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The Emoji Movie is a 2017 American 3D computer-animated science fiction comedy film directed by Tony Leondis and written by Leondis, Eric Siegel and Mike White, based on the emoji symbols. It premiered on July 23, 2017 at the Regency Village Theatre, and was theatrically released in the United States and Canada on July 28, 2017 by Columbia Pictures. The film has grossed $27 million, with critics calling it "unfunny and a waste of time", and compared it unfavorably to The Lego Movie, Inside Out and Wreck-It Ralph.

An adventure beyond words. Taglines


  • Welcome to the world inside your phone where everyone is expected to act one way their whole life.
  • Where am I?
  • I’m an emoji, I’ve got to have some sort of purpose here.
  • [to Mel Meh] Dad, I'll make the right the right face, then I'll finally fit in!
  • [to Smiler] I’m not going to run away from this. I made a mistake, but I’m going to fix it.
  • My feelings are The Emoji Movie. Maybe I’m meant to have more, than just one emotion.
  • Everybody can dance.


  • Whoa! How are you doing that?
  • I’m going to help you. We need to get off the phone and find the source code.
  • We’re going to have to dance our way out.
  • You know, women are always coming up with stuff that men are taking credit for.
  • [to Gene] I think you’re pretty cool just the way you are.


  • Follow me, There's a place in here no one ever goes.
  • Welcome to the loser lounge where the emojis who never get used hang out.
  • Bye Felicia, Ciao Fishcake-with-a-swirl! Daddy's headed back to the VIPS where he belongs.
  • I’ve got an idea!
  • Throw some sauce on that dance burrito!
  • [after eating candy] Oh, I’m never eating another piece of candy ever again. [he suddenly throws up one corn candy] [Gene: Hi-5, don’t do it. Don’t you do it, it’s already been in there once.] [Hi-5 shoves the corn candy he just threw up back in his mouth]


  • Here's how it works. It's nothing fancy. Wait a minute! It's really fancy! You each have your own cube on the emoji bar. If Alex chooses you, should you be so lucky, your cube will light up... The scanner will scan you. And that scan will be sent right up to Alex's text box. And let me tell you guys, there is NOTHING like getting scanned for the first time. [giggles] You're gonna love it.
  • Nobody leaves the phone! DELETE THEM!
  • Congratulations everyone! What an exciting day for all of you!
  • Oh no! What did you do to my beautiful bot- [The Anti-Virus robot crushes her] Ow, my tooth...
  • [last line of the film; while she plays cards with the other emojis] Go fish.


  • Ice Cream: So I told management, “I can’t work like this. These lights! I’m melting in here!” This is such a load of… [he looks over to the poo emoji, who’s in the nearby cell] Uuuhhh…
  • Bomb Emoji: What’s he doing?
    • Dizzy Face: He’s making the wrong face!
  • Spam: Hi! It's so good to see you again!
  • Eggplant: What's up, Hi-5?
  • Fire Wall: Access Denied.
  • Addy: [as she sees Gene's weird expression] What the heck? What is that?


Ice Cream: [to Cookie] So I told management, “I can’t work like this. These lights! I’m melting in here!” This is such a load of– [looks over to Poop, who’s in the nearby cell] Uuuhhh…
Poop: No, go ahead. Finish that sentence.

Alex: Look who just sent me a text.
Alex’s Friend: Addie McAlister?
Alex: What should I say?
Alex’s Friend: Just play it cool.
[he pulls out his phone to text]

Mel Meh: What if you get sent out on the phone making the wrong face?
Gene: Dad, I’ll make the right face, and then I would finally fit in. Mehhhhh...
Mary Meh: Sweetie, you're so handsome when you make that face. I think he's ready, Mel.
Mel: Meh.

Akiko Glitter: Welcome to Just Dance!
Jailbreak: We're gonna have to dance our way out. I got no groove.
Gene: Everybody can dance.
Jailbreak: [dances stiffly] See?
Gene: Okay, stop. Stop.
Hi-5: She has to stop.
Gene: I see now what you are saying, just follow her moves.

Hi-5: I guess someone likes you.
Gene: What are you talking about?
Hi-5: Well, she gave me just one peace sign. She gave me just one finger, and I knew she was in love with me.
Jailbreak: Let's go!
Hi-5: [stomach starts rumbling] Ugh, I've never eaten another piece of candy ever again. [pukes the candy corn out of his mouth]
Gene: Hi-5, don't do it. Don't you do it, it's already been in there once. [Hi-5 eats candy corn] Wow.

Gene: [while being stuck in Candy Crush] JAILBREAK! Help me!
Jailbreak: We've got your back. Right, Hi-5? [notices Hi-5 eating candy]
Hi-5: [after getting hit by a gumdrop] Ow!
Jailbreak: You wanna focus?


  • Not Easy Being Meh (Gene tagline)
  • Happens (Poop tagline)
  • Gimme (Hi-5 tagline)
  • Devilicious (Steven tagline)
  • Crazy Happy (Smiler tagline)
  • Welcome to the secret world inside your phone.
  • An adventure beyond words.


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