The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

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"What do all those deaths mean? They mean that our lives were never ours. There was no real life because we didn't have any choice. Our lives belong to Snow and our deaths do, too. But if you kill him, Katniss, if you end all of this, all those deaths - they mean something."
"I don't believe you."
"Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen. I thought we had agreed never to lie to each other."
"You love me. Real or not real?"

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 is a 2015 American dystopian science fiction adventure film in which Katniss and a team of rebels from District 13 prepare for the final battle that will decide the fate of Panem. It is the fourth and final installment in The Hunger Games film series.

Directed by Francis Lawrence. Written by Peter Craig and Danny Strong, based on the 2010 novel Mockingjay, the final book in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins.
The revolution is about all of us.taglines

President Alma Coin[edit]

  • Welcome to the New Panem. Today, on the Avenue of the Tributes, all of Panem, a free Panem, will watch more than a mere spectacle. We are gathered to witness an historic moment of justice. Today, the greatest friend to the revolution will fire the shot to end all wars. May her arrow signify the end of tyranny and the beginning of a new era. Mockingjay, may your aim be as true as your heart is pure.

Peeta Mellark[edit]

  • What do all those deaths mean? They mean that our lives were never ours. There was no real life because we didn't have any choice. Our lives belong to Snow and our deaths do, too. But if you kill him, Katniss, if you end all of this, all those deaths - they mean something.


Peeta Mellark: You're still trying to protect me. Real or not real?
Katniss Everdeen: Real. That's what you and I do. Keep each other alive.

President Snow: Antonius, with our best troops crushed in the mountains and the rebels marching on us as we speak, what did we celebrate?
Antonius: The death of the Mockingjay, sir. If Peeta didn't kill her, her own arrogance did.
President Snow: Of course. That's the same facile thinking that led you to divert our best Peacekeepers into District 2. You have a habit of burying people before they're dead. If the Mockingjay were gone, the rebels would already be using her as a martyr. No, Minister Antonius, I'm afraid that is not what we were toasting at all. The rebels will reach the outskirts of the Capitol in a matter of days. We'll evacuate the outer blocks to let them in. I want all anti-aircraft defenses ready, so we're secure from the skies. Lure them into the city, and then our Gamemakers will make them pay for every inch with blood. I want every camera watching. We'll turn their advance into a celebration of suffering. Let each moment be captured for all posterity. [Antonius begins choking, poisoned] So, what did we toast tonight, Minister Antonius? We toasted a glorious era coming to its bitter end.

President Alma Coin: What is she doing?
Plutarch Heavensbee: [nonchalant, shrugs slightly] I don't know. It's so frustrating when she goes rogue.
President Alma Coin: This isn't just adolescent, it's insubordination.
Plutarch Heavensbee: Put her on the first hovercraft back.
President Alma Coin: Don't be ridiculous. She can't come back now. She's mythic.

Gale Hawthorne: I should've volunteered to take your place in the first Games.
Peeta Mellark: No, you couldn't have. No, she never would have forgiven you. She needed you to be there and take care of her family, and you did. She can't lose you. She really loves you.
Gale Hawthorne: And the way she kissed you in the Quarter Quell. She never kissed me like that.
Peeta Mellark: Oh, just part of the show.
Gale Hawthorne: No. No, you won her over. You gave up everything for her. Well, it's not gonna be an issue much longer. I doubt all three of us are gonna make it out of this. And if we do, then... it's her problem who to choose, right?
Peeta Mellark: Yeah.
Gale Hawthorne: I do know that Katniss will pick whoever she can't live without.

President Snow: I was hoping you would find your way here. So many things we should discuss... but, I have a feeling your visit will be brief, so, first things first. [coughs roughly] I wanted to tell you how very sorry I am about your sister. So wasteful. So unnecessary. Anyone could see the game was over by that point. In fact I was just about issue an official surrender when they released those parachutes.
Katniss Everdeen: You released those parachutes.
President Snow: You really think I gave the order? We both know I'm not above killing children, but I'm not wasteful. I take life for specific reasons, and there was no reason for me to destroy a pen full of Capitol children. None at all. [coughs up blood] I must concede, it was a masterful move on Coin's part. The idea that I was bombing our own helpless children to hold back the rebels. It turned the last of my guards against me. There was no resistance left inside the Capitol or the mansion. Do you know it aired live? There's a particular savvy in that, isn't there? I'm sure she wasn't gunning for your sister, but... these things happen in war. My failure was in being so slow to grasp Coin's plan. She let the Capitol and the Districts destroy one another, then she stepped in to take power with 13's arsenal. Oh, make no mistake, she intends to take my place now. But... I've been watching you. And you watching me. I'm afraid we've both been played for fools.
Katniss Everdeen: I don't believe you.
President Snow: Oh, my dear Miss Everdeen. I thought we'd agreed never to lie to each other.

Peeta: You love me. Real or not real?
Katniss: Real.


  • The revolution is about all of us.
  • The fire will burn forever.
  • A creature as unquenchable as the sun.
  • Nothing can prepare you for the end.


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