Bergens, Creek, along with Chef is knocked out of the Bergen castle. Chef then betrays Creek by trying to eat him, but before this can happen, both are eaten alive by a hill monster.

Tron films[edit]

Tron (1982)[edit]

  • Are you a User? [Flynn nods yes, Ram laughs, but begins flashing red] Tron
    • Who: Ram
    • Note: Ram was mortally wounded by a Tank program, and Flynn carried him to a destroyed Recognizer. When Flynn powered up the Recognizer and put it back together, Ram asks the first question. Soon after the response, Ram says the second line, and shortly becomes de-rezzed

Tron: Legacy (2010)[edit]

  • Death to the U—
    • Who: Jarvis
    • Note: Said before being de-rezzed by Clu 2 for letting Sam Flynn escape.
  • I fight for the Users!
    • Who: Rinzler/Tron
    • Note: Said before sacrificing himself by crashing his jet craft into Clu 2's.
  • Goodbye, kiddo.
    • Who: Kevin Flynn
    • Note: Said before re-integrating himself with Clu 2, sacrificing himself and destroying Clu 2's army.

Tropic Thunder (2008)[edit]

  • Oh.
    • Who: Damien Cockburn
    • Note: Said after stepping on a land mine. Said land mine explodes and kills him a split-second later.

Troy (2004)[edit]

  • The fight is not over! Stand back, Prince Hector. I'll kill him at your feet, I don't care!
    • Who: Menelaus
    • Note: Character has challenged Paris to a duel after Helen's elopement with him, and insists on killing Paris even when he surrenders. Hector kills Menelaus in his brother's defence.
  • So you're the best of the Trojans!
    • Who: Ajax
    • Note: Character says this to Hector while trying to crush him. Hector manages to break free and kill him.
  • I thought it was you I was fighting yesterday, and I wish it had been you. But I gave the dead boy the honor he deserved.
    • Who: Hector
    • Notes: Character has been challenged by Achilles, who seeks revenge for Hector slaying his cousin Patroclus. Achilles kills Hector in the following duel.
  • The boatman waits for us. I say we make him wait a little longer!
  • Paris! Save yourself!
    • Who: Glaucus
    • Note: Character is killed by Odysseus while making one last stand against the Greeks (he is describing Charon, the ferryman of the Underworld in Greek mythology). (The second quote is from the Director's Cut, in which Glaucus urges Paris to escape before his death.)
  • Have you no honour?! HAVE YOU NO HONOUR?!
  • Please...Troy's children...spare the innocents...
    • Who: Priam
    • Notes: Character is killed by Agamemnon as Greek soldiers destroy a temple. (The second quote is from the Director's Cut, in which Priam begs Agamemnon to spare Troy's children with his last breath.)
  • You'll be my slave in Mycenae. A Trojan priestess scrubbing my floors. And at night-
    • Who: Agamemnon
    • Notes: Character is speaking to Briseis as he attempts to abduct her during the sacking of Troy. She stabs him in the throat.
  • You gave me peace, in a lifetime of war. Now go...go...go...
    • Who: Achilles
    • Notes: Character is speaking to his lover, Briseis, after being hit by multiple arrows (the first arrow hitting his heel, while the rest hit him in the chest) fired by Briseis' cousin, Paris, who had originally thought Achilles was trying to kidnap Briseis, but stops when Briseis begs him. After Briseis and Paris leave, Achilles removes the arrows lodged in his chest, but dies before he could remove the arrow in his heel, making the Greek soldiers who arrive shortly after believe that he was killed by that one arrow.

