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These are last words in DC media.


Live action films[edit]

Batman (1989)[edit]

  • Jack, listen. Maybe we can cut a deal.
    • Who: Carl Grissom
    • Note: The top crime boss of Gotham. When Jack Napier now the Joker confront him in his suite, Grissom tries to reason with him. But Joker tells him "Jack is dead my friend, but you can call me... Joker. And as you can see, I'm a lot happier!" then shoots him in a crazed frenzy.

Green Lantern (2011)[edit]

  • [in alien language] Explorer 6 to Base - our ship has crashed in the northeast quadrant of the Lost Sector... Please send help immediately.
    • Who: Explorer 6 members.
    • Note: They are crash survivors on the desolate planet Ryut, who are soon killed by Parallax.
  • Hal Jordan, I am Abin Sur, protector of Sector 2814. The ring... It chose you. Take it! Place the ring in the lantern. Place the ring, speak the oath... Great honor, responsibility...
    • Who: Abin Sur
    • Note: At the start of the film, Abin Sur is the Green Lantern of Sector 2814 (the region of the universe where Earth is found). He is mortally wounded by Parallax and crash-lands on Earth. Soon before he dies, his power ring brings Hal Jordan to him, to become the new Green Lantern.

Joker (2019)[edit]

  • Call the police, Gene. Call the police.
    • Who: Murray Franklin
    • Note: Franklin had invited Arthur Fleck, who had requested he be introduced as Joker, onto his show after earlier showing a clip of Fleck's stand-up routine (Franklin mocked him for laughing before he could deliver his jokes, but did not know that Fleck suffered from emotional incompetence). Live on the show, Fleck tells morbid jokes and then confesses to the murders of the three Wayne Enterprises businessmen. He then gives a speech about how society abandons the disenfranchised. He then proceeds to tell another joke about what happens when a mentally ill loner crosses the same society, prompting Franklin to say the line, but Fleck finishes the joke and shoots Franklin in the head, killing him instantly.

Animated films[edit]

See also Last words in Warner Bros. animated films.

Wonder Woman (2009)[edit]

  • (Hyppolita: You were given a life of piece and beauty.) And denied one of families and children. Yes, Hyppolita. The Amazons are warriors... but we... are women too.
    • Who: Persephone
    • Note: Killed in battle by Queen Hyppolita for betraying the Amazons for Ares.
  • Zeus! ZEUS!!
    • Who: Ares
    • Note: Beheaded in battle by Princess Diana and then brought to Hades along with his son.

Green Lantern: First Flight (2009)[edit]

  • You are now a... Green Lantern... One of the protectors of the Universe.... The Guardians... will send for you. Use... the ring... wisely.
    • Who: Abin Sur
    • Note: Sur was critically wounded by one of Kanjar Ro's lackeys. He says these words to Hal Jordan after giving him his ring and making him a Green Lantern and before dying.
  • Humans...!
    • Who: Boodikka
    • Note: Jordan tricks her into destroying Kanjar's unstable energy staff, the explosion launching her into the tools hanging from the ceiling and killing her.

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies (2009)[edit]

  • Oh, it's you.
    • Who: Metallo
    • Note: Murdered by Major Force as ordered by Lex Luthor to frame Superman.
  • Do you know what you've done?!
    • Who: Major Force
    • Note: Said to Power Girl after she punched his stomach with brute force, inadvertently rupturing the suit containing his nuclear energy, which is absorbed by Captain Atom to avoid the destruction of Metropolis, killing Major Force in the progress.

Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (2010)[edit]

  • Okay! Okay! I'm down to my last joke anyway... but this one'll kill ya!
    • Who: The Jester (Joker's Parallel Version)
    • Note: After being brutally beaten by J'edd J'arkus (Martian Manhunter's Counterpart) and Angelique (Hawkgirl's Evil Version), he says these first words before Angelique stabs him with her flaming sword, then says his last words before detonating a small bomb, exploding the building's whole floor and killing himself along with J'arkus and his henchwoman.
  • It doesn't matter.
    • Who: Owlman
    • Note: Owlman was defeated in battle by Batman, who then transports him along with the QED with Owlman's Teleportation Device from Earth Prime to a lifeless and unpopulated planet, as the QED reaches it's final countdown, Owlman says these words before the QED destroys the entire planet and kills him.
  • Did we save the world, then? (Batman: We did.) And all that rubbish about me being faster than Flash? You knew this was gonna happen. Good one, mate.
    • Who: Johnny Quick (The Flash's Parallel Version)
    • Note: Johnny managed to help Batman to stop Owlman's plan, then, he uses his speedforce to eventually match the temporal vibration and open another portal to Earth Prime. He eventually succeeds, however the strain of vibrating ages him to near death, he later says these words to Batman (who anticipated this and prevented the Flash from trying to save him as Flash would have died the same way) before dying in the Flash's arms.

Green Lantern: Emerald Knights (2011)[edit]

  • I am glad... ...I can be there for you in my last moments. I see now... ...the true protector of Jayd is not the Golden Dragon... but Laira Omoto. Green Lantern...
    • Who: Kentor Omoto
    • Note: Laira's father and leader of the Golden Dragon clan. Feeling shamed after an intense fight, Kentor stabs himself with his own sword to regain his honor. He then declares this believing Laira the Green Lantern can protect Jayd in the stead of the Golden Dragon before drawing his dying breath.

Justice League: Doom (2012)[edit]

  • Help me.
    • Who: Carol Ferris (android)
    • Note: She is described as "Carol from bookkeeping". A group of criminals known as the Identity Brotherhood take various workers as hostages in a salt mine. Carol is the last hostage, held at gunpoint by one of the criminals. When confronted by Green Lantern, her assailant chooses to launch a suicide attack by pressing a button which explodes numerous bombs and causes an avalanche. This way, he kills himself and his hostage in the process. Carol is identical to Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris), with her same name and appearance. It is later revealed that she and her assailant are androids specifically created to enact this scenario and make Green Lantern think he caused her death.

Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox (2013)[edit]

  • Battle Stations!
    • Who: Deathstroke (Alternate Timeline)
    • Note: Said to his Ravagers before battling Aquaman's Atlantian forces. After the others are killed, Deathstroke is presumably killed by Black Manta's optic blasts. His fate, however was likely undone after the creation of "The New 52" timeline.
  • Well, at least I know I was right.
    • Who: Lex Luthor (Alternate Timeline)
    • Note: After all Ravagers are killed, Luthor says these words, after being able to locate the Atlantians' 'Doomsday Device', before Aquaman, saying "No survivors", kills him by impaling him with his trident. He was later brought back to life by the creation of "The New 52"
  • "Beware my Power", asshole!
    • Who: Hal Jordan (Alternate Timeline)
    • Note: Jordan was sent by General Lane to fly Abin Sur's space ship in an attempt to destroy Aquaman's bomb, but is killed by a sea monster controlled by Aquaman. His fate was later undone by the creation of the new timeline.
  • What I do now, I do for the good of all.
    • Who: Wonder Woman (Alternate Timeline)
    • Note: Said before killing Aquaman and, after he activates his 'Doomsday Device', she is incinerated by the blast. She was brought back to life by the creation of "The New 52" timeline.
  • As do I.
    • Who: Aquaman (Alternate Timeline)
    • Note: Response to the above quote before Wonder Woman empales and kills him, but not before he activates his 'Doomsday Device'. He was later brought back to life by the creation of "The New 52"
  • What are you doing?
    • Who: Captain Atom (Alternate Timeline)
    • Note: When Aquaman captured Captain Atom, he strapped him to a doomsday machine to destroy the Themyscirans. While Vulko tries to free him, he fails as the device activates, vaporizing Captain Atom and the world. He was later brought back to life by the creation of "The New 52"
  • As long as I can siphon off the Speed Force, you can't escape this timeline. I'm afraid there just isn't enough Speed Force to go aro--
    • Who: Professor Zoom
    • Note: While mocking the Flash, Zoom says these words before Thomas Wayne/Batman kills him by shooting his head, allowing Barry to use Speed Force to travel back in time. Zoom's fate might have been reverted by the creation of the new timeline, or perhaps he was erased from history.

