The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning

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The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning (also known as The Little Mermaid III) is a 2008 American animated direct-to-video fantasy film produced by DisneyToon Studios, and a prequel to Disney's 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid. Directed by Peggy Holmes.


[Marina Del Ray and Benjamin came in the princesses' room]
Marina Del Ray: Uppy-uppy, my darlings.
Benjamin: It's us. [The princesses groan]
Ariel: [Groans] Governess! [Then Marina takes the pillow from under Aquata]
Aquata: Hey!
Marina Del Ray: Rise and shine.
Aquata: Why so early?
Marina Del Ray: Mustn't be late.
Arista: But it's still dark out.
Aquata: Uh...
Arista: [Sees now] Oh. Hi.
Benjamin: Wakey-wakey.
Adella: Oh, I was dreaming about a boy.
Marina Del Ray: Yes. Come on, girls.
Alana: But I need my beauty sleep.
Andrina: Time about it.
Alana: Easy for you. No one cares what you look...
Marina Del Ray: MOVE IT.
Benjamin: I think you're lovely.
Andrina: Can't we meet Father later?
Marina Del Ray: Unfortanily, I don't get to make those kinds of decisions. [laughs] Any decisions, really. [Sees the girls go back to sleep again and anger] GET OFF!!! [The girls rushed up and go to the mirrors] All right, all right, all right. Move your tails. This is our special time with your father.
Ariel: Special? It's the same every morning.
Andrina: Ah, she's got a point.
Marina Del Ray: That's what your father cares about. Predictability, presentation, punctuality.
Ariel: That's all Dad cares about.
Andrina: She's got a point.
Aquata: You've got your own mirror!
Benjamin: Two minutes.
Marina Del Ray: STOP WORKING! [They get ready as they talk, as Attina goes to Ariel]
Attina: Come on, Ariel.
Ariel: Why can't he let us do something different? Just once.
Attina: Give him a break. He's the king, remember? You try running a kingdom.
Ariel: I wouldn't run it like this.
Attina: Don't upset him, Ariel.
Ariel: Just because you're the oldest, Attina, doesn't mean you get to boss us around.
Attina: Yes, it does.
Marina Del Ray: Benjamin, if we're late again, I'll never get a promotion.
Benjamin: Marina...
Attina: Come on, girls.
Marina Del Ray: Not that I want a promotion. No, no, no, I love this job. Looking after you is what I live for. Really. [the girls leave and anger again] I HATE this job!
Benjamin: The less said the better.

[At the throne room, Sebastian arrives, and his chariot is going crazy]
Sebastian: [panting] WHOA! WHOA! Good morning, Your Highness.
King Triton: Sebastian.
Sebastian: Hm? Oh! [chuckles]
King Triton: Anything to report?
Sebastian: [clears throat] Unfortunately, the sprat and the... smelt were still... [shrieks] squabbling. No worries. I told them I'd sic the salmon on them. [chuckles]
King Triton: Sebastian, what would I do without you?
Sebastian: You'd be negotiatin' with the sprat and the smelt, that's what.
[The princesses arrive before their father]
King Triton: Good morning, girls.
Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina and Ariel: Good morning, Father.
King Triton: Marina.
Marina Del Rey: Good morning, Your Majesty.
Sebastian: [clears throat]
Marina Del Rey: Sebastian.
Sebastian: You're late.
Marina Del Rey: I... uh... [chuckles, groans]
Sebastian: Your Majesty.
King Triton: Well, I presume you've all been attending to your royal duties this week.
Attina: Yes, Father. We've been working diligently.
Ariel: But, we're always done early.
Attina: Shh!
Ariel: And the coral is in bloom.
Andrina: Clam it!
Adella: Enough!
Ariel: [swims to her father] So I thought maybe we could go for a swim on the reef?
King Triton: Not today, Ariel.
Ariel: But it only happens once a year. It could be fun.
King Triton: I don't have the time.
Ariel: I was thinking we could just skip the morning walk.
Sebastian: [Sternly] Ariel! Your father said NO.
Ariel: Yes, sir. [swims back to her sisters]
Attina: Nice job.
[They begin to swim out]
Sebastian: Be on time tomorrow.
Marina Del Rey: [grumbling]
King Triton: [exhaling deeply]
Marina Del Rey: LET'S MOVE IT!
Adella: OK, we're coming.
Andrina: Time to go.
Attina: Great.
[They swim to go on their walk with their Father]

