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The Powerpuff Girls Movie is an American animated superhero comedy-drama film directed by series' creator Craig McCracken, produced by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures. It was a prequel to the TV series, tells the origin story of how the Powerpuff Girls were created, and how Mojo Jojo became a supervillain.

The Powerpuff Girls[edit]


  • [after Buttercup "accidentally" punched Rocko Socko, freeing the dog] Buttercup! You're a genius!
  • [spotting Ojo's orango-tank about to crush the people] Better yet. Watch! [explodes the top]
  • Come on, girls, let's put an end to this gorilla warfare!


  • That was amaz--! [the Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos spit at them] Hey! Eww, gross! Cut it out! [shoots her laser vision at them]
  • [the Professor grabs her] Eep! (Professor: Gotcha, you little bunny.)


  • [repeated yelling]
  • [stuttering] I didn't mean it! It was an accident! He wouldn't let go! And the dog!

Mojo Jojo[edit]

  • [tilting the Professor's neck] That's better. It's good you little freaks know when you're beaten. Now if you'll excuse me, I, Mojo Jojo, have a town to take over.
  • As I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, I, Mojo Jojo, have succeeded in my first, greatest, and most brilliant plan ever. And I, Mojo Jojo, shall be king!


[A shot of the skyline of Townsville at night. Amidst the shadows and lighted windows of the skyscrapers, a light emanates from the center of the shot]
Narrator: [first lines] The city of Townsville... [An explosion is heard, and a red hue emanates down on Townsville streets. An alarm is heard in the distance] in some serious, serious, serious trouble! [Zoom in on a burning building, followed by a donut shop, and several other buildings. The alarm continues in the background] Day after day, crime, lawlessness and evil are running rampant. It's citizens have lost all hope. They are utterly helpless and in desperate need of a true hero. But who? Is there no one who can help this forsaken town and make it a better place? [Transition to a long shot of a grocery store aisle, with light music background, as the Professor slowly walks into the scene, rising high above the camera] Fear not, fair viewers, for there is a man, a man of science. A forward-thinking man who looks back, back to a sweeter time, when there was a spice to life, and everything was... [Fuzzy Lumpkins cocks an elephant gun at the distressed cashier woman] ...nice. [The woman nervously hands Fuzzy the money as he smiles evilly. The Professor looks on in sadness and slumps his back as he exits] I must profess, sir, this man, holds the ingredients to Townsville’s salvation! [The Professor looks back in fear, confronted by the imposing Gangreen Gang] This man is known simply as... [Ace lands a punch to the Professor’s face, as the screen cuts to black] ...the Professor.

[The Professor is thrown back into the wall from the explosion of the extra ingredient, Chemical X. He lifts his head and opens his eyes to look up at something, then bolts to his feet. He approaches the creations with his eyes wide and jaw dropped, he cocks his head. From the Professor's point of view, three adorable, pint-sized girls with big heads and eyes, and stubby arms and legs face him, smiling. They have different hairstyles, colored dresses which match their irises, matching socks and shoes, and the first girl has a red bow on her hair]
Pink Girl: [first words] Hi!
Professor: Aah!
Pink Girl: What's your name?
Professor: Oh. Um, my name is, um… Uh, Professor. Professor Utonium. [bows to the girls] Hello!
Girls: Hello, Professor Utonium, it's very nice to meet you.
Professor: It's very nice to meet you, too! Um, uh, what are your names?
Pink Girl: Well, you made us. So, shouldn't we also name us?
Professor: Um, OK. Oh, this is so cool. Well, now, let's see. Because of your directness and opening right up to me, I think I'll call you Blossom.
[The pink girl, Blossom, looks pleased]
[As the blue girl giggles, Blossom and the green girl watch her with puzzled looks]
Professor: Well, aren't you all cute and bubbly? That's it! You'll be my little Bubbles. So, we have Blossom, Bubbles and…
[The green girl, who is about to be named, blinks patiently]
Professor: Mmm… Buttercup. Because it also begins with a B.
Buttercup: Hmph. [scowls with her arms folded]
Professor: And together, you're 3 perfect, little g-- G-- Gifts! Birthday! It's your birthday, I should get gifts!
[The Professor runs upstairs]
Professor: Wow, I can't believe it! I wanted to create some kids I could teach good and bad, right and wrong, and in turn, maybe they'd do some good for this terrible town, and now I can!
[The Utonium house is a three-blocked house with a tall middle piece with no windows]
Professor: All I've gotta do is be a good parent! [drives his car away from the house for a moment, and then returns] Note to self - good parents don't leave their kids home alone.
[The professor runs back downstairs to the lab with wrapped gifts]
Professor: Sugar, spice and everything nice? Who would've guessed that's what girls are actually made of? I still can't believe it worked, that I've actually made 3 perfect little girls! 3 perfect, normal little g--
[The professor slips off the stairs, then falls]
Professor: Aaahh!!!!!
[From a flash of pink light, Blossom catches him]
Blossom: Professor, you should be more careful when you're coming down the steps. You could get hurt.
[Buttercup and Bubbles each hold 3 wrapped presents with each color]
Buttercup: Hey, are these for us?
[The Professor nods and the girls each zoom off]
Buttercup: Yeah!
Bubbles: Yippee!
Blossom: Thanks, Professor!
[The Professor lifts a hand, then drops to his knees as he watches the girls rapidly rip the wrapping paper off of the gifts while laughing and giggling. He looks over at the broken beaker of Chemical X, then smiles]
Buttercup: [holding a pile of various toys] Hey, thanks!
Blossom: [holding a globe of the Earth on a stack of books] Yes, Professor, thank you!
Bubbles: [holds a plush purple octopus with a top hat, whose name is Octi] This is the best gift ever, Dad. [kisses his cheek]
Professor: [smiles warmly, and looks up at the girls] Yes, it is.

