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Injustice 2 is a fighting game released in May 2017 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One that is a sequel to Injustice: Gods Among Us. It was released by NetherRealm Studios, known for creating the recent Mortal Kombat games.

Character Endings[edit]

  • Batman: Brainiac's attack left the world devastated. Thousands dead, many more thousands homeless. When President Kane asked that I head up the emergency response, I couldn't refuse. The job's demands required that I leave the Justice League in Barry's and Hal's hands. Together they're molding the younger heroes into a force for good unlike any Earth has even seen. But I'm only semi-retired. Behind the scenes, I've been preparing for Superman's return. Kal swore he'd escape from the Phantom Zone. I'd be foolish not to take him at his word.
  • Superman: I vowed to protect the Earth. But to guarantee its safety, I need to expand my vision. Brainiac's ship is the ultimate weapon. But in my hands, it could be so much more. Millions of civilizations await rebirth in Brainiac's collection. I'll find the bravest and strongest warriors among them, and I'll start a new Regime. No, a new Legion. The Legion of Superheroes! With it, I'll bring peace not just to Earth, but to the entire universe! And the universes that lie beyond!
  • Wonder Woman: When Batman tore down the Regime, man's world called me a tyrant. My Amazon sisters disowned me. That Brainiac showed Earth what a tyrant truly looks like. The people begged for deliverance-- and I gave them Brainiac's head. Once again, it falls upon the Regime to restore peace and order. Batman and the traitors who followed him will be punished. Even Kara Zor-El. Then I will return to Themyscira-- and deal with my sisters. If they do not heed my commands, they will bow to force. So says Diana, princess of the Amazons, slayer of Brainiac!
  • Catwoman: With nine lives, it had to happen sooner or later. I got everything I ever wanted, including a handsome prince and a badass reputation as the woman who beat Brainiac. And I must say... I was bored to death. Bruce and I worked better when we were forbidden. When the masks were on and the claws were out. That honeymoon was over, so I did the best thing for both of us. I'm not sad. I didn't become Catwoman to bag Bruce Wayne. I don't ever want to rely on anyone but myself. I'll go where I want to go, take what I want to take. And never, ever look back.
  • Joker: I hadn't begun my day thinking I'd give a wannabe alien overlord a haircut. That was a happy accident. But what I first thought a distraction inspired my life's greatest work. I found Brainiac's collection. Those poor cities from across the universe, trapped aboard his ship. There was only one thing to do! I restored them. And gave Earth the reboot it so desperately needed! I stitched together a crazy quilt of alien civilizations, without regard to rhyme or reason. Afraid, confused, devolved to their basest instincts, they kill each other in the most sickening ways. And I get to sit back, munch popcorn, and enjoy the show -- watching as the world burns! Hehehehahahahaha!
  • Harley Quinn: I still can't believe it! Me, bringing down Brainiac! Who knew? Still, Bats surprised me, offering me a spot in the Justice League! Not totally sure he ain't crazy! But who says no to that guy? You know, being good feels good. But every now and again, every once in a while, I get this irresistible urge to go out and BASH SOME HEADS! Hopefully, being good'll stick long term. Till I'm sure, my kid, Lucy's still gonna know me as her crazy aunt Harleen. Maybe someday, I can give her the real scoop.
  • Cyborg: Brainiac thought he had me all figured out. Said my humanity made me weak. But fighting for humanity gave me the strength to body that punk-ass Coluan. And before he dropped, I took a few things... His twelfth-level intellect and his ship's data core. I thought the Internet was gigantic. But now? I've got the whole wide universe at my fingertips. First up, I put back every Earth city Brainiac stole, starting with my hometown, The Motor City! Then I keep going... Superman wants to secure one world, but I can reboot tens of thousands! Every last one in Brainiac's Collection. Gonna be a long trip. But another benefit of my new twelfth-level intellect is I can reunite with some old friends. Titans Together. Boo-yah.
  • Bane: Who would have ever imagined a sickly boy born in a prison would survive to become humanity's savior? I did. And now the world is mine. So I say to all prisoners... Rise! Come out! Kill your wardens! Make slaves of your guards. Teach them the meaning of despair! We have no more prisons, no police, no Regime left to fight... [Sighs] No one left to fight. Any worthy opponent has already... fallen... Dios mio. Perhaps victory can be a prison. A possibility I never imagined...
  • Robin: Bruce Wayne was my father, and it's no secret I hated him. But despite all that, he sacrificed himself to save me. Giving me the chance to stop Brainiac permanently. I was so obsessed with escaping the bat's shadow, that I never appreciated what that symbol really meant. Not until I saw it stained with my father's blood. My blood. This symbol is my legacy, a legacy of vengeance. My name is Damian Wayne, son of Bruce, grandson of the demon. I've been called Robin, and Nightwing. But from now on, the world will know me as... Batman.
  • Flash: So much for heroes. Brainiac had barely hit the floor when the arguing started. Should we kill him? Keep him alive? I couldn't watch them go to war. Not again. So I ran -- into the speed force! Brainiac wanted the universe to himself, so I dropped him off at the end of history. But I still kept running. I needed to be alone. Then I heard a familiar voice... It was Jay -- and the other speedsters! A crisis is coming, he told me! But if we run fast enough, together, we just might save the Multiverse. I thought I'd been running away. But I was running toward something. It's good to believe in heroes again.
  • Jason Rusch: The professor and me worked our tails off to control our powers. But Stein figured out the only way to beat Brainiac was to lose control.
Martin Stein: I correctly calculated that overheating Brainiac's engines would weaken him. But the quantum disruption we created caused an... unexpected chain reaction... The Skull Ship exploded... and every city Brainiac stole from Earth was obliterated. Metropolis. Coast City. All of them.
Jason Rusch: We thought we'd finally be the big heroes. The ones everyone looks up to.
Martin Stein: But in our hubris, we lost sight of the hero's duty: protecting others at all costs.
Jason Rusch: And we can't make that kinda mistake again.
Martin Stein: But still, if you ever need us, Batman...
Both: We'll be here.
  • Doctor Fate: The Lords of Order believed Earth couldn't be saved. That only Brainiac's evil could restore order. I knew refusing the Lords' Fate would anger them, and that they'd try to destroy me. Anyone else would have nowhere to run. Fortunately, I still have friends in low places. The House of Mystery guards the Helm. Zatanna and Constantine's spells conceal me from the Lords. But it was John's daughter, Rose, who gave me the greatest gift of all. My wife, Inza, returned to life and in my arms again. For the first time since taking up the Helm, I don't know what tomorrow will bring. And that is... perfect.
  • Black Canary: I'd have loved to kick back and savor kicking Brainiac's ass, but I had to rush home. I didn't know if Connor had made it out of the invasion OK. Turns out I didn't need to worry. The crazy stress of Brainiac's attack had activated my son's metagene, and if there's one thing you don't want to mess with, it's a scared, pissed-off three-year-old with superpowers. Sure I love that Connor takes after me, but... raising him suddenly got a lot more complicated. I'm just glad to have people around that can help me and Ollie figure this whole thing out.
  • Green Arrow: Taking down that green-skinned bastard got me thinking about the people of my Earth. My universe's Brainiac had never come calling. I had to warn them. By the time I got home, it was too late. My Earth was *this* close to being gone for good. But that's when the strangest cavalry you've ever seen rode in. It was a full-on, multiverse Justice League! They'd been hopping between universes, battling Brainiac in every one. I couldn't refuse when they asked me to join. I've seen what Brainiac can do. Nobody, in any universe, should have to face that threat again.
  • Captain Cold: Going after the Regime was one thing. But destroy the planet for Brainiac? You really thought I'd go through with it, Grodd? Really?! [BLEEP!] you! Sorry it's been a while, sis. I know I've always got an excuse. But this time, I-I finally figured out the right way to honor your memory. I know what you're thinking. "Old Lenny sold out." So what? I'm making sure the Regime and Brainiac never happen again. Even buried the hatchet with old Scarlet Speedster. Ironically or whatever, he's the best partner I ever had. 'Sides you, sis.
  • Cheetah: Hungry for his blood, I prepared to claim Brainiac. But the alien, desperate to save his life, sputtered out an offer. Brainiac said that if I spared him, he'd deposit any of his collected beings I wanted on a world of my choosing. There, I could pursue them at my leisure. So now I hunt, free from Wonder Woman's interference. With each kill, I glorify the Goddess. As for Brainiac? Of course I didn't abide our agreement. I'd never given up on killing him. A true huntress always catches her prey.
  • Atrocitus: My punishment of Brainiac's crimes had unintended consequences. His death disabled his ship. Billions of collected souls perished. I did not know they could be restored. Their deaths unleashed such rage. My Red Lanterns were overwhelmed. They drove me from Ysmault. They would have killed me, if not for Proselyte. The emotional entity offered me compassion, not rage, in the face of my grave error. I now understand the emotional spectrum requires balance. My Red Lanterns' rage must punish the worst offenders. But it cannot blindly consume those who deserve compassion.
  • Supergirl: My hands still shake when I remember Brainiac's "collection" of Krypton. I want to give the world he stole a second chance. But bonding with Brainiac's ship is too risky. I need a safer way to restore our cities. I'm so glad for the Justice League's help. Barry, Professor Stein--they've already taught me so much. Every day, we get closer to reversing Brainiac's collection process. When we do, we'll pick the right star system. What Brainiac ruined will be reborn--Argo City and Kandor, twin cities, survivors. I couldn't save Kal-El. But I will save our people.
  • Darkseid: The Coluan, Brainiac, was a genius without peer. But. I. Am. A God. I could not allow an errant intellect to steal the object of my vengeance. Superman refused to submit to my will, denied my conquest of Earth, and killed my son, Kalibak. He suffered and perished. But not until I told him exactly what would happen after he died. Kara Zor-El proved quite resilient, but eventually, DeSaad broke her. She is a powerful weapon--a natural leader for my new, invincible breed of parademons, cloned from the DNA of Superman himself. Superman robbed me of my blood. Now, our score is settled. That is the will of Darkseid!
  • Swamp Thing: Many throughout history have underestimated the green. In this way, Brainiac was no different than Superman or Batman. They all thought they could improve upon nature. They all were wrong. Earth belonged to the green for eons before animals evolved. Now, the trees and plants will remind these animals upon whose planet they reside. When the next crisis comes, nature will protect itself. I stand with the green, and the green alone.
  • Green Lantern: The Guardians ordered me to bring Brainiac to Oa to stand trial. I was plenty happy to put a few thousand light years between that alien and Earth. After the trial, the Guardians dropped a bombshell on me. Sinestro was free. Busted outta their ScienceCells. A frontal assault on the Sinestro Corps was a no go. Us Greens were still weak from fighting Superman's regime. That's why I volunteered to go undercover-- as a Yellow Lantern. To pass, I need to re-embrace my fear. But fear's an addiction. Once I've picked up that bottle, it's gonna be awfully hard putting it back down again. I just hope I have the will to see it through.
