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Everyone is special and nobody is like anyone else. That’s the point of my show.

The Greatest Showman is a 2017 film about the American showman P. T. Barnum, founder of the circus that became the famous successful traveling "Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus".

Directed by Michael Gracey. Written by Jenny Bicks and Bill Condon.

P. T. Barnum[edit]

  • No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.
  • The noblest art is that of making others happy.
  • [singing] Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for/Been searching in the dark, your sweat soakin' through the floor/And buried in your bones there's an ache that you can't ignore/Taking your breath, stealing your mind/And all that was real is left behind...
  • Everyone is special, and nobody is like anyone else. That’s the point of my show.
  • Hyperbole isn't the worst crime. Men suffer more from imagining too little than too much.
  • Sir I, I know I don't come from much but I will take care of your daughter and I will give her a life as grand as this one.
  • They don't understand it, but they will.
  • Oh, I am counting on it.
  • Yeah, we are going to change that name. I think you're Irish.

Charity Barnum[edit]

  • You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people.
  • Father is sending me to finishing school.
  • I don't know what my future will be.
  • I wish...for happiness like this forever.
  • For you and you...and for your father.

Philip Carlyle[edit]

  • Yes, I do, indeed. Refunds are available at front box office.
  • God, no. But I've seen the crowds. People leave your show happier than when they came in.
  • Which is much more than I can say from my play.
  • Who is that?
  • I guess I'll just have to tell the queen either all of us go or none of us will……

Jenny Lind[edit]

  • It is hard to understand wealth and privilege when you're born to it.
  • I gave most of my earnings to charity,Mr orphans and widows.
  • I sometimes don't feel like I belong here.
  • I was born out of wedlock and that brought shame upon my family.
  • And life always manages to remind me that I don't deserve a place in this world.
  • And that leaves a hole that no ovation can ever fill.

Anne Wheeler[edit]

  • Are we all invited?
  • Mr. Barnum said he left a ticket for me.
  • I've always wanted to go to the theater.
  • Never had somebody look at you the way your parents looked at me. The way everyone would look at us.


Jenny Lind: Well, Mr. Barnum. making dreams come true.
P. T. Barnum: Thank you, Jenny. It's two hours to curtains.
Jenny Lind: I've given you the world, haven't I?
P. T. Barnum: I, I should go. I have become a distraction. I'm sorry, Jenny. You should finish your tour without me.
Jenny Lind: What? You're leaving?
P. T. Barnum: The itinerary is well in hand.
Jenny Lind: So that's it.
P. T. Barnum: What do you mean?
Jenny Lind: I'm just another one of your acts.
P. T. Barnum: Jenny.
Jenny Lind: I'm done.
P. T. Barnum: Jenny, Jenny, please. You have to finish the tour.
Jenny Lind: Must I?
P. T. Barnum: It will ruin me.
Jenny Lind: When you're careless with other people, Mr. Barnum... you bring ruin upon yourself.
Jenny Lind: I have risked everything.
P. T. Barnum: Well, so did I.
Jenny Lind: And seems we've both lost.

Jenny Lind: You are the American. I believe I might have heard of you.
P. T. Barnum: Oh, well, If you've heard of me all the way over here, I must have been doing something right.
Jenny Lind: That, or something very wrong.
P. T. Barnum: In the world of publicity there is hardly any difference.
Jenny Lind: I believe those are the words of a scoundrel, Mr Barnum.
P. T. Barnum: A showman, Miss Lind, just a showman. The best on my side of the Atlantic.

Queen Victoria: You're even smaller than I imagined!
Tom Thumb: Well you're not exactly reaching the top shelf yourself, sweetheart.

P. T. Barnum: Hey sweetie, who's that young man over there?
Charity Barnum: Oh that's Phillip Carlyle. A bit of a scandal, they say. His last play was a hit in London.
P. T. Barnum: Play? Pay good money to watch people stand around and talk for two hours and they call me a conman.

Phillip Carlyle: I can’t just run off and join the circus.
P. T. Barnum: Why not? I mean you clearly have a flair for show business.
Phillip Carlyle: The show business?
P. T. Barnum: Mm-hmm.
Phillip Carlyle: I’ve never heard of it.
P. T. Barnum: Because I just invented it.

Phillip Carlyle: You’re risking everything you’ve built.
P. T. Barnum: Well how do you think I built it...

Phillip’s Mother: You forget your place, Phillip.
Phillip Carlyle: My place? Mother, if this is my place, then I don't want any part of it.

Philip Carlyle: Mr. Barnum, I can not just run off and enter into the circus.
P. T. Barnum: Why not? Sounds thrilling, isn't it?
Philip Carlyle: Let's just say that I find it much more comfortable...admiring your show from afar.
P. T. Barnum: Comfort, the enemy of progress.
Philip Carlyle: Do you understand that just associating with you could cost me my inheritance?
P. T. Barnum: Oh, it could cost you more than that. You'd be risking everything. But, on the other hand, well, you just might find yourself a free man.

Philip Carlyle: Sir, it looks like you have yourself a junior partner.
P. T. Barnum: What I have is an overcompensated apprentice.

P. T. Barnum: Jenny, this is my wife Charity and our girls.
Jenny Lind: Of course, and I've heard so much about you. And your father tells me you are a fan of the ballet.
Caroline Barnum: Yes, I'm studying ballet.
Jenny Lind: Oh, are you?
Caroline Barnum: Of course I am.
P. T. Barnum: Of course she is.
Jenny Lind: And what about you, Helen?
Helen Barnum: You look like a princess, ma'am.

P. T. Barnum: This isn't the life I promised you.
Charity Barnum: But I have everything I want.
P. T. Barnum: What about the magic?
Charity Barnum: What do you call those two girls?

Anne Wheeler: And what is your act, Mr. Carlyle?
Philip Carlyle: I don't have an act.
Anne Wheeler: Everyone has got an act.


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