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The Lion Guard (2015-2019) is an American animated television series which premiered on Disney Junior in 2015. It is a spin-off of the Lion King.

Main Characters



  • Hevi Kabisa! (Meaning: Totally intense!)


  • Zuka Zama! (Meaning: Pop up, dive in!)
  • Un-bunga-lievable!


  • Huwezi! (Meaning: Can't catch me!)


  • Twende Kiboko! (Meaning: Let's go hippo!)
  • What’s the kerbubble?
  • Poa! (Meaning: Cool!)


  • Hapana!
  • Common knowledge, really.


  • Anga lenga! (Meaning: Aim for the sky!)
  • Yep.



Season 1


Return of the Roar

  • [First Lines]
Simba: Everything the light touches is part of our kingdom. Ruling it is a big responsibility, Kiara. And someday, when you're queen...
Kion: Heads up! Incoming!
[Simba gets hit in the head by a baobab fruit]
Simba: [groans in annoyance]
Kiara: Kion!
Kion [Emerging from the cave] Oh, sorry, dad. Me and Bunga were playing baobab ball...
Bunga: And Kion couldn't handle the pass!
Kion: What!? A giraffe couldn't handle it! You kicked it over my head!
Simba: Kion!
Bunga: [Throws the baobab ball into the air] And you couldn't handle it!
Simba: Bunga?
Kion: Yeah? Try to handle this!
[Kion and Bunga fight over the baobab ball]
Kiara: [Sighs]
Simba: Boys!
[Kion lets go of the ball, sending Bunga flying backwards]
Simba: Kion, I need to talk to your sister. She'll be tracking gazelles with her friends today.
Kiara: [Chuckles] Because I'm training to be...
Kion: Queen of the Pride Lands. Yeah, yeah. I know all about it, Kiara.
Kiara: [Scoffs]At least I have my life figured out. What are you gonna grow up to be, little brother?
Kion: Happy?
Simba: [Pushes Kion aside] All right you two, that's enough. Kion, why don't you and Bunga go play somewhere else?
Bunga: Yeah! I know the perfect place! [Holds up the baobab ball] Hey, Kion! [Sing-song voice] You'll never get the baobab fruit, no.
Kion: Ha! you got nowhere to go, Bunga!
Bob: Says who? Zuka Zama! [Jumps off Pride Rock]
[Bunga laughs as he lands in a tree]
Bunga: [Lands safely on solid ground] Catch me if you can, Kion! [Catches the baobab ball]
Kion: Game on, Bunga! Later, Dad. Have fun tracking those gazelle, Kiara. I gotta get Bunga! [Goes after Bunga]
Kiara: [Sighs] I can't believe we're related.
Simba: Kion will grow up someday. I hope.
  • Janja: [Chewing on a bone] Oh! 'Fraid there's no meat left for you boys.
Cheezi: [Notices Kion and Bunga's baobab ball] Janja! Janja! A baobab fruit!
Chungu: Let's eat it! I'm starvelated!
Frog: Well You Really Are Excited It’s Great To Finally Meet You Can You Let Me Go Now Please?
[The other hyenas laugh at Janja due to the butterfly being on his head]
Frog: 😮? What's 😆?
[The hyenas continue laughing]
Frog: 😮 are you 😆 at? Tell me! [Jumps down to the other hyenas] 🛑 it, furbrains! 👀 . A 🍯 🦡. [Slurps] Now that's my 💡 of a delightful 🥗! [Knocks his bone away]
[Nne and Tano rush towards the bone]
Frog: Bird! Beetle! Bringer him to me!
  • Kimba: & Now For A Father & Son Barbecue.
Simba: Oh no. Dad, we already had that talk. #Count By 5s Song By Preschool Prep Company# I know all about that mushy stuff.
  • Coin Monkey: See Kimba? You see? He is ready! It is time!
Zulu: [Looks at Simba] Kimba?
Kimba: Yes. Simba is ready. It is time. Time for the Lion Guard.

