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Blade (1998) is a film about a half-mortal half-vampire who protects the human race from other evil vampires, and the first film in the Blade trilogy.


  • Some motherfuckers are always trying to ice-skate uphill.
  • You better wake up. The world you live in is just a sugar-coated topping. There is another world beneath it — the real world. And if you want to survive it, you better [shouts] learn to pull the trigger!
  • Say what you want, but I promise you, you will be dead by dawn.
  • [after cops shoot at HIM when a charred vampire escapes the hospital] Motherfucker, are you outta yo damn mind?!?
  • When you understand the nature of a thing, you know what it's capable of.
  • FROST!!!

Dr. Karen Jenson

  • You know, my mother used to say: A cold heart is a dead heart.

Deacon Frost

  • Maybe it's about time we forgot about discretion. We should be ruling the humans, not making back-alley treaties with them. For fuck's sake these people are our food, not our allies.
  • You may wake up one day and find yourself extinct.
  • Tonight, the age of man comes to an end.
  • I need twelve volunteers.
  • Is everybody thirsty?! I hope you're all very fuckin' thirsty!
  • Look at you. You're a little bitch. [Blade looks up at the EDTA vial] What? Your serum? Can't help you now, stud.
  • (Last Words) Nice shot.
  • The Blood god's coming and after tonight, you people are fucking history. He's a hurricane. An act of God. Anyone caught in his path will instantly be turned. Everyone you've ever known... everyone you've ever fucking loved... it won't matter who's pureblood and who's not. How are you gonna cure the whole fucking world? Hm?


  • You took my arm, man. Remember? But its cool. I got a new one. [Shows his new arm] Think I'll ever play piano again?
  • You can slice him, you can dice him, but the Quinn man just keeps on comin'!
  • Stay with me, sweetness, cause I'm not finished with you yet.
  • I'm gonna be naughty! I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god!
  • We're gonna be gods!
  • [Last words] I got two new hands, Blade, and I don't know which one to use to kill you with!


  • Vampires: Hominus Nocturna.
  • I'm getting too old for this shit! Somebody get me a goddamn wheelchair!
  • Catch you fuckers at a bad time?
  • Had a family once. Wife, two daughters. Then a drifter came callin' one evenin'. Vampire. He toyed with 'em first. Tried to make me decide which order they'd die in.

Other Quotes

Dr. Karen Jenson: You used me as bait?
Blade: Get over it.

Dr. Karen Jenson: Oh, great. Now you're robbing him. You gonna rob me, too?
Blade: How do you think we fund this organization? We're not exactly the March of Dimes.

Dr. Karen Jenson: So what do you use? Stakes? Crosses?
Whistler: Crosses don't do squat.

Officer Krieger: Go fuck yourself!
Blade: Fuck me?! No, you fuck this! [pulls out his gun]

Dr. Karen Jenson: Wait! I'm coming with you.
Blade: You're useless.

Blade: There are worse things out tonight than vampires.
Dr. Karen Jenson: Like what?
Blade: Like me.

Blade: OK, Vampire Anatomy 101, crosses and holy water don't do dick so forget what you've seen in the movies. You use a stake, silver or sunlight. You know how to use one of these? [hands her a gun]
Dr. Karen Jenson: No, but I'll damn sure learn quick.
Blade: Safety's off, round's already chambered. Silver hollowpoint filled with garlic. You aim for the head or the heart. Anything else, it's your ass...

Dr. Karen Jenson: Isn't this just a little high-tech?
Blade: They've got their claws into everything - politics, finance, real estate. They already own half of downtown.

Dr. Karen Jenson: What's that smell?
Pearl: [Distantly]...image carefully, Frost. You will need 12 purebloods to make the ritual work. [Realizes that someone is in the room] Kreiger, is that you? [Blade reveals himself] He's here! He's here!
Blade: This must be Pearl, the record keeper.
[Pearl lets out a rather disgusting fart]
Pearl: He's gonna kill me! You need me, Frost! You need me!
Frost: Pearl, you're history. Have the good grace to die with some fucking dignity.
Pearl: Frost. [Blade twists the laptop Frost is communicating through] Ruthless bloodsucker.
Frost: Congratulations, Blade.
Blade: Frost.
Frost: I hear you've been looking for me. I'm flattered.
Blade: It'll pass.
[Frost turns off the laptop]
Frost: Fuck.

