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The following is a list of quotes from the first season of The Powerpuff Girls (2016).

Escape from Monster Island [1.01][edit]

[They explore the rest of the island to find the Mayor, then Frederick found the Mayor's tracks]
Bubbles: Good thing you found the Mayor's tracks, Frederick.
Blossom: Hey, Bubbles. Did you know that Chance's middle name is also Frederick?
Bubbles: Oh. No, I did not.
Blossom: Well, there's a lot more Sensitive Thugz knowledge where that came from that I'd be happy to share with you later tonight.
Buttercup: Ugh! She'll just yammer on about that dorky nonsense forever.
Blossom: Hey! At least I'm a fan.
Buttercup: A fan of your own voice.
Blossom: Oh, is that right? Well, let me tell you something.
Bubbles: Girls! We're never gonna find the Mayor if you keep fighting like that. Now, be nice to each other.
Blossom and Buttercup: Fine.
Bubbles: Okay. Now hug.
[Blossom and Buttercup look at each other and they reluctantly hug each other]
Bubbles: Say "I love you."
Blossom and Buttercup: I love you.
Bubbles: Now say "I'm a Buttzilla."
Buttercup: I'm a Buttzilla.
Blossom: [laughs] You're a Buttzilla.
[She continues to laugh with Bubbles and Frederick]
Buttercup: Hey! What? Wait! Blossom! Say you're a buttzilla.
[A rumbling sound is herd, then the ground collapsed under their feet and they fall underground]

Mayor: Hey, girls!
Blossom: H-how did you even...
Buttercup: When did you...
Bubbles: How did you not get eaten by those monsters?
Mayor: Oh, these monsters are darling! They go nuts for my pickles! [Holding an empty jar of pickles]
Blossom: So all you had to do to keep the monsters tame is feed them pickles?
Mayor: Yep! Ooh, and that was the last one.
[The monsters come back and surround the girls and the Mayor]
Buttercup: Okay. Time to go.

Princess Buttercup [1.02][edit]

Princess Morbucks: Hey, Super Gal Pals! Looks like there's an opening now that your sister ditched you.
Blossom: She didn't ditch us.
Princess Morbucks: Yes, she did and I want to be a Powerpuff Girl. There is an opening, after all.
Bubbles: She does have a point.
Blossom: No, she doesn't. Bubbles, she can't even fly.
Princess Morbucks: [Her boots powered up] Powerboots!
Blossom: Big deal. You don't have any superpowers.
Princess Morbucks: [Her glove lifts up her limo] Powergloves!
Blossom: Well, you don't even have a costume.
Princess Morbucks: [Ripping off her clothes] Power-threads! [Blossom's jaw dropped] So am I in or what?
Blossom: Just no. Look, Buttercup is our sister, and we're a team. She'll always be there for us, no matter what.

The Stayover [1.03][edit]

Buttercup: Oh, come on! we're running out of time to be first on Rocktopus!
MTV Announcer: ROCKTOPUS!!!!
Blossom: I think finding Bubbles is more important than Rocktopus.
MTV Announcer: ROCKTOPUS!!!!
Blossom: Stop saying that!
Buttercup: I didn't even say "Rocktopus".
MTV Announcer: ROCKTOPUS!!!!
Blossom: Whatever, let's just go.

[Blossom and Buttercup open their closet to find Mojo Jojo wearing a dress and tied to the back of the closet]
Blossom and Buttercup: Mojo?!
Blossom: What are you doing here?
Mojo Jojo: Me?! This was your doing! Although I do admit... [shows his manicured fingernails] the adorable kitties were my idea.

Buttercup: Bullfighter's crying, what a bunch of dorks. Blossom: Matadorks. Buttercup: Heh, nice one.

. Blossom: Ok, professor, heh, sounds great. ONE HOUR! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO?! I knew we shouldn't ate all of that candy. WE SHOULD'VE GONE TO BED EARLY! WE SHOULD'VE LISTEN TO THE PROFESSOR!! Buttercup: Huh, pipe down, captain shouta. Blossom: Sorry.

Painbow [1.04][edit]

Blossom: What is this place?
Allegro: [from a distance] Wheeeeeee!!!!!
Bubbles: My dream!
Buttercup: And my nightmare.
[Bubbles gasps as Allegro floats down in front of the girls]
Allegro: Wait for it...
Buttercup: Wait for what?
Allegro: Wait for it...
Bubbles: Waiting...
Allegro: It's party time!!!!

Horn Sweet Horn [1.05][edit]

Blossom: Bubbles, the bus is about to leave.
Buttercup: Whoa. How'd that horse get loose?
Bubbles: Buttercup, this isn't a horse, it's my magical, mystical best friend unicorn.
[Blossom and Buttercup look at each other]
Buttercup: I hate to break it to you, Bubbles, but that's no unicorn, that's a plain ol' pony.
Blossom: No way. Ponies have shorter legs. It's a colt.
Buttercup: A colt? What's a colt?
Blossom: A baby horse.
Buttercup: Then what's a filly?
Blossom: A horse with attitude?
Buttercup: Either way, it's definitely not a unicorn, it's just...
[She takes off the fake horn]
Buttercup: ...sad.
[As Donny begins to waver, he starts to speak]
Donny: Well excuse me! I may not have a horn, but I do have a heart! and in that heart, I know I'm a beautiful unicorn!
Girls: [gasps] You can talk?
Donny: Yes, I can talk. But who cares? I'll never be anymore than just Donny the Wannabecorn.
Buttercup: Whoa, drama bomb.

Professor: Gee, Bubbles, I don't know.
Bubbles: Professor, please?
Professor: Well, I suppose I could try and turn him into a unicorn using the transmorgrifying ray I just happened to finish this afternoon, but it hasn't been properly tested.
Bubbles: Professor, he needs this. I NEED THIS!!!!
Professor: Well, it's up to you, Donny. Is there something you want to try?
Donny: As long as my BFF Bubbles says it's a good idea, I am down. [fist pumps Bubbles] Completely trust you, brah.
Professor: I've detailed you a comprehensive list of possible risks and side effects from this procedure.
Donny: Okay.
Professor: I need you to be aware of all the consequences.
Donny: Yep!
Professor: This is your body, and it's a serious choice.
Donny: Got it!
Professor: Thoroughly weigh your options.
Donny: Uh-huh.
Professor: As you read through this document in it's entirety.
[Donny gets out of a very long contract]
Donny: Eh, I skimmed it.
[He signs the contract with a horseshoe mark on the signature line; Cut to the lab]
Donny: This is gonna be the best day of my life! Thank you Bubbles!
Bubbles: You're welcome, Donny!
Professor: All right, girls, vision-safety time.
[They put on their welding helmets, and the Professor zaps Donny with the transmorgrifying ray. As they took off their welding helmets, Donny has huge bunny ears]
Donny: So? How beautiful am I?
Professor: Um, well...
Bubbles: You look very majestical.
Buttercup: Honestly, that's not as bad as I thought it was gonna be.
Donny: Oh, man. I feel different already. [Huge sharp teeth grew out of his mouth] AAH!
[He starts to mutate into a monster]
Bubbles: Um, Professor?
Professor: Best two out of three?
Donny: NO!!! [He destroys the transmorgrifying ray] I HATE SCIENCE!!! [He storms out of the lab and wanders into the city]
Bubbles: Wait! Donny, come back! [She flies after Donny]
Buttercup: Okay. Now it's as bad I thought it was gonna be.
Professor: How could you hate science?
Blossom: That's what you got out of that?

