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Following is a collection of last words spoken by characters in all Resident Evil media.


  • Killing me won't make things right.
    • Who: Major Timothy Cain
    • Source: Resident Evil: Apocalypse
    • Note: Said to Alice before as she goes to throw him out of a helicopter into a swarm of zombies below. She replies "No, but it's a start." and hurls him into the mob.
  • Well, I'll be damned. L.J., you sneaky son of a bitch.

Video games[edit]

Resident Evil 0[edit]

  • Rebecca, you must be careful... the forest is full of zombie... and monsters...
    • Who: Edward Dewey
    • Notes: Last words before offscreen death. Next appearance is that as a zombie.
  • About ten minutes to...
    • Who: Soldier
    • Notes: Last words before being ambushed by leeches.
  • Wesker...Birkin...
  • We'll see which one of us is gonna die!
    • Who: James Marcus
    • Notes: First line is said after being shot, having been betrayed by Wesker and Birkin about 10 years ago. The Queen Leech brings him back to life him, and the second line is said before he turns into the Queen.

Resident Evil[edit]

  • Hey! Come here!
    • Who: Joseph Frost
    • Notes: After finding a severed hand and gun in the bush, Joseph signals the rest of the team, but is then attacked by Cerebuses, or zombie dogs, and devoured.
  • No! No! Get away from me! No!
    • Who: Kenneth Sullivan
    • Notes: Last words before being attacked and killed by a zombie.
  • Chris! Chris, stop! No!
    • Who: Richard Aiken
    • Note: Says this to Chris as the Neptune prepares to attack and devour Chris. Richard pushes him out of the way, saving Chris' life, but at the cost of Richard's as the Neptune eats him instead.
  • Umbrella...
    • Who: Enrico Marini
    • Note: Says this to Chris, believing he was betraying S.T.A.R.S. and Enrico prepares to shoot Chris, but Enrico is then assassinated by an unknown figure who is later revealed to be Wesker.
  • The S.T.A.R.S. are finished... someone is a traitor... Umbrella set us up...
    • Who: Enrico Marini
    • Note: Says this to Jill, informing her that S.T.A.R.S. has been betrayed, but Enrico is then assassinated by an unknown figure who is later revealed to be Wesker.
  • Mother...
    • Who: Lisa Trevor
    • Note: Says this upon seeing her mother's corpse in a coffin. Lisa then grabs her mother's skull and jumps into a pit below to her death.

Resident Evil 2[edit]

  • My chest! Can't... take the... pain! (Claire Scenerio A)
  • What the?! (Claire Scenerio B)
    • Who: Chief Brian Irons
    • Note: In Scenerio A, Chief Irons has a G-Virus embryo implanted by William Birkin. As he says this, the embryo violently bursts out of Irons' body. In Scenerio B, Irons says this after hearing a monstrous yell from the mutated William Birkin. Birkin drags Irons through a trap door and rips him in half.
  • Arrgh! my chest, it's... burning!! (Leon Scenerio A)
  • Get that scum! Make him pay! (Leon Scenerio B)
    • Who: Ben Burtellucci
    • Note: In Scenerio A, Ben has a G-Virus embryo implanted by William Birkin. As he says this, the embryo violently bursts out of Ben's body. In Scenerio B, Ben says this to Leon after being mortally wounded by a mutated William Birkin.
  • That guy's a maniac! Why'd he bite me?!
    • Who: Truck Driver
    • Note: Says this to himself after pushing a man away from him after he attacks the truck driver. The truck driver was unaware that the man who attacked him was a zombie. The truck driver later turns into a zombie and tries to run over Leon and Claire as they dodge the zombie, who then crashes into a car, causing a massive explosion that incinerates him.
  • You should be safe inside here. I'm keeping a close eye on things.
  • Don't you worry girly, you'll be safe in here. I'm keeping a close eye in things.
    • Who: Robert Kendo
    • Note: Says this to either Leon or Claire (depending on the Scenerio). Seconds later, a horde of zombies burst through the window of Kendo's gun shop and they attack and kill Kendo.
  • Just go!
    • Who: Marvin Branagh
    • Notes: Marvin later turns into a zombie.
  • Sherry... (Claire Scenerio A)
  • Sherry... You have to escape... I know I've been a terrible mother... but I still love you. (Claire Scenerio B)
    • Who: Annette Birkin
    • Notes: In Scenerio A, Annette, who was mortally wounded by her mutated husband William, helps Claire to create an antidote for her daughter, Sherry, who has a G-Virus embryo implanted in her by William. In Scenerio B, after suffering severe cranial damage from falling debris, Annette is later found by her daughter Sherry and dies from her injuries.
  • Sorry, but I won’t just hand over my life’s work.
  • Who: William Birkin
    • Notes: Says this to the Umbrella soldiers who are trying to collect the G-Virus from Birkin. One of the soldiers shoot Birkin, mortally wounding him after Birkin accidentally knocks over a case that alarms the soldier. Birkin then injects himself with the G-Virus that causes him to mutate into his monstrous form. During the final confrontation with Leon and Claire, they escape from the lab via train which has a self-destruct mechanism in it. Leon and Claire escape from the train and it blows up, taking Birkin with it.
  • Noooooo!
    • Who: Umbrella Soldier 1
    • Notes: Killed by the mutated Birkin.
  • Fire...Fire!
    • Who: Umbrella Soldier 2
    • Notes: Is also killed by the mutated Birkin.

