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The Powerpuff Girls is an American animated show created by Craig McCracken. It follows the adventures of Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, three little girls literally created from sugar, spice, everything nice, and chemical X. Their creator and adopted father, Professor Utonium, adds Chemical X by mistake, giving the girls superpowers. They use their gifts to save the city of Townsville.

Season 1[edit]

8 Episodes by October 18, 1998 - January 1, 1999

Episode 1A.Monkey See, Doggy Do[edit]

Blossom: Gee, I sure hope we can find a trail.

[After changing everyone in Townsville into dogs with the Anubis Head]
Mojo Jojo: All right, you flea-bitten curs! Heel! I, Mojo Jojo, am your master, and you shall obey my commands like the dogs you are! Because I am your master, it is I who you will obey! Obeying commands is what you will do! I will give you commands, and you will obey them!

Blossom: Not so fast...
Buttercup: Mojo...
Bubbles: Jojo!
[The Girls are changed into dogs]
Mojo Jojo: Too late, Powerpuffs! Or should I say, "Power-pups"?

Episode 1B.Mommy Fearest[edit]

Blossom: 'Fraid not, Ima. He's conveniently stepped out.
Buttercup: And we know you're not such a good lady at all.
Bubbles: What's in the bag, Sedusa?!? ''(Pulls out the wig, revealing that Ima is Sedusa in disguise)
Narrator: SEDUSA?!? Who woulda guessed it?
Sedusa: (As Bubbles tries to grab the bag) Let go!
[The bag opens to reveal the mayor's jewels]
Bubbles: Well, What do you know? The mayor's jewels. Nice try, Sedusa, But the game's over!
Sedusa: (In her evil tone) HA! NEVER! (In sweet tone) I'll just sweet talk that sap with the professor. He'll believe in me (In her evil tone) AND YOU THREE BUG-EYED CREEPS WILL BE GROUNDED FOREVER! (Laughs evilly)
Bubbles: (Angrily) GROUND THIS!!!
[The girls attacked Sedusa]
Professor: Oh Girls, I am back from the the stooooOOORE! Drops his groceries What's going on here?!
Sedusa: (sobbing) Oh, Professor. Thank goodness you're back! The girls went just crazy and they all jumped on me when I came home.
Blossom: (angrily) NO PROFESSOR! IT'S NOT TRUE!
Sedusa: LIARS! (To the Professor, whining) Professor, Sweetie, you believe me, don't you? Please.. help me. Please.
[Professor grabs Sedusa's arms and the girls think they are getting grounded again]
Professor: (To The Powerpuff Girls) Girls, call the police.
[The girls cheer for joy]

Episode 4A.Buttercrush[edit]

Ace: Oh, Powerpuff Girls. Please forgive my foolish friend for his foolish act, for he did not know what he was doing. And I know deep inside my heart that he would never do anything like that ever again. What do you say, girls? Will you forgive him? Will you? Please?
Blossom: Okay.
Ace: Thank you. [winks at Buttercup]]

Episode 5A.Boogie Frights[edit]

[Being chased by Boogie Man]
Bubbles: Buttercup? Blossom? Oh, no! I - I can't do it alone! [Crying]
Professor Utonium: Bubbles, if you can just face your fears, then I know you can find the courage to beat him. [similar to the phrase: "Use the force, Luke!"]

[At the end of the episode]
Narrator: So once again, the day is saved!
[The Girls appear, sleeping in bed]
Narrator: [snickers] Get it? The day was saved? Because it was going to be eternal night! They saved the day, literally! [laughs]
Blossom: [wakes up as Buttercup glares through one eye] Shh!
[Both she and Buttercup go back to sleep; through all this, Bubbles is not disturbed one bit.]
Narrator: [voice sinks to a whisper] Oh, sorry. Thanks to the Powerpuff Girls. Goodnight, everybody.

Episode 5B.Abracadaver[edit]

Blossom: Excuse me, Mr. Zombie, sir?
Abracadaver: Wha—?
Blossom: Could you stop destroying Townsville with your evil zombie magic?
Bubbles, Buttercup: Please?
Abracadaver: [gasps upon seeing Blossom] You! You're that girl! [he imagines her as the girl from long ago] Girl with bear!
Blossom: Huh?

Episode 6A.Telephonies[edit]

Narrator: The city of Townsville! And what a beautiful city she is, full of-- [A phone rings] Oh, excuse me. [Answers phone] Uh... hello?
Ace: [Over phone] Yeah, listen, jerkface, you good-for-nothin' toad!
Narrator: You can't talk to me like that!
Ace: [Over phone] How 'bout this? I THINK YOU STINK! I CAN SMELL YA OVER THE PHONE!
Narrator: Why I oughta... WHO IS THIS?! [The caller hangs up] Hello? Hello?!

[The Girls break into Mojo Jojo's lair and beat him up]
Mojo Jojo: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF-- [they shove the back of his chair down onto him, then throw him against the wall]
Blossom: Don't play dumb. We know you've got some evil plot underway.
Mojo Jojo: What are you talking about?
Buttercup: Oh, like you don't have a giant robot ready to smash Townsville!
Mojo Jojo: No.
Blossom: [surprised] No diabolical plans to destroy the world?
Mojo Jojo: No.
Bubbles: [scared] Turning everyone into zombies to scare people?!
Mojo Jojo: Oh, for crying out loud, NO! I have no intentions of committing any crimes... today.
Blossom: Then what were you doing before we got here?
Mojo Jojo: Sleeping!
Buttercup: Before that?!
Mojo: Reading the paper!
Blossom: [deflated] Oh. [long pause] Well... you better behave yourself, or we'll be back!
Mojo: [sarcastically] Oh goodness, I'd better not snore.

[The Girls have just broken into Him's lair to find him doing aerobics]
Him: [effeminate voice] Hello, girls. What a pleasant surprise. Ooh, what's the occasion?
Blossom: Uh, we were wondering...
Him: How I stay so fit? Well, now you know.
Blossom: Uh, no, actually. Did you do anything evil today?
Him: No, not today. Why do you ask?
Blossom: No reason, just wondering.
Him: This figure doesn't come easy, you know. I took a little time off to get into shape.
Blossom: So, you haven't been...?
Him: Nope.
Blossom: [Chuckling nervously] Okay, I guess we'll see you later.
Him: I guess you will.
Blossom: Okay, bye, then.
[The Girls fly off]
Him: Goodbye, girls. Come back soon. Goodbye... [picks up the phone and puts it to his left ear]

Mojo Jojo: All right, alright, Fuzzy, I heard you the first time... I know.[the line beeps] I kn... hold on, Fuzzy. There's someone on the other line.
Him: [To Mojo Jojo on the phone; demonic voice] Mojo! It's me... [effeminate voice] Him!
Mojo Jojo: Yes, sir! What is it?
Him: [demonic] You won't believe what just happened.
Mojo Jojo: The Powerpuff Girls just broke in unexpected?
Him: WHAT?! How did you know?
Mojo Jojo: The same thing happened to me and Fuzzy Lumpkins. He's on the other line.
Him: Well, put him on!
[Mojo puts Fuzzy on the line]
Fuzzy Lumpkins: [shaking with fury] BUSHWHACKED IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT!!
Him: This is an outrage!
Mojo Jojo: You are right. We're all citizens! Evil citizens, but citizens nonetheless!
Fuzzy Lumpkins: BIRTHDAY SUIT!! [Cries]
Him: We should complain!
Mojo Jojo: But to whom?

Big Billy: Hello?
Him: [demonic voice] I demand to speak with the Mayor!
Big Billy: He's not here right now. Can I take a massage?
Him: Do you know when he'll be back?
Big Billy: Uh...I don't know. See, Grubber tricked the Mayor into leaving so we could break in and use the Powerpuff hotline to make crank calls.
Him: Huh?! [effeminate voice] You don't say. Well, to whom might I be speaking?
Big Billy: Uh, this is Billy.
Him: Billy who?
Big Billy: Big Billy from the Ganggreen Gang. Who is this? [Him hangs up the phone] Hello?
[A crash suddenly shakes the room, snapping the Ganggreen Gang awake. Him, Mojo Jojo, and Fuzzy Lumpkins have come in, looking enraged]
Him: So! You guys like to make [demonic] crank calls!
[Him, Mojo, and Fuzzy proceed to beat up the Ganggreen Gang]

Mayor: Powerpuff Girls! You're not gonna believe this! The Ganggreen Gang, Mojo Jojo, Fuzzy Lumpkins and Him are fighting right here in my office!
Blossom: [hangs up] Yeah, right, Mayor, very funny.

Narrator: So once again the day is saved! Thanks to... Mojo?... Fuzzy?... and Him?

Episode 6B.Tough Love[edit]

Narrator: Those little scamps are so adorable! How we just love the Powerpuff Girls!
[Him is in a bathtub, looking angry]
Him: [effeminate voice] Oh, how I [demonic] HATE THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!
Narrator: Hate the Powerpuff Girls?! Who could hate the...? Oh, no. Please don't let it be...Him!
Him: [effeminate] Oh, Powerpuff Girls, save us! Oh, Powerpuff Girls, we need you! Oh, Powerpuff Girls, we love you! [demonic] Powerpuff Girls! Powerpuff Girls!! POWERPUFF GIRLS!!! [Looks at a rubber ducky; effeminate] Oh, Mr. Quackers, am I the only one who [demonic] hates those [effeminate] miserable little brats? [Squeaks his ducky] You hate them, too? Oh, I knew I could count on you! But how can I possibly beat them with all that [demonic] love surrounding them?! [Squeaks his ducky; effeminate] What's that you say? [Squeaks his ducky again] Yes! [demonic] That's brilliant! [effeminate] Oh, Mr. Quackers, you are so smart. Quite a positively evil scheme you've hatched. And I'll finally be rid of those girls... [demonic] FOREVER!!

Him: [effeminate] Poor, ususpecting Townsville, all snug in your beds. Unaware of the evil that lurks above your heads. And so, with a flick of my wrist and a twirl of my claw, I'll be rid of those girls once and [demonic] for all.

[Ms. Keane and the students of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten are throwing things at the girls]
Blossom: I've heard of class struggles, but this is ridiculous.

Buttercup: Wow, this has turned out to be one freaky day.
Bubbles: Yeah. Something strange is going on.
Narrator: [affected by Him's evil gas and yelling] Aw, for crying out loud, WOULD YOU THREE SHUT UP FOR ONCE?! Always griping and moaning about something! Sheesh, you give me a headache!

[All the citizens of Townsville, all affected by Him's evil gas, are cornering the Powerpuff Girls, preparing to destroy them]
Buttercup: Why are you people doing this?!
Bubbles: Don't you love us anymore?
Blossom: Yeah, you act as if you, as if you...
Him: [offscreen; effeminate] Hate you?
Blossom: Yeah! Hate us! [Realizes who responded to her question] Wait, who said that?
[Him appears]
Him: Why, I did, of course.
Powerpuff Girls: [gasp in horror] It's Him!
Him: [demonic] Right you are, girls! [Appears in front of the Professor; effeminate] And right you are about your loved ones.
[He licks the Professor's face]
Blossom: Take your claws off of the Professor!
Bubbles: What's he ever done to you?
Him: Oh, it's not what he's done to me, but what he's going to do [demonic] to YOU! [effeminate] You see, I've taken all of their love for you and [his head rotates] tuuuuuurned... it into... [demonic] HATE! [The girls gasp in horror; effeminate] Now they will destroy you. [demonic] And you poor, helpless creatures won't be able to fight back. [effeminate] Because the Powerpuff Girls would never hurt the ones they love. Oh, no, they wouldn't! [demonic] NOW DESTROY THEM!

[The people of Townsville, affected by Him's evil gas, are battling with the Powerpuff Girls, who are on the losing end, until Buttercup rises and knocks the mob away with one punch, stunning Him]
Buttercup: Come on, you guys! Get up and fight!
Blossom: Buttercup, what are you doing? We can't hurt the ones we love.
Buttercup: Those people aren't our loved ones. Our loved ones would never want to hurt us!
Blossom, Bubbles: [getting the point] (Him) Hey, yeah!
Buttercup: [points to Him] They're just pawns in his evil scheme!
Him: [giggles; effeminate] Well, you know...
Buttercup: Which means...
Powerpuff Girls: Let's get 'em!
Him: [frowns] Uh-oh.

[After the Powerpuff Girls defeat their loved ones and rid them of Him's evil gas, they confront Him]
Blossom: Don't ever make us have to do that again!
Buttercup: Or it will be your last!
Him: [effeminate] Tsk, tsk, tsk. You girls underestimate me. I never give repeat performances. But I assure you, I'll be back!

[at the hospital]

Blossom: So now you know why we had to do what we did. We all feel really bad, and hope that you’ll forgive us.
Bubbles: Besides, it hurt us a lot more than it hurt you!
Citizens: Well now, we wouldn't say that! (all laughing)
Narrator: (laughing, then groaning) Don’t worry. We forgive you. Because once again, the day is saved, thanks to The Powerpuff Girls! Oh, nurse, isn't it time for my sponge bath?

Episode 7A: Major Competition[edit]


Mugger: [Holding an old woman at gunpoint] Uh... everybody freeze or the old lady gets it!
[The crowd gasps in terror]
Major Man: Halt, vile villain, or taste the bitter flavor of justice that Major Man will serve you!
Buttercup: [Sing-song voice] Cor-ny!
[The crowd shushes her.]

Blossom: Boy, the hotline hasn't run in ages!

