The Lion King II: Simba's Pride

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The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride is a 1998 direct-to-video sequel released as the sequel to Disney's 1994 animated feature film The Lion King. It premiered the year after a Broadway musical with same name began its production. This film centers around Simba's daughter, Kiara, who falls in love with Kovu, the male lion who was raised in the pride of Scar's followers, who are Simba's enemies. Desperate to be together, they must overcome the two obstacles that are keeping them apart: Simba and Kovu's mother, Zira.


[first lines]
Timon: Ah, Pumbaa. Look at that little guy. The chip off the old block! And you gotta know who's gonna raise him!
Pumbaa: His parents?
Timon: Okay, sure, get technical. But who's gonna teach him the really important stuff? Like how to belch? [belches] And dig for grubs? I'm telling ya, buddy, it's gonna be like old times. You, me, and the little guy!
Rafiki: [laughs] It is a girl.
Timon: [obliviously] Girl.
Timon and Pumbaa: [shocked] GIRL?! [they faint] Oy!

[At Pride Rock in this afternoon. Kiara, now the cub, bounds to the edge of Pride Rock and overlooks the savanna, panting with excitement.]
Kiara: Wow! [starts to bound down Pride Rock.]
Simba: Whoa! [catches Kiara by her scruff and lifts her back onto Pride Rock.]
Kiara: [giggles mischievously] [tries to bound away, but Simba stops her with a paw.]
Simba: Where do you think you're going in such a hurry?
Kiara: [grunts] [Simba lifts Kiara into the air.] Daddy! [giggles] [Simba sets Kiara onto her stomach.] Let go!
Simba: Well, I just want you to be careful.
Kiara: [growls] [jumps at a butterfly.] Rah!
Simba: [steps on Kiara's tail. She tries to jump, only to fall.] Kiara, are you listening? Accidents can happen. [Kiara sits up.] You could easily get hurt or stepped–
Kiara: Hurt or stepped on or even get lost.
Simba: And remember, [steps off Kiara's tail.] I want you to stay in sight of Pride Rock at all times.
Kiara: At all times. I know. [stands.] And if I see any strangers, don't talk to them. [mimicks walking.] Come straight home. Okay, okay. Can I go now? [grins.] PLEASE?
Simba: Hmm. [Nala approaches and sits next to Simba.] Very funny.
Nala: [chuckles] Mind your father, Kiara.
Kiara: [giggles] Yes, mom.
Simba: And stay away from the Outlands.
Zazu: [flies down next to Kiara] Nothing there but a bunch of backstabbing, murderous Outsiders.
Simba: Zazu's right! [looks over one shoulder.] You CAN'T turn your back on them.
Kiara: Really? How come?
Simba: Never mind. [gestures with his head.] Just run along now.
Kiara: But, Dad, I–
Simba: You'll understand someday. Go on.
Kiara: [walks toward Simba.] Dad... [nuzzles against Simba's leg.] [purrs]]
Simba: [rubs the top of Kiara's head with a paw. She bounds away and starts clambering down Pride Rock.] [anxiously] And stay on the path I've marked for you!
Nala: [chuckles] Simba, who does she remind you of? Hmm?
Simba: [cluelessly] Huh? [looks at Nala.] What? Who?
Nala: She's just like you were when you were young. [nuzzles Simba's chin.]
Simba: Exactly. Do you realize the dangers we put ourselves in? [Nala pins Simba to the ground.] [grunts]
Nala: You mean the dangers YOU put us in.
[Nala nuzzles Simba.]
Simba and Nala: [purr]
Nala: [chuckles] She'll be fine. [strides toward the interior of Pride Rock. She smiles at Simba over one shoulder.]
Simba: Hey, Timon! [gestures with his head.] Pumbaa! Come here!
Timon: [sits astride Pumbaa's mane. They look over their shoulders and stride toward Simba.] Good morning, mon capitán!
Simba: I want you to keep a close watch on Kiara. You know she's bound to run off.
Timon: No worries, Simba. We're on her like stink on a warthog!
Pumbaa: Hey!
Timon: It's a hard truth, Pumbaa. Live with it.
Simba: Guys, I'm counting on you. [looks left and right.] Danger could be lurking behind every rock.
Timon: [looks quizzically at Simba, then takes him mock-seriously.] Ah-ha. [looks left.] Hmm! [looks right.] Hmm! Hmm...
[Timon and Pumbaa depart to go after her.]

Kiara: Whoa! Cool. The Outlands. I wonder what's out there. [Timon and Pumbaa are in the grass sneaking up towards Kiara. Once she turns back, she, Timon and Pumbaa scream at each other that it makes her fall in a pond]
Pumbaa: Oooh, don't worry, Kiara! Uncle Pumbaa's coming! [jumps into the pond after her]
Timon: Oh, no! No. [rehearsing the confession to Simba] Alright let's see. Uh, "Gee, Simba. The good news is, we found your daughter. The bad news is, we dropped the warthog on her. Is there a problem with that?"
Pumbaa: Kiara? Kiara?
Timon: PUMBAA! Let me define... BABYSITTING!! [Pumbaa moves out of the way to show Kiara coughing then she looks at him]
Pumbaa: [smiling nervously] Sorry.