Batman vs. Robin (2015)[edit]

  • Why won't you listen?! Why won't you understand?! I love them! I love them! I...
    • Who: Anton Schott/The Dollmaker
    • Note: A strong man who was a near-victim of his serial killer father in childhood, Schott wears a broken doll mask and kidnaps children from Gotham City, turning them into cyborg dolls (with modifications like chainsaws implanted on their arms) in an abandoned toy factory. Schott claims that this way, they can never be hurt again. After fighting against Robin, he says these words before Damian threatens to kill him for what Schott had done, but only to spare his life. However, Schott is suddenly killed by Talon, who empales his Gauntlet Claws in his back and rips his heart out.
  • Talon, my darling, Forget them. The two of us can...
    • Who: Samantha Vanaver (Court of Owls Grandmaster)
    • Note: After Talon turns against the Court of Owls, murdering as most of the members in his way, Samantha attempts to runs away, but only to Talon catch up with her and claim that he never really was nor will ever be like the other members. Samantha tries to calm him down, saying these words before they share a kiss, but only to Talon empale her stomach with his gauntlet's claws, saying: "Be honest. You would've done the same." and killing her.
  • Don't doubt your instincts.
    • Who: Talon
    • Note: A member of the Court of Owls. In the final battle in the Batcave, Robin/Damian turns a sai to his throat knowing he could never replace Bruce as his father, but Talon says this before driving the sai into his own throat, killing himself.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters (2015)[edit]

  • It's funny how things can change so quickly. After a while, you don't even recognize yourself anymore. Forgive me, Kirk.
    • Who: Will Magnus
    • Note: After Magnus' plan was foiled by the Justice League, whom he framed for his murders with his creations the Metal Men, Magnus said these words, regretting his actions, before he commits suicide by apparently destroying his organic nanites.

Justice League Dark (2017)[edit]

  • John, please! Help me! (panics as a portal to Hell opens) Help me, you bastard! Help me!
    • Who: Ritchie Simpson
    • Note: A friend of John Constantine who served as the vessel for the demon Destiny. After Destiny is expunged, Ritchie's soul is ripped from his body by spirits and begs this to Constantine, but Constantine refuses so as to keep Destiny from ever returning. Thus, Ritchie is dragged to Hell.
  • Don't be. It's a welcome end.
    • Who: Jason Blood
    • Note: For 500 years, Blood has been bound to Etrigan the Demon to be saved from his past wound by Destiny. But after they are magically separated by Destiny, Blood succumbs to his wound and says these words to John Constantine, who says he is sorry, before dying peacefully in Etrigan's arms.

Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay (2018)[edit]