True Grit (2010)[edit]

  • If you blow, I will kill you!
    • Who: Emmett Quincy
    • Notes: Said as Moon, an accomplice, reveals details about a meeting with Ned Pepper. Quincy mortally wounds him, and Cogburn shoots him dead moments later.
  • I will meet him again walking the streets of glory.
    • Who: Moon
    • Notes: Referring to his brother, who he had just mentioned.
  • Well, Rooster, I'm shot to pieces. Seems as though neither of us is to see Judge Parker.
    • Who: "Lucky" Ned Pepper
    • Notes: Said after a gunfight with Cogburn, holding him at gunpoint. LeBoeuf snipes him moments later.
  • I'm growing old...
    • Who: Reuben "Rooster" Cogburn
    • Notes: Last on-screen words. Character is revealed to have died 25 years on from the film's events.
  • Your father was a busybody like you. In honesty, I do not regret shooting him. He thought Tom Chaney was small. And would give me an affidavit. You are all against me. Everything is...
    • Who: Tom Chaney
    • Notes: He is knocked unconscious after this line is said; however, he says nothing after recovering, and is eventually shot dead by Mattie.

Twister (1996)[edit]

  • I can't hold it anymore!
    • Who: Mr. Thornton
    • Notes: Jo's father years prior to the story. In Kansas, Mr. Thornton spotted a tornado heading for the Thornton farm and got his family to shelter. He held onto the shelter door crying this to keep his wife and daughter Jo from being carried away in the storm. Eventually the tornado carries him to his death and though his wife and daughter survived, the farm is devastated.
  • The base is so HUGE! It must be at least a mile wide!
    • Who: Eddie
    • Notes: Jonas' driver on his team. When he spots a massive tornado, he comments on its mile-wide size. Despite Bill and Jo's warnings, he is killed when a piece of debris pierces him through the windshield of Miller's pickup truck.
    • Who: Jonas Miller
    • Notes: A scientist competing with Bill and Jo Harding to gather data on a tornado for an early warning system. Bill and Jo try to warn him to make their D.O.T.3 load heavier or get out. Sadly, when he spots debris heading towards his truck, Jonas yells this but he and Eddie are carried upwards by the tornado and their truck is blown up on impact with the ground.


Underworld series[edit]

Underworld (2003)[edit]

  • It has already begun.
    • Who: Singe
    • Notes: Said after it is reported that Amelia has been killed and bled dry. Knowing what it means, Singe says this line and laughs, before Viktor kills him.
  • Lucian!
    • Who: Raze
    • Notes: Said after finding Lucian "dead", before transforming into his Lycan form. He tries to attack Viktor, but is promptly killed.
  • You may have killed me...cousin. But my done regardless.
    • Who: Lucian
    • Notes: Said to Kraven after Selene bites Michael, turning him into a Hybrid. Kraven then shoots Lucian to death.
  • Time to die!
    • Who: Viktor
    • Notes: Said to Michael Corvin while strangling him. Selene then takes Viktor's own sword and cuts his head in two.

Underworld: Evolution (2006)[edit]

  • Please...I can assist you.
    • Who: Kraven
    • Notes: Said to Markus, after he drinks his blood to learn his memories, before he cuts Kraven's head in half.
  • Please. Please. I beg you, please. Please, I beg you.
    • Who: Andreas Tanis
    • Notes: Said to Markus as he prepares to drink his blood to learns his memories. Markus then bites his throat open.
  • Go now.
    • Who: Alexander Corvinus
    • Notes: Said to Selene, after prompting her to drink his blood. She then leaves with the Cleaners, and Alexander kills himself by blowing up his ship.
  • You all right?
    • Who: Samuel
    • Notes: Said to one of the Cleaners, who Selene catches as he almost falls off a bridge. William then grabs and kills him.
  • I knew Viktor made a mistake keeping you as a pet. He should have killed you, with the rest of your family.
    • Who: Markus Corvinus
    • Notes: Said after impaling Selene through the chest with one of his wing spears. Selene then rips the spear off, impales Markus through the skull, and then shoves him into the helicopter blades behind him, slicing him to pieces.