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis[edit]

  • I told you! I'm not leaving! NEVER! Just get away from me!
    • Who: Dario Rosso
    • Notes: Character had lost his daughter to the zombie outbreak and refused to evacuate with Jill by locking himself in a container. When Jill comes back later, Dario is found being eaten by the zombies.
  • Jill! Help! NOOOOOOOOO!
    • Who: Brad Vickers
    • Notes: Last words before being attacked by Nemesis.
  • S.T.A.R.S...
    • Who: Nemesis
    • Notes: Repeated line during the game; character is a monster that has been programmed to hunt down members of the S.T.A.R.S. unit for Umbrella. Jill then replies that she will show it "S.T.A.R.S." before finishing it off.

Resident Evil Outbreak: Outbreak[edit]

  • What are you doing?!
    • Who: Will
    • Notes: Said while being partially eaten by a zombie. Later, more zombies come to eat him, killing him.
  • Please let me die while my conscience remains...
  • I feel the hunger...
    • Who: Bob
    • Notes: Bob is near to complete infection at the time of the lines. Depending on difficulty, Bob either shoots himself after saying the first line, or turns into a zombie after saying the second line.

Resident Evil Outbreak: Below Freezing Point[edit]

  • I don't believe this, something else I have to fix to get out of here.
    • Who: Monica
    • Notes: Said in an elevator before being attack by either William Birkin or another monster. She manages to survive the conflict, but later faints. She has the G-Virus implanted in her and wakes up a short time later before an Embryo bursts out of her chest.

Resident Evil Outbreak: The Hive[edit]

  • See if this works.
    • Who: Dr Hursh
    • Notes: Said before restoring power to the elevators, after which he is then attacked by a Leechman. He tries to escape, but the Leechman consumes him.

Resident Evil Outbreak: Hellfire[edit]

  • It's gonna blow!
    • Who: Charlie
    • Notes: Both Len and Charlie are firefighters investigating the boiler room when the boiler blows up. They try to escape, but the blast consumes them both.
  • Get out!
    • Who: Len
    • Notes: Both Len and Charlie are firefighters investigating the boiler room when the boiler blows up. They try to escape, but the blast consumes them both.

Resident Evil Outbreak: Decisions, Decisions[edit]

  • Yoko, its been two years. Oh, but you might not know that. After all, what happened was so terrible, I think you'd want to erase it from your memory...
    • Who: Greg
    • Note: Greg is confronting Yoko, when Nicholai manages to shoot him in the head from above.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2#: Flashback[edit]

  • I'll never leave your side again.
    • Who: Albert Lester
    • Notes: Driven insane by the T-Virus, the hospital starts to collapse, when he finds his wife's body. He embraces it, saying the line, before both are crushed by debris.

Resident Evil Outbreak File 2#: End of the Road[edit]

  • I told you, there is nothing to -
    • Who: Carter
    • Notes: Line said to Linda concerning the Hunters roaming the facility before being struck down by the Tyrant T-0400TP.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica[edit]

  • Alexia... you're finally awake... Alexia...
    • Who: Alfred Ashford
    • Note: Last words before dying from his wounds and after resurrecting his twin sister, Alexia.
  • She gave this to me as a token of thanks for saving her, I don't need it any... more.
    • Who: Rodrigo Juan Raval
    • Note: Rodrigo gets swallowed by a gulp worm but is rescued by Chris, but dies from his wounds and hands Chris Claire's lighter.
  • I'm glad that I met you... I... I love you... Claire...
    • Who: Steve Burnside
    • Note: After being mutated by the T-Veronica virus, Steve tries to kill Claire but later regains his senses and saves her from Alexia's tentacle; only to be impaled in the stomach by the tentacle and revert back to normal. Steve later dies from his wounds (although he may not be dead).
  • You want it? You are not worthy of its power.
    • Who: Alexia Ashford
    • Notes: Said in response to Wesker's demand for the T-Veronica virus; she then transforms into her first form and attacks Wesker; however, Wesker (following a time-honored tradition) forces Chris (and by extension the player) to destroy her.

