The Malloreon

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The Malloreon is a fantasy story by David Eddings, and is about how Garion, the king of Riva, sets out on a quest to rescue his son Geran from the clutches of Zandramas.


  • Why me?
  • I'd like to take a look at this person who thinks he's big enough to fill Bear-Shoulders' shoes.
  • It's what I do. Every time there's something so dangerous that no rational human would ever attempt it, they send for me.
  • [Talking about his servants always following him] It stopped being so convenient when one of them threw a knife at my back.


  • The fire wasn't real. That's all evil ever really is, an illusion.
  • [About war] Why do people do that?
  • Besides, I'm old enough not to be afraid of shadows.


  • The word's gruel, Eriond, gruel.
  • Belgarath, no one has ever seen me steal something.
  • This is all well and good, but if anyone calls them little nippers, I think I'll scream.


  • 'Zakath: [About politics] It's quite simple. If you're still on the throne at the end of the day, you've won. If you're dead, you've lost, and each day is a brand new game.
  • Poledra: How remarkable.
  • Cyradis: If the choice was between you and Zandramas, I might be tempted to choose thee, as repayment for all the times she hath vexed me.


Durnik: Oh come on Belgarath. There's no such thing as a dragon!
Belgarath: I'm glad you told me, Durnik. Now why don't you go tell her that. [Points at dragon]

Ce'Nedra: Tell me Sadi. Why do all Nyissan men shave their heads.
Sadi: Because, there are all manner of pesky insects that view hair as a nesting place.

[Ce'Nedra puts her hands to her hair]

Sadi: Don't worry. Most of the time, they're dormant in winter.

Silk: So, which boat did you want to steal?
Garion: We're not stealing, we're borrowing.
Silk: Did you plan to bring it back when you're done with it?
Garion: No.
Silk: Then the proper word is steal.

[They pick a boat]

Belgarath: This is a really bad boat. If you were going to steal one, couldn't you have picked something a little nicer.
Silk: Told you.

Varana: They actually flogged the crown prince?
Anheg: It's kind of hard to see someone's face from behind. We were pursuing a Tolnedran merchant ship, and the captain didn't want it to reach the safety of Tolnedran territorial waters.
Varana: Anheg!
Anheg: Don't worry. I've instructed that Tolnedran ships not be molested... at least, not in front of witnesses anyway.