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The Jetsons was an animated prime-time television series about a nuclear family in the space age future, produced by Hanna-Barbera from 1962. After being re-run on Saturday morning for decades, new episodes were produced in 1985 and 1987 for syndication.

Season 1 (1962)[edit]

Rosie the Robot [1.1][edit]

A Date with Jet Screamer [1.2][edit]

Jane: Hello honey! Bad day at the office?
George: Yeah. Those three hour work days are killing me.

The Space Car [1.3][edit]

The Coming of Astro [1.4][edit]

George: And they say dogs are loyal.

Jetson's Nite Out [1.5][edit]

George: Well now, "Football coach predicts victory at tonight's game". I wonder what he's got to say.
Coach: We'll moider dem.

The Good Little Scouts [1.6][edit]

The Flying Suit [1.7][edit]

Cogswell: With this flight suit, we bombed.

Rosie's Boyfriend Mac [1.8][edit]

Elroy's TV Show [1.9][edit]

Uniblab [1.10][edit]

George Jetson: It'll be easy. I'll just tell Mr. Spacely I'm very sorry and that I'll never call him names again.
[Nearly has a head-on collision with another car]
George Jetson: Why you big strata-jerk. It's vacuum-heads like you who keep fuselage and fender shops in business. Come on out and face the music.
Mr. Spacely: [Emerges from the other car] 'Morning, Jetson. Nice day isn't it?
George Jetson: M-M-M-Mr. Spacely, I presume?
Mr. Spacely: That's correct. I hope you're wearing your watch, Jetson, because you have exactly 5 MINUTES TO CLEAN OUT YOUR DESK!

George Jetson: I hope you get ulcers in your cyclotron.

George Jetson: I've got a wife, two kids and 10 finance companies to support. How am I supposed to pay my bills?

A Visit from Grandpa [1.11][edit]

Astro's Top Secret [1.12][edit]

Elroy's Pal [1.13][edit]

Test Pilot [1.14][edit]

Millionaire Astro [1.15][edit]

The Little Man [1.16][edit]

Las Venus [1.17][edit]

Gigi Galaxy: Come in, darling. I'm Gigi Galaxy. What did you say your name was?
George Jetson: [stammers]
Gigi Galaxy: What, darling?
George Jetson: Oh, I'm-I'm, George Sprocket of Spacely Jetsons.
Gigi Galaxy: Now, darling, sit down and tell me... who are you?
George Jetson: My... my... my name is George Darling. Uh, I mean, Jetson.

Jane's Driving Lesson [1.18][edit]

G.I. Jetson [1.19][edit]

Miss Solar System [1.20][edit]

TV or Not TV [1.21][edit]

Private Property [1.22][edit]

Dude Planet [1.23][edit]

Elroy's Mob [1.24][edit]

Jane Jetson: Our son has run away!
George Jetson: Don't worry, honey, he won't get far. Where can a kid like him go?
Jane Jetson: No place. Just to the moon, Venus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn...
George Jetson: [blubbering] That's enough! That's enough! That's enough!

Season 2[edit]

Elroy Meets Orbitty [2.1][edit]

Rosie Come Home [2.2][edit]

Solar Snoops [2.3][edit]

Judy's Birthday Surprise [2.4][edit]

SuperGeorge [2.5][edit]

Family Fallout [2.6][edit]

Instant Replay [2.7][edit]

Irene Kingmaker: And that goes for your whole family, including that pie-faced piece of scrap metal.
Rosie: [rips off her dress] Thank you for making my day.

Fugitive Fleas [2.8][edit]

S.M.A.S.H. [2.9][edit]

One Strike, You're Out [2.10][edit]

Mother's Day for Rosie [2.11][edit]

S'No Relative [2.12][edit]

Dance Time [2.13][edit]

Judy Takes Off [2.14][edit]

Winner Takes All [2.15][edit]

The Mirrormorph [2.16][edit]

The Cosmic Courtship of George and Jane [2.17][edit]

High Moon [2.18][edit]

Hi-Tech Wreck [2.19][edit]

Little Bundle of Trouble [2.20][edit]

Elroy in Wonderland [2.21][edit]

The Swiss Family Jetson [2.22][edit]

Rip-Off Rosie [2.23][edit]

Fantasy Planet [2.24][edit]

Space Bong [2.25][edit]

Haunted Halloween [2.26][edit]

Astro's Big Moment [2.27][edit]

Jetsons' Millions [2.28][edit]

Mr. Spacely: I'll give you a vacation. For the rest of your life!
George: Thank you, Mr. Spacely.
Mr. Spacely: You still don't get it, Jetson. You're through. Forever.
George: Well, it sure sounds like you mean it this time. [laughs] Goodbye Mr. Spacely.
Mr. Spacely: 20 years of firing him and now he just walks out. That's gratitude for you.

The Wrong Stuff [2.29][edit]

The Vacation [2.30][edit]

Team Spirit [2.31][edit]

Future Tense [2.32][edit]

George: Whoopee! We're still rich.
IRS agent: Not quite. Heh-heh-heh. Taxes R Us. Let's see, with income averaging over three fiscal years minus the capital gain, there. [takes most of the money] And the rest is all yours. Well, thanks for your cooperation.

Far-Out Father [2.33][edit]

Dog Daze Afternoon [2.34][edit]

Grandpa and the Galactic Gold Digger [2.35][edit]

Robot's Revenge [2.36][edit]

Ralph: Ooh, don't do that. You'll get your clothes all wrinkly. My name is Ralph, and anything you want, just.. Oh, oh, it's you. The lousy tipper.
George: I never tipped the guys who worked here before you.
Ralph: Uh huh? See why they all quit?

To Tell the Truth [2.37][edit]

Boy George [2.38][edit]

Judy's Elopement [2.39][edit]

The Century's Best [2.40][edit]

A Jetson Christmas Carol [2.41][edit]

Season 3[edit]

Crime Games [3.1][edit]

ASTROnomical I.Q. [3.2][edit]

9 to 5 to 9 [3.3][edit]

Invisibly Yours, George [3.4][edit]

Father/Daughter Dance [3.5][edit]

Clean as a Hound's Tooth [3.6][edit]

Wedding Bells for Rosey [3.7][edit]

The Odd Pod [3.8][edit]

Two Many Georges [3.9][edit]

Spacely for a Day [3.10][edit]

Repeated quotes[edit]


Mr. Spacely: Jetson, you're fired!


About The Jetsons[edit]

  • I told them 1,000 years from now or a million years, the problem is always going to be parking.

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