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The following is a list of quotes from the third season of The Powerpuff Girls (2016).

Blossom3 [3.03][edit]

Blossom: Hey, Blossom, why did the burglar mop the floor?
Blossom Duplicate 2: I don't know, Blossom, why?
Blossom: Because he wanted to make a clean getaway!
(The Blossom Duplicates laugh)
Buttercup: Three times the Blossoms can only equal one thing ---- Trouble.
Professor: Hmm... Well, as long as the amount of daughters I have is a prime number, everything's hunky dory by me! (he turns and walks away whistling)
Buttercup: It's like Duplikate's ray brought all of my nightmares to life.
Bubbles: I don't think it's a nightmare. At least our chores are done.
(The doorbell ring from offscreen. duplicated the real Blossom goes to answer it)
Blossom: I got it. (She opens the door, a man was carrying a box of puppies)
Man with Box of Puppies: Free puppy adoptions for the whole neighborhood!
Blossom Duplicate 1: No thank you! (She slams the door close, makes the man and the puppies sad)
Bubbles: (sadly gasp) You're right! This is a nightmare!
(All the three Blossoms' cell phones ring, they all answers)
The Three Blossoms: (speaking at the same time) Yes, Mr. Mayor? Infernus is at it again? We're on our away! (they dash out)
Buttercup: (annoyed) Ay yi yi! Let's go Bubbles. (She floats away)
Bubbles: (sadly) When will this nightmare end?
Blossom: (wakes up and screaming in horror.) NOOOOOOOOOO!! Whew, that was a dream.
Buttercup: What's up, Blossom! Blossom:(screaming in fear again)

BrainLord [3.34][edit]

Mojo Jojo: This is Mojo's greatest and most evilest plan yet! You see, by posing as BrainLord, Mojo shall end the puny-puffs' trust and enter Professor Utonium's lab, where he shall find the professor's latest invention, the black hole generator! Once Mojo has gotten inside the lab, Mojo will blow up the black hole generator, creating a whirlpool that will suck the puny-puffs into an endless vortex of doom, ending them once and for all!

Sideline Dad [3.40][edit]

The Professor: [last lines] Hoc-guy?

Princess meet Bliss [3.41][edit]

Princess Morbucks: And you are?
Bliss: Blisstina Utonium you can call me Bliss
Princess Morbucks: Bliss? The new powerpuff girl?
Bliss: You must be Princess Morbuck

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