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The Medallion is a 2003 action-comedy film directed by Hong Kong filmmaker Gordon Chan, and starring Jackie Chan, Lee Evans and Claire Forlani. It was released in 2003 and was much less successful than Chan's other North American movies such as the Rush Hour film series, Shanghai Noon and its sequel, Shanghai Knights.


[looking at his own corpse]
Eddie: Is my nose really that big?

[while shooting at a bad guy and frequently missing him]
Arthur: [yelling] How dare you...
[fires and reloads]
Arthur: shoot at my...
[fires and reloads]
Arthur: *wife!*

Snakehead: [after fleeing the henchmen who are after the Medallion, Eddie runs into Snakehead in the forest] We meet again... Eddie Yang.
Eddie: Where's the boy?
Snakehead: My guest is of no concern of yours. All that matters is that you have the other half of the medallion.

Snakehead: [after Nicole falls to her death and Eddie is unable to save her, Snakehead tries to persuade Eddie to join him] My brother... don't be sentimental. It's so... unnecessary. It's so human. So normal. You and I will live forever. We are the lords of time. We can take whatever we want, whenever we choose. What difference can a simple life like hers make to us? We are immortal!
Eddie: Let me show you!
[Eddie flies upward to begin his duel with Snakehead]

[when Jackie his Giscard trapped in the bins]
Giscard: Ever heard of police brutality?
Eddie: Sounds like fun.

Arthur: [repeated line] Interpol! Freeze!

Eddie: [standing next to his corpse] Let me check.
[lifts the sheet, checks the lower body and lowers the shoot]
Eddie: It's really me!
Arthur: Are you sure?
Eddie: You think I don't recognise my own thing?

Nicole: Watson's family don't know he's an Interpol agent.
Eddie: What do they think he is?
Nicole: A librarian.

Arthur: [adressing Hammerstock-Smythe and a group of officers, while Eddie is picking himself up after falling from a roof] See - I told you he wasn't dead!

Arthur: [Hammerstock-Smythe has threatened to put Eddie is charge of the case] Satisfied? You've only been here 5 minutes! [He storms off]
Hammerstock-Smythe: Watson... you are in my filing cabinet!


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