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The Partridge Family cast in 1972.

The Partridge Family (1970-1974) is an American musical-sitcom that originally aired on the ABC Network. The program follows a widowed mother and her five children who form a band named after their family. The family was loosely based on The Cowsills, which was a popular family musical group from the late 1960s to the early 1970s.

Season 1[edit]

Pilot (What? And Get Out of Show Business?) [1.01] (script by Bernard Slade)[edit]

[Danny Partridge is questioning recording company representative Reuben Kincaid about the fine print in a recording contract.]
Reuben (about Danny): How old is he?
Tracy: Ten. Why?
Reuben: I keep getting this funny feeling that I'm dealing with a 40-year-old midget.

Quotes about The Partridge Family[edit]

  • Danny Bonaduce: If I weren't the guy from the The Partridge Family, I'm just a lunatic.
  • Mike "Baby O" O'Dell: That skinny little man butchered thirty-some people up and down the eastern seaboard. They say the way he killed those people makes the Manson Family look like the Partridge Family!
  • Vada: I'm running away.
    Thomas J: Where are you running to?
    Vada: California. I'm going to Hollywood to live with the Brady Bunch.
    Thomas J: I wanna live with them too.
    Vada: No, you can't. They have enough kids. You'll have to live with the Partridge Family.
    Thomas J: Really?!

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