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The Emoji Movie is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated science fiction comedy film about a multi-expressional emoji named, Gene who lives in a teenager's smartphone and sets out on a journey to become a normal meh emoji like his parents. It premiered on July 23, 2017 at the Regency Village Theatre, and was theatrically released in North America on July 28, 2017 by Columbia Pictures.

Directed by Tony Leondis. Produced by Michelle Raimo Kouyate. Screenplay by Tony Leondis, Eric Siegel and Mike White. Story by Tony Leondis and Eric Siegel. Based on Emojis.
An adventure beyond words. Taglines


  • [from trailer] Welcome to the world inside your phone where everyone is expected to act 1 way their whole life.
  • I gotta be meh! I gotta be meh!
  • Where am I?
  • [to Hi -5] This is all my fault! I'm so sorry, Hi-5!
  • I’m an emoji, I’ve got to have some sort of purpose here.
  • [to Mel Meh] No, Dad, I'll make the right face, then I'll finally fit in!
  • [to Smiler] I’m not going to run away from this. I made a mistake, but I’m going to fix it.
  • Maybe I’m meant to have more, than just one emotion.
  • Everybody can dance.
  • Hi-5, come on! Let's go!

Jailbreak / Princess Linda[edit]

  • Whoa, whoa! Hold up. That's not a "meh" face!
  • How are you doing that?!
  • Now, we’re going to have to dance, our way out.
  • "Sweet Motherboard!"
  • Alex must be deleting the app.
  • We gotta get outta here.
  • Gene, why'd you think I came back? It's because of you.
  • You know, women are always coming up with stuff, that men are taking credit for.
  • [to Gene] Y' know… I think you’re pretty cool just the way you are.
  • Not now, mom!
  • We are out of Alex's pocket, emojis. This is not a buttdial. To your cubes.
  • Are we up and running?
  • [to Reggie Ram Tech] Good, 'cause we got incoming. Looks like it's gonna be Gene.
  • [last line of the film] Hey, Gene, ready to try out your new cube? In 3, 2...


  • Follow me, There's a place in here no one ever goes.
  • Welcome to the loser lounge where the emojis who never get used hang out.
  • Bye Felicia, Ciao Fishcake-with-a-swirl! Daddy's headed back to the VIPS where he belongs.
  • [after eating candy] Oh, I’m never eating another piece of candy ever again. [suddenly throws up one corn candy]
  • Whoo! This song is my jam.


  • You don't think he'll actually get picked, do you?


  • Here's how it works. It's nothing fancy. Wait a minute! It's really fancy! You each have your own cube on the emoji bar. If Alex chooses you, should you be so lucky, your cube will light up... The scanner will scan you. And that scan will be sent right up to Alex's text box. And let me tell you guys, there is nothing like getting scanned for the first time. [giggles] You're gonna love it.
  • Jiminy Sassafras!
  • Congratulations everyone! What an exciting day for all of you!
  • Oh no! What did you do to my beautiful bot- [The Anti-Virus robot crushes her] Ow, my tooth...
  • An emoji should only be one thing.
  • [last line of the film; while she plays cards with the other emojis] Go fish.

Other emojis[edit]

  • Nerd Emoji: Alex made an appointment at the phone store.
  • Bomb Emoji: What's he doing?
  • Dizzy Face: He’s making the wrong face!
  • Spam: Hi! It's so good to see you again! Call me!
  • Cat: I would really love it to be me.
  • Elephant: So, last week, Alex sends me next to this guy.
  • Heart Eyes: Maybe I should go. He has love in his eyes.
  • Alien Emoji: Beam me up! Beam me up!
  • Pizza: Alex's appointment! He's deleting the phone!

Alex & Addie McCallister[edit]

  • Alex: Every time I tried I screw it up, I don't know how to tell her how I feel.
  • Addie: I like that you're one of those guys who can actually express his feelings.


