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The Nanny (1993–1999) is an American sitcom tarring actress Fran Drescher as Fran Fine, a charming and bubbly Jewish Queens native who casually becomes the pantyhose-clad nanny of three children from the New York Upper Class.

The Morning After [5.1][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: Ms. Fine, I have to talk to you about our relationship and the way it seems to have escalated.
Fran: Wait a minute, you said "our", "relationship" and "escalated" in the same sentence. Should I book a hall?

Mr. Sheffield: Ooh. Ms. VERY Fine.

First Date [5.2][edit]

C. C.: I just don't understand why Maxwell would ask Nanny Fine on a date! I should be going to Elton John's dinner, not her. I am the one with sophistication! I am the one with savvy! Why would he pick her over me?
C.C.: [In tears] Why?!!... What am I doing wrong?
Niles: Well, for one thing, you've known him for 25 years or half your life and you don't even know the names of his children.

Mr. Sheffield: Oh, Niles, do you think that Ms. Babcock's upset that I asked Nanny Fine out on a date?
Niles: Oh, no sir.
Maxwell: Well, I'd hate for her to think that I didn't like her.
Niles: (innocently) Oh, wherever would she get that idea?
Maxwell: Oh, I don't know. Maybe from SOME BIG FAT BUTLER SCREAMING IT IN HER FACE! (Niles clutches his heart, takes something out from his pocket, and puts it in his mouth) Oh, stop it, I know those are bloody Tic-Tacs!

The Bobbi Flekman Story [5.3][edit]

Brighton: Is it true back then people used to listen to their music on some sort of primitive large black vinyl disc?
Fran: Only when we weren't enjoying our favorite pastime, child hurling.

C. C.: Don't you see, Bobbi Flekman is an amalgamation of the two of us. She is everything he is searching for in a woman. (Points to herself) Beauty, brains, and (Points to Fran) a slut.
Fran: Hey! You know, you may be onto something.

Bobbi Flekman: (To C.C.) Honey, you look like a smart woman. You're not, but you look like one. Baby, you're a doormat, an old shoe. No man is worth this. Stop being a masochist.

Fransom [5.4][edit]

Fran: Ms. Babcock, I have something to tell you that is going to be very hard for you to take.
Mr. Sheffield: C.C.!! C.C.!! Ms. Fine lost Chester in Central Park.
C.C.: Phew! You scared the hell out of me.

Brian: [On the phone, as an ice-cream truck drives by] Arianna, shut that damn window! I'm trying to demand a ransom here! Please! I can't take that horrible sound!
Fran: [Overhearing] I'm sorry, sir, but this happens to be my natural voice!

The Ex-Niles [5.5][edit]

Sylvia: I can't believe [Niles] quit. It's so sad. I can still smell his chicken cacciatore. It's like when you lose a limb and swear it's still there.

Niles: I've come back! Hide me please!
Fran: What happened?
Niles: I can handle the jacuzzis and giving the oil massages. I can even suck on a big toe the size of a Louisville Slugger but I do NOT... do windows.
Frieda: NILESY!!
Niles: Oh, God, Sasquatch!

A Decent Proposal [5.6][edit]

Bellhop: [To Mr. Sheffield] Can I have your last name, sir?
Fran: Good luck. I've been waiting five years for it.

Chevy: You have a beautiful face. Ever thought about acting?
Fran: Are you deaf?

Mommy And Mai [5.7][edit]

Niles: All I wanted was a simple thank you. I suppose in order to get some attention around here, I have to hop up on your desk in my short skirt.
Mr. Sheffield: Did you say "my"?
Niles: I was putting myself in Ms. Fine's shoes.
Mr. Sheffield: Well, you can't wear those wingtips with your skirt. Make you look stumpy.
Niles: He who belts "I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Outta My Hair" in the shower should not throw stones. I assure you I am the most masculine one in this room... [Enter C.C.] ...until now.

Fran: I was the most popular girl in school. It said so on all the bathroom walls.