Pearl: [After Dr. Jenson takes out a flashlight] What's that?
Blade: That, biscuit boy, is a UV lamp. We're gonna play a game of 20 questions. Depending on how you answer, you may walk out of here with a tan. [Points to a computer screen] What's that?
Pearl: That? Oh, it's nothing. It's routine research. Actually it's a video game.
[Blade snaps his fingers; Dr. Jenson momentarily shines the UV light on Pearl]
Blade: That must've hurt.
Pearl: It's a fragment! A piece of the prophecy!
Blade: What prophecy?
Pearl: Oh, I'm not really sure. There's so many of them out--
[Without warning, Jenson automatically fries Pearl again]
Pearl: [in vampire tongue] La Magra is coming! The souls of the twelve will awaken the Blood God! [in English] And there's nothing you can do about it, Daywalker!
Blade: Is that so?
Pearl: Well, that's what Frost says.
Blade: Then you won't mind me borrowing this, will you? [Takes a disk from the computer] If he moves, fry him. [Walks to an armored door] What's in here?
Pearl: Nothing! It's a storeroom. But you're wasting your time. There's nothing of importance to anyone.
Blade: Then you won't mind if I take a peek.
Pearl: NO!!
[Dr. Jenson fries Pearl almost immediately; A look from Blade stops her]
Dr. Karen Jenson: He moved.

Quinn: Hola, amigo! [Mercury destroys Blade's UV light] Do you remember me?
[Blade fights Quinn's guards and is quickly defeated. One of them takes his sword]
Quinn: Well, well, well. You took my arm, man. Remember? But it's cool. [Takes off his glove, showing his new left arm, still composed mostly of scar tissue and slightly disproportionate] I got a new one. [Starts laughing] Think I'll ever play piano again? [Motions as if he were playing a piano] You can slice him, you can dice him, but the Quinn-man just keeps on comin'!
Crease: [Holding Blade's sword] Check it out! I've... got his pigsticker!!
[Blade grins as the sword explodes in Crease's hand, much to the amusement of everyone else, including Crease himself]
Quinn: You're a fuck up, Crease! [Imitates him] "I got his pigsticker!" Oh, man. You're just full of surprises, ain't you chief? [Punches Blade several times] Stay with me, sweetness. 'Cause I'm not through with you yet. Oh, lookie here. [he removes a silver stake from Blade's holster] Silver. Must have cost you a pretty penny, huh? Now this here is a man who takes his job just a little too seriously, don't you think? Come to think of it, Blade, I owe you one. [he stabs the stake into Blade's shoulder] Actually, if you want to get technical, Blade... [lifts another stake] I owe you two.
[Blade starts laughing]
Quinn: Oh, what's so funny, bright eyes?
Blade: I'm expecting company.
[Quinn looks closer, and sees the radio piece in Blade's ear, which is chattering. The wall explodes behind them]
Whistler: Catch you fuckers at a bad time?

Dr. Karen Jenson: You're one of them, aren't you?
Blade: No, I'm something else.

Dr. Karen Jenson: Why do you hunt them?
Whistler: I had a family once - wife, two daughters. Then a drifter came callin' one evenin'. A vampire. He toyed with them first. Tried to make me decide what order they'd die in.

Blade: I'm not human.
Dr. Karen Jenson: You look human to me.
Blade: Humans don't drink blood.
Dr. Karen Jenson: You know, maybe you could think about letting it go? Try to be like everyone else.
Blade: I have spent my entire life searching for that thing that killed my mother, and made me what I am. And every time I take one of those monsters out, I get a little piece of that life back. So don't you talk to me about forgetting.

