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The Score is a 2001 American heist film about a retired thief being recruited into a plan to steal a rare scepter from Montreal's Old Custom House.

Directed by Frank Oz and Robert De Niro. Written by Daniel E. Taylor, Kario Salem, Lem Dobbs, and Scott Marshall Smith.
There are no partners in crime.taglines

Nick Wells[edit]

  • [to Jack] You want my advice? Make a list of everything you want now and spend the next twenty five years getting it, slowly, piece by piece.


  • [to Nick] My God! Let me get a look at you. You know, you look like shit. What's your secret?
  • [to Jack] You're not smart enough to know where your dick is!


Nick: If you want me to do this, you gotta pay me what's right. It's gotta be that way.
Max: [Indignant] I always pay you what's right.
Nick: You always think you do. I always know what you pay me. It's not always right.

[Nick rationalizes why he has to take the Custom House job]
Nick Wells: That's what I have to do. I wanna pay off the club, the mortgage. I wanna own this place free and clear. I want it to be mine. I live the way I want, because after this, no more jobs. This is the last one I'm doing. I'm quitting for good.
Max: Yeah? How many times have you told me that in 25 years? I mean, I'm gonna believe that when the pigs eat my brother, right?

Jack Teller: In all the years you've been doing this, what's the biggest gamble you ever took? On job, the biggest long shot?
Nick Wells: I don't take long shots and I never have.
Teller: I know you're careful. I'm careful too, that's not what I mean. When you were starting out you must've taken some "flyers" here and there, did something that was a little wild. I'm just curious.
Wells: You're smart, talented and you know a few things, but talent means nothing in this game if you don't make the right choices. There's plenty of talented people that never see the light of day anymore. This whole thing takes discipline because it's one big long shot and if you don't have the discipline to stay away from the" flyers", the "gambles", or whatever else you want to call a stupid move, then one day you will go down. It's inevitable.

[Jack and Nick study a new safe that's the same as the one at the Custom House]
Jack Teller: [amazed at complexity of the new safe] I've never seen anything like that! What do you have in mind?
Nick Wells: [Unfazed] I don't know, but if somebody built it, somebody can unbuild it.

[Nick has successfully extracted the royal scepter from the Custom House vault, but Jack appears and forces him to put it down and remove his mask]
Jack Teller: We wouldn't be here if you'd thrown me some respect at the beginning. Just a little bit.
Nick Wells: This is a stupid move. What are you doing? Just go up there and finish...
Jack Teller: [over Nick's arguments] It's a long shot. I should play it tight. You know what I think of your bullshit advice? I think that's you trying to talk me into taking a sucker's share on a score that I set up from the beginning! You think I'm fucking stupid, that I don't see what you and Max are doing?... I mean, what is he giving you? Five, six million? Tell me that's not true. See, that doesn't work for me. [looks at watch] I appreciate your help, but you should've made me a partner. Now I gotta take a shot. Just sit tight. Just sit tight. Everything will be fine. Now you got a choice. You can either head for that tunnel... or smile for that camera. [alarm engages as they both run off]

Nick Wells: How can I be sure you're okay?
Diane: I suppose I could fuck you.
Nick Wells: That would work.

[Jack successfully escapes the dragnet and prepares to ride the next bus to Albany, New York, but decides to call Nick and gloat about the heist]
Jack: Look, whatever you're thinking about, whatever you're trying, just forget it, okay? This is over now and you just gotta deal with it.
Nick: It's not over yet 'cause you don't know where you're going, asshole and I do. You know where you're going?
Jack:[over Nick] You don't know shit! You don't know shit! I'm like five minutes from being so far gone. You're not gonna even begin to imagine the places where I'm going, okay?
Nick: No way because you got nothing.
Jack: You know what I got. You just can't deal with the fact that I beat you.
Nick: Oh, yeah? What have you got? Huh? What have you got?
Jack: You know what I've got! [gets nervous and puts down the bag where Nick kept the sceptre - only to find a large rod; Nick has the sceptre and stashed it in a carrying case]
Nick: Let me ask you something, Jack. When did you start thinking you were better than me, huh? You still there, ace?
Jack: [dumbfounded at the swerve] Okay. Nicely done. Nicely done. Now let's talk about this.
Nick: [as he and his associate board a nearby boat] Okay, let's see. How'd you put it? "Deal with it. It's over."
Jack: No no no, I don't think so. You want me to list the ways I can burn you? We either work this out right now, or I will take you down.
Nick: Oh, yeah? How? My shop, my tools, they're gone. Me, my friend, I'm just a taxpaying jazz club owner. You? Every cop in the city's gonna looking for you right about now. So if I were you, I'd quit making threats and hit the road... Nice working with you, ace. Okay bye bye. [hangs up]


  • There are no partners in crime.


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