Man Up [1.06][edit]

Manboy: Attention, citizens of Wimpsville, I am Manboy! [He flexes his mustache and beard]
Bubbles: Manboy?
Manboy: All the power of a man in the body of a boy. [He grabs a shaving knife, shaves his beard off and grows it back]
Girls: Ewwww!
Manboy: This town used to be a man's town! Where men were men and boys were men! Townsville needs to get back to it's manly roots. And if that means destroying this hippie carnival, then so be it! Unless there's someone here man enough to stop me!
Hippie: Nah, we're good.
Buttercup: This day finally got interesting. [Flies to Manboy] If you're looking for a fight, ol' Buttercup can satisfy your need for a beatdown.
Manboy: [Laughs at Buttercup] Why don't you go play with your dollies, princess?
Buttercup: "Princess"? Did you just call me princess?!
Blossom: Uh-oh.
Manboy: Listen, Princess, I... [Buttercup punches him to a hippie stand] Still think you can fight like a man, Princess?!
Buttercup: Don't call me princess!
[Manboy controls his wooden robot and punches Buttercup to the ground]
Manboy: Your girly ways are no match for my Manbot. I control him purly with my manly will!
[Buttercup attempts to fight the Manbot, but Manbot punches Buttercup again]
Gypsy: I see great pain in your future.
[Buttercup crashes into a Gypsy's stand, injuring a man]
Gypsy: That'll be 5 bucks.
[Buttercup flies through the Manbot and he starts to beat up Manboy]
[She throws Manboy to the city]
Manboy: You throw like a girl!
Buttercup: NOBODY CALLS ME PRINCESS!!!! [to Manbot] YOU!!!! I'LL SHOW YOU PRINCESS!!! [She destroys the Manbot]
Gypsy: I see more pain in your future.
Man: What? Oh, no. No, no, no! [The Manbot lands on the man, injuring him] Owwww!
Gypsy: 5 bucks, please.

Bye, Bye Bellum [1.07][edit]

[The hotline cellphone strated to ring]
Blossom: You get it.
Bubbles: You get it.
Buttercup: You get it.
Girls: Augh!
Blossom: Okay, rock, paper, scissors. Go.
Girls: One, two, three! [Bubbles gets scissors]
Bubbles: Scissors? Man, I always lose this game. [She answers the hotline cellphone] Hello? Emergency at City Hall?!
Buttercup: Man, I was just about to flip a 1080 off that dragon spike.
[The girls fly to City Hall and went inside the Mayor's office]
Blossom: Okay, Mayor, how can we help so we can get back to our... [They see the Mayor's office now a disaster] Game? Uh, Mayor?
Buttercup: Looks like someone had a wicked party.
[They hear the Mayor whimpering behind his desk, and they found him behind the Mayor's desk]
Blossom: Mayor? What happened? [The Mayor hands her a letter that is from Ms. Bellum and she starts reading it.] "Dear, Mayor [in Ms. Bellum's voice] By the time you read this, I'll be gone. By working as your assistant every day for the past 12 years, I have accumulated over 1,000 vacation days that I'm required to use on a 1,000-day vacation."
Buttercup: 1,000-day vacation? Sweet.
Blossom: [in Ms. Bellum's voice] "I couldn't bear to tell you face-to-face. Goodbye, Mayor. You'll do just fine." [smooch, smooch] "Ms. Bellum".
Buttercup: Whoa, Blossom, you do a really good Ms. Bellum impression.
Blossom: Thanks! [in Ms. Bellum's voice] But apparently, it's worthless now. [She throws the letter away]
Mayor: Oh! Ms. Bellum was my everything. This may surprise you, friends, but I've grown quite dependent on Ms. Bellum.
[Scenario begins with Ms. Bellum facing the straw to the Mayor's mouth for his drink, freeing the Mayor out of the pickle jar and reading the Mayor a bedtime story; scenario ends]
Mayor: I'm already beginning to forget her face. What will I do without her?!
Buttercup: Yeah, that's rough. Well, got to go. Video game's calling.
[She is about to go back to the house, but Blossom stops her by the foot]
Blossom: Don't worry, Mayor. We'll help you with whatever you need.
Mayor: Well, I do have a few things.
[He threw Blossom his to-do list]
Blossom: This to-do list doesn't look so bad. We should be done with it by the end of the day.

Blossom: Okay, girls! Time to level up!
[Blossom punches Barbarus in the face]
Video Game Voice: Combo.
[Bubbles punches Barbarus in the stomach]
Video Game Voice: Double combo.
[Buttercup punches Barbarus in the face]
Video Game Voice: Triple combo. Triple team combo.
[The girls punch Barbarus and sent her flying all the way back to Albatross Prison in her cell, and Bianca also got thrown in Barbarus' cell]
Video Game Voice: Game over.

Little Octi Lost [1.08][edit]

[Buttercup glares at Bubbles, who is eating her peas, then she starts to feed them to Octi]
Bubbles: Here comes the airplane.
Buttercup: Dude, Bubbles, would you stop? He can't eat peas any better than he can catch a kickball.
Bubbles: [gasps] He's still sensitive about that!
Buttercup: No, he's not still sensitive, because he's not real!
Professor: Buttercup! Everyone plays differently, and if you can't appreciate that, then I think you need to go to your room.
Buttercup: Fine! But don't come crying to me if something happens to him. You can't watch that thing forever.

Strong-Armed [1.09][edit]

Buttercup: Awesome! I want a cast too!
Professor: Casts are only for people who have broken bones, Buttercup.
Buttercup: Got ya.
[She grabs a hammer and is about to hit her hand hardly with it]
Professor: Buttercup!
Buttercup: Aw, man.

Power-Up Puff [1.10][edit]

Bubbles: I'm a piggie?!
Blossom: She's a piggie?!
Pig-In-A-Blanket Monster: [Squealing, translated] She's a piggie?

Tiara Trouble [1.11][edit]

Announcer: Live from the Townsville Community Theater, it's the Townsville Beauty, Talent, and All-Around, All-Inclusive Flair Pageant! With your host, the Mayor!
Mayor: Hi, everyone, remember me? I'm the Mayor! Let's welcome all our contestants in their fabulous evening wear!
Ace: Hey, we're the Gangreen Gang, and we like stealing stuff! Ha ha!
Fuzzy Lumpkins: I'm Fuzzy Lumpkins, and I like warm baths!
Mojo Jojo: [As everyone is booing at him] It is me, it is me. No introduction necessary.
Princess Morbucks: I'm Princess Morbucks, and here's something interesting about me. [Throws money into the air] Money!

Bubbles: Hi, my name is Bubbles! And I can lift this whole building over my head! [She flies outside and lifts the whole building over her head, then she puts down the building and comes back into the stage]
Audience: Whoo! That was awesome!
Bubbles: And I love animals!
Zebra: Whoo! Animals!
Mayor: Yes, indeedy. I think we can all agree that animals are pretty great!
Zebra: [off-screen] Whoo!

The Wrinklegruff Gals [1.12][edit]

Narrator: Aww, it's the first day of school, but what's this, Pokey Oaks Kindergarten is closed?
Blossom: What happened?
Buttercup: Don't you remember?
[Flashback begins with Bubbles, in her original 1998 counterpart's design, presenting to the students at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten]
Bubbles: For my spring break, a fought a giant space crab on a radioactive comet with my sisters. I found this goo after he exploded. [She accidentally threw the bottle of goo] Oops.
[The bottle of goo mutates Pee-Wee the class hamster and he starts to grow huge as the students ran away; End of flashback]
Bubbles: Oh, yeah. [waves] Hi, Pee-Wee!
[Pee-Wee turns to her and grunts out a barely intelligible "Hi Bubbles!"]

Narrator: Fiber, prunes, and everything mild -- these were the ingredients chosen to make the perfect little girls slightly older. But Professor Utonium did everything correctly, and there were no accidents. The whole thing went smoothly. Pretty anticlimactic, if you ask me.