[This morning, the Professor instructs the girls to paint the wall]
Professor: OK, girls, now watch me.
[The girls speedily paint the wall pink with the Professor camouflaged like a chameleon. The girls cover their mouths in embarrassment]
Professor: I think you missed a spot. [He paints his face as the girls giggle] I'll go wash up, then we'll bring in the furniture. [He washes his hands without his lab coat. Behind him, through the open door, the girls zoom downstairs] Girls, wait. You should let me... [The furniture is thrown into the girls' new bedroom] [The girls zoom in. He's impressed with the girls' bedroom] Whoa! This looks pretty good. What do you think?
Bubbles: Hmm...I think it's a little dark.
Buttercup: Well, I like it dark.
Blossom: Some windows might be nice.
Professor: Yeah. I could see some windows right about... here. I'll call a contractor tomo-
[The girls create three circular holes in the wall with their laser vision]
Professor: Or, heh, that works, too. Who's hungry?
[In the kitchen]
Blossom: Ready?
Bubbles and Buttercup: Ready.
Blossom: Go!
[The girls rapidly make Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches while the Professor gets milk and apples. Afterwards, the girls use laser eyes to break the crusts of the sandwiches. The Professor comes to the table, covered with peanut butter and jelly. Then they have a laugh]

Professor: [drying his hands with a towel] OK, girls, time for... [He sees the girls knocked out to sleep] ...bed. [He puts the girls to bed, then cleans up the mess, but sees a child-like drawing of himself and the girls]

[After the hobo named Jojo saved the girls from the Gangreen Gang]
Blossom: Hey, guys, over here! Hi! What's your name? I'm Blossom.
Buttercup: Buttercup.
Bubbles: And I'm Bubbles!
Jojo: [Japanese accent] Go away, please. Don't look at me.

[As the transformed monkeys attack the people of Townsville, Jojo had his foot on the Mayor]
Jojo: Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, I couldn't have done it without you!
[The girls are in shock]
Man #1: It's their fault!
Man #2: I knew they were no good!
Jojo: [laughs maniacally]
Blossom: Jojo, what happened?!
Bubbles: This isn't making the town a better place!
Jojo: Yes, it is. For me, the hobo formerly known as "Jojo" is no more. From this day forward, I shall be known as… Mojo Jojo!
Girls: [gasp]