Quinn: It's not my fault he took us by surprise!
Mercury: Two of them against your entire security force?
Qiunn: Don't point your finger at me! Don't you put that shit on me, 'cause you were there, too!
Mercury: I'm sure Deacon will appreciate...
Quinn: I was out there doing my best and I got stabbed in the balls for it, all right? [The girl putting his bandage on bites his severed arm] You little skeez!
Mercury: Don't see this fancy lifestyle really suits you.
Quinn: [Shows her his arm] I should shove this stump through that shit-eating grin of yours.
Mercury: Face it, angel. You were sloppy. You got what you deserved.
[Frost enters]
Quinn: Deac, let me take this guy out, man. Look. Look what he fucking did! He took my hand again!
Frost: Listen to me. I want him alive.
Quinn: What the fuck you talk--- "Want him alive?" We've been trying to kill this motherfucker for years. Are you out of your fucking mind?!
Frost: Big guy, relax. Be patient. Now we got a lot to do, here. I need you, man. I need you.

Dr. Karen Jenson: You have a lot of love for him, don't you?
Blade: We have a good arrangement. He makes the weapons. I use them.

Frost: How you doin' chief? [Blade reaches for his gun] Easy. Wouldn't want our little friend here to wind up on the back of a milk carton now, would we? It's nice to finally meet you, man. Had my eye on you for years. I know all about you: your serum, Whistler, everything.
Blade: Sunblock.
Frost: Hey, it's a start, right? The goal, of course to be like you: [With mock amazement] the Daywalker! You've got the best of both worlds, don't you? All our strengths, none of our weaknesses.
Blade: Maybe I don't see it that way.
Frost: Oh, so it's back to pretending we're human again? Come on. Spare me the Uncle Tom routine, okay? You can't keep denying what you are, man. You think the humans will ever accept a half-breed like you? They can't. They're afraid of you. And they should be. You're an animal. You're a fuckin' maniac. Look at 'em. They're cattle. Pieces of meat. What difference does it make how their world ends? Plague. War. Famine. Morality doesn't even enter into it. We're just a function of natural selection, man. The new race.
Blade: Looks like your mascara's running.
Frost: I'm offering you a truce. I want you with us.
Blade: What do you think, I'm stupid? [in vampire tongue] "The spirits of the twelve will awaken La Magra."
Frost: You're familiar with the blood god.
Blade: Frost, you're nothing to me but another dead vampire.
Frost: You're an idiot, you know that? I came down here offering you an easy way out and you spit it right back in my fuckin' face. [Blade reaches for his gun] Careful. [Lifts the girl into the air]
Blade: What do I care? They're cattle. Just like you said.
Frost: If you want to take the hard road, be my guest, pal. But I promise you, by the time this is over, you're gonna wish they never cut you from your mother's--

Whistler: Frost took her. Listen to me. The disk. We decoded it. Frost is tryin' to trigger a fuckin' vampire apocalypse. There's some kind of... vampire god he's trying to resurrect.
Blade: La Magra.
Whistler: You're the key. He needs your blood. The blood of the Daywalker. You're the chosen one. Listen to me, Blade. You can't go after him.
Blade: Bullshit.
Whistler: If Frost gets his hands on you, it's all over. There'll be armies of the motherfuckers. [Blade wipes one of his wounds] Shit. You're going to have to finish me off. Don't want me comin' back.
Blade: We can treat the wounds.
Whistler: It's too far gone. You know that. Give me your gun.
Blade: No.
Whistler: Give me the goddamn gun. [Blade reluctantly hands him the gun] Now walk away, you stupid son of a bitch. [Blade doesn't move] Walk the fuck away.
[Blade walks away. A gunshot is heard as he does]