Kiara: Whoah, man-- did you see the size of those teeth? They were goin' "RRRARRARRARR" .... [rolls over on her back and laughs] He was just totally eatin' you up right there, and I jumped on his head-- and I bopped him so good-- [The camera moves back so that we can see from next to Zira, crouching in the grass some distance away] We make such a good team! And you... you were really brave!
Kovu: Yeah... you were pretty brave too. My name's Kovu.
Kiara: I'm Kiara. [She crouches down playfully, waving her tail; she reaches out and bats him] Tag! You're it! [She jumps back, laughing; instead of chasing, Kovu just looks at her silently. She tries again] Tag! You're it! You're it! [Still no response; he just stares at her] Hello? You run, I tag... get it? What's the matter? Don't you know how to play? [Getting an idea, she crouches down and goes back to playing his style, with bared teeth and growls. He gets the idea and mock-growls back, but suddenly he finds himself growling at Simba's leg. Simba roars, and Zira jumps out of the grass and roars back]
Simba: Zira.
Zira: Simba! [Nala, Timon, and Pumbaa arrive behind Simba, with other lionesses] Nala.
Nala: Zira.
Timon: Timon, Pumbaa. Great. Now that we all know each other... GET OUTTA OUR PRIDE LANDS!!!!!!!!
Zira: YOUR Pridelands?! [she snarls, making Timon leap backwards over Pumbaa's head in fear] These lands belonged to SCAR!
Simba: I banished you from the Pride Lands! Now you and your young cub... GET OUT! [Kovu and Kiara hide farther behind their parents]
Zira: Oh... haven't you met my son, Kovu? He was hand-chosen by Scar to follow in his pawprints... and become... KING. [Simba growls as Kovu looks worried]
Timon: Pbbb! That's not a king... that's a fuzzy MARACA!
Zira: Kovu was the last born before you exiled us to the Outlands, where we have little food, less water.
Simba: You know the penalty for returning to the Pride Lands.
Zira: But the child does not. However, if you need your pound of flesh, here. [nudges a terrified Kovu over to Simba, who glares at him. Kovu shivers in fright]
Simba: Take him and get out. We're finished here. [turns around and picks Kiara up with his mouth as he's getting ready to leave]
Zira: Oh, no, Simba. We have barely begun. [looks down at Kiara and chuckles wickedly, then turns and picks up Kovu]
[Kovu and Kiara look back at each other, sadly]
Kiara: [softly] Bye.
Kovu: [softly] Bye.

[At the evening, The pride marches back toward Pride Rock. Simba pauses on a ridge as the lionesses continue on. Nala looks back at Simba]
Nala: Simba?
Simba: [clears his throat, with Kiara still in his mouth]
[Nala smiles back at him, understanding that it's time for The Talk. She and the rest of the pride move off back home. Simba drops Kiara, who grins ingratiatingly up at him; he glares sternly back. She looks at the ground, sighing]
Simba: Kiara, what did you think you were doing? You could have been killed today.
Kiara: But Daddy, I-- I didn't mean to disobey--
Simba: I'm telling you this because I love you. I don't wanna lose you.
Kiara: I know...
Simba: If something happened to you, I don't know what I'd do. One day, I won't be here, and I need you to carry on in my place. You are part of the great Circle of--
Kiara: [boredly] Circle of Life. I know.
Simba: Exactly. And you need to be careful. As future queen--
Kiara: What if I don't wanna be queen? It's no fun.
Simba: That's like saying you don't want to be a lion. It's in your blood. As I am. We are part of each other.