[First lines]
Gene [narrating]: The world we live in... It's so... wondrous, mysterious, even... magical. No. N-n-no, not that world. I meant... this one - the smartphone. Each system and program and app is its own little planet of perfect technology, all providing services so necessary, so crucial, so unbelievably profound.
[Scene zooms out of Alex's smartphone to the human world]
Alex: [gasps] Look who just sent me a text!
Travis: Addie McCallister? Must be a mistake... or a joke... or a scam! Don't send him your Social Security number!
Alex: Dude, shh!! [pushes Travis aside] She's right there! [pulls out his phone to text]
Gene [narrating]: That's our user, Alex. And, like every freshman in high school, his whole life, everything, revolves around his phone.
[Cuts to Alex's classroom]
Gene [narrating]: And as the pace of life gets faster and faster...
Mr. Schnoebelen: Phones down in 5!
Gene: [narrating] And attention spans get shorter and shorter and... You're probably not even listening to me right now. Who has the time to type out actual words? And that's where we come in, the most important invention in the history of communication...
[Zoom in on the texting app to Textopolis]
Gene [narrating]: Emojis! That's my home, Textopolis. Here, each of us does one thing, and we have to nail it every time. The Christmas Tree just has to stand there all festive.
Christmas Tree: [hopping on a curb] Merry Christmas!
Fortune Cookie: [slumps past] It's still September, Tim!
[Tim blows a raspberry at the fortune cookie; four princess emojis come out of the lingere store]
Gene: [narrating] The Princesses.
Princess: Oh, I am so ugly and hard!!!
Gene [narrating]: They just got to wear their crowns and keep their hair combed.
Princess: You guys, we are so pretty!
[Pans through showing more emojis doing their jobs]
Gene [narrating]: Devil, Poop, Thumbs Up... They just show up, and they're good to go. But for the faces... the pressure is on. Crier always has to cry, even if he's just won the lottery.
Crier: [comes out of the bank in tears] Hooray, I'm a billionare! [sobs more]
Gene [narrating]: The Laughter is always laughing, even if he's just broken his arm.
Laughter: [laughs loudly, being pushed on a hospital cart] I bone! [laughs more as he is brought to the ambulance]
[Shows Gene in his apartment, facing a mirror and trying out different neckties]
Gene [narrating]: Now, me? I'm Gene Meh. So I got to be totally over it all the time, you know, like, "Meh, who cares?" Which is not as easy as it sounds... [singing, flips between happy and unamused or "meh" faces] I gotta be mehhhhh...I gotta be mehhhhh... [comes out of his apartment, inhales and puts on his meh face as he sees a donut emoji]Mornin', Mrs. D. I see you have the little minis with ya. [sees her baby donuts in her pram] Oh, they're so... cute...! [so entranced by their cuteness that he struggles and puts on a hysterical laughter face] That is so adorable, I can't take it! [gives a blowing kiss face, they start screaming loudly as Mrs. D takes them away in anger]
Mrs. D: Now I'll never get them to sleep! Stick to your one face, weirdo!
[Gene comes upon a Flamenco-dancing emoji and dances with her, with a heart eyes face]
Flamenca: [dances] Ole! Ole! Oh no! Oh no!
Gene [narrating]: And it's hard to always act blase, when living in Textopolis is just so exciting. [British accent, to 3 monkey emojis] Hello, good simians. Those are some sharp attaches.
Monkey 1: Yes, well, we have business to attend to.
Gene: What kind of business?
Monkey 1: Monkey business.
[They begin screeching and dancing around; Gene monkey noises as he sidles up to a shrimp emoji]
Gene: I sounded British! Haha! [puts on meh face] Meh... [normal] Oh, that was really good! [meh face, giggling] Meh...meh-heh-heh-heh... [normal] That was a great...
Shrimp: What'cha doing there, mate?
Gene: Practicing! Today is my first day on the phone. Boy. I'm gonna be so "meh"! What are you gonna do?
Shrimp: Aw, me and the boys are gonna throw ourselves on the barbie! Here's my sauce now!
[Shrimp jumps into a goblet full of soy sauce, joining other shrimp emojis]
Gene: G'day, mate!
[Gene continues until he comes to Chinatown; he bows to two sushi emojis]
Gene: Hey! Konnichiwa!
[They bow back; Gene bumps into three emoticons coming out of the retirement home, two of who lose their colons]
Gene: Sorry, emoticons! [helps the :P emoticon up] I hate knocking over the elderly. Here, let me help, let me help. [helps up the >:I emoticon]
Left Emoticon: colon...!
[Gene comes to a clock emoji, whose time shows 8:20]
Gene: Is that the time?
Clock: Hey! My eyes are up here, pal?!
Gene: [grabs onto a balloon] Whoohoo!! Whoo!! Yeah! All right!
[Gene flies over Textopolis until he gets to the texting center]
Gene: Whoo! [lands] Right on time. [breathes and puts on a meh face; other emojis run away until he approaches an elephant emoji while a hysterical laughter emoji cracks up]
Elephant: So, last week, Alex sends me next to this guy! [he is standing next to a gas emoji]
Gas: Huh? Huh?
Hysterical Laughter: Haha, that kid! Where does he get this stuff?!? [keeps laughing]
[Gene stares for a moment, then begins laughing hysterically; the other emojis stare at him and stomp away.]
Hysterical Laughter: Why are you laughing, freak?! [keeps laughing]
[Gene stops laughing and he frowns sadly as he heads for the doors]
Gene [narrating]: Now, unlike me, my parents are total pros.
[The doors open to reveal Mel and Mary Meh, who, unlike Gene, sport meh faces 24/7]
Mel: Gene, please tell me you weren't laughing just now... In public?
Gene: Uh...
Elephant: [stomping past] Oh, he was. I remember.
Mel: Let's go somewhere more private.

Ice Cream: [to Cookie] So I told management, "I can’t work like this. These lights! I’m melting in here!" This is such a load of– [looks over to Poop, who’s in the nearby cell] Uuuhhh…
Poop: No, go ahead. Finish that sentence.