  • You're that fool, Deadshot. Ain't this some shit? Did Black Mask find out about my side gig and send you? I'm gonna mess you up real good. And it's his turn.
    • Who: Tobias Whale
    • Note: He was in possession of a flash-drive containing the information Waller sent Deadshot, Count Vertigo, Punch and Jewelee after. After subduing them both, he says those to Deadshot before Vertigo weakens him with his "Vertigo" Effect ability and Punch uses his sting string to force Whale to shoot his own head.
  • What the heck's going on? This wasn't part of the mission. Vertigo... (screams painfully and groans) Why?!
    • Who: Punch
    • Note: During the Squad's mission to assassinate Tobias Whale and retrieve a flash-drive he possessed, Punch witnesses a double crossing coordinated by Vertigo and says these words before he is shot dead in his back by Jewelee with her Energy gem as she says that "Honeymoon's over".
  • Waller? Listen to me. I beg you...!
    • Who: Count Vertigo
    • Note: After revealing his true plans during a mission Waller sent him along with Deadshot, Punch and Jewelee (who was cooperating with Vertigo all along), Deadshot reveals that Waller knew there was a traitor as Waller triggers a nano-bomb implanted on his head. He says these words before the bomb violently explodes his head, killing him.
  • (moans and screams fearfully) Floyd, please, don't let her. I know. I know I was a bad girl. And it was all Vertigo's idea. Please don't let her kill me, Floyd! (sobs) Don't let her blow my head off--
    • Who: Jewelee
    • Note: Right after Vertigo was killed by the bomb implanted on his head by Waller, Jewelee (who was cooperating him all along) hears the bomb in her head preparing to detonate as she pleads for Deadshot to stop Waller, saying these words before Deadshot shoots her head and demands Waller to shut off the bomb "to save on the dry cleaning".
  • Waller! I'll see you in Hell! You dirty...!
    • Who: Crystal Frost / Killer Frost
    • Note: After Frost's nano-bomb was removed from her neck by Zoom, she defected to his side to help him procure the "Get Out of Hell Free" card from Vandal Savage. Right after double crossing him and his henchmen and having a conversation with the Squad members of her plans, she gets into a fight with Copperhead, who frees himself and pins her down. Right after she starts freezing him to death with her powers, Waller activates the bomb implanted on Copperhead. Frost angrily says these words before Copperhead's bomb detonates, killing them both.
  • Fuck... my life...
    • Who: Eobard Thawne / Zoom
    • Note: He was shot in his head by Batman in another timeline, but managed to stay alive by vibrating his brain just enough to sustain his life. The reason why Deadshot found out that Zoom was slower than before is because Zoom was struggling to keep himself alive as his life is still slowly fading away. In his last confrontation with the Squad to get the "Get Out of Hell Free" card, Zoom faces off against and wounds Bronze Tiger and is confronted by Deadshot. At a standoff, Zoom threatens Deadshot that he can use the card if Deadshot tries to shoot him, but Tiger uses his last strength to cut off his fingers by throwing a small dagger. This allows Deadshot to kill Zoom on spot as Zoom says those words and dies in the timeline he was shot by Batman.
  • Miyoshi.
    • Who: Ben Turner / Bronze Tiger
    • Note: During the mission with the Squad, Bronze Tiger was fatally wounded by a trap explosion set by Zoom and inadvertently triggered by Waller. He later appears in the end of the mission stopping Captain Boomerang from escaping with the "Get Out of Hell Free" card and stalling Zoom enough to help Deadshot defeat and kill him. But Bronze Tiger ends up succumbing to the multiple wounds inflicted on him by Zoom with a dagger. He says this last word to Deadshot, who asks him for the name of his deceased fiancee, before dying peacefully as Deadshot decides to pass the card to him and let him use it before passing it to Waller, hiding the fact that the card is useless now.

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019)[edit]

  • You would serve us, monster.
    • Who: Dr. Cyber
    • Note: During the attack on Themyscira, Dr. Cyber says this to remind Medusa of her loyalties. But Medusa runs her through with her hands saying no one can control her.
  • No, Medusa! No, don't! Stop!
    • Who: Dr. Poison
    • Note: As Medusa declares her intentions to exterminate the Amazons, Dr. Poison pleads with this, but is turned to stone and shattered to pieces.

Justice League Dark: Apokolips War (2020)[edit]

  • And so it ends. My race is run. I regret nothing. It was fun.
    • Who: Etrigan the Demon
    • Note: During the final battle in Apokolips, Etrigan is slain by the brainwashed Wonder Woman. He smiles, saying these words as his body is cast into a fire.
  • Looks like I get the last word. Suck it, bitches!
    • Who: Victor Stone / Cyborg
    • Note: Saying these words while creating a massive Boom Tube to obliterate Apokolips and send Darkseid and Trigon into oblivion, sacrificing himself in the progress. His death was likely undone when the Flash created a second Flashpoint in the conclusion of the film.
  • No! You're mad! NOOOO!!!!
    • Who: Darkseid
    • Note: While battling Trigon for control, Darkseid watches in horror as a Boom Tube created by Cyborg to destroy Apokolips opens. He says these to Trigon (who was at the time laughing maniacally over the event) and tries to escape, only for Trigon to drag Darkseid with him into the Boom Tube which sends them both into oblivion as the Boom Tube completely obliterates Apokolips.