Never Judge a Hyena By Its Spots

  • Jasiri: Surprise!
Kion: [Gasps]
Jasiri: [Laughs] Didn't know I was up here, did ya?
Kion: No, I... I knew you were there the whole time, hyena.
Jasiri: Yep, I'm a hyena, alright. You lions are so clever. [Laughs] Especially you, Kion. Leader of the Lion Guard.
Kion: You know me?
Jasiri: Just by reputation. The mark on your shoulder's a giveaway, though. [Laughs]
Kion: So, you're not in Janja's clan?
Jasiri: Janja? Yeah, that's a good one. What are you doing in the Outlands? Not exactly your territory.
Kion: I'm going to Flat Ridge Rock, so I can get back to the Pride Lands. If that's okay with you, hyena.
Jasiri: The name's Jasiri. And if you are headed back to the Pride Lands, you're going the wrong way.
Kion: Uh-huh. And I should trust a hyena because...
Jasiri: Because I want you out of my territory.
Kion: Good. I want out of your territory. [Scoffs]
[As Kion leaves, Jasiri begins to follow him]
Jasiri: Then you're going the wrong way!
  • Jasiri: Janja!
Janja: Well, well. If it isn't Jasiri. Thought I told you to stay off our turf!
Jasiri: Just passing through. So move. Or do I have to move you myself?
[Cheezi and Chungu stand next to Janja]
Janja: Big talk, coming from someone who's all alone!
Jasiri: Okay, I'll take another path.
[More hyenas surround Jasiri]
Jasiri: So, you figured out that only three of you didn't stand a chance against me.
[The hyenas back Jasiri into a corner]
Janja: C'mon, boys. Let's remind Jasiri what happens to someone who wanders into our part of the Outlands!
  • Jasiri: Well, I better get back to my territory. I'm sure your roar doesn't scare off Janja forever.
Kion: [Chuckles] If only.
Jasiri: [Laughs] Bye, Kion. It's been fun.
Kion: Bye, Jasiri. Maybe I'll see you again sometime?
Jasiri: Not if I see you first. [Laughs]

The Rise of Makuu

  • Pua: Basi! It's been many weeks. How are the fish today?
Basi: More than last time, Pua, but not enough for your float of crocs. Swing by next week?
Pua: If that's how it must be. [Addresses his float] Move on, my friends. We'll eat somewhere else today.
Makuu: Wait! [Approaches Pua] Pua, you said we were going to eat fish.
Pua: Makuu, there aren't enough fish yet. You heard Basi.
Makuu: [Rolls his eyes] I heard him. But why should we crocodiles listen to a hippo?
Pua: I've told you before, Makuu. It's the Circle of Life.
Makuu: So you say. [Strides around Pua] But I think you listen to the hippos because you're weak. [Faces Pua] You're afraid of them! [Thumps his chest] But I'm not afraid of anyone. And that's why I call for a mashindano!
Beshte: Dad, what's a mashindano?
Basi: The mashindano is a physical challenge. It's how the crocodiles determine their leader.
Kion: [Concerned] Hevi kabisa.
Pua: A mashindano?
Makuu: You heard me! Accept or surrender your leadership. Immediately!
Pua: I accept your challenge, Makuu. [Faces his float] In accordance to tradition, the mashindano will take place near Lake Matope at sunset.

Bunga the Wise

  • Bunga: That spot with the flowers, it looks like the perfect place to bask in the sun.
Rafiki: I would not lie there, if I were you.
Bunga: Pfft. Come on, Rafiki. I can tell the best spots to bask. I'm the smartest animal around. You said so yourself.
Rafiki: You did not hear everything I said. Honey badgers are only smartest when they think things through.
Bunga: [Leaps into the air] Think things through? [Lands in the flowers which are growing in mud] Uh. Guess I'm not so wise after all. [Lounges in the mud] Oh well. I can live with that.

Can't Wait to be Queen

  • Kion: [Growls] Back off!
Kiara: You back off, Kion. That's my tree!
Kion: [Steps forward] Your tree?
Kiara: I found it first, so step aside.
Kion: [Shakes his head] No way! You can't tell me what to do!
Simba: Uh, actually, she can. [Sits in between Kiara and Kion] For the next few days, Kiara will be Queen.
Kiara: Me?
Kion: Her? Queen? Dad, what's going on?
Simba: Kiara will be acting queen while your mom and I are away in Kilio Valley.
Kiara: Kilio Valley? You're visiting the elephants?
Simba: [Somberly] Yes, we have a funeral to attend. [Looks down sadly] My friend, Aminifu, passed away.
Kiara: I remember him.
Kion: He was a wise elephant.
Simba: Yes. He helped the Pride Lands return to normal after Scar was defeated. Once the elephants returned, all the other animals followed, and the Circle of Life came back into balance. And now... [Watches some leaves spiral into the air] Aminifu has completed his part of the Circle of Life.
Kiara: I'm so sorry, Dad. Uh, how long will you be gone?
Simba: Just a few days. [Lifts an uncertain Kiara's chin up with his paw] And I'll let you in on a little secret. [Nuzzles Kiara] I was nervous about ruling the Pride Lands at first too.
Kiara: [Chuckles] I'm not nervous. Well, maybe a little.
Simba: It's okay. I have faith in you.
[Simba and Kiara nuzzle. Kion looks expectedly at Simba]
Simba: And the Lion Guard. Just keep the peace and everything will be fine.
Kiara: I won't let you down, Dad.
Simba: I know, Princess. Or should I say queen?
[Kion looks shocked]
Kiara: [Chuckles nervously]

Eye of the Beholder

  • Kion: Good eyes, Ono! Keep 'em peeled for Janja and his clan!
Ono: Peeled eyes? Ew!