[At the Outlands, Vitani is tugging on a root, growling. Nuka approaches from behind]
Nuka: [annoyed] Kovu, Kovu, Kovu. Scar wasn't even his father. He just took 'im in. [to Vitani angrily, who is biting on a root] Oh, hey, Vitani! Where's little termite Kovu? The "Chosen One". [rudely touches the root with a claw; it snaps, and Vitani tumbles backward; Nuka guffaws]
Vitani: Nuka! Where's Kovu? Did you leave him out there on his own again?
Nuka: Hey, it's every lion for himself out here! [angrily scratching himself] That little termite's gotta learn to be on his own.
Vitani: Mother's gonna be mad. She told you to watch him!
Nuka: [continuing to scratch his mangy back] Oh, who cares? I should've been the Chosen One. I'm the oldest, I'm the strongest, I'm the smartest-- OH, THESE TERMITES! [starts crazily biting every place he can find on his body, and rolls around on the ground; Vitani watches, smirking] I could be a leader if she'd just give me a chance!
Vitani: [scoffs; sarcastically] Yeah, right. [normally] Why don't you tell that to her?
Nuka: Yeah? Don't think I won't.
Vitani: Oh, yeah? [laughs] Here's your chance.
[Zira walks slowly by Nuka, carrying Kovu in her mouth. She ignores Nuka entirely]
Nuka: What? Oh... Mother. Mother, hi! [laughs nervously] Mother, I caught some field mice for your dinner, I left 'em by the, um... by the... okay. [Zira drops Kovu. Vitani pounces next to him]
Vitani: Hey, Kovu. You wanna... fight? [She mock-snarls; he looks earnest]
Zira: [turning to Nuka, who becomes visibly frightened] You were supposed to be WATCHING HIM!
Kovu: It's not his fault! I went off on my own! [Zira turns on Kovu, backing him along the ground with her words]
Zira: WHAT were you doing?!
Kovu: N-nothing!
Zira: Who has MADE us Outsiders?!
Kovu: Simba!
Zira: Who KILLED Scar?!
Kovu: Simba!
Zira: And what have I told you about THEM?!
Kovu: Sorry, mother! ...Sh-she didn't seem so bad. I thought we could be--
Zira: FRIENDS?! You thought you'd get to the daughter. And Simba would welcome you with open ARMS?! What an idea! ... [she reconsiders and smiles] What... an IDEA! You brilliant child. I'm so proud of you! [She kneads the frightened Kovu with unsheathed claws and scratching his hair] You have the same conniving mind that made Scar so... POWERFUL.
Nuka: Yecch. [Zira glares and snarls at Nuka, then picks up Kovu. She carries him into a cave, as Nuka glowers] Ugh. The "chosen one".
[Zira carries Kovu into their "den", and deposits him in a hollow tree trunk; he lands with a grunt]
Zira: I now see the path to our GLORIOUS return to power!
Kovu: But I don't want--
Zira: [harshly] HUSH! [softly] Hush, my little one. You must be exhausted. [sings] ♪ Sleep, my little Kovu. Let your dreams take wing. One day when you're big and strong, you will be a king. ♪
Kovu: [smiles in embarrassment] Good night.
Zira: Good night, my little prince. Tomorrow, your training intensifies. [singing] ♪ I've been exiled, persucuted, Left alone with no defense When I think of what that brute did, I get a little tense! But I dream a dream so pretty, That I don't feel so depressed. 'Cause it soothes my inner kitty, And it helps me get some rest. The sound of Simba's dying gasp! His daughter squealing in my grasp! His lionesses' mournful cry! That's my lullaby! Now the past I've tried forgetting, And my foes I could forgive... Trouble is I knows it's petty, But I hate to let them live! ♪
Nuka: [singing] ♪ So you found yourself somebody! who'd chase Simba up a tree! ♪
Zira: [singing] ♪ Oh, the final battle may be bloody, but that kind of works for me. The melody of angry growls! A counterpoint of painful howls! A symphony of death, oh my! That's my lullaby! Scar is gone... but Zira's still around! To love this little lad... Till he learns to be a killer, With a lust for being bad! ♪
Nuka: [singing] ♪ Sleep, ya little termite! Uh-- I mean, precious little thing! ♪
Vitani: [singing] ♪ One day when you're big and strong, ♪
Zira: [singing] ♪ You will be a king! The POUNDING of the drums of war! The THRILL of Kovu's MIGHTY ROAR! ♪
Nuka: [singing] ♪ THE JOY OF VENGEANCE! ♪
Vitani: [singing] ♪ TESTIFY! ♪
Zira: [singing] ♪ I can hear the cheering! ♪
Nuka and Vitani: [singing] ♪ Kovu, What a guy! ♪
Zira: [singing] ♪ Payback time is nearing! And then our flag will fly, Against a blood-red sky! THAT'S! MY! LULLABY!!!!!!!!! ♪ [evil laugh]

Zira: [grins deviously] You are ready! [Zira chuckles, evilly circling a full-grown Kovu] Nice, very nice. [chuckles darkly] You have the same blackness in your soul that Scar had. WHAT is your destiny?
Kovu: I will avenge Scar. Take his place in the Pride Lands.
Zira: Yes! What have I taught you?
Kovu: Simba is the enemy.
Zira: [evilly smiling and emphatically] And what must YOU do?
Kovu: I must KILL him!