Unforgiven (1992)[edit]

  • I'll see you in hell, William Munny.
    • Who: Little Bill Daggett

Universal Soldier (1992)[edit]

  • Kill her! Kill that motherfucking traitor...! THAT'S AN ORDER!!!!
  • You're dead soldier...
    • Who: Sgt. Andrew Scott
    • Note: Luc Deveraux's former superior gone crazy believing everyone to be traitors. He orders this to Luc who refuses to comply and the deranged sergeant kills the two Vietnamese villagers anyway. In a fit of rage, Luc and Scott kill each other. Their deaths are covered as "misisng in action" and they are reanimated as Universal Soldiers. For his second last words, Scott says these during his final fight with Luc who replies "No... I'm alive!" remembering his reanimation process. Luc impales Scott on a hay harvester and to make certain, shreds him to bloodied pieces as he tauntingly bids "You're discharged, Sarge...!"
  • NOOOOO...!!!
    • Who: Luc Deveraux
    • Note: A cajun soldier who partook in the Vietnam War. Upon learning his sergeant had lost his mind, he fights his former comrade and kills him before dying of his wounds. Their deaths are covered as "misisng in action" and they are reanimated as Universal Soldiers.
  • Hey, she didn't do anything!
    • Who: Huey Taylor
    • Note: Veronica Roberts' cameraman for CNA. When captured by Scott/GR13 and Luc/GR44, the former GR's memories trigger causing him to say these and Scott blatantly executes the cameraman. Veronica is framed for the crime.
  • Get back into the truck, GR13. The mission is canceled! GR13; I said it's over.
    • Who: Col. Perry
    • Note: The colonel being the UniSol project. With his evidence about to go public, he decides to cancel his mission and when he tries to call out to Scott/GR13, the UniSol revels in his real name before firing a bullet into Perry's eye and usurps command of the UniSol team.

Unstoppable (2010)[edit]

  • Slow down, goddamn it!
    • Who: Judd Stewart
    • Note: Character says this line while trying to slow down 777 with his own lash-up train. The attempt goes wrong and the lash-up is subsequently derailed. As a result, it blows up, killing Stewart.

Untamed Heart (1993)[edit]

  • It was a good game, eh?
    • Who: Adam
    • Notes: Character is returning home from a hockey game on his birthday with his girlfriend. After their romantic day together, he quietly dies of a heart defect in the car.

The Untouchables[edit]

  • What are you prepared to do...?!
    • Who: Jim Malone
    • Notes: A member of Ness's Untouchables team. He chases the Bowtie Driver out of his home but is riddled with machine gun fire by Frank Nitti. Giving Ness information on Al Capone's secondary bookkeeper Payne, he says this before dying of his injuries.
  • One...!
    • Who: Bowtie Driver
    • Notes: One of Al Capone's flunkies. He demands that he and the bookkeeper Payne be allowed safe passage out of Chicago or else he would execute him in front of Ness and George Stone. He starts his countdown at this number, but Stone shoots the henchman squarely in the head and says "Two!"
  • He died screaming, like a stuck Irish pig. Now you think about that when I beat the rap. [angered by this, Ness grabs Nitti and pushes him toward the rooftop ledge] Hey, hey, HEY!
    • Who: Frank Nitti
    • Notes: Al Capone's top henchman. Despite losing his fight with Elliot Ness, Nitti is confident that he will escape justice having killed Jim Malone. But Ness throws him off the courthouse rooftop with Nitti screaming. Ness then yells out "DID HE SOUND ANYTHING LIKE THAT?!" while Nitti falls fatally through a car.

Up (2009)[edit]

  • I'm bringing that bird back with me, ALIVE OR DEAD!
    • Who: Charles Muntz
    • Notes: Character had long sought after a rare bird, found in South America, and was convinced that main character Carl Fredrickson was attempting to steal the creature. He attempted to dispatch of Carl in several ways, but eventually tumbled off of his zeppelin to his death.

The Usual Suspects (1995)[edit]

  • What time is it?
    • Who: Dean Keaton
  • Hello.
    • Who: Todd Hockney
  • It's the strangest thing...
    • Who: Michael McManus


Vampire Hunter D[edit]

  • Tell me, was your father our sire Count Dracula?
    • Who: Count Magnus Lee
    • Notes: After being impaled against the wall in their final confrontation, Count Lee asks about D's birth father but dies without an answer.

