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Click is a 2006 American comedy-drama film directed by Frank Coraci and starring Adam Sandler. The plot revolves around an overworked architect who discovers a universal remote that gives him the power to change reality.

What If You Had A Universal Remote... That Controlled Your Universe? (taglines)
What if you had a universal remote... that controlled your universe?
"Sorry I'm late, sir. Some moron in a red Lamborghini parked in my spot, so-"
"Prince Habeeboo drive red Lamborghini."
"Ehh, red Lamborghini? I meant blue Ferrari."
""Nice"? This thing's worth more than your car!"
"Not anymore it ain't!"
"Yeah, well, my father's stereo is a Bose."
"Your father's stereo blows? That's too bad."
"No! I said- That's not what I said!"
"His father's stereo blows! Whee!"

Michael Newman

  • [tinkers with the remote while looking at the rearview mirror] You look like pale there, pal. Let me fix that. [changes his skin color to yellow] You're all yellow from the scurvy. Arr, captain. [picks green] Grr.. Don't get the Hulk angry. You won't like him when he's angry. Raaaahrrr! [to purple] Oh, there's Barney. [spoof Barney theme] I love you, you love me. The jogger had giant boobies.
  • [after seeing his non-auto-pilot self yell at his father] You're pathetic.
  • [having seen that what happened was just a dream, he makes amends with his family and prepares for their Fourth of July vacation, but sees the remote in the kitchen and reads an attached letter] Like I said, '"Good guys need a break". I know you'll do the right thing this time. Love Morty. P.S.: Your wife's rocking body still drives me crazy.' Okay, Morty. [disposes of the universal remote in the trash bin, and this time it does not reappear]
  • [Morty reveals to Michael that he is an "angel of death" and that it was his father's time] You bastard. [loses control of his rage and tries to attack him, only to grab nothing and fall]


John Ammer: Well, the interesting thing, Prince Habeeboo, is that the building codes in Manhattan will allow us to- Michael.
Michael Newman: Sorry I'm late, sir. Some moron in a red Lamborghini parked in my spot, so-
Prince Habeeboo: Prince Habeeboo drive red Lamborghini.
Michael: Ehh, red Lamborghini? I meant blue Ferrari.
Prince Habeeboo: Is this one of your partners?
John Ammer: Actually, Michael is just an associate. But he is one of our brightest young architects.
Michael: Thank you.
John Ammer: Walk His Majesty through our design concept.
Michael: With pleasure. Prince Haboobee...
Prince Habeeboo: Habeeboo! Prince Habeeboo.
Michael: Habeeboo. I thought I said that. When Mr. Ammer explained to me the type of man you are- a visionary who prides himself on originality- I said to myself, "Let's smash the mould and redefine elegance." So I present to you your restaurant. [unveils a scale model of the planned restaurant interior]
Prince Habeeboo: Where is...? Where is bar?
Michael: Bar is... Here's the bar. Now, the waterfall...
Prince Habeeboo: Make bar longer.
Michael: Okay. We could cut into the atrium a little bit.
Prince Habeeboo: No atrium. Just make bar longer for Prince Habeeboo.

[Michael has agreed to his wife about going to his kids' swim meet, but the O'Doyles' showy son appears]
Kevin: Mr. Newman.
Michael: Kevin O'Doyle. Yeah. Always a pleasure.
Kevin: What kind of stereo you got in that blue piece of shit?
Michael: You know what? I never checked, Kevin.
Kevin: Yeah, well, my father's stereo is a BOSE.
Michael: Your father's stereo blows? That's too bad.
Kevin: No! I said- That's not what I said!
Michael: His father's stereo blows! Whee! [drives off]

[Michael and Morty witness Michael being born.]
Doctor: Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Newman, you have a baby girl!
Gertrude: A girl? No wait, this is a baby boy!
Theodore: A boy? I have a son!
Gertrude: I can see why you made a mistake doctor, it has such a tiny schmeckel!
Morty: She must have some kind of super vision. Neither the doctor nor I could have identified something that small.

[Michael uses the remote to witness his summer vacation at Lake Winnepisaukee, New Hampshire, in 1976.]
Child #1: Mike, go long!
Michael: Touchdown!
Gertrude : Michael! Dinner is ready! You can invite your friends if you like.
Michael: If you want to come over to my tent to have a barbeque, you are welcome.
Child #2: Or, we could go over to my family's camper where we have a TV antenna and can watch Three's Company. [Kids elect to go to the RV, running off screen.]
Children: Three's Company! Three's Company!
[Adult Michael observes this with regret as his friends abandoned him since his parents did not have many material possessions, showing an insight to his adult personality.]

Ben: Hey, Dad! Look at Kevin's new Robo-Dog!
Michael: [not listening] That's nice.
Kevin: "Nice"? This thing's worth more than your car!
Michael: [runs over Robo-Dog] Not anymore it ain't!

[Ben is now a full-grown man and has gone into his father's line of work. Michael looks around Ben's office and sees a picture of him with a very attractive blonde woman.]
Michael: Wowie! That's a looker. Blondie, big lips. Chesty. Is that your girl?
Ben: No, that's your daughter Samantha.
Michael: Of course it is.

[at the brink of death in 2029, Mike makes one last effort to reach out to his family. Ben hears Mike calling to him on the street and the entire family scrambles to him]
Mike: [to Ben] Ben, Ben. Family. Family. Family.
Ben: What?
Mike: Family. Family.... Family comes first.
Ben: [sobbing] Family comes first.
Mike: Honeymoon. Honeymoon.
Ben: Honeymoon. [to his wife] I love you. [consoles with her]
Mike: Samantha. Samantha. I didn't make 200, but I love you.
Samantha: I love you.
Mike: Bill, Bill, Bill. [flips him off but he signifies an okay sign, indicating he's made peace with him. He holds Donna's hand] I'm sorry.
Morty: Michael. The note you wrote her, in your pocket. [shows note stating "Will you still love me in the morning?"]
Donna: [sadly] Forever and ever, babe.
Morty: [kneels] It's time to go.


  • What If You Had A Universal Remote... That Controlled Your Universe?


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