Episode 7B.Mister Mojo's Rising[edit]

[Mojo Jojo's letter to the Girls:]
Dear Powerpuff Girls,
I have kidnapped Professor Utonium! I have taken him someplace against his will! If you look for him in the spots he likes to be, you will not find him! He's with me - but not by choice! I took him and he didn't like it!
This message is from, and was written by, Mojo Jojo.
Bubbles: Who could have done this?
[Blossom and Buttercup look annoyed]

Episode 8A.Paste Makes Waste[edit]

Buttercup: EAT THIS, PASTE EATER!!!!

Loyd & Floyd: Hey dude........
Mitch Mitchelson: What!
Loyd & Floyd: Dude..... Dude....

Blossom: You know what you have to do!
Buttercup: No! Anything but that!
Blossom: Buttercup!
Buttercup: No, no, no, no, no! All right! ELMER!!
Elmer: Huh?
Buttercup: Uh…I-I-I’m…s-s-s-so-s-s-so-o-o…o-o-r-r…r-r-r-ry!
Elmer: (normal voice) Wh-wh-what?
Buttercup: I’m…sorry if I picked on you, and…I’m sorry if I called you a…paste eater.
Elmer: Thanks, Buttercup. That's all I ever wanted.

Buttercup: [To Elmer, who has turned into a giant paste monster, and is covered in flour; sing-song voice] You can't stick to me! You can't stick to me! Nyah nyah nyah-nyah--
[Elmer grows a hole in his stomach and Buttercup flies through it]
Buttercup: --Nyah???

Episode 8B.Ice Sore[edit]

Bubbles: (after finding out that Blossom has "ice breath") Make the floor all ice, like in Tom and Jerry! That's my favorite.

Blossom: Hi, Pablo!
Pablo: Blossom, how come your sisters are so mean?
Blossom: Oh, it's 'cause I have ice power and they don't and they're all jealous.

(Blossom has accidentally caused crooks to get away with her ice breath)
Buttercup: (angrily) Way to go, Ice Princess.
Bubbles: You did a baaaaaaaaaaaaad thing, Blossom.
Blossom: I know. (flies over to cops she accidentally froze) Sorry, Mr. Policeman. (flies over to citizens she accidentally froze) Sorry, people of Townsville. (flies over to a tree she accidentally froze) Sorry, tree.

Episode 11A.Just Another Manic Mojo[edit]

Mojo Jojo: Now to have some breakfast!
[He finds only one egg in the fridge]
Mojo Jojo: ONE EGG LEFT?! For a nutritious breakfast, TWO eggs is the minimum requirement! And I have but ONE, which is ONE shy of TWO! And it is TWO that I need! Curses! I must immediately purchase some eggs, for I need to have breakfast, and without the eggs I cannot have the breakfast that I so require!
[He storms down the long staircase that runs to the bottom of the volcano, then suddenly skids to a halt]
Mojo Jojo: [pats his outift in panic] I have forgotten my wallet! Curses!
[He storms back up]
[Cut to him returning down, to discover kids playing in his moat]
[The kids ignore him]
Mojo Jojo: [leaving] I must remember to destroy those kids after my breakfast has been eaten.

Episode 12.The Rowdyruff Boys[edit]

Bubbles: [Picks up the phone] Hello?
Mojo Jojo: Hello. May I speak to Professor Utonium?
Bubbles: Who shall I say is calling?
Mojo Jojo: Oh, no one he'd know, just a curious stranger.
Bubbles: [Shrill call] PROFESSOR! There’s a stranger on the phone!
Professor: [picking up the phone] Hello, Mr. Stranger, what can I do for you?
Mojo Jojo: Oh. [Clears throat] Ah, hi, I’m calling from Townsville Community College and I’m doing a report on the Powerpuff Girls, and I was wondering, what exactly are those little girls made of?
Professor: Ah, oh, well, the Powerpuff Girls. Oh, let’s see now, eight cups of sugar, a pinch of spice, one tablespoon of everything nice, and, now this one’s important: accidentally add a drop of Chemical X. And voila!
Mojo Jojo: That's it? I mean, wow. Thanks.
Professor: I also have a great recipe for pound--
[Mojo hangs up]

Mojo Jojo: Let’s see, snips and snails and a puppy dog’s tail . . . all that leaves is Chemical X. There must be something around here with that potency. Aha! [it’s a stinky toilet] Yes, definitely Chemical X!

[After creating three Puff-esque boys, Mojo hugs them in a fatherly manner]
Mojo Jojo: Ah, my children!
Brick: [grabs him threateningly] Hands off! Who do you think you are anyway, Pops?!
Mojo Jojo: Why, yes, I am your father, children!
Boomer: Hey! We ain't no babies!
Boomer: Boomer!
Brick: Brick!
Butch: Butch!
Brick: We're here to kick some butt! And since yours is the only one around, we're gonna start with you!
Mojo Jojo: Oh, no, boys. You don’t want to kick my butt; my butt is as rotten as yours. What you want are butts settled on the throne of justice!
The Rowdyruff Boys: Yeah!
Mojo Jojo: Butts planted in the soil of nobility!
The Rowdyruff Boys: Yeah!
Mojo Jojo: Butts nestled between the pillars of peace and love! The butts you want to kick are the butts of the Powerpuff Girls!
The Rowdyruff Boys: Let's get 'em!

Brick: Hey! What's wrong with you girls?! You're supposed to start crying when we hit ya!
Boomer: Yeah!
Blossom: What are you guys, new?
Bubbles: Yeah, we're the Powerpuff Girls!
Buttercup: And it takes a lot more than a couple of cheap shots to make us cry!
Brick: [smirking] Well, then. I guess we'll just have to serve it up...

[Bubbles is thrown through a shop window]

Mr. Cooper: Are you okay?
Bubbles: Yeah. Sorry about your window, Mr. Looper.
Mr. Cooper: That's Okay. It's Cooper! COOPER!

The Mayor: And furthermore, every Wednesday shall be pretzel day! [Blossom is thrown against the window of his office] Hello, Blossom! [She slides down] Goodbye, Blossom. [Bubbles is thrown against the window of his office] Hello, Bubbles! [She slides down] Goodbye, Bubbles. [Buttercup is thrown against the window of his office] Hello, Buttercup! [She slides down] Goodbye, Buttercup. What sort of pretzels do you suppose the girls like, Bavarian, or tiny twists?
Miss Bellum: Sir, I think the girls may be in trouble.
The Mayor: Whatever makes you say that?

[After the Rowdyruff Boys zoom past the Powerpuff Girls, the exhaust leaves the Girls weakened and coughing]
Butch: Good thing we had those burritos for lunch!
Boomer: [laughs] Yeah, dude!
Brick: [snickers] Word! [fiercely] NOW LET'S FINISH THOSE SISSIES!!!

Miss Bellum: I think I got an idea.
Mr. Cooper: Really? What is it?

Miss Bellum: Listen. What do little boys fear more than anything in the world?
Bubbles: Bugs!
Buttercup: No, Bubbles. That’s what you’re afraid of.
Bubbles: Oh yeah.
Miss Bellum: Girls, you have what boys fear most. Instead of fighting, try being nice.
Girls: Huh?
Miss Bellum: You know. Nice.
Blossom: I get it.
Buttercup: Ew. Gross.

[After the Girls magically kiss the Rowdyruff Boys, destroying them]
Mojo Jojo: Curse you again, Powerpuff Girls! I'll be back, but next time I will not be defeated! It is you who will be defeated! And when you are defeated, it is you who will have lost!
Narrator: Oh, Mojo, shut up!

Blossom: I kinda liked kissing.
Bubbles: Yeah!
[She and Blossom giggle]
Blossom: How about you, Buttercup?
[Buttercup starts spitting in disgust]
Buttercup: Yuck! Buck!
[Bubbles and Blossom laugh]

[After defeating Mojo]
Buttercup: Give it up, Mo-joke!
Bubbles: You will never defeat us! So there! [Blows raspberry]
Blossom: [Resting her hands on her hips] The Powerpuff Girls never lose!

Season 2[edit]

5 Episodes by January 1, 1999 - January 31, 2000

Episode 1A.Stuck Up, Up, and Away[edit]

Princess Morbucks: I'll need some milk money for my first day of new school! [Her dad hands her some cash.] I suppose this will do!

[After Blossom has used her ice breath on a flying Princess to rid her of her superpowered suit, and she falls, crying, but Blossom catches her before she can hit the ground.]
Princess Morbucks: [crying] Why won't you let me be a Powerpuff Girl?
Blossom: Because you're just a spoiled brat.
[Puts Princess down]
Blossom: And being a Powerpuff Girl isn't about getting your way, or having the best stuff, or being popular or powerful. It's about using your own unique abilities to help people and the world we all live in. And you, little girl, have done nothing worthy of the name "Powerpuff".

Episode4B.You Snooze, You Lose[edit]

Bubbles: A scavenger hunt? How terrible! I don't believe in hunting scavengers.

Mojo Jojo: [with bloodshot eyes and a crazed smile] I know who took my plans! [his eyes turn slowly to his left, then he suddenly points to his right] It was YOU! [a bird at his window chirps innocently] Well, then... it was YOU! [points at his telephone] It was ALL of you! [the room starts shaking] Ohh, the pounding, the pounding, why won't it stop?!
[Outside, Buttercup is knocking on his door]
Buttercup: Why — won't — this — guy — answer?!
Mojo Jojo: [throws the door open] WHAAAAAAAT?!?
Bubbles: [politely] Hello! Please, Mr. Mojo, sir, could we please borrow your supercharged high-tech laser, please?
Mojo Jojo: Okay, okay, just don't bother me again. I'm trying to find my plans on how to destroy you.
Powerpuff Girls: (with Mojo's high-tech laser) THANK YOU, MOJO!

[Mojo sees the Powerpuff Girls trapped in the machine he planned, with the clueless Amoeba Boys at the control panel]
Mojo Jojo: MY MACHINE!!!
Junior: [playing with the aiming yoke] Duh, hey, look, Boss, I'm drivin'!
Mojo Jojo: [shoves them away] Get out of here! This is my machine! [laughs evilly] Now I've got you, Powerpuff Girls! And it is my plan that will destroy you! And then I will rule the world!
Buttercup: Mojo, you creep!
Blossom: This is the Amoebas' plan!
Bubbles: Yeah! You’re just jealous!
Mojo Jojo: [shocked and confused] No! No! It is mine, I tell you! I came up with the crab! And the laser! And even the chewing gum that holds you!
Girls: Chewing gum?!
Blossom: Girls! "Chew" thinking what I'm thinking?
Bubbles, Buttercup: [nodding] Mmm-hmm!
[They chew their way free and fly at Mojo, blowing huge bubbles that burst explosively, knocking him from his seat. They then give him a beatdown as per usual, and then turn to the Amoeba Boys]
Blossom: Well, Amoeba Boys! Playing dumb all these years!
Bubbles: When all the while, you were criminal masterminds!
Buttercup: Looks like it's the big house for you!
Mojo Jojo: [going ballistic] But it is I who planned it! I did it, not them! I am the criminal mastermind! I am the evil genius! I smart, they dumb! I am responsible for trying to destroy you!
Blossom: [smiling] Okay. Then you go to jail.
Mojo: [triumphantly] That's right!

Episode 6A.Slave the Day[edit]

Narrator: "The city of Townsville... SMELLS"?!! Say, what's going on here? "The Mayor's dumb"?! That's just rude!

[Big Billy "reads" the girls a bedtime story]
Big Billy: "So the 3 Little Wolves went to the pig's house, and they said, 'FE FI FO FUM, you sure have big teeth, Grandma!' And so Hansel and the 3 Blind Mice climbed up the beanstalk to sell Mother Goose an old shoe!"

Episode 6B.Los Dos Mojos[edit]

Buttercup: [beating up Mojo Jojo] Take this! And that! And some of this! And one of those!
Blossom: Buttercup, if Mojo Jojo is here, he can't possibly be the one destroying Townsville!
Buttercup: Then who's in the Robo Jojo?
Mojo Jojo: Why don't you see for yourself?
[The machine opens, revealing an amnesiac Bubbles in Mojo Jojo's clothes]
Blossom, Buttercup: Bubbles?!
Narrator: Bubbles?!
Mayor: Bubbles?!
Talking Dog: Bubbles?!
Crowd: Bubbles?!
Mojo Jojo: (sarcastically) Bubbles.
Bubbles: [imitating Mojo] I am not Bubbles! Bubbles is not who I am! I am the one, the only, single solitary doer of dastardly deeds! Purveyor of pestilence! And deliverer of lawlessness! I'm a menace to mankind! I am bad! I am evil! I am Mojo Jojo! Hahahahahahahaha!
Mojo Jojo: [annoyed] I do not talk like that! The way I communicate is much different! I do not reiterate, repeat, reinstate the same thing over and over again! I am clear! Concise! To-the-point! I--
Buttercup: [beating him up again] Take this! And that! And some of this! And one of those!
Blossom: What kind of evil have you bestowed upon our sister?!
Mojo Jojo: You've got to be kidding. I'm wet! I'm naked! Your sister is wearing my clothes! And this is all part of some evil plot... TO RULE THE WORLD AS A SOGGY CHIMP IN MY BIRTHDAY SUIT?!?!?
Blossom: Buttercup, I don't think Mojo is behind this one. That bonk to Bubbles' head must have led her to believe that she is Mojo Jojo!
Mojo Jojo: [sarcastic] No, really? Do you think?