Virus (1999)[edit]

  • That's pretty impressive. All it needs is a head...Wait a minute...You don't mean...? [Avatar nods]
  • I'm still your captain, Foster... You must learn some respect
    • Who: Captain Everton
    • Notes: Everton has allowed the Alien computer virus to attach his head to one of it's cyborg minions. After he says this, one of their crewmates sticks a thermite bomb in his body cavity.

V for Vendetta (2006)[edit]

  • You. It is you. [V: The Ghost of Christmas Past.]
    • Who: Lewis Prothero
    • Note: V reminds him of the times when Prothero was a commander. From that information, he figures out V's identity and says this line, while V says his line. It is unknown how he died afterwards, but it is revealed that V gave him one of his roses and killed him afterwards.
  • I'm so sorry.
    • Who: Delia Surridge
    • Notes: Delia, the only person involved with Norsefire's power grab who feels any remorse for what she did, has been fatally poisoned by V. She asks if an apology will mean anything, and when he says it will, she apologizes, then dies.
  • Die! Die! Why won't you die!? Why won't you die? [V: Beneath this mask, there is more than flesh. Beneath this mask, there is an idea, Mr. Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof.]
    • Who: Peter Creedy
    • Notes: V kills him after temporarily surviving a hail of gunfire.
  • [Evey: I don't want you to die...] That is the most beautiful thing you could ever have given me.
    • Who: V
    • Notes: Character is dying from gunshot wounds after killing Creedy and his men. Dialogue at previous points at the film indicated that he expected to die.

Vanilla Sky (2001)[edit]

  • I'll see you in another life...when we are both cats.
    • Who: David Aames
    • Notes: The ending implies that he may not be dead, though it is up to interpretation.

The Vikings (1958)[edit]

  • It is by his right.
    • Who: Queen Enid
    • Notes: The widow of the King of Northumbria who had conceived Ragnar's child. She notices the birthright the pommel stone of the Northumbrian royal sword Requiter on his necklace. They work to protect his identity. Twenty years after this, she passes away.
  • Odin!
    • Who: Ragnar Lodbrok
    • Notes: The fearsome viking king who is father to Einar. When taken captive by Aella, Eric is ordered to cast him bounded into a pit of wolves. Not wishing him to die in disgrace, he cuts his ropes and loans him the sword to allow him to enter Valhalla. Ragnar yells this in euphoria even as he jumps into the pit and is eaten alive by the wolves. As punishment, Eric's left hand is severed.
  • ODIN!
    • Who: Einar
    • Notes: A Viking who was the child of King Ragnar and half brother of Eric. In his final fight with Eric, he hesitates for the killing stroke allowing his brother Eric to run him through with his sword. In his final throes of life, Eric loans him his sword for passageway into Valhalla and cries this out before dying of his injuries.


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2007)[edit]

  • Holy shit.
    • Who: Nate Cox
    • Notes: Said after being cut in half and seeing the bottom half of his body fall down.
  • I'm okay!
    • Who: Ma Cox
    • Notes: Said after surviving tripping on a radio wire, and falling out of a window. She died when the radio fell out through the same window and crushed her head.
  • I love...I love..
  • You know those three words you always wanted to hear? Well, here they are. I love y-
    • Who: Pa Cox
    • Notes: His last words are different between the theatrical version and the director's cut. The first line is said in the theatrical version, after cutting himself in half while trying to kill Dewey. He gets over his grudge against Dewey and tries to say "I love you", but dies before saying the last word. In the director's cut, he says the second line, again dying before he can finish the last word.

WALL·E (2008)[edit]

  • Halt.
    • Who: SECUR-T
    • Note: Near the end of the film, Wall-E, EVE and a group of "Reject Bots" are surrounded by SECUR-Ts sent by Auto. Those robots are destroyed by EVE's laser fire, and a malfunctioning massage robot.
  • [Captain McCrea: [sees the manual switch while struggling] Auto, you are relieved of duty! [flips switch from AUTO to MANUAL]] Nooooooooo...
    • Who: AUTO
    • Notes: Said as he is deactivated by Captain McCrea.