Fair Weather Fran [5.8][edit]

Maggie: How lucky is your grandmother getting married at her age. Do you know the odds of a woman over 35 finding a husband?
Sylvia: 1 in 1245.6
Fran: Uh-huh. How much do you weigh, Ma?
Sylvia: Who can remember numbers?

Fran: Dr. Miller, I had the weirdest dream last night. Grandma Yetta was running down a football field carrying a bridal bouquet and Count Basie was waiting for her at the end zone when Miss Piggy comes walking by carrying a very lean corn beef sandwich and says: "You are not getting any younger."
Dr. Miller: Clearly the dream indicates that you are bitter and upset over the fact that your 85-year-old grandmother is getting married for the second time when you haven't been married once.
Fran: Really?! Now you see I just thought I had a thing for jazz and the Muppets. Duh!... I'm gonna stop obsessing on wanting to be married and follow my dream. From here on end, I'm gonna be a more interesting mature independent woman. Maybe then he'll propose.

Educating Fran [5.9][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: It's driving me crazy, her being out with some other man. I can share these feelings with you because I'm not in love with you
Niles: [Coyly] Nobody looks good at two in the morning.

C. C.: Hello Steve, C.C. Babcock. I understand you're a professor. And you're going out with Nanny Fine. What's the matter, research wouldn't give you a chimp-

Niles: Something troubling you sir?
Maxwell Sheffield: Oh no i'm Miss Fine, i-i mean i'm just fine.

From Flushing With Love [5.10][edit]

[Negotiating days off at work with Mr. Sheffield]
Niles: I'll bring you back Cuban cigars.
Fran: I'll send my mother to Cuba.
Niles: I'll make you Baked Alaska.
Fran: I'll send my mother to Alaska.
Mr. Sheffield: In all fairness, Niles did ask me first.
Fran: He's wearing your suit!
Niles: She's wearing Ms. Gracie's skirt.
Fran: And that's how I just won.

Niles: I don't know what I was doing in that unholy alliance with Babcock.
Fran: I know. It's like Yogi dumping Boo Boo for the Ranger.

Rash To Judgment [5.11][edit]

Sylvia: Since I started my diet, I went down an entire cup size.
Fran: What cup size did you go down to, Ma? Stanley?

[Fran sratching because of the itch]

Fran: You know i just can't wait to get out of this dress
   (maxwell glancing down her shoulder with a smirk)
Maxwell Sheffield: Then i'll go get us the room
Fran:( not paying attention) Okay [realizes as he lets go of her and walks away]

C. C.: Maxwell, there's a horrifying glimpse of the future. A 250-pound apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

One False Mole And You're Dead [5.12][edit]

[Anticipating the arrival of a famous actress]
C. C.: When she gets here, I don't want any screw-ups. [Starts sniffing]
Mr. Sheffield: What are you doing?
C.C.: I'm sniffing for Alberto VO 5, Top Ramen, anything that reeks of Nanny Fine.

Fran: Are you implying that I cannot keep this thing a secret?
Mr. Sheffield: C'mon, Ms. Fine, the only secret safe with you is your age. Barry Scheck and a whole barrel of sodium penthatol couldn't drag that out!

Mr. Sheffield: Do you, do you hate me? is that what it is? are you taying to get back at me for backpedaling in our relationship?

Mr. Sheffield: do you remember or conversation about trust?
Fine: Yea Why?
Mr. Sheffield: well you realize you and i can not have a relationship if i can't trust you and it's obvious i can't

Mr. Sheffield: Well Wait you telling me you don't trust me? I thought we had a relationship?
Fran: oh now wait a minute. Let me get this straight we have a relationship but only when it's convenient for you?

Call Me Fran [5.13][edit]

Niles: [To C.C] In the risk of sounding like the doctor who delivered you, this could get ugly.