  • Gorilla Grodd: The befuddled look frozen on Brainiac's dead face is a vision I will always relish. Even as I ripped the head from his body, the alien couldn't believe that an ape was taking his life. {Laughs} I quickly mastered Brainiac's technology, exponentially increasing my telepathic power. Then I enslaved Earth's humans, finally relegating them to their proper place. But my victory over those vermin was only the beginning. Now fully in command of Brainiac's vast powers, I am the greatest conqueror the Universe has ever seen. All worlds will kneel before Emperor Grodd.
  • Deadshot: Grodd used the damned nano-explosive in my head to make me his bitch. The jobs he made me do... well, let's just say they crossed some lines. I bet taking Brainiac and Grodd into the authorities would beat doing another stretch in Belle Reve... and I was right. Bruce Wayne even bankrolled getting rid of my TNT migraines for good. I frickin' hate hospitals, but god, was it worth it. With that nano safely out, I could finally see Zoe again. Last time I saw my little girl, she had nine candles on her birthday cake. Now I gotta second shot at being dad-- and I sure as hell don't plan to miss it.
  • Poison Ivy: Of all the men I've charmed, Brainiac was the most useful. With his help, I finally slaughtered the so-called heroes. Then I whispered in his ear, "Collect every last city on Earth, and I'll give you a kiss". And he did it. Every last city. I finally brought human civilization crashing to the ground. As for Brainiac, he got the kiss he deserved. But he was just a fling. After all, I was going to be busy leading the green... I should've know there'd be some competition. Swamp Thing's sympathy for humans makes him weak. The plants know I'm their real guardian. And when the leaves settle, there will be no doubt-- this world is mine.
  • Blue Beetle: Oh, man-- dude!-- I cannot even describe what it felt like! Sure, I was just the newb in the crew. But like, you think I'd ever let Brainiac kill Batman, and what, blow up the world? No manches! When it was over, Batman was all-- (clears throat, imitates Batman:) "The world is safe thanks to you, Jaime. I'd like to make you LEADER of the new Justice League, if that's cool with you." Wow! That was a really tempting offer, you know. But if there's one thing better than saving Batman, it's saving mi familia. I haven't been around them much since I got the Scarab. So for now, I'm moving home and going back to school. And if this so-called "normal" life doesn't work out? There's always the Justice League.
  • Aquaman: Superman was right. Brainiac needed to die. But I couldn't stomach the idea of Kal's return to power. Atlantis would not again be his vassal. With Batman beaten and his allies imprisoned, I couldn't muster the force I needed to take Superman down. I'd all but lost hope when my marines discovered an abandoned Insurgent base hidden in the Southern Ocean. Here Lex Luthor perfected his inter-universe transporter. From plans left behind, my scientists built a new device. Now I go and ask for the help of those I had fought. I must also ask their forgiveness.
  • Black Adam: I returned to find Kahndaq devastated from Brainiac's attack. My beloved queen was dead. I brought her broken body to the Lazarus Pits, intent on her resurrection. But my entry was barred by Ra's Al Ghul. He offered a trade: access to the pits in exchange for my aid in bringing him to power. Ra's admired Superman's regime, but felt it should have gone further. While I have no love for Ra's, I accepted his terms. I will pay any price to again feel the embrace of my dearest wife.
  • Scarecrow: After studying Brainiac's blood, I tweaked my fear toxin to exploit his alien biology. And as I gained control of his shattered mind, I also gained control of his ship. I began to explore Brainiac's enormous collection, soon realizing it was an unprecedented opportunity for study. Billions of species, from millions of worlds. Each with its own phobias and fears. Now, the Skull Ship is my laboratory. As it glides through the vast darkness of space, its collected beings are subjected to their worst nightmares. With each I study, my knowledge grows. It may take decades, but I will become the universe's greatest master of fear.
  • Starfire: Back in the day, this victory would have called for a party in the Titans' Tower. The music, the laughter, the mustard with pizza on bottom. But these days, I have no party mates. Raven became a servant of Trigon. Cyborg, he joined the regime. Beast Boy has been missing for so long, I must assume he is dead. Dick Grayson... he was my star-crossed soulmate. He will never be replaced. And now... all that's left is me, last of the Titans. Dick would not approve of the moping. I only overcame the loss of Tamaran by coming to Earth and forging new bonds of friendship with the Titans. It is incumbent upon me to repeat history. To forge new bonds of friendship. Maybe they're not my Titans, but the only way I know to honor my lost friends is to make sure that no matter what, that we'll always be Titans together. After all, I beat Brainiac. That was a victory, and victories call for mustard parties.
  • Sub-Zero: I arrived in this realm accidentally, driven here by magic unleashed as I forced Kotal Kahn's retreat from Earthrealm to Outworld. I was seeking a route home when Brainiac attacked. I could not allow this vile invader to add this planet, or myself, to his collection. In gratitude for my flawless victory, Batman offered the Justice League's aid. While I waited on him to unlock the magic of inter-realm travel, I provided valuable kombat training to the youngest members of his order. But the spells that were devised went awry. Instead of opening a portal to Earthrealm, they opened a gateway to the Phantom Zone. Now I fight to re-imprison Superman and his followers. They would not have been freed, but for my accidental arrival in this realm. I am now duty-bound to protect it, as if it were my own.
  • Red Hood: That... felt... good... Titanium composite hollow point bullets with a C4 kicker. Fastest, most explosive ammo in the world. I made them myself. With the invasion over, Bruce and Superman started fighting again. I wasn't down with either of them. On the one hand, the regime's right: scumbag murderers and rapists deserve to die. But on the other hand, I'm no fan of government authority. Especially the dictatorial variety. So, while the world's finest fight each other, I fight for the people, the weak, the innocent, anyone who can't protect themselves. When they cry out for a savior, I'll answer! As for the criminals that threaten them, they need to know that their actions have consequences! That the Red Hood is coming for them!
  • Raiden: Though I had finished Shinnok, his corruption of Earthrealm's Jinsei has cracked the barrier between my realm and this one. I began having visions of Brainiac's collection of this Earth. I realized that Brainiac's actions would soon destroy the barrier among all the realms. All life would be annihilated. With Brainiac dispatched, I tended the injured. His wounds too great, Kent Nelson could not be saved. But as he died, he warned me: the Armageddon I had foreseen was the design of the Lords of Order. By destroying reality, they would return the multiverse to a perfectly ordered state, obliterating Chaos. To defeat this powerful magic, the Justice League turned to this Earth's most proficient wizards and sorcerers. I gladly accepted the invitation to join them. The Lords will be contained, Order and Chaos will remain balance. Life as we know it, will continue.
  • Hellboy: Somehow, Brainiac shanghaied me on a slow boat to this universe. Bastard had big dreams about me in his "Collection." Guess what I thought about that idea. Taking Brainiac out certainly got folk's attention. I got a lotta offers to stick around, but I got bored quick. Megalomaniac villains and tights-wearing heroes really aren't my thing. What's it they say? Home is where the heart is? But when I got back, things just weren't the same. The bureau was too small. Was time for me to hit the road. Africa was totally the right call. The wide open spaces suit me. Clean air, starry skies and, not surprisingly, more than a few monsters to hunt. All in all, makes for a pretty good life.
  • Black Manta: Brainiac stole Atlantis. For that, I could have thanked him. But that wasn't enough. Arthur Curry's kingdom had to be wiped from history. Forgotten. Lost. As it should be. I found just the place, guarded by Earth's most savage predators. Once upon a time, Arthur Curry killed my father. Now that I've killed his kingdom, all that remains is to kill "the King" himself. Only then will I consider my father's murder avenged. Only then will I rest. And what of Aquaman? Does he come forward to avenge his own people? No. He hides behind an alien and an Amazon. Let him. It won't save him. Compared to that alien freak, Brainiac, these three will be fish for the slaughter. And when they're dead, the world can thank Black Manta.
  • June Moone: When it comes to magic, even Brainiac has a lot to learn. He thought he could "collect" the power of the Enchantress. So I let him have it. And sure enough, the old witch ate him alive. It was over. Brainiac was beaten. But even more miraculously, the Enchantress... was gone. After years of that witch feeding on me, torturing me, corrupting me... I'm free. No more aliases, no evil alter-egos, I can just be June Moone. I got my old job back at the design studio, I even have a date this Friday! Piece by piece, I'm rebuilding my old life. Once I've--No! Get out of my head!
Enchantress: June, June, June. Did you really think you could dispose of me so easily? Brainiac's collection was a revelation. You and I have been thinking far too small. Why corrupt one Earth, when we can bewitch all 52?
  • Atom: Brainiac's armor made him impervious to harm, from the outside, at least. He'll survive this minor brain surgery. He just won't be able to control his Skull Ship anymore. Crisis averted, I can get back to searching for my missing mentor, Professor Ray Palmer. Last year, Palmer dove headfirst into the Microverse, a subatomic dimension he himself discovered. In case he got lost, he left behind a trail of clues and designated an asthmatic research fellow, yours truly, to follow them. That trail's gone cold. Which is why I'm upgrading my bio-belt with Brainiac's technology. It's my turn to get subatomic. I'm not the strongest or bravest hero out there. But Professor Palmer? He's an Einstein-level genius. He trusted me with his astonishing legacy. The Atom is not going to let him down.
  • Brainiac: Brainiac: Obviously Batman and Superman have many questions. Where did I come from? Why am I here? Am I friend or foe? It is time to reveal the truth.
Brainiac 5: I'm Brainiac 5. A descendant of the original Brainiac, but without his homicidal tendencies. In the future, people fear Coluans because of my ancestor. So I elected to come back in time and fix that. Now that I'm done, I'm going back where I belong--the 31st century. The Legion of Super-Heroes will grill me for "borrowing" a time bubble. But all they really need to know is that I'm on their side, and always will be. Long live the Legion!
  • Michaelangelo: So you're like, totally wondering where we vanished off to, right?
Raphael: It was Krang, Mikey! He sent--
Leonardo: Raph, they might not know who Krang is. Donnie?
Donatello: Sure, Leo. Krang is an Utromian criminal turned intergalactic despot from Dimension X. He's known--
Raphael: Yeah, what he said. Anyway, we're the biggest heroes in our universe, right? That's why Krang tried booting us to Dimension X: to make way for his invasion.
Michelangelo: But instead we ended up on a different Earth! Way awesomer!
Donatello: Krang sent us across the Multiverse, to a universe vibrating on a unique frequency--which is a macrocosmic constellation of--
Raphael: Enough with the technobabble, Donnie.
Leonardo: Chill, Raph. Anyway, it shouldn't have surprised us that this new universe had its own intergalactic despot. We knew we had to stop Brainiac or else we--
Michelangelo: Just skip to the best part, bro! Once we whooped Brainiac, I asked that kooky clown lady where to get a good pizza, and she's all, [Harley impression] "Let me get you turtles the Supah Salty Pizza". I swear on my life, that pizza was the scrumdiddly.
All Turtles: Mmmmmm!
Leonardo: Krang thought he'd beaten us, but in the end his whole plan backfired.
Donatello: The "Super Salt" on Harley's pizza? Edible nanotech called 5-U-93-R. It temporarily augmented our physiques and durability.
Raphael: Plain English: we became ultra-turtles.
Leonardo: Krang didn't stand a chance.
Michelangelo: Yeah, you could say this little adventure gave our Turtle Power one shell of an upgrade!
All Turtles: Lame! So lame! Epic fail! Even Shredder's--Are you serious? That was terrible!
Michelangelo: Whatever, dudes. That was funny.


