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The King of Queens (1998-2007) is an American situation comedy series on the CBS network about a package deliveryman, his wife, and her father, who all live together in Queens, New York.

Food Fight [4.13][edit]

Carrie: [catching 'food-unfaithful' Doug who is sneakily devouring the leftovers of Becky's salad back in the kitchen] You would do this to me over salad?
Doug: I am very weak.

Carrie: [Arthur is watching It's A Wonderful Life] Ah, It's A Wonderful Life. Pretty great, huh?
Arthur: Actually, I think it's a swing and a miss.
Carrie: What are you talking about? It's one of the greatest movies of all time.
Arthur: With George Bailey, the town is boring. Without him, there's nightclubs and bars. It's fabulous. I wish he hadn't been born.

Spence: [about Arthur] I can't believe he's never seen The Wizard of Oz.
Carrie: So, how are you liking it so far, dad?
Arthur: [scared on seeing the film] Is anyone else but me terrified?

Shrink Wrap [4.25][edit]

Arthur: I would like a parrot and name him Douglas.

Arthur: I'd like to get another parrot that lives and call it Douglas the second. Actually, perhaps I should wait until I get the rest of Douglas the first off the side of the garage.

Doug: Wait! That's it. I--I finally figured it out. I do have anger, but I don't like confrontation with other people, so I take it all out of myself. [Boy throws the chair over to Doug's face] KNOCK IT OFF!!!
Boy: Sorry!
Doug: So it turns out by avoiding over confrontation that's been going on around here, I actually caused the 2 of you to have more conflict with each other, so, really, it's my problem after avoiding this.

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