The Kupatana Celebration

  • Janja: [Chasing Dogo the Jackal Pup] There he goes! Come on, fellas! [Laughs]
[Dogo rounds a corner. Janja and his clan miss the turn and slide off-screen]
Janja: Uh-oh!
Hyenas: Woah!
[Dogo reaches a dead end and looks back to see the hyenas in a heap which Janja breaks free from]
Dogo: [Smiles innocently at Janja] Hmm?
Janja: Oh, you jackals are so annoying! [Advances towards Dogo] We just chased you out of our den yesterday, and now, you're back? Guess I need to make an example of you.
Dogo: [Whines]
[Before Janja can devour Dogo, Kion leaps between them]
Kion: Not today, Janja! [Tackles Janja to the ground]
Janja: Hey! Hey! Easy on the fur! What are you doing in the Outlands, anyway?
Kion: Making sure you let that pup go!
Bunga: Yeah! Don't you know today's Kupatana?
Janja: [Amused] Ku... ku... Kupatana? [Laughs as the other members of the Lion Guard approach] OK, Kion. You want the jackal? He's all yours!
Kion: [Lowers his ears] Uh, okay. [Lets Janja up]
Janja: Come on, fellas. The Lion Guard's doing us a favor today! [Returns to the Outlands with his fellow hyenas] Merry Kupatana!
Ono: That was... different.
Beshte: Yeah. You think Janja celebrates Kupatana too?
Fuli: I seriously doubt it.

Fuli's New Family

Fuli: Don't know when why my friends don't understand they

The Search for Utamu

  • Beshte: So, Little B, what's so special about these... Utami grubs, anyway?
Bunga: Well, Utamu brought me together with my uncle Timon and uncle Pumbaa.
Kion: Really? I never knew that.
Bunga: You mean I never told you?
Beshte: I always wondered. How did you end up staying with Timon and Pumbaa?
Bunga: Glad you asked. It was a while ago, when I was really little.
[Flashback to when Bunga was much younger and eating out of a log]
Bunga: [Narrating] I never met my real mom and dad. Back then, I was all on my own. I could find my own food easy enough, but I was lonely. And then, I saw them. Right as they walked past Mapema Rock.
[Timon and Pumbaa approach Mapema Rock]
Timon & Pumbaa: #Utamu! Utamu!#
Pumbaa: #Good for you and yummy too!#
Timon: #Goes right down like squishy goo!#
Timon & Pumbaa: #Utamu! Utamu!#
Pumbaa: #When only the best will do, it's the grub for you! Utamu!#
Timon: #It's got a taste, rich and bold your mouth will be amazed!#
Pumbaa: #It's a kind of taste you won't forget the rest of your days!#
Timon & Pumbaa: #Utamu! Utamu!#
Pumbaa: #Good for you and yummy too!#
Timon: #Goes right down like squishy goo!#
Timon & Pumbaa: #Utamu! Utamu! When only the best will do, it's the grub for you! Utamu!#
Timon: Come on, Pumbaa. The Utamu grubs only come out once a year. And this year, we're gonna get 'em.
Pumbaa: Oh, that's what you say every year, Timon. And then, halfway up that big tree, you decide to wait till next year.
Bunga: [Narrating] They seemed friendly. Funny. And a little stinky. Just like me! I knew we'd get along!
[Baby Bunga runs up to Timon and Pumbaa]
Pumbaa: Huh?
Timon: Beat it, kid. Me and Pumbaa have grubs to find.
Baby Bunga: Grubs! Grubs!
Pumbaa: Oh, Timon! I think he likes you!
Timon: Okay, kid. See that big rock? I betcha there's plenty of grubs under it. You go get 'em!
Baby Bunga: Zuka zama! [Rushes off to get the grubs]
Timon: Pumbaa, now! Before he comes back.
Pumbaa: Oh, all right.
[Baby Bunga brings the grubs to Timon and Pumbaa]
Baby Bunga: Grubs! Grubs!
Timon: Oh. Eh... Thanks, kid. [Tosses a grub to Pumbaa]
Pumbaa: Mmm. Aw, look at him. He's such a cute little thing. Can we keep him?
Timon: Keep him? No. No more kids. We already raised a lion, remember? Besides, he's a honey badger. He can fend for himself! So long, kid. Thanks for the grub!
[Baby Bunga hugs Timon]
Pumbaa: Oh, I think he wants to be with us, too!
Timon: We'll see about that.
Bunga: [Narrating] Then Timon asked me to find the rarest, most delicious grubs in the Pride Lands. Utamu!
Baby Bunga: Zuka zama! [Climbs up a tree]
Timon: He's really doing it! I was sure he'd be too scared and just run away.
Pumbaa: I don't think he's afraid of anything, Timon.
Timon: Yeah. The kid's loopier than a snake squeezin' his supper.
Pumbaa: Or as they say in the Serengeti, he's bunga!
[Baby Bunga hops down from the tree]
Baby Bunga: Bunga, Bunga, Bunga!
Timon: Would ya look at that. He got 'em! He got the utamu.
Pumbaa: Now can we keep him, Timon?
Timon: Can we? The little Bunga got us the most delicious grubs in the Pride Lands! How can we not? C'mon, Bunga! From now on, you're with us! Mmm!
[Cut to the present where Bunga is talking to his friends]
Bunga: So now, at the peak of every rainy season, we celebrate. I always bring the utamu. My uncles love 'em! And I don't want to let them down.
Beshte: Aw, Little B. [Sniffles] That was beautiful!
Kion: Don't worry, Bunga. We'll help you get that Utamu. Right, guys?
Ono: Yes. But, uh, the dung beetles aren't going to help. They're gone.
Bunga: [Looks down] Say what?
Beshte: So how are we going to find the Utamu now?
Bunga: Hmm... [Notices the tree] I see the tree! Zuka zama! Come on!
Beshte: Too bad Fuli didn't get to hear Bunga's story.
Kion: Yeah. But it's good that she's getting some rest.