Bubbles: [Singing as the girls tip toe past the Professor's room] Dun dun dun dun duuun, we are sneaking!
Blossom: Bubbles!
Bubbles: Sorry!

Old Blossom: We have to stop Mojo!
Old Bubbles: What?
Old Buttercup: Let's just fly. [She tries to fly, but it was no use] Being old stinks.

Mojo Jojo: You can't stop me with your silly old lady tricks! I am Mojo Jo--
Big Joey: Hey! [He and the other students surround Mojo] Are you picking on our grannies?
Mojo Jojo: Uh-oh.
[The students beat up Mojo off-screen]
Old Blossom: Now that's what I call an old fashioned whuppin'.

Arachno-Romance [1.13][edit]

[The girls went into the city, then a giant spider appeared]
Blossom: Girls, time for some pest control! [She and Bubbles fly to attack the spider]
Buttercup: Why did it have to be a spider? [She flies after them to attack the spider]
[The giant spider made a cocoon, spits it, and it hit Bubbles]
Buttercup: Bubbles!
[A second cocoon hit Blossom]
Buttercup: Blossom! Oh, gross, oh, gross, oh, gross!
[She punched the giant spider, sending it flying and it crashed to a building, then the spider fell and the building fell on top of it, creating a crater]

Puffdora's Box [1.14][edit]

Buttercup: [As she takes the microphone] All right. Who's wants to turn this party up? [the spirits cheered] Now, it's an honor to introduce to you the one and only M.C. Evil Girl!
[The dance music starts as Bubbles starts dancing between two tall, pink spirits, then Buttercup puts Blossom above the DJ system; pause]
Blossom: How?
Buttercup: Hey, Bubbles! When I say "keep" you say "toss"! Keep!
Bubbles: Toss!
Buttercup: Keep!
Bubbles: Toss!
Blossom: Right! [to the spirits] When I say "evil" you say "girl"! Evil!
Spirits: Girl!
Blossom: Evil!
Spirits: Girl!
Blossom: When I say "party" you say "monster"! Party!
Spirits: Monster!
Blossom: Party!
Spirits: Monster!
Blossom: When I say "pop" you say "quiz"! Pop!
Spirits: Quiz!
Blossom: Pop!
Spirits: Quiz!
Buttercup: [clearing her throat] Wrap it up.
Bubbles: [chuckling]
Blossom: Oh, yeah! [to the spirits] When I say "hey" you say "ta leme"! Hey! Hey!
Spirits: Ta leme!
Blossom: Hey! Hey!
Spirits: Ta leme!
Girls: Hey! Hey!
Spirits: Ta leme!
Muscle Spirit: Wait a sec.
[All of the spirits went back inside the box]

Blue Ribbon Blues [1.15][edit]

Bubbles: Maybe, he can help us prove the existence of the Ghost Horse.
Buttercup: You mean the one that haunts this very school? [scenario begins] They say at night you can hear him clip-clopping down the hallways. It's both scary.
[The Ghost Horse pops out of the hallway]
Bubbles: And adorable!
[scenario ends]
Blossom: Please, that's ridiculous.

[The guinea pigs have been turned into half-animals, then Bubbles comes back]
Bubbles: Oh, my gosh! They're so cute! [Janitaur turned her into a bee] Huh? I'm a bee? Yay! I'm a bee!
Buttercup: Bubbs, no! [Janitaur turned her into a flamingo; sarcastically] Wow, awesome. A flamingo.

Frenemy [1.16][edit]

[Jemmica is about to grab the Golden Otter of the Hasrajanis slowly, and Blossom and Bubbles chattering their teeth nervously while they're hugging]
Buttercup: Just grab it already!
Jemmica: Ugh! I lost my concentration. Now I have to start all over again.
Buttercup: Ugh! Come on!
Jemmica: [Already grabbed the Golden Otter of the Hasrajanis] JK. Totally got it.

Jemmica: BFF Bubbles, pick Buttercup's nose!
Buttercup: Please don't. [Bubbles picked Buttercup's nose] Eww.
Jemmica: Hmm. BFF Buttercup, speak in a British accent.
Buttercup: [in British accent] Oi! Quit pickin' on me, ya cheeky [gasps] Apples and pears, me voice done changed, it did.

Once Upon a Townsville [1.17][edit]

Bluebelle: Well, hello, magical dwarves.
Blossom: We're not dwarves.
Bluebelle: Elves, then.
Blossom: Not elves either.
Bluebelle: I am a princess!
Blossom: A what?
Bubbles: A princess?!
Buttercup: So disappointing.
Bluebelle: I'm Princess Bluebelle! [Cricket chirping; pause] Um, so I see you haven't heard of me. [falls down] Oof! So allow me to introduce myself.
Buttercup: Yeah, you really don't have to...
Bluebelle: Through song! [scene changes to the storybook setting; singing] You may have heard that I'm the Princess Bluebelle
Buttercup: Who?
Bluebelle: The daughter of the King and Queen
Blossom: There's no monarchy in Townsville.
Bluebelle: Friend of the birds and trees I can twirl around with ease And I haven't cut my hair since I was 3
[The girls got out of Bluebelle's hair; gasping]
Buttercup: Ew, gross.
Blossom: [singing] Hey, guys, we really should get going home now
Buttercup: [singing] Why are we singing?
Bubbles: [singing] I don't know
Bluebelle: It's 'cause you're all with me And because I love to sing And it tells the creatures, "Help me do my hair"
[scene changes to the girls' room]
Buttercup: Dude, enough! This is super weird! I don't wanna sing!
Bubbles: [singing while the animals brush her hair] Me neither [normal] I'm totally lying.
Buttercup: And Blossom doesn't want an iguana doing her hair.
[An iguana is brushing Blossom's hair while she looks scared]
Iguana: Kiss me, I'm a prince, I swear.
Blossom: Ew.

Buttercup: Dude! What's wrong with you? Are you a damsel in distress or a dope with a death wish?

Bubbles: Don't worry guys, I got this. (She was ready to fire a laser beam, but the dragon blocked it by blowing some fire on her) No I don't!

Man Up 2: Still Man-ing [1.18][edit]

[Blossom and Bubbles are captured by Manboy's army and are placed into bear traps]
Bubbles: These are great carvings.
Blossom: I think the bear traps are kind of overkill.
[Manboy rides his lawn mower to the girls]
Manboy: Not so tough, are you, Powerpuff Girls?
Blossom: Give back the water you stole from Townsville!
Manboy: A man doesn't give. He takes. With muscle! And brawn!
[He drives his lawn mower around the bear traps and mows the lawn into an image of himself]
Singers: Manboy!
Manboy: Pretty cool, huh?
Blossom: Not really.
Bubbles: Are you kidding me?! That was amazing!
Blossom: Bubbles, stop supporting the bad guys!
Manboy: We prefer to be called the Man Guys!
Blossom: Ugh! So, what is this all about? You just wanted to show us your new toy?
Manboy: This isn't a toy! [He rides his lawn mower at a spot] Ha! This is how I take care of my lawn! Hoo-ah! [He flexes his muscles several times which upgrades his lawn mower] And it's how I'll take care of you!
Blossom: I hope Buttercup shows up soon.
Bubbles: Yeah, she'd love this!

Bubbles: That is a really nice lawn mower.
Blossom: Bubbles!

Manboy: [Buttercup lands on on top of Manboy's lawn mower] Time for the main course, huh? [He jumps to the top of his lawn mower] Things are about to get...
Buttercup: Hairy?
Manboy: Quit taking my lines!