Resident Evil 4[edit]

  • We'll stay and watch the car. Don't want to get any parking tickets.
    • Who: Cop with beard
    • Note: Last words before their patrol car is pushed over a cliff, into a river by Ganados.
  • Did you say something?
    • Who: Cop with glasses
    • Note: Last words before their patrol car is pushed over a cliff, into a river by Ganados.
  • Lord Saddler...
    • Who: Numerous Ganados
    • Note: If a villager Ganado is killed without their head blowing off, they sometimes say this line.
  • I am a researcher, hired by Saddler. He found out what I was up to. Heh heh. (gives Leon pills) Here. It should supress growth of the parasite. The sample, Saddler took it. You have to get it back!
    • Who: Luis Sera
    • Note: Last words before dying after Saddler impaled him with his tentacle tail.
  • I want you to suffer, just like Ashley will.
    • Who: Ramon Salazar
    • Note: Spoken at the beginning of his battle with Leon, which ends with his death. These aren't really his last words, as he does taunt you ad-nauseum during your fight with him.
  • Prepare for your death, Leon!
    • Who: Jack Krauser
    • Note: Last words before battling Leon, who defeats Krauser in battle.
  • [Leon: Thanks. When we get out of here, drinks are on me.]Yeah, I know a good bar!
    • Who: Mike/Pilot
    • Note: After helping Leon out, he is shot down by a rocket launcher by one of Saddler's men.
  • Oh, I think you know. The American prevailing is a cliche that only happens in your Hollywood movies. Mr. Kennedy, you entertain me. To show my appreciation, I will help you awaken from your world of cliches.
    • Who: Osmund Saddler
    • Note: Last words before turning into a monster form.

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles[edit]

  • No! We are not done yet! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    • Who: Sergei Vladimir
    • Note: Said after turning into a monster form, and being shot to death by Albert Wesker.

Resident Evil 5[edit]

  • Dying's not so bad. But it doesn't change're still screwed!
    • Who: Ricardo Irving
    • Note: Character had transformed into a huge monster to battle Chris and Sheva, but was defeated and died soon after.
  • ALBERT!!!
    • Who: Excella Gionne
    • Note: Said before turning into Uroboros Aheri. Had wanted to rule Wesker's "new world" by his side, but was injected with Uroboros by him.
  • Now my candle burns dimly. Ironic, isn't it? For one who has the right to be a god! To face his own mortality...
    • Who: Ozwell E. Spencer
    • Note: Said before being killed by Wesker.
    • Who: Albert Wesker
    • Note: Said before grabbing the helicopter Chris is escaping in with a tentacle. Chris and Sheva then fire two rockets at him, which cause a massive explosion in the lava that incinerates Wesker.

Resident Evil 6[edit]

  • Dad...
    • Who: Liz
    • Note: Character dies and then shortly comes back as a zombie after having been infected by the C-Virus. She eats her father alive before being killed by Helena.
  • Liz?
    • Who: Liz's father
    • Note: Character was trying to save his daughter Liz, but she succumbs to the C-Virus, becomes a zombie, and kills him.
  • No! Stay back! Get the hell away from me! NOOOO!!!
    • Who: Peter
    • Note: Character tried to escape a gun shop, but was killed by a zombie that had mutated into a Bloodshot.
  • "Dammit! Dammit! Pops! Hold on, I'm coming Pops!"
    • Who: Unnamed Japanese man
    • Note: Character has been pulled out of the escape bus by zombies and is eaten alive.
  • You coming with me, son? Fine, I'll buy you a drink in hell, boy!
    • Who: Unnamed gun shop owner
    • Note: Character has been pulled out of the escape bus by zombies and is eaten alive.
  • No! No-!
    • Who: Nancy
    • Note: Said while getting eaten by zombies after the escape bus has stopped on a cliff edge just outside the Tall Oaks Cathedral.
  • No! Help me! Please God, help!
    • Who: Rookie police officer
    • Note: Said while getting eaten by zombies after the escape bus has stopped on a cliff edge just outside the Tall Oaks Cathedral.
  • Son of a- Get off me!
    • Who: Bus driver
    • Note: Said while trying to fight off zombies after the escape bus has stopped on a cliff edge just outside the Tall Oaks Cathedral. He is then killed in a firey explosion after the bus falls off the cliff.
  • Helena?
    • Who: Deborah Harper
    • Note: Said when found by her older sister Helena. Deborah then succumbs to the C-Virus, which was she injected with by Derek C. Simmons, and mutates into a B.O.W., which forces Helena, Leon, and Ada to kill her. After their fight in the Catacombs of the Tall Oaks Cathedral, Deborah staggers blindly off the edge of a cliff, only for Helena quickly grabs her hand. Helena then promises that she will avenge her sister, begs for forgiveness, and releases Deborah to fall to her death.
  • No! NOOOO!!!
    • Who: Derek C. Simmons
    • Note: Character had been infected with C-Virus by Carla, and began mutating into a B.O.W. He says this line when Ada impaled him with a crossbow arrow and throws him off a platform in the Quad Tower and into a pit of fire. Simmons shortly returns, now having mutated into a giant insect monster, before Leon and Helena blow him up with a rocket launcher. Simmons reverts back to his human form, as he falls and is impaled by the obelisk in the courtyard of the tower, finally killing Simmons for good.