The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

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The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor is a 2008 fantasy adventure film set in 1946, 13 years after the events of The Mummy Returns which sees the O'Connell's battling The First Emperor of China (loosely based on Qin Shi Huang of the Qin Dynasty)

Directed by Rob Cohen. Screenplay by Alfred Gough & Miles Millar. It was produced by Stephen Sommers director of the previous two installments
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Zi Yuan[edit]

  • Long ago, a mythic battle of good and evil played out in ancient China. The country was torn by civil war, with many kingdoms struggling for land and power. But one king had a ruthless ambition to make himself emperor by the sword. The other leaders had assassins to kill the king, before he could conquer us all. Kingdom by kingdom, his armies swept away everything in its path, and anyone who resisted, met a terrible fate. The country was now his. He was emperor of all under Heaven. He enslaved his conquered enemies and forced them to build his great Wall; and when they were dead, or useless, he had them buried beneath it. The Emperor's mystics taught him mastery over the five elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, and Metal. His power seemed without limit. He was master of millions, but like the lowliest peasant, he could not stop growing old. He needed to defeat his last enemy: Death itself. One day, news came of a powerful witch, who was rumoured to hold the secret to eternal life. He ordered General Ming, his oldest friend and trusted ally, to find her. The witch was named Zi Yuan, and she was nothing like the general expected. On the Western borders stood the monastery of Ti Fuang; there, was housed the greatest library in the ancient world, and Zi Yuan was sure the secret to eternal life was here. It was the long-lost Oracle Bones, a collection of all the mystical secrets concerning the ancient world. The Emperor's answer was here... along with other magic, beyond understanding. She cast the spell in Sanskrit, an ancient language that the Emperor did not understand. The curse must never be lifted, or the Emperor will arise, to enslave all of mankind. On that dark day, there will be nothing, and no-one, to save us.
  • (to the Emperor, as he and his army are being turned into the Terracotta Army; in Chinese) I cursed you and your army.

Richard 'Rick' O'Connell[edit]

  • Now you can Hell!
  • (about the dead soldiers from the Wall) So these are the good undead guys, right?
  • (pulling a guy from his truck) Sorry pal, there's a mummy on the loose.
  • (aiming his pistols at the resurrecting mummy) Here we go again.
  • (to the Emperor) Enough tricks! Where's your honor? Fight like a man.
  • (to Evy about the battle they are in) When I say we've been in worse scrapes than this, I mean this.

Jonathan Carnahan[edit]

  • The Yak yakked
  • I hate mummies. They never play fair!
  • (to Rick & Evie) You guys are like mummy magnets!
  • Here's to you, princess! And Imhotep. May the bugger actually stay dead!

Alex O'Connell[edit]

  • Good going dad. You've raised another mummy.

Evelyn Carnahan-O'Connell[edit]

  • (about his fishing) At least you've got a hobby that doesn't involve guns.

Mad Dog Maguire[edit]

  • I'd tell you to fasten your seatbelts, but I was too cheap to buy any.
  • (seeing the flying dragon) Rick, should I quit drinking?


Emperor Han (to Zi Yuan, in Chinese): Come on, I want show you something

(General Ming Guo is chained in the hands and ankles)

Zi Yuan: Guo!
Emperor Han (in Chinese): Become my queen and I shall let him live
Ming Guo (to Zi Yuan, in Chinese): Do what he says, save youself!
Zi Yuan (to the Emperor, in Chinese): You will never keep your word
Emperor Han (in Chinese): You are right (He raises his arm and his soldiers kill Ming Guo)

Rick: I've put down more mummies in my time.
Alex: You put down one mummy, dad.
Rick: Yeah. Same mummy, twice!

Woman Patron: (after the brief reading) Mrs. O'Connell, is it true that the Scarlet O' Kiefe character is based on you?
Evelyn: No. I can honestly say she is a completely different person.

Alex: When I saw you lying there, Dad... I've never been so scared in my life.
Rick: That makes two of us.
Alex: You're not supposed to die. I mean you're Richard O'Connell, right? You get beat up, you get tossed around, but you're always standing there in the end. I never really thought of the world with out you.

(during the battle)
Jonathan: Die, you mummy bastards! DIE!
Mad Dog Maguire: There is no call for bad language! Remember our deal; when this is over, me and my men drink for free!
Jonathan: You can have the whole damn bar for all I care! I'm getting the hell out of China!

Lin: I'll go after the Emperor.
Alex: Trust me, I've got a little more experience with mummies.
Lin: And I have the only weapon that can kill him! (pulling out the dagger)
Alex: Okay, I'll cover you. Let's go!

(while fighting the emperor's army)
Evelyn: I think the feeling is mutual.


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