King Triton: That will be all, Sebastian, Marina. Good day, girls.
Attina, Alana, Adella, Aquata, Arista, Andrina, and Ariel: Goodbye, Father.
[They begin to swim until...]
King Triton: Ariel.
Ariel: [groans] Oh! Yes, Daddy?
Arista: [Whispering] He sounds grumpier than yesterday.
Andrina: Time to go. [With Triton and Ariel]
King Triton: [sternly] A princess does not tickle another princess with seaweed.
Ariel: [smiling nervously] You saw that? [beat] I was just trying to have some fun.
King Triton: You disrupted your sisters.
Ariel: Well, they laughed
King Triton: Well, I didn't.
Ariel: But Daddy, why can't...
King Triton: [interrupts] Is it too much to ask that you simply walk with your family?
Ariel: [frustrated] That's all we ever do.
King Triton: [threateningly] Ariel...
Ariel: Can't we do something different?
King Triton: [yelling at Ariel in rage] ENOUGH! [Ariel is shocked at her father's behavior] You have to learn to respect the way I run this kingdom. [pulls out a seashell-shaped tool] Barnacles.
Ariel: [shocked] What the-- That'll take all day.
King Triton: [hands her the tool] Well, then you'd better get started, young lady. [Ariel is angry at her father as he swims inside the building]
Ariel: [to herself] I hate this place. [She swims off to where she will get all the barnacles off]

[We fade to stacks of meat and are picked up by a stick, which turns out to be Benjamin uses it to feed the locked up creatures]
Benjamin: Mm-hmm. Snacky-snack. [animals growling] OK. [moaning as the creatures ate the meat] No manners.
Marina Del Ray: This job is killing me!
Benjamin: Oh, dear.
Marina Del Ray: ​​​​If I have to watch over these spoiled princesses one more day, I'm gonna BEACH MYSELF!
Benjamin: Mm-hmm.
Marina Del Ray: You should've heard that little clawboy Sebastian today. "You're late." [gibbering] IF TRITON WASN'T LOOKING, I WOULD HAVE SQUASHED THAT CRUSTACEAN INTO A CRAB CAKE!
Benjamin: Mm-hmm.
Marina Del Ray: [inhaling deeply] Maybe I'm just too sensitive?
Benjamin: Dip.
Marina Del Ray: Did you feed them today?
Benjamin: Yes. Twice.
Marina Del Ray: And the key? [He shows her the key around his neck, and he continues to shorten her nails] OOH! That Sebastian! I despise him! I LOATHE him!
Benjamin: Never heard that one.
Marina Del Ray: How did that little invertebrate get to be chief of staff?
Benjamin: Chutzpah?
Marina Del Ray: I want that job. I deserve that JOB! So what if I'm late every once in a while and the girls are miserable?
Benjamin: Nobody's perfect.
Marina Del Ray: That's right. Nobody's... perfect. -
Benjamin: Oh... me.
Marina Del Ray: Everyone makes mistakes, even... HIM! [singing] ♪ Benjamin, I need to find a clue ♪
Benjamin: Or a good cuticle cream.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ To get myself Sebastian's job. To stage a little coup. A straw to break the camel's back. A teeny dent, a tiny crack. A quiver or a quake. What I need is one mistake ♪ OW!
Benjamin: Oh, so sorry!
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Just one mistake ♪
Benjamin: Now, color? Sardine Silver?
Marina Del Ray: No, thanks.
Benjamin: Orange roughy?
Marina Del Ray: Not in the mood.
Benjamin: Rainbow trout?
Marina Del Ray: Just paint them the shade of clarified butter! [singing] Sebastian, Oh, better be on his guard. ♪
Benjamin: So much for my samples.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Cause I have some electric chums. And they'll be looking very hard. A straw to break Sebastian's back! A teeny dent, a tiny crack! A dowdy double take! What I need is one mistake! ♪
Benjamin: Uno error.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Just one mistake Then... Hello, world! ♪
Benjamin: Oh, me.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ It's Marina Del Rey! ♪
Benjamin: That's right. Three names.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ I'm the new attach ♪
Benjamin: Ooh, French!
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Or maybe more Oh, I want so much more ♪
Benjamin: Big surprise.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Hello, world! I'm the belle of the ball! ♪
Benjamin: I'm feelin' it. Big wave!
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ I'm the greatest of all the loyal royal big shots! ♪ [shouting gleefully, grunts]
Benjamin: [moans]
Marina Del Ray: Mmm... [singing] ♪ Work it, Marina! Pouty, sassy! ♪
Benjamin: Pouty. Sassy.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ From the engine to the chassis! ♪
Benjamin: [singing] ♪ Oo-wah oo-wah ♪
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Got to, got to! ♪
Benjamin: [singing] ♪ Oo-wah oo-wah ♪
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Get it, get it! Gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta, gotta HAVE IT!!!!!!! A straw to break the camel's back. A teeny dent, a tiny crack. A mini mighty break. What I need is one mistake. ♪
Benjamin: Mmm.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ And after that, who knows? ♪ Sebastian's bound to make a mistake, right?
Benjamin: Not likely.
Marina Del Ray: Dream killer! [she dips her nails into the bowl angrily]

