The Divergent Series: Insurgent

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The Divergent Series: Insurgent is a 2015 film. It is the sequel to the first film Divergent, based on the novel Insurgent by Veronica Roth.

Directed by Robert Schwentke. Screenplay by Brian Duffield, Akiva Goldsman and Mark Bomback.
One choice can destroy you.

Beatrice "Tris" Prior

  • I'm not brave, Mom. I pretend that I am. I want people to think that I am, but I'm not. I'm really, really scared and... Maybe we are, actually, what's wrong in this world. Divergents. I never wanted any of this. You and dad and Caleb and Four. I can't help but think that if I was normal. We would all still be together. Mom, I don't want to be Divergent anymore. I just want to feel safe again.
  • "Once a stiff, always a stiff."
  • It's a miraculous amount of people you managed to murder.

Tobias "Four" Eaton

  • It's the amity way, just try to blend in.
  • I wanted to leave. But I fell in love with Tris Prior. And I could not leave her.
  • Congratulations mother. You got your war.


  • You're almost normal. That's boring.
  • If you think you got lucky, you're wrong. You're gonna wish I'd killed you.

Evelyn Johnson-Eaton

  • We're on the same side, Tris. I'm factionless because I don't fit in any one faction. And you're Divergent because you belong to too many. But we are both a threat to Jeanine. My people are ready for war if that's what it takes.
  • You want to tuck him in, or should I?
  • I know you wish there was another way. But there isn't. I'm the lesser of two evils, is that it?

Jeanine Matthews

  • That's okay. You can kill him if you want. We have plenty of guards.
  • Dark times call for extreme measures. You may find it hard to believe, but I am serving the greater good.


Jeanine: [video message] Peace. Long ago, before the founders established this great city of ours that word was all but meaningless, an ideal as elusive as a dream. Now, two hundred years later, we are all of us living proof that peace is indeed attainable. The reason for this is of course our faction system: Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, Abnegation. In dividing people according to personality and aptitude we’ve created a society in which each faction plays a critical role in maintaining the social order. But this harmony we’ve achieved is now under attack from a small but extremely dangerous group of individuals. We call them “Divergents”. They are in essence the worst of what humanity used to be: rebellious, defiant and uncontrollable. Five days ago, a rogue group of divergents posing as Dauntless brutally invaded Abnegation, an obvious attempt to cripple the faction system by attacking its most vulnerable members. These divergents despise our system because they’re incapable of conforming to it. These latest rumors for example that I was somehow behind the attack on Abnegation, nothing more that divergent propaganda. I am devoting myself to bringing these fugitives to justice. I’ve exercised my right as acting council leader to declare martial law until I’m confident that any threat to our security has been eliminated. We are all that’s left of humanity. The vast wall that encloses this city may protect us from our toxic surroundings, but it is up to us to confront any element that can poison us from within. Because when you’re civilizations last hope, peace is not merely an ideal it is an obligation. And it is up to all us to take a stand against its one true enemy: Divergents.

[Four stumbles into Tris, who had cut her hair short]
Tris: I just wanted to do something different.
Four: Yeah, well, that’s definitely different.
Tris: [chuckles] You don’t like it?
Four: No, I like it. I like it a lot. I’m just surprised, that’s all.

[At the table]
Caleb: Beatrice, you’re not being serious, right?
Tris: No, I am being serious. I’m not gonna stop until she’s dead.
Caleb: Tris, you can’t just go around killing people.
Peter: [to Caleb] No, she’s right. Listen to your sister. [turns to Tris] Tris, I think you should go to Erudite and kill Jeanine yourself. I’ll stay with Caleb so that you don’t get him killed too.
Tris: [glares at Peter] What?
Peter: Come on, you know. Like you did your parents.
[Infuriated, Tris lunges at Peter with a knife and fights him.]