Narrator: [Mojo Bubbles just hit Blossom across a brick building] Uh-oh, Bubbles done a bad thing!
[an upset Blossom is about to attack Mojo Bubbles but Buttercup prevents her]
Buttercup: Blossom, wait! She's our sister!
Blossom: Yeah, but that really hurt.
Buttercup: I know, I know. But two wrongs don't make a right. She hits you, you hit her. Suddenly we’re all hitting each other, then we’ll all be right back where we started.
Bubbles: [imitating Mojo Jojo] What's the matter, Buttercup? 'Fraid I'll whoop the skirt off you?
Buttercup: [annoyed] Alright, let's kick her butt. [But Blossom prevents her]
Blossom: No, Buttercup. You’re right. She is our sister. And as sisters, we have an intrinsic duty; to uphold peace. Not only for the city of Townsville, but amongst ourselves.

Mojo Jojo: RIGHT ON! WE DID IT! We finally destroyed the Powerpuff Girls! Now there is no one to stop us! Hand in hand, we can work together! WE CAN RULE THE WORLD! Just you and me, Bubbles.
Bubbles: [imitating Mojo] I am not Bubbles! Bubbles is not my name! For the name "Bubbles" is not the correct name to address me by, because it is not my name! If you were to address me by the name "Mojo Jojo," that would be correct, for my name is Mojo Jojo! And I will only be addressed by that name, which is Mojo Jojo! And furthermore, it is not "we" who will rule the world - it is "I"! I, being Mojo Jojo - who is not Bubbles - shall rule this world alone, which is to say, without anybody else, and without anybody else shall I rule this world! And when this world is ruled by only one person, and not a collective group, that one person who shall be ruling the world will be none other than me, Mojo Jojo! [evil laugh]
Mojo Jojo: [annoyed and angrily] Oh, SHUT UP!!! [He swings a girder which hits Bubbles' head in slow-mo just as he did at the beginning of the show, knocking out Bubbles's memory, then, in normal speed, he reclaims his helmet and puts it on] That's all just well enough, because in reality there is only room enough in this world for one Mojo Jojo. One shall be the number of Mojo Jojos in the world, and the number of Mojo Jojos in the world shall be one! Two Mojo Jojos is too many, and three is right out! So, the only Mojo Jojo there is room for in the world SHALL BE ME! (echoing)And being the only Mojo Jojo in the world, I will rule the world, in which there is only one MOJO JOJO!!! [evil laugh]
Bubbles: [Regains consciousness as her normal self] What happened? [Sees all the damages she did as Mojo Jojo, then gasps] There is only one evildoer who could've done this to Townsville, and that's... [notices Mojo laughing] MOJO JOJO! [Proceeds to attack him]
Buttercup: [pointing] Look!
Blossom: It looks like Bubbles is back to her sweet old self again.
Buttercup: That's good. ’Cause there certainly isn't enough room in the world for two Mojo Jojos.
Blossom: I heard that!
Narrator: Yeah, and so did we - over a million times! We get it already!

Narrator: And so once again, the day is saved, thanks to Mojo the Powerpuff... Ah, heck, the day was saved. [imitating Mojo] So says me, the Narrator. So-called because I speak the narrative of the story! I advance the plot! I begin and end each episode of The Powerpuff Girls! Me! The Narrator!

Episode 7A.Very Special Blossom[edit]

Mojo Jojo: Ahhh! My master is completed! Happy father's day! My captian, I wish you were here to enjoy
[Blossom crashes in and made Mojo scream in bloody hell as Blossom tides Mojo's body with tape]
[Scene changes to a prison]
Buttercup: IT'S BLOSSOM!
Mayor: I say, Chief. We made a terrible mistake. Didn't we?
Buttercup: (Angrily) WAIT A MINUTE, BLOSSOM! YOU TOLD ME YOU FOUND THOSE CLUBS! Which is it? Did you find them? Or did he sell it to you? Come on, Blossom! TELL THE TRUTH!
Buttercup: COME ON!!!
Professor: Please, Tell the truth, Blossom!
Buttercup: [As Blossom whimpers then tries to escape from her punishment] WATCH OUT!
Bubbles: She is getting away!
Buttercup: COME BACK HERE, AND QUIT LYING! [They finally caught Blossom]
Blossom: ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT! (Regretfully) I did it. I stole the golf clubs.
Professor: But why, Blossom! Whhhhhhhyyyyy?!?
Blossom: Because you wanted it so much, And I just wanted to make you happy!
Professor: It's all my fault! (Voice breaksdown) I put too much value in a material item, instead of the love of you girls.
Blossom: And that's what drove a crime!
Professor: Oh, Mayor, please…go easy on Blossom. She’s sorry (to Blossom) Aren’t you, honey?
Blossom: (whines) YES!
Mayor: What do you say, Officer? It is her first offense!
Police Officer: (As his voice breaks down) This is very sad! (shocked) You're right about that. I didn't know it wasn't your fault, Blossom. Did you got the golf clubs for me? (happily) Thanks, Blossom. Now I can play golf at last. (angrily) BUT THE LAW IS THE LAW!
[We see Blossom's mugshot]
Narrator: Blossom was sentenced to 300 hours of community service. This was a harsh reminder to herself and all that crime doesn't pay.
Blossom: Boy, you can say that again!
A Father Bird: Well, it doesn't! [The baby birds agree to their father]
Narrator: So once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls! (We see Bubbles and Buttercup very angry at Blossom in a prison inmate uniform) Well, Two of them at least.
[Bubbles and Buttercup leave as we see Blossom behind bars]

Episode 7B.Daylight Savings[edit]

The Time Channel announcer: Welcome to the time channel, where we give you up-to-the-minute time, 24 hours a day. Up next, the current time. Hello. I’m Sonny Dial, here to bring you the latest time. But first, I hope all of you remembered that last night was Daylight Savings, which means everyone sets their clocks back by one hour. That makes our current time 6:41. I’ll be back at 6:42 with the up-to-the-minute time.
Professor: (As he checks all the clock including his watch) CRIKEY! I FORGOT TO SET THE CLOCKS BACK!

Episode 11A.Twisted Sister[edit]

Blossom: The first thing we need is sugar.
Bubbles: I'll get it! [Dashes on the left]
Blossom: And spice.
Buttercup: I'm on it! [Dashes on the right]
Blossom: Next you need...
Bubbles: [Comes back with a sweet powder] I couldn't find any sugar, but I did find an artificial sweetener.
Blossom: That's okay. Next you need...
Buttercup: [Comes back with dirt, twigs and leaves] I didn't know where to get spices, so I got dirt and twigs and stuff.
Blossom: Well, that's kinda like spices. Put it in. Now, next you need...everything nice!
Girls: Oh, boy! [The three fly out]
Bubbles: Crayons are nice.
Blossom: Books are nice.
Buttercup: Lizards are nice!
Bubbles: I like flowers.
Blossom Computers are good.
Buttercup: A football!
Bubbles: Stuffed animals!
Blossom: A calculator.
Buttercup: A mackerel.
Bubbles: More flowers.
Blossom: A compass.
Buttercup: Boxing gloves.
Bubbles: Ribbon!
Blossom: Art.
Buttercup: Band aids.
Bubbles: A smiley face.
Blossom: A globe.
Buttercup: [Punches the bowl] A knuckle sandwich!
Blossom: Okay. The final and most important step is to accidentally add Chemical X to the concoction.
[The girls make awkward faces and dash out and Blossom holds a beaker that looks like Chemical X]
Blossom: Oh, look at what I found, girls. Chemical X.
Bubbles: Be careful with that Chemical X.
Buttercup: Yes, Blossom. Whatever you do, do not drop that Chemical X.
Blossom: Don't worry, I wo...[Drops the beaker] Whoops! I accidentally dropped the Chemical X. And it fell into the concoction.
Girls: Oh, no.

Narrator: Hurry, girls, hurry! You created a monster!
Girls: Bunny!
Bunny: Wha?
Bubbles: What have you done?
Bunny: Bunny do good! Bunny do good!
Buttercup: No, Bunny do bad. Very bad!
Bunny: Bad?
Blossom: Yes, bad. You were supposed to fight crime, not help start it. I guess you're not cut out to be a Powerpuff Girl after all.
Bunny: No Powawull?
Girls: No.

Bubbles: Wha...Wh-Wh-Wh-What happened?
Blossom: Bunny saved us!
Buttercup: But...where is she?
[A part of Bunny's dress lands in front of them]
Girls: [gasp] Bunny!
Bubbles: Oh no! She exploded!
Buttercup: But why?
Blossom: I guess she was unstable, and the blast broke her down into her original ingredients.
Bubbles: She was good after all... [starts to cry] We were the ones who were bad.
[They hang their heads in shame.]

[At the end of the episode]
Narrator: [crying hard for a few seconds] Oh, it's so sad, I can't take it. And so, for the first...and final time...the day is saved, thanks to Powerpuff Bunny!
Bunny: Powawul!
Narrator: [crying harder for a few more seconds] Oh, why? WHY?!?...Oh, go to a commercial!

Episode 11B.Cover Up[edit]

[holding a blanket to her cheek]
Buttercup: I am a good fighter. I am a good fighter. I am a good fighter.

Buttercup: [after crying and pounding the counter in frustration] Where's my blanket?!
Bubbles: We don't have time for this, Buttercup.
Blossom: [worried] Townsville is in trouble.
Buttercup: [losing it completely] NOOOOOOOO!! I NEED MY BLANKET!!

Episode 12A.Speed Demon[edit]

Him: [laughs; effeminate] Don't you know the faster you go, time slows down? Your time stopped for fifty years whilst you were out racing around.
Blossom: I know that voice!
Him: Seconds, minutes, hours, days and nights all crawl by on hands and knees as you race the speed of light.
[Him has now emerged. The Girls gasp in horror]
Him: Yes! Coming back now? Remember?
[Buttercup remembers her dare to her sisters: "So - which of you slowpokes wants to race me home?"]
Buttercup: No!
Him: Yes! As you raced through time, the whole world went to [demonic] Heck!
Blossom: You lie! Don't believe him, Girls!
[The Girls severely attack and batter Him, but he seems totally unaffected]
Him: Are you finished?
Buttercup: No, but you are!
Blossom: Don't you know you can never beat us?
Him: Beat you? [eyes start glowing] But girls, don't you see? I've [demonic] already WON!
[He transforms into the larger, more terrifying monster version of himself]
Him: The beauty lies in the blame, because [demonic] it's your fault for leaving! Just ask your friends.
Citizens: [variously] Powerpuff Girls. You did this? You did this?
Blossom: No!
Him: All I did was take over. [demonic] It was easy!
Citizens: Why'd you leave us, Powerpuff Girls? Why? You weren't here to protect us. You weren't here. It's your fault. [chanting] Your fault.
Blossom: What have we done?!
[Him laughs demonically]
Citizens: [still chanting] Your fault.
Buttercup: No. No! NO!
[The Powerpuff Girls, screaming in defiance, fly into space, then dive back to earth at supersonic speeds, thus going back in time]
Citizen: Hi, girls!
BB: Hi!
Ms. Keane: Hi, girls!
BB: Hi!
Mayor: Hi, girls!
Professor Utonium: Hi, girls!
[the Girls sorrowfully hug the professor and explained what happened during their speedy time travel]

Season 3[edit]

5 Episodes by February 2, 2000 - December 31, 2001

Episode 2A.Town and Out[edit]

Citiesville Mayor: (quietly, sternly) Let me tell you some words. At what point did it seem like a good idea to blow up the Cityville [sic] Bridge?
Blossom: Uhh...
Citiesville Mayor: NO! (getting off desk) Do you realize the two crooks that you caught stole approximately four hundred dollars? (with intensifying rage) Do you realize that you did over three MILLION DOLLARS IN PROPERTY DAMAGE TO THAT BRIDGE?! (He waves his index finger at the girls on the word "no", holds up four fingers on the word "four", and pounds the desk on the word "million".) IT'S NOT REPLACEABLE!
(A scared Blossom blinks up at him, and he sighs as he looks despondently out his window at the destroyed bridge.)
Citiesville Mayor: (much calmer now, but still very upset) Also, that bridge is — or was — a historical landmark. (unfurling flag on pole) I mean, it's on our flag, for Pete's sakes! It's also the main thoroughfare into the city! (dropping flag) Nobody actually lives in Citiesville! (sobbing) They commute!
(He breaks down for a moment, then quickly pulls himself together to turn back and glare at the girls.)
Citiesville Mayor: (holding up a piece of paper) This is a bill prohibiting the use of superpowers in the town of Citiesville. (signing it) You're hereby forbidden by law to use any of your powers within the city limits.
(He hands the document to the girls.)
Citiesville Mayor: (pointing, menacingly) Now, get out of my sight!

Episode 2B.Child Fearing[edit]

Mojo Jojo: Prepare your taste buds delight! For I, Mojo Jojo, am not only the number one villain in Townsville, but I am also... number one chef in Townsville!