Fight Intros[edit]

Superman: Only criminals need to fear me.
Batman: Shazam and Green Arrow were criminals?
Superman: Casualties of war.

Wonder Woman: So, how does this end, Bane?
Bane: By hanging you with your own lasso!
Wonder Woman: That venom's gone to your head!

Supergirl: You gonna spit up on me, Atrocitus?
Atrocitus: Irritating female!
Supergirl: You know who else does that? Babies.

Catwoman: Nice outfit.
Harley Quinn: Yours is just... alright.
Catwoman: Take that back!

Joker: Harley, your pet got out.
Gorilla Grodd: I am no one's pet!
Joker: Back in your cage, monkey!

Cyborg: Well, if it isn't the walking gun show.
Deadshot: Have a seat. It's just starting.
Cyborg: I'll handle the finale.

Brainiac: Your wardrobe is anachronistic.
Green Arrow: It's an homage. Robin Hood?
Brainiac: Your legend will not eclipse his.

Green Lantern: I fly, you don't, I win.
Swamp Thing: I can grow wings, Lantern.
Green Lantern: OK, now it's a contest.

Supergirl 1: Do I actually have a sister?
Supergirl 2: Pffft, as if.
Supergirl 1: How dare you get my hopes up!

Flash: What's up, Leonard?
Captain Cold: Our final showdown, Flash.
Flash: You always say that.

Scarecrow: All your rage is for nothing.
Atrocitus: Vengeance is everything!
Scarecrow: But your family is lost forever.

Poison Ivy: You were supposed to help the green!
Superman: Sometimes, we have to compromise.
Poison Ivy: I'm done compromising!

Robin: Father thinks you're redeemable.
Harley Quinn: I'm in a league all my own!
Robin: The world's better off without you.

Joker: Love the lightning! Nice zip-crackle!
Black Adam: I'm glad you approve.
Joker: Let's see if killing you shuts it off!

Brainiac: You are not afraid to die.
Deadshot: What's to be afraid of?
Brainiac: Non-existence.

Cyborg: You had any sense, you'd go home.
Green Arrow: Got plenty of dollars, but not much cents.
Cyborg: That's a good way to get yourself killed.

Catwoman: I hear you like cats.
Atrocitus: Some more than others.
Catwoman: You definitely won't like this one.

Flash: I was too late to stop you last time.
Joker: And Metropolis fell down and went "BOOM!"
Flash: Today's gonna be different!

Deadshot: Just fists, Bane? You nuts?
Bane: I need no weapons, Deadshot.
Deadshot: Time to scramble those huevos.

Blue Beetle: It's Beetle versus Bat!
Batman: Bats eat beetles.
Blue Beetle: ...that escalated quickly.

Gorilla Grodd: That ring will be mine, Lantern.
Atrocitus: You can't pry it from my finger.
Gorilla Grodd: I'll bite off the whole hand!

Joker: Didn't I kill you already?
Scarecrow: Maybe I'm back to haunt you.
Joker: Well, you'll have to be much scarier.

Supergirl 1: Kara Zor-el?
Supergirl 2: Who wants to know?
Supergirl 1: Kara Zor-el.

Cheetah: Protector of the green.
Swamp Thing: Are you human or beast?
Cheetah: I am something much deadlier.

Superman: You can't have Earth, Brainiac!
Brainiac: It would fare better under your regime?
Superman: In every way that matters.

Deadshot: Are you just gonna deflect the bullets?
Aquaman: With my fists or my trident. Your choice.
Deadshot: Go ahead, demonstrate.

Robin: Why is my father still alive?
Wonder Woman: We had to wait for the right time.
Robin: How long will that take?

Doctor Fate: Your fate is splintered.
Cyborg: How's that?
Doctor Fate: The machine lives, but the man dies.

Batman: You and Stein need to learn control.
Firestorm: That's kind of a thing with you, isn't it?
Batman: You're too powerful to be impulsive!

Atrocitus: You don't fit on the emotional spectrum!
Harley Quinn: Bats says I'm a girl of contradiction.
Atrocitus: You're a danger to all Lanterns!

Catwoman: Should I call you Green Arrow Junior?
Green Arrow: Call me the ghost of Arrow Past.
Catwoman: Hmm, clever too. I like that.

Captain Cold: Frost Warning.
Poison Ivy: I'll protect my children!
Captain Cold: Cover 'em with a tarp.

Cheetah: The Goddess gives me speed!
Flash: Maybe, but I've got the speed force!
Cheetah: Touché, I suppose.

Deadshot: It ain't so hard scaring people.
Scarecrow: You have a preferred method?
Deadshot: Yeah, a loaded gun.

Atrocitus: I've heard Solovar's cries!
Gorilla Grodd: Dead rulers tell no tales.
Atrocitus: He laments his death at your hands!

Swamp Thing: Stand down, Black Adam.
Black Adam: Kandahq is mine to command!
Swamp Thing: The plants are not your subjects.

Supergirl: Kal? You're free?
Superman: You sound disappointed.
Supergirl: I wouldn't if you'd changed.

Firestorm: Your suit's made of hardlight energy.
Green Lantern: Yeah, and what have you got, kid?
Firestorm: Just the power to manipulate energy!

Scarecrow: Such a frightful family history.
Batman: Don't, Scarecrow.
Scarecrow: You failed your Mommy and Daddy.

Green Arrow: I'm growing tomatoes. Any tips?
Poison Ivy: Choke on them.
Green Arrow: No salsa for you.

Wonder Woman: Your Society is a poor man's Regime.
Gorilla Grodd: With Brainiac, it cannot lose!
Wonder Woman: Those who bargain with devils always lose.

Brainiac: I have studied your technique.
Catwoman: Impressed, Brainiac?
Brainiac: Your defeat will be painful.

Joker: And what can I do for you?
Black Adam: You can die screaming.
Joker: Would you settle for a balloon?

Flash: You've gotta commit to being a hero.
Blue Beetle: But I'm not sure I'm cracked up for this.
Flash: That hesitation'll get you killed!

Aquaman: I don't like you as Superman's right hand.
Robin: What's your beef with me?
Aquaman: You give no voice to moderation.

Green Arrow: Much broodier than my Batman.
Batman: Do you know how many friends I've lost?
Green Arrow: Right, not funny.

Darkseid: This planet bows to Darkseid.
Swamp Thing: The green bows to no one.
Darkseid: You will, Avatar!

Firestorm: How about a little fire, Scarecrow?
Scarecrow: A film reference!?
Firestorm: Next time, Professor, I'll do the trash-talking!

Deadshot: Hola, Amigo!
Bane: Do not butcher my language!
Deadshot: Fine! I'll just butcher you!

Batman: This wasn't the plan, Jordan.
Green Lantern: Can't plan everything, Bruce.
Batman: You're too reckless.

Blue Beetle: The Scarab is screaming in my ear to kill you!
Joker: Sounds like a wise gent, this Scarab.
Blue Beetle: Man, you are as nuts as it says.

Robin: I won't hold back, Captain.
Captain Cold: How will I be able to tell?
Robin: You'll be covered in your own blood.

Doctor Fate: You're not what you think, Superman.
Superman: And what do you think I am?
Doctor Fate: A threat to all worlds!

Catwoman: Are you impressed yet, Diana?
Wonder Woman: Not necessarily.
Catwoman: It's time I hit back.

Cyborg: Thanks for helping us stop Bruce.
Aquaman: I only did it to finish Brainiac.
Cyborg: That's what I was afraid of.

Blue Beetle: Scarab says gorillas are herbivores.
Gorilla Grodd: Most are. I'm not.
Blue Beetle: Just my luck. Freak of nature.

Scarecrow: You stole Fear Toxin!
Joker: An artist doesn't steal, he homages.
Scarecrow: Either way, you owe me!

Atrocitus: You won't deter me, Jordan!
Green Lantern: Still out for justice, huh?
Atrocitus: Not justice, VENGEANCE!

Batman: Bane...
Bane: This shall be your knight fall.
Batman: Let me enlighten you.

Green Arrow: Dead-stroke, Death-shot, which is it?
Deadshot: The name's Deadshot.
Green Arrow: Man, you need a publicist.

Firestorm: Liking the bug suit yet?
Blue Beetle: Being able to fly? Doesn't suck.
Firestorm: Hah, losing to me will.

Captain Cold: Back off, Harley!
Harley Quinn: Aye aye, Captain! Heard you had a cold anyway.
Captain Cold: If anyone's sick, precious, it's you!

Joker: It's a Brainiac whack-attack!
Brainiac: Your mind is human... yet not.
Joker: It's called insanity, try it sometime!