Viral Spiral [1.19][edit]

Bossman: Amoeba Boys, did ya hear the news?
Junior: Yeah, did ya hear the news?
Slim: Yeah! Ha! I can lower my blood pressure just by reducing salt in my diet.
Bossman: No, ya dummy! That new game the Powerpuff Girls made, everyone in Townsville loves it. Now if we screw it up, those girls will look like a bunch of muttonheads. And we'll be the baddest baddies around. Now, let's figure out how to screw up that game.
[Lightning crackles as all of the lights in Townsville went out except for the street light]
Silico: Perhaps you could use some help.
Bossman: Oh yeah? What's it to ya bub?
Silico: I believe we share a common enemy. You are the Amoeba Boys, correct? The most notorious villains in Townsville?
Bossman: Who's asking?
Silico: You can call me Silico, and I have just what you need to get your heads in that game.
[He gives them a microchip]
Bossman: What's this?
Silico: It will not only destroy the game, it will wipe out the entire internet. [The Amoeba Boys blinked] It will be a worldwide catastrophe. [The Amoeba Boys blinked again] Which will really annoy the Powerpuff Girls.
The Amoeba Boys: Aw, yeah! Whoo-hoo!

Blossom: Oh, great.
Game Voice: New challenger!
[The Amoeba Boys are in the game]
Blossom: Now we have to fight the Amoeba Boys?
Bubbles: The Amoeba Boys? I didn't put them in the game! [gasps] How is this possible?
Buttercup: Take that, you losers! Ha ha!
[Her player kicks Junior]
Junior: Ow!
[Her player kicks Bossman]
Bossman: Hey!
Bubbles: [Heads for the computer] This isn't funny, guys! If the Amoeba Boys are in "Baybee Bunnies," it means they have access to the entire Internet!
Buttercup: So what? Those dudes are beyond harmless. What damage could they possibly cause?
[The Amoeba Boys are inside the internet]
Bossman: Come on, boys. Let's see what damage we could possibly cause.
[The Amoeba Boys start to explore the internet. First they went inside a Grumpy Cat website, and they changed the Grumpy Cat's face into a smiley face, then they went inside Ejay, a parody of Ebay, and they tap on the buy button a few times to buy a bunch of used cotton swabs]
The Amoeba Boys: Buy, buy, buy!
The Mayor: Ooh! Guess I'm the proud owner of a bunch of used cotton swabs. Hooray!
[Cut to a website named Juju, a parody of Hulu]
Actor: I like you a lot, Cheryl. And that's why I...
[The movie buffers, then the Amoeba Boys appear on it, and they spin the buffer to make it go faster]
Mojo Jojo: Oh, come on! Mojo pays good money for high-speed Internet!
[Cut to a pie making video]
Old Woman: And that's how you make a good-luck pie. And now for the finishing touch.
[The Amoeba Boys appear and stole the pie]
Old Woman: Oh.
[The scene switches to Princess Morbucks' video]
Princess Morbucks: But your lashes will only look pretty if you use the most expensive masc... [The Amoeba Boys threw the pie on Princess Morbucks' face] Ow!
Bubbles: The Amoeba Boys are headed towards the center of the Internet! If they damage the hub, it could create an E.M.P. that'll send the world back into the dark ages!
Blossom and Buttercup: Huh?
Bubbles: It'll ruin the Internet forever!
Buttercup: So what?
Bubbles: So what?! Don't you know what this means? No one will be able to use GPS! Satellites will go off course! And worst of all, you'll lose all your special weapons in "Baybee Bunnies"!

Silico: Ah, Powerpuff Girls, you may have won this battle, but you have already lost the war.

Bubbles of the Opera [1.20][edit]

Bubbles: [voice-over] I have become darkness -- it inhabits me now. Cast out by society -- shunned, rejected. I will have my vengeance. [She sees the dogs eating food from trans bins and hisses at them, then the dogs whimper and ran away] There's only one place I can go now.
[She knocks on Mojo's door and Mojo answers it while he's cooking]
Mojo Jojo: Well... this is awkward. [He serves Bubbles tea with his kitten-themed tea pot] Come now. Tell Mojo what's on your mind.
Bubbles: Well... [She sips her tea] I want to wreak vengeance on those who have forsaken me! So... I came to the only person who knows what it's like to be rejected for being hideous.
Mojo Jojo: [Gasps] Mojo is not hideous! He is at least a solid... eight.
Bubbles: Okay, the point is, we can team up. I could be your evil acolyte.
Mojo Jojo: Nope. Sorry, Mojo operates solo. He has no room for sidekicks.
Bubbles: Um... You have bunk beds.
[Mojo has bunk beds in the shape of cars behind him]
Mojo Jojo: Curse that aggressive salesman!
Bubbles: So what do you say?
Mojo Jojo: Hmm. Very well. We shall wreak havoc on this forsaken Townsville. And maybe even destroy those accursed Powerpuff Girls. [Laughs maniacally until he stops]
Bubbles: What did you say?
Mojo Jojo: Oh, uh -- nothing.

Sister Sitter [1.21][edit]

Buttercup: Alright, open up, sickos.
Blossom: Mmm-mmm. You have to sing the song.
Buttercup: I don't sing.
Bubbles: We don't take the antidote without the song.
Buttercup: Ugh, fine. [sings] Drink the antidote drink it up put it in your mouth and clam it up.
[She puts the spoon on Bubbles' mouth]
Blossom: That wasn't...
[Buttercup puts the bottle of the antidote on Blossom's mouth]
Buttercup: Mission accomplished.

Schedulebot: [repeated line] Antidote time!

Odd Bubbles Out [1.22][edit]

[Donny comes back to the house, turns on the light and sees an angry Bubbles on her robe, has curlers on her hair and green cream on her face as he screams]
Bubbles: And just where have you been?
Donny: Oh, it's you, Bubbles. What's that on your face?
Bubbles: I'm minimizing my pores. But don't change the subject. I've been shooting you mad texts all day. And no answer?
Donny: I was busy. I went to see Space Towtruck On Ice with Chelsea.
Bubbles: [gasps] How dare you?
Donny: You've been acting weird lately.
Bubbles: Have not!
Donny: You know, Chelsea invited us to sleep over, but if you're gonna keep acting all jelly, I'm just gonna go alone.
Bubbles: Fine. Go to Chelsea's. See if I care.
[Scene cuts to the girls' room where Blossom and Buttercup are in their bed hearing the argument downstairs]
Donny: [offscreen] Fine. I will.
Bubbles: [offscreen] Fine. You do that.
Buttercup: Sounds like it's going all right.
Donny: [offscreen] Fine!
[Scene cuts back to the living room]
Bubbles: And, as far as I'm concerned, I don't have a BFF anymore. Here's what I think of our friendship.
[She bends the spoon in front of Donny's face, then he gasps and he begins to walk away]
Donny: You know what, Bubbles? If that's how you really feel, then have a good night, Worst Friend Forever.

Mojo Jojo: Chelsea, crush the last Puny Puff Gir! And her dopey unicorn friend.
Chelsea: Okey dokey, artichoke.
Bubbles: You can't destroy us or our friendship!
Donny: And I don't know where I am!
Chelsea: [Reveals that her face is a robot; in deep robotic voice] Donny was never your BFF.
Bubbles: Yes he is! And I've got the spoon to prove it!
Chelsea: That stupid spoon won't save you now.
[She fires heart laser beams at them, but Bubbles holds the spoon, then the laser beams lands on the spoon to make them aim at Chelsea and they destroy Chelsea completely and her robotic head rolls to Mojo]
Chelsea: Playtime is over.

