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There Will Be Blood (2007) is a critically acclaimed, Academy Award, Golden Globe and BAFTA-winning film, inspired by Upton Sinclair's novel Oil! (1927).

Written and directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
There Will Be Greed. There Will Be Vengeance. Taglines

Daniel Plainview[edit]

  • Listen, Paul. If I travel all the way out there and I find that you've been lying to me, I'm going to find you and I'm going to take more than my money back. Is that all right with you?
  • Now run along and play, and don't come back.
  • There's a whole ocean of oil under our feet! No one can get at it except for me!
  • One night I'm gonna come to you, inside of your house, wherever you're sleeping, and I'm gonna cut your throat.


Plainview: What did my mother know?
Henry Brands: I don't know. I don't know if she knew and looked the other way, if she never knew. Why did you leave? I know you didn't get on with our father.
Plainview: I worked for Geological Survey and went to Kansas. I couldn't stay there, I just couldn't. I don't like to explain myself. [Pause] Are you an angry man, Henry?
Henry Brands: About what?
Plainview: Are you envious? Do you get envious?
Henry Brands: I don't think so. No.
Plainview: I have a competition in me. I want no one else to succeed. I hate most people.
Henry Brands: That part of me is gone... working and not succeeding- all my failures has left me... I just don't... care.
Plainview: Well if it's in me, it's in you. There are times when I look at people and I see nothing worth liking. I want to earn enough money I can get away from everyone.
Henry Brands: What will you do about your boy?
Plainview: [strained] I don't know. Maybe it'll change. Does your sound come back to you? I don't know. Maybe no one knows that. A doctor might not know that.
Henry Brands: Where's his mother?
Plainview: I don't want to talk about those things. I see the worst in people, Henry. I don't need to look past seeing them to get all I need. I've built up my hatreds over the years, little by little. Having you here gives me a second breath. I can't keep doing this on my own with these... people.

Tilford: Where you going to put it all? Where? Build a pipeline, make a deal with Union Oil, be my guest. But if you can’t pull it off, you've got an ocean of oil under your feet with nowhere to go. Why not turn it over to us? We'll make you rich. You spend time with your boy. It's a great discovery... Now let us help you.
Plainview: Did you just tell me how to run my family?
Tilford: It might be more important now that you've proven the field and we're offering to buy you out.
Plainview: One night, I'm gonna come to you, inside of your house, wherever you're sleeping, and I'm going to cut your throat.
Tilford: What? What are you taking about? Have you gone crazy Daniel?
Plainview: Did you hear what I said?
Tilford: I heard what you said, why did you say it?
Plainview: You don't tell me about my son.
Tilford: Why are you acting insane and threatening to cut my throat?!
Plainview: You don't tell me about my son.
Tilford: I'm not telling you anything! I'm asking you to be reasonable, if I've offended you I apologize.
Plainview: You'll see what I can do.