Blarney the Sea Serpent: [On television] If... I were a bunny I'd... HOP, HOP, HOP! HOP, HOP, HOP! HOP, HOP, HOP! HOP, HOP, HOP!
[The Girls hop, shaking the floor and waking Mojo up]
Blarney the Sea Serpent: [On television] If... I were a rhino I'd... STOMP, STOMP, STOMP! STOMP, STOMP, STOMP! STOMP, STOMP, STOMP!
[The Girls stomp, upsetting Mojo even more]
Blarney the Sea Serpent: [On television] If... I were a fish I would... SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM! SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM! SCREAM, SCREAM, SCREAM!
[The Girls scream, making Mojo cover his ears in irritation]
Blarney Sea Serpent: Okay, lads and lasses. Now let's all join in.
[The Girls look towards Mojo deviously]
Mojo Jojo: [terrified] Oh no, no--! [they grab him]
Blarney the Sea Serpent: If I were a log, I'd ROLL! ROLL! ROLL!
Mojo Jojo: [As the Girls roll him across the floor] STOP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! WAIT!
Blarney the Sea Serpent: If I were a ball, I'd BOUNCE! BOUNCE! BOUNCE!
Mojo Jojo: [As the Girls dribble him like a ball] HELP! I DO NOT LIKE THIS!
Blarney the Sea Serpent: If I were a rake, I'd RAKE! RAKE! RAKE!
[The Girls take Mojo outside and rake the lawn with his teeth]
Blarney the Sea Serpent: If I were a hammer, I'd POUND! POUND! POUND!
[The Girls slam Mojo upside-down onto a block of wood]
Blarney the Sea Serpent: If I were a candle, I'd...
Mojo Jojo: ENOOOOUUUUGH!!! I HAVE HAD IT!! [Seizes the Girls and takes them upstairs] IT'S... TIME... FOR... BEEEEEED!!! [Tosses them into bed] Whew! Finally, Mojo get peace!

[Mojo Jojo is forced to tell the Girls a bedtime story]
Mojo Jojo: Very well, then. I will tell you my favorite story... ABOUT THE GREATEST CONQUEROR WHO EVER LIVED! Napoleon! [He envisions himself as Napoleon] He was a mighty man, feared by all who looked up to him. Using his genius and his loyal army, he conquered all of Europe, then all of Russia, and finally the whole world. The end.
The Powerpuff Girls: [Sing-song voice] BO-RING! [Mojo's vision is shattered]
Blossom: Your story's all wrong! Napoleon's 1807 seizure of Portugal and the subsequent Rebellion by the Spaniards cost France over 300,000 casualties, untold sums of money, and contributed to the eventual weakening of the Napoleonic Empire! [Whacks Mojo with her pillow]
Bubbles: And your analysis on the Invasion of Russia is also incorrect! Napoleon's invasion of 1812 resulted in massive casualties of his troops, due to starvation and inclement conditions, and ended in a disastrous retreat from Moscow with his army defeated! [Whacks Mojo with her pillow]
Buttercup: Yeah, dummy! And when he returned to France, the Allied Nations of Europe united against him, which led to his eventual defeat at the Battle of Waterloo on June 18, 1815, whereafter he was exiled to the island of St. Helena, where he died a miserable death from stomach cancer on May 5, 1821, stupid! [Whacks Mojo with her pillow]

Narrator: If I were a narrator, I'd end this show! And so once again, the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

Episode 3.Criss Cross Crisis[edit]

Buttercup/Professor: Bubbles, come on!
Bubbles/Mayor: I'm not going!
Blossom/Ms. Bellum: What are you talking about?
Bubbles/Mayor: [softly] I'm not going out there
Buttercup/Professor: [scoffs] Why not?
Bubbles/Mayor: [sobs]
Blossom/Ms. Bellum: Well?
Bubbles/Mayor: [turns on light and reveals bald spot] I'M BALD!
Buttercup/Professor: [scoffs] Ugh, you're so sensitive!
Blossom/Ms. Bellum: Don't be silly, you're not bald. You have plenty of hair, see? Look [combs Bubbles/Mayor's hair]. There, now you look just like a normal person
Bubbles/Mayor: Really? Do I, Professor?
Professor/Buttercup: Uhm... yeah! You look great! Right, Mayor?
Mayor/Bubbles: Yeah, sure. Whatever
Bubbles/Mayor: Okay, let's go!

Mojo Jojo/Old Lady: [laughing] A priceless vase, and I have taken it for myself without paying! Hey, what's that sound? Oh, it's so familiar. Hmm, it's on the tip of my tongue. Ah, oh of course it's the... Oh, The Powerpuff Girls!
Girls/(Ms. Bellum, Mayor and Professor): That's right, Mojo!
Mojo Jojo/Old Lady: Mojo? But I'm just an old lady!

Mojo Jojo/Old Lady: It's polyduranium fibroid, you can't break it. You're trapped and TOTALLY HELPLESS! [laughing evilly]
Girls/(Ms. Bellum, Mayor and Professor): You forgot one thing, Mojo!
Mojo Jojo/Old Lady: What? [The girls hit him with a laser] Ow, oh, ow, ow... ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, oh ow!

Episode 4A.Bubblevision[edit]

Professor: Bubbles, you look super.

Episode 13A.Helter Shelter[edit]

Blossom: All right, Bubbles! What animal do you have hiding in there?!
Bubbles: He's not a mammal, [She opens the door and shows a blue whale in their bedroom] he's an animal!

Episode 7A.Jewel of the Aisle[edit]

The Powerpuff Girls: [Sing-song voice] Lucky Captain Rabbit King! Lucky Captain Rabbit King! Lucky Captain Rabbit King!
Thief: (disguised as Lucky Captain Rabbit King) All right, cool it down! Cool it down. Now, uh... (clears his throat) Listen up. The Captain and Tennille has a headache. I'm just here for some cereal, then I'll be on my way.
(The thief reaches for the box of Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets, but Blossom swipes it before he can grab it)
Blossom: You think we're that stupid?
Buttercup: We know you have to try and trick us.
Bubbles: Yeah, just like in the commercials!
Buttercup: So don't come back until you've got something GOOD!
(Buttercup slams the door in the thief's face. A moment later, the doorbell rings and she answers it)
Thief: Hey, did you guys just see my twin brother?
Buttercup: (slams the door in his face again) WEAK!

Episode 7B.Super Zeroes[edit]

[The Powerpuff Girls, inspired by their favorite superheroes from their comics, and calling themselves Liberty Belle, Harmony Bunny and Mange, are attempting to fight a monster, but are unable to harm it, much to the monster's annoyance]
Monster: STOP!!
Blossom: What?
Bubbles: What?
Buttercup: Huh?
Monster: Better heroes, huh? Listen, girls. My name is Steve. I'm a monster. I've been coming here for three days causing all sorts of damage to your town, and what do I get? Two days of no-shows, and now this: A flag girl who does rope tricks, some rabbit, and Little Miss Darkness who's afraid of a little sun.
Buttercup: Hey, do you have any idea who you're talking to?
Bubbles: We're superheroes!
Blossom: Real ones!
Steve the Monster: You know, that's great and all. But, what am I supposed to tell all the guys back at Monster Isle? You see, when a monster visits Townsville, he must fight the Powerpuff Girls. And if he can hold his own and make it back to Monster Isle alive, he's a hero. Now, this new bit is just not gonna cut it. Sure, you didn't have a thirst for vengeance, stickers with faces on them, or souped-up vehicles, 'cause you didn't need them. You see, even if you take away the costumes, props and angst... [takes all of the Girls' costumes off, revealing them in their normal Powerpuff outfits] you still have all the bravery and courage it takes to save the day. So, what do you say, Powerpuff Girls?
Blossom: Let's get him!
Steve the Monster: Now, that's better.
[He gets beat up by the Girls]
Narrator: So, once again, the day is saved...with no thanks to Liberty Belle, Harmony Bunny, or Mange...but to the one and only Powerpuff Girls!

Episobe 12B.Meet the Beat-Alls[edit]

Mojo Jojo: The city of Townsville. I hate you! I do not enjoy the fact that three superhero female children take up residence in you! And by hurting me and forcing me to dwell in one of your correctional facilities, these mutant infant girls prevent me from obtaining political control of you! But you will be mine, and they will most certainly...
Him: [effeminate voice] Pay! I have been made a fool by you for the last time. But as they say, all good things must come to an end. And your end is...
Princess Morbucks: [Talking to her father] Tonight! Think of it as an investment toward your future. If I don't destroy the Powerpuff Girls tonight, I'LL NEVER GIVE YOU A DAY OF PEACE UNTIL I...
[Cut to Fuzzy trying to sing]
Fuzzy Lumpkins: Doo... doo-doo-doo... [Hits only wrong notes] Oh, I'm sorry, Jo. I can't play you purty tonight. I got them derned Powerpuffs in my noodle! And they make me so mad I wanna...
Mojo Jojo: [Stomping through the streets in his robot walker] Destroy them I will! Tonight is the night in which...
Him: Your reign of goodness will end. [grows much taller] And my reign of [demonic voice] evil shall...
Princess Morbucks: [Flying around with her jet thrusters] Begin to take hold, as I take over...
Fuzzy Lumpkins: [Walking around carrying a large rock] Townsville ain't gonna be no more after I get them Powerpuff....
Professor Utonium: Girls, time for bed.

Fuzzy Lumpkins: Hey! What are y'all doing here?
Mojo Jojo: Well, I'm here to destroy the Powerpuff Girls. And I can only assume that these two losers are here to watch a master at work.
Him: [demonic] Listen, you pathethic primate! It is I who shall destroy the Powerpuff Girls, not you! [effeminate] So, why not run along and have a banana?
Mojo: Oh, that is a misconception! Just because I am a monkey does not mean I'm a banana addict!
[Him and Mojo begin to argue, until Princess Morbucks stops them]
Princess Morbucks: Quiet! Now, listen. It doesn't matter that you get all your little gadgets, or that you're the ultimate evil. All that matters is that I destroy the Powerpuff Girls! Which I will, because I have the most powerful power in the whole wide world. COLD HARD CASH!
Mojo: She has a point there.
Him: Yes, she does.
Mojo: But, still...
Him: Yeah!
[They resume arguing, along with Princess]
Fuzzy: Hey, I wanna fight, too.
[He joins in the argument]

[After all four villains end up defeating the Powerpuff Girls]
Him: [effeminate] Did we just do what I think we did?
Mojo: Yes. Individually, we have failed time and again. But together, we are victorious.
Princess: I propose we join forces, and merge into one super-villain conglomerate!
Fuzzy: Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup? We beat 'em? We beat all of 'em?
Him: [effeminate] That's it! We will be known as...the Silver Beat-Alls!
Mojo: No. Too fancy. We shall be known as...the Beat-Alls!

Professor Utonium: Girls! Girls! I read the news today. Oh boy...
Blossom: [reading] 'Beat-Alls crash Mr Kite's benefit. Powerpuffs nowhere in sight.' So what?
Professor Utonium: Oh, girls... Yesterday all our troubles seemed so far away. Now it seems as though they're here to stay. Sitting here eight days a week, everyone seems to think you're lazy. I don't care, I think they're crazy. But you used to be running everywhere at such a speed! Now you think there's no need.
Buttercup: There isn't!
Bubbles: If we can't stop the Beat-Alls...
Blossom: We're never saving the day again.
Professor Utonium: Oh, you can't do that. What will Townsville do when they look for the girls with the sun in their eyes and they're gone?
Blossom: But what can we do?
Professor Utonium: Well, first of you have to realize that the Beat-Alls are just a rock band.
Girls: Huh?
Professor Utonium: Fuzzy, he does that- that- rock thing. But that's not important. What is important is this: Mojo Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner, but he knew it couldn't last. He's just getting by with a little help from his friends.
Buttercup: Are you saying we should try to break up the Beat-Alls?
Bubbles: Is that possible?
Professor Utonium: Sure. I'm certain that it happens all the time.
Girls: But how?
Professor Utonium: Listen: Do you want to know a secret?
Narrator: Sounds like the Professor has some magical mystery tricks up his sleeve!

[Mojo and his new girlfriend, Moko Jono, are both screeching loudly. Him, Princess and Fuzzy are covering their ears]
Him: [effeminate] Mojo? Mojo? [demonic] MOJO!
Mojo: What?!
Him: [effeminate] I still don't get it!
Mojo: The louder you yell, the more pain it causes the listener! And their pain! Is! Our! PLEASURE!
Him: [demonic] Aargh! Mojo, you're a pain!
Fuzzy: You're on your own!
Princess: We quit!
Mojo: What?
Him, Princess and Fuzzy: WE QUIT!
Mojo: Good, good! But even LOUDEEEEER!
[Him, Princess and Fuzzy leave in annoyance]
Fuzzy: Now what do we do?
Him: [effeminate] Let's get back to where we once belonged.

Season 4[edit]

Members Only [4.5][edit]

Mascumax: Men of Earth! Witness the coming of... MASCUMAX! Breaker of men! Taker of worlds! Be there any true men amongst thee?! Step forth and bring thy manhood against mine own, so that we might see who has the upper hand upon the measuring stick!

[Mascumax has been defeating the male superheroes easily]
Mascumax: Fools! I feed off your expulsions of manliness! The more manhood you bring against me, the harder I become!
Blossom: Hey, buff! Why don't you try some Powerpuff?
Mascumax: What? Little girls?! [laughs] Shouldn't you be home learning how to be mommies?!
Buttercup: Ugh, this stuff again?
Blossom: Look, this planet is our home, and mommies are ready to clean house!
[They land several successful blows on Mascumax and knock him down]
Blossom: All right, ladies, let's do some real cookin'! Form Furious Flaming Feline!
[The girls form a cat-like shape made of fire, which leaps at Mascumax, setting him on fire, and rubs against his leg]
Blossom: If you can't take the heat, then stay out of the kitchen!
[Mascumax chickens out, transforming back into hotrod mode and flying back into space]

Knock it Off [4.9][edit]

Professor Utonium: When were you in New York?
Blossom: Yesterday.
Buttercup: (whispering) No, today.
Blossom: I mean... today.

Bubbles: What happened to Professor Dick and the other Powerpuff Girls?
Professor Utonium: Well, Old Dick may have gotten the formula right, but the one ingredient that he forgot was "love". Let's go home, girls.
Professor Dick: (screaming while dying) NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

Super Friends [4.10][edit]

[The girls introduce their new friend Robin to Professor Utonium]
Buttercup: This is the professor - he's sort of our dad. He created us in his laboratory.
Professor: Yes, uh... well, it was sort of an accident...
Robin: That's okay, Professor - I was an accident, too!