[The scene transitions to the open savanna. Pumbaa's tail sticks above the grass, swiveling from left to right. Timon's head comes into view. He looks behind him at Pumbaa's tail]
Timon: Ah!
[Timon and Pumbaa emerge from the grass. They freeze and look around]
Pumbaa: Hup! [Timon and Pumbaa exchange glances, but run on] Hup! [Timon and Pumbaa run through the grass. They hide behind a tree trunk] Hup!
[Timon and Pumbaa look around]
Timon and Pumbaa: Huh. Huh. Huh.
[Timon and Pumbaa run back into the grass]
Pumbaa: Hup! [Timon and Pumbaa each peek around one side of a tree] Hup! [Timon and Pumbaa switch places] Hup! Hup! [Timon and Pumbaa run on. Pumbaa takes up a position behind a rock, while Timon hides in a hollow log] Hup! Hup! Hup!
[Timon mimics, holding a walkie-talkie]
Timon: Tango-Charlie-Alpha. What's your position?
Pumbaa: Uh...Upright, head turned slightly to the left, tail erect.
Timon: [under his breath] Why do I bother? [Timon uses his hands as if they're spyglasses. He notices Kiara prowling along nearby] Ah-ha.
[Timon ducks inside the hollow log. Kiara stalks toward a herd of topi. She notices a rock and steps carefully over it]
Kiara: [gasps] [Kiara continues prowling forward, but her back paw hits the rock] [gasps] [The topi lift their heads and run off. Kiara chases them desperately] Unh! [Kiara attempts to keep up with the herd] [shivers]
[Timon and Pumbaa look up to see the herd of topi charging toward them]
Timon and Pumbaa: [shrieking]
[Timon and Pumbaa duck down, and the topi jump over them]
Timon: This must be where the deer and the antelope play!
[Timon and Pumbaa watch the herd go. They turn to find Kiara standing in front of them]
Timon and Pumbaa: [shrieking]
[Kiara is panting as she is interrupted from her hunt by Timon and Pumbaa]
Kiara: [sternly] Timon, what are you doing here?
Timon: Uh... shopping! We thought a nice pelt for the den... some throw pillows, a little potpourri...
Kiara: My father sent you. After he promised to let me do this on my own-- he lied!
Timon: No! ...He just doesn't want you to get hurt.
Kiara: I should have known he'd never give me a real chance. [runs off into the fields, continuing her hunt] I'll do this on my own. Away from the Pridelands!
Timon: Hey! Wait! Come back! [hops on Pumbaa and they run off after her]
Pumbaa: Come back here! Kiara! Come back!
Timon: Kiara, come back! [Pumbaa stops running] Oh... she's gone again. Somebody's gotta get a beeper for this kid.
[Timon and Pumbaa run ahead. Meanwhile, Kiara races across the savanna, her expression stormy]
Kiara: [shivers]
[Kiara pauses and looks wistfully over her shoulder before moving on. On a nearby ridge, Nuka and Vitani survey their progress with the fiery shoots yet in their mouths. They bound off the ridge toward the open savanna]
Nuka: LET'S LIGHT FIRE!!!!!!! [Vitani chuckling while lighting a trail of fire; Nuka laughing evilly] Roasty toasty princess, roasty toasty princess! [finishes lighting the grass on fire in a circle around him and jumps in excitement, but then pauses] Hey, is it hot here or is that just me? [realizes he's surrounded by fire] FIRE!!!!!!!! [shoots out then laughs evilly again]
Vitani: Come on! [pulls him away]
[The scene transitions to the open savanna, where Kiara is stalking a herd of topi. Suddenly, the topi lift their heads, look around and run off. Kiara races after the herd]
Kiara: Unh! [Kiara pauses, her nostrils flaring. On the ridge ahead of her, the herd doubles back and starts running toward her, pursued by flames. Kiara's expression turns to horror] [gasps]
[Kiara turns and runs in the separate direction, with the herd hot on her heels. Meanwhile, Zira and Kovu survey the fire from a nearby ridge]
Zira: The plan is in motion. [pauses] GO!
[Kovu runs off to down the slope. The scene transitions to Pride Rock, where Simba paces restlessly. Zazu stands nearby. On the distant horizon, black smoke billows into the air]
Zazu: Don't worry, Simba. She'll be fine. What could happen? [Simba pauses abruptly in his pacing and stares at a distant column of smoke]
Simba: [gasps] No... No! Kiara! [Simba runs off. Zazu flies into the air and stares in consternation at the smoke]
Zazu: [gasps] [Simba bounds down Pride Rock]
Simba: Zazu, fly ahead! Find her! [Simba races past the lionesses, who move to follow him]
Lionesses: [snarling]
[The scene transitions to the middle of the fire. Zebras whinnying and flee the inferno. Kiara runs after them, her face complete with terror]
Kiara: [shivers] [shudders] [Kiara pauses, her path blocked by flames] [shivers] [Kiara looks over one shoulder at the fire behind her] [shrieks] [Kiara runs into an area of thick smoke] [coughs] [Kiara notices a ridge that is high above the flames] What? [Kiara runs toward the ridge, dodging around several fires] Unh! [Kiara jumps and catches onto the ridge with her front paws. She attempts to hang on, almost falling into the flames below] Unh! [Kiara manages to jump to safety] Unh! [Kiara collapses] [moans]
[Behind Kiara, a dark shape with glowing eyes approaches through the smoke]
Kovu: [growls]
Kiara: [moans]
[Kiara looks up at the stranger weakly. He bares his teeth]
Kovu: [growls]
[Kiara collapses again]
Kiara: [sighs]
Kovu: [snarls] [Kovu circles around to Kiara's head and lifts her chin with one paw. She is unresponsive. He looks both fashions before seizing her by the scruff] [roars] [Kovu hefts Kiara onto his back] [snarls] [Kovu adjusts Kiara where she is riding him complete-body] Unh! [Kovu climbs down the ridge, the fire blazing behind him] [roars] [Kovu races through a burning forest. A tree falls and blocks his path] [roars] [Kovu jumps over the tree and heaves himself over a ridge] [roars] [Kovu and Kiara fall down a steep cliff into a lake below] Ugh! [Kovu emerges above the water. He notices Kiara sinking underwater and plunges after her] [gasps] [Kovu emerges above the water, grabbing Kiara by her scruff] Unh! [Kovu swims toward shore, towing Kiara] [shivers]
[Zazu flies overhead. He notices Kovu and Kiara]
Zazu: [gasps] I must warn Simba!
[Zazu flies away. Kovu drags Kiara onto dry land and lets go of her scruff]
Kiara: Where am I?
Kovu: You're safe... in the Pride Lands.
Kiara: [bewildered] The Pride Lands... NO! Why did you bring me here? Who do you think you are?
Kovu: But I think I'm the one who just saved your life!
Kiara: Look! I had everything under control!
Kovu: Not from where I'm standing.
Kiara: Then move downwind. [The lions confront each other. Kiara begins jumping from side to side, as she had done in their earlier encounter as cubs. Soon Kovu's interest is piqued]
Kovu: What are you doing?
Kiara: [recognizing him] Kovu?
Simba: [off-screen] Kiara! [Simba and the lionesses from Pride Rock arrive. Simba jumps in front of Kiara, snarling and growling.]
Nala:: Kiara! You're all right.
Kiara: Father, how could you break your promise?
Simba: It's a good thing I did. I almost lost you. No more hunts for you, not ever!
Kiara: But I was doing just fine! Even before Kovu--
Simba: Kovu?!
[Simba and Kovu ferociously roar at each other]
Nala: [surprised at Simba's ferocity] Simba! [Rafiki has arrived, and is standing on the hillside behind Simba.]
Simba: You saved her? Why?
Kovu: I humbly ask to join your pride.
Simba: [juts his head at Kovu] No! You were banished with the other Outsiders.
Kovu: I have left the Outsiders. Judge me now. I'm a rogue, who I am. Or am I to be blamed for a crime I didn't commit? [Simba ferociously snarls and paces around. Nala looks hard at him]
Nala: Simba, you owe him your daughter's life. [Simba ferociously growls]
Zazu: Mmm, yes, sire. Clearly we are in his debt. And royal protocol demands that all debts be paid. Though, in this case, you MIGHT want to make an exception. [Simba paces a few moments more, then comes to a decision]
Simba: Hmmm. My father's law will prevail. For now, I reserve judgment. We'll see who you really are. [Kovu smiles inwardly and looks sidelong at Kiara, who smiles back at him. Zazu turns his back on Kovu]
Zazu: Heh! Riffraff. [Zazu flies off. All make their way back to Pride Rock, with Kovu walking behind Simba and growling to himself]