Presidential Punchout [1.23][edit]

[Blossom puts a presidential poster of herself on the wall]
Blossom: Ah. Perfect.
[Bubbles and Buttercup are passing out presidential buttons to the students passing by]
Bubbles: Vote for Blossom for Student Body President.
Buttercup: Vote for Blossom. Take a button. [pause] I said take a button!
[She angrily throws a button at Arjun]
Arjun: Ouch!
Blossom: Buttercup!
[Buttercup picks up a student]
Buttercup: Vote for Blossom or I'll rip out your sinuses!
Blossom: Buttercup, stop! I told you not to intimidate the voters!
[Buttercup drops the student]
Buttercup: Uh, you did?
Blossom: Yeah! Haven't you listened to a word I said?
Bubbles: I was listening, Blossom.
Blossom: Oh, yeah? What did I say?
Bubbles: Um... I love you.
Barry: Blossom. [He arrives with the camera crew] Barry Mackerbocker, Townsville School Press. What makes you the best choice for Student Body President?
Blossom: I'm glad you asked. ["Hail to the Chief" plays as she speaks] The great institution of student government is all about being the voice of the people, understanding what this school needs, and making the tough decisions that will guide us into a brighter future! And that's why I'm pushing my protractor initiative for the math team.
[pause; Crickets chirping]
Boy: Agh! The bats are back! [He screams as bats attack him as he's running]
Blossom: And getting rid of the bats that have overrun the cafetorium. [The students murmur in excitement] But whatever happens, the most important thing is that we all have a fair and civil election.
Matt Manser: I couldn't agree more.
Blossom: Ah! My distinguished opponent, Matt Manser.
Matt Manser: I look forward to running a good, clean campaign against you.
Blossom: Thanks, Matt. May the best candidate win.
[They shake hands]
Singers: Politics

Cheep Thrills [1.24][edit]

Bubbles: [As she hides Cheepy in the girls' closet] If you thought those bushes were nice, you're gonna love this! [Cheepy cheeps; giggles] Oh, Cheepy, you are the living end!
Buttercup: Bubbles? [comes into the room] You in here?
Bubbles: [She quickly closes the closet door] I'm doing innocent things!
Buttercup: Uh, it's time to eat.
Bubbles: Oh! Heh. Haha, yeah! I was just on my way downstairs.
[Cheepy cheeps]
Buttercup: Did you just cheep at me?
Bubbles: Uh yes? [Cheepy cheeps] Cheep! Cheep, cheep!
Buttercup: This. This is what I'm talking about. It freaks me out when you do stuff like this.
Bubbles: Uh [chuckles] I'll be down in a minute.
Buttercup: Whatever [leaves the room].
Bubbles: [sighs and closes the closet door] Okay, Cheepy. Just keep quiet, and I'll be right back, 'kay? [Cheepy cheeps] Oh. That smell? It's Buttercup's shoes. [whispering] She doesn't wash her feet. [giggles]
[Cheepy cheeps and she closes the closet door. Cut to the table in the kitchen]
Buttercup: So I made waffles instead.
Blossom: Totally.
Bubbles: [as she comes down to the kitchen table] Sorry I'm late.[giggles]
[The Hotline cellphone buzzes and Blossom checks it]
Blossom: Wow! Looks like the animal you found at the park is a Chinchillasaurus.
Bubbles: I left Cheepy in the park!
Blossom: Uh yeah. I know. It's a good thing, too, 'cause it says even though they are born small, they can have growth spurts when they eat yams.
Bubbles: [chuckles] No kidding?
Blossom: It says that they can grow bigger than a person.
Buttercup: How do you even know this?
Blossom: I posted the picture I took to an online forum I run about local floral and fauna.
Buttercup: I thought your forum was about typography in the Industrial Revolution.
Blossom: Yeah, I have that one too.
Buttercup: Someone should put your picture on a forum. Am I right, Bubbs?
Bubbles: [nervously] Heh yeah. [She sees Cheepy wandering through the kitchen behind Blossom] Whoa!
Blossom: Are you okay?
Bubbles: No!
[She quickly grabs Cheepy and hides him behind her back]
Buttercup: Dude! What are you doing?
Blossom: Uh, what are you hiding behind your back?
Bubbles: Uh, you mean this spoon?
Blossom: Your other hand?
Bubbles: Uh this ham hock?
Blossom: No.
Bubbles: This organic kale?
Blossom: No.
Bubbles: Clam juice?
Blossom: No.
Bubbles: Mayonnaise?
Blossom: No.
Bubbles: This Zoomsbie?
Buttercup: Yes!
Blossom: No, no, no!
Bubbles: Ehh. [She throws the Zoomsbie out through the window]
Buttercup: NOOOO!!!
Blossom: Stop pulling stuff out of the fridge. I know you have the Chinchillasaurus.
Bubbles: Uh what are you even talking about girlfriend?
Blossom: I'm talking about the Chinchillasaurus you obviously have behind your back.
Bubbles: "Chinchillasaurus?" Oh, Blossom. You and your crazy stories. [laughs]
[Cheepy munches on a piece of a yam and grows huge, crushing the whole kitchen table; cheeps]
Bubbles: [comes out from underneath Cheepy] Hehe.

Fashion Forward [1.25][edit]

[The Professor Utonium, Bubbles and Buttercup are in the car, getting Blossom who is under a Smoojhi spell by Bianca]
Buttercup: Uh, are you sure you don't want us to fly?
Professor Utonium: No. There are some things a dad just has to do. [He stops and gets out of the car] Stay in the car, girls.
Buttercup: Don't worry, Professor. We're right behind...
Professor Utonium: Car. [As he is walking through the citizens who are all under the same spell as Blossom] Excuse me. Make way. I have to speak with my daughter. [He finally gets to Blossom] Blossom!
Bianca: Who's that tacky milkman?
Professor Utonium: Look here. Don't give me that blank stare, young lady. I have specifically asked you to take that Smoojhi off two times now. Oh, I'm very disappointed in you.
Buttercup: Uh-oh. He's giving her the finger-wag/ disappointed-stare combo.
Bubbles: She's doomed!
Professor Utonium: As long as you live under my roof, you have to follow my rules.
Bianca: Ugh. This is getting old fast. Blossom, shoo this milkman away, will you?
Professor Utonium: And furthermore... [She picks up the Professor Utonium] B-B-Blossom!
[She throws the Professor Utonium back to the car]
Bubbles and Buttercup: Professor!
Bubbles: Are you sure you don't want us to...
Professor Utonium: Stay in the car. [He is thrown back to the car again] Aah! Oh!
Buttercup: We can take her on.
Professor Utonium: Stay in the car.
[He is thrown back to the car again]
Bubbles and Buttercup: Professor!
Professor Utonium : Car. All right. I've had just about enough of...
Bianca: Ugh, give it a rest.
Professor Utonium: You! You're the bad influence on my daughters!
Buttercup: Oh, man! He's going full dad!
Professor Utonium: Stop manipulating my daughter!
Bianca: Stay back, you outdated poseur! [Professor Utonium grabs the Selfie Scepter] Aah! He's got our Selfie Scepter!
[Barbarus roars and goes after the Professor Utonium]
Professor Utonium: Oh! [He makes a run for it with the Selfie Scepter]
Bubbles: Are you sure you don't need any...
Professor Utonium: No. Stay in the car! [He keeps running from Barbarus until he trips] Oh! Whoa! Whoa! [He falls and breaks the Selfie Scepter, breaking the spell]
Clerk: [to the teenage girls] You still got to pay for those.
[Bianca and Barbarus falls and lands next to the police]
Male Cop: Fashion police.
Female Cop: Looks like you're out of glamour.
Male Cop: And into the slammer.