Brainiac: Kal-el of Krypton.
Superman: Here, I'm Superman.
Brainiac: A better oxymoron I have not heard.

Catwoman: Animal print is out.
Cheetah: What about facial scars?
Catwoman: Let's have you try some on!

Bane: I commend Selina's loyalty.
Batman: Shouldn't have touched her, Bane!
Bane: How else was I to lure you?

Green Lantern: Didn't Batman tell you?
Firestorm: Tell me what, Hal?
Green Lantern: Never mess with Green Lantern!

Blue Beetle: Just saying, the armor knows how to kill you.
Atrocitus: Your weapon doesn't concern me!
Blue Beetle: Alright, man, your funeral.

Green Arrow: Oh no, it's Rag Man!
Scarecrow: I am Scarecrow!
Green Arrow: I'll still wipe the floor with you.

Joker: Nice monkey.
Gorilla Grodd: I'm an ape, clown!
Joker: Like it matters.

Batman: Why won't you help us, Arthur?
Aquaman: Only the seas concern me!
Batman: Time to broaden your point of view.

Bane: I envy your strength.
Swamp Thing: You will not harvest it.
Bane: Said the crop to the reaper.

Green Lantern: You're not a real captain.
Captain Cold: I didn't pick the name.
Green Lantern: But you still picked this fight.

Firestorm: You're backing the wrong team!
Catwoman: I'm working undercover for Batman.
Firestorm: So why didn't he tell me that!?

Gorilla Grodd: Your challenge is amusing.
Green Arrow: I'll take that as a compliment.
Gorilla Grodd: Your hubris even more.

Deadshot: Folks here want their cities back.
Brainiac: An unlikely outcome of this encounter.
Deadshot: Let's kill you and see where that gets us.

Blue Beetle: So, you really full of straw?
Scarecrow: No, something much worse.
Blue Beetle: Better not be glitter.

Doctor Fate: Kandahq's fate cannot be avoided.
Black Adam: We shall see.
Doctor Fate: It is foretold.

Green Lantern: I fly, you don't, I win.
Batman: Think I haven't planned for this?
Green Lantern: Only one way to find out.

Robin: I'm no Jason Todd.
Joker: He's pathetic. You're contemptible.
Robin: And you're both.

Darkseid: Your suffering will be immeasurable.
Catwoman: Still got nine lives to spare.
Darkseid: Nine lives to torture.

Gorilla Grodd: Humans must disgust you.
Superman: Those who harm them do.
Gorilla Grodd: How do you not see the irony!?

Atrocitus: What do you know of rage?
Scarecrow: It is a fire, kindled by fear.
Atrocitus: And what happens to kindling?

Blue Beetle: You can't destroy Earth!
Brainiac: Of course I can.
Blue Beetle: OK. Grammar police... you won't.

Captain Cold: Come on, Deadass!
Deadshot: Watch how you talk to me!
Captain Cold: Oh, I'm all done talking.

Harley Quinn: How's it feel being the villain?
Wonder Woman: You're the villain, Quinn.
Harley Quinn: The lady's crazier than I am!

Batman: I'm glad Kara proved incorruptible.
Black Adam: She is a fool to deny her true power.
Batman: She's smart to know its limits.

Doctor Fate: Two voices in one mind...
Firestorm: It's like thinking in stereo!
Doctor Fate: I will silence this cacophony!

Scarecrow: Does Daddy approve, Cyborg?
Cyborg: You don't know my father, Scarecrow!
Scarecrow: I know you're afraid to fail him.

Aquaman: Bane...
Bane: I have caught a merman!
Aquaman: Or has he caught you?

Captain Cold: Barry know his B.F.F. is back?
Green Lantern: First person I called.
Captain Cold: He'll be the last one.

Atrocitus: You could wear a red ring...
Supergirl: Red jewelry's kinda for old ladies.
Atrocitus: Mock me at your peril!

Joker: Here's a news flash: life is a meaningless joke!
Flash: Life has meaning if we give it meaning.
Joker: Get all your advice off bumper stickers?

Robin: I got a prediction.
Doctor Fate: Share it with me.
Robin: In thirty seconds, you'll be out cold.

Deadshot: Are you just gonna deflect the bullets?
Wonder Woman: Finding out might kill you.
Deadshot: Eh, I'll try anything once.

Brainiac: Why come to this universe?
Joker: This Earth's better! I had disciples here!
Brainiac: They are foolish creatures.

Blue Beetle: So you can talk to plants?
Swamp Thing: I commune with them.
Blue Beetle: Tell them this is for Jaime's allergies.

Aquaman: Wretched beast!
Gorilla Grodd: I am this world's future.
Aquaman: You are an evolutionary misstep!

Atrocitus: Ganthet never told you, did he?
Green Lantern: Told me what?
Atrocitus: That I killed your predecessor!

Bane: I can break you with one hand.
Harley Quinn: What's the other one gonna be busy with?
Bane: Silence, clown!

Joker: Doctor, it hurts when I go like this!
Doctor Fate: I am not a medical doctor.
Joker: Or much of a straight man!

Robin: Who were you in bed with this time?
Catwoman: Speaking metaphorically?
Robin: You bet.

Green Lantern: You like boiled, steamed or baked?
Swamp Thing: I do not follow.
Green Lantern: Just asking how you want to get served!

Atrocitus: Trillions demand vengeance!
Brainiac: Those not collected?
Atrocitus: Those you've slaughtered!

Poison Ivy: Your regime failed the green.
Wonder Woman: The regime will rise again!
Poison Ivy: Not anymore.

Blue Beetle: Shall we duel, your highness?
Harley Quinn: How about slaps and tickles at ten paces!?
Blue Beetle: Just my luck, freak of nature.

Catwoman: People topside want you on trial.
Aquaman: I won't be judged for defending Atlantis!
Catwoman: You will be for helping Superman.

Batman: The league didn't teach you everything.
Robin: [scoffs] You have some wisdom to share?
Batman: The importance of self-control.

Atrocitus: My lanterns will punish you!
Gorilla Grodd: You won't judge me, Atrocitus!
Atrocitus: It's done! Now you die!

Black Adam: Why fight me, Bane?
Bane: We are both gods of battle.
Black Adam: You're a maniac, not a god.

Scarecrow: What keeps you up at night?
Superman: Criminals like you.
Scarecrow: So we do scare you!

Cyborg: Now that I'm out, your days are numbered.
Cheetah: The huntress becomes hunted.
Cyborg: The huntress becomes dead.

Brainiac: I appreciate your service, Grodd.
Gorilla Grodd: I serve you no longer.
Brainiac: Then be eliminated.

Atrocitus: Your sister's plight affects you.
Catwoman: Keep Maggie out of this, Atrocitus!
Atrocitus: I can't ignore such rage.

Captain Cold: The Joker...
Joker: Leonard Snart, a letter away from "smart".
Captain Cold: You're several cards short of a deck!

Green Lantern: We can both like the color green.
Swamp Thing: You embarrass green things.
Green Lantern: Never mess with Green Lantern.

Brainiac: You are nothing without the Scarab.
Blue Beetle: My mom would disagree.
Brainiac: Mothers lack objectivity.

Aquaman 1: Atlantis needs a proper king.
Aquaman 2: She has one already, usurper.
Aquaman 1: Not by my count.

Captain Cold: Your head still wired to a detonator?
Deadshot: You can't help me, Lenny.
Captain Cold: How about I freeze your head?

Cheetah: At last... the Flash!
Flash: Are you stalking me?
Cheetah: I'm hunting you!

Doctor Fate: Your father defied fate to save you!
Cyborg: You got a problem with that!?
Doctor Fate: He made a mistake!

Catwoman: The Gotham City what?
Harley Quinn: Sirens! You, me, Kate and Babs!
Catwoman: It'll never fly.

Robin: Dick trusted me, but you never will!
Batman: Trust is earned, Damien!
Robin: How long will that take?

Joker: Deadshot...
Deadshot: That's what they call me.
Joker: Soon, they won't need that second part.

Green Lantern: I never should have been on your side.
Black Adam: You accepted Sinestro's wisdom.
Green Lantern: He was a liar, like you!

Poison Ivy: You smell like a gym locker.
Bane: Maybe I should rub you all over me.
Poison Ivy: You would find it a nauseating way to die.

Superman: I took one life to save millions!
Batman: Hardly the best example for Supergirl.
Superman: Your son would disagree.

Harley Quinn: Outta my way, potato sack!
Scarecrow: I don't fear you.
Harley Quinn: I'll mash your potatoey head!

Cheetah: My bloodlust is insatiable!
Swamp Thing: Green Blood won't feed your hunger.
Cheetah: I'll enjoy the kill just the same.

Atrocitus: Your blood runs today!
Wonder Woman: I may bleed, but I will not fall.
Atrocitus: Then you will die standing, Amazon!

Aquaman: You betrayed your father, Damien.
Robin: Because he was spectacularly wrong!
Aquaman: Still, you owe him your loyalty.

Catwoman 1: Bet you can't find my safehouse.
Catwoman 2: The dusty tenement on Harlow Street?
Catwoman 1: Well played, copycat!

Doctor Fate: The Batman.
Batman: I'll go easy on you.
Doctor Fate: A poor choice indeed.

Cyborg: Wonder Woman says I report to you.
Black Adam: We have a world to rule.
Cyborg: Why should I follow your lead?

Bane: I will crush you, Brainiac.
Brainiac: You have no hope of victory.
Bane: I need only strength.

Joker: Guns, guns, guns. Where's the art?
Deadshot: I don't get paid extra for creativity.
Joker: Philistine...

Green Lantern: Still got a chance to turn yourself in.
Wonder Woman: Just shut up and fight me, Hal.
Green Lantern: Let the records show you asked for it.

Scarecrow: I wonder what plants fear.
Swamp Thing: Men like you, for a start.
Scarecrow: Well, let's explore that!

Green Arrow: Think you can handle a bow?
Robin: I mastered archery by the time I was seven.
Green Arrow: Must have been a tiny bow.

Batman: Hold it, Deadshot!
Deadshot: Afraid of a gun, Batman?
Batman: No, but I despise them.

Harley Quinn: Have a good time joyriding in the Batmobile?
Catwoman: That would be stealing, Harley.
Harley Quinn: Don't act like you never thought about it.