Wanted (2008)[edit]

  • Never send a sheep to kill a wolf. [Cross: They were just decoys. Goodbye, Mr X.]
    • Who: Mr X
  • A thousand...
    • Who: The Exterminator
  • You're my son...
    • Who: Cross
  • Pussy.
    • Who: Butcher
  • Fuck the code.
    • Who: Gunsmith
  • Oh, fuck.
    • Who: Sloan
    • Notes: Character says line after realizing he's standing on a marker for a sniper. He is then shot in the head and killed.

Watchmen (2009)[edit]

  • It's a joke...S'all a joke. Mother forgive me.
    • Who: Edward Blake (The Comedian) {Jeffery Dean Morgan}
    • Note: Beaten up by former Watchmen team member Ozymandias (Matthew Goode), and thrown out the window of his apartment building.
  • No! NO!!
    • Who: Child Molester
    • Note: After confessing to Rorschach that he murdered a young girl and fed her to his Dobermans, he begs for Rorscach to take him into jail. Instead, the vigilante takes a butcher knife and axes the crook in the head with it, killing the man on impact.
  • You know, maybe I can give you an autograph, huh? What you say, big boy?
    • Who: Prisoner.
    • Note: The prisoner then attempts to stab Rorschach with a shiv; Rorchasch throws cooking oil on him, hideously disfiguring him, and he dies later that night.
  • You're dead, Rorschach! We got a prison full of killers out here, what've you got?
    • Who: Lawrence.
    • Note: As Lawrence reaches through the bars of Rorschach's prison cell, Rorschach breaks his hands, then ties his arms together, forcing Big Figure to have Lawrence's arms cut off so he can get into Rorschach's cell. Lawrence then dies of blood loss.
  • Nothing personal, big guy.
    • Who: Big Figure's other thug.
    • Note: Said before he cuts off Lawrence's arms with a power saw; he then cuts his way into Rorschach's cell, and charges Rorschach, who smashes his head into the toilet, and steps away while the thug is electrocuted to death when water from the toilet reaches the electrical cord for the power saw.
  • Of course you must protect Veidt's new utopia. What's one more body amongst the foundations? Well, what are you waiting for? Do it. DO IT!!
    • Who: Walter Kovacs (Rorschach) {Jackie Earl Haley}
    • Note: Rorshach was about to reveal a secret that would result in World War III and nuclear Armageddon. He was blown apart by Dr. Manhattan before he could get the chance.

West Side Story (1961)[edit]

  • Yeah...We can. We will...
    • Who: Tony
    • Notes: As character was lay dying from a gunshot, his love, Maria, attempted to convince him that they could still live together.

Westworld (1973)[edit]

  • I-I'm shot. [Martin: What?!] I'm SHOT!
    • Who: John Blane
    • Notes: Benjamin Martin's best friend during their time at Westworld. After the bar fight, unaware of the malfunctions taking place around Delos, Martin and Blane meet the Gunslinger outside. John Blane volunteers to duel him and is shot. Blane says this surprised at being shot, then the Gunslinger fires again, this time killing him.

White Heat (1949)[edit]

  • Made it, Ma! Top of the World!
    • Who: Arthur "Cody" Jarrett (James Cagney)
    • Note: Ranked 18th in the AFI's top 100 quotes. Shouted by Jarret who's wounded and surrounded by police, just before he commits suicide by blowing up the large gas tank on which he's standing.