Follow That Hippo!


The Call of the Drongo


Paintings and Predictions


The Mbali Fields Migration


Bunga and the King

  • Nala: Kion? Kiara? Let's go! We're gonna be late for the elephants' concert.
Simba: You know it's considered an insult if the royal family is not there for the first song.
Kion: The first song's the best part!
Kiara: Race you there!
Kion: Oh, yeah.
Simba: Shall we?
Nala: Yes. But we don't need to race.
  • Bunga: (Running through the tunnels) Come on, Simba! Ya gotta keep up!
Simba: (Struggling to crawl through the tunnels) Doing my best, Bunga.
Bunga: Well, hurry up. Squeeze faster. (Enters an open space in the caverns) Yeah! Now, we're gettin' somewhere! (Notices several tunnels forking off in different directions) Oh.
Simba: Bunga, we need to talk about which way to go.
Bunga: Why talk when you can walk? (Heads towards one of the tunnels)
Simba: Bunga, wait! You need to stop and think! You can't just pick a random tunnel and expect it to lead out!
Bunga: I know what I'm doing! (Emerges from another tunnel in the wall) Or maybe I don't.
Simba: Bunga, please. Just stop and listen to me for once.
Bunga: (Jumps down from the tunnel) Fine, fine. You decide. Which way do we go? (Crosses his arms)
Simba: Well, okay. I think we should go down the largest tunnel. It's the most likely to lead to the...
Bunga: (Scoffs) Nah, we should go down this tunnel! Duh.
Simba: Did you just say "duh" to me?
Bunga: Uh, no, no. I was just, uh, singing! (Starts dancing and singing)
Simba: You do remember who you're talking to, don't you?
Bunga: (Scoffs) I know who you are. You're Simba! You're my best friend's dad.
Simba: I'm also the king! (Roars)
(Rocks collapse around the duo, blocking some of the tunnel entrances)
Bunga: No going back now, thanks to someone's cave-in.
Simba: Well, you caused a cave-in too. Back in... in the hole.
Bunga: Yeah, okay. But I was trying to get out. It wasn't 'cause I got all mad.
Simba: Of course I got mad. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to be trapped with you and your crazy ideas?
Bunga: Crazy ideas? Crazy ideas? You're right. I am full of crazy ideas! And I just had another one. (Points down one tunnel) How about you go down your tunnel... (Points to another tunnel) ...and I'll go down mine? Then you won't have to put up with me and my crazy ideas anymore.
Simba: Fine!

The Imaginary Okapi

  • Beshte: Say, I don't think we've met. I'm Beshte. What's your name?
Ajabu: Uh, I'm Ajabu.
Beshte: Pleased to meet you, Ajabu. Cone on out. I won't bite.
  • Kion: Get out of the Pride Lands, leopard! Now!
Makucha: Name's Makucha, lion. You want me to go? You're gonna have to make me. But you'll have to catch me first!
Fuli: No problem. Huwezi!