[Simba is dreaming of the moment when his father died; he is at the top of the ledge, reaching down for Mufasa, who is just out of reach]
Simba: FATHER! [Scar is above Simba, laughing on the rocks against the moonlight] No, Dad! Just...a little...farther...
Scar: [latches on to Simba's upper foreleg with his claws] GOTCHA!!! Trust me!
Mufasa: [slides down and into the gorge] SIMBA!
Simba: NOOOOOO!!!!!!! [Simba turns on Scar, above him] Scar! [Scar morphs into Kovu, having a big vertical mark over Kovu's left eye, just like Scar] Kovu? [Kovu suddenly lets go, throwing Simba down after Mufasa] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[At the moment of impact, Simba jerks, panting. He looks around in fright, calms himself. Simba then goes back to sleep next to Nala]

[Kiara and Kovu are looking at constellations in the night sky]
Kovu: Did ya see that? Did ya see that?
Kiara: What?
Kovu: [chuckles] Oh, wow. Look at that!
Kiara: What?
Kovu: It's really pretty.
Kiara: Oh, yeah. You're right. Oh, look. There's one that looks like a baby rabbit. See the fluffy tail?
Kovu: Yeah. Hey! There's one that looks like two lions killing each other for a scrap of meat. [Kiara grimaces] Ah, I've never done this before.
Kiara: Really? My father and I used to do this all the time. He says all the Great Kings of the past are up there. Hm.
Kovu: Do you think Scar's up there? [gets up and moves off] He wasn't my father, but he was still...part of me.
Kiara: My father said there was a...a darkness in Scar that he couldn't escape.
Kovu: Maybe there's a darkness in me, too.
[Kiara puts her paw on Kovu's, and as they nuzzle, Simba surveys Kovu and Kiara. He looks up at the stars]
Simba: [calling out to Mufasa] Father, I am lost. Kovu is one of THEM, Scar's heir. How can I accept him?
Nala: Simba?
Simba: I was seeking counsel from the Great Kings.
Nala: Did they help?
Simba: [sighs] Silent as stars. My father would never--
Nala: Oh, my Simba. You want so much to walk the path expected of you. Perhaps Kovu does not.
Simba: [surprised] What? How do you know what--?
Nala: [chuckles] I can see them down there just as easily as you can. Get to know them and see.

[The song ends with Kiara and Kovu still singing the words "In Upendi". They are alone out on the savannah again]
Kovu: Good night...
Kiara: Good night.
[Kiara walks off to the main cavern, after looking back in Kovu's direction and sighing dreamily, and Kovu goes back to his standing stone on the promontory; Simba appears in the direction Kiara is walking, and he approaches Kovu]
Simba: It's... kinda cold tonight, huh? Come on in.
[Vitani watches from a distance as the two lions make their way back into the cavern]
Vitani: [hushed; to herself] Get him! What are you waiting for? Kovu, get him!
[She lies down and stares with despair as she realizes Kovu is not going to attack Simba. She hisses and jumps up, rushing back to report to Zira. Scene changes back to Zira's location]
Zira: [snarling] You're sure?
Vitani: Affirmative. I saw it with my own eyes.
Zira: No... [turns and strides away from Vitani.] Kovu cannot BETRAY US!