White Oleander (2002)[edit]

  • Stay with me, promise. Don't leave.
    • Who: Claire Richards
    • Notes: Spoken to her foster daughter of almost two years, Astrid. The two fall asleep together and when Astrid awakens, she finds Claire has committed suicide, distraught over her failing acting career and problems with her husband.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)[edit]

  • Unless Acme's will shows by midnight tonight, Toontown's gonna be land for the free-
    • Who: R.K. Maroon
    • Note: R.K. Maroon was attempting to explain the reason why Marvin Acme was killed. Judge Doom, who had murdered Acme, shot him before the crime could be revealed.
  • "Nose"? That don't rhyme with "walls"! [Eddie: No, but this does! [kicks him in the balls, sending him flying into a barrel of Dip]]
    • Who: Smart Ass the Weasel
    • Note: Points out an error in the song Eddie and Roger use to make the Weasels die laughing. Eddie replies "No, but this does!" and kicks him in the groin, sending him flying into a barrel of Dip.
  • Bye-bye! Hee hee hee hee!
    • Who: Psycho the Weasel
    • Note: Laughed himself into a roller layered with Dip, and dies. Says this after accelerating the strength of a hose spraying Dip at a wall leading to the other side of Toontown as his ghost rises to heaven.
  • I'm melting! Melting!
    • Who: Judge Doom
    • Note: Judge Doom dissolves in the Dip, the chemical he uses to kill Toons, after he was revealed to be a Toon himself.

The Whole Ten Yards (2004)[edit]

  • Hey, Lazlo, shit happens.
    • Who: Ms. Figueroa
    • Notes: A hired mercenary employed by Lazlo, she accidentally killed his son. Lazlo shot her in rage.

The Wicker Man (1973)[edit]

  • Oh, God...I humbly entreat you for the soul of this, thy servant, Neil Howie...who will today depart from this world. Do not deliver me into the enemy's hands...or...put me out of mind forever. Let me not undergo the real pains of Hell, dear God, because I die unshriven...and establish that bliss...which knows no ending...through Christ...our Lord. JESUS!! JESUS!!!
    • Who: Sergeant Neil Howie
    • Notes: Says these lines while being burnt alive in the titular contraption. Character had previously shown fear and apprehension but overcame it, dying in relative peace.

The Wicker Man (2006)[edit]

  • NOOOOOOO!!!!
    • Who: Edward Malus
    • Notes: Character is highly allergic to bee stings; the islanders have put a netted cage over his head, and have poured bees onto his face, as part of a ritual sacrifice. NOTE~ A WOMAN INJECTS HIM IN THE NECK WITH AN Epinephrine IN THE NEXT SCENE AND HE DOES NOT IN FACT DIE. He burns to death screaming in agony at the end of the film.

Wild Wild West[edit]

  • Well, go on, shoot me. Send me onto hell. But if you want the devil that's responsible for New Liberty, it's Loveless .He manned the machine there. He killed all them children, old folks, just like he killed my boys here.
    • Who: General 'Bloodbath' McGrath
    • Notes: A former Confederacy general who's men were used as a demonstration of Loveless's tank, General McGrath feels betrayed and tries to kill his former employer, but Loveless shoots him with a gun built into his wheelchair. He survives long enough to admit to Jim west that Loveless was behind the New Liberty massacre.
  • Mr. West, although you are as black as the night on the outside, inside, you...are...yellow...! You just don't have it in you. Do you...boy?
    • Who: Dr. Arless Loveless
    • Notes: Dangling from his spider mobile fortress, Loveless gloats how Jim West is a coward on the inside. But West pulls his wheelchair's lever and sends the mad doctor falling to his death.

Willard (1971)[edit]

    • Who: Willard Stiles
    • Notes: Said whilst trying to escape Ben the rat's revenge when the titular man mistreated and left him. Then more rats gnaw their way through the door and eat Willard alive.

Willow (1988)[edit]

  • Win this war for me...
    • Who: Airk Thaughbaer
    • Notes: A commander from the ruined kingdom of Galladoorn. During the siege of Nockmaar Castle, as he is fighting General Kael, the villanous general stabs Airk with his own knife. Before dying, he implores Madmartigan these parting words.
  • DIIIIIIIIIIIE!!!!!!!!!!
    • Who: General Kael
    • Notes: The commander of Nockmaar's armies. After killing Airk, he engages Madmartigan in a swordfight shouting this. While on a small bridge, Madmartigan cuts Kael with some swords, then throws him onto his own sword before throwing him off to his death.
  • IMPOSSIBLE!!! [knocks over some blood] You...
    • Who: Queen Bavmorda
    • Notes: The evil queen of Nockmaar and Sorsha's mother. As Willow disrupts her ritual to banish Elora Danan to a dark world, Bavmorda yells this in a rage, then lightning strikes her, thus banishing Bavmorda to the world of darkness instead.

