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The Flying Mouse is a 1934 Silly Symphonies cartoon produced by Walt Disney, directed by David Hand, and released to theatres by United Artists on July 14, 1934. The butterfly fairy who appears here may have even inspired the Blue Fairy of Pinocchio six years later. The use of color here was rather innovative as it is set during the course of a single day.


Boy Mouse: Poor butterfly. oh. [pets the butterfly but it transforms into a female blue fairy]
Blue Fairy: Brave little mouse. You've been kind to me. I'll grant one wish. What shall it be?
Boy Mouse: I wanna fly. [flaps his arms to show he wants to fly]
Blue Fairy: Oh a mouse was never meant to fly. Think carefully beware.
Boy Mouse: Please I wanna fly like the birds.
Blue Fairy: Well if wings are what you wish, then you shall have a pair.
[The Blue Fairy taps her wand on the boy mouse and bat wings appear on his back. He tries out his bat wings and flies, but runs back to kiss the blue fairies hand and then she disappears]

Bat: Hello there, brother. Ha ha ha ha ha!
Boy Mouse: I'm not your brother I'm a mouse.
Bat: A mouse. Ha ha ha ha ha! No mouse can fly so you got wings. So if you ain't a bat. Ha ha ha. You're nothing think of that.
[The bat pulls on his wing, points his finger at the mouse and the other three bats drop down]
Other Bats: A mouse ha ha! A mouse ha ha. A mouse ha ha ha ha ha!
[Then the four bats dance around the boy mouse]
Other Bats: ♪ You're nothing but a nothing. ♪
♪ A nothing, a nothing. ♪
♪ You're nothing but a nothing. ♪
♪ You're not a thing at all. ♪
Bat: ♪ You're nothing but a nothing. ♪
♪ A nothing, a nothing. ♪ [laughs]
[The boy mouse flies out of the cave and looks at his reflection in the pond and sees his image turning into a laughing bat and he runs and tries to rip his wings off but it doesn't come off. He then begins to cry. Then the blue fairy shows up]
Blue Fairy: Why are you crying little mouse? Don't you like to fly?
Boy Mouse: [crying] I'm not a mouse! I'm a nothing Sniff! I wish that I could die!
Blue Fairy: Come come my little friend. Cheer up. You learned your lesson part in you. Do your best, be yourself and light will smile upon you.
[Then the blue fairy taps her wand on the mouses bat wings and they disappear. Then the boy mouse runs and kisses her hand and she disappears. Then the boy mouse runs home to his mice family]
Boy Mouse: Oh mom! Mom! Mom! Mom!
[Then the boy mouse jumps in his mouse mothers arms and kisses her face. Then the three boy mice dance around him]

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