Gorilla Grodd: I will steal your thoughts.
Joker: My mind's an open book.
Gorilla Grodd: Even more so once I crack your skull!

Blue Beetle: Hal Jordan!? No way!
Green Lantern: You a Green Lantern fan?
Blue Beetle: Not after your heel turn, bro.

Bane: Still I remain uncaptured.
Batman: I've had bigger concerns.
Bane: None are bigger than me.

Atrocitus: Prepare yourself, youngster!
Robin: I'm always prepared.
Atrocitus: Not for me!

Superman: They should call you the Man of Steel.
Cyborg: My armor's a lot stronger than steel.
Superman: But not stronger than me.

Deadshot: Skip the monologue, Adam.
Black Adam: My words are for the worthy.
Deadshot: If you're lucky, they're also deaf.

Aquaman: You won't threaten Atlantis!
Joker: I'm a threat to pretty much everyone!
Aquaman: This trident says otherwise!

Harley Quinn: We're gonna take care of Wonder Woman, right?
Batman: By "take care of", you mean "put in jail"?
Harley Quinn: ...yeah, that's exactly what I meant...

Green Arrow: Aw nuts, I forgot my spray bottle!
Catwoman: Hilarious, Ollie.
Green Arrow: I know.

Gorilla Grodd: Hold still, puny human.
The Flash: Sorry. Restless leg syndrome.
Gorilla Grodd: I'll tear them from your hips!

Scarecrow: Grodd has you on a leash.
Deadshot: Unless I want my head blown off, yeah.
Scarecrow: I will hold that leash.

Poison Ivy: I have a gift for you, Beetle.
Blue Beetle: Whatever it is, I don't want it.
Poison Ivy: Flowers always cheer me up.

Wonder Woman: I told Kara the truth.
Superman: You say that like it's a good thing.
Wonder Woman: This battle will decide that.

Harley Quinn: Hiya, dearie! Ya miss me?
Green Lantern: Hundred percent team Batman now.
Harley Quinn: I'll show ya the ropes!

Doctor Fate: Part of you is still good, Captain Cold.
Captain Cold: Yeah, my trigger finger.
Doctor Fate: Hmm, perhaps I was wrong.

Bane: I took pleasure watching you break.
Batman: What happened to Clark was tragic.
Bane: It made him a leader to be feared.

Robin: Father thinks you're redeemable.
Catwoman: Everyone deserves a second chance.
Robin: Not everyone.

Joker: Boop eep dop boop boop.
Cyborg: What are you doing?
Joker: That's robot for "You're Dead!"

Harley Quinn: Why do I always get the big guys!?
Swamp Thing: Because you have a big mouth.
Harley Quinn: Leave the humor to me, pal!

Cheetah: Your ring, Lantern. Now!
Green Lantern: Don't even think about it!
Cheetah: I need only my claws.

Deadshot: Cold, you're not leaving here alive.
Captain Cold: When did I get on your bad side?
Deadshot: When the cheque cleared.

Aquaman: Batman has lost. Now what?
Wonder Woman: The Regime will rise again.
Aquaman: Atlantis won't bleed for the Surface World!

Supergirl: Hard to tell, but you look grumpy.
Batman: Kryptonians give me headaches.
Supergirl: You're in for a doozy.

Doctor Fate: You walk the wrong path.
Superman: The world's changed since Metropolis.
Doctor Fate: It has cost you your soul.

Deadshot: Who taught you to speak?
Gorilla Grodd: No one taught me, fool!
Deadshot: Maybe someone can teach you to shut up.

Robin: My knuckles need a workout.
The Flash: No way you're fast enough, kid.
Robin: You're just a bigger, dumber speed bag.

Poison Ivy: Sorry to do this, Brucey.
Batman: I'm not the enemy!
Poison Ivy: All humans are the enemy!

Wonder Woman: You'd be wise to surrender.
Joker: And miss all the fun?
Wonder Woman: If you think a crushed skull is fun.

Brainiac: Your canary cry intrigues.
Black Canary: Wanna hear it? Come closer.
Brainiac: It will not prevent your collection.

Atrocitus: You are young and exuberant!
Firestorm: And fired up for this fight!
Atrocitus: Perhaps a Red Ring is in your future!

Harley Quinn: You'll make a nice chewie for Bud and Lou!
Aquaman: Should I be intimidated?
Harley Quinn: Don't worry. Their teeth are only RAZOR SHARP!

Gorilla Grodd: Enjoy ruling the world?
Flash: Wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
Gorilla Grodd: As yours, I'm disappointed.

Deadshot: Baby Batman's all grown up.
Robin: Yeah, even old enough to buy cigarettes.
Deadshot: At least you'll die a man...

Poison Ivy: Come to me, Bane.
Bane: I know your games, bruja.
Poison Ivy: I scare men like you.

Cyborg: What's your deal, anyway?
Scarecrow: I create fear and disruption.
Cyborg: Online, we call that "Trolling".

Blue Beetle: Is there any line you won't cross?
Superman: I don't hurt children.
Blue Beetle: Didn't stop you with Shazam.

Darkseid: Surrender to Darkseid or face death.
Atrocitus: Your victims demand justice!
Darkseid: Then I will grind your bones to dust!

Poison Ivy: Trade those pistols for petals.
Deadshot: Yeah, I don't buy that "flower power" crap!
Poison Ivy: You'll wish you had!

Supergirl: Are you ready?
Wonder Woman: This should be interesting.
Supergirl: You're in for a doozy.

Aquaman 1: Orm, is that you?
Aquaman 2: I'm Arthur Curry.
Aquaman 1: You might think so.

Joker: I just love these Arkham reunions!
Scarecrow: I spiked your punch.
Joker: Naughty naughty, Scarecrow.

Poison Ivy: Selina's billionaire sugar daddy.
Batman: Green with jealousy?
Poison Ivy: Don't flatter yourself.

Catwoman: Don't you trust me, Grodd?
Gorilla Grodd: Only a fool would trust you!
Catwoman: I'll tell Batman you said that.

Harley Quinn: My, what big claws you have!
Cheetah: The better to slash off your face, my dear.
Harley Quinn: You know the wolf dies, right!?

Doctor Fate: Will you sacrifice yourself?
Swamp Thing: I will to save the Green.
Doctor Fate: That I cannot promise.

Robin: Oh, it's the resident I.T. guy.
Cyborg: Need some tech support?
Robin: Come on, you know I'm self-sufficient.

Aquaman: I bet even you fear drowning.
Scarecrow: There are worse ways to die.
Aquaman: How about gutted like a fish!?

Batman: You shouldn't have killed the Joker.
Superman: I did it for Lois.
Batman: It's not what she would have wanted.

Poison Ivy: I thought we were friends!
Harley Quinn: Oh, we were more than friends!
Poison Ivy: Not any more.

Deadshot: Joker...
Joker: Mr. Lawton! How's your daughter?
Deadshot: You don't ever mention her!

Gorilla Grodd: Batman sent a boy to tame me?
Blue Beetle: Think I can handle a big dumb monkey.
Gorilla Grodd: There were three errors in that statement!

Aquaman: You won't threaten Atlantis!
Superman: I'm restoring my Government!
Aquaman: That I must oppose!

Poison Ivy: This is our last dance, Harley.
Harley Quinn: You're breaking my heart, Red!
Poison Ivy: I'll break more than that!

Robin: I didn't murder Dick, Bruce!
Batman: No, your temper did, Damien.
Robin: It was an accident!

Deadshot: Red Power Ring, cat sidekick...
Atrocitus: Listing the ways you can die?
Deadshot: Items for your estate sale.

Joker: How nice~, you saved me a spot!
Brainiac: In my collection?! Never!
Joker: ...A spot to stab you in, genius.

Blue Beetle: Scarab's got your tech beat.
Cyborg: It's the man, not the machine.
Blue Beetle: Got you beat there too.

Scarecrow: Do you fear death?
Captain Cold: Not since I grew up!
Scarecrow: Perhaps your sister did.

Harley Quinn: You're not so hideous.
Atrocitus: I can taste your blood already!
Harley Quinn: But you're coming on a little strong!

Darkseid: My Omega Beam will vaporise you.
Deadshot: Take your shot, and make it count.
Darkseid: Like you, the Omega does not miss.

Bane: You never accepted me as an equal.
Wonder Woman: You are a hired thug, Bane.
Bane: Now that hurts my feelings, Diana.

Batman: I don't have time for this, Damien!
Robin: A good father would make time.
Batman: A better son would deserve it.

Joker: Here, fishy, fishy!
Aquaman: Come any closer, worm, and I'll bite!
Joker: You're an angry little fishy!

Captain Cold: Move, Arrow, and I'll blast ya!
Green Arrow: Why's it gotta be a cold gun?
Captain Cold: "Captain Tropical" doesn't roll off the tongue.

Scarecrow: Everyone has something to lose.
Blue Beetle: Like you're about to lose consciousness?
Scarecrow: I refer to your baby sister.

Black Adam: You should have stayed where Fate put you.
Black Canary: I should have been back a lot sooner.
Black Adam: Then you'd already be dead!

Deadshot: Know what they call an unwanted plant?
Poison Ivy: I am not a weed, Deadshot!
Deadshot: You're still getting whacked!

Harley Quinn: You ever gonna trust me a hundred percent?
Batman: I don't trust anyone that much.
Harley Quinn: Right... I'll settle for eighty.

Doctor Fate: What do you hope to prove?
Gorilla Grodd: I am superior to all men!
Doctor Fate: This ambition will be your downfall.

Cheetah: You're a tasty looking fish.
Aquaman: More than you can handle, Cheetah.
Cheetah: All I need is a bite.

Joker: Savvy another round, Super-freak?
Superman: Why can't you stay dead!?
Joker: I always have extra lives.

Wonder Woman: You're still much too paranoid.
Batman: It comes easily with friends like you.
Wonder Woman: You don't have any friends left, Bruce!

Catwoman: Red's not really your colour.
Atrocitus: I'll incinerate your corpse!
Catwoman: Then maybe try a turtle neck.

Black Adam: First Waller's pet, now Grodd's.
Deadshot: A nanobomb will do that to you.
Black Adam: How do you live with such shame?

Scarecrow: You are useless to my slaves.
Joker: But I thought everyone feared something.
Scarecrow: Only the rational ones.

Gorilla Grodd: You've been a good pet, Deadshot.
Deadshot: I'm all done playing Fetch!
Gorilla Grodd: Time to put you down.