Too Many Termites


The Trouble with Galagos


Janja's New Crew




Beware the Zimwi


Lions of the Outlands

  • Kion: Lions are pretty reasonable. Once we get to the watering hole, I'm sure we can work thing-
[Nuka tackles Jasiri]
Nuka: We told you to stay out of here, hyena!
Kion: Hey! [Tackles Nuka] Back off!
Nuka: Who are you?
Kion: Name's Kion! Who are you?
Kovu: Nuka! Hey, Nuka!
Nuka: Kovu! Tell him to let me up!
Kion: A friend of yours?
Kovu: [Sighs] He's my brother.
Nuka: That's right! So you'd better let me up! It's two against one now!
Jasiri: It's two against two.
Nuka: It should be three against one. What kind of lion are you? Siding with a hyena.
  • Bunga: Hey, Rafiki! You wanna race Fuli?
Rafiki: Me? Race Fuli? The fastest in the Pride Lands? [Laughs] Who would be so foolish to do that, huh?
Ono: [Groans]
Rafiki: Hey! Where is Kion?
Bunga: Oh, Kion! That's right. Kion told me to tell everyone he's going to the Outlands with Jasiri. But he'll be right back.
Beshte: Why was Jasiri here?
Fuli: And why'd she take Kion to the Outlands?
Bunga: She wanted him to talk to some lions who live there.
Ono: Lions in the Outlands?
Bunga: Yeah, I know. Weird, right?
Rafiki: No. No, no! There are not just any lions. They are the Outsiders!
Bunga: The who?
Rafiki: [Shows the paintings] The Outsiders are a group of lions led by a lioness named Zira. Simba banished them from the Pride Lands before any of you were born.
Fuli: Why would Simba banish other lions?
Rafiki: Because Zira and her family, they were loyal only to Scar.
All: Scar?
Rafiki: After Scar was gone, Simba became King. But Zira told Simba he could not rule the Pride Lands. Because Scar had chosen her son Kovu to be king.
Bunga: [Puts his hand in the air] But Scar was never the real King!
Rafiki: Correct, honey badger! And that is what Simba told Zira. But Zira would not listen to reason. Instead, she attacked Simba! Of course, Simba won quickly. But after that, he had no choice. He had to banish Zira and her family from the Pride Lands. Forever!
Bunga: So the lions in the Outlands might be Zira and her family?
Rafiki: Most definitely. And if they find out that Kion is Simba's son, there could be trouble. Much trouble!
Bunga: We gotta help Kion!
Fuli: Right. Let's go! Till the Pride Lands end...
All: Lion Guard defend!

Never Roar Again

  • Bunga: Hey, Kion, how come you didn't just use the roar back there?
Kion: No reason.
Bunga: Aw, come on! You can tell me!
Kion: After what happened with my mom, I'm afraid I might hurt someone else with the roar.
Bunga: Say what? Kion, it's not like you did that on purpose!
Kion: I know, Bunga, but... that's the problem. I couldn't control it. I don't know if I should ever use the roar again.
Bunga: [Shocked] Never use the roar again!?
Kion: Bunga, shh!
Bunga: Tell me you're joking! Never use the roar again!? [Laughs] Hey, you're joking, right?
Kion: Bunga, I'm...
Bunga: Kion. You're the leader of the Lion Guard. You're the Pride Lands' fiercest! You've gotta use the roar! Zuka Zama, right?
Kion: [Sighs] Zuka Zama. Sure.
Bunga: There you go. Glad I could help. Another problem solved by Bunga the Wise! Now I'm gonna go help Ono.

The Lost Gorillas


The Trail to Udugu

  • Nala: I have a surprise for you. You're both coming with me on the trail to Udugu.
Kiara: The trail to Udugu?
Kion: Where's Udugu? I've never heard of it.
Kiara: Is it in the Pride Lands?
Nala: [Laughs] You'll see.
Simba: Taking the trail to Udugu is an important part of growing up in the royal family.
Nala: And all royal siblings make the journey when they're ready.
Kiara: Did you go on it, Dad?
Simba: I never had the chance. I don't have a brother or sister. And don't worry about your Lion Guard duties, Kion. While you're gone, I will be leading the guard.
Kion: You will?
Simba: Perhaps your friends could learn a thing or two from their king.
Kion: Uh... sure. I know Bunga will love it.
  • Nala: You see, kids, Udugu isn't a place. It's another word for kinship. It's the special bond between siblings. You found Udugu when you decided to work together to look for me.
Kion: We did?
Nala: Yes. And I am very proud of you.

Ono's Idol

  • Ono: Isn't he (Hadithi) amazing?
Kion: Oh, yeah!
Bunga: Hey, Ono. Let's ask him about his spin thingie. [Walks up to Hadithi] Yo, Hadithi!
Ono: Bunga! You can't just talk to Hadithi. He's the Raven Rescuer from Red Rocks. The Starling Savior at Summer Springs.
Hadithi: Don't forget the Guardian of the Great Egret Escape.
Ono: Oh, I would never... [Gasps] Uh, Bunga, is Hadithi actually talking to me?
Hadithi: Indeed I am, young egret. You seem to know a lot about me.
Ono: Oh, I do. Hadithi, sir. [Clears throat] In fact, I would have to say I'm your... biggest fan?
Hadithi: My biggest fan? [Chuckles] Are you sure, young egret? As you can see, I have many.
  • Hadithi: I was supposed to pass my wisdom on to you. But instead, you passed some wisdom onto me. You know why, kid? 'Cause you're a natural. A natural hero.
Ono: [Smiles at Hadithi]
[The animals of the Pride Lands cheer]
Bunga: Way to go, Ono!
Hadithi: Animals of the Pride Lands, I give you Ono the egret, creator of the Ono Spin.