Eli Sunday: I truly wish everyone could be saved, don’t you?
Little Boston Congregation: Yes.
Eli Sunday: I’m afraid that’s just not the case. The doctrine of Universal Salvation is a lie, is it not? It’s a lie. I wish everyone could be saved, but they won’t. No. They. Won't! You will never be saved if you...
Little Boston Congregation: ... reject the blood!
Eli Sunday: Good. Is there a sinner here looking for salvation? A new member?... I’ll ask it again. Is there a sinner here looking for God--
Plainview: Yes.
Eli Sunday: Thank you for coming, brother Daniel.
Plainview: Thank you Eli.
Eli Sunday: We have a sinner with us here, who wishes for salvation. Daniel, are you a sinner?
Plainview: Yes.
Eli Sunday: Oh the Lord can’t hear you Daniel. Say it to Him, go ahead and speak to Him, it's all right. Down on your knees and do it. Look up to the sky, and say it.
Plainview: What do you want me to say?
Eli Sunday: Oh, Daniel, you’ve come here and you’ve brought good and wealth, but you have also brought your bad habits as a backslider. You’ve lusted after women and you have abandoned your child. Your child, that you raised, you have abandoned all because he was sick and you have sinned, so say it now, “I am a sinner.”
Plainview: I am a sinner.
Eli Sunday: Say it louder: “I am a sinner.”
Plainview: I am a sinner.
Eli Sunday: Louder, Daniel: “I am a sinner!"
Plainview: I am a sinner.
Eli Sunday: "I am sorry Lord."
Plainview: I am sorry Lord.
Eli Sunday: "I want the blood.”
Plainview: I want the blood.
Eli Sunday: You have abandoned your child!
Plainview: [pause] I’ve abandoned my child.
Eli Sunday: “I will never backslide."
Plainview: I will never backslide.
Eli Sunday: "I was lost but now I am found."
Plainview: I was lost but now I'm found.
Eli Sunday: "I have abandoned my child.” Say it, say it...
Plainview: I’ve abandoned my child.
Eli Sunday: Say it louder, say it louder!
Plainview: I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my child! I’ve abandoned my boy!
Eli Sunday: Beg for the blood!
Plainview: Just give me the blood Eli, let me get out of here. Give me the blood, Lord, and let me get away!
Eli Sunday: Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?
Plainview: Yes, I do.
Eli Sunday: Get out of here, Devil! [slaps Plainview across the face]
Plainview: Can't feel that, Eli.
Eli Sunday: Out, Devil! Out, sin!
Plainview: Let me feel the power of the Lord, Eli!
Eli Sunday: Do you accept the Church of the Third Revelation as your spiritual guide?
Plainview: Yes, I do.
Eli Sunday: Get out of here, get out of here!
Plainview: [as he is being slapped] Where is your Lord, Eli, let me feel Him! Where is He? Where is He? There He is! Oh, there He is!
Eli Sunday: Do you accept Jesus Christ as your Savior?
Plainview: Yes, I do!

[Plainview puts a napkin over his face]
Plainview: [clears throat] So Standard offered us a million dollars for the Little Boston leases. I told H. M. Tilford where he could shove that, and we made a deal with Union! On the pipeline! And that whole ocean of oil underneath our fields!
Tilford: [to his fellow businessmen] ... $150,000...
Businessman: We needed the money to drill.
Businessman: Who is this guy?
Tilford: I go out to meet him. He's getting oil on the property. We're trying to make a claim on it. Offered him a million dollars. Turned us down flat.
Plainview: [frustrated] All right. I want you to look over there.
Tilford: Daniel, let me introduce--
Plainview: Look over there, you see. That's my son. You see him?
Tilford: Yes.
Plainview: You SEE?
Tilford: I see him.
Plainview: You don't tell me how to raise my family. I told you not to tell me how to raise my family.
Tilford: Daniel--
Plainview: So, what do you see?
Tilford: I'm very happy for you that--
Plainview: Yes, I've made a deal with Union. My son is happy and safe.
Tilford: Congratulations. Excellent.
Plainview: I'm taking care of him now, so... You look like a fool, don't you Tilford?
Tilford: Yes.
Plainview: Y-y-yes, yes you do.
Tilford: [embarrassed] Excuse me gentlemen.
Plainview: Oh, excuse me, gentlemen. Excuse him, gentlemen. [to Tilford] I told you what I was gonna do.

