The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1

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Miss Everdeen, it is the things we love most that destroy us. I want you to remember that I said that. ~ President Snow

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 is a 2014 American dystopian science fiction adventure film in which Katniss Everdeen is in District 13 after she shatters the games forever. Under the leadership of President Coin and the advice of her trusted friends, Katniss spreads her wings as she fights to save Peeta and a nation moved by her courage.

Directed by Francis Lawrence. Written by Peter Craig and Danny Strong, based on Suzanne Collins' 2010 novel Mockingjay, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy.
The courage of one will change the world.Taglines

President Alma Coin[edit]

  • There’s no news. I’m sorry. It’s the worst torture in the world. Waiting, when you know there’s nothing you can do. Especially for people like us. But whatever strength, courage, madness, keeps us going, you find it, at times like these.

Finnick Odair[edit]

  • I drag myself outta nightmares and there's no relief in waking up. But... it's better not to give in to it. It takes 10 times longer to put yourself back together than it does to fall apart.


President Coin: Maybe you should've rescued the boy instead.
Plutarch: No. No, no, listen to me. No one else who can do this but her.
President Coin: This is not the girl you described.
Plutarch: Obviously, we need to make it personal. Remind her who the real enemy is.
President Coin: She knows who the enemy is. That's not the issue.
Plutarch: Unless she's forgotten. There's explaining and there's showing. Let her see what the Capitol did to Twelve.
President Coin: She can't handle it. The Games destroyed her.
Plutarch: This is the only choice you have. People don't always show up the way you want them to, Madame President. But that anger, that anger-driven defiance, that's what we want. And we can redirect it. We need to unite these people out there that have been doing nothing but killing each other in an Arena for years. We have to have a lightning rod. They'll follow her. She's the face of the revolution. Let her see it. Let her go home.

Katniss: I've decided I will be your Mockingjay, but I have... some conditions. Peeta and the other Tributes, Johanna Mason and Annie Cresta, will be rescued at the earliest opportunity. If and when Peeta is liberated, he will receive a full and unconditional pardon, no punishment will be inflicted. And the same goes for the other Tributes.
President Coin: No.
Katniss: It's not their fault. You left them in the Arena. They're doing and saying whatever they can to survive.
President Coin: Individuals don't make demands in Thirteen. There will be a tribunal, and a fair judgment. Thank you.
Katniss: The victors will be granted immunity, and you will announce that in front of the entire population of 13. You will hold yourself and your government responsible, or you will find another Mockingjay.
Plutarch: [pleased] That's it! That's her! Right there! Isn't that what I promised you? Now if she wears the costume, gunfire in the background, a hint of smoke... Our Mockingjay. Madam President, we're losing ground because people are losing heart, this is worth the risk, she's worth the risk. Pardons, tribunals, power to the people, that can all be the bedrock for the new Panem, but with more time I think even the normal sub-causes can be bent a little bit, right?
President Coin: [swayed] Do you have any other conditions?
Katniss : [consults her note] My sister gets to keep her cat.

Katniss: Broadcast me. If Snow’s watching this, maybe he’ll let the signal in if he sees me. Put me on the air so he can see me.
Plutarch: Yes. Yes.
President Coin: Put her on.
Haymitch: Can we do this? Can we still get in?
Beetee: Yes, for the moment he line’s open. He will only see you.
Haymitch: Okay, Katniss, go.
Katniss: President Snow? President Snow, it’s Katniss.
President Coin: There’s no guarantee he’s even watching.
Katniss: President Snow?
Plutarch: I know, but he might be.
Katniss: President Snow, I need to speak with you. Are you there? President Snow, it’s Katniss. Can you hear me? I need to speak with you. President Snow, it’s Katniss. *President Snow, are you there? Can you hear me? President Snow.
[The display flashes to static, then Snow appears on-screen]
President Snow: Miss Everdeen. What an honor. I don’t imagine you’re calling to thank me for the roses.
Katniss: I never asked for this. I never asked to be in the Games. I never asked to be the Mockingjay. I just wanted to save my sister and keep Peeta alive. Please, just let him go and I will stop being The Mockingjay, I will disappear. You will never have to see me ever again.
President Snow: Miss Everdeen. You couldn’t run from this, any more than you could have run from the Games.
Katniss: Please. You’ve won. You’ve already beaten me. Release Peeta and take me instead.
President Snow: We’re long past the opportunity for noble sacrifice.
Katniss: Then tell me what to do. I’ve always kept my promises, haven’t I?
President Snow: You said you didn’t want a war, and that’s just what’s happened. I told you what a fragile thing peace was. And still, like a child, you took pleasure in breaking it. I know what you are. I know you can’t see past your narrowest concerns. But please, Miss Everdeen, I doubt you know what honesty is anymore.
Katniss: You asked me to convince you that I was in love with Peeta. Haven’t I at least done that?
President Snow: Miss Everdeen, it is the things we love most that destroy us. I want you to remember that I said that. Don’t you think I know your friends are in the Tribute Center? [to someone off-screen] Cut them off.


  • The courage of one will change the world.
  • Fire burns brighter in the darkness.


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