Beshte and the Hippo Lanes

  • Basi: Making the Hippo Lanes after a big rainstorm has been a hippo tradition for a long time.
Beshte: It sure would be easy to get lost in all these reeds.
Basi: Exactly. Flattening all these overgrown plants helps everyone else cross the flood plains safely. So I try to make them straight and true.
Beshte: And that's what they are. Straight and true.
Basi: I do my best. And some day, you'll be the one making the Hippo Lanes.

Ono the Tickbird


Season 2


Babysitter Bunga


The Savannah Summit

Makuu: Forget it! How can I trust any of you if you don't trust me? This whole summit's a joke!
Kion: Makuu!
[Makuu angrily turns to face Kion and the rest of the Lion Guard]

The Travelling Baboon Show


Ono and the Egg

Ono: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW DANGEROUS THAT IS?! That river's moving way too fast! And you can't swim! You can't even fly! Not only that, there's a waterfall down there! I did not sit on your egg till it hatched just to watch you get hurt! Now, we're going back to my nest to wait for your mom and that's final. You understand?

The Rise of Scar

  • Janja: Are you...?
Scar: Yes... I am... Scar.

Let Sleeping Crocs Lie


Swept Away


Rafiki's New Neighbors


Rescue in the Outlands

  • Ushari: Should I even ask how the meeting with the jackals went?
Janja: We didn't find 'em, OK?
Cheezi: Yeah. We found Jasiri instead.
Chungu: She's the one who sent us back here!
Ushari: I'm sorry, did you say one hyena defeated all three of you?
Janja: Hey, Jasiri's no ordinary hyena. She's fearless or something.
[Scar appears]
Scar: A fearless hyena? Perhaps, she should be part of our collective.
Janja: What? No. No way. Jasiri's bad news. She's even friends with the Lion Guard!
Scar: Friends with the Lion Guard?
Janja: Oh, yeah. She even respects the circle of life like they do. Trust me, Scar, Jasiri's the worst!

The Ukumbusho Tradition

  • Bunga: What do the elephants call this ceremony again? Kuba... Kubamusho?
Kion: Ukumbusho. It's a performance that celebrates the friendship between the elephants and the lions of the Pride Lands.
  • [Makini has just finished painting Bunga, Ono and Beshte to look like lions]
Makini: So, Kion? Do they look like lions to you?
Kion: Uhh...
Bunga: Yeah, come on, Kion! Do we look great? Or really great?
Kion: I've definitely never seen anything like it.
Bunga: That's what I thought. I look un-bunga-lievable!
Ono: That's one way of putting it.
Timon: Prepare yourselves for the piece de resistance!
[Timon and Pumbaa reveal Fuli also painted to look like a lion]
Timon & Pumbaa: Ta-da!
Timon: Do you see any cheetahs here, Pumbaa?
Pumbaa: Not me. All I see is a lion. And what a lion!
Fuli: I look ridiculous!
Timon: Shh... You're spoiling the illusion. [Begins feeling her fur] Ooh. Ooh.
Fuli: What are you doing?
Timon: Sorry. Even as a lion, your fur is still so soft...
Fuli: [Disgusted] Ugh! This costume is so weird!
Beshte: Come on, Fuli. You look just like the rest of us.
Fuli: Why doesn't that make me feel better?
Kion: You know what? You all look terrific. Good work, Makini. I know you're all gonna do great at the Ukumbusho tonight.
Makini: Oh, it's almost sunset. And I still have to paint the elephants! [Rushes off with her yellow paint]
  • Fuli: Vuruga Vuruga! Buffalo! You need to get out of here! Right now!
Vuruga Vuruga: Leave? This is one of the few grazing grounds left. Who do you think you are? Telling us what to do!
Fuli: It's me, Fuli. From the Lion Guard. The costume. Of course. Ugh. I knew I looked ridiculous. Long story. Elephants are coming fast. You gotta move.
Vuruga Vuruga: And why should we listen to you, weird looking cheetah-lion thing that we've never seen before?
Fuli: I don't have time for this! Hmm... [Gruffly] Because I am something you've never seen before. I only come out on the full moon to eat buffalo!
Buffalo: [Snorts]
Fuli: If I were you, I'd run. Now! [Growls]
[The buffalo all rush off]
Fuli: Maybe looking ridiculous isn't so bad after all.
  • Kion: Greetings, wise elephants! My name is Askari. I am first leader of the Pride Lands Lion Guard. You have nothing to fear from us.
Ma Tembo: And you, wise lions, have nothing to fear from us.