Mel: You don't think he'll actually get picked, do you?

Mel: I have some bad news, Gene, and I'm afraid you'll have the wrong reaction.
Gene: Okay, what... what's the wrong reaction?
Mel: Anything other than "meh." [points at his unamused, blank face]
Mary: Mmm. [points at hers]
Gene: Come on! I don't wanna be late!
Mel: I'm not letting you go to work today.
Gene: Wait, what?
Mel: You're just not ready, son.
Gene: Come on! Working in the cube is an emoji's whole purpose in life! Everybody my age is working on the phone except for me!
Mary: Sweetie, that's not true.
[A toilet flushes; a stall opens and slams Gene in the face, giving him a dazed, x eyes face as Poop and his son Poop Jr. come out]
Poop Jr.: Yeah! I'm gonna work on the phone, and I'm only 10!
Poop: That's because I believe in you!
Poop Jr.: Should we wash our hands?
[A pause; they both laugh]
Poop: No, no, no!
Poop and Jr.: We're #2, we're #2! [exit the bathroom]
Gene: [returns to normal] See?! [Mel and Mary look away] I... I know I'm different, okay? But when I need to, I can be meh. [walks to the sink] I just... I want to be a working emoji, you know, like... like everybody else, and then... then I would finally fit in, you know?
Mary: Oh, you fit in, honey.
Gene: No I don't, Mom. I never have. But I can change all that if you'd just let me! Just give me a chance!
Mel: But what if you get sent out on the phone, making the wrong face?
Gene: No, Dad, I'll make the right face! [looks in the mirror] Look! [makes a rather quizzical face] Mehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
Mary: You're so handsome when you make that face. I think he's ready, Mel.
Mel: [after a pause, shrugs] ...Meh.
Gene: [drops head] Come on, Dad. Let me prove it to you.
Mel: [Mary nods to him] If you really think you're ready...
Gene: [excitedly] I am! Yes! Yes, I promise, I won't let you down!

Mel: Let's try this one.
Mary: YouTube?

Hi-5: OMG, this turned it on! [Jailbreak was furious] What? I’m a hand. It’s a big, red button.
Gene: Whoa?
Jailbreak: No, no, no, no, no!
Gene: What’s happening.
Akiko Glitter: Welcome to Just Dance! Follow my moves and get to move forward. Do the wrong moves and you get an “X.” Three strikes and you’re out.
Gene: Out? What does she mean by “Out”?
Jailbreak: Digital death. Oh, Thanks to you fingers. We're gonna have to dance our way out.
Hi-5: Which is all right with be. Cause But I can shake it like Michael. Or Michael glove, anyway.
Akiko Glitter: Are you ready to Dance?
Jailbreak: This is bad, Gene. I can’t dance. I got no groove.
Gene: Come on. Everybody can dance.
Jailbreak: [dances stiffly] Not me, okay? I’m really stiff. See? I don’t understand.
Gene: Okay, stop. Stop.
Hi-5: [to Gene about Jailbreak] She has to stop.
Gene: [to Jailbreak] I see now what you are saying, just follow her moves.
Akiko Glitter: Ready to dance in three.
Jailbreak: This I can’t do.
Akiko Glitter: Two.
Hi-5: Dude. Oh, just shut up and...
Akiko Glitter: Dance!
Hi-5: It’s too easy.

Hi-5: I guess someone likes you!
Gene: What are you talking about?
Hi-5: Well, she gave me just one peace sign. She gave me just one finger, and I knew she was in love with me.
Jailbreak: [offscreen] Let's go!
Hi-5: [stomach starts rumbling] Ugh, I'm never eating another piece of candy ever again. [pukes a candy corn out of his mouth]
Gene: Hi-5, don't do it. [pause] Don't you do it, it's already been in there once. [pause] Don't do it. [Hi-5 eats the candy corn anyway] Wow...
Jailbreak: Move it!
Hi-5: Are my fingers getting fat? I’ll tell you what, this bandage wasn’t so tight before.

Gene: [while being stuck in Candy Crush] Jailbreak! Help me! Where am I?
Announcer: Candy Crush!
Gene: What are we gonna do!
Jailbreak: Stay very still. Don’t worry. We've got your back. Right, Hi-5? [notices Hi-5 eating candy]
Hi-5: [after getting hit by a gumdrop] Ow!
Jailbreak: Hey, Fingers! You wanna focus?
Hi-5: For you information, I happen to have a sugar addiction, and it’s a very serious...
Jailbreak: Listen, Finger Head! We have to get Gene out of the game without blowing him up.
Gene: I don’t want to blow up.
Jailbreak: We have to match up the candies, so that Gene will drop to the bottom. And we can't match him with any yellows or else..


  • Not Easy Being Meh (Gene tagline)
  • Happens (Poop tagline)
  • Gimme (Hi-5 tagline)
  • Devilicious (Steven tagline)
  • Crazy Happy (Smiler tagline)
  • Welcome to the secret world inside your phone.
  • An adventure beyond words.


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