[HW is speaking through his interpreter, George]
H.W./George: I’d prefer to speak to you in private.
Plainview: You can’t speak. So why don’t you flap your hands about and have what’s-his-name tell me where you’ve been. Or do you think I don’t know?
H.W./George: This is hard for me to say. I’ll tell you first: I love you very much. I’ve learned to love what I do because of you. I’m leaving here. I’m going to Mexico. I’m taking Mary, and I’m going to Mexico. I miss working outside. I miss the fields. It’ll only be for a time, for me to do my own drilling, and start my own company. It’s time to make a change.
Plainview: This makes you my competitor.
H.W./George: No. No, it's not like that.
Plainview: It is like that, boy... Your own company, huh?
H.W./George: That’s right.
Plainview: In Mexico...
H.W./George: Yes.
Plainview: You’re making such a misstep. So, what are you doing?
H.W./George: I know you and I have disagreed over many things. I’d rather keep you as my father, than my partner.
Plainview: Then say it! You got something to say to me then say it, I’d like to hear you speak instead of your little dog, woof woof woof woof woof woof woof!
H.W.: I’m going to Mexico with my wife. I’m going away from you.
Plainview: That wasn’t so hard, was it? You’re killing us with what you’re doing. You’re killing my image of you as my son.
H.W./George: You are stubborn. You won’t listen.
Plainview: You're not my son.
H.W./George: Please don't say that. I know you don't mean it.
Plainview: It's the truth. You're not my son. You never have been. You're an orphan. Did you ever hear that word? [to George]: Tell him what I said. You operated here today like one. I should have seen this coming. I should have known that under this all, these past years you've been building your hate for me piece by piece. I don't even know who you are because you have none of me in you, you're someone else's. This anger, your maliciousness, backwards dealings with me. You're an orphan from a basket in the middle of the desert. And I took you for no other reason than I needed a sweet face to buy land. Did you get that? Now you know.
[Plainview whistles mockingly]
Plainview: Look at me. You're lower than a bastard. Mmm-hmm. You have none of me in you. You're just a bastard from a basket.
H.W./George: I thank God I have none of you in me.
[H.W. and George get up and begin to leave the room]
Plainview: You're not my son. You're just a little piece of competition. Bastard from a basket, bastard from a basket. You're a bastard from a basket!

[Eli is attempting to wake up Plainview]
Eli Sunday: Daniel! Daniel Plainview, the house is on fire!!
[Plainview continues to snore]
Eli Sunday: Brother Daniel... It's Eli.
[Plainview wakes up]
Plainview: Yes, it is. Yes, it is.
Eli Sunday: I'll make us a drink. Oh, your home is a miracle. It's beautiful. God bless it. I've been spreading His Word far and wide, far and wide. So much travel for Him. I've been working in radio. Yes, so much, so much has been happening. To be here and find you and see you well is wonderful. And we have a chance to catch up!
[Eli offers Plainview whiskey]
Plainview: No, thank you so much.
Eli Sunday: Ah, my brother. Daniel, my brother by marriage. We're such old friends. So much time. [pause] Things go up, things go down, but at least the Lord is always around. We've seen ups and downs, haven't we?
Plainview: Are things down for you right now, Eli?
Eli Sunday: No! No. But I do come with some sad news. Perhaps you remember Mr. Bandy? Mr. Bandy has passed on to the Lord. He lived to be ninety-nine years old, God bless him. Mr. Bandy has a grandson, have you met his grandson William? William Bandy is one of the finest members we have at the Church of the Third Revelation. He is eager to come to Hollywood to be in movies. He is very good-looking. And I do think he will have success.
Plainview: [chewing on his steak] That’s wonderful.
Eli Sunday: Would you like me to speak with him? … Daniel, I’m asking if you’d like to have business with the Church of the Third Revelation in developing this lease on young Bandy’s thousand acre tract?! I’m offering you to drill on one of the great undeveloped fields of Little Boston!
Plainview: I’d be happy to work with you.
Eli Sunday: You would? Yes, yes, of course, that’s wonderful---
Plainview: But there is one condition for this work.
Eli Sunday: All right.
Plainview: I’d like you to tell me that you are a false prophet. I’d like you to tell me that you are, and have been, a false prophet, and that God is a superstition.
Eli Sunday: But that’s a lie. It’s a lie, I cannot say it...
Eli Sunday: When can we begin to drill?
Plainview: Very soon.
Eli Sunday: How long will it take to bring in the well?
Plainview: It shouldn’t take long.
Eli Sunday: I would like a 100,000 dollar signing bonus, plus the five that is owed to me with interest.
Plainview: That’s only fair.
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet and God is a superstition, if that’s what you believe, then I will say it.
Plainview: Say it like you mean it.
Eli Sunday: Daniel…
Plainview: Say it like it's your sermon.... Don’t smile!
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition--
Plainview: Why don’t you stand up? Put your glass down.
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition--
Plainview: Eli, Eli, stop! Just imagine this is your church here, and you've got a full house today, so…
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition!
Plainview: Say it again.
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition!
Plainview: They can’t hear you in the back!
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition!
Plainview: Say it again.
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition!
Plainview: Say it again.
Eli Sunday: I am a false prophet, God is a superstition!
Plainview: Those areas have been drilled.
Eli Sunday: What…?
Plainview: Those areas, they've been drilled.
Eli Sunday: No they haven't…
Plainview: Yes; it's, uh, it's called drainage, Eli. See, I own everything around it; so of course, I get what’s underneath it.
Eli Sunday: But there are no derricks there. This is the Bandy tract, do you understand?
Plainview: Do you understand, Eli, that's more to the point, do you understand? I drink your water. I drink it up. Every day, I drink the blood of the lamb from Bandy's tract. You can sit down again.