The Bite of Kenge

  • Bunga: Gotta tell you, for someone who says they're a big, scary lizard, you're not that scary or that big.
Cheezi: Uh-oh!
Kenge: What did you just say?
Bunga: Which part? The part where you're not scary, or the part where you're not big?
Cheezi: Just don't call him little, Bunga!
Bunga: Oh! You don't like being called a little lizard.
Kenge: Stop saying that!
Bunga: Saying what? "Little lizard"? [Mockingly touches Kenge's face] Little lizard. Oh, little lizard.
Kenge: I am not a little lizard!
Chungu: Oh, he's gonna get it now.
Bunga: Eh, I've seen bigger. Lots bigger!
  • Cheezi: Uh. Janja? Aren't you gonna tell us to "Run, fur-brains"?
Janja: If we could, I would.

Timon and Pumbaa's Christmas


The Morning Report


The Golden Zebra

  • Makucha: Hello, Fuli, Lion Guard. Long time, no see.
  • Kion: Yeah, haven't seen you since we kicked you out of the Pride Lands.

The Little Guy


Divide and Conquer


The Scorpion's Sting

  • Scar: Friends. Today, we will end Simba's reign, and destroy the Lion Guard.
Janja: Great!
Kiburi: Finally.
Reirei: Yeah!
Mzingo: Capital.
Scar: Tell your followers to be ready.
Janja: Uh, Scar? Just one question. How do you... We plan on takin' down Simba and the Lion Guard in the same day?
Reirei: For once, I gotta agree with the hyena. It ain't gonna be easy.
Scar: Yes, I know. Which is precisely why I have brought in some help. And here it comes now.
[A black scorpion named Sumu crawls into the area]
Janja: [Terrified] Scorpion! [Clambers on top of Reirei and Kiburi] Look out! Comin' through!
Kiburi: Watch it!
Scar: [Sighs] He's not going to sting you, Janja.
Ushari: Yesss. Sumu's venom is reserved for a more Royal target.
Scar: You know what to do, Sumu.
Sumu: And do it, I will. [Slams his stinger on the ground]
[Sumu leaves]
Janja: Is he gone yet?
Kiburi: Yeah. Now get down.
  • Kion: Rafiki. I need to talk with my dad.
Rafiki: Ah-ah-ah, not now, Kion. Simba must rest for his body to heal. You can talk later.
Kion: But Rafiki! I saw Scar.
Rafiki: Scar?
Kion: Yes. He was in the flames of the volcano. He waw the one who sent the scorpion to sting my dad. I think... I think he wants to destroy the Pride Lands.
Rafiki: Evil... has returned. You are right, Kion. You must tell Simba about this. But first, you must let him rest. I will make sure he heals well.
Kion: Thanks, Rafiki. [Joins his friends on the edge of Pride Rock] Lion Guard, it's our job to protect the Pride Lands. And that job's got a lot harder. It's gonna be a tough fight, but we will defeat Scar.

The Wisdom of Kongwe


The Kilio Valley Fire


Undercover Kinyonga


Cave of Secrets


The Zebra Mastermind


The Hyena Resistance

  • Kion: Everyone okay?
Beshte: All good.
Ono: Affirmative.
Fuli: Yep.
Kion: Where's Bunga?
Bunga: (Holding his back) I'm here. Never felt better.
Beshte: What happened, Little B?
Bunga: I've been, uh, working on one of Rafiki's moves.
Fuli: And how did that go?
Bunga: Uh, great. See, I was facing off with Cheezi... And then I did this crazy cool move I saw Rafiki do! (Tries to pull off Rafiki's move again, but only succeeds in knocking himself over) Well, almost did it.
(Beshte, Kion and Fuli look at Bunga)
Beshte: You sure you're OK, Little B?
Bunga: (Getting back up) Sure I'm sure.
Kion: I don't know, Bunga. Looks like it hurts. Maybe you should ask Rafiki to take a look at your back.
Fuli: Or give you some tips on how to swing a stick.
Bunga: I'm fine. I'll just walk it off in no time. (Groans in pain)
Ono: I'm pretty sure being able to walk is a crucial part of the "walking it off" process.