In the Garden of Good and Eddie [1.26][edit]

Buttercup: Oh, man, it totally worked!
Blossom: I never thought I would say this, but taking the easy way out with this garden really paid off!
[An unknown creature passes by, snarling]
Bubbles: Girls, looks at the size of these [loud chomp] tomatoes?
[They see a tomato being eaten]
Buttercup: Ugh, Bubbles, what did you do this time?
Bubbles: It wasn't me!
[Loud chomping goes on as tomatoes are being eaten]
Blossom: Something's eating all the tomatoes! [The girls see one tomato hanging] Look, there's still one left. [She uses her laser beams to get the tomato down and she gets it] Got it!
[The unknown creature, revealing to be a tomato worm named Eddie pops out and eats Bubbles]
Blossom and Buttercup: Bubbles!
Eddie: Oh, sorry. [She spits Bubbles out of her mouth]
Bubbles: Oof!
Buttercup: You okay, Bubbs?
Bubbles: I'd be lying if I said yes.
Eddie: Oh, man, I'm such a jerk. Sorry, I'm just super hungry. [She chomps on a leaf] And sometimes I eat extra when I'm anxious. Spoiler alert I'm anxious a lot. [laughs]
Blossom: Who are you?
Buttercup: And what are you?
Eddie: Oh, I'm a tomato worm. Name's Tabitha, but you can call me Eddie. [She shakes hands with the girls]

Road Trippin' [1.27][edit]

Bubbles: [voice-over] It's been hours since we last spoke. Just silence, stretching on forever, like the horizon. Will we ever arrive at our destination? Or am I merely a rest stop in his heart? If Blossom and Buttercup are the halogen headlights of this family car, does that make me the broken tail light? Is there anything that can break this emotional road block?
[The Professor stops the car as he sees a red light]
Professor: Red light. That's 450 terahertz.
Bubbles: [sighs; she sees a bottomless pit and gift shop near the car] Bottomless pit and gift shop? Can we go? Please, please, please? [She drags the Professor to the edge of the bottomless pit] Come on, hurry up it's over here. Let's go! [echos] Whoa! How cool! [echos; gasps] And now [echos] Opening for the Sensitive Thugs [echos] Bubbles and her Puppy Opera. [echos; giggles] Professor! [She looks around and sees the Professor on a spot not far from the bottomless pit] Hey, Professor! [She flies to the Professor] Did you hear that? Cool, right?
Professor: [not listening] Uh-huh, that's nice.
Bubbles: Professor, you're not even listening.
Professor: [still not listening] Yes, my shoes are comfortable.
Bubbles: [sighs] I'm going to the gift shop. [voice-over] Sometimes the Professor treats me like I'm invisible. Am I invisible? Is this my new sad super power? [gasps as she sees a goldfish novelty flashlight; speaking] A goldfish novelty flashlight. I have to have it. I need to have it. [squeals]
[She dances until she hears the car honking by the Professor]
Professor: Bubbles, time to get in the car before I forget you!
Bubbles: Forget me?

Bubbles: [voice-over] Of course. It all makes sense now. Take sweet little Bubbles out on a road trip, all alone cut off from the civilized world. And when she least expects it, you ditch her at the big dinosaur. I've seen it a thousand times. No. There's too many witnesses. So where will it be? He could leave me anywhere, like the world's largest ball of yarn. Or the world's smallest ball of yarn. Or Phone Henge. Mount Plushmore. The Burrito River. No. You need somewhere dark and evil someplace like the Waffle Barn! Left alone. Forced to build my own thatched-roof cottage out of old waffles to survive. It's both shelter and food. [speaking] Well, Professor, the joke's on you. I'm not getting out of this car. No matter what.
Professor: [knocking on the window of the car] Bubbles, get out of the car.
[She rolled down the window]
Bubbles: What?!
Professor: We're here, Zeitgeist's gallery.

The Big Sleep [1.28][edit]

[The TV shuts off]
Buttercup: What? [The electricity in the house shuts off] Bubbles, what did you do?
Bubbles: Nothing I know of.
Professor: Girls, get down!
Girls: Professor?
[He beats up a group of pillows and jumps through the living room]
Blossom: What's going on?
Professor: Girls, to the lab now!
[He and the girls run towards the lab door and he tries to get the password several times but gets it wrong until he gets the password right]
Professor: Got it.
[He and the girls went inside the lab quickly and he quickly closes the door; he sighs]
Blossom: Professor, why did you beat up those pillows?
Professor: Girls, let me explain. [He shows the girls an image of a pillow] I have been working diligently on code name Project Slumber, the creation of the world's most comfortable pillow.
Buttercup: Who says science doesn't put you to sleep? Am I right, Bubbs?
Bubbles: [giggling] I don't get it.
[They high five]
Professor: The goal was to build not just a comfy cushion, but a pillow capable of independent thought one so smart that it would predict what you need and fluff itself accordingly.
Blossom: Ah, science. Is there anything it can't do?
Professor: But something went terribly wrong. The pillow I made was too comfortable. One snuggle, and you're instantly asleep.
Buttercup: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, Professor, but we got a bigger problem, and her name is Spoiler Cheryl.
[The Professor grabs Buttercup]
Professor: Don't you understand?!
Buttercup: Yes! Maybe. No.
Professor: The pillow's escaped. It's loose in the house.
Bubbles: The house?! But that's where I live!
Professor: The pillow won't rest until we're all resting.
Bubbles: Oh, no! Quick! To the panic room!
Blossom: We don't have a panic room, Bubbles.
Bubbles: Any room is a panic room if you panic hard enough. [She started panicking all through the lab]
Professor: Girls, it's up to us to stop the pillow before it breaks free and puts all of Townsville to sleep.
Buttercup: Um, you can put me down now.

The Secret Life of Blossom Powerpuff [1.29][edit]

Blossom: I'm here to sign up for the Model U. N. Dibs on Norway.
Barry: Sorry. It's full.
Blossom: No! My life is ruined! Ruined!
[Bubbles and Buttercup came to Blossom]
Bubbles: Blossom, we heard your over-dramatic cries!
Buttercup: What's wrong, dude?
Blossom: The Model U. N. closed. My entire career trajectory hinged on being Norway in the Model U. N. Club. [sighs] Now I'm doomed to a life in local government.
Buttercup: It's no so bad, dude. Just sign up for another club.
Blossom: Another club?
Bubbles: This is a perfect day to try something new, Blossom. Who knows? You just might like it. You could take Art Club with me, and be an artist.

Halt and Catch Silico [1.30][edit]

[The girls went inside Silico's lair and Silico appears]
Silico: Hello, girls.
Blossom: Uh, hello. We're here to see Silico. Is he in?
Silico: I am Silico. [echoing while more screens appears] Silico. Silico. Silico. Silico.
Blossom: Ah, great! So, would you be kind enough to stop posting those articles about us?
Silico: After what you did to me, I don't think so.
Buttercup: Okay. That's it, computer face. You're going down!
Silico: No, Buttercup, it is you that will be going... [She punches a computer screen] Don't do that. It won't... [She punches another computer screen] Stop that. It's super annoy... [She punches another computer screen] Just like the Powerpuff Girls always solving problems with your fists. Fine, then. If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get.
[The light shows the rest of the lair and Silico sends out his robot army]
Blossom: Let's hack these, uh, uh...
Buttercup: Yeah! Let's reboot these, uhh...
Bubbles: Let's send these guys back to the DOS ages.
Buttercup: Oh, good one, Bubbs.
[The girls fly to punch a robot, but they flew through it to realize the robot is a hologram]
Girls: Huh?

