The Invisible Ray (1936 film)

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The Invisible Ray is a 1936 film about a scientist, who becomes murderous after discovering, and being exposed to the radiation of a powerful new element called Radium X.

Directed by Lambert Hillyer. Written by John Colton.
In his brain - the world's most powerful secret!  (taglines)

Dr. Felix Benet[edit]

  • You observe: those finger marks cannot be seen in the light!
  • There are only two people he wants to destroy: two... or perhaps three.
  • I believe that this city is at the mercy of a madman whose body is an engine of destruction.


  • Mother Rukh: The universe is very large, and there are some secrets we are not meant to probe.
  • Dr. Janos Rukh: It poisoned me.


  • In his brain - the world's most powerful secret!
  • Destruction to all he touched or looked upon!
  • Delving into new, strange fields of mystery!


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