The Wind in the Willows (1996)[edit]

  • TennineeightsevensixfiveforthreetwoONE!!!
    • Who: Chief Weasel
    • Notes: Character tries to blow up Toad Hall, but Ratty and Mole had switched ettiquetes on a bunch of barrels, relabeling the barrels of Dogfood to Dynamite and Vice Versa. As a reseult, the Chief Weasel Blew himself up along with the factory.

The Witches (1990)[edit]

  • No, no. Honestly, it just was a...No, no.
    • Who: Beatrice
    • Notes: Beatrice says these words after being accused by the Grand High Witch of arguing against her. Refusing to listen to her, the Grand High Witch, after warning the other witches about what happens if they speak out against her, incinerates Beatrice with her laser eyes.

The Witches of Eastwick (1987)[edit]

  • Those poor women. I have to warn them. He'll propegate, Clyde. He will increase his number. Those women are going to bear him sons. He's going to take their love and destroy the Earth with it.
    • Who: Felicia Alden
    • Notes: Character realizes that the mysterious Daryl Van Horne is actually the Devil and plans to make Alex Medford, Jane Spofford and Sukie Ridgemont the mothers of his children. Van Horne and the Witches afflict her with a curse causing her to vomit cherry pits, which horrifies her husband Clyde to the point he kills her with a fire poker.

The Wizard of Oz (1939)[edit]

  • AHH!!! You cursed brat! Look what you've done! I'm melting! I'm melting! Ohhhhh...What a world, what a world! Who ever thought a little girl like you could destroy my beautiful wickedness?! Ah!!! Look out! Look out! I'm going! Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhhh...
    • Who: The Wicked Witch of the West (Margaret Hamilton)
    • Notes: Dorothy Gale, who is trying to extinguish the flames on her broom, splashes a bucket of water on the witch, causing her to melt, but it turns out to be a dream.

Wrong is Right (1982)[edit]

  • Two suitcases... Three feet long.... 2 and a half feet high. Nine to ten inches thick... Weight about ninety pounds. Highly radioactive.
    • Who: Sally Blake
    • Note: A reporter working with Patrick Hale to cover the story on the suitcase nuclear bombs. As she meets an agent briefing him with this, they fail to notice one of Rafeek's terrorist gang members, Erika plant a bagged bomb in the trash can next to them. On her command, the bomb is detonated killing the reporter and the agent before Hale could warn her.
  • Tomorrow, I have for you a great surprise.
    • Who: King Ibn Awad
    • Note: The king of Hagreb. On his way home, Hale gifts him with a camera which unknown to either has been swapped with a poisonous needle that pricks Awad's finger. He bids this to his old reporter friend. Within moments, he dies of the poison and his murder is covered by a suicide tape.

Wuthering Heights (1939)[edit]

  • Heathcliff, can you see the Crag over there where our castle is? I'll wait for you 'til you come.


X-Men films[edit]

See last words in X-Men media.

xXx (2002)[edit]

  • Learn how to shoot, you piece of shit!
    • Who: Yorgi
    • Notes: Said to Agent xXx/Xander Cage after he misses him with a hail of gunfire while he escapes in a boat. xXx then manages to shoot him, non-fatally, but his boat crashes into a cliffside and explodes.

XXX: State of the Union[edit]

  • I've been waitin' for this for ten years!
    • Who: US Secretary of Defense, General George Deckert
    • Notes: Said to Agent xXx/Darius Stone as he was determined to finish him off after a fierce battle on the US President's getaway train. Stone then says "Well, keep waiting!" and jumps off the train and into a river, just as Deckert fires a gun, missing him. From a helicopter, Gibbons says "Your turn to do the dying, general" and fires one missile at the train. The resulting explosion incinerates Deckert and destroys the train, sending it crashing into the river.