Flounder: My name is Flounder.
Ariel: Oh, I'm Ariel. [Sees something] Oh, shit! [That was Sebastian as he stopped until her land on Sebastian]
Sebastian: Princess Ariel! What is the meaning of this?!
Flounder: Princess?
Ariel: Um... We weren't doing anything.
Sebastian: No? Then why were you trying to get away? [both growing]
Flounder: Um... 'Cause they were chasing us?
Swordfish Guard: We heard music, chief.
Swordfish Guard: The princess wasn't making music. He was.
Flounder: [whimpers]
Sebastian: Music is against the law! Take him to the dungeon!
Flounder: I can't make it in the slammer!
Sebastian: NOW!
Ariel: Wait! This is all a big misunderstanding. Huge. You are gonna laugh when I explain. Which I'm about to do.
Sebastian: In this century, please.
Ariel: Right. You see, I was just cleaning the coral tubes, and my friend here [chuckles] were helping me.
Flounder: That's right. Best friends helpin' out. Makin' it happen.
Ariel: But not making music. [He make nervous smile] See?
Sebastian: Guards! Escort the princess back to the palace.
Ariel: But Sebastian...
Sebastian: [To Flounder] And YOU!
Flounder: [whimpers]
Sebastian: Consider this your first and only warning, mon. [The two guard goes on to escort the princess back to the palace, but not before she glares at them]
Ariel: Humph! [Sebastian sees that Flounder is still here and he give him the angry look that scares and he swims off]
Sebastian: Oh! Intolerable, I tell you. That girl is working on my last CLAW!

[In the morning, Sebastian crawls up to King Triton in his throne room]
Sebastian: Good morning, Your Highness.
King Triton: Sebastian. Marina.
Sebastian: [gasps]
Marina Del Rey: Good morning, Your Majesty.
King Triton: I have a problem. [Sebastian is shocked] It's Ariel.
Sebastian: Ariel?! I...
Marina Del Rey: Finally! So you see it, too? Oh, yes. She's rebellious, insubordinate, headstrong. We need to immediately implement a series of checks and balances designed to CRUSH her spirit. What? Too harsh?
Sebastian: Absolutely! Your Highness, she is young, going through a phase.
King Triton: I don't remember having this much trouble with any of her sisters.
Marina Del Rey: I do! They're all a handful. We should SHAVE THEIR HEADS.
Sebastian: [yelps]
King Triton: [clears throat]
Marina Del Rey: Just kidding.
King Triton: Alana wasn't difficult at all.
Sebastian: Yes, Your Majesty. But Arista and the blowfish incident, remember?
Marina Del Rey: Oh! It took weeks to clean up the palace.
Sebastian: And how about Aquata and that stingray?
Marina Del Rey: Oh! I can still feel it.
King Triton: Well...
Sebastian: Or the time Attina got her head stick in the conch shell.
Marina Del Rey: That was me.
King Triton: Well, perhaps you're right, Sebastian. Still, it seems Marina could use some help. I want you to look after Ariel.
Marina Del Rey: [shrieks]
King Triton: No offense, Marina.
Marina Del Rey: None taken. [They bow down as King Triton leaves] Soft shell.
Sebastian: Tardy girl.
Marina Del Rey: Stick eye.
Sebastian: Fish lips.
Marina Del Rey: Backstabber.
Sebastian: Fashion disaster.
Marina Del Rey: BOTTOM FEEDER!
Sebastian: BABYSITTER!
Marina Del Rey: [gasps]
King Triton: Dismissed. [That got them to stop fighting. Meanwhile, we go to Ariel humming "I Remember" in her sleep, but then she wake up to see her sister staring at her]
Ariel: What the-- [looks at her sisters being suspicious] What the--
Attina: Uh... You were humming.
Ariel: [gasps] I was?
Arista: Out loud.
Ariel: Don't worry. [swims to her mirror] It was just a dream.
Alana: I'll tell you what wasn't a dream. We woke up at midnight.
Aquata: And your bed was still empty.
Ariel: Really?
Andrina: Yeah. That is two hours past curfew.
Ariel: Oh.
Andrina: Ooh, was it a boy?
Adella: If it's a boy, I'm gonna DIE!
Andrina: Ugh... Drama.
Adella: I mean, I'm happy for you, Ariel. It's just that I'm two years older than you, and the only one I've come even close to kissing is Stevie.
Andrina: Ew! Squid-Lips Stevie?
Adella: It was on a dare.
Andrina: Whatever.
Attina: Girls, let's stick to the subject.
Ariel: Well, it wasn't a boy, OK? I was just helping a friend. Out past the kelp forest.
Aquata: Ooh! Past the kelp forest. It wasn't a boy. It was a BAD BOY.
Arista: [gasping] Oh, Ariel.
Aquata: Simmer down there, sister.
Attina: So you were just helping a friend?
Ariel: Um... Yep.
Attina: Then, where'd you get... THIS?
Ariel's Sisters: [all gasp]
Attina: Can you imagine what'd happen if Dad found it?
Ariel: He's never here.
Attina: Don't get cute with me. This is serious. Where were you? [Andrina looks at her, Alana, Aquata, and Arista both looked at Ariel]
Ariel: I was just... listening to music in an underground club.
Attina: OK, where were you really? [Ariel gives them the look]
Sisters: [gasping] Listening to music?
Aquata: No way.
Arista: What was it like?
Andrina: Come on. Spill it.
Ariel: [laughs] Oh, it was amazing. The energy, the dancing, the music... Just makes you feel like...
Aquata: Like what?
Ariel: Like when Mom was here.
Arista: Ariel, I wanna hear it, too.
Ariel: You do?
Aquata: Me, too.
Adella: OK. Me, too.
Alana: Me, too! Me, too!
Andrina: Not without me.
Arista: Yeah. Everybody does. Please, Ariel. Please?
Ariel: Well...
Attina: Oh!
Ariel: We'll go tonight.
Arista: I'm so excited!
Aquata: Music!
Alana: What should I wear?
Adella: So you think there'll be boys?
Andrina: One way to find out.
Attina: This is not HAPPENING! You go again and I...
Andrina: Oh, lighten up.
Ariel: Come on. [all...]
Girls: Mmm?
Attina: OK. [The girls cheer as Marina and Benjamin arrives]
Marina Del Rey: Come on, girls. Uppy-up.
Andrina: Morning.
Benjamin: They're early.
Marina Del Rey: Yes. [grabs Benjamin] But WHY?! [Leave at princesses' room]

