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Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation is a 2015 American action film, the fifth installment in the Mission: Impossible series. It stars Tom Cruise, who reprises his role of IMF Agent Ethan Hunt.

Desperate Times. Desperate Measures. taglines

Ethan Hunt[edit]

  • These are no accidents. They're links in a chain, the work of a single organization - the Syndicate. A rogue nation, trained to do what we do, with a new purpose. To destroy the system that created them, regardless if who's in their way.


[first lines]
Brandt: Benji? Benji, do you copy? Benji?
Benji: [disguised as a bush] Oh, s***.
Brandt: Where's Ethan?
Benji: Uh, I can't talk right now.
Brandt: The package is on the plane.
Benji: Yeah, I know. We're currently formulating a Plan B. Although, technically, it's a Plan C.
Brandt: This isn't going very well.
Benji: I am aware of that, Brandt; you're not helping.
Brandt: Where's Ethan?
Benji: I don't know. We're on radio silence.
Brandt: That plane cannot take off with the package on it; you understand?
Luther: [interjecting] We're working on it.
Brandt: Luther?! What the heck are you doing there? You're supposed to be on assignment in Malaysia!
Luther: I am in Malaysia. I've been here two days. Benji needed my help.
Benji: I didn't need help, I needed assistance. It's a different thing!
Brandt: [face-palms] The package is still on the plane.
[the plane's cargo door closes]
Benji: We understand the package is on the plane! We're trying to cripple it remotely.
Brandt: You can do that?
Luther: We can if the pilot left the satellite uplink switched on.
Benji: Which he has.
Brandt: And how do you access the uplink?
Luther: It involves hacking a Russian satellite.
Brandt: [chuckles sarcastically] I can't authorize that.
Luther: Which is why I didn't ask for permission.
Brandt: We are under investigation for misconduct!
Luther: The package is on board! What do you want me to do?!

Operator: Satcom 7.
Ethan: Western Europe, unsecured.
Operator: Designator?
Ethan: Bravo-Echo-1-1.
Operator: Connecting.
[the call is transferred to Brandt]
Brandt: This is Brandt.
Ethan: Go secure.
[Brandt encrypts the call]
Brandt: Go.
Ethan: London terminal is compromised. Repeat, London is compromised. Agent in place is down. Request immediate extraction.
Brandt: What happened? Who breached London? Do you have anything to go on?
Ethan: A face. He wanted something. Not information. He could've killed me, but he didn't.
Brandt: Okay, what do we think this means?
Ethan: The Syndicate is real. Repeat, the Syndicate is real. They know who we are, how we operate. I think I know why they've been so hard to find. Just focus operations on gathering any available intel regarding former covert operatives. It doesn't matter what country or agency, just as long as they are dead, or presumed dead. Start with Janik Vinter. He's also known as the Bone Doctor.
Brandt: I can't do that.
Ethan: What? What are you talking about?
Brandt: The Committee has shut us down. Operations are being handed over to the CIA. There is no more IMF. I've been ordered to bring everyone in. Ethan...
Ethan: I understand.
Brandt: Ethan...
Ethan: I understand, Brandt. We didn't have this conversation. I've disappeared in London. You don't know where I am, if I'm dead or alive.
Brandt: This man you saw, can you find him?
Ethan: I won't stop until I do.
Brandt: This may very well be our last mission, Ethan. Make it count. [hangs up]

Hunley: Less than 24 hours after we interviewed Benji Dunn about Ethan Hunt, he was on a plane to Vienna with tickets to the opera, and within six hours of his arrival, the Chancellor was dead! Now, this may be circumstances to some public defender, but to the CIA, this is actionable intelligence!
Brandt: Consider for the moment the possibility that Ethan's investigation lead him to the opera and that he's the one with the actionable intelligence.
Hunley: In any case, finding Hunt is no longer a pet project! The Special Activities Division will now have full discretion.
Brandt: You mean shoot to kill.
Hunley: Whether Hunt lives or dies is entirely up to him.

Brandt: [during car chase in Casablanca, alongside Luther] It's a high-speed chase! You just had to get the 4x4, didn't you?
Luther: Don't blame me; you chose the car!
Brandt: You just had to have it!

[the team attempts to open the data package they stole]
Ethan: What's happening?
Luther: I can't open it.
Ethan: What do you mean you can't open it?
Luther: I mean I can't open it, ever.
Benji: That's a red box.
Brandt: A what?
Benji: It's a red box. The British government uses them to transport state secrets.
Brandt: Doesn't sound good.
Benji: Meaning it's triple-encrypted. You're not getting into that thing unless you have fingerprints, retinal scan, and a voice phrase spoken by a specific individual.
Ethan: The Prime Minister of Great Britain himself.
Benji: Yes, him.
Brandt: So what you're saying is there is no ledger, which means we have no proof that the Syndicate even exists. So we're back to square one, only now we're all wanted by the CIA. [sarcastically] I'm so proud of us.
Benji: What I don't understand is why is a red box sat in a private data vault in Morocco?!
Luther: And why would Lane want it if he can't open it?
Benji: If Lane wants it, you can bet he has a plan to open it - and we just helped him steal it.
Luther: He's gonna take the Prime Minister.
Ethan: Yes, he is. The question is, how?
Brandt: Well, we have to warn the British. [pulls out a cellphone]
Luther: Yeah, MI6.
Ethan: No, no, Brandt, put down the phone. Let's think about this for a minute.
Brandt: We have a responsibility to warn the British government, not gamble with the Prime Minister's life, Ethan! Just so you can beat this guy that has beaten you at every turn!
Ethan: Is that what you think this is? Brandt? Is that what you think this is?
Brandt: I think, right now, you're incapable of seeing that there's another way.
Luther: And sometimes Ethan is the only one capable of seeing the only way.
Brandt: And if he's wrong, we have Vienna - ALL OVER AGAIN!
Ethan: You don't know him! If he wants something to happen, THERE IS NO PREVENTING IT!
Brandt: That's why we have to warn the British!
Ethan: Maybe that's exactly what he wants us to do!
Brandt: Are you listening to yourself?! We're going to warn the British!
Ethan: No. We're going to find Lane, we're going to get him, before he takes the Prime Minister.
Brandt: [pauses, then slowly puts the phone back in his pocket.] Okay. Alright, Ethan. We're going to find Lane. But please tell me: how are we going to do that?

Hunley: [on the phone to Brandt] I had a feeling you'd come to your senses, Brandt.
Brandt: I'm only calling you because I have no other choice. I'm trying to prevent a catastrophe.
Hunley: I can understand that. Where are you?
Brandt: London.
Hunley: [turns to his plane crew] Re-route us to London now. [gets back on the phone] Where in London?
Brandt: I'll tell you when you land, not before.
Hunley: I'm not interested in playing games, Brandt.
Brandt: And I'm not interested in seeing my friends get killed either. So if I'm going to betray them, we're going to do this in my terms and my terms only, do you understand? Keep your phone on, instruction will follow. [hangs up]


  • Desperate times. Desperate measures.
  • Go rogue.


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