Eli Sunday: Oh, Daniel. Daniel. Please? I am in desperate times.
Plainview: I know.
Eli Sunday: I need a friend.
Plainview: Yes, of course you do.
Eli Sunday: I’ve sinned. I need help, I’m a sinner. I’ve let the Devil grab hold of me in ways I never imagined. I’m so full of sin...
Plainview: The Lord sometimes challenges us, doesn’t He, Eli?
Eli Sunday: [becomes hysterical] Oh, yes, He does, Daniel, yes, He does--
Plainview: ...Yes, He does...
Eli Sunday: He completely failed to alert me to the recent panic in our economy.
Plainview: Oh dear.
Eli Sunday: This… I must have this, Daniel, I must, I must, I must, I must, I must have this. My investments have... Daniel, I won’t bore you but, if I could grab the Lord’s hand for help I would but He does these things all the time, these mysteries that He presents and while we wait! While we wait for His word!
Plainview: Because you're not the chosen brother, Eli. 'Twas Paul who was chosen. See, he found me and told me about your land, you're just a fool.
Eli Sunday: Why are you talking about Paul? Don’t say this to me.
Plainview: I did what your brother couldn't, I broke you and I beat you. It was Paul who told me about you. He's the prophet, he's the smart one. He knew what was there, he found me to take it out of the ground. You know what the funny thing is? Listen, listen, listen-- I paid him $10,000 cash in hand, just like that. He has his own company now. Prosperous little business. Three wells producing $5000 a week.
[Eli weeps]
Plainview: Stop crying, you sniveling ass! Stop your nonsense! You're just the afterbirth, Eli.
Eli Sunday: No...
Plainview: You slithered out of your mother's filth. They should have put you in a glass jar on a mantelpiece. Where were you when Paul was suckling at his mother's teat, eh? Where were you? Who was nursing you, poor Eli, one of Bandy's sows? That land has been had, there’s nothing you can do about it. It’s gone, had.
Eli Sunday: If you would just---
Plainview: You lose.
Eli Sunday: Take this lease, Daniel--
Plainview: DRAAAIIINNNNAGE! Drainage, Eli, you boy. Drained dry, I’m so sorry. Here: if you have a milkshake... and I have a milkshake... and I have a straw; there it is, that’s the straw, see? Watch it. My straw reaches across the room... and starts to drink your milkshake: I... drink... your... milkshake! [slurps] I drink it up!
Eli Sunday: Don’t bully me, Daniel!
[Plainview picks up Eli and tosses him on the ground]
Plainview: [screams] Did you think your song and dance and your superstition would help you, Eli?! I am the Third Revelation! I am who the Lord has chosen!
[Plainview begins throwing bowling balls at Eli]
Plainview: Because I’m smarter than you, I’m older---
Eli Sunday: I’m your old friend, Daniel--
Plainview: And because I’m not a false prophet, you sniveling boy. I am the Third Revelation! I am the Third Revelation! I told you I would eat you! I told you I would eat you up!
[Plainview chases Eli]
Eli Sunday: We're family! We're brothers! We're brothers! Daniel, please forgive me, I beg you--
Plainview: That's it, that's it...
[Plainview bludgeons Eli to death with a bowling pin. The butler hears the noise]
Butler: Mr. Daniel?
[Plainview sits down on the floor, panting, then finally responds]
Plainview: I'm finished!


  • There Will Be Greed. There Will Be Vengeance.
  • When Ambition Meets Faith


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