[After King Triton and his Royal Guards storm the club]
King Triton: This is how you watch over my DAUGHTER?!
Sebastian: Sire, I...
King Triton: I trusted you.
Sebastian: Sire. [Marina looks at this in pleasure]
King Triton: Guards! LOCK him away.
Ariel: What? No!
Sebastian: But, Your Majesty, please!
Swordfish guard: Come on. Let's move it. [The guards escort the band, pushes Flounder] Hey.
Flounder: I'm with the band.
Swordfish guard: Sure you are, kid. [As they take them away]
King Triton: Marina, you will take over Sebastian's duties immediately.
Marina Del Rey: As you wish.
King Triton: Attina. Take your sisters home.
Attina: Yes, sir.
Ariel: Father, you can't do this!
King Triton: It's already DONE! [Attina and Aquata drag Ariel out. As the princesses exit the club, King Triton, in far more rage than before, uses his trident to blast the rocks to block the entrance to the club. The scene fades to the princesses in the throne room at the palace.] You are all confined to the palace.
Attina: Yes, Father.
Ariel: Why don't you just lock us in jail?
King Triton: Ariel, you are confined to the palace until you understand what you've done.
Ariel: What did we do? Tell me, Daddy.
Attina: Ariel, leave it alone.
Ariel: [angrily] No! [swims up to Triton so she can try to reason with him] We haven't done anything wrong. All we did was listen to music.
Ariel: But why? Why did you fire us, Daddy? And why can't we have music?
King Triton: This discussion is over.
Ariel: Just TIME!
King Triton: I do NOT have to EXPLAIN myself to you.
Ariel: I don't understand, We love music!
King Triton: [Losing control of his rage and screaming at Ariel] I WILL NOT HAVE MUSIC IN MY KINGDOM!!!!!!!!
[Hearing this, Ariel is heartbroken and devastated by this.]
Ariel: I may not remember much about my mother, but I know she wouldn't have wanted this. [She leaves the throne room, as the king and her sisters watch her leave. Triton becomes saddened while watching Ariel swim away. Cut to Ariel entering her and her sisters' room, and sitting while crying] [sobbing] [Her sisters enter the room as Attina is now 2 feet away from them] Attina? [Ariel tries to comfort Attina, but...]
Attina: You just don't know when to quit. [Attina glares at her and swims away from her]
Ariel: What the-- [Her sisters did the same]
Adella: It's over, Ariel.
Ariel: But... we were finally happy.
Attina: Look around, Ariel. No one's happy.

Marina Del Rey: Benjamin, tear out those puny windows. Rip down those narrow walls.
Benjamin: Oh, shit.
Marina Del Rey: This is just the beginning. I want a balcony so I can wave down to the adoring crowds. But high enough so they can't see disdain on my face. Can you taste it, Benjamin? The sweet taste of power! Filling, yet oddly minty! [singing] ♪ Hello, world! It's Marina Del Rey! I'm the new attach! But I want more! [laughing] And I'M NEVER GOING BACK! Did you get that, clawboy? NO, I'M NEVER GOING BACK... ♪
Delivery fish: Delivery for Miss Del Rey.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Make no mistake! I'm here to stay! ♪
Benjamin: Oh... OK.
Marina Del Ray: [singing] ♪ Meet the new MARINA DEL REY!!! ♪ [harmonizing]
Benjamin: She does seem happier. Oh!
Delivery fish: How long has she been in charge?
Benjamin: We're going on... seven minutes.
Marina Del Rey: Ah-ha!