Princess: Hey girls, let me be a Powerpuff Girl for a day and you could ride in Daddy's limo with me to school!
Blossom: No thanks, Princess. We'd rather walk with our new friend, Robin, to school.
Princess: Very well then. You obviously don't know a thing about first class travel...... how 'bout 5 bucks?
Blossom: [Resting her hands on her hips] Would that be 5 bucks to ride in your limo, or 5 bucks to be a Powerpuff Girl?

All Chalked Up [4.3][edit]

[Blossom breaks up a fight between Bubbles and Buttercup over drawing over a playground]
Blossom: All right, break it up, break it up! What's going on here?
Bubbles: Well, she started it!
Buttercup: She was the one drawing all over the place!
[She and Bubbles resume arguing with each other]
Blossom: SHUT UP! [Bubbles and Buttercup stop arguing] Bubbles, you first.
Bubbles: Well, I was just minding my own business, drawing...
Buttercup: You see?
Blossom: Buttercup, let Bubbles finish!
Mitch: Just fight already!
Bubbles: Buttercup has to share the blacktop just like everyone else.
Blossom: That sounds fair to me.
Buttercup: [losing it] No way! I'm not sharing nothing! This is the playground! There's plenty of paper in the classroom! She doesn't need to fill the blacktop with her scribbles! You know what I think of Bubbles and her drawings?! YOU KNOW WHAT I THINK?!! [Destroys Bubbles' chalk by crushing it] That's what I think.

[Bubbles is exploring a magical, colorful world of chalk]
Bubbles: Oh, I love each and every one of you! What is this magical place?
[A butterfly, with Him's face on it, appears; Bubbles doesn't recognize Him]
Him: [speaking in a crossover between a squeaky voice and his effeminate voice] We've been waiting a long time for you, Bubbles.
Bubbles: You have?
Him: Oh, yes! We've been waiting for the perfect time to welcome you to our world!
Bubbles: How long have you been here?
Him: As long as you have had imagination. And as you can see, we have a present for you.
[He reveals a chalk box]
Bubbles: The chalk!
Him: Yes, the chalk. And you can help us make our world even more beautiful!
Bubbles: Ah, shucks. I couldn't do that.
Him: Oh, yes, you can! Isn't that right, friends? All we need is your imagination!
[He makes himself and Bubbles appear in a blackboard]
Bubbles: Where are we?
Him: The whole world is your canvas. And here, you can draw anything you want with your magical chalk! Try it.
Bubbles: But what do I draw?
Him: Draw anything you feel. Draw what makes you happy.
Bubbles: Hmm. What makes me happy? [She draws a flower on the board] There! How's that?
Him: Good! But now, watch. [The flower grows more large petals] Draw some more. More happy things!
[Bubbles draws on the board a bird's nest on a tree with a mother bird on the nest]
Bubbles: There!
Him: Look! [The eggs hatch into baby birds] See what your imagination can do? Draw, draw! [Bubbles draws a beach with a sunset, seagulls and a school of fish] Well, what do you think?
Bubbles: I've never drawn prettier things! They light up my life!
Him: Well, there's more to it than just happy little drawings.
Bubbles: What do you mean?
Him: Artists draw all of their feelings.
Bubbles: Like a happy feeling.
Him: Well, not just happy feelings. Haven't you ever been frustrated, sad? How about angry?
Bubbles: No.
Him: No?
Bubbles: Never.
Him: Never?
Bubbles: No!
Him: No?
Bubbles: No, never!
[She suddenly realizes she's becoming angry and covers her mouth]
Him: Aha! It's okay to be angry, and it's important to express it. Let's wipe the state clean. [The beach drawing disappears] Now, remember when Buttercup destroyed your chalk at the playground?
Bubbles: Yeah, that wasn't very fair.
Him: That's right! Now get your chalk. Let's draw that feeling.
Bubbles: What does it look like?
Him: Draw a big scribble. Hard and fast. More! More! Harder, faster! [Bubbles does as she has been told] How does that make you feel?
Bubbles: Better, I guess.
Him: Good! Now draw some more. Draw how Buttercup made you feel. Who is she to tell you what to do? Push her around? Feel your anger. [Bubbles, feeling her anger, draws monsters on the blackboard] Did you get all your anger out?
Bubbles: Yes! [Pants] I had no idea I could express myself like that.
Him: Neither did I.
[Him vanishes]

[As the chalk monsters attack Pokey Oaks Kindergarten]
Blossom: EVERYONE GET INSIDE!! [All the kids run into the classroom. A giant chalk turtle smashes the classroom's roof] EVERYONE GET OUTSIDE!!
[The kids run back outside]

[As the girls try to defeat the monsters by erasing them with erasers, but to no avail]
Bubbles: He can't do that!
[Him, still in the form of a butterfly, appears; Bubbles still does not recognize Him]
Him: [squeaky and effeminate voice] I think he can.
Bubbles: Oh! Thank goodness you're here! I drew all these monsters and they came to life. But now you're here and you can help.
Him: But why would I help you, when this whole thing was [instantly transforms into his normal form; demonic voice] MY idea?!
Bubbles: [Gasps] It was you! You made me do this!
Him: [putting his arm around Bubbles; effeminate] Au contaire. I just provided the chalk.
Blossom: You leave Bubbles alone!
Him: It was you who draw monsters!
Bubbles: Get your claws off me!
[She releases himself from Him's grasp]
Him: [demonic] That's good! [effeminate] Express that anger, just like before! Remember how good it felt?
Bubbles: Okay, I will!
Blossom and Buttercup: No, Bubbles, wait! [Bubbles uses her chalk and eraser to turn the chalk turtle into a happier turtle, much to Him's shock] Go, Bubbles!
[Bubbles then uses the chalk to turn all the other monsters into happy drawings. Him is enraged]
Him: [demonic] No! No! NO!!
Powerpuff Girls: All right!
Him: You can't do that! You're supposed to express your anger!
Bubbles: I am. I'm just expressing it in a positive way. And I think you were more positive when you were a cute...little...butterfly! [Uses her chalk to draw on Him, turning him into a butterfly, embarrassing Him] What do you think?
Blossom: Oh, yes.
Buttercup: Much better.
[Him, humiliated and defeated, becomes enraged]
[He vanishes, defeated]

Him Diddle Riddle [4.1][edit]

[After the girls solve the first riddle]
Him: [effeminate voice] Congratulations! One down, eight to go. And remember, you must solve these riddles within the time limit. Fail in any aspect and [demonic voice] the Professor will pay!
Buttercup: You tell us where the Professor is, Him!
Him: [effeminate] Ah-ah-ah. You've brought joy to the people for so many years. Now to their eyes, you must bring tears. [demonic] You've got two minutes.

[After the girls solve the second riddle]
Him: [effeminate] Very clever! Oh, you got that one without trying. Now do this without flying! Go to the corner of Chang and Ching, there on the street the phone will ring. What then, you might ask? Answer the phone to get your next task. [demonic] You've got three minutes!

[After the girls solve the third riddle]
Blossom: We did it, Him. Now what?
Him: [effeminate] Well, well. Presidential Fitness Awards all around. [demonic] Now let's excercise your brain! [effeminate] Train A left Pokey Oaks train station at 11:40 at a hundred miles per hour. Train B left Norwalk Station 10 minutes later at 90 miles per hour heading towards Train A. [demonic] Where will they collide?
Bubbles: Math?! I hate math!
Blossom: Bubbles! Think of the Professor!
Him: [effeminate] You've got one minute!

[Blossom is doing math on an abacus after Him tells her that she's got 1 minute]
Buttercup: Can't you abacus any faster?
Blossom: "Abacus" my butt!

[After the girls solve the fourth riddle]
Him: [effeminate] Well, girls, you caught these two trains right on time.
Blossom: We're finished with this nonsense, Him! Now where's the Professor?
Him: But I've only just started! In the ear of corn, you will find happiness, joy, and the ties that bind. Squirrels store nuts and birds sing songs, but in the Cave of Eternity, everyone's wrong. On the limb of a tree, there's a monkey who's free, and there he will give you something for me. [demonic] You've got two minutes; 45 seconds!

[After the girls solve the fifth riddle, which ironically, took place during the commercial break. The girls are panting from exhaustion as Him licks an ice cream]
Him: [effeminate] I can't believe you got that one right! [resumes licking] You got the right flavor and everything! [resumes licking]
Blossom: We'd go to the ends of the Earth for the Professor!
Him: [demonic] Touching. [effeminate] Now here's something I hope you'll really enjoy!
[Two Ms. Keanes are tied in a rope, hanging on top of a vat of boiling sharks]
Powerpuff Girls: Ms. Keane!
Him: Yes'm! The real Ms. Keane will tell you the truth. The fake one will tell you a lie. Discover which is your beloved teacher and she'll be saved. Fail, and they both will be dropped into this vat of boiling sharks.
Ms. Keanes: Girls, help!
Him: You may ask them only one question. So make it count! [demonic] 45 seconds! Go!
Bubbles: This one’s easy! All we have to do is ask which one is the real Ms. Keane.
Blossom: Not quite, Bubbles. The one that lies will just tell us she’s the real Ms. Keane.
Buttercup: Yeah, don’t be stupid, Bubbles. I’ll just ask which one wants a knuckle sandwich!
Blossom: Same problem, Buttercup. We need a question they’ll have to answer differently.
Bubbles: I know, I know! Let’s ask what their favorite color is.
Buttercup: And just where will that get us?
Bubbles: I bet it'd be nice to know.
Him: [effeminate] Not so easy, is it? [demonic] Time’s running out.
Blossom: Ooh, ooh! I know, I know! Ms. Keanes... who will the other Ms. Keane say is the real Ms. Keane?
[The two Keanes exchange a nervous glance]
Keane 2: She would say that I was the real Ms. Keane!
Keane 1: And she would say that she was the real Ms. Keane!
Blossom: It’s so apparent! It’s obvious that the liar would say that the real Ms. Keane would say that the fake Ms. Keane is the real Ms. Keane. And conversely, the real Ms. Keane would say that the fake Ms. Keane would say she is the real Ms. Keane. So therefore, the real Ms. Keane is none other than... number two! [Bubbles and Buttercup look at Him who is stunned]
Him: [shrugs] She’s right.

[After the girls solve the sixth riddle]
Blossom: Bring on the next riddle, evil dude! I'm smoking!
Him: [demonic] You think you're so smart? [makes himself and the girls appear at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten classroom; effeminate] Then let's see how good you are on the SAT's!
[Bubbles and Buttercup glare at Blossom]
Him: Considering your educational level, you must collectively score 100 points. [demonic] You have one minute. Begin.
[Buttercup chews nervously on her pencil, Blossom breezes by it, Bubbles start to fill in the scan-tron in the shape of a flower]
Him: [effeminate] Time's up! Put your #2 pencils down and pass your papers forward. Let's start with Buttercup's results, shall we?
Him: 25.
Blossom: Haha!
Him: Next, Blossom's.
Him: 10.
Blossom: What?!
Buttercup: Ha!
Him: And finally, Bubbles.
[Holds up test]
Blossom: Oh, no...
Buttercup: The Professor's a goner!
[Bubbles' score is 1075, much to everyone's surprise]
Blossom: Huh?
Buttercup: Huh?
Him: Huh?
Bubbles: Ha!
Him: Well, I'll be darned. [demonic] You will not defeat me, you little brats! The Professor will pay!

[After the girls solve the seventh riddle, a lizard monster appears in the city]
Him: [effeminate] Let's see if you can defeat this monster.
Blossom: No problem.
Him: Ah-ah-ah. You didn't let me finish. You must get rid of this little guy without using your superpowers.
Blossom: Again, no problem.

[After the girls solve the eighth riddle]
Him: [demonic] NO!!! You brats shouldn't have gotten this far!
Blossom: One riddle left, Him, and the Professor is good as ours!
Him: [effeminate] We'll see, won't we? You will find your Professor when you solve this last rhyme: "Where is boiling and freezing at the same time?". [Laughs] The Professor [demonic] will pay! [effeminate] 30 seconds.

[After the girls solve the final riddle, they confront Him at the Otto Time Restaurant, where the Professor is also at]
Blossom: They're at the at the Otto Time Diner! [looks at the clock] And we're out of time! [The girls bust through the door] Okay, Him! Hand over the Professor!
Professor: Girls!
Him: [effeminate] Too late, girls. You failed. [demonic] The Professor is going to pay! [laughs]
Professor: No!
Powerpuff Girls: Professor...
Him: [demonic] Time to pay. [suddenly rings up a cash register; effeminate] That'll be 7.95, please.
Powerpuff Girls: [stunned] Say wha...?!
Him: [effeminate] You see, I bet the Professor here a free breakfast if you girls could solve all my riddles. But you failed. [demonic] And now he has to pay full price!
Professor: Here's your money, Him. Your flapjacks are good, but not that good. I'm never eating here again! Come on, girls. Let's go eat at the other restaurant.
Him: [effeminate] Wait! Wait, come back! I'll make my flapjacks cheaper!
'[The Powerpuff Girls stare at the camera, stunned and confused]
Narrator: [just as confused] And so...hmm...ugh... yeah.