The Underground Adventure

  • Beshte: Maybe you should try the warm mud pots at the edge of the Pride Lands. Us hippos love 'em when the weather's too dry.
Ono: Mud can be very moisturizing.
Zuri: That's perfect. We'll go to the mud pots.
Tiifu: You have to come, too, Kiara. We never see you anymore.
Zuri: Yeah. You're always so busy with boring Royal Family stuff.
Nala: "Boring Royal Family stuff"?
Kiara: Like helping the Pride Landers deal with the threat of Scar?
Tiifu: Exactly.
Zuri: And it'd be good for you, Kiara. I didn't want to say it, but you're looking a little frizzy yourself.
Kiara: Mom?
Nala: The edge of the Pride Lands isn't as safe as it used to be. But if you had an escort from the Lion Guard...
Bunga: I'd be happy to take Kiara to the mud pots. No one'll keep her safer than me.
Nala: I was thinking more about Kion.
Bunga: Kion can come too. That'll make it more fun.
Kion: We wouldn't be going to have fun, Bunga. But you'd definitely be safer with two Lion Guard members. I'll go.
Kiara: Thanks, Kion.
Tiifu & Zuri: #Girls' day away! Girls' day away!#
Kion: Fuli, Beshte, Ono, keep up the daily patrol. Looks like Bunga and I are going on a Girls' day away.
Fuli: Better you than me.
  • Ono: Kion! Bunga! There you are! We just put out the fire by the mud pots.
Beshte: We were so worried when we didn't see you guys. Are you okay?
Kion: We're fine.
Fuli: But the fire was huge. How did you get away?
Kion: It's kind of a long story.
Bunga: Yeah. With a mole, an aardvark and a zebra in it.
Fuli: You mean that zebra?
Thurston: [Investigating a cave] Ooh. I wonder what's in here? [Enters the cave] Help! Help! It's dark and I'm trapped!
Tiifu: It's okay. I've got this. [Enters the cave] Don't panic, zebra. Your best friend's coming to get you. There's nothing to fear down here.

Beshte and the Beast


Pride Landers Unite!

Kion: MAKUU! That's no way to treat a fellow Pride Lander!

The Queen's Visit


The Fall of Mizimu Grove


Fire from the Sky

  • Hadithi: Well, any friend of Ono's is a friend of mine. What do you say, Anga?
Anga: Uh... Um... You're Hadithi!
Hadithi: Indeed, I am.
Anga: He's Hadithi! Hadithi the hero! #Hadithi the Hero! Wherever he goes!#
Hadithi: Yes. That's me. So to what do I owe this honor, old friend?
Ono: The Lion Guard needs you, Hadithi. Actually, all the Pride Lands need you.
Hadithi: Me? Why would the Pride Lands need me?
Anga: You're Hadithi!
Hadithi: Ah. Well yes, of course. Well, then. Let's be off. [Flies off, followed by Ono]
Anga: "You're Hadithi." What was I thinking?
  • Hadithi: Follow me! Together, we will protect the skies of the Pride Lands!
  • Ono: So, Anga? How'd you like working with Hadithi and the Lion Guard?
Anga: I could get used to it.

Season 3


Battle for the Pride Lands

  • Fuli: It's gonna be okay, Kion.
Kion: Come on. Let's go.
(The rest of the guard reunites with Bunga who is dazed)
Bunga: Wow! That was un-bunga-lievable!
Kion: Bunga! I'm so sorry! I... I don't know how that happened.
Bunga: (Getting back onto his feet) Hakuna Matata, Kion! Just warn me before you do it next time. So I can really enjoy it.

Voice Cast





  • Rob Lowe as Simba
  • Gabrielle Union as Nala
  • Eden Riegel as Kiara
  • Gary Anthony Williams as Mufasa
  • Jeff Bennett as Zazu
  • Khary Payton as Rafiki
  • Kevin Schon as Timon, Thurston and Chungu
  • Ernie Sabella as Pumbaa
  • David Oyelowo as Scar
  • Jason Marsden as Kovu
  • Lacey Chabert as Vitani
  • Andy Dick as Nuka
  • Nika Futterman as Zira
  • Sarah Hyland as Tiifu (Season 1)
  • Bailey Gambertoglio as Tiifu (Season 2)
  • Madison Pettis as Zuri
  • Landry Bender as Makini
  • Maia Mitchell as Jasiri
  • Kevin Michael Richardson as Basi
  • Lynette DuPree as Ma Tembo
  • Michael Dorn as Bupu
  • Gerald C. Rivers as Pua
  • Blair Underwood as Makuu
  • C.J. Byrnes as Tamaa
  • John O'Hurley as Hadithi
  • Renee Elise Goldsberry as Dhahabu
  • Justin Hires as Hodari
  • Behzad Dabu as Azaad
  • Fiona Riley as Binga
  • Peyton Elizabeth Lee as Rani
  • Hudson Yang as Baliyo
  • Lou Diamond Philips as Surak
  • Miki Yamashita as Nirmala
  • Vyvan Pham as Ullu
  • Shoreh Aghdashloo as Janna
  • Andrew Kishino as Janja and Ora
  • Christopher Jackson as Shujaa
  • Vargus Mason as Cheezi
  • Johnny Rees as Mzingo
  • Cam Clarke as Mwoga
  • Christian Slater as Ushari
  • Ana Gasteyer as Reirei
  • Phil Lamarr as Goigoi
  • Common as Kiburi
  • Meghan Strange as Shupavu and Kinyonga
  • Steve Blum as Makucha
  • Kimiko Glenn as Chuluun
  • Rachel House as Mama Binturong