[Simba has been telling Kovu about Scar]
Simba: Scar couldn't let go of his hate, and in the end, it destroyed him.
Kovu: [deeply shocked] I've never heard the story of Scar that way. He truly was a killer.
Simba: [glances at the burnt plains around them] Fire is a killer. Sometimes, what's left behind can grow better than the generation before. [unearths a small plant from the dust] If given the chance.
Zira: [from offscreen] [cackles]
[Kovu and Simba look around.]
Simba and Kovu: [gasps]
[The Outsiders emerge from the shadows and stalk toward Kovu and Simba.]
Outsiders: [growl]
[Simba looks to the side to see more Outsiders emerging.]
Kovu: No. Oh, no... [Kovu and Simba look back and forth frantically.] No!
Outsiders: [growl]
Zira: [emerges, flanked by Nuka and Vitani.] Why, Simba...
Simba: [angrily] Zira.
Zira: What are you doing out here, and so... [evilly grins.] alone?
[Simba squares off against the Outsiders.]
Simba and Outsiders: [growl]
Zira, Nuka and Vitani: [chuckles]
Zira: Well done, Kovu... Just like we always planned.
Simba: [rounds on Kovu.] YOU!
Kovu: NO!
Simba: [snarls]
Kovu: [looks around at the Outsiders desperately.] I didn't have anything to do with this! [looks imploringly at Simba.]
Nuka: [lunges at Simba.] [snarls]
Simba: [knocks Nuka away.] [grunts]
Kovu: NO! [The Outsiders attack Simba.]
Simba and Outsiders: [snarl]
Simba: Ah! [fights back as more Outsiders gang up on him.]
Outsiders: [snarling]
Kovu: [jumps into the fray. He knocks an Outsider aside.] [grunts]
[Vitani kicks Kovu, knocking him into a nearby rock. He falls unconscious. Meanwhile, the Outsiders swarm over Simba.]
Outsiders: [snarled]
[Nuka leaps into the fight, knocking Simba off a cliff. He falls into the gorge.]
Simba: [grunts]
Zira: [surveys Simba from the top of the gorge.] YES! [The Outsiders slide down the side of the gorge toward Simba.] WE'VE GOT HIM!
Outsiders: [snarlier]
Vitani: [pounces at Simba.] Rah!
Zira: [from offscreen] REMEMBER YOUR TRAINING! [The Outsiders chase Simba through the gorge. One jumps on his back, but falls.] AS A UNIT!
Outsiders: [growls]
Simba: [pauses at the bottom of a log pile. He looks up to see that it leads to the top of the gorge.] [pants] [looks behind him to see the Outsiders charging toward him. He begins to climb the log pile.] [grunts]
[As Simba climbs, he dislodges a log that falls toward the Outsiders. They back away in time to avoid getting hit. Zira and Vitani glare up at Simba.]
Zira and Vitani: [snarl]
[Simba looks over one shoulder at the Outsiders down below. He then looks back up at the log pile. Meanwhile, Kovu stands at the top of the gorge, looking down on Simba.]
Kovu: SIMBA!
Zira: GET HIM, KOVU! GET HIM! [Kovu runs offscreen.] DO IT! NOW!
[Simba continues to climb. Nuka clambers up the log pile after Simba.]
Nuka: I'LL DO IT FOR YOU, MOTHER! [bounds gleefully up the logs.] [snickers] [loses his balance.] Oh! [looks down at Zira as he climbs.] Mother, are ya WATCHING?! [under his breath] I'm doin' it for you, and I'm doin' it for me.
Simba: [loses his footing.] Ah!
Nuka: [grabs onto one of Simba's back paws.] [whoops]
Simba: [winces.] [grunts]
Nuka: THIS is my moment of GLORY! [The log Nuka is standing on breaks, causing him to fall.] What? NO!
Zira: NO!
Nuka: [falls. Several logs land on top of him.] Ah!
Simba: [climbs higher, kicking more logs down the pile.] [grunts]
Nuka: [struggles to free himself. He looks up in fright as more logs fall toward him.] [screams]
[Simba climbs to safety. Meanwhile, more logs fall, raising dust. After a moment, the dust clears. Kovu bounds down to the bottom of the gorge and starts to pry the logs off Nuka.]
Kovu: [grunts] [Zira shoves Kovu aside.] [shouts]
Zira: [reaches down for Nuka.] [pants] [Kovu backs away. Zira shoves a log aside with her head.] [grunts] [Nuka is seen hopelessly buried in logs.]
Nuka: [coughs]
Zira: [heartbroken] Nuka...
Nuka: [weakly] I'm sorry, M-Mother. I tried.
Zira: [reaches down for Nuka.] Shhh.
Nuka: [starts to speak]
[Nuka's eyes shut, and his head falls limply in Zira's paw. She draws back slowly, leaving his head to rest on the logs, and stares down at him in devastation.]
Zira: [breathes heavily]
Vitani: [approaches from behind Zira.] [sadly] Nuka...
[Vitani bows her head. The scene transitions to the open savanna. Simba limps through the grass. Kiara, Zazu, Timon, and Pumbaa appear on a nearby hill.]
Kiara: Father? Father! [looks at Zazu, who has alighted in a nearby tree.] Zazu, get help!
Zazu: Oh, yes! [flies away.] Help! At once! Of course! [Kiara, Timon, and Pumbaa rush down the hill toward Simba. He pauses and looks up wearily at their arrival.]
Simba: [grunts]
Kiara: Father... [nuzzles Simba, then pulls away and watches him with concern.]
Simba: [breathes heavily] [Pumbaa skids to a halt in front of Simba, with Timon in his mane.]
Timon: Simba, talk to me! [spreads his arms wide.] What happened?
Simba: [breathes heavily] Kovu... Ambush... [collapses on his side.] [moans]
Kiara: No...
[Pumbaa picks up Simba's head, while Timon lifts his tail.]
Timon: It's all right, buddy. We're here for ya. [Timon and Pumbaa carry Simba away, while Kiara strides alongside them. The scene transitions to the gorge. The Outsiders are gathered mournfully around the log pile.]
Zira: Scar, watch over my poor Nuka. [glares over one shoulder at Kovu.] Oh... [angrily lunges at Kovu] YOU!!!
Kovu: [looks up. Zira angrily slashes him in the face and he yells in pain] AH!!! [turns away.] [breathes heavily] [looks back at Zira angrily, revealing a scar over his left eye.]
Zira: What... have you... [juts her head at Kovu] DONE?!
Kovu: I didn't... I-I didn't mean to. I... It wasn't my fault. I... [steeling himself] [breathes heavily] I did [juts his head at Zira] NOTHING!
Zira: [Losing control of her rage at Kovu] EXACTLY! [paces around Kovu] And in doing so, you betrayed your pride. Betrayed SCAR!
Kovu: [shouting] I want nothing more to DO WITH HIM!
Zira: You cannot escape it! [strides toward Kovu, who backs away. Kovu slips on a rock and falls on his backside.] Nuka is dead because of YOU!
Kovu: [softly] No.
Zira: [and Vitani glower and yelling at Kovu] YOU'VE KILLED YOUR OWN BROTHER!!!!!!!!
Kovu: [screaming at his mother] NO!!! [angrily runs away from the Outsiders.]
Outsiders: [roars]
Zira: [holds up a paw to halt Vitani.] Let him go! [climbs a pillar of rock and stands overlooking the Outsiders.] Simba has hurt me for the last time. [The Outsiders gather below Zira, grinning.] Now, he has corrupted Kovu. Listen to me. Simba is injured and weak. [lifts a fist.] And now is the time to [slams her fist into the ground.] ATTACK! We shall take this entire kingdom BY FORCE!!!!!!!!
Outsiders: [rear onto their hind legs.] It's a lions. [roaringly]
Zira: [laughs evilly] Gotcha! [cackles triumphantly]