Stray Bullet [4.9][edit]

[The Powerpuff Girls induct their new member]
Blossom : May I have your attention, please! Friends! Family! Esteemed colleagues! We are gathered here today for a momentous occasion! Bubbles, translate.
Bubbles: Oh yeah. Cheep cheep, cheep cheep. Cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep.
Blossom: Today, for the first time ever . . .
Bubbles: Cheep, cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep . . .
Blossom: . . . we have discovered an individual . . .
Bubbles: . . . cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep cheep . . .
Blossom: . . . whose bravery . . .
Bubbles: . . . cheep cheep cheep . . .
Blossom: . . . strength . . .
Bubbles: . . .cheep . . .
Blossom: . . . and agility . . .
Bubbles: . . . cheep cheep . . .
Blossom: . . . have proven her worthy to be a member of our exclusive organization . . .
The Powerpuff Girls: THE POWERPUFF GIRLS!
Bubbles: CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP CHEEP! Hey, Professor! Clap!
Professor Utonium: Hm? Oh, uh, yay!
Blossom: And so, dubbed with the appropriate 'B' name . . .
Bubbles: Cheep cheep, cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep . . .
Buttercup: Bruce begins with a B!
Blossom: Shh! . . . I hereby dub thee . . .
Bubbles: . . . cheep cheep cheep cheep cheep . . .
Blossom: . . . Powerpuff Bullet!
Bubbles: . . . Cheep cheep --- Cheep cheep!
Professor Utonium: Woo hoo, yeah! [hoots] Ha ha ha, yeah! [hoots]

Forced Kin [4.10][edit]

[The invading robot has repeatedly outsmarted Mojo, defeated the Girls, and wrecked much of Townsville, including Mojo's volcano laboratory]
Mojo Jojo: No! My laboratory, home to all my evil plans and devices... destroyed!
Robot: Earth creatures, the destruction of your dwelling area is now complete. I am now your new leader.
Mojo Jojo: [shaking with shock and outrage] NOOOOOO! That is my line! I've always wanted to say that!
Robot: And you will now bow down to me. [Townsville's people are shown bowing] Yes, just like that.
Mojo Jojo: No! No! NOOOO...!!!
[Mojo's eyes pop and glow, and he goes completely berserk, prancing around, gibbering and shrieking like a wild chimpanzee as the robot watches]
Mojo Jojo: [eyes glowing again] YOU!!! HAVE!!! BROKEN!!! MY!!! DREEEEAMS!!!
[He leaps at the robot, delivering several powerful punches, finally knocking it down with a blow to the head with the loaf of bread from Miguel's Market. He then pulls its lower leg back, making it cry out in pain and pound the ground]
Mojo Jojo: Say it! SAY IT! SAY IT!!!
Robot: YOU ARE THE MOST EVIL! [collapses again]
Mojo Jojo: And don't you forget it!

Power-Noia [4.12][edit]

[Blossom is trapped in a dream world of Pokey Oaks Kindergarten with an evil version of Ms. Keane and the schoolchildren, trying to make Blossom fail to answer questions. Ms. Keane suddenly starts laughing in Him's voice, and she and the schoolchildren suddenly turn into small copies of Him. Blossom makes the connection and becomes determined to face her fear]
Blossom: ENOUGH! [Him/Ms. Keane and the schoolchildren stop laughing] Next question.
Him/Ms. Keane: [effeminate voice] Sure, next question. [demonic voice] What is the square root of seven?!
[Him and the schoolchildren laugh]
Blossom: Seven doesn't have a square root. It's prime!
[Everyone stops laughing]
Him/Ms. Keane: That is... [effeminate] correct. What is the algebric formula for determining the area of a triangle?
Blossom: Half the base times height!
Him/Ms. Keane: That's correct. If a train leaves Boston at 12:30pm traveling at 75 miles per hour, and another train leaves Los Angeles at the same time traveling at 90 miles per hour... [demonic] which one will get to Cuba first?
Blossom: Neither! Trains don't go to Cuba, "Ms. Keane"!
Him/Ms. Keane: [effeminate] Well, how perspective of you. Oh, well. [throws question cards away; demonic] Tests bore me. You think you're so smart, don't you?
Blossom: I outsmarted you, didn't I?

[After overcoming their greatest fears, the Powerpuff Girls finally confront Him, in the form of a giant, multiple-headed, multiple-tenctacled crossover of a crab and spider]
Him: [effeminate] Oh, Blossom! You're always so logical! How droll! [giggles evilly] Here I am! Sorry it took me so long. I wanted to slip into something more...sinister! You have been such good fun, but now you're starting to bore me. And I'm afraid playtime is over! I [demonic] know your deepest, darkest fear. [effeminate] You are afraid [demonic] YOU CANNOT DEFEAT ME!!
Blossom: Let's teach him a lesson!
Buttercup: Whatever! That guy's toast!
Him: [effeminate] Two heads are better than one!
[The girls and Him fight each other in a large fierce battle. Eventually, Him loses the battle, and is beaten up by the girls, turning him back into his normal form and size. The girls look at a scared Him, pleading for his life]
Him: Please! No more! Don't hurt me! I don't understand. [demonic] I was so close! [effeminate] I almost had you! You are supposed to be afraid!
Blossom: Guess you should've done your homework, weirdo!
Bubbles: We're sisters and we love each other!
Blossom: And we're not afraid of anything as long as we have each other.
Buttercup: Gimme a break, you two! Yab-yab-yab! Can I toss this guy, already?
Blossom: Oh, okay.
Him: No, wait! It's cool! It's cool! Everything's cool! [Buttercup, not listening to Him's pleading, punches Him in the face, causing Him to fall into a black hole of nothingness] NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

Not So Awesome Blossom [4.11b][edit]

[During a battle between Blossom and one of Mojo's robots]
Blossom: Okay! It's just you and me! Let's see what you got!
[She blows a raspberry at the robot]

[The Professor read's Mojo's note over the hotline]
Professor: "Bubbles, Buttercup or whichever of the two remaining Powerpuff Girls has answered the hotline, listen closely. Pay attention. Consentrate intently on the words coming from my mouth. I, the Professor, am being held prisoner. I am being kept against my will in a location not of my choosing. If you desire my safe return you must..." Oh, excuse me. Could you please move you finger?
Mojo: Sorry.
Professor: Thank you. "...come to the lair of Mojo Jojo together, not alone. Indepently..."
Buttercup: I think we need to go to Mojo's and save the Professor.
Bubbles: Again?!

Season 5[edit]

See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey [5.6][edit]

Bossman: [Singing] Townsville's goin' down! I'm gonna throw this paper on the ground!
The Mayor: [Singing] The babies can grow, and the little old folks, can walk real slooo-ho!
Professor: [Repeated line, singing] Do the people have to be freedom beef?
The Gnome: [The only unsung words in the entire episode, falling down to his demise] As I descend to the Earth, and I view the universe above me, I realize that life revolves, evolves, and dissolves, completely around the opposites. Therefore, I conclude that I cannot exist in my Utopian... [Closes his eyes] mind... [Hits the ground]

'Twas the Fight Before Christmas[edit]

Blossom: [To Princess] Don't hold your breath, Princess.
Princess Morbucks: [screaming] What? Why?!
Bubbles: Because Santa has his own list, and he checks it twice. It says who's naughty and who's nice.
Princess Morbucks: So?
Bubbles: Duh! You're naughty!
Princess Morbucks: [Gasps] Nuh-uh!
Blossom: Yeah-huh!
Princess Morbucks: Nuh-uh!
Buttercup: Yeah-huh!
Princess Morbucks: NUH-UH!!
Bubbles: YEAH-HUH!
Princess Morbucks: Prove it!
Blossom: You bought the city and legalized crime!
Buttercup: You hired Mojo to try and destroy us!
Bubbles: You gave us a BOMB for our birthday!
Buttercup: You teamed up with 3 felons and went on a crime spree!
Bubbles: You tricked our friend Robin into stealing! And then then you TATTLED on her!
Blossom: You're a spoiled brat who's greedy and jealous! And you don't care who you step on to get what you want!
Princess Morbucks: And your point is?
[The Girls sit back down and sigh in frustration; then the bell rings]
Blossom: The point, Princess, is that you better change your ways or all you're ever gonna get from Santa is a big, fat lump of coal in your stocking!
[Princess starts shaking angrily]

Princess Morbucks: Spoiled?! Greedy?! Bratty?! Naughty?! NAAAAAUGHTYYYY?!?!? DRIVER! Do you know what those rotten old Powerpuffs said to me today?! They said I was naughty! Can you believe that?
Driver: [Coughs] Yes. [Coughs]
Princess Morbucks: Me?! Naughty?! I'm not naughty, am I?!
Driver: Well, uh, I'll... oops! Seems my finger has slipped! [Closes the window] Phew! That was close.
[The phone rings; the driver hesitates and slowly picks up the phone]
Princess Morbucks: [On the phone] WELL?!? YOU DIDN'T ANSWER MY QUESTION!!
Driver: KKKKKHHHH! You're-- you're-- you're breaking up! KKKKKHHH-KKKKKKKKHHHHH! I'm going through a-- unnel! --Alk-- late--
[Princess bangs on the window and sticks her head out]
Princess Morbucks: NO, WE'RE NOT!! I'M IN THE CAR, YOU TWIT!!

Princess Morbucks: Well, this time, I am gonna be a Powerpuff Girl! [Slams the door open] And I'm sure not gonna let some elf with a weight problem stop me!
[Princess gets into a cart driven by her driver]
Princess Morbucks: Ha! We'll show them! And I'll show those Powerpukes who's naughty and who's nice!

Princess Morbucks: [To the Girls] Santa realized that I'm the only truly nice kid in the world and that you were naughty for not giving me what I want! So now every kid in the world gets coal. And *I* get what I've always deserved! To be a Powerpuff Girl! [Zaps the Girls, who scream and fall into snow]

[Princess got up from her bed to get another pillow and gets crushed by a bunch of coal]
Princess Morbucks: Naughty, huh? I'll show you who's naughty! [Throws a piece of coal]

Bubbles: [To Santa Claus in his workshop] Maybe you didn't check the list twice!
Buttercup: Yeah! Princess is the naughtiest kid ever!
Blossom: She must've snuck up here and switched the lists!
Princess Morbucks: NUH-UH!! Santa, don't listen to them! [Points at the Powerpuff Girls] They're just jealous 'cause they got coal!
[The Girls stare at him angrily]
Princess Morbucks: They're jealous 'cause I'm nicer, I'm smarter, I'm prettier, and I'm better than them! So they wouldn't let me be a Powerpuff Girl! THAT MAKES THEM NAUGHTY!! [Points at the Girls]
Santa Claus: You mean the Powerpuff Girls? Not the same Powerpuff Girls who are always helping people and saving the day and being really good? I mean, REALLY good!
[The Girls smile and nod]
Santa Claus: Yeah! Yeah! See, that explains all the flying and floating and stuff!
[There is silence for a few seconds; suddenly, Santa gets angry]
Princess Morbucks: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! [Starts rubbing her ear]
Santa Claus: I have no other choice. You are so rotten, SO despicable, so naughty, I'm putting you on the... [Points up at a really big and tall naughty list] PERMANENT NAUGHTY PLAQUE!!! BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMM!
[Princess gasps in unmitigated fear, knowing that justice is about to be served. Extreme close-up of Santa's lifted index finger and follow it slowly through the air as he brings it to his nose. He touches the tip; a flash of snowflakes, and Princess' name is now cut into the metal as well, signifiying her permanent naughty status for the rest of her life. She screams in horror at the sight; back to Santa, his arms folded in finality]
[She takes off and smashes an exit for herself through the office wall. Visible only as a bright speck, she makes a beeline for the distant mountains. Santa and the girls move closer to the hole to watch her go. He turns to them, holds up his finger without a word, and touches it to his nose. Cut to the fleeing Princess who, in a flash, suddenly finds herself back in her street clothes. She soars along a few hundred yards more before realizing that she has been stripped of her powers, then loses her forward momentum and drops from sight with a sharp gasp. Screaming, she plummets toward the snowy expanse and plows deep into it. A second later, she slowly emerges from the hole, with snow covering her from head to toe, and forces her eyes open through the covering. Pull back into the office; she cannot be seen from this far away]

[Princess flies in front of Buttercup, who is shocked; Princess then slaps her]
Buttercup: Ow! Quit it!
[Princess slaps her again]
Buttercup: Ow! Quit it!
[Princess slaps her once again]
Buttercup: Ow! Quit it!
[An annoyed Buttercup jumps on Princess' back and kicks her far away from herself]
Buttercup: QUIT IIIIIIIIIT!!!!!
Princess Morbucks: Thanks, Einstein!
[Buttercup stares at Princess, but then Blossom and Bubbles grab her]
Blossom: Good job, Buttercup.
Bubbles: Yeah, nice one.
Buttercup: Oh, shut up!

Princess Morbucks: Now, if I were a big, fat, bearded oaf, where would I keep that stupid list?

Princess Morbucks: [Referring to Santa] Who does that blimp think he is denying me presents?! Ohh!

Buttercup: [To Bubbles] I'm busy.
Blossom: Doing what?
Buttercup: Writing my wish list for Santa.
Bubbles: Are you crazy?! You're only giving him 2 days to prepare?! And that's even if he gets it on time!
Buttercup: Oh, yeah? When did you send yours, Smarty Pants?
Bubbles: December 26.
Buttercup: Ha! That's after Christmas!
Bubbles: December 26, last year!
[She blows Buttercup a raspberry]

Professor: Every year, it's the same darn thing! I can make three little kids out of seasoning, but I can't get these lights to work!

