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The Plucky Duck Show is an animated television series created by Warner Bros. and a short-lived spin-off of Tiny Toon Adventures but concentrating attention mainly on Plucky Duck. The show ran for 13 episodes from September 19, 1992 to December 12, 1992.


  • Don't try this at home, kids. This should be done only by trained professional idiots.


Buster: Hiya, Toonsters! Welcome to another half-hour of fun and laughs, with Buster…
[Buster reaches in and pulls out Plucky dressed like Babs]
Plucky: And Babs Bunny!
[The camera cuts to a zoomed-in view of Buster and Plucky]
Buster and Plucky: [simultaneously] No relation!
Babs: [heard off-screen] That's my line, you bogus bunny!

Hamton: You know, they're all divorced now.
Plucky: I didn't even know they were married.
Kirk Douglas: These cameos make me wanna puke!

[Granny and Beeper are sitting at a computer]
Granny: What's the solution, Little Beeper?
Beeper: Honk!
Granny: WRONG! 15,000 page term paper, due monday!

Plucky's Mother: That's right.
Baby Plucky: Water go down the hole!
Plucky's Mother: Yes dear.
Baby Plucky: [while dancing] Water go down the hole! [giggles]

Plucky: I got it! What better name for a duck's paradise than Pluckyland?
Babs & Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestors: Nah.
Plucky: No? Who organized this village? Who gave away all the secrets of the ages? You can't spoil my perfect setup with a dumb name like Acme Acres! [spits]
Babs' Prehistoric Ancestor: Acme Acres? We like.
Hamton's Prehistoric Ancestor: We call place Acme Acres.
Plucky: Me and my big fat beak.

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