[Meanwhile, at the dungeon. Ray-Ray throws the ball against the wall with Flounder, as Sebastian, Cheeks and Shelbow are sad being in the dungeon, as Ink Spot panics]
Ink Spot: I got to get out of here. I got to get out. The walls, they're closing in. There's no space! NO AIR! [grunting] I got it! We'll start a riot! Follow my lead. ATLANTICA! ATLANTICA! Join me, guys. ATLANTICA!
Ray Ray: Hey, Ink Spot.
Ink Spot: Yeah? [Ray-Ray throws the ball to Ink Spot as he squeezes the ball while breathing]
Ray Ray: This ain't living. You know what I'm saying?
Sheldon: And the acoustics are non-good-ular. Listen. ♪ Do, re, mi, fa, so, la, ti, do ♪
Flounder: Come on, at least we're hanging out. Can I get a "hoo-yah?"
Sebastian: Come on, guys. This looks a lot worse than it is. I'll just get an audience with the king and I'll fix it.
Shelbow: Now, no offense, man, but you had ten years to fix it, and this is where we end up?
Ink Spot: In jail. [The band gathered around to discuss the plan]
Sebastian: Well, I... [And the band are done discussing the plan]
Ray Ray: The band has talked it up, see, and we want you to...
Cheeks: Slip through the bars.
Shelbow: Use your claws to pick the lock, man.
Ink Spot: And open that door! [They have each other about that being a good plan]
Flounder: Liquid! [the gang looked at him] Just kidding.
Sebastian: No! Bad Plan! If we break out of this jail, there ain't no coming back here, mon! We'll be fugitives! [The pause at that, but they agree on being fugitives]
Flounder: What's a fugitive? [Ariel arrives and heads to their cell]
Sebastian: What about me? You just gonna abandon her, leave her to deal wit all dat we tangled her up in? You tink that small, weak, helpless little girl can do anything by herself? [Ariel smashes open door] Ariel?
Ariel: Come on Sebastian, let's go.
Shelbow: I'm with her.
Sebastian: If we run away from Atlantica, it will break your father's heart.
Ray Ray: She got to do what she got to do.
Ariel: I'm sorry. I just can't live here.
Ink Spot: Yeah, let's go.
Sebastian: [closes the cell door] Listen, I will not be responsible for taking you away from your family.
Ariel: [opens the cell door] I'm leaving! With or without you.
Cheeks: All right!
Sebastian: [closes the cell door again, but this time he is out of the cell] NOBODY'S LEAVING! [gasps]
Shelbow: Except you.
Ray Ray: Mmm-hmm.
Ariel: Look, Sebastian, without music, this place just isn't home.
Shelbow: You know she ain't lying.
Ray Ray: Ain't no comeback to that!
Ink Spot: You got that right.
Sebastian: [Tries to think] Ha! Oh, shit, shit, shit. [gasps, grumbles] Never mind. [screams]
Ariel: Are you OK?
Sebastian: Ariel, you're right! Without music, this place just isn't home. I know just where to go!
Band: FREEDOM! [They go through the cell door ramming Sebastian against the wall]

Sebastian: Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go!
Flounder: [scatting]
Sebastian: Flounder, shh! Move it, move it, move it, mon.
Flounder: Move it, move it, move it.
Sebastian: Flounder, please!
Flounder: [scatting]
Sebastian: Shh! This way. Come on.
Flounder: [scatting]
Ink Spot: Flounder, shh! Be quiet.
Cheeks: Ditto!
Shelbow: Shh!
Flounder: [scatting loudly] YEAH! HIT ME!
Ray-Ray: Hey, small fry, I think you could use some lessons in fugitivity.
Flounder: Oh, yeah. Right. Got it. [conutining scatting]
Cheeks: You're gonna blow it for all of us.
Flounder: Blow, good. [continues scatting]
Shelbow: Hey, kid, ixnay on the soundtrack.
Flounder: Why?
Ink Spot: Why? Why? Why? TRY JAIL!
Cheeks: Prison!
Shelbow: The big house!
Sebastian: The slammer!
Ray-Ray: Music is against the law, you dig?
Flounder: Not out here.
All: What?
Flounder: Come on. We ran away so we could sing. And I'm singing. [scatting]
Shelbow: You know, the kid's striking a major chord.
Cheeks: I feel it, I feel it.
Shelbow: Look at him go with his bad little self.
Cheeks: Oh, yeah.
Ink Spot: Come on. Let it happen.
Ray-Ray: [scatting]
Gang: [singing] ♪ Sha-na-na, na, na, na, an Na, na, na, na, na, an Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake your body line ♪
Ariel: [singing] ♪ Shake your body line ♪
Gang: [singing] ♪ Shake, shake, shake, Senora Shake it all the time ♪
Sebastian: [singing] ♪ Shake it all the time ♪
Gang: Work, work, work, Senora Work your body line ♪
Ariel: [singing] ♪ Work your body ♪
Gang: Work, work, work, Senora Work it all the time ♪
Flounder: [singing] ♪ Let's break it down Jump-J-J-Jump in the line Rock your body on time ♪
Ray-Ray: There he goes again.
Flounder: [singing] ♪ J-J-Jump in the line ♪
Cheeks: He's groovin'!
Ray-Ray: Let me try again now.
Ray-Ray and Flounder: [singing] ♪ Jump-J-J-Jump in the line - Rock your body on time - ♪
All: We're in!
Gang: [singing] ♪ Jump-J-J-Jump J- J-Jump Jump Whoo! Jump in the line ♪
Ink Spot: HIT IT!
Gang: [singing] ♪ Jump in the line Rock your body in time ♪
Shelbow: All right.
Ink Spot: OK.
Cheeks: Let's step-a-doodle.
Gang: [singing] ♪ Jump in the line Rock your body on time ♪
Flounder: Where are we going exactly?
Sebastian: [To Flounder] Don't worry, mon.
Flounder: 'Cause I got to go to the bathroom.
Ariel: Oh, Flounder.

