The Invisible Menace

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The Invisible Menace is a 1938 film about an army private and his new bride who are trying to honeymoon on an island occupied by the military and a murderer.

Directed by John Farrow. Written by Crane Wilbur.


Colonel Hackett: How about you, Mr. Jevries?
Jevries: I've been in my quarters all evening.
Colonel Hackett: Alone I suppose? No visitors?
Jevries: Alone... I was reading.
Colonel Hackett: Where were you, Doctor? Alone too, I suppose?
Dr. Brooks: That's right. Alone and reading.
Colonel Hackett': [Exasperated] Wasn't anyone doing anything we can check up on?
Dr. Brooks: [Turning the tables] What were YOU doing?
Colonel Hackett: [Sheepishly] I was alone and reading too.
Dr. Brooks: Then don't pick on us.
Colonel Hackett: All right, all right.

Private of the Guard: So, you almost got liquidated, hanh?
Sally: What's that mean... 'liquidated?'
Eddie Pratt: I don't know. I never had any.
Sally: That might mean 'vaccinated.'
Private of the Guard: [Sarcastically] Yeah, practically the same thing.


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