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The Faculty is a 1998 film based on Invasion of the Body Snatchers about a group of high school students who discover that parasitic aliens are taking over their high school. The film did for Sci fi horror what Scream did for the slasher film genre by similarly using a tongue-in-cheek approach that in combining straightforward scares with dialog that satirized various film conventions such as Sci fi horror

Directed by Robert Rodriguez. Screenplay by Kevin Williamson.
Six students are about to find out their teachers really are from another planet.taglines

Casey Conner[edit]

  • If you were going to take over the world, would you blow up the White House, Independence Day style, or sneak in through the back door?
  • Guaranteed to jack you up!
  • You wouldn't have liked it here anyway.

Stokely Mitchell[edit]

  • I always thought the only alien in this high school was me.


Casey: Everyone's been acting really weird, especially the faculty.
Stokely: Tell me about it, it's like they've all turned into fucking pod people or something.
Casey: Into what people?
Stokely: Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Small town gets taken over by aliens... That was a joke.

Zeke: Casey. Man, the only person in this school whose an alien is you.
Casey: Fuck you, Zeke.

Stokely: Body Snatchers is a story somebody made up, dingus. It's located in the fiction section of the library.
Casey: Yeah, so is Schindler's List.

Stokely: What are we going to do with the police not being an option?
Stan: I could call my dad, he'd know what to do.
Casey: If he's really your dad anymore.

Casey: God, you can be such a...
Delilah: What?
Casey: Pretty cool human being when you're not being a first class grade A bitch.
Delilah: Are you hitting on me Casey?
Casey: No. No, I just think that you can be cool. Sometimes. This not being one of them.

Gabe: Hey yo, pisswad, you're in my way.
Casey: I'm sorry. I was breathing here.
Gabe: Yeah, that's the problem. You're occupying my air, you anal probe.

Marybeth: What happens at the end of all those stories, Stokely? How does Invasion of the Body Snatchers turn out?
Stokely: They get us. They win. We lose.
Marybeth: Maybe we really win. I mean, Stan didn't look unhappy.
Stokely: That's because that wasn't Stan. They took away who he was.
Marybeth: Maybe they just bettered who he was. Cleared away his confusion. I know you pride yourself on being the outsider, but aren't you tired of pretending to be something you're not? I know I am.

Stokely: So they've just been setting us up over the years with their E.T.'s and their Men In Black movies, just so no one would believe it if it ever happened.
Casey: I think so.

Stokely: Zeke, it is her!
Marybeth: She's lying, she's trying to fake you out. We don't know what she is. Gay? Straight? Alien?
Zeke: Answer me something, Marybeth... why are you naked?
Marybeth: Does it bother you, Zeke? My body? I'm getting kind of used to it myself.

Marybeth: You know, in my world Casey, there were limitless oceans as far as the eye could see. Beautiful, huh? Till it started to dry out. So I escaped, came here, and I met you, all of you. And all of you were different from the others. You were lost and lonely, just like me. And I thought that maybe I could give you a taste of my world. A world without anger, without fear, without attitude. Where the underachiever goes home at night to parents who care. The jock can be smart, the ugly duckling beautiful, and the class wuss doesn't have to live in terror. And the new girl, well - the new girl, she can just fit right in with anybody. People who are just like her. You see Casey, even Marybeth's feelings can be hurt by a bunch of pathetic, lost, little outcasts who truly believe that their disaffected lonely life is the only way they can survive. I can make you a part of something so special, Casey, so perfect, so fearless... Don't you want that, Casey?
Casey: I'd rather be afraid!
Marybeth: Fine. All right. Have it your way! 'Cause this is where your land of fiction gets it right: we win. End of story!

About The Faculty[edit]

  • Mix Invasion Of The Body Snatchers with The Thing. Throw in some Terminator, a spoonful of The Breakfast Club, and a pinch of The Stepford Wives, and you've got a big mess of a movie set in a school that’s being taken over by a conformist alien, one teacher at a time. You’ve got the very funny, occasionally scary, quite gory, and extremely entertaining 1998 Robert Rodriguez film called The Faculty
    • Aliya Whiteley [1]



  • Meet the Alien Generation.
  • On December 25, School's Out Forever.
  • Take me to your teacher.
  • You will not be disrespectful this school year!
  • The students at Herrington High always suspected their teachers were from another planet... they were right!
  • The students at Herrington high will not only question authority... they'll have to destroy it.
  • What if your teachers really were from another planet?
  • Think your teachers are aliens? You could be right.
  • And you thought YOUR teachers were weird...

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