Frost: You seem a bit tense. A bit pent up, maybe. Like you need to release something. You know? Blade not... giving it to you, maybe? I don't know. I just... I see such a beautiful woman. Great skin. I'd like to see you happy, that's all.
Dr. Karen Jenson: Is this the part where you offer to turn me?
Frost: Well, it's either that or a body bag.
Dr. Karen Jenson: Go ahead. Bite me. I'll just cure myself. I did it before, and I can do it again.
Frost: There is no cure, baby.
Dr. Karen Jenson: There is if you've been bitten. If you were once... human.
[Frost smokes a cigarrette. She notices he is wearing a band-aid]
Dr. Karen Jenson: How'd you get that scar, Deacon? A born vampire would have the power to regenerate from birth. You must've gotten scarred. Before you were turned. Isn't that right? Vampires like you aren't a species. You're just infected. A virus, a sexually transmitted disease.
Frost: I'll tell you what we are, sister: We're the top of the fucking food chain. The Blood God's comin' and after tonight, you people are fuckin' history. He's a hurricane. An act of god. Anyone caught in his path will instantly be turned. Everyone you've ever known. Everyone you've ever fucking loved. It won't matter who's pure-blood and who's not. How are you goin' to cure the whole fucking world? [Stands] And Blade's blood is the key.

Quinn: Deac, I don't think you understand. This dude is fuckin' bad.
Frost: What?
Quinn: He's like --We had 20 guys around him, man. I was there man, and he's got shit he throws at you--
Frost: [Mocking Quinn] Yeah, he's got the sword and shit, yeah? He throws it in the air, catches it underneath. Yeah? Shut the fuck up! Look, make it happen. It's one guy on foot.

Frost: Let's see this sword of yours. [Mercury tosses him Blade's sword] Titanium, right? Acid-etched. I'll get used to a weapon like this. [Turns the security device off in Blade's face] What? You look surprised. I told you, Blade. I know everything about you. Hold out your arm Quinn.
Quinn: Why, man? I mean, these are like all better.
Frost: Hold out your arm. Now.
Quinn: Deac, I-- [Extends his arm]
Frost: [Prepares to cut off Quinn's arm] Just kidding. [Tosses the sword back to Mercury]
Quinn: [Laughs loudly] He was fuckin' with me, man! I mean he was like fuckin'...
Dr. Karen Jenson: [Whispers] Blade. Blade.
Frost: He can't hear you, honey. The thirst has got him now. [Quinn hands him the EDTA vials] What do we have here? The precious serum. How long's it been since you shot up? 12, 13 hours maybe? [Holds a vial to Blade's face] Bet your just dyin' for a drink, aren't you? What's it feel like? Is your blood on fire?
Blade: Try some. You might like it.
Frost: Thanks, but I prefer the real thing. In any event, I don't think you'll be needing these anymore.
[Frost throws them into the abyss]

Frost: Tonight, the age of man comes to an end. No more compromises.
Quinn: We're gonna be gods.
Frost: Of course we are.
Quinn: I'm gonna be naughty. I'm gonna be a naughty vampire god!

Mercury: Deacon?
Frost: Not anymore.

Blade: FROST!
Frost: Kill him.
Quinn: Wait! I owe you, man. I got two new hands, Blade, and I don't know which one to use to kill you with!
[Quinn runs to Blade, who decapitates him]

[Blade has cut Frost's arm off, then cut him in half, only for him to reattatch himself]
Blade: [Mouths] What the fuck?
Frost: You're too late, Blade. [Regrows his arm]

Dr. Karen Jenson: I need to get back to the lab if I'm going to cure you.
Blade: It's not over. You keep your cure. There's still a war going on and I've got a job to do. You want to help, make me a better serum.

[Last lines, in Moscow]
Russian Woman: It's cold. Where are we going?
Russian Vampire: It's a surprise.
Russian Woman: Surprise? I like surprises.
Russian Vampire: Then you'll like this. [Attacks her]
Blade: [In Russian] Zastal nevovremya, tovarisch? (Catch you at a bad time, comrade?)

About Blade (film)

  • More and more people are recognising the contribution that Blade made to this resurgence, or this model, this new business. At the time when Blade was offered to me, my management and my agents all thought I was out of my mind for doing it. They told me, ‘You know, you’re a classically trained actor. Why would you want to even play a vampire from a comic book?’ I was, ‘Everything you’re saying is right, but here’s the thing – I’ve never seen a movie like this.’

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