Green Arrow: What now, pretty bird?
Black Canary: You haven't been a good boy.
Green Arrow: Ooohh... My safe word is "Arrowcave".

Supergirl: Kal, you need to stop!
Superman: You can't stop me!
Supergirl: Your heartbeat says you're lying!

Wonder Woman: Do not test me, Bane.
Bane: I am as strong as Hercules!
Wonder Woman: And as big a fool.

Harley Quinn: Does calamari make you sad?
Aquaman: Enough of your nonsense!
Harley Quinn: Clearly, you're emotional about it.

Cheetah: I admire a fellow collector.
Brainiac: You collect mere trinkets.
Cheetah: You are no trinket, Brainiac.

Blue Beetle: Blue Beetle comin' at ya!
Brainiac: You are of no interest to me.
Blue Beetle: Says every girl in school.

Doctor Fate: My duty is to order.
Darkseid: You are a worm beneath notice.
Doctor Fate: You will not upset the balance!

Joker: I guess we are somewhat alike.
Scarecrow: We're both agents of chaos.
Joker: But I'm the pretty one.

The Flash: Murdering people won't bring Lisa back.
Captain Cold: I know, Barry.
The Flash: I can't let you give up on yourself.

Batman: Dinah said you woke up screaming for Joker.
Harley Quinn: Yeah, that dream was really not safe for work.
Batman: Should I be concerned?

Wonder Woman: Know your place, girl!
Supergirl: My place is where I decide to be.
Wonder Woman: Your confidence plays tricks on you.

Atrocitus: Why does Batman enrage you?
Bane: He haunts my dreams, Atrocitus.
Atrocitus: Too bad you must now sleep.

Superman: Excuse me.
Green Arrow: Excuse ME?
Superman: That was actually kinda funny.

Harley Quinn: Ollie! I quiver with joy.
Green Arrow: Archery puns! Really?
Harley Quinn: Hey, don't be cross... bow...

Doctor Fate: Mercenaries are the hounds of duty.
Deadshot: English, please.
Doctor Fate: You are disposable.

Gorilla Grodd: I could have built a great Society.
Bane: On your foundation of lies!?
Gorilla Grodd: On the backs of its members!

Wonder Woman: Listen to reason, Bruce.
Batman: You're the same as the thugs you kill.
Wonder Woman: The world's better without them.

Joker: You know, it only took one bad day.
Brainiac: For what exact purpose?
Joker: To reduce the sanest man to lunacy.

Deadshot: Any last words?
Darkseid: Shoot yourself and spare me the trouble.
Deadshot: I'm not taking requests.

Captain Cold: Doctor.
Doctor Fate: Captain.
Captain Cold: Just need a priest and we can walk into a bar.

Scarecrow: You reject your people?
Poison Ivy: For being botanophobes.
Scarecrow: Said the anthropophobe.

Harley Quinn: Hey, Mr. G!
Green Arrow: Please don't call me that.
Harley Quinn: Whatever you say, sugar bear.

Aquaman: Another Kryptonian.
Supergirl: Don't sound so happy about it.
Aquaman: Allow me to welcome you properly!

Deadshot: Don't take this personally.
Batman: Yet another wannabe bat killer.
Deadshot: (Sighs) Let's get this over with.

Green Arrow: Why are all the aliens I meet despots?
Brainiac: Earth's leaders are a little different.
Green Arrow: Got me there.

Atrocitus: Sinestro seeks your power!
Scarecrow: I would gladly wear his yellow ring.
Atrocitus: I will make his corps burn!

Blue Beetle 1: That suit's a knockoff.
Blue Beetle 2: Your HEAD'S a knockoff.
Blue Beetle 1: Huh, thought I was funnier.

Darkseid: Kneel and become my warrior.
Deadshot: Unless you pay and piss off!
Darkseid: Your compliance is mandatory, earthling!

Green Lantern: You're kinda lacking, weapons-wise.
Aquaman: My trident is formidable.
Green Lantern: Technically, it's just a pointy stick!

Batman: We're not doing this anymore.
Joker: You're breaking up with ME?
Batman: I'm BREAKING you.

Poison Ivy: One kiss for luck?
Swamp Thing: You're welcome to try.
Poison Ivy: You're not that special, Swamp Thing.

Supergirl: Earth has a new protector.
Gorilla Grodd: I will suck the marrow from your bones.
Supergirl: Hold on, I'm gonna barf!

Poison Ivy: That's some cologne you have.
Scarecrow: I call it: Terror No. 5!
Poison Ivy: How many plants did you kill to make it?

Flash: How can you not have regrets, Victor?
Cyborg: Because I know we did the right thing?
Flash: Two words: Billy Batson.

Scarecrow: I'd love to scan your brain.
Harley Quinn: You won't find anything.
Scarecrow: Except the Joker's playground!

Captain Cold: I've been thinking about you.
Black Canary: Plan to steal a kiss, Cold?
Captain Cold: I'm a damn good thief.

Green Arrow: So, has Bruce ever sat you down for "The Talk"?
Firestorm: How young do you think I am?!
Green Arrow: Not THAT talk, Firestorm.

Gorilla Grodd: Away with you, girl.
Supergirl: The name is Supergirl.
Gorilla Grodd: (Chuckles) That's not a name, it's hyperbole.

Deadshot: Gonna purr for me?
Catwoman: I doubt it.
Deadshot: I'll take one of those nine lives then.

Black Canary: You said, "Girls night out", Harley.
Harley Quinn: Well, we're out, ain't we?
Black Canary: This isn't what's meant by "doing shots".

Scarecrow: Focus on your fear.
Bane: After Peña Duro, I have none.
Scarecrow: Unless I tamper with your venom.

Joker: Such a furrowed brow, Princess.
Wonder Woman: Killing you will relax me.
Joker: I was thinking more of Botox.

Scarecrow: You reek of paranoia.
Batman: I call it vigilance.
Scarecrow: Why so vigilant, Batman?

Catwoman: Time to give it up, Grodd.
Gorilla Grodd: Surrender to you, Catwoman!?
Catwoman: The claws aren't just for show.

Scarecrow: Victor Stone, always online.
Cyborg: I'm not afraid of information overload.
Scarecrow: You fear being disconnected!

Cyborg: 'Sup, Dwayne?
Robin: My name is not Dwayne!
Cyborg: (chuckles) It is now.

Catwoman: One cat too many.
Cheetah: What'll you do about it, kitten?
Catwoman: Anything I have to.

Bane: I thought you supported the Regime.
Green Lantern: Hundred percent Team Batman now.
Bane: My least favorite team.

The Flash: Like the threads?
Gorilla Grodd: Your costume is ridiculous!
The Flash: At least I'm wearing pants.

Harley Quinn: Don't know if I should kill you or kiss you.
Poison Ivy: Kisses only, please.
Harley Quinn: Only if you join us good guys.

Blue Beetle: I'm no fan of hitting girls.
Supergirl: (scoffs) You'll be lucky to tickle me.
Blue Beetle: Yeah, that kinda would be.

Green Lantern: Billionaire social justice warrior...
Green Arrow: I'll take that as a compliment.
Green Lantern: (sighs) You and your bleeding heart.

Scarecrow: Where's your mother, Damian?
Robin: This isn't therapy-- this is a beatdown!
Scarecrow: Couldn't save her, could you?

Joker: Oh Captain, my Captain...
Captain Cold: Whitman? Seriously?
Joker: A little culture wouldn't kill you.

Catwoman 1: You stole my look.
Catwoman 2: I'll steal everything of yours.
Catwoman 1: Enjoy my arrest warrants.

Poison Ivy: Normally, I'd offer a kiss.
Scarecrow: Go on then-- kiss me!
Poison Ivy: You make my skin crawl!

Deadshot 1: Only one of us is the best shot.
Deadshot 2: Guess the other one will really be a "Dead-shot."
Deadshot 1: That is SO meta.

Joker: I understand you have a family.
Green Arrow: Stay away from 'em, you son of a bitch.
Joker: Oh, so you've met my mother!

Brainiac: I collect worlds.
Harley Quinn: I collect toenail clippings!
Brainiac: Your loss will not be mourned.

Joker: Ha ha! You don't know scary!
Scarecrow: Stick to comedy, Joker.
Joker: Comedy is just tragedy left to rot.

Captain Cold: Good thing you're wearing long johns.
The Flash: I'm totally commando under here.
Captain Cold: Ugh... TMI!

Poison Ivy: Try not to scratch my face.
Catwoman: It IS your one good feature.
Poison Ivy: Not what your man thinks.

Aquaman: Bad timing, Joker.
Joker: Did I miss the water show?
Aquaman: No, it's just starting!

The Flash: You have to move on, Snart.
Captain Cold: Too late; my heart's frozen.
The Flash: Let it go.

Gorilla Grodd: I can't read your mind.
Batman: Telepathic inhibitors, don't bother.
Gorilla Grodd: I'll just have to eat it!

Captain Cold: Playing the hero, Damian?
Robin: I'm not playing at anything.
Captain Cold: Most kids only have ONE dad to disappoint.

Doctor Fate: Your accident was a tragedy.
Mr. Freeze: You should have stopped it...
Doctor Fate: I'm stopping you now!

Catwoman: I met your mother once.
Robin: No woman could surpass her.
Catwoman: That's why you don't have a girlfriend.

Harley Quinn: Dr. Ivy!
Poison Ivy: Dr. Quinzell.
Harley Quinn: Ooh, I love it when we play "doctor".

Joker: Mother always said to eat my greens.
Swamp Thing: I am NOT salad!
Joker: No, you just need a little chop-chop!

Deadshot: You're a big one, aren't you?
Bizarro: No! Bizarro tiny!
Deadshot: I'm almost gonna feel bad.

Green Arrow: There's a rule about fighting circus freaks.
Joker: Do tell, Green Arrow...
Green Arrow: Always go for the JUGGLER. (laughs)

Superman: Want to hear a joke?
Harley Quinn: Oh, gee, this oughta be something.
Superman: Harley Quinn vs. Superman.

Deadshot: You can disarm the grenade in my head?
Doctor Fate: That is not my place.
Deadshot: Thanks for nothing.

Batman: You're blind to what you've become!
Wonder Woman: Don't you dare say it!
Batman: The Justice League can't be a death squad!

