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The Amazing Spider-Man (also known as Dark Spider: The Wide Pider) is a 2012 American superhero film directed by Marc Webb, based on the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man. It is a reboot of the Spider-Man film franchise, portraying the character's origin story and his development into a superhero while still a high school student. The film stars Andrew Garfield in the title role as Spider-Man/Peter Parker, with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifans as Dr. Curt Connors.

Gwen Stacy[edit]

  • [to Peter, at Oscorp] Don't get me into trouble. Do NOT touch anything!

Ben Parker[edit]

  • [from trailer, Peter finds an old satchel in a closet] I forgot all about that thing. It was your dad's...


[from trailer] [Peter catches a fly]

May Parker: Peter, what's going on?

[from trailer]

Dr. Curt Connors: Do you have any idea what you really are?

[from trailer]

Dr. Curt Connors: Ready to play God?

[from trailer]

May Parker: [sees a bruised Peter] Who keeps doing this to you?
Peter Parker: Aunt May, don't worry about it, just go to sleep...
May Parker: I CAN'T sleep!

[from trailer]

Peter Parker: We all have secrets: the ones we keep... and those ones that are kept from us.

[from trailer]

Peter Parker: Ahem, you know, if you're going to steal cars, don't dress like a car thief.
Car Thief: You a cop?
Peter Parker: You seriously think I'm a cop in a skintight red and blue suit?

[from trailer]

George Stacy: Thirty-eight of New York's finest, versus one guy in a unitard.

[from trailer]

Gwen Stacy: Did you catch that Spider-guy yet?
George Stacy: Not yet, but we will. This guy wears a mask, like an outlaw!
Peter Parker: I think he's trying to do something maybe the police can't...
George Stacy: Can't?

[Gwen awkwardly laughs]

[from trailer]

Peter Parker: Dr. Connors? I'm Richard Parker's son.

[from trailer]

Dr. Curt Connors: Your father and I were going to change the lives of billions, including mine...

[looks at his missing hand]

[from trailer]

Peter Parker: I've got to stop him, because I created him.
Gwen Stacy: That's not you job...
Peter Parker: Maybe it is.

[a car thief breaks into a car with an electronic decoder. Unbeknownst to him, Spider-Man is on the back seat.]

Spider-Man: Ahem. [the thief finally notices him] You know, in the future, if you're gonna steal a car, you don't dress like a car thief, man.
Car thief: Who are you? Are you a cop?
Spider-Man: Really? You seriously think I'm a cop? Cop in a skintight red and blue suit, you know, you, you... [webs the thief's face] You got the mind... [webs the car's door shut when the thief tries to open it] ...of a true scholar, sir. [after multiple attempts of opening the door, the thief rolls down the window] Good thinking, good thinking. Use the window, get out the window. [the thief escapes through the open window] There ya go, you got it. Whoa.

[the thief looks into the car again, but Spider-Man is nowhere to be seen. He looks around, nervously.]

Spider-Man: CROTCH!!! [tackles the thief with a Frankensteiner]
Car thief: [gets up and pulls a switchblade knife] Just let me go, alright?
Spider-Man: Is that a knife? [falling to his knees in mocking terror] Is that a real knife?
Car thief: Yeah, it's a real knife.
Spider-Man: You found my weakness, it's small knives!
Car thief: Just let me go, okay?
Spider-Man: Anything but knives! [webs the thief's hand with the knife to the wall behind him; gets back to normal] Oh, it's so simple. That was cool, though...
Car thief: What the hell is this?
Spider-Man: Webbing that I developed myself, I dont think you really wanna know the details...
Car thief: C'mon, let me go!! [Spider-Man webs his other hand to the wall] Now get off, man, let me go! [Spider-Man makes it seem he is about to sneeze, but webs the thief's crotch]
Car thief: C'mon, let me go! Stop it!!! [Spider-Man keeps throwing webs at him, laughing hysterically; the thief's body is almost completely covered in webbing] Dude, that isn't funny!
Spider-Man: It is kind of funny!
Car thief: C'mon, heeeeelp!
Spider-Man: Shhhh... [webs the thief's mouth shut; after a moment, he rushes to the thief and checks for the star tattoo on his wrist, only to discover he does not have it, thus is not Uncle Ben's killer] This could've got a lot worse. Now hold still... [stabs holes under the nostrils in the webbing on the thief's face so he can breathe]



  • They’re outraged not because of any personal prejudice. They’re outraged because they hate to see any change made on a series and characters they had gotten familiar with. In Spider-Man, when they got a new actor, that bothered them, even though it was a white actor. I don’t think it had to do with racial prejudice as much as they don’t like things changed.

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