Mr. Sheffield: [About Fran] Niles, I don't know what the woman wants anymore! What am I supposed to do?
Niles: May I speak freely, sir?
Mr. Sheffield: Yes, of course, old boy.
Niles: [menacingly] I am so bloody sick of this, year after year, "Niles, what am I to do? I told her I loved her, I took it back, I'm afraid of commitment, I'm worried about the children!" [yelling, grabs Mr. Sheffield's shirt and shakes him] For God's sake, make a move! Do something! You passed on Cats, do you want to regret this for the rest of your life too?!

Not Without My Nanny [5.14][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: Ah, good afternoon, Ms. Fine.
Fran: Good afternoon, Mr. Sheffield. You know, the kids are at school, Niles is shopping. We could... do it.
Mr. Sheffield: [Tentatively] All right. Hi... Fran.
Fran: [Playfully] Hi, Max.

Mr. Sheffield: Why can't a woman be more like a man?!
Niles: [Enter C.C.] Well, there's your prototype.

The Engagement [5.15][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: Niles, can you keep a secret?
Niles: Well, I'm good until I meet another person.

Sylvia: [Picking up the telephone] Yes?
Fran: [Excitedly] I'm getting married!
Sylvia: Sorry, Miss. You got the wrong number.

The Dinner Party [5.16][edit]

Niles: How does it feel to wake up an engaged woman?
Fran: You know how they say when you finally attain your dream, it's always a letdown?
Niles: Mm-hmm.
Fran: They were WRONG!

Singing Telegram: [To C.C., sung to the tune of Yankee Doodle]
Fran and Maxwell are engaged
It looks like you're a loser
She'll be happy all her days
And you'll become a boozer.

Homie-Work [5.17][edit]

Fran: You know, sweetie, last night you didn't give me that little something that I'm used to getting from you every week.
Mr. Sheffield: Well, Fran, since we got engaged, I didn't think I had to give it to you anymore.
Fran: Wait a minute. I know what I'm talking about. What are you talking about?
Mr. Sheffield: Your paycheck.
Fran: Thank God. That's what I'm talking about too.

Sylvia: You're his partner in life. You're the woman behind the man. Help him, support him, be there for him, never refuse him. You get me?
Fran: Yeah, I get you. You're talking about dinner, right?
Sylvia: What else is there?... Do you know where your father would be today if I hadn't pushed him?
Fran: Not collecting disability?

The Reunion Show [5.18][edit]

Max almost takes his towel off to reveal that he is naked but stops himself when he sees Fran, Sylvia and Val

Mr. Sheffield: Ah oh all right hands up anyone doesn't belong in here
Sylvia: I bet you weren't expecting three gorgeous gals in your bed, now don't go getting any idea's
Mr. Sheffield: Yes well i think this is sufficiently put that fantasy to rest sylvia.

Sylvia: It's not natural. I never heard of such a thing. What man doesn't want to procrastinate with the woman he loves?
Fran: Procreate, ma.
Sylvia: Fran, I am telling you right now. If I don't get grandchildren out of him, I'll never step foot in this house again.
Fran: Well, congratulations, Ma. You just invented the first foolproof male contraceptive.

Mr. Sheffield: Fran wants to have a baby with me.
Niles: What, you've forgotten how to do it?
Mr. Sheffield: This is serious, Niles. I'm not sure I really want to go through that again. All the crying and the diapers and the waking up at 4am.
Niles: Oh, sir, it's not so bad when you consider I DID ALL THAT! You know, come to think of it, you are too old to have a baby.
Mr. Sheffield: I'm not that old.
Niles: You have three children already. Why can't Ms. Fine be happy with that?
Mr. Sheffield: Because they're not... ours. Having a baby is one of those things that bond a couple together.
Niles: Mmm. That's why we're so close.

(Maxwell and Fran having there arms around eachother)
Mr Sheffield: You know you're awfully cute when you compromise.
Fran: You're awfully cute when you tell me i'm awfully cute.

Immaculate Concepcion [5.19][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: What proof do we have this woman and I are related?
Fran: Let's get to know her a little bit. Hi, honey, are you married?
Concepcion: I was living with a man for 5 years but I couldn't make a commitment.
Fran: There's your DNA test!