The Boys are Back in Town [5.5][edit]

Narrator:: And their day, the girls even manage to humble... HIM.
[In his lair, Him is angrily watching the Powerpuff Girls on TV having saved the day once again]
Buttercup: [On TV] Yeah, it was rough in the beginning, but I paced myself and just wore the monster down.
Blossom: [On TV] We were just glad to be of service. Good job, girls!
Him: [mocking Blossom; effeminate voice] "We were just glad to be of service. Good job, girls!" [demonic voice] Blah! Blast the Powerpuff brats! They disgust me! So effortless! They seem to be unbeatable. [effeminate] All these years, and all the villains have produced nothing. So much time, such little results. [demonic] There must be a way. There must be someone who can knock those brats down to size! [groans and sits down on his chair; effeminate] Oh, boy. [suddenly sees something on the TV and slowly smiles; demonic] Oh, boy...

[The Rowdyruff Boys have been resurrected (complete with meaner-looking hairstyles)]
Blossom: The Rowdyruff Boys?!
Buttercup: But that's impossible!!
Bubbles: We blew you guys up!
Brick: [Smirking] Yeah? Well, you can't stop a good thing, babe!
[The Girls suddenly start to snicker]
Brick: Stop laughing! What are you laughing at?!
Blossom: [Mocking; her hands are on her hips] Ooooh(!) Look who's back with mean hair(!)
Bubbles: [Mocking] Oh, whatever shall we do?
Buttercup: [Mocking] How can we defeat their scary new hairdos?
[Boomer naively inspects his hair, while Butch twitches, eager to fight. The Girls continue to laugh, and Brick gets more and more irritated until he finally snaps.]
Brick: SILEEEEEEEEEEENCE!!!!! [the Girls stop] You stupid, wimpy, lame-o girls talk too much!
Blossom: "STUPID"?!
Buttercup: "WIMPY"?!
Bubbles: "LAME-O"?!
Brick: You girls just got lucky last time. This time, there's no way you're gonna beat my boys!
Butch: Butch!
Boomer: Boomer!
Brick: And me, Brick!
[Boomer sees a fly buzzing over his head, and playfully swats at it]
Brick: [annoyed] Pay attention!
Bubbles: [giggling] Are you guys sure you're ready for another beating?
Boomer: [trying to sound tough] You girls are gonna eat your words, spit 'em out, and eat 'em again!
Blossom: ... That doesn't even make sense.
Boomer: I know you are, but what am I?!
Buttercup: Enough! Talk is cheap! Let's do this!
Butch: [snickers dementedly] This is gonna be fun!

Blossom: All right, girls. I think we know what we have to do. Let's give 'em some sugar!
Bubbles: [eagerly] Ooh, ooh, I want the blonde! I think he's cute!
Buttercup: Man, you're weird!

Brick: Your cootie-kisses only make us bigger!
Boomer: Stronger!
Butch: And tougher!
Brick: [laughs] You stupid lame-o girls never learn. Now it's time to put these babies to bed!

[Him interrupts the fight between the Powerpuff Girls and Rowdyruff Boys]
Him: [effeminate] Hello, girls!
Powerpuff Girls: [gasp] Him!
Him: So nice to see you again! How's things? Not so good? Having a little boy trouble, hmm? Or should I say... [demonic] BIG boy trouble?!
[The Boys - now huge after being kissed by the Girls several times - land behind Him]
Him: [effeminate] Hello, Boys. [demonic] You're doing just fine. [to the Girls, effeminate] So, how does it feel, Girls, to know defeat is just around the corner... [demonic] and victory for me is at hand?!
Blossom: So you're behind this, Him! What did you do to make our kisses powerless?!
Him: [effeminate] Oh, that. That's my little secret. You see, I realized that the Boys' only weakness [demonic] was your pathetic little kisses. And since I [effeminate] knew you would resort to that, I added a little something extra: a cootie vaccination! "Circle, Circle, Dot, Dot; now you have a cootie shot!" [laughs] I got the spell off the Internet. But your kisses aren't totally useless, girls. [demonic] They make my boys bigger and more powerful! [laughs; effeminate] At last, I win! Have fun, girls! Ta-ta!

Brick: You calling us STUPID?!
Boomer: We'll show you stupid! [Boomer crosses his arms and smiles proudly. Brick slaps him]

[After the Powerpuff Girls finally defeat the Rowdyruff Boys by shrinking them down to size, Him comes back, angry]
Him: [demonic] CAN'T YOU LITTLE BRATS DO ANYTHING RIGHT?! I SENT YOU TO DESTROY THEM, AND WHAT DO YOU DO?! [effeminate] You get all sissified!
[With a wave of his claw, he makes the Boys vanish. The Girls smile in triumph]
Him: Oh, don't look so smug, girls. Though you may have won this time, [Aku voice] it was a lucky victory and you know it! [effeminate] In time, you [Aku voice] will [effeminate] fall, and we [Aku voice] will [effeminate] defeat you! So keep on your toes, stay alert, [Aku voice] and watch your back... because the boys are back in town! [vanishes in a spiral of smoke, laughing]
Blossom: Oh, boy...
Narrator: "Oh, boy" is right! It seems the battle of the sexes has begun! Let's just hope the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!

Bubble Boy [5.9b][edit]

Brick: [he and his brothers drank 3 cans of soda] Man, beating up people for fun is really fun!
Boomer: Yeah! Beating up people for fun is really fun! [Brick throws a can in Boomer's face] Ow!
Brick: Dude! That's the dumbest thing you said all DAY!
Boomer: Well you said the same thing!
Brick: Yeah, but it sounds COOL coming out of my mouth!

Boomer: I don't care what they say; I'm not as dumb as I look.

Bubbles: What are we going to do?
[Bubbles is now dressed as Boomer]
Bubbles: Well, how do I look?
Boomer: [Boomer is now in his underwear] Boy, do you look dumb!
Blossom: Need we say more?

Blossom: Gee, Professor, you sure outdid yourself with that containment ray.
Professor: I'll say! Once again, I have no idea what I did!

Bubbles: [as Boomer] Uh, hi! It's me, Boomer, your brother!
Brick: We know you're our brother. We're not as stupid as you!

Brick: I know, let's punch each other in the face until someone says, “Hey, stop punching me in the face.” You first, Boomer. [punches Bubbles, who is posing as Boomer.]
[Brick and Butch laugh; Bubbles gets teary-eyed]
Buttercup: Don't cry, Bubbles. You'll give yourself away.
Bubbles: Heh, funny. Okay, my turn.
Brick: Nah, I'm sick of that game.

[After Bubbles sprays "Flowers are pretty... dumb!" on a wall]
Butch: For a second there, I thought you were turning girly on us.
Brick: Yeah! And "dum-buh"? Geez, Boomer, if you're gonna do graffiti, at least spell the words right! Sheesh, talk about "dum-buh".
Butch: Yeah! What a "dum-bee"!
[Brick & Butch laugh]

Brick:Hey, I thought you loved cock-a-roaches. Don't you looove cock-a-roaches?
Bubbles: [forcing a smile] Well..sure. Sure I do. I love those little guys.
Brick: Hey, I believe you. That's why you have no problem... EATING IT!

Professor: [after Bubbles captures the Rowdyruff Boys on her own] Bubbles! I could hardly contain myself hiding in the closet.

Professor: [after Bubbles apologizes] That's alright, Bubbles. I'm sorry you had to eat a cockroach!
Bubbles: [who is still posing as Boomer] That's okay, it tasted like CHICKEN!

The City of Clipsville [5.8b][edit]

Blossom: Come on, girls. It’s from the time that the Professor accidentally turned us into babies.

(During this line, WD to the exterior of the house at night; when the transition occurs, the rest of her words are heard as a voice over. The scene is very peaceful—until a huge explosion erupts from the ground and hides the entire structure. When the smoke clears, we see the Professor in the lab. He is covered with soot and holding a beaker of liquid, and both he and the area are in a state of total disarray.Close-up of his face.)

Professor: (reassuringly) Oh, don’t worry about the noise, girls. I’ve just invented a potion that will keep you young foreve—

(He cuts himself off on this last word upon looking down toward the floor. Cut to his feet, where the girls have undergone a dramatic transformation: they are now infants in diapers, and his mixture worked a bit too well. Safety pins in the respective colors of Bubbles and Buttercup can be seen fastening those two girls’ diapers, but the camera angle obscures the one on Blossom’s. She wears her bow but no ponytail, and she is bawling at the top of her lungs sports a single tuft of blond hair at the top of her head and sucks on a pacifier. Buttercup has only a bit of straight black hair and shakes a rattle discontentedly. A flash of white, and we are back to the present.)

Bubbles: (laughing) Oh, yes, now I remember.

(Flash to this same bit of history. Close-up of the Professor’s upper body as he lifts baby Blossom partially into view; she is still crying.)

Professor: There, there, now. Just let it all out.

(A pronounced squelching sound is heard, and she sighs with relief and smiles.)

Professor: (losing steam) There, doesn’t that…feel…ugh…better?

(Turn down a bit to show Blossom’s diaper, which she has filled so much that it hangs down almost to his waist. The sound just heard needs no explanation. Close-up of his head and shoulders; he lifts her into view and starts patting her back to burp her. Now her hair can be seen—short, red-orange, with a puff in back that marks the start of a ponytail.)

Professor: Oh, aren’t you just a little angel?

(She coos happily and spits up; he grimaces at the sound of it. WD to the present. Blossom has put the bottle away.)

Buttercup: Yeah. And remember how the Professor turned everyone into babies?

(WD to a close-up of an exhausted Professor, out in the city, and pull back.' Throngs of squalling infants are heard from o.c. initially, and the source of the din is revealed to be exactly that. He holds several babies, including a top-hatted one that can only be the Mayor and another, with curly red-orange hair, who must be Ms. Bellum. Around him are enough newborns to populate the entire city. WD to the present.)

Blossom: And remember when we lost our superpowers?

(WD to Mojo, laughing from the hatch of a helicopter. In his hand is a briefcase labeled “TOP SECRET GOVERNMENT STUFF.” He hoists himself into the pilot’s seat; pull back to show him lifting off from the roof of a building—the Top Secret Government Headquarters. The girls run out of an access door on the roof and look up after him; close-up of them.)

Blossom: Let’s get him!

(They run o.c. toward the edge. Pan in that direction to show nothing but Blossom’s bow spinning in midair, as three terrified screams echo and fade away. They have jumped off the roof and gone into free fall instead of taking flight; the bow follows them down. WD to the present.)

Blossom: (smiling) Yeah. That got messy.
Buttercup: Hey! Remember when we sped up time and became teenagers—

(She picks up a small item and opens it, revealing it to be a makeup compact. Zoom in on her.)

Buttercup: —and wore makeup and gave up crime-fighting and hung out at the mall and stuff?

(During the end of this line, there is a WD to the exterior of the Townsville Mall. The rest of Buttercup’s words are a voice over after this point. Zoom in on the entrance and dissolve to a point near the high, glass-domed ceiling. Turn down to the sound of music on the PA system and the mingled voices of the customers. In the background, two girls have their backs to the camera and are leaning over a railing to look down at the lower floors. One has red-orange hair in a ponytail that reaches to her knees, while the other wears her blond hair in two long pigtails that hang down past her shoulders.) Close-up of these two and zoom in, then cut to their feet and turn up slowly toward their heads. The blonde holds a shopping bag and wears flowered jeans and a light blue crop top, while the redhead has a bag next to her feet and wears red pants. The fact that neither girl has any visible fingers gives them away as teenaged versions of Blossom and Bubbles. When they speak, they sound like Valley Girls.)

Teen Bubl: Oh, my gosh! Check it out. (turning toward Teen Blsm; she wears makeup) She is, like, so wrong in those pants.

(She blows a bubble from a wad of gum as her sister turns her face to the camera. The latter also wears makeup and a pink off-the-shoulder crop top.)

Teen Blsm: Like, yeah, girlfriend.

(A cell phone goes off, playing the show’s main theme as its ring tone. It is Teen Blsm’s, and she starts drinking a soda as she answers. Close-up of her, from the waist up.)

Teen Blsm: Hello? (Indistinct talking on the other end.) Oh, my gosh. We were just talking about you! Where are you?

(Quick pan a short distance away from her to the third adolescent Powerpuff Girl, who also sports makeup. She has grown her hair out in back and is wearing a green football-jersey crop top, and she too is speaking into a cell phone in a Valley Girl accent.)

Teen Bcup: Over here. (Pull back to frame both; Teen Bcup wears green pants.)
Teen Blsm: Oh…hey. So you going to Todd’s tonight?
Teen Bcup: I don’t know. I gotta get on the treadmill. I just majorly pigged out on a donut. (She sighs.) If they only had, like, candy-flavored salad or something.

(Her eyes go wide as she lowers her phone. Flash to the present; all three girls are a bit uneasy at this memory. Buttercup has put the compact away.)

Buttercup: And then we discovered boys.

(Flash to the two teens on their phones. Teen Bcup hunches over hers.)

Teen Bcup: (hushed) Blossom! Look!

(They lower the phone and gaze raptly toward the camera for a long moment. Cut to their perspective: a patch of floor, with three long shadows cast on it from a distance in front. Turn up slowly to their source—the Rowdyruff Boys as teens. Boomer, at left, wears a blue jersey, has slicked his hair down, and sports a small patch of beard. Brick, at center, still wears his red cap turned backwards; now his hair has been cut shorter and tied into a small ponytail. He is clad in a red hooded sweatshirt. Butch, at right, has combed his spiky hair back a bit, and he wears an oversized green rugby shirt. All three wear black pants. Boomer and Brick lean against the railing, while Butch reads a magazine and turns it sideways after a moment to look at the centerfold. The boys’ voices are deeper than before when they speak.)