Black Adam: Shazam's death shouldn't have fazed you.
Flash: Killing children is never okay!
Black Adam: He was sacrificed for the greater good.

Catwoman: Not nice what you did to Dinah and Ollie.
Gorilla Grodd: Simple minds submit easily.
Catwoman: Good thing I'm complicated.

Harley Quinn: You ain't so tough, Superman!
Superman: What gives you that idea?
Harley Quinn: Alfred knocked your freakin' ass out!

The Flash: Hitting me won't be easy, Diana.
Wonder Woman: You're ONLY the fastest man alive, Barry.
The Flash: I see what you did there.

Atom: I am Ryan Choi, but you can call me Atom.
Atrocitus: I'll incinerate your corpse!
Atom: This looks like a job for quantum physics.

Harley Quinn: Oh, Lightning Lad.
Black Adam: You dare mock me, child?
Harley Quinn: (imitates Black Adam) YOU DARE MOCK ME, CHILD?!

Joker: You should thank me, you know.
Wonder Woman: For what, fiend!?
Joker: I all but gift-wrapped your boyfriend.

Batman: How did you get loose?
Bizarro: Me villain! Protect Metropolis!
Batman: I'll be the judge of that.

Hellboy: Your mind games aren't worth crap!
Gorilla Grodd: It cannot be!
Hellboy: I ain't fooling with you, monkey!

Firestorm: These flames aren't just for show.
Enchantress: Want to see a trick?
Firestorm: No.

Scarecrow: You pretend to be fearless.
Red Hood: These guns aren't for show.
Scarecrow: [Chuckles] Keep telling yourself that!

Starfire: You hide a wounded heart.
Black Manta: I buried my heart with my father.
Starfire: Vengeance cannot bring him back.

Robin: This must be a dream.
Sub-Zero: I can assure you, I am all too real.
Robin: In thirty seconds, you'll be out cold.

Hellboy: Finally, a giant monster to fight.
Atrocitus: Be silent, boy!
Hellboy: The name's Hellboy, dumbass.

Joker: We've more in common than you'd care to admit.
Bizarro: People say Joker and Bizarro am mad!
Joker: Not mad, differently sane!

Red Hood: You might actually beat me, Jaime.
Blue Beetle: You really think so?
Red Hood: Hell no! You're dead meat!

Black Manta: You have such flawless skin, Catwoman.
Catwoman: Should I be creeped out or flattered?
Black Manta: Nothing perfect lasts forever.

Aquaman: Atlantis is off limits!
Atom: You're not king of the Microverse, Aquaman.
Aquaman: You are not welcome here.

Starfire: How do you cope with darkness?
Supergirl: I don't give up hope.
Starfire: Grayson would have liked you.

Scarecrow: Oh, think you're rehabilitated?
Sub-Zero: I now defend the defenseless.
Scarecrow: Everything you built will fall.

Harley Quinn: Aw, aren't you cute?
Bizarro: What you call me?
Harley Quinn: Learn how to take a compliment, sweetie!

Red Hood: Leave this place or die!
Brainiac: Who are you to command me?
Red Hood: Someone with nothing to lose.

Deadshot: Do what I say or bullets fly!
Black Manta: I know where Zoe lives.
Deadshot: You just committed suicide.

Sub-Zero: A Grand Master's respect must be earned.
Atrocitus: You are nothing to a Red Lantern!
Sub-Zero: You will withdraw, or be buried here!

Bizarro: Superman say you hate puppies.
Darkseid: I hate all creatures great and small.
Bizarro: Bizarro not let you hurt Krypto!

Harley Quinn: Can you make me a pony?
Mr. Freeze: It will make the twilight sparkle.
Harley Quinn: [laughs] I was hoping you'd say that.

Black Manta: I'm not looking for an apprentice.
Robin: Get this straight: I'm better than you.
Black Manta: Go back to the kiddie pool.

Harley Quinn: Can you make me a pony?
Raiden: I am a thunder god, not a sorcerer.
Harley Quinn: BORING!

Superman: Heard you coming a mile away.
Enchantress: Then you should have scurried off, Superman.
Superman: Go ahead, underestimate me.

Flash: I don't like your methods.
Black Manta: I'll kill you and everyone you ever loved.
Flash: See? That's just what I'm talking about.

Cyborg: The Regime won't take "no" for an answer.
Hellboy: How about "screw you"?
Cyborg: That was your last chance.

Atom: At school, I never liked big bullies.
Black Adam: A mere mortal challenges me?
Atom: No "mere mortal". The Atom!

Red Hood: I feel an urge to crush your dreams.
Harley Quinn: Come on, give a girl a break, will ya?
Red Hood: I'd rather put you out of your misery!

Leonardo: Master Splinter said to fight you.
Batman: I need to know what you can do.
Leonardo: Ready for a lesson in turtle power?

Donatello: I got a theory to why you fight.
Grid: I seek only one thing: emotion.
Donatello: And that right there just proved it.

Raphael: New York pizza's the best, am I right?
Mr. Freeze: Quite positively.
Raphael: Man, I love being a turtle.

Michelangelo: It's Michelangelo. Friends call me Mikey.
Power Girl: You're going down, down and away.
Michelangelo: That's it! No more Mr. Nice Turtle!

Bizarro: Me destroy this planet!
Black Adam: It doesn't need your help.
Bizarro: Bizarro start with you!

June Moone: Enchantress, Enchantress, Enchantress...
Joker: Could you be any more melodramatic?
Enchantress: June can't, but I damn well can!

John Stewart: Things have changed, Arthur.
Aquaman: And just where do you stand?
John Stewart: Where I always have, against injustice.

Starfire: What is the nature of your powers?
Catwoman: Some of us get by on skill, dear.
Starfire: Give up or get lit up!

Hellboy: My first fight with a mechanical monster.
GRID: I am GRID, the last being you will ever see.
Hellboy: Wouldn't bet the farm on that.

Sub-Zero: I now know the villain you truly are.
Joker: Everyone is always so judgy.
Sub-Zero: For the safety of all, you will die.

June Moone: I can't help it! She has to be let out!
Superman: But you'll hurt innocent people!
Enchantress: Since when is that a problem for you?

Starfire: Um, does Bizarro want a cookie?
Bizarro: Bizarro no smell cookies on you!
Starfire: Figures you would have super smell.

Atom: It's like we're Jacqui and Takeda.
Vixen: What are you talking about, Ryan?
Atom: Play more fighting games, Mari.

Blue Beetle: Wow! Meeting you is just so cool.
Hellboy: Easy, kid. I'm just a guy doing his job.
Blue Beetle: Mind if we get a picture after?

Catwoman: Don't put kitty in a corner.
Enchantress: How about a dark dimension?
Catwoman: I'm not one to be tamed.

Black Manta: Are you my ghost of Christmas future?
Hellboy: Depends. Have you been a bad boy?
Black Manta: I've been the worst, Hellboy.

Harley Quinn: You got a funny name.
Sub-Zero: In a moment, you will not think so.
Harley Quinn: Just tryna' break the ice!

Green Arrow: Well, speak of the devil.
Hellboy: You ALWAYS this funny?
Green Arrow: It's an off day for me.

Gorilla Grodd: There's a place for you in the Society.
Enchantress: I prefer to freelance.
Gorilla Grodd: If you're not with me, you're dead!

Hellboy: Tired of people tryin' to control me.
Doctor Fate: Your fate is pre-ordained.
Hellboy: Like hell it is.

Power Girl: So, you're "Tazamanian"?
Starfire: It is pronounced "Tamaranian".
Power Girl: Tama--? Let's get this over with!

Joker: Have we met?
Enchantress: I'd remember sharing the stage with a mad man.
Joker: Not mad, differently sane!

Leonardo: I'm fully trained for this fight.
Superman: Good thing I'm invincible.
Leonardo: No one is invincible!

Raiden: Yet another of Shinnok's minions.
Joker: Yes, but don't tell him I told you.
Raiden: The threat you pose must end!

Sub-Zero: Your cry reminds me of Sindel's scream.
Black Canary: Want me to sing for you?
Sub-Zero: I would rather silence you.

Atom: Your technology could help millions.
Black Manta: I use science to kill.
Atom: This looks like a job for quantum physics.

Cyborg: Let's spar a little.
Starfire: After I win, you wanna get pizza?
Cyborg: So, that's how's it gonna be, huh?

Hellboy: YOU'RE why I woke up today?
Red Hood: This is Hell, and I'm the devil!
Hellboy: And here I thought you were clever.

Hellboy: You ever meet the Lobster?
Jay Garrick: Ah! Someone who knows his history.
Hellboy: History? I fought alongside the guy's ghost.

Reverse-Flash: Picked the wrong guy to mess with.
Aquaman: My trident says otherwise.
Reverse-Flash: You won't see me coming.

June Moone: My name's June Moone.
Starfire: You face a princess of Tamaran.
Enchantress: Call me Enchantress if you're nasty.

Raphael: New York pizza beats Gotham pizza.
Leonardo: You'll get no argument there, Raph.
Raphael: Then let's get out of this friggin' Universe!

Deadshot: Don't take this personally.
Enchantress: When did YOU decide to betray me?
Deadshot: When the check cleared.

Michelangelo: You gotta play my new game, Donnie.
Donatello: I'm not wasting my time with "Ninja Mime".
Michelangelo: Grab a controller and learn something.

Starfire: Melt for me, Sub-Zero.
Sub-Zero: Beguiling beauty alone will not bewitch me.
Starfire: I offer so much more than beauty.

Black Manta: Ray Palmer is already dead.
Atom: You can't prove that. No one has.
Black Manta: Maybe I've got his corpse in my pocket.

Deadshot: You're a big one, aren't you?
Hellboy: Just means there's more of me to love.
Deadshot: I respect that.

Hellboy: Goddamn shame you aren't a good guy.
Superman: Who are you to judge me?
Hellboy: A guy who knows a thing or two about evil.

Starfire: You'll burn for what you did!
Red Hood: Heard that speech a thousand times!
Starfire: Give up or get lit up!

June Moone: If you can kill me, please do it.
Sub-Zero: You are choosing to suffer.
Enchantress: Trust me, Sub-Zero, June has no choice.

Cheetah: Finally, a worthy quarry.
Black Manta: Finally, a new rug.
Cheetah: My claws will cut you down!

