The Invisible Ray (1936 film)

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The Invisible Ray is a 1936 film about a scientist, who becomes murderous after discovering, and being exposed to the radiation of a powerful new element called Radium X.

Directed by Lambert Hillyer. Written by John Colton.
In his brain - the world's most powerful secret!  (taglines)

Dr. Janos Rukh[edit]

  • Sir Francis Stevens, and the great Dr. Benet from the University of Paris. What do they know? What will they ever know? I'll take them somewhere they've never been. Back into time. It will work well tonight. I'm sure and I'm ready. They'll never laugh at me again.
  • You ask me to join forces with you? But you forget I have no standing with your scientific congress. I believe I have even been called unorthodox.

Dr. Felix Benet[edit]

  • You observe: those finger marks cannot be seen in the light!
  • I believe that this city is at the mercy of a madman whose body is an engine of destruction.

Ronald Drake[edit]

  • Diana, my dear, there are no such things as curses!
  • He shan't reach out of his grave and spoil our lives!

Mother Rukh[edit]

  • The universe is very large, and there are some secrets we are not meant to probe.
  • He is wrong to demonstrate to these people! Who are they? Pygmies that scoff at a giant, who have said that he is only a visionary, unscientific, a charlatan - ha! He's greater than all of them. He sent for them. If he had waited, one day they would have begged, begged to come to him.
  • My son. You have broken the first law of science.


Ronald Drake: [about Benet's plan to invite unwitting scientists to a lecture intended as a trap for Rukh] Do you think it's fair to expose them to the danger?
Dr. Felix Benet: There are only two people he wants to destroy. Two, or perhaps... three.

Diana Rukh: I'm his wife. He needs me, and I can't let him down.
Ronald Drake: No, you wouldn't. You're not the sort to let any man down, ever.

Mother Rukh: It was on such a night that Janos first caught his ray from Andromeda. Your father worked the guides. I held the detecting lens... and never saw again.
Diana Rukh: Dear Mother Rukh.
Mother Rukh: My son will not learn until too late, I fear, that the universe is very large, and there are some secrets we are not meant to probe.

Dr. Janos Rukh: Dr. Benet, we meet at last.
Dr. Felix Benet: But we already know each other.
Dr. Janos Rukh: True. You've come to see me fail, but you'll be disappointed.
Dr. Felix Benet: I have come to see that Sir Francis isn't deceived.
Dr. Janos Rukh: Your doubts are very flattering.
Dr. Felix Benet: They are mutual. We have never seen eye to eye.
Dr. Janos Rukh: That is because I've always looked two hundred years ahead of your theories.

Dr. Felix Benet: We expected you.
Dr. Janos Rukh: I knew that. Five thieves. Two are gone, three are left.
Dr. Felix Benet: Do you intend to kill us all?
Dr. Janos Rukh: Yes.
Dr. Felix Benet: I felt it was better to let things alone when you were first poisoned. I warned you about your brain!
Dr. Janos Rukh: It began to affect my brain almost immediately. I could feel it coming, crawling through the cells.
Dr. Felix Benet: Aren't there ever moments when you think as you used to think, when you were human?
Dr. Janos Rukh: Not often, now, not often.
Dr. Felix Benet: And because of that, we must die.
Dr. Janos Rukh: No, because you are thieves. Five thieves, all thieves! It will be easiest just to shake hands. It will all be over in a second.

Ronald Drake: What did we see?
Dr. Janos Rukh: What you saw tonight occurred a few thousand million years ago.
Ronald Drake: I see. A tour in time.
Dr. Janos Rukh: Exactly! Everything that ever happened has left its record on nature's film. Every sound since eternity began still vibrates, recorded somewhere in outer space.


  • In his brain - the world's most powerful secret!
  • Destruction to all he touched or looked upon!
  • Delving into new, strange fields of mystery!


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