Simba: [angrily glares down at Kovu] Why have you come back?
Kovu: Simba...I had nothing to do with--
Simba: You don't belong here.
Kovu: [desperately] Please. I ask your forgiveness.
Kiara: [begging] Daddy, please, talk to be nice with him.
Simba: [sternly to Kiara] SILENCE! [angrily turns back to face Kovu] When you first came here, you asked for judgment. And I pass it now!:
Kiara: [gasps]
Animals: We don't want you! Judgment! Put him on trial! Judgment day is here! Yes! Judgment! Judgment!
Simba: EXILE!
Kiara: NO! [elephant trumpeting, monkeys chattering and zebras whinnying] No! Kovu!

[After Kovu is banished to the Pride Lands and Simba stands on the promontory.]
Kiara: Father, please, you'll have to be sorry for him, reconsider. [approaches Simba]
Simba: You will not go anywhere without an escort from now on.
Kiara: No, that's not–
Simba: [looks back at Kiara.] He used you to get to me!
Kiara: No! He loves me, he's gentle and kind... for ME!
Simba: Because you are MY daughter! [juts his head at Kiara, who backs away.] You will not leave Pride Rock. You will stay where I can keep my eye on you, away from him.
Kiara: [gets angry at Simba] I don't care, You're fired, You don't know him!
Simba: [paces to the edge of the promontory.] You fire me, I know he's following in Scar's paw prints! [bows his head.] And I must follow in my father's.
Kiara: [has been angered at her father's behavior] Look, You will NEVER be Mufasa...I QUIT! [Simba is shocked at what Kiara said. Kiara turns tail and flees toward the den. The lionesses watch her go sadly. She collapses in the cave] [sobs] [Kiara looks up at a shaft of light. Her expression turns bold. Rocks shift outside Pride Rock, falling away to reveal a hidden exit. Kiara emerges and races off into the savanna. She searches the pool where Kovu had been earlier] Kovu? [Kiara climbs a nearby rock and jumps into the pool.] Kovu... [Kiara looks into the water to see that half of her reflection is missing. She runs on. She searches the crevice where she, Kovu, Timon, and Pumbaa had hidden from the rhinoceros stampede] Kovu... [Kiara huddles outside the crevice]

[Kovu and Kiara catch a sight of themselves in a reflection]
Kovu: [smiles at Kiara] Hey, look. We are one.
Kiara: [looks shocked] What?
Kovu: Let's get out of here. We'll run away together and start a pride all our own.
Kiara: [chuckles and walk towards Kovu] Kovu, we have to go back.
Kovu: You're kidding. But we're finally together.
Kiara: Our place is with our pride. If we run away, they'll be divided forever.