Mojo Jojo: [after the girls zoom into space] Yeah! Whoo! Alright! I rock! I rock so hard. For I, Mojo Jojo, have succeeded in my first, greatest, and most brilliant plan ever. And I, Mojo Jojo, shall be King of the Planet of the Apes!
Ojo Tango: You shall be King?! Preposterous!
Mojo: What?! How dare you?
Ojo: [while putting on Mojo's identical clothes] For it is I, who's the one most suited to be ruler.
Mojo: Those are my clothes!
Ojo: I, Ojo Tango, shall be simian supreme.
Mojo: No Ojo. Mojo!
Ojo: As I unleash the offensive omnipotence of the oppressive orango-tank!
Rocko Socko: [burly deep voice] Hold on!
Mojo: Oh, no.
Rocko: [while putting on metal fists and another variant of Mojo's clothes] It is I who shall get a grip on this situation.
Mojo: You'd better not.
Rocko: As I, Rocko Socko, seize control and rule. [smashes a hole in a building]
Mojo: Wait!
[All of the primates wear variants of Mojo's clothes]
Baboon Kaboom: [gets into a baboon robot] I, Baboon Kaboom, with my Baboon-bot, will be the bomb!
Mojo: Uh-oh.
Baboon: And if you don't like it, you can sniff my Baboon-bot bombs! [as the Baboon-bot poops out 3 bombs, it throws them and they explode]
Mojo: [sarcastically] Oh, that's classy.
Go-Go Patrol: [all at once] Gangway, gangway! For we, the Go-Go Patrol, as brothers-in-arms, are linked to form a chain of command that will reach out and take over the world.
Hotta Wata: I, Hotta Wata, am boiling mad for you're all wet behind your ears. [the dam breaks] Therefore, I shall unleash a scalding torrent to drown you all about. For I don't give a–
Mojo: Watch your mouth!
Cha-Ching Cha-Ching: I, Cha-Ching Cha-Ching, symbolize chaotic calamity. [bangs cymbals together]
Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos: [all at once] We, the Doot Da Doot Da Doo Doos, shall rain on your parade because… [they spit] we're the spit.
Mojo: [disgusted] Eww.
Hacha Chacha: [singing] ♪ My name is Hacha Chacha! ♪
♪ And here's my schpiel! ♪
♪ A diabolical plan with lots of appeal ♪
♪Spreading bananas far and wide! ♪
♪ And fixing up the folks for a slippery slide!♪
[A man and woman slip on banana peels]
The Mayor of Townsville: That's pretty catchy.
Blah-Blah Blah-Blah: I, Blah-Blah Blah-Blah, shall create a sauce of chaos, and stir up trouble with a destructive force known as the Tormato!
Mojo: Tormaato?
Mayor: Tormayto. [Mojo kicks him away] Woo-hoo!
Killa Drilla: I, Killa Drilla.
Bonzo Bango: I, Bonzo Bango.
Rolo Ovo: I, Rolo Ovo.
Cruncha Muncha: I, Cruncha Muncha!
Wacko Smacko: I, Wacko Smacko!
Pappy Wappy: I, Pappy Wappy.
Dozens of Primates: [all] I…
Mojo: [finally loses his temper] No!!!! Stop! Cease! Desist! Don't continue with the ramblings. For my ramblings to be obeyed! For I am the king, supreme leader and all-around dictator, don't you see?! All you monkeys are my plan! So your plans are my plans because you made plans and my plans was to make you! I plan to rule the world, not to have my plans plan to stop me! I am your creator, I am your king, and I am Mojo Jojo! [pushes the Professor aside] Obey me!

Buttercup: [as she tries to free the dog from Rocko's grip] Get your hands off him, you darn, dirty ape! [yells, then punches Rocko in the face, causing him to fly back and hit a wall]

Blossom: [after she and the other girls punch Mojo in the jaw, saving a civilian] Surrender now, and we'll go easy on you! [Mojo takes this in, rubbing his jaw, looking for the source of the interruption] Down here!
Mojo: Oh, my! You're actually trying to stop me? That's so cute!
Bubbles: Try nothing!
Blossom: We will stop you!
Buttercup: Who are you calling "cute"?
Mojo: [laughs mockingly] OK, let's play!