The Flash: I don't like your methods.
Black Manta: I'll kill you and everyone you ever loved.
The Flash: See? That's just what I'm talking about.

Hellboy: And your deal's what, exactly?
The Flash: The Flash-- fastest man alive.
Hellboy: And how's THAT working out for ya?

Sub-Zero: Do not be ruled by your passions.
Robin: Meaning what, exactly?
Sub-Zero: They will burn you as Hanzo Hasashi did him.

Scarecrow: You pretend to be fearless.
Black Manta: I'd kill anyone who threatens me.
Scarecrow: How long 'till someone kills YOU?

June Moone: Fair warning: she's an evil hag.
Supergirl: My god Rao will protect me.
Enchantress: Like he protected your mother?

June Moone: It takes all my focus to hide her away.
Starfire: My people do not hide their emotions.
Enchantress: Maybe that's why they're all dead.

Bizarro: Black Manta have funny shaped head.
Black Manta: It's a helmet, you idiot.
Bizarro: Manta insult am not called for!

Sub-Zero: Why assume I will be easy prey?
Cheetah: You lack killer instinct.
Sub-Zero: I have engaged in Mortal Kombat.

Black Canary: I try to use my Canary Cry sparingly.
Black Lightning: You don't strike me as the shy type.
Black Canary: Prefer to let my fist do the talking.

Cyborg: Now that I'm out, your days are numbered.
Enchantress: I'll turn you into a newt!
Cyborg: Damn, I hope not.

Michelangelo: Let's skip this. I'm starving.
Donatello: If we're lucky, we'll both learn something.
Michelangelo: Do NOT get between me and pizza!

Raphael: New York pizza's the best, am I right?
Superman: Two words: beef bourguignon.
Raphael: You really have lost your mind.

Leonardo: You're not from this Earth, are you?
Joker: Yet you aren't from around here either.
Leonardo: Your evil ends here.

Reverse-Flash: How's your mother, Barry?
The Flash: You were the one, weren't you?!
Reverse-Flash: I'm every bad day you've ever had.

Reverse-Flash: I'm the fastest man alive.
Donatello: Got any facts to back that up?
Reverse-Flash: If anyone's faster I'll kill him.

Raiden 1: In my realm, Liu Kang and Kitana rule Edenia.
Raiden 2: In mine, they govern the NetherRealm.
Raiden 1: Whose incompetence lead to this folly?

Sub-Zero 1: Is it you, Bi-Han?
Sub-Zero 2: I am freed from Quan-Chi's clutches.
Sub-Zero 1: Let kombat prove your identity.

Black Canary: I’m guessing Talia was a helicopter mom.
Robin: My mother lead the League of Assassins.
Black Canary: Too bad she’s not here to fight for you.

Hellboy: What do you bring to this fight, exactly?
Black Canary: Good looks, quick wits, and a killer right hook.
Hellboy: Wait till you see mine.

Leonardo: This fight's got me a little nervous.
Wonder Woman: A warrior fears nothing.
Leonardo: Ninjas don't ignore fear, we embrace it.

Hellboy: You don't know anything about fear.
Scarecrow: What makes you say that?
Hellboy: If ya did, you wouldn't be here.

Doctor Fate: You dance between order and chaos.
Hellboy: My life story summed up in six words.
Doctor Fate: Now you must choose.

Hellboy: I'm thinking this is a bad idea.
Power Girl: You can't handle this much woman.
Hellboy: Unless a monster's in there, I'm good.

Raphael: Now that's a sweet Superman cosplay.
Supergirl: The name is Supergirl.
Raphael: Sure... And I'm a renaissance artist.

Hellboy: You can't tell, but I'm blushing right now.
Enchantress: Don't be so modest, Anung Un Rama.
Hellboy: How did you know my goddamn name?

Raphael: You ate the last ice cream sandwich!
Michelangelo: I-It was Donnie, not me.
Raphael: The wrapper's stuck to your shell, bro.

Michelangelo: Cowabunga! I'm fighting Batman!
Batman: You need a new catchphrase.
Michelangelo: No way, dude. It's classic.

Hellboy: Can't say I've ever met a ninja turtle.
Donatello: Hope you're not turtle-phobic, Hellboy.
Hellboy: Nah. My problem's with frogs.

Donatello: That is some crazy gear, Batman.
Batman: Green with jealousy?
Donatello: Heh. Something like that.

Raphael: So what's with their Justice League?
Leonardo: Think Mighty Mutanimals, minus the mutant animals.
Raphael: There's zero point in that, bro.

Hellboy: That getup supposed to scare me?
Batman: What do you think?
Hellboy: That you're kidding yourself.

Starfire: Batman was right disowning you.
Robin: I've got no regrets.
Starfire: Not even over Dick's murder!?

Hellboy: You got the devil inside you, kid.
Raphael: I get angry. So what?
Hellboy: It'll bring you down. That's what.

Donatello: My new bo staff has an Nth metal core.
Leonardo: What the heck's Nth metal, Donnie?
Donatello: Only the strongest metal in this universe.

Hellboy: So what do you have in mind, lady?
Harley Quinn: How about slaps and tickles at ten paces?
Hellboy: Not the answer I was expecting.

Hellboy: Are we really doing this?
Starfire: After I win, you wanna get pizza?
Hellboy: Best offer I've had all day.

Reverse-Flash: All heroes are fundamentally flawed.
Hellboy: I'm the friggin' poster child for that.
Reverse-Flash: To me, you're another victim.

Hellboy: Where the heck are we?
John Stewart: If I'm with you, I must be in Hell.
Hellboy: And here I thought you were clever.

Hellboy: Your deal's what exactly?
Red Hood: I'm the cure for a sick, sad world.
Hellboy: If I had a nickel for every time I've heard that.

Hellboy: My bad side's not where you want to be.
Michelangelo: I can be a monster, Hellboy.
Hellboy: Heh. Show me, kid.

Sub-Zero: You are too young for combat.
Michelangelo: Splinter's trained us since we were hatchlings.
Sub-Zero: It is no substitute for maturity.

Michelangelo: You worry too much, Batman.
Batman: I call it vigilance.
Michelangelo: I think you and Leo come from the same clutch.

Leonardo 1: I'm hallucinating you, right?
Leonardo 2: Won't know till you fight me, dude.
Leonardo 1: I gotta lay off Mikey's garlic fudge pizza.

Starfire: Greetings, Earth friend.
Leonardo: The name's Leonardo, ninja turtle.
Starfire: Grayson would have liked you.

Leonardo: I want to study combat with the best.
John Stewart: I'll teach you a thing or two.
Leonardo: With every fight, I'm a better ninja.

Hellboy: Bet that shell comes in handy.
Leonardo: Against the Right Hand of Doom? You bet.
Hellboy: Don't worry, I won't crack it.

Batman: I know exactly how to beat you.
Leonardo: You fought ninja turtles, Batman?
Batman: I'm full of surprises.

Hellboy: Why do you do what you do?
Joker: You can't spell "slaughter" without laughter.
Hellboy: You are one sick piece of crap.

Joker: We've more in common then you care to admit.
Hellboy: You're crazy. I'm sane. End of story.
Joker: That's what the others thought too.

Atrocitus: I'll show you hellish hate!
Hellboy: Whatever you've got, I've seen worse.
Atrocitus: Give me your blood and rage!

Black Adam: You expect to best a god?
Hellboy: Pfft! Wouldn't be the first time.
Black Adam: Mehen admires your courage.

Atom: You ever been swallowed alive?
Hellboy: More times than I can count. You?
Atom: I have and it was fascinating.

Leonardo: I've met our pal Brainiac.
Hellboy: Tried to collect you too, huh?
Leonardo: Genius didn't count on turtle power.

Raphael: What's it you wanted to teach me?
Batman: That the shadows are your friend.
Raphael: You missed the fact I'm a ninja, dude?

Raphael: You drew the short straw today.
Darkseid: You are challenging a god, fool.
Raphael: Gods have nothing on New Yorkers.

Bane: Your body will snap like a twig.
Raphael: Your head will crack before my shell does.
Bane: Two minutes with you will not test me.

Donatello: Think you can take down the Foot Clan?
Sub-Zero: An ignorant question for a Lin Kuei.
Donatello: Ignorance comes from not asking questions.

Voice cast[edit]

  • Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne/Batman
  • George Newbern as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman
  • Susan Eisenburg as Princess Diana / Diana Prince / Wonder Woman
  • Scott Porter as Damian Wayne / Robin
  • Joey Naber as Black Adam
  • Laura Bailey as Kara Zor-El / Supergirl
  • Alan Tudyk as Green Arrow
  • Vanessa Marshall as Black Canary
  • Steve Blum as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern, Sub-Zero, Victor Zsasz
  • Taliesin Jaffe as The Flash
  • Khary Payton as Cyborg , Grid
  • Tara Strong as Harley Quinn, Dr. Randell
  • Grey DeLisle as Catwoman, Alura In-Ze
  • Richard Epcar as the Joker, Raiden
  • Fred Tatasciore as Bane, Swamp Thing, Martin Stein
  • Tasia Valenza as Poison Ivy
  • Robert Englund as Scarecrow
  • Phil LaMarr as Aquaman, Lucius Fox, John Stewart/Green Lantern
  • Ogie Banks as Firestorm
  • Anthony Del Rio as Blue Beetle
  • David Sobolov as Doctor Fate
  • C. Thomas Howell as Captain Cold
  • Erica Luttrell as Cheetah
  • Matthew Mercer as Deadshot
  • Charles Halford as Gorilla Grodd
  • Ike Amadi as Atrocitus
  • Jeffrey Combs as Brainiac
  • Michael-Leon Wooley as Darkseid
  • Liam O'Brien as Reverse Flash, Brainiac 5
  • Megalyn Echikunwoke as Vixen
  • Travis Willingham as Flash (Jay Garrick)
  • Sara Cravens as Power Girl
  • Jim Pirri as Mr. Freeze
  • Patrick Seitz as Bizarro
  • Cameron Bowen as Red Hood
  • Kari Wahlgren as Starfire
  • Kane Jungbluth-Murry as Black Lightning, Black Manta
  • Bruce Barker as Hellboy
  • Matthew Yang King as Atom
  • Brandy Kopp as June Moone/Enchantress
  • Corey Krueger as Leonardo
  • Joe Brogie as Donatello
  • Ben Rausch as Raphael
  • Ryan Cooper as Michelangelo

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