Animated series[edit]

Justice League[edit]

  • Loser.
    • Who: Darkseid
    • Episode: "Twilight: Part 2"
    • Note: Said to Superman shortly after the latter was forced to abandon their fight by Batman. The asteroid he is on explodes immediately after the line is spoken. Character was later resurrected.
  • Do you think Grundy's soul is waiting for him? (Hawkgirl: Grundy, I don't believe... yes. Yes, it's waiting for you.) Then... Grundy gets his reward.
    • Who: Solomon Grundy
    • Episode: "The Terror Beyond: Part 2"
    • Note: Said to Hawkgirl as he lay dying. Grundy had lost his soul years prior, and would have gotten it back as a reward for helping Dr. Fate.
  • Wait, you can't leave!"
    • Who: Aresia
    • Episode: "Fury: Part 2"
    • Note: A rogue Amazon trying to use a deadly allergen to kill the males of the world. With her plane losing control, she pleads this to Tsukuri who tells her "I like you, but not that much!" In the battle, she knocks Wonder Woman from the plane and tries to regain control, but it explodes killing her. Hippolyta solemnly says "Poor Aresia. May the Gods grant her peace at last."
    • Who: The Justice Guild of America (Green Guardsman, Tom Turbine, Streak, Catman and Black Siren)
    • Episode: "Legends: Part 2"
    • Note: John Stewart's favorite comic book heroes when he was younger. Years ago, when negotiations failed, the Justice Guild were killed in the nuclear war trying to save their Earth. The mutated Ray Thompson makes illusions of Seaboard City as though it were still alive as well as the Justice Guild. When the Justice League are struggling against Ray, the illusionary Justice Guild now realizing they were long dead, declare this and defeat Ray to overpower him. After this, the illusions wear off and the Justice Guild fade away giving a silent goodbye salute to John Stewart.
  • Thank you, my friend.
    • Who: Future Vandal Savage
    • Episode: "Hereafter: Part 2"
    • Note: Moments after helping Superman to return back to the present time, when the future life begins to change, Savage says these words before disappearing from reality. However, the ultimate fate of his counterpart in Superman's time is unknown.
  • You think I'm scared?! I'll be running this dump in a few ye--! (notices the massive meteor headed straight for him) Aw, phooey.
    • Who: Chucko (Alternate future)
    • Episode: "The Once and Future Thing, Part 2: Time, Warped"
    • Note: After betraying his boss, the time-travelling Chronos, Chucko is taken back to the age of the dinosaurs to be killed by the same meteor that caused their extinction. (Note that this occurs in a series of events that is eventually negated from the mainstream timeline, therefore the Jokerz never even met Chronos and Chucko remains alive.)
  • What are you--
    • Who: Dr. Milo
    • Episode: "The Doomsday Sanction"
    • Says these words before Doomsday attacks and kills him.
  • When I get rid of you, I'll be the only--
    • Who: Galatea (apparent)
    • Episode: "Panic in the Sky"
    • Says these words while preparing to kill Supergirl, who she was cloned from. Before she can get further, Supergirl rams a live power coupling into her stomach, giving her a massive electric shock. This leaves her twitching and catatonic; given that she never appears again, it is possible she never recovered.
  • Are you going to fight me, boy?
    • Who: "Brainthor"
    • Episode: "Divided we Fall"
    • Note: Character was a combination of villains Brainiac and Lex Luthor, who planned to destroy and then remake the universe. Said these last words to the Flash, who then fled, only to circle the Earth several times using his super-speed, inflicting lethal blows onto "Brainthor". Charged with the Speed Force, he then separated the two villains. Brainiac was seemingly destroyed, and Luthor returned to normal.
  • You twisted pink rat-hole of a hominid! I'm not done with you! I'll get outta this, and when I dooooooooooooo--!!!
    • Who: Gorilla Grodd
    • Episode: "Alive!"
    • Note: Character had tried to usurp Lex Luthor as leader of the Legion of Doom aboard a space-fortress. Grodd is betrayed by Luthor. Luthor used his mind-control device against him, trapping him in an airlock and sending him tumbling into the void to his death.