[In Johanna’s office after Tris' and Peter's fight]
Johanna: Was I not clear that the terms of your sanctuary here included non-violence?
Four: Well I can guarantee you nothing like this will ever happen again.
Johanna: Well be that as it may, you can no longer stay here with us. Your presence, it’s just too disruptive.
Tris: The truth is that our sanctuary was never gonna last very long here anyways, was it? With you not standing up to Jeanine.
Johanna: You don’t understand us at all.
Tris: No, I do understand you. I understand that you think you can stay out of this but you can’t. One day she’s gonna show up and Jeanine is gonna take whatever power you think you have away from you.
Four: Tris, Tris. [turns to Johanna] Look, Johanna, we... we need a little more time. We need to find out where the rest of the Dauntless are, then we can leave.
Johanna: And then what? Attack Erudite? I will not be a party to violence.
Four: No one is asking you to. We just need a few more days.
Johanna: [looks at Tris] One.
Tris: "One", what?
Johanna: One more chance. See, to be Amity is to forgive; others, and yourself. You’re hurting, Tris. And my heart goes out to you. I know what it’s like to stand helpless while you lose the ones you love but killing Jeanine is not going to bring your mother back. I know you’re angry, but you’re letting it consume you.

[Four prepares to execute Eric.]
Eric: Was that supposed to scare me?
Four: You’re responsible for the death of hundreds of people. You know the punishment for that.
Eric: Listen, I found a way to live with the blood on my hands.... But can you?
[After a long silence, Four aims his gun and shoots Eric in the head as Tris turns away in shock]

Christina, Hector & Marlene: [under their simulation] "The traitor Tris Prior must be surrendered to Erudite or every day more deaths will follow. Hand over Tris Prior or every day more deaths will follow. Hand over Tris Prior or every day more deaths will follow."

Tris: I can't let anyone else die because of me.
Four: No one else is going to die because of you.
Tris: You know, I'm just one person. I'm not worth it.
Four: No, you are worth it. You are worth it to me. You have to promise me that you're not going to leave. I want you to promise me that you won't go.

[In her Amity simulation test, Tris encounters her simulation self.]
Tris: What are you?
Simulation Tris: I’m you, Tris. I’m the real you. [breaks through the glass wall and pushes Tris against the wall smashing it]
Tris: I’m not gonna fight you.
Simulation Tris: I’ll make you fight me!
[The simulation punches Tris and she falls to the ground]
Tris: You’re not me!
Simulation Tris: [grips Tris' throat] I am. I’m what they see when they look at you. [punches Tris and causes the wall of the room to break apart. She then kicks Tris, breaking the walls further.] You killed Will and your parents. You’re deadly.
Tris: [throws her simulation self across the room.] Enough!
Simulation Tris: No one’s gonna love you, Tris! They’re never even gonna miss you. This world will be better off without you! One less Divergent ruining everything. And no one will ever, ever forgive you for what you’ve done.
Tris: You’re wrong. [calms down and lowers her hands] Because I will.
[The simulation Tris charges at her and just as she jumps to attack Tris, she disintegrates and ending the simulation.]

Edith Prior: Hello. I come from outside the wall, where we have all but destroyed each other. We designed your city as an experiment. We believe it is the only way to recover the humanity we have lost. And we created factions to ensure peace. But we believe there will be those among you who will transcend these factions. These will be the Divergent. They are the true purpose of this experiment, they are vital to humanity’s survival. If you’re watching this now, then at least one of you is proof that our experiment has succeeded. The time has come for you to emerge from your isolation and rejoin us. We’ve allowed you to believe that you’re the last of us. But you’re not. Mankind waits for you with hope beyond the wall.

[In her cell, Jeanine watches from the window as everyone leaves the city. Evelyn enters her cell.]
Jeanine: It’s been over two hundred years. Who knows what’s out there?
Evelyn: You’ll never find out. [points her gun at the back of Jeanine’s head and shoots her.]


  • One choice can destroy you.


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