Secret Swapper of Doom [1.31][edit]

[The secret swapper lifts itself above the girls]
Girls: Huh?
[The secret swapper morphs itself into a mouth]
Secret Swapper Mouth: Secret secrets are no fun. Unless you share with everyone!
[An explosion sends the girls outside]
Blossom: Wha... What happened?
[The girls see that the secret swapper had been changed into a monster]
Bubbles: Oh...
Blossom: My...
Buttercup: Gammi. Who knew that a little gossiping amongst friends would turn into a giant monster?
[The secret swapper monster roars at them, sending them to a field in the center of Townsville with an explosion, creating a hole]
Professor: Huh? Girls!
Buttercup: Ugh, I'll have to brush my teeth twice today.
Blossom: That's normal.
Professor: Girls! Are you all right?
Secret Swapper Monster: Professor, before you help them, think it through. Listen to the things I've heard about you!
Girls: Uh-oh.
Buttercup: We better shut this guy's trap. [She flies towards the secret swapper monster]
Secret Swapper Monster: I heard you still check to see if there's monsters in your closet!
[His roar sends Buttercup flying to a window; the citizens laugh]
Professor: [chuckles] You got me. But how did you know that?
Bubbles: [chuckles] How could anyone know that? It's impossible, right? [chuckles] I'll take care of it. [She flies towards the secret swapper monster]
Secret Swapper Monster: I heard you sing show tunes in the shower!
[His roar sends Bubbles flying towards the theater as a bunch of papers flew at the sign and said "The Professor Sings in the Shower"; The citizens laugh again]
Professor: Whoa, hey! That's pretty private.
[Blossom flies towards the secret swapper monster]
Secret Swapper Monster: I heard the Professor's in love with his pillow Dr. Fluff-N-Stuff!
[His roar sends a picture of the Professor kissing Dr. Fluff-N-Stuff on the building showing up on a building; The citizens laugh again]
Professor: Wait. What's going on? Girls! How does it know so many of my secrets?
Secret Swapper Monster: I don't know some of your secrets I know all your secrets!
[He sends papers to reveal more pictures of all of the Professor's secrets much to the citizens' amusement]
Professor: Girls, what have you done? You read my journal? I trusted you. [He runs away crying]
Blossom: Professor, I - We...
Secret Swapper Monster: Well, that was fun. Now to tell the world your secrets and destroy you too!
Blossom: Oh, no! I knew we shouldn't have told that thing all of our secrets.
Bubbles: Now everyone will know that I've been pranking Buttercup.
Buttercup: Hey! That was you?
[The secret swapper monster begins to shrink a little]
Secret Swapper Monster: Uh, hey! Stop that!
[the girls gasp]
Blossom: Did you see that? If you say your secret before he can, the Swapper loses his power! Girls, I have an idea! Follow my lead. [She goes to the secret swapper monster] My name is Blossom, and here's one of my secrets! I have a crush on Jared Shapiro!
Students: Go, Jared! Whoo-hoo!
Secret Swapper Monster: Uh-oh. [He shrinks a little more]
Buttercup: Oh, I got it! [She goes to the secret swapper monster] I have a rubber ducky named Monsieur Ducky! He's my number-one duck!
Zebra: Yeah! Rubber ducks!
Secret Swapper Monster: Aww, come on. [He shrinks a little more]
Bubbles: I'm the one who never flushes!
Blossom: I'm afraid of trampolines!
[The secret swapper monster shrinks a little more]
Secret Swapper Monster: Uh-oh. Time to go.
[He begins to run away]
Buttercup: I cry during pet food commercials!
Secret Swapper Monster: Uh, you keep that to yourself. [He shrinks a little more]
Blossom: I wear day-of-the-week underwear on the wrong day!
Secret Swapper Monster: Okay, now, that's just plain gross. [He shrinks a little more]
Bubbles: I like to smell my own stinky feet!
Secret Swapper Monster: Too much information! [He shrinks into an origami] Too much information! Aah! [He gets stepped on by Blossom]
Blossom: Secret's out.

Rainy Day [1.32][edit]

[Blossom comes out of the time-dasher in robot form]
Robo-Blossom: Robo Blossom evaluating area. Sisters detected.
Buttercup: Oh, whew. She recognized us.
Robo Blossom: Activating sibling rivalry. [She activates a laser gun]
Bubbles: Wh-What? [Robo Blossom fires a laser at both of them, sending them flying to a wall] Why, Blossom? What did we ever do to you?
Robo Blossom: I have been programmed with this function because you did not appreciate original Blossom for being a level-headed leader.
Bubbles and Buttercup: Oh, yeah.
Robo Blossom: Also because Buttercup takes too long in the bathroom. Seriously, what are you doing in there?
Buttercup: Hey, my hair doesn't look like this on its own.
Robo Blossom: Enough. Who is boring now?
[She activates more laser guns and starts firing them at Bubbles and Buttercup]

The Squashening [1.33][edit]

[The girls are captured by Toni, a spaghetti squash monster, after taking all of his candy]
Toni: How dare you steal all my candy?!
Blossom: Buttercup, the sign said, "Take one."
Buttercup: What? Oh, I thought it meant take one basket.
Toni: Oh, don't even try pulling that one. You knew very well what it meant.
Bubbles: Please, Mr. Very Strong Yellow Pumpkin Monster.
Toni: Excuse you?! I am not a pumpkin monster. I'm a spaghetti squash, the most neglected squash of Halloween. Oh, I hate those pumpkins so much. It's always pumpkin pie, pumpkin latte, take your pumpkin to prom!
Buttercup: Wait, so you're not a pumpkin?
Toni: Of course I'm not! You three are about to find out just how scary a spaghetti squash can be. I'm going to crush you into next year's Halloween candy! [Laughs evilly]
Buttercup: Yeah right. You're not that scary.
Toni: What? Yes, I am. No one is scarier than me!
Blossom: Okay. Well, then if that's true, nothing should scare you not even the scariest story on the planet, which we happen to know, right girls?
Buttercup: Uh, yeah.
Bubbles: We do?
Buttercup: Shh.
Blossom: Look, if we can scare you with one of our stories, will you let us go?
Toni: Hmm, okay. But if it's not scary, it's crush city.

Electric Buttercup [1.34][edit]

Steve: Hey, Buttercup!
Buttercup: Yo, Steve! You come to watch the Battle of the Bands?
Steve: Actually I came here to win the Battle of the Bands.
[Buttercup gasps as a bass is playing in the background, which turn out to be Blossom playing her bass until she stops]
Blossom: My bad!
Buttercup: Dude, what gives?! I thought you gave me this guitar so I could win.
Steve: Ha. I didn't give it to you. In fact, it's time for you to pay up, Buttercup.
Buttercup: Pay up?! I don't have any money!
Blossom: Buttercup, what's going on?
Steve: Oh, I don't need money. All I need is a drummer. [He snaps his fingers to transport Bubbles to his side] And a bassist. [He snaps his fingers]
Blossom: Buttercup! [She gets transported by Steve to his side] No strings attached, huh?
Buttercup: Steve, what's going on here?
Steve: Hey, man, you made a deal. I gave you the guitar, and now your sisters are part of my band.
[Steve reveals himself that he is Him in disguise]
Him: Forever! [Laughs maniacally]
Buttercup: [gasps] Him!
[As she flies to beat up Him, Him uses his guitar to blast her to a drum set]
Buttercup: Oof! Ow.
Blossom: Ugh, dang it, Buttercup! I knew you did something bad to get that guitar!
Buttercup: All right, Blossom. You need to stop and think things through before you rush to judgment.
Blossom: Me think things through?! You were the one who...
Him: If you're going to be in my band, you're going to have to sing like me!
Blossom: What are you... [Her voice changes to make it sound like Him's voice] ...talking about?
Bubbles: Leave us alone... [Her voice changes to make it sound like Him's voice] big meanie! [gasps]
Him: Now, let's go win this, Jampyres. Ta-ta, Buttercup! Enjoy your solo career.
Buttercup: No!
Bubbles: Help us, Buttercup!
[Him, Blossom and Bubbles get transported to the center of the stage]

Professor Proofed [1.35][edit]

Blossom: Professor, what you did was reckless. You could have gotten hurt.
Professor Utonium: Blossom...
Buttercup: I got to agree with Ribbon Head. First, you sprain your wrist a little, and the next thing you know bam! Shark attack! I've seen it a million times.
Professor Utonium: Okay, Buttercup, I I don't think you understand. Sharks live in the ocean.
Bubbles: Professor, I don't want you to get eaten by a shark.
Blossom: The point is you need to be more careful.
Professor Utonium: Oh, girls, that's very sweet, but I can take care of myself. Now, if you'll just excuse me, I need to get another bandage. [He bumps into a wall] Ooh! Oops. [chuckles] Silly me. Geez. [As he is going down to the basement, he falls down the stairs and a glass shattering sound is heard.] Oops! Silly stairs! Heh.