Teen Titans[edit]

Green Lantern: The Animated Series[edit]

  • You will never be alone. You have a family now. And somehow I know I will be with you, too. Watching over you always. (Razer: I don't understand.) I do not, either. It is just... a feeling.
    • Who: Aya
    • Episode: "Dark Matter"
    • Note: With the Manhunters still a threat, as well as each possessing a copy of her coding, Aya releases a virus to wipe all versions of the Aya program from existence, including herself. Razer begs her not to leave him, but she responds that she will always be with him before disappearing.

Young Justice[edit]

  • Just tell them, okay?
    • Who: Wally West
    • Episode: "Endgame"
    • Note:

Video games[edit]

Injustice Series[edit]

  • I know it's soon, but... Think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family... (Laughs madly, then screams in pain)
    • Who: The Joker (Regime Earth)
    • Source: Injustice: Gods Among Us
    • Note: After Regime Superman confronts the Joker, who had tricked him into killing Lois and his unborn child which resulted in the destruction of Metropolis, the Joker says these words before the enraged Man of Steel impales his chest with his bare hand, fatally killing him.
  • Your peace... your peace... is a joke...
    • Who: Lex Luthor (Regime Earth)
    • Source: Injustice: Gods Among Us
    • Note: After being disarmed by the Regime Superman, who claims to have "given them peace," Luthor says these words before Regime Superman chokes him to death.
  • Sha-
    • Who: Shazam (Regime Earth)
    • Source: Injustice: Gods Among Us
    • Note: After Regime Superman plans to destroy both Metropolis and Gotham City and then search for the dimension where the duplicates of Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Cyborg and Green Arrow came from, Shazam confronts him, saying these words before Regime Superman kills him for questioning him by freezing his mouth shut with Freeze Breath and burning his skull with Heat Vision.
  • Get in!
    • Who: Alura
    • Source: Injustice 2
    • Note: In a prologue set during the period of Krypton's destruction and Brainiac's invasion on Argo City, Alura worked her way to send her infant nephew Kal-El along with her daughter Kara Zor-El away from their doomed city using the evacuation pods. She said these words while placing her daughter in the pod before Kara watched in horror as her mother was killed by Brainiac's spawns.
  • Hundred... twenty one?
    • Who: Victor Zsasz
    • Source: Injustice 2
    • Note: In a flashback set years before the main events, Superman attempted to transfer the Arkham inmates and eventually execute all of them in his plan to rid all crime, but was stopped by Batman. While Batman defeated Superman, Damian Wayne (as Robin) found Zsasz (to whom he said these words in response of Damian asking him how many women he killed) and professed his belief that Zsasz was an irredeemable criminal, and slit Zsasz's throat with a Batarang, killing him, before being beaten in combat by Batman and escaping with Superman.
  • Stupid... humans... (Aquaman: The people of Atlantis demand justice.) Against Brainiac? Hehe. I've seen his mind, felt his power. He can't be stopped. (Aquaman: But you can.)
    • Who: Gorilla Grodd
    • Source: Injustice 2
    • Note: Grodd had formed a new group of supervillains known as the Society (and secretly worked for Brainiac) seeking to fill the power vacuum left by Superman's Regime and establish a new world order. After the Society disbands when they find out the true nature of Brainiac's plans, Grodd goes on to confront Aquaman and Black Adam in Kahndaq with heroes under his control to help Brainiac conquer the nation. He is however defeated by the two kings and says these words before being executed by Aquaman, who impales him with his Trident.
  • You must keep order, or the Lords will impose it. If not through Brainiac, then—
    • Who: Kent Nelson / Doctor Fate
    • Source: Injustice 2
    • Note: Nelson had been previously put under the control of his Doctor Fate persona by the Lords of Order to cleanse all chaos. Fate later confronts Batman and Superman in Brainiac's ship. He believes Brainiac should be allowed to ravage the planet as it would restore the chaos brought about by Batman and Superman's war. After one of the two defeats him, Superman destroys the helmet, severing Nelson's connection to the Lords of Order. He tries to warn Batman and Superman to stop their feud to prevent the Lords of Order from imposing upon the Earth before he is impaled and killed by Brainiac.