[At the palace, King Triton is sitting on his throne, as Marina arrives]
Marina Del Ray: And thanks to my bold new initiatives, second only to my fabulous day wear and dressy evening separates, productivity in all sectors is up 20 percent. [The king ignores her as he swims away] Squids are producing more ink, kelp more oxygen, and the coral reef is just churning out the plankton. Chuga, chuga! [laughs] I do so enjoy fresh plankton on my salad, don't you? [He didn't answer] I'll take that as a yes. Ohh. As you can see, I - [raises chair to Triton's level] I'm a self starter, Your Majesty. Here to anticipate your every need! Not like that last guy, what was his name? Sooner we forget about him, the better. In fact! Let's make a vow, never to mention his name again. Here, I'll start! [claps hands over mouth] There! Wasn't that easy? [Benjamin appears]
Benjamin: Marina.
Marina Del Rey: Busy!
King Triton: [Remorseful] I think I was too hard on them.
Marina Del Rey: Huh?
Benjamin: It's about Ariel.
Marina Del Rey: Not now!
King Triton: Perhaps I went too far.
Marina Del Rey: Nonsense, Your Highness. Not possible. [Her seat went down to Benjamin]
Benjamin: Marina.
Marina Del Rey: [turning around with her chair and yelling at Benjamin] WHAT THE--
Attina: [Off Screen] DADDY!
Benjamin: Huh? [Attina arrives with the flower Ariel left behind]
Attina: Ariel's missing.
King Triton: [gets shocked at what Attina said.] What?
Marina Del Rey: [grabs Benjamin] Why didn't you TELL ME?!
Benjamin: I just... did.
Attina: We can't find her! We've looked everywhere!
King Triton: Don't worry. I'll find her. Get me Sebastian!
Marina Del Rey: What the-- No, no, no! No, I'm in charge here! [swims to Triton, but stops when he gives her the look] Well...
Benjamin: Sebastian's gone, too.
King Triton: Guards! Search the palace. Search every inch of Atlantica! FIND MY DAUGHTER! [Leaves along with Attina as the guards gone off to find Ariel]
Marina Del Rey: Your Majesty. Whoo-hoo! Your Majesty, Your Majesty. [growls] [She turns to look at the flower as she goes to pick it up and squeezes it in anger.] Sebastian.

Flounder: Are we there yet?
Sebastian: No.
Flounder: Are we there yet?
Sabastian: No.
Flounder: Are we there yet?
Sebastian: No.
Flounder: Are we there yet?
Sebastian: No.
Flounder: Are we there yet?
Sebastian: Yes. This is it.
flounder: Are you sure?
Sebastian: Yes.
Ray Ray: Are you sure?
Sebastian: Yes.
Ariel: Are you s-?
Sebastian: [yelling at them] YES!
Ink Spot: Oh, man. We can't live here!
Shelbow: Yeah, this place is all "Oom-pa-pa." We need some... [drumbeats]
Sebastian: Nonsense. It's perfect. Just listen to them acoustics: [singing] ♪ Do, re, me, fa, so, la, ti, do ♪ [It echoes three times] Solid.
Ray Ray: Well, it beats the dungeon.
Cheeks: But not by much.
Shelbow: It'll do for the time being. Excuse me.
[He goes inside his shell and, Ink Spot goes on a boulder and sleeps upside down, and Ray-Ray buries himself in the sand]
Ray-Ray: Ooh... [Flounder tries to do the same thing that Ray Ray but fail and spits out the sand]
Flounder: [sputtering]
Ariel: Sebastian, be honest. Are we lost?
Sebastian: No, this is fine. There's more to this place than meets the eye. [The gang went to sleep until...]
Flounder: [Once again, scatting]
Everyone: [angrily] KNOCK IT OFF!
Flounder: Sorry.