Bubbles: Do you think he's finished?
Mojo: [rising up behind the bus] No, but you are! [Mojo breathes fire on the girls. A following shot shows the girls, hands together, screaming in terror as the fiery flames scorch them badly. As the attack stops, the girls are still alive, but unconscious. Mojo grabs the scorched and weakened girls in one giant hand.] Fools! You dare to challenge me? Attempt to defeat ME? Try to destroy ME?! I, who saved you from certain death? After all I’ve done for you, YOU BETRAY ME?! AND WHY?! [rips open part of the building, showing a bunch of frightened citizens] For them? The ones who hated you, have forsaken you? Can’t you see? No one will ever understand you as I can. For we are kindred spirits whose powers spring from the same source. So, Girls, do not make me destroy you! For we are smarter! We are stronger! We are invincible! We have the power! WE ARE SUPERIOR TO THEM! AND WE SHALL RULE!!! All we have to do is work together. Girls, join me.
[At this, the girls' eyes spring open. They seem to think on this for a second, then their brows furrow as the air around them begins to rumble. Mojo looks concerned as the girls' magical energy grows. Suddenly, they magically break free from his grasp in a ball of light]
Girls: [screaming in rage] NO!!!!!! [they fly upwards]
Blossom: We never join you! And it's because we are stronger!
Bubbles: Because we are invincible!
Buttercup: Because... WE HAVE THE POWER!
Bubbles: 'CAUSE YOU ARE A MONSTER! [She smashes Mojo's dome, revealing his brains]
Buttercup: YOU ARE EVIL! [She manages to break a couple of his fanged teeth]
Girls: AND YOU ARE... it.
[this small tap knocks Mojo off balance, and flailing with one arm, the tower he is grasping with the other breaks apart, sending the super-sized simian falling towards the ground, similar to the ending of King Kong]
Mojo: [screaming] CURSES!!!!!!
Professor: [rapid-fire talking] Girls! Girls, where are you?! You were right! We should try and stop Mojo, and I know how! I whipped up an antidote to Chemical X! It will do away with his powers! Girls! Girls! Gir-- [looks upwards at Mojo plummeting toward him]
Girls: [alarmed] PROFESSOR!
[The Girls save the professor as Mojo falls on the Antidote X, shrinking him back to normal as he moans in pain]
Professor: [hugging the girls] Oh, girls! I'm so sorry for doubting you! You are good! Good, perfect little girls, and I love you!
Girls: We love you, too!
Blossom: And we're really sorry.
Buttercup: We messed up really bad.
Bubbles: But we're ready, Professor. [the girls hunch over the pool of liquid surrounding the prostate Mojo]
Professor: "Ready"? (To what?)
Blossom: To take the Antidote X to get rid of our powers.
Bubbles: If it wasn't for them, none of this would have happened.
Buttercup: Besides, maybe everyone would like us more if we were just normal little girls.
Townspeople: [in unison; forming a large heart-shaped pattern] NO!
Girls: [looking up in confusion.] Huh?
Mayor: [nervously; his arms are folded behind him] Um, well...uh... don' that, ', that was pretty cool, w-with...the, eh--
Sara Bellum: Girls, I think what the Mayor is trying to say is, we're sorry and thank you.
Sandy Keane: Yes, that was super! Just super!
Man #5: Amazing!
Baby Lady: Fantastic!
Man #6: Wonderful!
Jamaican Lady: Stupendous!
Jay and Bob Look-Alikes: You rock!
Talking Dog: [first words ever] Thank you.
[The girls stand in the midst of this, taking it all in, their faces ecstatically surprised and happy]
Man In Crowd: [shouting] I LOVE YOU!
Mayor: [being overly expressive] YEAH! That was awesome! You were all flying, and running, and then [imitating laser blasts] laser eyes! Then, [growls] Bam! And then [imitates laser blasts] and then bam! You punched that guy! Ehh, remember? [the girls nod in agreement and pity] Yeah, that was great. Y'know, this town stinks. And I was wondering if maybe sometimes we could like call you, to save the day, or...whatever.
Girls: [gasp in happiness] Can we, Professor?
Professor: Well, I don't know... hmm. Okay, but only if it's before your bedtime.
Girls: YAY! [they fly upwards in sheer exaltation, as the crowd cheers them below]

Narrator: [last lines] Sugar, spice, and everything nice! These were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect little girls. But, Professor Utonium accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction: Chemical X. Thus, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup were born! Using their ultra-superpowers, they dedicated their lives to fighting crime, and the forces of evil! [the girls fly home to and tackled the professor in his arms, and they have a laugh] And so, for the very first time, the day is saved, thanks to... (Pause for effect.) The Powerpuff Girls! Hey, that’s a good name for them. Powerpuff Girls, yeah. I like that. I wonder if they will. I’ll run it by 'em. Powerpuff Girls! Mmm-hmm.


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