Teen Bch: (awed) Wow.

(Back to the girls.' Teen Bubl is on her phone, oblivious; her sisters continue to stare.)

Teen Bubl: Tell me about it. Like, that’s what I said. Hang on a sec— (She trails off under the next line.)
Teen Blsm: (nudging her) Bubbles, quick! Look!

(The blonde turns her head; close-up of her as she drops the phone and her eyes pop. Cut to Teen Bmr, who is drinking a soda. He drains it, sighs contentedly, and directs a come-hither look at the camera. All three girls are positively smitten.)

Teen Bubl: (hushed) Oh. We shouldn’t talk to them. They’re bad.
Teen Blsm, Teen Bcup: (smiling wickedly) I know!

(Cut to Teens Bubl and Bmr together. The lower portion of the glass dome is in the background.)

Teen Bmr: So…wassup?
Teen Bubl: Oh, um...

(She reveals a set of braces on her teeth with these words. Through the glass, a huge one-eyed reptile creature is seen rearing up outside.)

Teen Bubl: …you know…hangin’ out. (Two patrons scream; she laughs.) What’s up with you?

(The monster lashes outs its tongue, smashing through the dome, and snaps someone up. The teens do not notice as it swallows.)

Teen Bmr: You know…hangin’ out. (It sinks out of sight.)
Teen Bubl: (laughing) For sure.

(Back to her sisters; their counterparts sidle up to them.)

Teen Bch: So wassup, ladies? (Cut to Teens Brk and Blsm.)
Teen Brk: You goin’ to Todd’s tonight?

(Behind them, a couple of gun-toting robbers run to the entrance of a jewelry store and stop briefly. One of them directs a hand signal o.c. behind himself. The teens pay no heed.)

Teen Blsm: Um…I have to study for an algebra test. (The robbers enter.) For my English class. (Several others follow.) What are you doing?

(The sound and flash of automatic weapons fire emanate from the store.)

Teen Brk: Uh…going to Todd’s.
Teen Blsm: (laughing) Oh! (Explosion, alarm, and the robbers run out with the loot.) What a coincidence.

(He seems a bit annoyed at her clueless response. Cut to Teens Bch and Bcup. Behind them, a man fiddles with an ATM.)

Teen Bcup: So what are you driving now? (The man runs o.c.; the machine starts to beep.)
Teen Bch: Oh, I’m rockin’ a new Escalade. (Sparks fly.) Wanna take a ride?
Teen Bcup: Uh, that’s okay. (The ATM explodes.) We rode the one up from the first level.

(Teen Bch is nonplussed; the man and a partner run through the smoking hole in the wall.)

Teen Bch: Yeah, I just put an MP3 player in it.
Teen Bcup: Oh, cool! I love that game.

(He is caught off guard by this non sequitur. Behind the two, the smoke clears and the men emerge, fleeing with a wagonload of cash. Cut to the exterior of the mall and pull back slowly, as explosions ravage the surrounding buildings.)

Teen Bcup: (from inside) How about you, Blossom? Wanna take a ride on Butch’s escalator?
Teen Blsm: (from inside) Sure. What floor?

(A flying saucer pulls into view and starts shooting at the skyline, and a large red beast, with lobster claws in place of hands, roars as it stomps into view. WD to the present.)

Buttercup: Boy, were we dumb.
Blossom: Yeah. Let’s remember something else.

Toast of the Town [5.2a][edit]

Mayor of Townsville: Mayor want toast! Mayor want toast!
Professor Utonium: Look I'm a scientist not a mechanic, what you need to do is take your toaster to the manufacturer and have a certified mechanic fix it.
[Mayor starts to get mad]
Professor Utonium: ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! I'll have a look at your toaster. But the I've got to get back to my experiments.
Mayor: Oh, goody, goody!

[starts to jump up and down] [rattling]

Mayor: Is it done yet?
Professor: No.
Mayor: How about now?


Professor: No
Mayor: Now?
Professor: No.
Mayor: Now it's done right?
Professor: No, no, no, it's not done. Look, I don't really know what I'm doing,so it's gonna take a while.Why don't you just wait over there,and I'll let you know when I'm finished.
Mayor: Oh...OK.


Professor: And don't touch anything!

[mayor peers over a table] [Beep][beep][beep]

Mayor: Ooh...What does this button do?

[presses button] [alarm] [loud rumbling] [walks over to where the Professor is] [explosion] [the blast pushed the Mayor and the Professor in his chair away]

Mayor: Whee! Do it Again! Do it again!
Professor: Oh, no. You're gonna sit right here,be a good little Mayor,and stay put while I work on your toaster. And if you're quiet, you can have some candy. Good boy.[puts the mayor in a highchair]

[gives him a jar full candy] [he starts rattling in the jar]

Mayor: Say, these are all lemon!Somebody ate all the Goody cherry candies! [throws jar on the ground] Mayor want cherry! Mayor want cherry!

[Professors runs to him with and industrial size bag cherry candies]

Professor: Here, cherry. [gives him the bag] Now please, let me work in peace.

[walks away]

Mayor: Oh, goody!Oops.Uh-oh. [runs under the table]

[crawls under to get the candy]

Mayor of Townsville: Ooh! Another shiny button!
[he presses the button and the lab begans to shake]
Mayor of Townsville: Help!
[lab stops shaking]
Mayor of Townsville: Huh?
[Chemical X is changed]
Mayor of Townsville: Ooh!
[Professor Utonium is working on the Mayor's toaster and removes his shades]
Professor Utonium: Mayor? He's being too quiet.
[He sneaks inside]
Professor Utonium: Mayor? What are you DOING?!
Mayor: [humming] [puts the chemical x on his head] Mayor want hair.
Professor: No! Mayor, stop!
Mayor: Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! Mayor gotta hair! Mayor gotta hair! Yummy 'X' powder made Mayor's hair grow! [looks around] Professor. Professor?
Professor: Your hair wasn't the only thing that grew, Mr.Mayor.

[looks down]

Mayor: Wowie zowie.
Professor: Wowie zowie, indeed. Have you no shame? A grown man your age gallivanting around like a little child,not doing what you're told! "Mayor wanna this. Mayor wanna that." You, Mr.Mayor, are nothing but a baby, a big, big, big baby.
Mayor: Wah! Don't say that!
Mayor: Wah! [Runs off]


Blossom: Professor! What's going on?
Professor Utonium: Oh, it's the mayor, girls. He got into my chemical X so I scolded him, and now he's run off pouting.

Season 6[edit]

Custody Battle [6.7a][edit]

[Mojo sees the Rowdyruff Boys for the first time since they've been revived]
Mojo Jojo: The Rowdyruff Boys?! This is not possible! How is it that something that was destroyed can exist again?! I demand an explanation as to how something that was destroyed can exist again!
[The Boys exchange looks.]
Brick: Duh! Nice hat, dorko!
[The Boys laugh and high five each other.]
Mojo: How dare you talk to your father that way?!
Rowdyruff Boys: Father?!
[They laugh even harder, until Him suddenly appears behind the boys]
Him: [effeminate] Yes, it seems that the boys have a new father now!
Mojo: What?!
Him: I brought the boys back, so I am their father now!
Mojo: Incorrect! The Rowdyruff Boys were my idea, which means I was the original creator! Yes, it was I who originally created them, which means it was I whose creativity led to the origin of the idea which resulted in the creation of them! Therefore, the idea originated before the actual creating began, resulting in total origination of all creativity!
Brick: [Scratching his head mockingly] Yeah... I didn't get that the first time. Can you repeat that?
[The Boys laugh and high five each other again. Him laughs along with them]
Him: I'm sorry, Mojo. But your creation was destroyed by the Powerpuff Girls. [demonic] And would probably still be destroyed [effeminate] if I didn't revive them! Besides, seeing how I made them better, they should [demonic] remain mine!
Mojo: Better?! How can you make Mojo Jojo's design of the Rowdyruff Boys any better?!
[Him laughs]
Him: [effeminate] By making them immune to the Powerpuff's girly kisses! Now they can't be destroyed by the mere talk of cooties! [demonic] So why don't you run along, chimp-chump?!
[Mojo loses his temper]
Mojo: Those boys were created to do pure evil, which makes me the more fit father, since I am pure evil!
Him: [effeminate] Oh, I'm sorry! But nobody does evil [demonic] THE WAY I DO!
Mojo: That is not so!
Him: [effeminate] Is so!
Mojo: Is not so!
Him: Is so!
Mojo: Is not!
Him: Is so!
Mojo: Is not!
Him: Is so!
Mojo: Is not!
Him: [demonic] Is so!
Mojo: Is not!
Him: IS SO!
Mojo: Very well, then! Since you will not acknowledge that I, Mojo Jojo, the original creator of the Rowdyruff Boys, who were originally created by me, and the more evil father, you leave me no alternative but to prove that I am the more evil father, therefore making me the better parent!
Him: [effeminate] Fine, then! [demonic] And I will prove that I am the evilest parent!
Mojo: Very well, then!
Both: [Him; effeminate] Let the evil begin!

Mojo Jojo: Behold! The TRCP-800.
Boomer: You mean "Totally Rad City Pulverizer"?
[Mojo gives him an exasperated look.]
Mojo Jojo: No, dum-dum.
[Brick hits Boomer.]
Mojo Jojo: "The Remote-Control Pickle"!

Brick: You mean "we can blow things up and stuff?
Mojo: Mmm-hmm.
Brick: Anything?
Mojo Jojo: Anything.

[Him prepares to blow up the sun, destroying the Earth in the process]
Him: [effeminate] Splendidly evil, [demonic] isn't it?
Mojo Jojo: Evil?! How about STUPID?! Yes, thanks to your foolishness, we will be reduced to nothing! Nothing! Like the amount of intelligence inside your head! Nothing! Like the amount of respect I get after 6 SEASONS ON THIS SHOW!!!
[Him turns the sun back to normal]
Mojo Jojo: No, you are not the more evil parent! You are the more STUPID parent, which makes you unfit to be the father of these boys!
Him: [effeminate] Is not so!
Mojo Jojo: Is so!
Him: Not so!
Mojo Jojo: Is so!
Him: Not so!
Mojo Jojo: Is so!
Him: [demonic] Not so!
Rowdyruff Boys: SHUT UP!!!
Brick: We don't care which one of you is more eviler, or more stupider, or whateverer! There's only one evil thing we care about, and that's destroying the Powerpuff Girls!
Rowdyruff Boys: [give a group high five] Yeah!
Brick: Let's go!
[The boys fly to Townsville. Mojo and Him begin to cry with joy]
Mojo Jojo: My... that's the evilest thing I can imagine.
Him: [sniffs; effeminate] All you can do is raise them the best you know how, and hope they turn out right.
Mojo Jojo and Him: [to each other in unison] I'm so proud of them!
[The two villains put an arm around each other]
Narrator: And so, with Mojo and Him finally happy together, the day is doomed, thanks to... the Rowdyruff Boys.

Simian Says [6.9b][edit]

Mojo Jojo: [after kidnapping the Narrator and taking his place] The city of Townsville. A city that, while being a city, is for some inexplicable reason called "Town." And not only is it called a "Town," but also a "Ville," thus making it a city, town, and village, which seems to me to be redundant and repetitive, which can be quite annoying if you ask me, which you have no choice but to do, for now I, Mojo Jojo, am in charge of... the city of Townsville!

Buttercup: In the stomach or in the face?
Mojo Jojo: How about a third type of opinion?

Blossom: Something feels not right.
Bubbles: We beat up Mojo...
Buttercup: And saved the day...
Blossom: But, what? [They think for a moment]
[The sound of muffled cries is heard.]
Bubbles: Hey, girls! Look!
[He points to a door and Blossom opens it. She then pulls off a piece of tape from the mouth of someone out of the scene.]
Narrator: OW! Oh, girls, thank goodness it's you! I can finally end this nightmare! So once again the day is saved, thanks to the Powerpuff Girls!
Buttercup: I knew something was missing!
Blossom: Goodnight, folks!
[Long pause as the girls simply float on the ending titles screen.]
Buttercup: [Impatiently] Now what?
Narrator: Er... could I have a ride home?
BBs: Of course!

What's the Big Idea? [6.13b][edit]

The Viewers: Far too big! You break the city!

Nuthin' Special [6.14a][edit]

Buttercup: Huh! Forget it! I ain't got no special skills! I ain't special!
Blossom: Aww. Buttercup, you may not have a special power.
Bubbles: But you're still special.
Buttercup: But-- [Turns around] But-- but nothin'! I thought I had a special power, but I don't! I THOUGHT I WAS SPECIAL, BUT I'M NOT!! SO THERE!!
[Buttercup sticks her tongue out at her sisters and curls it; and Blossom look shocked]
Bubbles: What did you just do?!
Buttercup: What?! Stick my tongue out?! You wanna see that again so you can copy that too?! Well, here!
[She sticks her tongue out again and once again curls it]
Blossom: You can...
Bubbles: Curl your tongue?
Buttercup: Yeah, so? What's the big deal? I've always been able to do that. See?
[She once again sticks her tongue out and curls it again]

Octi-Gone [6.15b][edit]

Narrator: [last lines] And so once again, the day is saved. Thanks to The Powerpuff Girls and the contaminated cream pie.

The Powerpuff Girls Movie[edit]

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Recurring Quotes[edit]

Narrator: [Title Sequence Narration] Sugar... spice... and everything nice. These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction...Chemical X!-- Thus the Powerpuff Girls were born! Using their ultra-superpowers, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup have dedicated their lives to fighting crime and the forces of evil!

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