Poorbucks [1.36][edit]

Narrator: Six hours later.
Princess Morbucks: This is the worst croque madame sandwich ever!
[She throws the croque sandwich at the Professor]
Blossom: [groans] She'll never be a good person.
Buttercup: Bloss, give it a rest already. You've been trying to train her for six hours.
Blossom: Okay, let's do this one more time. Let's say it's Bubbles' birthday.
Bubbles: It is?!
Buttercup: Ugh! Again, Bubbles, it's not your actual birthday. We're just pretending.
Bubbles: Aww.
Blossom: Now, take this gift. [She starts to unwrap the gift] No, no, no, no! Take the present and give it to Bubbles.
Princess Morbucks: Wait. What was that word? Guh-ive?
Blossom: You know "give." Like, how I just gave that present to you.
Princess Morbucks: Oh, yeah. Thanks for that. [She starts to unwrap the gift again]
Blossom: Ugh! Forget it! I don't even know why I tried! You're so selfish! Ugh! I'll be in my room.
Princess Morbucks: Poor people are so sensitive.

Snow Month [1.37][edit]

Buttercup: Hey! What happened to Fitzmaurice Hill?
[They see that Fitzmaurice Hill is now a yeti ski resort for yetis only]
Blossom: A Yeti ski resort?
[Yetis chuckling as they are having a good time at their ski resort]
Yeti: Ugh. Poor people.
Buttercup: So our hill's been overrun by Yetis?
Blossom: I'm sure it's fine, Buttercup. There's plenty of room for all of us. Oof! [She bumps into a Yeti Bouncer who is guarding the entrance]
Yeti Bouncer: Sorry, there isn't plenty of room for you. You're gonna have to get off the mountain. It's a Yeti resort now.
Buttercup: Oh, yeah?! Well, I'm gonna resort to kicking your butt, furball!
[She is about to beat up the Yeti Bouncer, but Blossom stops her]
Blossom: No, Buttercup, it's not worth it. We'll find someplace else to sled.
[Buttercup growls, then the girls float away]
Yeti Bouncer: [chuckles] Tiny people.
Buttercup: Man, I hate these snobby Yetis! I wish they'd all just go back to whatever snowball they came from.
Bubbles: Yeah, I wish we could get rid of this snow. Then maybe they'd leave, and we can bring spring back.
[Blossom stops, sees a flower sprouting from the snow, and she goes to the flower]
Blossom: I wish I could bring spring back, too. [She uses her ice breath that freezes the flower]
Buttercup: [offscreen] Ahem?
Blossom: [coughs as Bubbles and Buttercup float above Blossom and look at her angrily with their arms crossed] Oh. That was supposed to be a personal moment.
Buttercup: Blossom! It was you the whole time?!
Bubbles: We thought it was the effects of climate change!
Blossom: I-i didn't want to. I was just so nervous about answering Jared Shapiro's note, and I needed extra time to think about it, so I made the snow day last a little longer.
Bubbles: A month?!
Blossom: But you guys like the snow. It's a win-win for everyone.
Buttercup: And the Yetis?!
Blossom: I'm sorry! But, honestly, the Yetis may be annoying, but they are not monsters.
[A roaring sound is heard from a distance and it turns out to be Zack Butthead sledding down a hill]

Somewhere Over the Swingset [1.38][edit]

[They see all of the alternate dimension versions of the citizens of Townsville surrounding the girls]
Blossom: What are all these people doing here?
Alternate Dimension Mayor: Hey, girls. Where are you going?
Blossom: We're going home, Bizarro Mayor!
Alternate Dimension Professor: What do you mean? You are home!
Mysterious Man: [As he appears from the sky with the swingset] That's right! This is the perfect home for everyone! You can stay forever.
[The Mysterious Man turns out to be Allegro]
Allegro: And ever! [giggles as he swings over the swingset]
Girls: Allegro?!
Allegro: That's right! It's me everyone's favorite party bear! Yay!
Bubbles: Yay!
Buttercup: Allegro, what are you up to?
Allegro: Allegro needed your energy to grow big and strong again! So, he made a perfect little Townsville for you to live in while he soaked it up. You have to stay here forever! And ever and ever and ever.
[The crowd walks closer to the girls]
Blossom: Uh-oh. What do we do? I don't want to punch people we know!
Alternate Dimension Mayor: [As he grabs Blossom] Yay, Blossom! Why don't you stay a while?
Blossom: I take it back, start punching!
[Bubbles punches the alternate dimension version of the Mayor and it reveals that the Mayor is a party animal in disguise]
Bubbles: Huh?
[Buttercup punches another alternate dimension version of another citizen and it reveals that the citizen is another party animal in disguise]
Buttercup: What the?
[The girls keep punching the alternate dimension versions of the citizens, revealing that they are party animals in disguise]
Buttercup: What the heck is going on here?
Blossom: They're Allegro's party army in disguise!
Allegro: It's party time!
Blossom: Girls, we have to get to the swingset!
Buttercup: Bubbles!
[Bubbles is partying with Allegro's party army until she stops]
Bubbles: Yep!
Blossom: Let's end this party!
[They fly to punch Allegro off the swingset, but they are blocked by the alternate dimension version of the Professor]
Alternate Dimension Professor: Girls! Don't go back to that other professor! He never lets you do anything! You'll just get punished! Stay with me Professor Fun-tonium!
Buttercup: The professor just doesn't want us to get hurt!
Blossom: Yeah! That's what a real father does.
Bubbles: And you're not real!
[The girls punched the alternate dimension version of the Professor and it reveals that the Professor is another party animal in disguise]
Blossom: Girls, now!
Allegro: You girls are making a big mistake. [The girls punched him off the swingset] Oof! Whoo! [He lands hardly on the ground]
Blossom: Swing!
[The girls swing to hit Allegro]
Allegro: Aww, why don't you like my party? Oof! [The girls hit him and a small group of his party army disappeared] Boy, that really hurt! Eep! [The girls hit him again and another small group of his party army disappeared] But we're gonna have cake! Oof! [The girls hit him one last time, and he explodes into a small blue bear, and the rest of his party army disappeared] You guys are always ruining my party.
Blossom: Swing as hard as you can, girls all the way over!
Girls: Whoo-hoo! [The girls use their powers to swing all the way over back to the real world]

People Pleaser [1.39][edit]

Blossom: Ooh! You're building a biome for science class? Which one did you get, Bubbles?
Bubbles: I got the tiger! [roars]
Blossom: You mean the taiga? The largest biome in the world, towering Russian and Canadian forests, the toast of sub-Siberia?
[An egg drops into the table, then another egg drops into Bubbles' cup, splatting her drink all over her face]
Buttercup: Too bad you're not in my science class, Bubbs. We're studying the egg drop.
[She throws another egg into Bubbles' cup]
Blossom: Buttercup, the point of the egg-drop project is to drop the egg without breaking it.
Buttercup: Says you. Ha! [she throws the eggs at the cabinet door]
Bubbles: [She puts a tiny tree on the biome] And perfect! [The tiny tree falls down] Aw. Blossom, will you help me? My biome project is due tomorrow.
Blossom: Bubbles, I would be honored! I will make it my top priority after school today.

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