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The Italian Job is a 2003 film about a group of thieves seeking revenge against a former partner who double-crossed them. A remake of the 1969 film starring Michael Caine.

Directed by F. Gary Gray. Written by Donna Powers and Wayne Powers, based on the 1969 screenplay by Troy Kennedy-Martin.


[Stella gets an early-morning phone call from her father.]
Stella Bridger: Hello?
John Bridger: Hello, sweetie.
Stella: Daddy...[checks the clock] it's early.
John: I just wanted to let you know that I'm sending you something.
Stella: Mmm. Does it smell nice?
John: No...But it's sparkly.
Stella: [suddenly wide awake] Does it have a receipt?
John: [chuckles] I'm sending it to you from the store.
Stella: Hmm. Why don't you just come by? We'll have some breakfast.
John: It'd be a long trip. [pause] I'm in Venice.
Stella: [sits up in bed] With your parole officer's approval, of course?
John: I like the guy, Stella, you know that. But we never really connected. So I think I've paid my PO his last visit.
Stella: What are you into, Dad? Don't break my heart. You told me you were through.
John: After this, I am through. I swear to you.

Left Ear: So come on, gentlemen, shopping list. Who's doing what? Spare no dirty details.
John: Come on, guys. Take a lesson from an old man. Don't spend it. Invest.
Left Ear: In what?
John: In gold.
Left Ear: What are you getting, Rob?
Handsome Rob: Ah, I don't know. There's a lot of things you can get with a lot of money. You know, I'm just thinking about naked girls in leather seats.
Left Ear: Obviously. See?
Handsome Rob: Suppose I'll get the Aston-Martin Vanquish. There's not a lot a girl won't do in the passenger seat of one of those things.
Lyle: I'm gonna get a NAD T-770 digital decoder with a seventy-watt amp and and Burr Brown DAC's.
Left Ear: [at a loss] Yeah...
Lyle: It's a big stereo. Speakers so loud, they blow women's clothes off.
Handsome Rob: Now you're talking!
Left Ear: Thirty-five million dollars, you can't get more creative than that, man? I'm going to Andalusia. The south of Spain. Right over there. [points] Get me a big house, get me a library full of first editions, get a room for my shoes... What about you, Steve?
Steve Bendel: I don't know. I haven't decided yet.
Left Ear: You haven't decided yet? Come on, man. Is it the mountain air? Just —
Steve: I liked what you said. I'll take one of each of yours.
Left Ear: [Laughs] Well here's to two of everything for Steve!

John Bridger: Charlie, there are two kinds of thieves in this world: the ones who steal to enrich their lives, and the ones who steal to define their lives. Don't be the latter. Makes you miss out on what's really important in this life.
Charlie Croker: What are you talking about, John? You've been a good father.
John: Sending presents doesn't make you a good father. I spent half my kid's life in prison. Don't get to be my age with nothing but this, Charlie. Find somebody you want to spend the rest of your life with and hold onto her forever. Okay?

[Steve has pulled a gun, and his armed henchmen have surrounded the gang's van.]
Charlie: Steve, What the hell are you doing?
Steve Bendel: Made a few plans of my own.
John Bridger: There's nowhere you can go where we won't find you, Steve. You know that.
Steve: I think that's probably right, John. [shoots him]

Lyle: And then he's just the media darling... He's on the cover of all the magazines, I should have been on the cover of WIRED magazine. You know what he said? He said he named it Napster because it was his nickname because of the nappy hair under the hat. But he, it's because I was NAPPING when he STOLE it from me. He didn't even graduate.
Handsome Rob: I think it's time to move on, don't you? They shut him down, I wish they'd do the same to you.

[Mechanic Wrench tries to hit on Stella Bridger during a break in tuning up the Minis]
Wrench: Hi, we didn't get a chance to meet. [offers hand] Wrench.
Stella Bridger: [gives him a sandwich] Ham and cheese.
Wrench: Oh, that's cold. Damn, that's cold.

Lyle: You want all greens? 'Cause, ah, 'cause you got 'em. [chuckles]
Charlie Croker: What have you got?
Lyle: Welcome to LA's Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control Operations Center. See, they use video feeds from intersections and specifically designed algorithms to predict traffic conditions, and thereby control traffic lights. So all I did was come up with my own... kick-ass algorithm to sneak in, and now we own the place.
Croker: You want to do a dry run?
Lyle: [singsong] I thought you'd never ask! [turns to his computer, showing a camera] See, red light. [presses button to turn all lights on an intersection green] Green light. [Cars start moving from each direction, causing one vehicle to get T-boned by a car on each side]

[On a headset cellphone, Lyle calculates the take from the team's robbery.]
Lyle: That's about 2.7 million dollars.
Charlie: What?
Lyle: No, wait. That's 27...27 million dollars. [A brief pause] YEAH! [everyone in the station is staring at him] I got the... Holy should get on's a good train.

Steve Bendel: Who the hell are you?
Mashkov: I am Mashkov. And you killed my cousin Yehven.
Charlie Croker: Gotta have some insurance, Steve.
Steve: Look, Yehven was already dead when I got there. I'm sorry about that, but he dealt with some pretty unsavory types. This guy's trying to play you.
Mashkov: [to Charlie] You were right... No imagination.


Mark Wahlberg - Charlie Croker
Donald Sutherland - John Bridger
Charlize Theron - Stella Bridger
Edward Norton - Steve Bendel (aka Frizelli)
Seth Green - Lyle
Jason Statham - Handsome Rob
Mos Def - Left Ear
Olek Krupa - Mashkov
Boris Krutorog - Yevhen
Gawtti - Skinny Pete
Shawn Fanning - Himself

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