[At the palace]
Marina Del Rey: [Off Screen] Give me the key!
Benjamin: I said no.
Marina Del Rey: Look, I haven't worked my tail off for the last 12 hours just to have it snatched away.
Benjamin: How about a nice relaxing bath?
Marina Del Rey: Benjamin.
Benjamin: Kelp wrap?
Marina Del Rey: Benjamin!
Benjamin: Lomi lomi rub?
Marina Del Rey: [yelling at Benjamin] GIVE ME THE KEY!!!!!!!
Benjamin: You said never give it to you in a fit of rage!
Marina Del Rey: I'M PERFECTLY CALM!!!
Benjamin: Doesn't sound it.
Marina Del Rey: GIVE! [Benjamin ducks from her swipe] GIVE!
Benjamin: Mm-mmm.
Marina Del Rey: GIVE!
Benjamin: Mm-mmm!
Marina Del Rey: Oh, look at the pretty fishies.
Benjamin: Really? Where? [She snatches the key from the distracted Benjamin]
Marina Del Rey: [laughs] Ooh, yum-yums! Come to Mommy. [The eel came out of the hole and swim around their master and speaking in baby talk] Oh, yes. Mommy wuvs you.
Benjamin: OK, I'm not gonna watch this part. [shuddering]
Marina Del Rey: My, my, are you hungry? Ooh... Who wants crab cakes?
Benjamin: What are you going to do?
Marina Del Rey: [turning around to Benjamin] Whatever it takes to get rid of Sebastian!
Benjamin: But what about Ariel?
Marina Del Rey: Ariel? ARIEL?! You're RIGHT, She'll TATTLE! I'll have to get rid of her, too.
Benjamin: What?
Marina Del Rey: That's brilliant, Benjamin, BRILLIANT!
Benjamin: OK, that wasn't what I meant.
Marina Del Rey: I never liked her anyway. I'll make it look like an accident. That's it! An accidental underwater ambush by a team of the cutest wittle yum-yums ever.
Benjamin: You've lost your mind.
Marina Del Rey: SIC 'EM, BOYS!
Benjamin: Ooh, what hath we wrought?
Marina Del Rey: Oh, swim, you pretties. Swim, you pretties. FASTER! Swim. [Her eels swim out the window and yelling again] WAIT UP!!!!!!! [The eels kept on going]

[In the morning, Then Ariel wakes up as well and hears something and see something flashing in the distance, Sebastian snoring]
Ariel: Sebastian.
Sebastian: Five more minutes, Mommy.
Ariel: Sebastian, did you hear that?
Sebastian: Leave me alone. Sleeping.
Ariel: But there's something out there. Come on, help us find it.
Sebastian: I'm tired. You go check it out.
[Ariel swim out to follow the sound, Sebastian watches her leave as Ariel swim to follow the sound, and she stopped near the kelp forest, She swim through the kelp forest, and she's amazed of what she seeing, A shiny cave is what she's entered, as she look through the walls]
Ariel: [chuckles]
[Ariel looks around and sees a reflection of herself and then she sees something, Ariel picks up the box and opens it and King Triton dancing with Queen Athena.]
Sebastian: It was an anniversary present. Your father had the music box made for your mother. Athena was more than his queen, you know. She was his best friend.
[Flashback of her and her sisters young, and Triton dances with Athena. And they play with each other, and young Ariel playing the piano for the first time. And her bandaged hand being kissed by King Triton]
Ariel: [VO] The family together. Music playing all the time.
Sebastian: [VO] The palace always echoing with laughter. [The two girls hide and then they tackled their father, and they laugh in joy, and fades to Triton and Athena being on the rock at the surface world. And we fade back to the present.] When your mother died, the whole kingdom was heartbroken. The heart that never healed was your father's. [Ariel are sad about this]
Ariel: It's so sad. He's forgotten what it feels like to be happy. I... I have to bring this back to him.
Sebastian: If you insist.
Ariel: This is why we came here, isn't it? [Sebastian smiles and we cut to the gang]
Ray-Ray: Whoa, whoa, let me get this straight. You led us out here...
Ink Spot: To the armpit of nowhere, man.
Shelbow: In the hope that Red might find the music box. And now you wanna go back to the palace...
Ink Spot: To return the music box to the king...
Ray-Ray: On the chance that maybe it'll...
Shelbow: Remind him to remember how to be happy...
Ink Spot: And then he'll bring music back?
Sebastian: That about sums it up.
Cheeks: Couldn't we just strap it to a dolphin? He'd get it eventually.
[The band gathered around again, to discuss it. And the band are done discussing it and say.]
Ray-Ray: Listen, the band talked it over, and...
Shelbow: We just can't take that chance.
Sebastian: What the--
Flounder: Huh?
Ariel: It's OK. Maybe someday it'll be different. You'll come home and play music all you want.
Ray-Ray: Sure, Red. Someday. Someday.
Ariel: Bye. [They swim different as Flounder is distaught by this]
Flounder: What? No, no, wait. Ray-Ray! Guys! We can't just let them go back alone.
Ray-Ray: Drop it, small fry.
Flounder: But we took an oath! To jump, jive, wail, groove, rock steady, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers!
Ray-Ray: The Catfish Club is history. That oath don't mean a thing.
Flounder: Well, it still means something to me. Hey, Ariel! Wait up! Ariel! [Flounder swims up to Ariel's direction as the band watch him go]