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage[edit]

  • I'll take it from you dead or alive. If you hold it too tight, I'll cut your arm off.
    • Who: Russian squad leader
    • Note: Said to Agent xXx/Xander Cage when he says if the soldier takes Pandora's Box, a device capable of controlling satellites, he will be killed. Cage tells him to suit himself, then throws a live grenade to the soldier, who catches it. Former xXx agent Serena throws a knife at the soldier, allowing the grenade to go off, killing the soldier and instigating a battle that kills all his compatriots.
  • Fish in a barrel.
    • Who: CIA Agent
    • Notes: The agent says this line to himself while shooting at Cage and former xXx agent Xiang. The two settle their differences and take turns to trick him into using up the last five bullets in his magazine. Once finished, Cage throws the agent down to Xiang before he can reload, and Xiang throws him down again, this time to his death.
  • What the heck is wrong with you?!
    • Who: CIA Director
    • Notes: Said to Cage when he tells him he has something stuck in his teeth, while confronting him with Pandora's Box. Cage replies "Right...there" and makes a gap between two of his fingers, allowing his sniper, Adele Wolff, to shoot the Director dead.
  • Are you getting this interference?
    • Who: CIA Agent Marke
    • Notes: Said to her fellow agents when she is prevented from using Pandora's Box by signal interference. Before anyone can answer, Cage attacks her and the other agents. She doesn't say any more lines during the final battle, and is ultimately sent falling from her plane by Xiang who taunts to her "They say it's the last great adventure. Be sure to send a postcard.".
  • What's wrong, hotshot, no witty comeback?
    • Who: Captain Paul Donovan
    • Note: Said to Cage while confronting him in the bathroom of the plane. Cage replies that he actually figured out a math problem he earlier spoke about. Donovan then punches a hole in the wall due to fighting with special electric gloves, and Cage then throws him through the hole, remarking "It's gonna take two flushes!"


Young Sherlock Holmes (1985)[edit]

  • What shall we do with her?
    • Who: Mrs. Dribb
    • Note: The school nurse who is actually Eh-tar's younger sister and top henchwoman using hallucinogenic darts to get revenge on the five men who ransacked the tombs of the princesses so they could build their hotel. Having been exposed, while interrogating Elizabeth, she asks this to her brother. He tells her it is time to sacrifice her for a fifth princess. This is her last known words. While Holmes and Watson extricate Elizabeth in a fierce battle, Holmes turns the assassin's blowgun on her causing the dart to fly into her own mouth and she runs in a blind panic burning herself alive.
  • I'll be waiting. And you'll be always.
    • Who: Elizabeth Waxflatter (the love interest of a young Sherlock Holmes)
    • Note: Character is shot by Holmes' schoolmaster, who is actually Eh-tar (the man who wants revenge on the five men who ransacked the tombs of the princesses) and Holmes then defeats in a duel; Holmes promises "Someday, We'll be reunited. In another world, A much better world", and this is her response.


Zombieland (2009)[edit]

  • [Little Rock: So do you have any regrets?] Garfield, maybe.
    • Who: Bill Murray
    • Note: Murray had been disguising himself as a zombie in a post-apocalyptic Hollywood in order to blend in with the undead in the city. When the survivors of the film reach his mansion, Tallahassee and Wichita convince Murray to pretend to be an actual zombie to scare Columbus and Little Rock; unfortunately, Columbus mistakes the joke as a real threat and shoots Murray in the chest. As he dies, Little Rock asks him about his regrets, and he responds as seen above.

Zoolander (2001)[edit]

  • Orange Mocha Frappuccino!
    • Who: Derek Zoolander's model roommates
    • Note: Last thing they said to cheer Derek up, they end up dying in a gas station accident when one of the gas terminals blow up.

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