Sylvia: What is the one thing I taught you?
Fran: "Death begins in the colon"?

The Pre-Nup [5.20][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: I'm going to ask Fran to sign a pre-nuptial agreement.
Niles: Why don't you just walk around downtown Iraq dressed as Uncle Sam? It'd be quicker.

C.C. Replacement: Good night, Piles.
Niles: Niles.
C.C. Replacement: You say tomato...
Niles: You know something, lady? You're just a pale imitation of the C.C. Babcock I know. You're not half the man she is.

The Best Man [5.21][edit]

Niles: I have not waited around five years for some little shiksa to come in and ruin my wedding.
Fran: Oh, thank you, Niles. You know, you could be Ma if it weren't for the whiskers. Although.

Sylvia: If you leave, I'm gonna throw myself in the Hudson River.
Fran: Ma, flooding New Jersey is not gonna solve anything.

The Wedding [5.22+23][edit]

Mr. Sheffield: I can't believe it in just 24 hours from now I'll be holding Mrs. Sheffield in my arms. are you as I am?
Niles: This is the happiest day of my life. Congratulations sir
w: Maxwell Sheffield: Thank you niles
Fran: hey what about me i'm the woman who's making you the happiest man in the world
Niles: Miss. Fine Congratulations.
Mr. Sheffield: we what's the suitcase for? wait a minute I know if we elope now the sooner we get to our wedding night.
Fran: excuse me you made me wait 5 years and now all of a sudden because you're in the mood you think that I'm gonna come to you just like that (snaps fingers). come to mama
Mr. Sheffield: so what you're so excited you're packed for our honeymoon already
Fran: Oh sweetie I'm a Jewish woman going on a two-month cruise do you really think this is all the clothes I'm going to need?
Mr. Sheffield: Yes
Fran: Oh, Oh Honey. oh I wish I could stay but I gotta go to ma's
Mr. Sheffield: WHAT
Fran: Yea you know it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride 24 hours before the Ceremony
Mr. Sheffield: but sweetheart we have the house all to ourselves
Fran: oh i know but no no sweetie oh. Less than 24 hours
Mr. Sheffield: What?
Fran: Yep that was a warning we only have 2 minutes left.
Mr. Sheffield: I can do it in 2 minutes
Fran: you can?
Mr. Sheffield: well darling it has been 5 years

Mr. Sheffield: I think you'd really like her, Sarah.
Sarah: I do, Max. Why do you think I sent her to you?
Mr. Sheffield: You sent her to me. And you heard her speak?
Sarah: I thought she had a cold.

Police Officer: [On the phone with a stranded Fran] Honey, it's a beautiful story. My heart goes out to you but I got one tow truck and a wedding is not an emergency... You're how old?... I'll send a chopper.

Mr. Sheffield: What do you mean: "The wedding is over"?
Fran: Jocelyn and Lester are getting a divorce.
Mr. Sheffield: What's that to do with us?
Fran: Their marriage didn't work because they're from two different worlds just like us. I mean you're the sophisticated classy Jocelyn, and I'm Lester, the poor schlub who worked for you.
Mr. Sheffield: Oh, come on darling, you never really worked.

Niles: Ms. Babcock. [Offers her a drink]
C. C.: Thank you, Niles, but, you know, I'm not supposed to [Gulps it down] do that.
Niles: How many times have you not done that tonight?
C.C.: About eight. Niles, now that Maxwell's taken, my life is over.
Niles: Ms. Babcock, you always underestimate yourself. You have a lot to offer a man. You're witty, you're sophisticated, you're beautiful, you're sexy...
C.C.: How many times have you done that tonight?
Niles: About twelve.

Mr. Sheffield: You blew into our lives five years ago like a whirlwind; made us all feel alive again. For that alone, I'll love you forever.

Fran Oh I can't believe I'm kissing a married man.
Mr. Sheffield how'd you like to join one in the bedroom?.