[They go through the keep forest, only that it's low on kelp]
Sebastian: I don't remember this much kelp when we came through here last night.
[One the "kelp" moved and touched Ariel]
Flounder: Kelp, schmelp. I ain't afraid of these overgrown weeds. Hi-yah! Take that! And that! [yelling in slow-motion]
[He tries to bring down the kelp 4 times, but fails. And Flounder then looks up and the kelp were really Marina's eels.]
Sebastian: Guys? That ain't kelp!
[They get scared of the eels and Marina pops up]
Marina Del Rey: SURPRISE!
Sebastian: Marina? What are you wearing?
Marina Del Rey: I thought I'd dress for the occasion.
Sebastian: What's the occasion? [She shows a net] [screams] GO, GO, GO, GO!
Marina Del Rey: Sic 'em, boys. [cackling]
[The eels chase them]

[Sebastian facing against Marina]
Marina Del Rey: I've tasted power, Sebastian. And I'm never letting go.
Sebastian: Bring it on! [gathers the starfish] Come to daddy.
[Marina tries to attack him, but he throws starfish at her, and her face is covered with them]
Sebastian: Oh, me! [chuckling]
[Marina gets angry and whacks him with her tail, Go back to Ariel and Flounder being chased by eels and comes across a dead end. Then Tentacles appear out of nowhere grabs them and pull them up and it turns out to be Ink Spot]
Ink Spot: NOW!
Ray-Ray: Fire!
[He slingshits Cheeks into the pillars and they fall down and traps the eels inside]
Flounder: Yeah! Awesome!
Ray-Ray: Ooh, they hurtin' for certain.
Cheeks: Yup, yup, yup. [Chuckles]
Ariel: Sebastian's in trouble!
Flounder: Follow me!
[They swim to where Sebastian is facing Marina]

[Marina chase Sebastian with sea rocks]
Sebastian: Come on, try and get me.
Marina Del Rey: GET BACK HERE! [He goes inside a tube, and Marina reaches in there and tries to grab him, but her finger is snaped by him] Ow!
Sebastian: [singing] ♪ Boom, chika, boom chika, boom, boom, boom! ♪
[Marina then swim upward and then dives to crush Sebastian, but he gets out of the tube as Marina is caught and stick inside of it]
Sebastian: Tight fit?
Marina Del Rey: You... stink. [She falls and rolls down the hill and crashes off-screen]
Sebastian: I win.

[At the final battle is over, Marina, still stick in a tube, decides to swim up and run over Sebastian]
Ariel: [gasps] POLIGHT!
Flounder: LOOK OUT!!!!
[As Ariel swims forward, King Triton arrives and watches]
King Triton: [Horrified] LEGFROG! NO!
[Marina starts to go after to hit Sebastian, but Ariel blocked the attack, knocking her out of the way to save Sebastian, but rendered her unconscious. Ariel falls down, as King Triton swims toward her as the others watch in sadness. Then, the music box falls down from Ariel's arms and it opens and plays the song, as King Triton listens to it and realizes what has become of him]
King Triton: [Devastated] What have I done? [singing] ♪ Endless sky. Waves try to measure. The days that we treasure. ♪
[Then suddenly, Ariel wakes up]
Ariel: Daddy?
King Triton: I'm... I'm so sorry I didn't listen. I'm sorry.
Ariel: [hugs him] Daddy. Let's go home.
Both: [sigh]
[King Triton swims off with Ariel in his arms]
Flounder: Guys, you came back.
Ray-Ray: Sure did, small fry. Like you said, we took an oath.
Ink Spot: Come here, you little knucklehead. Group hug!
Cheeks: We dig you, man.
[They group hug around Flounder, squeezing him.]
Flounder: Guys... can't breathe.
[Then Sebastian closes the music box and smiles at the audience]

[At the courtroom, the merpeople gathered in]
King Triton: [clears throat] To my daughters, and to all the citizens of Atlantica, I hereby decree that music will once again ring clear from one end of my kingdom to the other!
Crowd: [Cheers]
King Triton: Therefore, I hereby present Atlantica's first official Court Composer.
Flounder: Fabulous! [indistinct chattering]
Sebastian: Thank you, Your Highness. Uh.... Not that we don't trust you, Your Majesty, but... Swifty, hit it, mon.
Swifty: [clears throat] Raise your right hand, fin, claw, tentacle, or whatever the case may be. [Triton raises his hand] Very good. Do you promise to jump, jive, wail, groove, and at all times lend a helping hand to your fellow music lovers?
King Triton: Um... I do? [The crowd cheers]
Attina: [Embraces her sister] Thank you, Ariel.

[Marina and Benjamin are locked up with the dungeon and last line]
Benjamin: Let's think about what we've learned. You just can't hurt people. Hurting is mean. We don't want to be mean, do we?
Marina Del Rey: [blows her nose] Maybe you're right.
Benjamin: [pinches her cheek] That's my girl. Samba? [up-tempo music plays, as he dances, and Marina joins in on the dance] Ooh-wa, ooh-wa!