The Scottsboro Boys

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The Scottsboro Boys is a musical with a book by David Thompson, music by John Kander and lyrics by Fred Ebb. Based on the Scottsboro Boys trial, the musical is one of the last collaborations between Kander and Ebb prior to the latter's death.[1]


"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!"
  • I think that lady in the front row is shocked!

Well, Mr. Tambo, she's just not used to seeing you in those clothes.
And I ain't used to seeing her in hers!

  • Hey, hey, I play all kinds of characters, Tambo he does two!

I do!

  • Come, and watch them sing and dance. Come, and share their tears and joys. Come, this is your final chance, to meet the Scottsboro Boys!

"Electric Chair"
  • What a fabulous way, a fabu-abulous way, to die!
  • It's not every guy gets to light up the sky!

"The Scottsboro Boys"
  • And now, everybody's favorite, a cakewalk!
  • After 22 years, twenty-two, I died in jail. I wrote all down in a book. I told the truth, it was the only thing I could do.


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