[Kiara has just left Pride Rock to reunite with Kovu. Now, Timon and Pumbaa are talking]
Timon: I can't believe we lost her AGAIN. This is the 8,000th time!
Pumbaa: [winces] Ooh!
Timon: [as he points at Pumbaa] I thought you were going to watch her!
Pumbaa: "Me"?! YOU were gonna watch her.
Timon: I thought you were gonna watch her!
Pumbaa: No, YOU were gonna watch her!
Timon: YOU were gonna watch her!
Pumbaa: OH, WATCH THIS! [leaps onto Timon]
Timon: OW! [tackles at Pumbaa and starts pulling his skin] TAKE THAT, YOU CREE-PY WART-HOOOOG! SAY IT!
Pumbaa: FAT!
Timon: SAY IT!
Pumbaa: [Timon is holding his back leg] FAT! FATTY...FAT...FAT!
Simba: [walks in] What are you doing?
Timon: [seeing Simba, he screams and lets go of Pumbaa's leg] Good question. Uhh... let me ask you one.
Pumbaa: HIPPO-thetically.
Timon: Very HYPO-thetical. There's this guy...
Pumbaa: But he's not a lion.
Timon: No... no, he's not a lion... yeesh. Definitely not a lion. And, uh... uh... his daughter, um, say... VANISHED.
Simba: Kiara's gone and does she quit?
[Zazu flies into shot]
Zazu: Sire! The Outsiders are on the attack, heading this way! IT'S WAR!
Simba: Zazu, find Kiara. [to Timon and Pumbaa] We'll assemble the lionesses. Move, Now!

Zira: It's over, Simba! I have dreamed of nothing else for years!
Timon: Boy, does she need a hobby.
Simba: Last chance, Zira: Go home.
Zira: I AM home! [smirks and snarls as lightning flashes and thunder crashes] ATTACK!!!!!!!! [The two opposing lines advance toward each other, first walking, then picking up speed until they hit at a full run. Zira coaches her pride from a high rock.] GO FOR THE EYES! BREAK HIS JAW! HIT HIM LOW! GET THEM! DO WHAT YOU MUST!

[Kiara and Kovu approach from a distance, but the dust of the final battle is already rising; they're worried, but they rush towards the final battlefield at full speed anyway]
Pumbaa: What do we do? What do we do?!
Timon: There's only one thing we can do, Pumbaa. "When they going gets tough, they tough get going." That's our motto!
Pumbaa: I thought our motto was "HAKUNA MATATA"?
Timon: Pumbaa, stop living in the past! We need the new motto! [Timon and Pumbaa run screaming into the battle, trying to appear as menacing as they can. They are stopped short by the snarling lioness; they turn and run back the way they came] Like I said: LET'S GET GOIN'!!!!!!!!

[Vitani appears on the ledge above Nala]
Vitani: [sarcastic tone] Where's your pretty daugther, Nala?
Nala: Vitani!
[Vitani leaps to attack and tackles Nala]

[Just as Simba and Zira are about to fight, Kiara and Kovu leap in between them]
Simba: Kiara?
Zira: Kovu! [Kovu doesn't back down] Move.
Simba: Stand aside.
Kiara: Daddy, this has to stop.
Zira: You're even weaker than I thought. GET OUT OF THE WAY!
Kovu: If you'll never hurt Kiara. OR Simba. Not while I am here. [Zira scoffs in disbelief and angry]
Simba: Stay out of this.
Kiara: The wise king once told me, "We are one." I didn't understand him then. [smiles] Now I do.
Simba: But they--
Kiara: Them? Us? Look at them. They ARE us. What differences do you see?
[as both prides stand stunned in realization, the rain stops and the clouds clear; Simba smiles and nuzzles Kiara]
Zira: Vitani, NOW!
Vitani: No, mother! [faces Kiara then back to Zira] Kiara's right. [walks to join Simba's pride] ENOUGH.
Zira: If YOU will not fight, then YOU will die as well. [the other Outsiders mutter disgustedly. They go to stand with Simba, leaving Zira standing alone] Wh-- Wha-- Where are you going?! Get back here!
Simba: Let it go, Zira. It's time to put the past behind us.
Zira: [Her last words before her death] I'LL NEVER LET IT GO! This is for YOU, SCAR!
[Zira furiously snarls and angrily leaps to attack at Simba, but Kiara pushes her away, and the two lionesses tumble down into the canyon]
Simba: Kiara!
Kovu: Kiara!
Simba: [carefully jumps down to rescue her] Kiara! [Kiara and Zira continue to fall with Zira yelling until they hanging over a cliff]
Nala: Hold on, Kiara! [sees the river flooding towards through the canyon] Simba. [Simba jumps onto another rock canyon] SIMBA, THE RIVER! [Simba sees the river then safely jumps to hold onto another part of the canyon to rescue Kiara. Meanwhile, Kiara sees Zira hanging on the cliff]
Kiara: [holds her paw out] Zira, give me your paw! [Zira almost hits her by swiping her paw and slowly slips further down off the cliff] Zira, come on... I'll help you. [Zira lets go and falls into the river to her death while she yells, drowning; only with her paw to be shown before the flood ends. Kiara looks in the river for Zira but she doesn't see her and sighs in worry]
Simba: Kiara. [holds his paw out for her]
Kiara: [grabbing her father's paw] Daddy. I tried. [they get themselves out of the canyon and back on to the ground]

Pumbaa: [about to cry after seeing Kovu and Kiara's initiation] I love moments like this.
Timon: Yeah.
Both: Love! Not "like", "LOVE"! [they start crying, and Zazu covers himself]

[last line]
Mufasa: [voice only] Well done, my son. [Simba and Rafiki smile] We are one.

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