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The Great Ziegfeld is a 1936 film about the life of the renowned theater producer Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.

Directed by Robert Z. Leonard. Written by William Anthony McGuire.

Florenz Ziegfeld Jr.[edit]

  • Men who keep books are never very happy.

Anna Held[edit]

  • [reading the note] Why is he a Jr., is he a little boy?
  • How can I love someone who plays tricks on me, puts terrible things in the newspaper, has millions of reporters annoying me?!
  • That night I say to Flo - I mean Mr. Ziegfeld - "Flo, why do you send me so much milk?" and he just laughs and says, "Anna, that's a great idea. You'll get it from now on everyday." Everyday, 20 gallons of milk? I say, "Flo, who can drink so much milk?" and do you know what he says? "Don't drink it - bathe in it! And you will be a big success."
  • No, no, no, I cannot sing today. I told you before I'm much too angry to sing, and I'm sick of watching you roll your eyes like I do.


Anna: Tell me, Monsieur Ziegfeld, are you in the theatre?
Florenz: Yes, I'm a producer.
Anna: You're a pro... did you hear that, Marie - Monsieur Ziegfeld is an American producer! Do you know Monsieur... Billings?
Florenz: Billings?
Anna: Oui!
Florenz: Billings...
Anna: He's American producer, too!
Florenz: Oh, is that so?
Anna: Oui!
Florenz: No, I've never heard of him. Of course uh, not in New York, that is. America's a big country, Miss Held. We still have many producers in the west putting on shows for the Indians.
Anna: Indians? Do you mean the savages?
Florenz: Yes.
Anna: Did you hear that, Marie? I do not think I will like America.
Florenz: Oh, you'd love New York.
Anna: Would New York love me?
Florenz: I think so.
Anna: You only think so? Did you not like my performance?
Florenz: Yes, and... no.
Anna: Yes and no, what shall that mean - does it mean yes or no?
Florenz: Well uh, both.
Anna: Did you not care for my singing, no?
Florenz: Yes, a trifle nasal I thought, but yes.
Anna: And you did not like my costumes either?
Florenz: No, I thought one dress was very attractive but the rest, no.
Anna: Monsieur Ziegfeld, I think you're very rude. Please go! [calling out the door] Monsieur Ziegfeld!
Florenz: Yes?
Anna: Come back, please. Sit down. You know, you're very honest. I like you very much.

Anna: Audrey, are you not interested in my present?
Audrey: I would be, if they were mine.
Anna: But Audrey, you will have many of them someday. Maybe you have to work a little, and to suffer a little, but what is that, hmm?
Audrey: I'll work - but I won't suffer.

Anna: [walking in on Audrey and Florenz] You should have at least closed the door.
Florenz: Wait! Anna! Anna, please don't misjudge me. I couldn't help it. She's... she's drunk.
Anna: Do you always do that when she's drunk? The members of your company must enjoy that very much.
Florenz: Oh, Anna, don't say that. Don't you understand, dear, when one of my girls -
Anna: Poor Flo, you have so much trouble with your girls. Oui!

Florenz: Do you know Ziegfeld?
Billie: No, I don't want to. I understand he's a horrible person.
Florenz: Horrible?
Billie: Yes, they say he's a terrible ladies' man. I suppose that's forgivable, because he's surrounded by so many beautiful women.
Florenz: Yes, yes, strange you've never met him.
Billie: I don't want to. I love his shows - they're so beautfiul and in such good taste. It'd disappoint me terribly to meet him and find him to be a fat, pudgy man with a big stomach.
Florenz: Oh, he's not fat. And not really so pudgy.
Billie: No? You know him?
Florenz: Oh, yes. Yes, he... he would like you.
Billie: How do you know?
Florenz: But didn't you just say he had good taste?
Billie: Oh, well you're sort of a ladies' man yourself, aren't you?
Florenz: I think with you as the lady I could make Ziegfeld look like an amateur.


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